Channing Tatum pranks fans with disguise at Magic Mike XXL screening

Magic Mike XXL is out on July 1, and they’re gearing up promotion for the film, which shouldn’t need any. The first Magic Mike film did a healthy $114 million on a $7 million production budget. Women will go see this film, and I for one don’t care much about the plot.

A small screening of the movie was recently held for some very lucky fans. (Video is above) The audience was given a brief survey ahead of time by an awkward, old and balding “market researcher.” They were asked questions like “which was the best actor?” (“Matthew McConaughey”) and “which part of the movie would you like to see in 3d?” (“Pelvic thrusting,” and “full frontal.”)

They were also told that the movie would be “3D”. It turned out that the 3D part just referred to a bunch of buff strippers that gave the women lap dances. Then the “market researcher” came out, showed off some slick moves and gave a lucky woman in the front row a lap dance too. Unfortunately the guy never took off his shirt, but he did take off his wig and beard, revealing that he was Channing Tatum. The ladies went wild.

This stunt was for a good cause. It was meant to promote a new sweepstakes by Omaze raising money for The Runa Foundation, which helps the indigenous people of the Amazonian rain forest through sustainable businesses and farming cooperatives. The winner of the Omaze sweepstakes will get a spa day followed by VIP access to the red carpet premiere of Magic Mike XXL as well as the after party. Odds are based on the amount donated and you can learn more here.

I’ve watched that Omaze video about five times now. I think it’s time to watch the trailer again. Damn.




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  1. mimif says:


  2. QQ says:


  3. Amy says:

    Well that was both adorable and hilarious.

    I do like Charming Potato.

  4. snowflake says:

    that video was funny!

  5. Abbott says:

    Charming Potato’s old man kinda looks like an older Brad Pitt?

    ETA: How much money do you think Channing has made Ginuwine for ‘Pony?’

  6. Beth says:

    I think it’s a great promo gig – tongue-in-cheek, saucy, with an element of fun surprise. I love that he was so game about it.

    *starts saving dollar bills for Potatum*

  7. pretty says:

    wow the video was awesome!

  8. kri says:

    I say without shame that I have had “Pony” since the day it came out. (Er that sounded a bit odd, but you know what I mean). I adore that cheesy song. This vid was hilarious. Of course, I am looking forward to tWitch most of all. The Tanning Chatum has grown on me-I like actors who don’t pry out their teeth on set (hi Shia) or abuse actresses. Bring it on, guys!

    • Abbott says:

      I bought the extended mix after the MMXXL trailer came out.

    • Ange says:

      At my wedding we asked guests to request a song for our playlist and one of my friends picked ‘Pony.’ Watching granny get down to Ginuwine made the night.

  9. Abby says:

    I had a terrible day yesterday, and I went toodling around looking for something to lift my mood. But I turned this little video on and it just made me smile. Channing is such a lovable guy. But so savvy about people and the industry and marketing. I hope this sequel makes him lots of money. I know where I’ll be opening day– parked in the theater!

  10. laura in LA says:

    My mom, apparently, likes Channing Tatum because she posted a beefcake photo of him on Facebook. (Was she drinking? Dunno, maybe…)

    So I sent her this video yesterday, and she said, “Is that Tatum?!” Well, no, actually it’s *Channing*, but whatever.

    Charming Potato, it is.