Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner step out for a perfectly timed pap outing

Ben & Jen Take Their Daughters Out For Ice Cream
You guys called it. You said that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner would do a pap stroll to counter the stories that they’re divorcing and you were right. These photos are from yesterday. Multiple outlets had them, so it’s somewhat unlikely that they just happened to be caught out. (To be fair, there’s always a lot of paparazzi interest in them and it’s even more so now.) So does this mean that they aren’t divorcing or just that they want to keep up the facade for now?

Earlier this week, Radar claimed that Ben Affleck was planning to announce a divorce from Jennifer Garner just before their tenth anniversary, which is June 29th. That would put Affleck and Garner under the mythical “10 year rule” in California. (There are a lot of misconceptions about the “10 year rule,” and the legal interpretation of it may vary. It does not result in indefinite spousal support payments, however there are changes in law that may result in a financial hit to the wealthier party. Here is an article which explains it the simplest.)

Radar’s evidence included details that these two had seemingly been apart for over a month, that Affleck has been gambling in Vegas, and that he was spotted in Nova Scotia, Canada, last month around the time of Garner’s birthday. In a follow up story, Radar claims that Affleck wasn’t even with the mother of his children on Mother’s Day and that he was with his mom and brother instead. If this is true, it sounds very bad indeed:

According to an insider, Affleck, 42, opted to spend the holiday with his brother, Casey, and his own mom. Meanwhile, Garner’s mother and father flew to L.A. From West Virginia to spend the day with her and her kids.

[From Radar]

The more Radar pushes this “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are over” story, the more persuaded I get. Plus, Lainey has a new blind item that pretty much cinches it for me. If you didn’t know, Lainey of LaineyGossip is a Canadian entertainment reporter and (unlike other outlets) her blind items often pan out. So when Lainey has Canadian-centric gossip, it’s even more convincing. She doesn’t name the celebrity in this item, but many people think this is about Ben:

You remember when he turned up in a small, out-of-the-way-of-Hollywood town not too long ago, for no apparent reason? He was trying to go undercover. Because it turns out, he was there with a woman…a very attractive woman… who is not his wife. They were seen holding hands at the hotel. But can you ever really hide? No. Not even out of the country. Not even by the sea. He ended up getting busted by fans and the local media got a hold of it. And the thing is, he told his wife that he was somewhere else. He and his companion have been having an affair for some time…

Of course it’s not the first time. He thought it wouldn’t get back to her that time in Oklahoma and that didn’t work out for him either. His wife forgave him then, as she always does, patiently supporting him as he works through his issues and compulsions. But he can’t help himself. When things are going well, he will always find a way to f-ck himself up.

[From Lainey Gossip]

Bedhead pointed out to me that Ben filmed To The Wonder in Oklahoma. Ben was in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia in mid April. Cheticamp is right on the Atlantic Ocean.

Gawker has some analysis as to when Ben and Jen could announce a split. They’re basing it on Radar’s reporting so this all hinges on whether Radar is correct.

I’m still hoping that this isn’t true; that the tabloids are hyping circumstantial evidence to get us through a slow gossip cycle. Maybe there’s a grain of truth to it but it doesn’t mean that these two have to be over at this point, right? Ben does self sabotage, but Jen puts up with it and I like to think that he’s A) not cheating and B) that they’ll work it out. These photos of their family outing suggest B) at least.

Here’s a photo of Affleck in character as Batman on the Suicide Squad set in Toronto this week. (It’s possible some of these shots are of a stunt double, it’s hard to tell.) Update: this was Affleck’s stunt double. Garner was said to be filming Nine Lives in Montreal, which is a five hour drive or short plane ride away. She’s obviously back in LA at this point though, for whatever reason.
Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Ben Affleck seen filming on set of Suicide Squad in Toronto

Exclusive... Ben & Jen Spotted Out For Lunch In Brentwood

Ben & Jen Take Their Daughters Out For Ice Cream

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News and FameFlynet

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  1. Bishg says:

    Well, now I have definitely lost the one tiny remaining shred of respect I had for Jennifer.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Why would you say that? Because the tabloids are running break up/cheating stories again? For the millionth time? How many times have the tabs run Brad and Angelina break up/cheating stories? Don’t you think, that if people saw Ben at a hotel, holding hands with a woman, not his wife, that SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TAKEN A PICTURE WITH THEIR PHONE? And that it would have been all over the internet? I’m not saying these two don’t have problems. Just this commitment to filming these Batman movies, must be taking a ton of time away from his family, but, I’m not condemning anyone, until I see proof, or hear it from Jen and Ben’s lips!

      • Kelly says:

        Exactly… I love the bit about Ben choosing not to spend Mothers’ Day with Jen, but with–dun, dun, dun–HIS OWN MOTHER! The horror.

        Anyway, I hope they stay together. They have a lovely little family. I hope Ben holds his “compulsions” together, if not for the marriage than for his children’s sake.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Uh, I’m condemning them for selling their kids like that and her for then going before that committee acting as if she has no part in the paparazzi “problem”. Her family is her brand and I for one loathe it. Divorce rumors and bam!, paparazzi pics of the happy family. Please. I have no sympathy for famous people and their champagne problems but I am also in favor of making it illegal to take/print pictures of minors without parental consent (it’s illegal here in Germany, thank gawd). Only, she is the WORST spokesperson for that. See evidence above.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        That’s a pretty bad effort at “happy family” photos. The parents look like they’re in mourning clothes.

        And “by the sea” could be a reference to Mont St. Michel, where some famous scenes in To the Wonder were filmed in France. But that was in 2012. You’d think there would be photos of Ben and Olga Kurylenko together if they’ve been having an ongoing affair for three years.

      • bella says:

        well – ben was in cheticamp alone.
        and JG is a hypocrite parading her ‘happy family’ out for the paps while she claims to be an advocate against paps taking pics of children.
        she looks like a brainless idiot.
        oh – he’s leaving her, too.
        no doubt.

      • Luca76 says:

        @ MrsBPitt do you remember how it came out that Tiger Woods did a magazine cover and interview so that the National Enquirer wouldn’t run a cheating story? AND the only reason the story came out the second time was that he refused to do another interview. I think those sort of back end deals happen all the time. I’m not saying that there was proof but I’m saying that there are ways to make the proof go away.

      • lisa2 says:

        @bella that video made me LOL.. just because I was watching an episode of Snapped just now and of course they caught someone on a surveillance tape. Ben looks like he is trying to hide.. not saying for bad reasons. but it made me laugh.

      • Sabrine says:

        I doubt they’re breaking up. They both have busy schedules and why would anyone but them know what’s really going on. It’s nothing more than a ploy to capitalize on the under 10 year rule. I do think Jennifer should utilize her good looks more. Her kids are older now. Surely she has more time now to fix herself up a little more.

      • chelsea says:

        You’ll only hear it from their lips when it’s over and done.

    • Marny says:

      I have to believe that if they really are splitting they are just trying to control their image a little bit. I know everyone on this blog hates Gwyneth but she and Chris did a really great thing for their children when they didn’t give the paps anything negative to publish. They always appear loving and happy when together. As parents, I’m sure they just want to be able to tell the story their own way to the kids, when the time comes.

      • Jayna says:

        This, this, this, this. You are spot on. IF THIS IS EVEN TRUE, a split up down the road coming, they don’t need the press in their business. The story started being repeated on other sites and mags, so did the outing to shut it down. If they are splitting, they would do it on their timeline and where everything was already in place and the least harm to the children as possible.

      • Sabrine says:

        Here they are, Mr. and Mrs. Boring. In these photos they look like they’re even boring each other. If they are splitting up, it’s because they’re sick of each other. The spark has gone and once that happens, you can never get it back.

    • Original T.C. says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Jennifer, she’s a grown woman. No one forced her to marry Ben. No gun to her head to participate in these pap strolls with her innocent children to clean up Ben’s cheating rumours or Oscar campaigns. Divorce is legal and staying with a man that disrespects you is NOT helpful to your children so I don’t buy that excuse. Staying with a cheater only teaches your young girls that it’s normal. Both she and Ben are benefiting from this relationship.

      • Jib says:

        And these pictures remind me of when Chelsea Clinton walked with both her parents out to the helicopter after the Lewinsky scandal broke. Chelsea held both their hands, but they weren’t touching at all!!!

    • Sherry says:

      I have a lot of respect for her in that she is taking her marriage vows seriously and seems to be doing what she needs to keep her family together, even if Ben does not.

      When I was younger (teens), my cousin and I would say, “If my husband ever cheated, I’d be out the door so fast his head would spin.” Years later, after we both were married and had children, we were talking about that conversation. Her husband was an alcoholic and she held on for YEARS hoping he would change and get help. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and asked for a divorce.

      We both agreed that things change when you get married and have kids. You put up with a lot more than you think you could to keep your family together. I don’t think Jennifer is a doormat. I think she is doing what she has to in order to keep her family together. The question is, how much more is she willing to take before it becomes too much?

      • melissa says:

        I didn’t see your comment before I posted mine. Agreed. Totally. What I thought before marriage and children isn’t as cut and dry in reality.

      • Deering24 says:

        How is there a marriage–or a family–when one spouse has no respect or love for his/her partner or kids? This “do it for the kids” rationale is incredibly damaging because it’s protecting family togetherness that doesn’t exist–or is being used by one spouse for his/her own ends.

    • melissa says:

      She took a vow when she got married. It’s not my business as to what her breaking point is. Marriage is personal. I can’t say for sure what I would do if my husband was cheating because it hasn’t happened. I can SAY that I’d kick him out in a hot second, but that’s just talk.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        He took a vow, too.

      • norah says:

        both of them took vows but then who is the people bearing the brunt of all this drama? the kids – it may be personal between jennifer and ben but what about how it wd affect their kids when they sense or know that their parents simply dont get on. we can praise jennifer for soldiering on but whenever they are out together they never look happy at all. sometimes it is better to cut the cord and have a less toxic relationship instead – i think ben is not a family man and i think he has tried so hard to fit into the mould of being what he really isnt. He may love his kids but as jennifer has said many times he is away all the time with work – perhaps trying to escape or whatever. If u really want yr family around u u find ways to make sure that your family is around – like ben was away for months filming batman etc and as usual jennifer was there looking after kids again non stop – it must be tiring as heck to be both parents at the same time. I think jennnifer is just clinging on to him

    • Colette says:

      At a celebritybabyscoop there are pics of Jennifer Garner and her kids at least three or four times a week, every week.Nothing has changed .They were featured May 14, May 18, May 19.The only reason these pictures are featured is because Ben is there.Jennifer’s routine with her kids hasn’t changed.This is not a pap walk this is their everyday routine.

  2. Hudson Girl says:

    Not sure if they are splitting up. He definitely cheats, though. Maybe they have an open relationship?

    • ell says:

      they don’t. if they did there wouldn’t be a problem, and she would have other relationships as well (and she doesn’t).

    • Blue says:

      I’m more inclined to believe they have an arrangement, that she knows about the other women over the past ten years but at long as it doesn’t become public and embarrass her she’s ok with it because she loves the lifestyle she lives because of his fame, money and power in Hollywood and she knows there is nothing she can do to stop him cheating. She’s a shallow doormat who has no self respect. The dimple parade always do staged paparazzi photo ops when there are negative media stories about Ben. So yeah they are keeping up the happily married family fake facade until it’s the right time to announce a divorce.

      • ShinyGrenade says:

        Why would she be a doormat? Maybe she is fine with him cheating. Not everyone believe in monogamy. Maybe they do have an open relationship, maybe she does stepped out but is more careful, or maybe she don’t because she doesnt feel like it, but still don’t mind if he does.
        Love, sex and lust are very different things.

      • poppy says:

        They are very well matched. He needs her for the happy family image and she needs him to be Mrs Ben Affleck, because that’s the best deal she can get. I doubt they brake up, this is probably just an orchestrated PR campaign to keep them in the news. He will star in one of the most talked about movies soon.

      • Original T.C. says:

        Blue, I agree with. Both benefit.

      • Sylvia says:

        She was no Saint herself. Remember she was married and screwing around with Vartan than she met Affleck when they did together Daredevil. He was dating JLo at the time. So both deserve what they get.

      • laura in LA says:

        Sylvia, I actually kind of wonder if Ben/Jen do divorce, will she rebound again with Vartan?

        I was surprised to learn only recently that his wife of just a few years filed for divorce last summer…

        No idea why, though some speculate that Vartan cheated on her (and what goes around comes around).

      • OriginalTessa says:

        She cheated on Scott Foley, her husband, with Michael Vartan. Jen is no saint. She’s been around the block and back, and she may understand Ben’s “compulsions” better than we think.

      • kibbles says:

        OriginalTessa, I think Garner cheated in the past to “marry up”. She had an agenda to meet a guy with the most fame and money to help her status in Hollywood. That is different from the agenda of Affleck who appears noncommittal and just wants to have sex with as many other women as he can. I get the feeling Garner has stopped with the cheating and is somewhat content with children and having married an Oscar winner. Affleck seems like he doesn’t want to be tied down to Garner forever.

      • AL says:

        I totally agree with you (Blue) this woman is not respectable, she cheated on her first husband when she found a larger pocket, then cheated again on her second husband the second she had a chance to be with a more famous man. She’s so desperate to stay with Ben that she swallows all his cheating/gambling issues while playing the perfect family in front of paps. She’s a whore fame, the only difference with her is that she’s playing the mom card instead of the sexy one.

    • Mia4S says:

      She tolerates a lot but if Lainey’s blind is true it might explain the extra chatter. If he told her he was going to be somewhere else (as in, not Nova Scotia) and especially if she turned around and told people he was somewhere else; well that’s pretty poor. It would deeply disrespect her and start their friends/family wondering. For some couples the lies are worse than the cheating.

      • StormsMama says:

        Yes I think if Lainey’s item is about him-
        And it seems to fit him
        That could’ve been the last straw
        In that it made it obvious to her family
        So that she couldn’t carry on the charade of most perfect and successful sister and daughter
        But I think she loves him and their life
        And with 3 kids you have to hold out hope
        But this may be the time for
        Renegotiating their contract I mean nuptials
        Or maybe just figuring out how to disentangle their lives in a way that maintains her dignity
        And keep their children relatively insinuated

        OR They cover People with “our story of love- how we handle the trials and tests of marriage for our family” and keep plugging along !!!

      • kibbles says:

        Absolutely. Losing face hurts a lot of people more than problems that can be kept secret and behind closed doors. Almost everyone loves to maintain a facade of a perfect life. I think that is even more of the case in the social media age where everyone posts photos of their marriage, children, travel, etc. I have seen people post photos of their spouses online as if they are on top of the world then they end up divorced the following year. On paper, Garner has a wonderful life. She is married to a rich and successful Oscar winner, is rich herself, and is a hands on mom to her healthy children. I believe she loves maintaining this facade not only to the public but also to her friends and acquaintances. If she happens to tell people he is in, say San Francisco, then later in the week the paps get hold of the fact Affleck is in Canada probably cheating with a woman there, that embarrasses Garner to the entire world but especially the friends and acquaintances who would be the first people to pick up on marital problems. The inconsistency of facts will unravel the charade very quickly to the point where Garner will no longer have any more excuses and lies to tell the people who are closest to her.

  3. Alessio says:

    I guess the law against paparazzi only matters when she doesnt have anything to promote?

    • Brin says:

      I was thinking the same.

    • ell says:

      she’s the biggest hypocrite, i’ll never get why CB likes her.

      • Judd says:

        She is no more a hypocrite than Jolie and Pitt. Come on…. there will always be cheating stories for both, and when it is time to squash the rumors, like the Jolie-Pitts, they do the pap stroll with kids in tow. And I see Jen took a cue from Jolie and wore ALL black!

      • ell says:

        i seriously can’t remember any cheating stories for jolie-pitt.

      • Luca76 says:

        But Angelina didn’t lead a campaign against paparazzi and cry on the stand about how terrible it is for her kids to have to deal with them. In fact Angie has never complained about them at all.

      • Bel says:

        Have there ever been serious cheating stories though about B & A?? That were picked up all over? They get their covers, but nothing like this. Ben has been rumored for years. Brad not so.
        The Jolie Pitts are never seen at all these days. Where was the pap stroll after those BS bise*ual rumors? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • lisa2 says:

        @judd.. If Brad and Angie did a “pap stroll with their kids for tabloid rumors” then we would be seeing them every week. You wouldn’t see comments from people saying Oh look how big the kids are.. I can’t believe so and so is so big. You don’t say that when you see kids daily. The JP kids are not seen often at all. And neither are their parents for that matter.

        @ell.. are you just joking with your comment or are you serious?
        There are thousands of break up cheating stories regarding Brad and Angie. 10+ years of such stories in fact.. Just this year in fact when Angie was doing Unbroken.. oh and Brad for Fury..

        I need to go and find all the paps walks they JPs have done.. I must have missed hundreds of them.

      • ell says:

        @lisa2: i remember break up stories, I don’t remember cheating stories, at least not in the way it happens with affleck. you’d get the odd article speculating on some crap, with affleck is way more than that.

      • laura in LA says:

        Why does everyone always refer or compare to the Jolie-Pitts in every situation here on CB?

      • lisa2 says:

        @laura don’t you know..they are the ONLY celebrity couple in Hollywood.. there are 2 busy threads that have nothing to with them and yet they are mentioned. Because you know other celebrity couples can have REAL relationships. But of course Brad and Angie are not a REAL couple. They are cheating, beating each other, abusing their children, lying about being pregnant, having children, not really married, getting plastic surgery, faking medical issues, jealous of everyone, going broke, stealing money, divorcing, smuggling drugs, faking their humanitarian work, everyone in Hollywood hates them, printing stories about other, pimping their kids.. on and on and on..

        I’m sure I missed a few..

      • K says:

        The JP kids live all over the world, though – and aren’t they mostly home-schooled? While the Afflecks live in one area of CA and attend schools, so they have a regular routine.

        I don’t buy that there are no staged images with the Affleck kids, because why shop at certain places and go to that pumpkin patch if you are pap-averse? But by the same token, the paps know their routine, and there isn’t a lot they can do to alter it without drastically changing their lives more generally.

      • siri says:

        @laura in LA: I wonder about the same. Would be great if we’d stop comparing apples and pears. I just hope nobody will ask me now who’s the apple;-)

    • Meghan says:

      Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Jennifer Garner, but I always thought her whole thing was “I give the paps PLENTY of opportunities for pics, why do they have to wait outside my kids’ school?” And maybe concern about the other parents and children who attend that school and don’t want their kids pictures taken, because they didn’t ask for that life, stuff like that.

      Then again, I could have completely made that up.

    • bella says:


  4. American In Oz says:

    Does anyone know where her sunglasses are from? They’re great!

    As for the story, I’m a bit tired of it. Same old same old.

    • LB says:

      It’s entirely possible they’re splitting up (Lainey is often right and the photo op is timely) but I’m more careful about rumors now. Rumors had Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone broken up. Every media outlet, even legitimate ones, ran with that story and it turned out to not be true. So I’m skeptical.

      • mom2two says:

        I’ll believe they split up when they announce it. They know how to work the paps when they need them, just like Garfield and Stone (who in great timing is also promoting a movie right now, Aloha).

      • ell says:

        but as you say, the fact that lainey is on it, is not a good sign for them. lainey guesses a lot, but when it comes to her blinds she’s usually spot on.

      • LB says:

        Yeah Lainey is often right, but she’s also incredibly biased. And she definitely does not like Ben Affleck and has been calling him out for years. So I’m going to wait for the announcement. I think there’s something to the story this time but I think these two will stick it out a while longer.

      • Jayna says:

        And Lainey is often wrong. LOL

      • Nanea says:

        I don’t believe Lainey’s “he was busted by fans” because people would have taken pics, even from a distance. It’s not like people leave their phones at home just because it would be inconvenient for the “busted” party.

    • Dani says:

      To answer your actual question – they’re either Celine or Prada. Both have the same style.

    • Katie says:

      Can we talk about how Ben’s sunglasses look like a sticker stuck on the photo?

  5. Mia4S says:

    Wow all that fighting for children’s privacy goes right out the widow when it suits their interests. Multiple outlets and photos of the kids being published? They need new and more subtle PR. Absolutely zero respect for either of them!

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I believe that the new law still allows paps to take pictures of kids, they just have to be a certain distance away and they can’t be shouting at and trying to engage the kids.

      • Mia4S says:

        Oh I know, it’s just this was so clearly a call to the agencies and a set up. It’s gross that they would do that while going on and on about protecting kids. It’s hypocritical. I think the parents should have choice/a say, but this kind of behaviour is a terrible choice!

      • lisa2 says:

        Well the Dailymail has a video and the paps are close enough to tell Ben they put a quarter in the meter for him and they said something like.. OH Ben so those rumors are not true.. something to that affect.. and the kids were right there.
        Every outlet did not agree to the No kid pics. DM has pics of kids all the time. Other sites that agree just use pics that don’t show the kids.

        It was so gross them asking about these rumors in front of their young kids. And trust kids are listening and after trying to process what was being shouted to them. They may not say anything; but little ones have big ears.

      • kai says:

        @lisa2: I didn’t watch the video, but man, that is F-CKED. UP. Poor kids.

    • taxi says:

      Aren’t the girls wearing school unis? Picking up kids at school is hardly a staged pap walk since everyone knows someone is going to pick up kids.
      I doubt SJP calls paps when she walks her kids to school, & she’s photo’d often doing just that. There used to be frequent pics of Matthew walking James Wilkie.

      • Bel says:

        They are not even near a school in these pics. They obviously went to this pap friendly area. But this pap stroll makes them look worse.

  6. Kaye says:

    In that last picture he looks like he’s thinking, “I’m so f*cking sick of this charade with the paps,” and she’s all, “Try to look pleasant for the photographers, dear.”

    • Greata says:

      This! He always looks like a caged animal when they are together.

    • Shambles says:

      I just feel like the whole staged papportunity was unwise in the first place. It’s so obvious and I feel like it just confirms the rumors.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        I agree, they look miserable. And how can the kids be in the photos? Did the parents have to give permission? Or are they not in California? I thought they were both away working on movies.

      • Layday says:

        @ Shambles This was my takeaway as well. I didn’t subscribe to the rumors until today. Now that they trot the kids out and trying to convince people they’re one big happy family I sideeye them. You want to make people believe that everything is great, fine. You and your husband “conveniently” get papped heading somewhere. Let people speculate, who cares. You bring the kids into this then I start to believe you have an agenda. The cracks in the foundation are showing. I would rather they post a pic to instagram playing big happy family. At this point that would seem more genuine than this.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      I think they ALL look miserable in these pictures!!!

  7. Megan says:

    I still am hesitant to say that blind is def about Ben…. The “by the sea” seems like a reference to Brad Pitt

    • lisa2 says:

      when was Brad “busted by the local media and fans” and the part about he can’t help himself.. when things are going well he finds a way to Fu** it up.. that has never been Brad Pitt.

      Lamey put that “by the sea” part in to get people to throw Brad/Angie in the mix.. seems it worked.

      • cr says:

        Lamey? Hah!
        As for this particular blind, considering it’s come after so much has already been speculated about and published, it seems more like she’s just cobbled together from that, not that she has any inside info.

        This pap walk is just sad.

      • Abbott says:

        Agreed. She’s throwing in Pitt/Jolie in case the Ben/Jen divorce doesn’t pan out.

    • Mia4S says:

      It doesn’t fit Pitt at all. Where did he show up unexpectedly by the sea? (See the Nova Scotia story above). The Oklahoma reference is Affleck in To the Wonder. It’s him and if true it makes this photo shoot above absolutely pathetic.

      • ell says:

        not to mention that there are no rumours of brad having several affairs. affleck, on the other side, cheats constantly and it’s quite well known.

      • Miss M says:

        Weren’t the magazines all over Lara Marsden (Pitt’s assistant) when he was shooting World war Z?

      • ell says:

        @Miss M: you’re right, i completely forgot about that. who knows if there was some truth to it.

      • Bel says:

        Anytime Brad is photographed next to a female not Angelina the tabloids have a field day, because they know nothing about B &A and no sources about them so they use anything & make a story.

        That WWZ thing was Brad being photographed on a movie set standing next to a poor assistant who gets dragged into a tabloid mess, because in Tabloid world Brad is only allowed to stand next to AJ.

        And WWZ was filmed in London, not Oklahoma.

      • Elly says:

        This Lara is a hottie and not camera shy. She and Pitt seem to be extreme friendly and touchy with each other. So it cold be true, but it also could just be that they are very good working partners and friends.

      • Bel says:

        Uh Elly, what exactly does your link prove?
        They do not look extremely friendly or touchy, Brad is not even looking at her in those pics. I expected some laughing pics, staring into each others eyes, holding hands……
        Is it so wrong for Brad to pat someone on the shoulder? Brad is always doing that with people he is with.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      “By the Sea” could refer to Mont St. Michel in France, when Ben and Olga filmed part of a to the Wonder.

      Plus the reference to dealing with his “compulsions.” Gambling. I believe it’s about Ben. Just don’t know if it’s true. But they’ve looked particularly miserable together lately.

      • Samtha says:

        Ben was also supposed to be in Manchester-by-the-Sea with Matt Damon. Casey took his place and Kyle Chandler wound up stepping in for Matt…but there’s a very clear connection to the “by the sea” phrasing in regard to Ben.

    • Jayna says:

      I’ve never believed that the Jolie-Pitts have a totally monogamous relationship. I don’t think they cheat behind each other’s backs or have ongoing affairs or anything, but I don’t believe Angie views a very long-term relationship as having to be completely, 100 percent monogamous either for the rest of your lives together. It’s just a feeling I get.

      • dottie says:

        I’m sure you also get a feeling that HW #1 Fraud and #1 scorned woman is in a loving, caring genuine relationship with her little bought boy and is the most beautiful woman of all time also too.

      • Bel says:

        Okay, any proof of your beliefs?
        When has Angelina ever made comments that elude to that? Tabloid made up interviews from a few years back does not count.

        She has however made comments before Brad about how she would like a partner to go through life with.

  8. Rhiley says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did split, though I would be a little sad, namely for their children. When they are all out and about doing family things, they look so solid and comfortable with each other. I also wouldn’t be surprised if their relationship turns out to be like SJP and Matthew Broderick, one in which they do seem to live fairly separate lives, but for whatever reason, children perhaps, choose to stay together.

    • ell says:

      oh, i didn’t know about SJP and matthew broderick. I have relatives in that sort of situation; divorcing is too much hassle and their lives are too intertwined, so they lead their life pretty much separately, but still do parenting&family things together. If it works…

      • Vee says:

        I too have relatives who live mainly apart, but are friendly and together at family events. To each their own…..

  9. Absolutely says:

    I can believe this. Sadly.

  10. lisa2 says:

    That looks like a stunt guy.. I hope so because that suit looks terrible and has weird material.

    I also don’t see Ben going through some big divorce scandal when Batman is coming out. It would affect the movie and that is not going to happen.

    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be a celebrity couple. Gossip is always speculating on the state of your relationship or making up outright lies about it. They have kids and that to me is a shame that these stories don’t take that in consideration. I don’t know of everyday couples that can handle that kind of mess being thrown at you. I just heard some cheating story about two people working at my work place. I’m pretty sure they are not true; but the gossip has reached the man’s wife and outside the workplace. No regardless of what the truth is the lie is always going to be there.

    • ell says:

      do you really think that cheating stories are all made up to hurt people? i doubt it. there’s usually at least some truth in it, no one makes up rumours for the hell of it (and you’d be surprised how many couples cheat on each other).

      • lisa2 says:

        lol.. actually tabloid do make up stories for the hell of it. And yes to hurt people. I don’t know if Ben cheated. I have never seen a picture as proof. But if you don’t think things are made up you haven’t seen how tabloid create their stories. And yes people go online and actually make up a lie to hurt others.

      • Jayna says:

        You have to be kidding. Ninety percent of gossip stories are “completely” made up, not even a shred of the gossip true. They have weekly pages to fill up and competing with all the other sites and mags. I am shocked how people can be so gullible to think most stories have to have “some truth” to it. It’s the ten percent that are true that keep people going back, or the ones that eventually end up being true because they’ve just been lucky in the she’s pregnant/getting married/engaged/divorce/cheating saga they regurgitate over and over in covers and stories on a celeb. Eventually one has to be true. People hang on to that and conveniently forget all the absolutely fabricated ones on the same celeb in the same mag that were so far from being true. Jennifer Aniston is Pregnant. Nope. Jennifer Aniston is Married. Nope. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been getting divorced for ten years in these mags. One year they might get it right just by chance, but it’s not from insider sources. And if it were, how do you forget the ten years of making up that headline just to sell mags that people bought into it and it was false.

        These mags just recycle the same old covers and stories.

      • ell says:

        no no no. that’s not what i was referring to, i was talking about OP and the made up cheating story between people at her workplace. I was talking of normal people, and no, that doesn’t (usually) happen.

        as for tabloids, yes it’s true that some are pulled out of their arses and purely made up, but you can usually tell which ones are total fabrication from the real ones e.g. jen aniston being pregnant is just speculation, consistent stories of ben affleck cheating and gambling that go on for YEARS and with several witnesses, are most likely NOT made up.

      • lisa2 says:

        @ell.. sorry I mistook your comment top. Thought you were talking about tabloids. No not surprised by the number of people cheating. I think in the case that I mentioned people say something that was not what they thought and ran with it. Just like Photo assumptions. So sometimes what we see is not the real. And wagging tongues can destroy a relationship over something that is not what they thought.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “no one makes up rumours for the hell of it”

        Yes, they absolutely do. Even regular people, that’s essentially what gossip is. People think they know something because they assume, and then share it like fact.

      • ell says:

        @Tiffany: I disagree. usually when there are consistent rumours of people cheating, in my experience, it always turned out to be true. And I’m talking about regular people. I know many don’t like to believe so many cheat, but unfortunately it’s totally a thing.

    • Jayna says:

      It was a stunt guy.

  11. Talie says:

    I would die to see him get back with J.Lo

    • PunkyMomma says:

      That thought has crossed my evil mind more than once since this round of speculation hit the press. I still think Ben and JLo have unfinished business.

      • Talie says:

        I just feel like they never paired up as good with anyone but each other. It’s like not being able to picture Brad and Angelina with anyone else after they got with each other.

    • cheryl says:

      That would be fun.

  12. Snowpea says:

    Oh man I feel for her I really do. It must be very very difficult for her with such a recalcitrant, difficult husband. I would be totally devo.

    But if this is true she needs to show old mate the door and pronto. Looking like a doormat is never a good look.

    I’ve always thought Affleck was a deadshit and a jackass. He’s always so discontent and miserable. All the money in the world, a doting wife and three cute kids and it’s not enough. Moron.

  13. Ms. Lib says:

    All she needs is a pair of black Converse and they could be twinsies!

  14. JoJo says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these two continue to stay together for their typical codependent reasons. Both seem like they would have reasons for wanting to remain married, beyond the kids. Him – worried about his image and her – determined to keep it together at any cost. However, it seems blatantly clear at this point that they’re not happy together at all. Yes, I get it – marriage is work blah blah blah, but I’ll say it until the end of time. These two are just a weird, awkward, no-chemistry match for each other. People make such a big deal about her being so much more stable than him and grounding him and giving him the perfect family. But all of that doesn’t necessarily translate to them being a good match or right for each other. They have three kids, yes, and it’s obvious they love them so much. But I really think it’s over between these two – regardless of what they end up doing publicly. Their outing yesterday looked extremely tense – yes, I get it that the paps were all over the place, so that probably contributed, but it just looked more like an outing for the sake of the kids. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these two are still going to try to be civil to each other for the kids sake, etc., which makes sense and is admirable. I just don’t take yesterday’s outing as a sign that all is well by any means.

  15. Karen says:

    Jen has accepted he’s a cheat and a gambler. But….. it only takes one to file divorce. Just because she’ll be a doormat doesn’t automatically mean he’ll stay forever. If they divorce, it’ll be on his terms/schedule.

    • Luca76 says:

      Sure but if he divorces her his image will almost immediately go to sh**.
      That’s probably the last thing he wants right before releasing a huge franchise. I’m more inclined to believe they will stay together as long as the kids are young unless he does something awful and public to force her hand.

    • Dani says:

      Even if he divorces her or she divorces him, he’s still going to look like the douche here because he’s the compulsive cheater, liar and gambler. And she’s just the poor wife trying to keep it together for the sake of their kids. He won’t ruin his career. They’ll try to make it work and he’ll behave till Batman hits theaters and then he’ll fall into the same habit. Same shy, different day.

  16. Eleonor says:

    I don’t know.
    I think she’ll stick around no matter what.
    Personally I’ve never bought his “family man” image.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t believe she would stick around no matter what. Jennifer isn’t going to stay with a man if he emotionally checks out of the marriage. You can really love someone but that dies once the other isn’t giving you what you need. As these little ones are now getting up in age, if she didn’t feel loved by Ben she would move on while she is still young enough to find someone who really loves her. Because waiting until you are 50 in Hollywood to be single isn’t pretty.

      People think she’s a doormat. Kevin Smith, his old buddy director, has the opposite take. That she has a huge influence on Ben and Kevin was by the wayside because of Ben’s relationship with Jennifer and how she felt about Kevin. Ben has joked that Jennifer is the boss. Ben gave up a directing gig for HBO that he really wanted because Jen wasn’t on board with the time it involved after he came off of other projects. I don’t think she is the doormat that people think she is.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        I agree, Jayna! I know some women that do stay with a man that has cheated. But, they usually do it, unfortunately, for monetary reasons. They feel they couldn’t make it financially on their own, or with the meager amount of child support they would probably get. Sad, I know…but Jennifer Garner could kick Ben to the curb, if he was cheating, and would still be living the same lifestyle. So, why would she stay, if he was so horrible? As I’ve said before, I haven’t seen ANY tangible proof, that Ben has strayed, and I don’t think that JG is the doormat that people make her out to be!

      • pk says:

        I was wondering the same MrsBPitt. I’ve heard speculation about his cheating but that’s it.

  17. Jem says:

    He looks ridiculous in those Batman shots

  18. Kaianne says:

    Ben has pensive looking nowadays. I note they don’t hold hands or hug for a long time.
    I think their marriage had run it course. They just keeping appearances for the children sake.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Really? I don’t know many couples who are all holding hands/smoochy after ten years of marriage and three kids…Plus, whenever there is a picture of them holding hands and smiling, everyone comments that they are faking! These two can’t win!

      • ell says:

        my boyfriend’s parents still do that and have been married 40+ years. surely there’s no rule? and i think it would be easier to side with those 2 if a) they didn’t do pap strolls b) jen didn’t complain about paps taking pics of her kids (legitimate) but then use it to her advantage when it suits her (hypocrite) c) ben wasn’t such a twat.

      • GingerAle says:

        My partner and I hold hands on the regular, pretty much anywhere we are walking together with a hand free- after 8 years and two kids. It was the first thing I noticed about these pictures- no hand holding. Then again, that’s just my experience informing on my expectations- and if the pap shots were staged, you’d think they’d hold hands…. food for thought.

      • laura in LA says:

        I present to you…Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon!

        26 yrs married, still loved up and by all accounts going strong:

        Then again, they have only two children (haha).

        Seriously, though, they’re grown and out of nest, which may have something to do with their contentment. And this doesn’t mean they couldn’t also have had marital problems at some point, maybe even around the 10-yr mark as well.

        There’s not much else I can say about Ben/Jen that hasn’t already been said, but I hate how she’s used their kids.

        And I do think it’s mostly her. She’s made their family her *brand* with herself as the Brentwood Mommy, hence all the boring papwalks there. How many times do we have to see them going to Starbucks, the farmers’ market or picking up the kids from their regular activities?

        No wonder Ben always looks tired or annoyed, like “anywhere but here”…too bad for their kids.

  19. Jayna says:

    I find the blind hard to believe, a sighting with him at a hotel with the woman? But it’s only in a gossip blind. LOL The only reference to that is in a blind after it was reported he was seen somewhere? I believe the blinds when they come out before news of where a person was sighted, not after.

    All I’ve read is an interview for the local newspaper of people who saw him and it was exciting news for such a small island, Cape Breton. The people who work at the gas station were interviewed. He was at the gas station alone pumping gas. I think it was really crappy they would release security footage of him in there paying. I also read another sighting of him by a person who worked in a small store that Ben was alone in a store buying hiking boots. The one man who saw him at the gas station said it had spread like wildfire that Ben was in the small town and that there were rumors he was there at a retreat at a Buddhist monastery or had been looking at property to buy or that he was in Halifax to support the film tax credit and stopped by and was visiting the small island.

    Does Ben cheat? He very well could. But a blind to add to a sighting already out there in the local newspaper that caught media attention? I could write blinds of cheating to add to stories like that. Funny how no locals saw that, just Ben driving around minding his own business. Maybe the slave thing really got to him and after filming in Canada for his secret Batman appearance he went there to clear his mind. Oh, that’s not scandalous enough.

    I don’t think their issues are him cheating. He was seen gambling twice, but no women gossip, just sitting at a highstakes black-jack game. I know Ben has been drinking since at least Argo promotions. If they have problems, “IF,” I have a feeling his drinking would be the biggest problem if it had gotten to the point it was escalating again. But, see, even I’m making up problems. LOL Nobody has any facts about anything.

    • Jegede says:

      And Lainey always has negative blinds on those she dislikes for example guys like Leo, Depp.

      On the other hand a shady motormouth like RDJ mysteriously has no ‘blinds’ reported.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        I still am surprised that she has no blind on Tatum or Jake Guyllenhall or how her blinds on Tom Hardy are biased (he’s violent with the director but it’s the director’s fault,he is cheating his wife but it’s because of his co-star’s depraved lifestyle )
        And she is wrong also ( Eva Mendes’s hide infertility or Lively’s fertility problem

      • ell says:

        @Don’t kill me I’m French: and how do you know the eva mendes&blake lively’s fertility problems weren’t true? lots of women who struggle to get pregnant do so eventually, it doesn’t mean they don’t have fertility problems and needed help to have a baby though.

        and why should lainey have blinds about jake g??? I agree, lainey can be biased and there’s A LOT of guessing in what she does. this blind about ben/jen might be crap, but we do have to consider lainey’s blinds are often right. she doesn’t often have blinds, and that what makes hers accurate. she only does so when she actually has inside knowledge.

      • Jegede says:

        @Don’t kill me I’m French – Agree 100%.

      • Prince Valiant says:

        @eli. Why would anyone (e.g. Lively) discuss fertility problems with staff rather than tackling this subject with two sisters, one mother, one mother-in-law and a large number of daughters-in-law and friends? I hate, HATE, blind items. They are immoral.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        When Lainey released the blinds on Mendes and Blake,they yet were pregnant of several months.
        For example As I believe her blinds on Hardy ( it’s not the first time that he hit a colleague on set ,you can find a pic with Hardy and a blond woman in jacuzzi on Twitter and on Reddit even before Lainey’s blind,you were able to find some stories on The Revenant’s messy epic filming ) as it’s difficult to believe that Affleck “was busted by fans with another woman” at the island without to find a pic or a report on the social media.
        I don’t say that Affleck doesn’t cheat or Garner and him have any marriage problem.I say that he was not busted with another woman by fans when he was on the island

    • Lucy2 says:

      I too am not believing the blind item.
      In this day and age, someone saw a famously married movie star at a hotel with another womsn and didn’t whip out their phone for a photo?
      i once read a lengthy first hand comment about how one of the actors in Justified was “always spotted around” a town in Kentucky and was buying a house there, to film the show. Except that entire show was filmed in California, and that actor later said they’d never been to the town. People make things up or get confused.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben really did stray, but without more than this, I’m not buying it.

      • Geekychick says:

        I think we should remember how it tkrned out media knew about tiger woods cheating for years, he just kept giving them exclusive interviews for years so they wouldn’t publish anything. A lot of things can be bought, inclusing incriminating pictures.
        I believe the blind item bc the guy was pictured without his wedding ring, trying to look unrecognisable-and because Lainey is Canadian and when it’s happening in Canada, she’s usually riight. She has good sources on her home turf. And I always thoguht Nen is a cheating douche, and their marriage is a brand.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      I have the same problem with the blind item for the same reasons.
      After it’s easy to exaggerate a situation

  20. shannon says:

    I feel sorry for the kids, but they are headed for a split. There is no way I could stay with someone if they were cheating on me. I could stay for the kids if it was just gambling, drinking, etc., but I’m not going to risk my physical health.

    • aang says:

      I feel sorry for the kids because they have to wear those ridiculous uniforms.

  21. als says:

    Even if it isn’t true, I can’t believe this marriage is a happy one.
    And I just don’t get Jennifer Garner, if she is strong enough to put up with this man (that obviously has no ability to care for himself, much less for others) why doesn’t she have the ability to care for her own happiness independent of him or to find herself a man that at least offers something back beside status. Or maybe status in Hollywood is her priority (one that she couldn’t get on her own), in which case let her have it.

  22. Dame Heddy says:

    Toronto pic looks like his stunt double, not affleck.

  23. Luca76 says:

    Perception is so interesting. I’ve never seen these two as a happy couple or love match and Ben has made enough public slips over the years to show he’s still the same d-bag who got caught fooling around with strippers at his bachelor party while he was with J-lo. I just don’t get why people think of these two as a wholesome couple. She’s always been more into him .
    That being said I’d be surprised if they actually divorced right now.

    • Bishg says:

      I totally agree!
      Why are people even rooting for this couple is beyond me..
      Ben has done nothing other than disrespecting her several times, both with his actions and his word (remember that epic failure of an Oscar speech?)
      And in 2015, are we really still hoping that a couple doesn’t divorce for the sake of their children? PLEASE. How do you think those kids feel when they witness their parent’s arguing, cheating, lying to each other, spending time apart, plus when they will be old enough to read all the crap that their father has done and their mum “had to put up with”? (= she’s been playing the pap game for far too long for me to feel sympathy for her).
      Shouldn’t we, instead, start reflecting upon how easily both celebrities and regular people jump into marriage without giving a second thought about the real meaning of a committed relationship which means more than sharing real estate and having bank accounts?
      I am not even talking about the “sanctity” of marriage (I’m an atheist), but just the plain and simple awareness of what building a family together implies.

      • Luca76 says:

        I agree with everything you said!!!

      • ell says:

        I agree, but imo it has little to do with how quickly people jump into marriage. It’s that life is long and people can change or want different things, or you just simply fall out of love. i think we should start accepting divorces as a normal part of life, albeit a sad one. like getting old or getting sick.

        it also doesn’t have to be horrible; my parents split when I was 13 and after the initial adjustments we were fine. my dad still lived close enough and we spent every weekend with him. it also helped that my parents, while not friends, were civil to each other. it can be done.

  24. serena says:

    Why is it bad if he was with his brother and mother on mother’s day?? He does a lot of bad things but this ain’t one of them! I think it’s actually pretty sweet, especially since Jen had her own family to come over so she was not alone.

    • lisa2 says:

      true.. my mother likes seeing my brothers without their wives on occasion; and she likes her daughter in-laws. I know they go to see their mothers’ without my brothers. If Ben was there with Casey then maybe it was a planned thing of them going to visit their mother.

      Jennifer seems very close to her mother/sisters.

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah, irrespective of whether they are on the rocks, this event to me has zero to do with anything about the state of their marriage. Both parents live out of state from where they live, and both Jen and Ben have busy lives with work and children and probably don’t see their mothers as much as they would like and used this time to be with their mothers. Ben flying off to spend time with his mother Jen wanting to be with her mom. How awful.

      My sister on Mother’s Day for a couple of years in a row way back when her kids were very small would go and see our mom in a different town over an hour away, while her husband drove two-and-a-half hours the opposite direction to spend the day with his mom. Her kids would give her little gifts, but it wasn’t some big deal where her husband had to make some big deal over her and spend the day with her. She’s not his mother. It was about their mothers and catching the time to honor that day with them.

  25. Paloma says:

    I think there’s something to it, but the might not necessarily divorce.

  26. pk says:

    The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if Jennifer’s camp released this information to get Ben to tow the line. Judging by the comments, it seems a split will hurt his image more than hers.
    I also wonder if the “pap stroll” was to keep the rumors at bay for the sake of their girls.
    I do like them together. If they really are headed for a split, Ben will not find whatever it is he is searching for from a bottle, gambling, or womanizing.

  27. Murphy says:

    I don’t think Jennifer will let go anytime soon.

  28. bettyrose says:

    If anyone files for divorce, I hope it’s Jen. I don’t even get the ten year rule. She’s got her own money and has the ability to keep earning. The children will be well provided for, either way. But if ten years is her goal, I hope she files for divorce immediately after.

  29. FingerBinger says:

    If they get divorced it won’t be any time soon. He has films to promote. The whole family has to go the premieres. After Batman and suicide squad is released then maybe they’ll separate.

    • lisa2 says:

      Both of those films are not going to be released until 2016.. that is a long time away actually

  30. Boo says:

    First picture up top reminds me of Bill and Hillary Clinton with Chelsea between them, walking across the White House lawn to a helicopter. Hillary had her head down, no smiling, and he hands clasped behind her back. Bill looked somber I think but I mostly remember Hillary. This was when definite proof he had lied to her came out (can’t recall which lie it was, he had so many affairs).

    So this I believe based on Jennifer in these photos. She’s trying later on but up top….she’s very sad. My heart goes out to her. I’m not saying she’s innocent etc. or disagreeing with lots of views others have stated. I just know it really hurts to love someone, believe they love you too, and then have them trash and disrespect that love.

    This is sad if true. But if not, it’s still sad for me. He treats her, their family and their marriage horribly. They need to end it so Jenn and the kids can build a life on a happier foundation and let him go do this thing. If he shows up for visits, events, fine. if not, fine. They need to stop caring about him. It’s hurting her too much and if it’s showing now, it will affect the kids soon.

    • bettyrose says:

      Yeah, I hate to say it, I know it’s an old cliche that marriages work best when the women has the upper hand – as the saying used to go “marry the man who loves you, not the one you love” – but it really seems to hold true for Hollywood power couples. It seems like the ones that work well are the ones where the female half is more famous/powerful.

  31. GingerCrunch says:

    Excellent reporting, I must say!

  32. Unmade_bed says:

    Can someone please explain why sites do blind items? Why don’t they identify who they are writing about?

    • Absolutely says:

      Because they don’t want to get sued?

    • cr says:


    • cr says:

      Because it’s easier to make stuff up and be vague enough that it could fit just about anything the gossip wants?
      I think a lot of gossip fans like blind items because they like trying to ‘solve’ a riddle, even if it’s all BS.

  33. Mindless Contemplations says:

    How come when we see family pictures we only see the daughters, what about their toddler son? Maybe the son isn’t an affleck 😉

    • Samtha says:

      He DOES look a lot like Matt Damon. I kid, I kid!

      I think it’s simply because he’s younger. A lot of the pics of the girls are from things like going to school or dance classes, which he’s too young for right now.

  34. Kiddo says:

    Jennifer will mysteriously go missing, while Ben follows absurd clues, and detectives will think he murdered her.

  35. Smoky says:

    Can’t tell in these pictures if their wearing their rings

  36. The Original Mia says:

    If this pap walk was to prove the tabs wrong, it did nothing more than convince me Jen is done. She usually puts more effort into Ben’s PR strolls and this time she looks like she could care less to clean up one of his messes. I hope so. Because it’s got to be tiring to fight for something that her husband takes for granted. She will be fine. Her children will be fine. It’s time to move on.

    • Jayna says:

      True. She didn’t put much effort into it, just enough to stop the story gaining momentum by the photo-op.

      I don’t know if Ben really wants to let go of Jen, though. It might surprise people. She said in her first marriage she wanted the Prince Charming thing, to be adored, and said she grew up and realized that can’t be always and isn’t realistic. But she’s not the type to live in a marriage where she doesn’t feel loved. The children are getting older and I noticed she’s been dressing better and getting back into fighting shape again. Maybe Jen will be the one to leave if it’s anyone one day. She seems to attract a lot of good-looking men in her life.

      Mark Ruffalo said on WWHL he would still be friends with Jen after their movie together but Ben came into the picture and that put a stop to that. He didn’t seem to quash that remark after Andy joked to him, I heard Jen isn’t allowed to have male friends. Mark just shrugged and said it was sad, I think. It got put out all over the mags like People and US Weekly, etc., and Mark never came back and qualified that answer. I think Ben is very possessive of Jen and her leaving him he might not handle as well as everybody thinks. Of course, that was back in the early days of their relationship he’s referring to, so Ben might not feel that way these days.

      • ell says:

        the idea that ben might be possessive makes me like him even less.

      • bettyrose says:

        That’s truly disturbing. If Ben is that controlling, she needs to get out. He gets to gamble and party while she’s under strict rules not to make him look bad? Run, Jen!

  37. smcollins says:

    I’m not buying the assumptions that these pap photos are staged. I think there’s a lot more interest in them because of all the rumors of an impending split swirling around. Photos of them are probably worth more right now, so….I mean, what are they supposed to do? Stay hidden away and not step foot in public until it all blows over? What kind of way is that to live? And don’t they live in L.A., so it’s not like paparazzi being around is so unusual. Maybe I’m totally wrong, but I’ve never believed that they use their children to deflect negative press. Or for any press. But that’s just me.

    • Jayna says:

      I think they were purely for the fact that the story was being passed around to more sites and it was gaining too much momentum. You don’t want to reward rag mags by responding and taking their bait and having to give out a statement or response. That plays into what they want. But if the story is getting picked up too many places and being reported as truth you have to stop it. A quick photo-op has always been what most celebs do to stop it in its tracks.

  38. Colette says:

    You are right there are dozens of pics of Jennifer picking up her kids from school this year.I see them at least three or four times a week on celebrity baby sites.

  39. cujokay says:

    Neither looks happy and there is no interaction between them. NONE.

  40. M.A.F. says:

    I don’t need to know where their girls go to school but why do their uniforms look as if they are apprentices for See’s Candies?

    As for the parents- if this is how they chose to live then so be it. They are both grown ups, just hope they don’t mess up the kids.

    • lisa2 says:

      I never liked their school uniform. It always made me think of Amish clothing for some reason. Very dowdy in a way. The girls are cute. I see Violet got her hair cut.

  41. Saks says:

    As someone said above, I dont this is damage control regarding their marriage, but preparing the media for an amicable break up, to keep their children as far from drama as possible. I like them as a couple but they should do whats best for everyone, especially the kids.

    Also, I wont judge Jennifer, we dont know their real situation, what is happening behind doors, and lot of times things arent as simple as “she enjoys being mrs. affleck”. Yes, we all know about his compulsion but we dont know what is going with her. I like her, she seems to be a really nice person, and I hope for her and the kids to be happy.

  42. Jess says:

    Ugh. I liked both of them as individuals but have always hated them as a couple and how they love to play like their the perfect family. And I agree with littlemissnaughty and some of the others above who point out how hypocritical they are on the paparazzi issue. Lainey’s been good about calling them and others out who complain about the paps but then totally use them. As she likes to point out, Matt Damon and his family almost never get papped but they’re just as famous and live down the road. And whenever Ben’s in trouble or up for an Oscar he conveniently shows up in family papped shots. Either truly avoid the paps if you hate them or admit you use them. Heck, they have less integrity on this issue than the Kardashians!

    • lisa2 says:

      Go and google Matt Damon and Family. There are hundreds of pics at the airport, walking, grocery shopping, on boats, biking. you name it it is there.
      The thing is these pics are not bought by media outlets. So people assume that they don’t exist. But most celebs get pics taken. It just matters which ones are bought. If pics of Matt and his family sold then you would assume that he was going on pap walks everyday. The pictures don’t sell so you don’t see his family. But the pics are there everywhere to be seen.

    • Jayna says:

      Matt has lots of photos taken. Go Google images of Mark Ruffalo and his three kids. His family is papped all over the place in New York, walking them to and from school, in the parks, going to dinner. Many other stars. You just don’t see them on the biggest sites because they don’t command the amount of clicks on the story. The paps are taking their photos and they are appearing on the internet, though. Unfortunately, because Ben is married to an actress, makes them a little more interesting, and the kids. They sit outside their home and follow her. She wears no makeup and doesn’t dress up. She is hardly doing a pap walk every day for paparazzi.

    • Jayna says:

      Go google all the images of Jason Bateman with his kids out and about. He was papped a lot. His daughter, Francesca, I think now six, still a cutie, but was beyond photogenic when a little younger, and a ton of photos of him and his wife and family or just him and his little girls.

      There’s plenty of stars being papped a lot.

      Justin Bateman and his daughter Francesca several years ago. I always thought she could be a toddler model. LOL

  43. Cinderella says:

    It’s all business between these two at this point.

  44. Qzie says:

    What is Ben’s relationship like with his hometown BFF Matt Damon? Ben always seems like he is ready to come unglued (gambling, addictions, cheating rumours) and Matty D. has always seemed like such a centered, grounded person. I wonder if he tries to help Ben at all with these rumours and the bad behavior–or just distances himself?

    • lisa2 says:

      Matt likes to gamble too. I think he has settled down. But he was gambling a lot when they were doing the Oceans films. Don C. is another person that loves to gamble. I remember Matt and Don telling a story that they would stay out til 2 or 3 in the morning gambling. Brad would leave to go home early; they said that Brad was a good player; more lucky than any of them and George would leave early too because he was a terrible player. Matt said that his wife told him he needed to spend more time with the family. And it seems that is what he did.

  45. Corrie says:

    Im bot in the corner of Jen bashing at all. Sorry but that woman is a saint. lol. She’s trying to polish a turd for sure but she’s got a marriage investment… and its clear Ben is a big d of a boy not a man. That said, she’s not going the throw the marriage away route and she knows best. Good luck to them.

  46. MildredFierce says:

    My BFF worked with Scott (JG’s ex) on short lived TV show for NBC in the wake of Scott’s and JG’s divorce. Scott was adamant that JG needed rather wanted to be married to a MOVIE STAR – now take in mind – she was with Vartan her co-star on Alias at the time.

    And if you watch her on the dinner that TV show the Swinger’s guy used to host – she is so smitten with Ben Affleck while he was with JLO (I believe) it is sickening. She threaten to kick Kevin Smith’s a*& if he messed with Ben. Kevin Smith – who at the time – was in Ben’s inner circle. It was JG – OTT. She is and was determined. She is ambitious. And wanted to be married to movie star. She is climber. And I bet Ben wants out – because…I don’t believe she will let him go. Unless…he fell in love with another woman or it is something extreme.

    Remember they had a shot gun wedding…

  47. MildredFierce says:

    Also, I remember watching the show – the dinner one with Jon F – at the time it aired. I think during the Daredevil Promotions. Because it was Collin Farrell (Daredevil), Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck (Daredevil), and Jennifer G. (Daredevil). And my husband you knew nothing of Scott’s prediction. Turned to me and said – Man Jennifer is in love with Ben.

  48. HoustonGrl says:

    I know this is mean, but he has looked ROUGH for months now. Something’s up with him, but she seems to be stable enough to hold the family together. I have no idea what the best outcome is for them. Maybe it’s to stick together for the children’s sake, maybe it’s not. Either way, I’m rooting for them. They have three beautiful kids.

  49. Jess says:

    I don’t understand why so many people don’t like Jennifer, reading some of these comments I see pure hatred for her actually, almost like resentment towards her in a way? I don’t know, I just don’t get the cheating vibe from him, or that she’s a doormat who would stay just to keep up this image, but who knows what really goes on in their marriage. In my opinion if she was that concerned with her image she would’ve stayed in her first marriage!

    • KellyBee says:

      I’m not seeing what your seeing Jen is very well like in this site and I’m not even sure when you get resentment from these comments.

      As for Ben he’s cheated on both Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez so he has that vibe.

  50. wow says:

    I live in Nova Scotia. You would not believe the amount of “press” he got for walking into a corner store. It was like he was Jesus ffs.

  51. Div says:

    While blinds are often bs, Lainey’s do pan out more than others and she has good gossip on movies that film in Canada. I think Jennifer and Ben have an agreement, like many Hollywood couples, but that it depends on him being discreet. If he’s gambling like crazy and not being discreet, I could see her walking away.

  52. Sam says:

    well lainey did have a blind right before Amy poehler and will arnett got a divorce so I tend to buy her blinds tbh. she even had one about Gwyneth cheating with brad Falchuk and that turned out true as well. I never liked ben he seems like a jerk.

  53. LAK says:

    What happened to her anti-papping children stance?

  54. Gigi says:

    Ok, I can’t get the “not even By The Sea” comment out of my mind. I know it’s supposed to be Nova Scotia and out of the country. But Ben’s brother just finished filming ,in Massachusetts, a film called, Manchester-By-The-Sea. It was filming during Mother’s Day and Ben was supposedly with Casey and their Mom on that day. It filmed in a town of the same name (my hometown). I just keep wondering if Ben hooked up with a local woman??!!

    Slightly off topic all reports were that Casey is a great guy. He hung out with a lot of people in town. Michelle Williams is also in it and everyone said she was great too.

    Another funny thing was their first day of filming coincided with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence filming Joy in town just for the day. This place has a population of 5,000 people. It was a big day!

  55. Jets says:

    If that blind item is truly about Ben and Jen, which c’mon it obviously it is, then I too believe that is someone in Jen’s camp, either her friend, a nanny, a relative, someone in the inside that leaked all these details to the tabloids, there is just too much “inside information” for it not to be someone who has witnessed for themselves what is going on in that household or was privy to these very private details. My theory is this, Ben went to Canada told Jen he was going somewhere else, he got busted and the Canadian media blew his cover complete with a dam video of him in a convenience store, so he was caught lying, not wearing his wedding ring and with his side piece at a hotel. This was probably the last straw for her, that is why they were not seen together for awhile, because they really were separated. I think one magazine said that Ben was even crashing at Matt Damon’s house since Matt is in China filming. Ben wants a divorce, maybe he is in love with this woman he’s having an affair with and wants to be with her instead, ditch his family and be with a hot young woman that won’t nag him about not spending enough time with the kids, drinking, gambling, etc. The Jen should just give him what he wants and say “good riddance” and be well, if not for her then for the sake of her daughters.

  56. lena horne says:

    i dont care for either-but they do have a nice family. The kids suffer but they also suffer in an unhappy hone.

  57. CooCooCatchoo says:

    This is what happens when you settle.
    He’s looked like a caged animal since they’ve been married.
    She has tried so hard to get him to fit into her perfect husband mold. He’s just not that into you, honey.

  58. Tara says:

    Ben Affleck is such an image-obsessed phony. He operates like a politician with his staged family photo ops. I don’t always buy gossip, but I believe it in this case. They will be announcing their divorce soon. Ben Affleck seems like a pain too with his gambling and drinking. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was having affairs this whole time and their marriage is a sham.

    • Subconciously says:


      One could argue that he sabotaged his own staged family photo op. Because both he and his wife are dressed in funeral-black-and-grey and it is end of spring / beginning of summer. And perhaps they both dressed like that because their subconsiousness told them to. When they reached into their wardrobe they grabbed black. Such colours don’t send a positive friendly message of family fun.

      And yeah, I probably read too much into colours.

  59. Ravensdaughter says:

    Blah, blah, blah…where is THE SON Jennifer finally issued forth? All men want a son; other than being an exemplary mom, her duty is done. (Note slight sarcasm).

    I can’t believe all the shade you guys throw on Jennifer. If anyone is trying to keep that family together, it’s her. Affleck’s gambling addiction-totally NOT cool in a parent.

  60. Jets says:

    The only other person that could be feeding this information to the tabs is “the other woman” herself, what better way to be with your lover than to sabotage his marriage yourself? Surely the side piece would know the deep dark secrets of what is really going on in the Affleck marriage. Another theory, yeah I know I have too much time on my hands, is that he met the side piece in Canada, trying to go incognito, to end things with her and then bam! She’s pissed and devises a plan to ruin Ben, his marriage and potentially his career by leaking all the sordid details to the tabloids, specifically Radaronline. I believe these rumors, they are just too specific and they sound legit this time, more so than usual. It actually makes sense. Ben and Jen should just face the music, the charade is over, they’ve been outed, it’s dunzo!

    • Subconciously says:

      You think it is alright to announce the end of the Afflecks’ marriage?

  61. Fan says:

    This is the best woman he could ever be married to. The rest will be trash.

    • KellyBee says:

      Sorry but this us one of the stupidest comment I’ve ever read.

    • lisa2 says:

      Really an unfair comment. The other women George had relationships with were not trash either. They seemed like nice women. Some have gone on to marry and have kids. Your job or education doesn’t make you better than anyone else.

    • Lol says:

      So she’s the only women in the world who can raise kids and be a wife and do photo ops?

  62. ann says:

    You can always tell when it’s a photo op because everyone is matching and color coordinated..

  63. Gracie says:

    I do think Ben is an idiot and self-sabotages himself a lot – with gambling- But I just can’t see Jennifer putting up with a cheating husband.

  64. MaddyLou says:

    I love Ben and Jen always have. But I think I liked him because of her and how cute they were together. I alwyas knew she was more into him than he was into her. I always thought he would try harder because he used to talk about how he did not want to repeat the sins of his father. Looks like he turned into his father (although I think his father is reformed now). I am very sad at this split (I know I need to get a life! – shoot me – I liked them). I do think unfortunately its true this time, because Gossip Cop usually comes out with a story to repute these rumours and there has been no Gossip Cop coming to their rescue nor no statement from there reps. I saw a tweet from a tweeter I am sure was out and out naming the “other woman’ in his/her tweet in a coy way. It was not a name I recognized but she was younger and very attractive and is in show business if it was indeed what/who the tweeter implied. I am totally in Jen’s court and feel for her because she clearly adored him and he treated her like this.

    • ann says:

      I agree. I want Jen to keep her family together but I also don’t want her to be treated like dirt. Dont know the answer and maybe she doesn’t either.

  65. Tippet says:

    Of course they’re getting divorced. Everyone in Hollywood splits up eventually. Hell, like half of all married couples in general split up eventually.