Kim Kardashian: The name ‘South West’ is the ‘stupidest thing ever’


If you remember Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy, you might remember that it was something of ongoing joke in the tabloids that Kim and Kanye were considering naming their child “North”. Everyone had a good laugh about it and Kim denied the stories outright for months. And then Yeezus and Kim named their daughter North and everyone was like, “Damn, that just happened.” So with this pregnancy, people have been throwing out names like South West, Easton West, etc, because why not? Well, Kim appeared on NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” which is a longer conversation than we have time for (the highlight: Why in the world did NPR agree to put Kim on a program?!). She was quizzed about baby names and other stuff. Some highlights:

Kim denies the rumor that she’s having a boy: “We actually haven’t told anyone the sex. So I heard that we’re having a boy. I heard that we’re having twins. I heard that I’m not even carrying my own baby. I’ve heard so many things and most of that information is not true.”

Being offered the name Kadoul, Sudanese word for south: “I don’t like South West, though, because that’s like – you know, North will always, you know, be better… And be more – she has a better direction….so I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think we’ll go with another direction.

Hearing all of the suggestions of “South West”: “I mean, everyone keeps on saying South, and I think it’s so stupid. Stupidest thing ever and just ridiculous.

[From NPR]

“Stupidest thing ever and just ridiculous” – stupider than naming your firstborn child NORTH WEST? More ridiculous than naming your child after a defunct airline? And I don’t even believe her – I think directional names ARE in the mix because the lady doth protest too much. She probably is expecting a boy and they’ll name him Easton Wilde West or something. You can hear Kim’s NPR interview here.

A photo Kim just posted of North’s baptism in Jerusalem.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    “She has a better direction.”

    But Kimmy-cakes whatever are you talking about?

    Going South is what got you and your family millions of dollars, the only way to be more accurate would be to name your baby “Golden Shower West”.

    • embertine says:



    • Alex says:

      you win *dead*

    • Yeses says:

      Drop your mic and walk away….+1000

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      I know, right?!! That’s the line that really caught my eye too! LOL!!!!

      Easton Wild West…that’s pretty awesome Kaiser! I think they should go with that! :-)

      • jaye says:

        Is it sad that I actually like the name Easton West? I think it’s sad.

      • Savannah says:

        Where did the name Easton come from? Terrible name, even for the Kardashians. I kind of understand the name North (even though it’s ridiculous). Easton is too trendy sounding for Kim K. Almost as bad as Kayden/Jayden/Hayden/Aidan It’s the name of a baseball equipment company also.

    • barb says:

      Hahahahahaha OMG you win the internet

    • Kiki says:

      You are right on the money, with that name. Because I have come up with more names like like down under west, east coast west, or ” ‘Moon or Shine West. Just to name a few… I can go on”…… No, we’ll that’s all I got. Oh better how about “Slow West” nahaha. I can be here all week.

    • Nicolette says:


    • Liberty says:

      Hahaha this, all day.

      So, this means Canada, Justin Baby-er and Santa Claus over South America and High Jackman and koalas and the birthplace of chocolate?

      Some Mondays, I just wish I could be in the room for their actual unscripted at-home conversations about life and words and stuff.

  2. Patricia says:

    I kind of love her lately. Endlessly entertaining and so beautifully delusional…

  3. snusnud says:

    Kim should have been named South then.

    • Mia V. says:

      As someone from the South Hemisphere, I’m very offended.

      • Cran says:

        You should be offended. You come from a lovely hemisphere. You know, like, the other half of the planet. Lol. But, you know, time for another selfie.

    • DottieDot says:

      Wow the dingbat just dissed everything south! Know your audience idiot!

  4. Brunswickstoval says:

    Gah I hate myself every time I click on a link with kardashian in the heading. Must step away now.

  5. aligoat says:

    2 years on and I am still in disbelief that they named their kid North West.

    • Nicole says:

      I like North! Nori is conventional enough if she wants. And I agree that North is the best directional name – it’s where you set the compass, it’s the most consistent spot in the sky, the Northern lights are beautiful and unique. South does seem secondary to me, though I like Easton for being rather proper and royal sounding. :P

      • Southie says:

        Thats probably because you live in the northern hemisphere and know NOTHING about the southern hemisphere you twit. :-) The southern hemisphere has pretty cool shit too – except… we DON’T have some dimwitted money-hungry moral-less pornstar and her egomanical husband naming their spawn after the direction our side of the hemisphere – so, whew, at the very least we got you beat you there.

    • Miffy says:

      I know. Seriously. As far as stupid, abstract names go it sure is stupid and abstract but even phonetically it just isn’t a pleasant sound for a name. And that’s just the first name. The combo of North West has to be the most arrogant, short sighted joke of a name since Jermajesty Jackson.

  6. Crumpet says:

    To think that this woman (whose IQ is obviously south of the average 100) has become so famous makes me despair. That there are girls who hang on every moronic uttering that comes from her stone face…


    • Maya says:

      Exactyly ! 32 million followers are watching that stupid ass every day and she thinks they are worshipping It and her clothing style !

      • Suzanne says:

        32 million people watch these morons? OMG…THAT is what’s wrong with this country….MORONS….who worship the Kardashians. Holy shit….how pathetic?

      • FingerBinger says:

        If it helps a few million of those followers are fake. Kim,Beyonce,and Lady Gaga all have millions of fake followers.

      • Jules says:

        Suzanne, I believe Twitter is worldwide and Kummy Kakes has worldwide fake fans.

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        Yeah! They say that half of anyones followers (over a million, I believe) are fake, porn ads or spammers.

      • Gina says:

        Even 1 follower is one too many – I don’t want to believe there can be that many fools in this world!

    • Dawn says:

      You are so right. I can’t believe she has fans or people admire or love what she says. My god the woman named her daughter a direction, why wouldn’t the public think she would do the same with the next one?

    • Honeybee Blues says:

      Her IQ and room temperature are battling it to the finish. My money’s on room temperature, and right now, in my house, it’s 68.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        Unless you go by Celsius, as we do, in which case, the temperature in my lounge room is 20…

    • word says:

      Numbers are deceiving though. She has a lot of followers on instagram and twitter but not all of them like her. In fact most of the people who “follow” her do so just to get a laugh at her ridiculousness. Aren’t the ratings for their show dwindling fast? This is why this family is so desperate to stay in the news. When Caitlyn was Bruce, he said no one would ever visit him. Now that Caitlyn is getting a lot of press Kim is routinely seen driving up to her home in Malibu with paps there to take the pics. Coincidence ???

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    The baby’s name will be Key West or a new cute one I heard over the weekend, Fievel Goes West.

  8. Tifygodess says:

    “Stupidest thing ever and just ridiculous” — oh wait she’s not speaking of herself, her family, her fame and constant need for attention? OHHHHH that comment was about a baby name?! Oh my bad. 😂 When I hear a phrase like that I automatically think of all things kardashian!

    • Mare says:

      She’s saying South is a stupid name, but if Anna Wintor said she liked it, the baby would be named South.

      • Tifygodess says:

        Oh I know I was being sarcastic. And of course she would. I hope anna trolls them again. Haha

      • Miffy says:

        Gotta love Anna Wintour, imagine mean girling someone so hard you convince them to call their baby something utterly ridiculous? I want that clout.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is ruined forever. Thanks, Kim.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      Ugh! She has two brain cells and she’s entertaining in a laugh at, not laugh with you type of way. What were they thinking?!

    • Sullivan says:

      Yes, that’s the part of this story that pains me.

  10. Yeses says:

    They have North West, so my bets are on North by North West for the second one.

  11. Cannibell says:

    We listen to that show every week, and I’ve got to give it to Kim – she did well. She sounded more engaging and entertaining than I expected. (I saw one episode of KUWTK – the one where she was engaged to Kris and lost her engagement ring in some body of water. Compared to that KK, this one sounded like a Rhodes Scholar.)

  12. lassie says:

    That pout on the picture of the baptism is so, so horrible. She looks like she thinks she’s in the Christmas pageant in the church basement. Madonna Kim.

  13. bondbabe says:

    She looks like a statue in the baptism picture…like they placed a living child in the pre-folded arms of the non-virgin statue (with the mummy wrappings coming undone on the arms) and took a picture.

  14. Miller says:

    I actually thought she was pretty witty and charming. She didn’t really have that “valley girl” vibe she usually has. I think she’s vapid, but she’s definitely not stupid. She’s a really smart businesswoman.

    • Lara K says:

      That’s the thing – she sounds like an idiot, but she is raking in money hand over fist. So she must be reading her target audience pretty darn well.
      Lots of female bimbette celebrities have gone this route – play up the dumb image to rake in more money. And it works! Jessica Simpson was a master at this. Paris Hilton too.

      • Tifygodess says:

        Because society loves “dumb” women. They are non threatening- especially to men.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Sad but true tify.

      • Sarah says:

        Jessica IS dumb though….. she doesnt run her empire herself. There are a lot of people doing a lot of work. You do remember chicken of the sea right? A woman who didnt know she could get pregnant while breastfeeding… facepalm!

      • Lara K says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way endorsing anything she does. Just pointing out that there is a lot of money to be made in exploiting a stupid but willing public.
        And I think she is smart and greedy enough to do that. She is also immoral, classless, narcissistic and devoid of any true value, but she will follow he money.

    • Josephine says:

      I think tons of these reality people are humiliating themselves for the entertainment of others. I don’t think that takes brains – I think it takes a complete lack of self-esteem and a greed that exceeds all else. Selling your body, your privacy, and your family doesn’t take a lot of smarts.

      • Miller says:

        She’s not just on a reality show. She owns tons of businesses. It takes a lot of savvy to go from being known as Paris Hilton’s stylist to being where she is today. And I really don’t think the sex tape actually mattered that much in the long run.

      • swack says:

        @miller – she doesn’t run those businesses. She has others do that for her. And it’s her mom that has gotten all this done. Not her.

    • Suzanne says:

      No…her mother is. She married a total moron…she’s not even remotely smart. Just greedy.

      • me says:

        Yeah I think it is PMK that is the brains behind the whole success of Kim Kardashian. Kim, on her own, would probably still be Ray-J’s stylist or cleaning out Paris Hilton’s closet. Her mother is the one who helped her get all those endorsements and companies. Kim just puts her stamp on things and acts like she knows what she’s doing. She’d be so lost without her mom.

    • Mare says:

      Kim would have nothing if it wasn’t for her mothers pimping. The businesses she has are in name only. She does not design the Kardashian collection clothing nor did she invent the hair care line.

  15. littlemissnaughty says:

    Well, yeah, it is. Which is why everybody assumed you’d give your child this name.

  16. Stupidest thing ever? about Northwest? How about those pigs bouncing around in the back of her skirt? How about Kenye wearing white long johns in that photo?

  17. The other paige says:

    Oh my god! It’s mary and Joseph!
    Look at Kim’s face in the last pic-hysterical!

    • Susan says:

      I think they are are re-inacting the 2nd coming of Yezeez.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Exactly….where is the manger??? lol And I def think, if it’s a boy, it will be named Yezeez! With Kanye’s ego and Kim’s stupidity….yeah, Yezeez, cause they think they are the second coming of Jesus….I’m sure Kim’s first pregnancy was virgin birth…lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  18. Susan says:

    I’m partial to Wilde or Far West. A childhood friend of mine was christened Dusty Rhodes and all his siblings had like names. Always thought that was so cool,

  19. StormsMama says:

    Kim denies the rumor that she’s having a boy: “We actually haven’t told anyone the sex. So I heard that we’re having a boy. I heard that we’re having twins. I heard that I’m not even carrying my own baby. I’ve heard so many things and most of that information is not true.”

    Most of that information eh? Like you’re not carrying your baby IS true?

    • RobN says:

      I don’t know why people even talk about the surrogate thing at this point. The way she dresses, it’ll become pretty evident one way or the other fairly quickly, so why bother?

  20. lisa2 says:

    Well I just read this..

    I’ve heard so many things and most of that information is not true.”

    “most of that information is not true” ok so what part of it true.

  21. Skins says:

    I mean, its like you know, like literally I mean like……

  22. Lilacflowers says:

    “We actually haven’t told anyone the sex. So I heard that we’re having a boy. I heard that we’re having twins. I heard that I’m not even carrying my own baby. I’ve heard so many things and most of that information is not true.”

    MOST of that information is not true? So which parts are true?

  23. so says:

    The baptism picture is the most hilarious thing I have seen all day!!! I genuinely thought it was a parody.
    Haha dear Kimye, your lack of sense of ridicule never fails to entertain me !

  24. Tough Cookie says:

    No Kimmy…your fashion sense is the stupidest thing ever.

    (But thank you for that baptism photo…)

    • Nicolette says:

      This is true, but I’m still of the mindset that she is the stupidest thing ever.

  25. nikzilla says:

    She’s pretty religious for being such a tart.

  26. Blythe says:

    Easton West is kind of cute. North is still stupid, but we’ve gotten used to it. Winter West is also nice. Before North was born, I thought Kanye would give North a name in honor of his deceased mother, but I was wrong. Donda is a pretty name.

  27. Suzanne says:

    I had to rub my eyes to get that image of them at the baptism..or whatever that is they’re celebrating there… WTF is she wearing…and why did Kanye show up in his jammies? Are these people for real? She looks like a cheap ass version of the blessed mother…and he looks like he wandered in from nap time…without his pacifier! WHY are these people famous? They haven’t got a fraction of a brain between them…and yet they are on these damned sites EVERY freaking day!!!! Now the cross dressing father/step father is flooding the gossip papers…I’m ready to blow my brains out. LOLOLO

    • FingerBinger says:

      Kanye is famous because he used to be a semi decent rapper and producer. Kim is a bottom feeder. She always has been.

  28. word says:

    But why is South not a good direction? Why is North a better direction ? She’s a moron.

    Also, why does she have her head covered in that last pic and Kanye doesn’t? I don’t know anything about Baptisms…someone enlighten me.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      It is an Orthodox Church, so very traditional, and requires that the woman’s head be covered. I read somewhere that she had to be given the head covering by someone there, as she didn’t have/bring anything. Just goes to show how knowledgeable she is about “her” religion. (The Catholic Church also used to have the same rule about women and girls covering their heads, but in every Catholic Church ceremony I’ve attended for many, many years, it’s no longer necessary.)

  29. me says:

    Does she not understand how a compass works? “North” is not always up. She does know that right ?

    I think they’re going to give the kid some ancient Biblical name because Kim and Kanye are so religious and all.

  30. CasualBtchr says:

    Kim is almost 36 and she talks like a 16 year old Valley girl. My head hurts. Please. Someone. Tell me she’s a lot more interesting in real life.

  31. snarky mcsnark says:

    Anyone else getting “cover of Mad magazine” vibes from the baptism pic??? I just can’t with her.

  32. The Original Mia says:

    Someone sure is prickly these days. If South is a stupid name, what does she think the world thinks of North? This twit!

  33. Michelle says:

    North West is an equally stupid name, so she should really STFU. Kim said in an interview that her and Kanye weren’t planning on naming their daughter North but decided to go for it after Anna Wintour told them she loved it. I can’t wait to see what ridiculous crap they come up with, because we all know they’ll find it necessary to outdo “Reign Aston,” another try-hard name.

    I saw the pictures Kim posted of North’s baptism on Instagram and I honestly thought they were a joke at first because Kim looks photoshopped into the picture. Whenever Kim is photographed in unflattering lighting you can really tell how badly she had botched her face. She looks very much like a monkey in those pics.

    They’re both a disaster and I have to admit, it irks me a little bit that they had their kid baptized in Israel, only because I really felt like they made a mockery of religion in general. It wasn’t something meaningful for them, it was pure exhibitionism–they wanted the bragging rights that their kid was baptized in Israel, among the ruins of where so many important figures to all 3 major religions lived and walked. These 2 are just so damn tacky, everything is about status and being extravagant.

    • Mare says:

      The baptism was a photo op, someone told the paps where they would be. The family goes to church once or twice a year, again for a photo op. Their only religion is the love of money.

    • Wentworth Miller says:

      Anna Wintour said that isn’t what actually happened. She said (without actually saying) that K told the story about the baby name in a way that mmm… tried to make her and Ks relationship more than what it is.
      So, I’m just seeing the baptism picture and I thought that it was a meme. I had no idea that it was real. I agree with you 100% re them using the baptism as a ‘look how important we are’ kind of thing.

  34. Elosaurus says:

    Suuure, naming your child South is more stupid than naming your child North …..

  35. Susie Q says:

    Why did Kanye wear his long underwear to his child’s baptism?

  36. word says:

    This is the first Kardashian grandchild to be born in wedlock, the baby needs a special name for being the first.

  37. mar says:

    That Baptism picture is EVERYTHING! LOL

    Kim looks like Micheal Jackson with boobs.

  38. Jordan says:

    South West is not the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s the 2nd dumbest. The first is North West.

  39. DEB says:

    And North isn’t? Give me a break.

  40. alicegrey12 says:

    South West is the stupidest thing Kimye ever heard. Come on North is just as stupid. get real KIm.

  41. Nedsdag says:

    Does anyone actually believe anything coming out of this woman’s mouth?

    Good! I thought I was the only one.

  42. Larissa says:

    “MOST of that information isn’t true” , nobody paid attention to that remark? My guess is that she IS having twins, much likely with IVF and all.

  43. Katie says:

    Except, of course, for North West.

  44. good buddy says:

    I like the name True West. I think they should consider it.

    • Cricket says:

      How about Faux West since they love France so much. Or Sortie…I’m thinking they use a number, maybe Seven or a month January…or wait. I got it! They will name it Nine West!

  45. iheartgossip says:

    So says the dumbest woman on earth

  46. Christin says:

    If North is better, where does that leave West (the surname, which is also directional)? I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t name her West. Not to go by West West, but only West. A one-name wonder, like Cher or Charro.

  47. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    Pacific North West will be the babies name

    • Lucky Charm says:

      No, no, no, leave that beautiful place out of the Kardashian vortex!!! Taint by association, and what has the Pacific North West ever done to anyone? Why not New West?

  48. Madly says:

    No, no, no. Your butt and cat face are the stupidest thing(s) ever.

  49. Deano says:

    Just find it ironic that she considers “South West” stupid, when she named the first one North – Keeping Up With The Kartrashians – South would be a perfect name, but then again it doesn’t start with a K… who knows – sure Pimp Momma Kris will organise something, e.g. “Krystal” or “Kryptonite”, or even “Kenny” … the whole family needs to be put into a burning pit.

    • cheryl says:

      Ah, there it is. The laugh I was waiting for. “burning pit”. That just sums the whole thing up.

  50. jwoolman says:

    How exactly is north better than south?!? They’re just arbitrary designations. Is North Carolina better than South Carolina? North America better than South America? North Korea better than South Korea? Northern California better than Southern California? North Main Street better than South Main Street? Does Kim ever bother to think things through before saying such things? So many questions, so little time.

  51. CL says:

    Looking forward to the candles in glass that have the baptism photos on the outside. One of K &N, and one for Kanye. As it should be (according to him).

  52. Dr.Funkenstein says:

    They could just name him Yeast. I’ll leave it at that.