Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s divorce covers People: ‘split was inevitable’

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce covers People Magazine, as I predicted yesterday. (It was a no-brainer, but buy me a drink or something.) Their divorce also takes the cover of US Magazine, which had an exclusive on their marital problems about three weeks ago. The magazines are taking slightly different approaches to spinning their relationship issues, which seems totally calculated and planned out by media experts. This story will focus on People Magazine’s coverage, which is a more sanitized version as we’ve seen to date. We’ll cover US Magazine’s revelations in another post.

People emphasizes the “soft issues” (as opposed to the specifics) as we’ve seen in their exhaustive coverage. They ran three stories yesterday, six stories on Monday, and this one story today (so far, there will be more) on the cover. Every one of the near constant articles has these talking points: the kids are their priority, they tried for years to make it work, and they’re going to keep the divorce amicable. It’s a good strategy but it’s such a heavy-handed and transparent one. They’re so regular and predictable with the PR spin that everyone is noticing. Reader Frosty sent us this article from NY Mag’s The Cut in which a publicity expert explains how celebrity divorces are handled. TL;DR it’s all orchestrated to a T.

Here’s some of People’s story, which claims initially that Ben told Jennifer she wanted out. She’s said to have fought for the relationship but to have eventually given in, which sounds about right. Then they backtrack and state that the split may have been “mutual”. Mutual in that Jennifer finally threw in the towel. Also, there’s a little jab at Jennifer in there. See if you can spot it.

“They have both been very open about their marriage struggles,” one friend tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. This split, says another pal, “was inevitable. If there’s any surprise, it’s how long it took to happen.”

So what was the breaking point? According to a longtime friend of the actress, Affleck recently came to Garner “and told her he had not been committed to the marriage within the past few years,” her friend says. “Jen is a fighter. She would not give up unless there was a good reason.”

Several sources close to Garner also say that allegations of infidelity (which Affleck vehemently denies) and other troubling behavior, including drinking and gambling, took their toll on the marriage. “She loved Ben,” says another close friend. “But there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and take care of yourself.”

Other sources insist the split was mutual. “Saying he’s a bad father and a husband is an easy story, and everyone has wanted to clock him as a womanizer and gambler,” says a source close to both. “He couldn’t deal with her expectations. When you’re told you’re not good enough, you start to believe it…

Friends agree the two will remain united when it comes to co-parenting their three kids, Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Sam, 3, who are currently with Garner.

“It’s nice to at least try to move in a positive direction with your life,” says the source close to the couple. “It’s not happy, it’s not easy, but it’s nice to look forward.”

[From People]

Do you see how People is hedging and not committing to a single side of the story? Did Ben tell Jennifer he wanted out because she was a nag? “He couldn’t deal with her expectations.” Are both of their PR people warring over the information that gets out there?

There are photos below of Ben at an airport in LA yesterday boarding a private plane to fly to Atlanta, where Jennifer is filming. Other photos, exclusives from agencies we don’t subscribe to, have come out of both Ben and Jennifer post-split and post breakup vacation. Ben was seen out at Starbucks without his wedding ring. He looks haggard and like he’s gained 20 pounds overnight. (I’m not trying to body shame, that’s just what he looks like to me and I don’t know how else to explain it.) Oh and he has a newish-looking tattoo on his lower back, like a dude tramp stamp. So dumb, but I have a couple from 20 years ago so I shouldn’t talk.

Many of you have mentioned Lainey’s blind item, which seems to indicate that Ben could have a problem with medication or drugs. Blind items are blind for a reason. As much as I respect and admire Lainey (she’s a kick ass gossip and an insightful writer), we don’t know her source for that story or even if that BI is referring to Ben. Whatever is going on with him, he looks like he’s miserable. He’s an actor, though, and he wants us to think he’s miserable. We’ve heard it 15 different ways from all the outlets that his press team is working with.

Jennifer, on the other hand, looks like she’s doing just fine. She was spotted on the Atlanta set of her surely schmaltzy movie in production, Miracles from Heaven. She was wearing her wedding ring, although she’s filming a movie and I don’t know if we can infer much from that. She also has lighter hair, presumably for the role.

We’ll talk about the US Magazine cover in a moment.

Ben Affleck Arrives In Atlanta To Spend Time With Jennifer

Ben Affleck Arrives In Atlanta To Spend Time With Jennifer

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck at the Farmers Market

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. The other paige says:

    Are you sure we can’t buy you a drink CB?

  2. minx says:

    I’m sure the People story is their typical fluff that says exactly nothing. They promise the inside story and deliver a bunch of boring generalizations.

    • candice says:

      Thank you!!!!!!! A round of drinks is headed your way

    • jen2 says:

      They have been doing a drip, drip, drip version of this all week. Every day a new story or two..straight from the publicists computer for both of them. After all, they got the “exclusive totally not set up photos” of the vacation. US mag at least tries to dirty it up a bit, this one is way too sanitized.

      However, I will concede that no one knows the real story, but it probably isn’t this one.

  3. epiphany says:

    Is there anyone on the planet who ever thought these two were a good match? Every photo of them together looks like she’s super glued herself to him, and he’s looking for a bottle of nail polish remover to dissolve the glue. He may have hated the press attention when he was with JLo, but it’s obvious he was crazy about her. Garner, not so much.

    • Greata says:

      @epiphany…YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Totally agree!

    • minx says:

      Yep. She got pregnant, they decided to get married. I think after all the gaudy JLo publicity he was relieved to have a low key life–for awhile. She was crazy about him–how many times has she said he was ” tall dark and handsome” and a real movie star? But I don’t think they were ever that compatible. They shouldn’t have kept on having kids.

    • Anne says:

      Hmm. Separations are difficult and I’m sorry for their family as they navigate a difficult time, but I have to say I agree with you. I’m surprised anyone ever accepted Ben Affleck as part of a “happily ever after” story. It doesn’t fit at all with the vibe I get from him. She looks at him like he hung the moon, though, so I hope she gets through this time as best she can. I just think it’s best not to try to make people into something they are not. Illusions are dangerous things.

      *I think I’m reacting to the fact that they pushed the PR image of “happily family” for publicity when it suited them, especially around oscar time. Just felt very forced and false to me.

    • Luca76 says:

      So many people bought their PR that it was irksome (and still do). So yeah there were a bunch of people that thought they were a sort of wholesome family in the midst of Hollywood.

    • lemon says:

      To be fair, pictures don’t always tell what goes on! My husband hates PDA and cameras, every photo we have is of him either looking livid or like I’m grabbing on to him in the frame of the photo to keep him from running off. But he loves me more than any other man has loved me and we have a very happy life together.

      Who knows what their deal is? I don’t understand why he would have 3 (!) kids together if he didn’t have some type of hots for her. Even if she “forgot” to take the pill for the first one, to get married and produce two more in an unloving home is pretty unconscionable.

      I suspect he wants a family life but can’t resist the temptations around him, much like I can’t leave a bag of cheetohs alone.

      • nikko says:

        Yes that’s true. My dog hates for me to take pictures of him, He’s aways looking the other way. I can never take a full frontal of his face and if/when I do, he looks sad. I just wonder how in the hell does he know I’m taking his picture?

    • Debbie says:

      Thank you. And sorry but if the rumors are true about the first baby then it’s hard to feel bad for her. She got what she wanted. Actually from everything we know about Jennifer she got exactly what she wanted.

    • Cleo says:

      Garner is likable. I feel bad for her. Lol I bet somewhere Paltrow is cackling. When I read they were ‘friends,’ in a Paltrow interview, I knew then Bennifer 2 was in trouble. How are you gonna be hanging with your man’s ex, a woman who derided/demeaned him publicly who knows his deepest darkest? Did they pow wow about him while making macrobiotic salad? I bet that didn’t sit well with Affleck.

      Sad thing is, both Scott Foley (mmm..Jake on Scandal, yum) and Michael Vartan (former costar and French..yum) really seemed to adore her.

      That’s what was missing in this relationship. Adoration.

      Which reminds me of a talk show interview of Garners I recall from recently…someone asked her how she and Ben were able to do it all, raise kids, and work and be in love, and she says….’don’t ask me, I need to ask Brad and Angelina.’ Lol Major shade for Ben right there… so there may be a bit of truth in this piece about her expectations.

  4. Bishg says:

    Call me crazy, but I believe the blind item.
    Firstly, I don’t think Lainey would be willing to risk her credibility with such a big story. It is one thing to lie or be wrong about secret hook-ups and cheating, it’s another to hint (quite explicitly, actually) at one person’s addiction to heroin.
    Second of all, we have all noticed and commented on Ben’s physical state lately. He truly looks like hell. It can’t possibly be only due to the end of his marriage (he never seemed to care in the first place, why should he be so distraught now that he’s finally free as a bird?).
    I think what’s happening here with all the tabloids reporting on their divorce (which, as someone pointed out yesterday, IS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL) is that the PR-machine is working like crazy to cover up the drug scenario and minimise every possibility of scandal. They need to shield the truth.

    • MrsB says:

      I do too. I usually am not one to believe blind items. But Lainey’s BI’s have a pretty good track record of being true. It makes sense with how awful he has looked for so long and all the PR surrounding the split. I hope it’s not true, but I think it might be.

      • wendi says:

        I wonder if Lainey will touch on any of this on The Social or Etalk today. You get a sanitized version of her spin on her shows and her on-air persona is quite different from online — kissy-ass with celebs, very little dirt, etc.

    • Leigh_S says:

      Not heroin, oxy. Same family though. The parallel was to Heath and he died from a combination of oxy and benzos. It also ties back to the blind she had last winter about the skiing injury and the resulting prescription problem

      • Tate says:

        I thought the blind was referring to Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the deceased actor which let me to believe it was heroin. Not good in either case.

        @Bishg I agree with you that the PR team is working overtime to protect way more than just how this divorce is viewed. Ben looks like total hell and it is unlikely he looks like that because of the divorce announcement.

      • Bishg says:

        Oh, ok. I actually thought the reference was to Philip Seymour Hoffman..

      • Zigggy says:

        I’m pretty sure she’s referring to PSH, as his death was “not too long ago” as she states, while I feel like MJ and Heath were quite a long time ago?

      • Leigh_S says:

        Cr@p, you guys are right. I forgot about PSH, must still be in denial or something.

        Given the painkillers blind she did, I wonder if he started off having problems with oxy and has switched to heroin. From bad to worse.

    • Sullivan says:

      Bishg, I agree.

    • Ellen2 says:

      I thought Lainey was hinting at the pain killer/anesthesia that killed Michael Jackson. Doesn’t the blind say it’s not a recreational drug? Heroin isn’t something you start taking for pain/injury reasons…

      (Edited to add that Oxy makes sense, too, although I thought the wording about a drug you take to isolate yourself and go away hinted at that sleeping drug Jackson was on.)

    • Rhiley says:

      I think heroine and Philip Seymour Hoffman is the actor she is referencing. There have been rumors that Ben has had a pill addiction following a skiing accident a few years ago. So the pill would be Oxy. Heroine is on the rise in the US for several reasons and although it would be very sad if Ben does have a heroine addiction, I don’t think it would be all that surprising.

    • zinjojo says:

      I believe Lainey’s blind too. She seems to have a good source for her information on Ben — from reporting about his pill problem following the skiing accident a few years ago and through the split up more recently. Last week she was hinting that there is much more than just the drinking and gambling and her blind was pretty obvious yesterday.

      For his sake, and his family’s, I hope he can get help. The photos taken of him yesterday are terrible; he looks haggard, bloated and just awful.

      Also, the article from The Cut that CB referenced is a great read — nothing totally revelatory for those of us who follow gossip, but a good reinforcement with some details, of what we already know/suspect.

    • Lisa says:

      I believe it. She never cared that much about the cheating she knew who she married but if he’s putting the kids at risk then yeah i can see that. He wants his cake and have it too but like Tony Soprano, he picked the right woman / would be lost without Carmela

  5. Jem says:

    We get it, Ben. This is the hardest thing EVER and you’re sorry to lose your wife… I cannot help but imagine that underneath this act he’s happier than he’s been in years. the guy is a moody drunk and a shameless man-whore; he always has been and always will be. I never bought the Family Man crap for a second.

    • Lauren says:

      Indeed. Ben’s wife and children are used as publicity props, to balance out his double life.
      I believe Ben loves his children, but addicts do not make attentive parents. I recently read about Ben’s parents on Wiki.
      His Mum is well educated and was a teacher. Ben’s Dad was an alcoholic who Ben described as “a very smart guy “, and his life “hit the skids” from his chronic alcoholism when Ben was a teen.
      Ben’s Dad worked as a janitor at Harvard, a bookie, a Theatre Manager, electrician, auto mechanic. Read the bio. Very telling.

      Ben’s mother endured for years until she finally divorced Tim Affleck. Just like Jen endured with Ben. Tim Affleck eventually went to rehab and became an addictions counselor.

      Still feel sad for the Affleck children. I cannot imagine what they have witnessed these past few years, while their parents marriage was collapsing. Addictions destroy families.

  6. Mojoman says:

    This has been hashed out too much in the media. Who knows whats really going on inside their marriage. All I want to say is best of luck for the children and I am sure they will do the best they can for their children regardless the situation.

    • minx says:

      Yes, and who knows–he may be a happier and more present father to his kids when he doesn’t have to perform the happy-family-man role. Although I do think he needs hardcore rehab first.

  7. lowercaselois says:

    They have only been married 10 years, so at what point did he want out. So did Jen get pregnant a 3rd time to try to save the marriage? To bring them closer together.

    • someone says:

      Yeah, funny the article says he hasn’t been “committed to the marriage within the past few years” and their little guy is only 3. So basically Ben wasn’t “committed” when he was born? My guess is Jen thought having a boy might interest Ben enough to be a more present parent.

    • LAK says:

      What a terrible strategy. Make sure to hook him via an anchor baby, cement the relationship further with another baby and when all else fails, a band aid baby.

      It’s a cliché that band aid babies rarely work.

      It’s also cliché to keep having babies to hold onto a relationship.

      At least they aren’t staying together ‘for the kids’. Imagine the terrible family atmosphere where mummy is a clinging martyr and dad is a disinterested, resentful hound dog.

      • Luca76 says:

        Well considering she was several months pregnant when they married and her two other pregnancies coincided with rumors of an affair…

  8. someone says:

    This wife as a nag theme to justify divorce is becoming too common. It’s the same thing people are saying about Kourtney K. Who wouldn’t be a nag when your husband is acting like an overgrown child? I’m glad Ben is being called out on his attempt to spin this and make himself look good at the expense of Jen.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Yeah, well apparently “high expectations” seem to include requiring a fully sober, participating father and husband. We all know how unreasonable women like Garner can be, I mean c’mon expectations almost like , I don’t know, women want a partnership, equal and everything…..pftt, the nerve!

  9. Beatrix says:

    ““He couldn’t deal with her expectations. When you’re told you’re not good enough, you start to believe it…” Really? Saying that you’re “told you’re not good enough” when you have serious issues that your partner is willing to let you work on within the partnership and your spin on it is that you don’t need to grow or change your behaviors, but that your partner is the one in the wrong – that about says it all about his character. Mind you, of course we could never know the full scope of what went on in there, but if any of these comments are reflective of what these two people really think, then Ben is extremely immature.

  10. Abbicci says:

    I love Lainey, but she has a battle ax to grind with my hometown boy Ben Affleck. So grain of salt and all that. Whatevs.

    For ten years I have been shaking my head over this marriage, She had the same plan as Jessica Biel. She put u[p with all the crap to marry up. Way up. And just like Jessica she is getting ready to exploit her perfect, all American, middle of the road Mom image. Jen is unveiling a project line ” We Made It” at Jo Ann Fabrics.Go get that lifestyle money.

    So to sum up crap time to be at Comic Con for Batman/ Superman but wonderful time to be selling crap craft projects at a fabric store.

    • KellyBee says:

      OMG I thought you were make up the life brand thing. I just checked my email and lo and behold there’s Jen promoting her Joann Fabric line.

      • Abbicci says:

        Oh, KellyBee, like I would make up a lifestyle brand. I consider them the bane of all existence. Rich people getting poor people to think they can be just like them if they spend money they do not have to buy crap they do not need. I think of them as the human , living breathing version of Walmart.

        Straight up, Goop is equal to Kim Kardashian. They are both selling crap. I don’t care what you sell or how you sell it. It’s all the same crap.

        They only one I feel badly about is Drew Barrymore. She used to be a kick@ass film maker. Now she sells wine and junk at walmart. It breaks my heart.

      • KellyBee says:

        I can see a lifestyle website from Jen in the next year or two.

      • Kitten says:

        @Abbicci-The thing with blinds is that people believe what they want to believe and how well a blind “sells” is 75% dependent on the timing. Perfect timing with some clever “hints” and a bit of vague plausibility and you have a blind item with legs

        Right now, Ben is the villain of all Hollywood villains and people are eating up every and all negative gossip about him. Nevermind the fact that there is literally ZERO evidence that Ben is using H, a drug that like meth, shows it self on your body and face. And ignore the fact that (1) this is a blind item that could be about virtually anyone, and (2) doesn’t even have to be true.

        My feeling about blind items are that people throw all objectivity and logic out the window when it comes to blinds, like “who needs proof, real sources, or an actual name!!!”

        It’s silly but wh’evs. I’m not one who has ever believed a blind item, sure won’t start now.

    • Debbie says:

      Sits next to you- there is a reason jen and Jessica are bestie.

      And sorry there is a reason Matt Damon’s wife is rumored not to like jen. She isn’t this sweet thing she’s a social climbing pr machine nothing more.

      • Lisa says:

        More so Matt’s wife. She is more of a social climber. A hanger on! At least Jessica and Jennifer work. They had money before they married their husbands.

      • KellyBee says:

        How is Matt’s wife a social climber? She didn’t marry Matt then leave him for someone more famous or with more money nor did she use his m to become famous. That’s is what a social climber dose just in case you didn’t know.

        Also how is she a hanger on she married him and has been married to him for years.

  11. Tiffany says:

    So Jen is a fighter, huh. Just like with Foley and Vartan.

    I got to give her props on one thing, this image she cultivated she has commented to. She got the PR support she wanted.

    • Christin says:

      Ten years has made a huge difference in her public persona, that is for sure.

      They both appear to be going into overdrive with their narratives, and it is getting very boring.

  12. KellyBee says:

    I think they are too busy getting their PR agents to spin this split into his/her personal agenda ( especially Ben) that they are making this bigger then it woukd be.

    The media and public are going think what they want. After you make that first statement you can either feed the beast or go on with your life and let your actions speak for itself, so far Jen and Ben are choosing to be the beast.

  13. Alex says:

    No one knows but them and People Mag has been rapidly falling out of the credibility wheel (to me at least) for a while…ie look at the duggar coverage
    I hope that at the end of the day Ben gets help so he can continue to be a great dad to his three kids. If he does so now his kids won’t really remember this stuff (maybe Violet will but the other two are still young). Get it together Ben

    • Bridget says:

      People really lost me when they started describing Kylie Jenner and Tyga as adorable together.

      As for this – I’m not surprised that even their divorce PR is being bungled, because it hasn’t really felt like the Batman-Superman folks have managed any of their roll out well, and it’s pretty clear that the divorce management is hand in hand with this.

    • KellyBee says:

      Cone on the stuff from People Magazine comes straight from Ben and Jen.

  14. Elfie says:

    Good luck to both of them whatever the truth. I saw a picture of him where he looked like he’d been crying, his eyes were all puffy. It’s going to far for paps to be intruding when people are that obviously upset.

  15. Snazzy says:

    Meh, whatever. Just get divorced already.

  16. Dorotea says:

    I can’t wait for the Vegas’s strippers/hookers/dealers to start selling their stories to the media!!

  17. Embee says:

    He doesn’t look miserable from a breakup .. . he looks like he’s nursing a two day progressive hangover after getting back to LA from family time LOL.

  18. pmj says:

    So how many months until we see the covers of tabloids touting the “new” Ben–fresh from rehab with an exclusive interview with someone from ABC to discuss him being a changed man. I’m sure at that point he will be looking forward to his new life, regretful of his past mistakes, and trying to be the best father he can be–surprisingly just in time for the release of a new movie.

  19. Obsidian says:

    This is what happens when celebrities let their PR people run the “show”.

  20. zinjojo says:

    I said it on the post yesterday, and I think I’ll say it again every time there’s a photo of Jen without bangs — DITCH THE BANGS, GIRL, they’re terrible. Maybe she likes them because they make her look frumpier, and therefore more appealing/connected to the mini-van majority, but she looks SO MUCH better without bangs (like about 85% of people!).

  21. KinChicago says:

    Oh poor Ben! A lower priority than dependant children, a wife that doesn’t tell him he’s the best when he’s out cheating, boozing, drugging to feel better about himself! Oh the tragedy!
    Sit down People, it’s time to go home- you sound like you have had waaaaaay too much you idiots.

  22. Jayna says:

    People is milking this. They are parsing out ad nauseum what they are given from Ben and Jen’s sources instead of one article or two. Now, another one out about how Jen isn’t sugarcoating this divorce to her kids or Jen and Ben keep going tit for tat each time a new article comes out and the other one reads it. LOL

    • Maia says:

      The mudslinging has begun. And DM has joined in the fun. Her source has apparently come out and said that it was cheating (look at DM for the article). And his is saying that it was a ‘controlling environment’.

      • Jayna says:

        LOL The smart thing about the onslaught of stories five times a day, within two weeks people will be so over it and won’t have any interest in them anymore as to why the marriage ended because it’s just all vague The next gossip news cycle will be on to the next thing. Look at the Duggars and look at the NAACP woman. Crickets.

        If they both don’t get into real specifics, just all this vague back and forth for a week or two, then people lose interest and move on without real concrete proof of scandal in the breakup. And back to the normal pap shots, Jen’s sunny self no matter what and Ben still hating the paps more than ever.

        Ben is a huge movie star right now, at his peak. He has power because he was in a hit movie, is coming out in the huge Batman franchise next year, and is an Oscar-winning director, with more projects coming out as a director down the line, which is where he’s really respected. He will move on and have some new movie star on his arm way down the road and they will become the new Ben…whatever name.

        Jennifer has built herself into a household name. She may not have done huge movies over the past years, but she’s been in movies almost every year and has continually been on daytime and late night show promoting them, so has still been in the public eye as a working actress, even if not big movies. She will have a couple new movies coming out down the road and is producing a movie, I think. She has her TV ads and print ads she makes big money on, her new children’s craft thing. Jen will be building her brand in earnest over the next year with her mommy connections and as an actor since she’s 43 and time is of the essence. She will never be an A-lister, but she has A-lister name recognition.

        Both will survive just fine.

  23. Liz says:

    The next cover will be about Ben in rehab for “alcohol” addiction. The more they’re willing to spin this one way, the more I believe they’re trying to cover up his use of hard drugs.

  24. serena says:

    ” When you’re told you’re not good enough, you start to believe it…” that’s the lamest and most pathetic excuse he could say.

  25. Nusi says:

    Hopefully Samuel will not be the Oliver Hudson of his generation when he is older that tweets “happy abandonement day” on Father’s day and Ben will not be that guy disowning the three children from Jen in favour of the three or four new ones from Olga, Emily, Margot, Gal, Rachel, Blake, Bristol or whomever he decides to have more children with in the future. Unfortunately, this is also a sad aspect of a divorce or separation. It will take a lot of work on the part of both parties for those kids to come out completely unscathed.

    • Lisa says:

      You forgot to include Goop and JLO.

      • Nusi says:

        I did not forget those two, lol. Hoity Toity Goop with so much disdain for Ben might have sex with him under the cover of darkness but will not have kids for him as he is beneath her. J.Lo on the hand with the highly publicised difficulty she had in conceiving the twins may well require a surrogate to have anyone’s child in the future, hence I decided to leave those two out.

  26. Bread and Circuses says:

    I have this disconnect about it all. On one hand, the obvious narrative is that Ben was badly behaved, checked out of the relationship, and at fault for the breakup. But on the other…

    In the pap stroll before the breakup announcement, Jen looked happy. In the aftermath of the breakup announcement, she also looked happy. She has always looked happy.

    I’m now wondering whether she’s always been the better actor of these two — whether she’s the one who is better at dishonesty, at least when it comes her public face. I’m willing to bet she’s the one behind the majority of the press campaign to keep the divorce looking civil and undramatic.

    Ben has always looked miserable, and doubly so since they got close to announcement day. Maybe he’s the one who is the real barometer of what’s real, here. Maybe he’s the one whose reactions we should trust because he isn’t as capable as his wife of looking happy when he’s not.

    I honestly think he is having a very rough patch, personally, and drugs might be part of it. He hasn’t looked healthy, despite recently getting in shape for Batman. I wonder if the reason he was in Canada instead of with his wife on her birthday was because he was quietly in rehab.

    • Jayna says:

      It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing. The pap stroll for three days in hindsight is bizarre only because Ben is not on the same page and was obviously strong-armed into going. I get one pap stroll to shut down the rumors until they got their ducks in a row, but it seemed like it was several days of outings and Ben obviously was fed up, not wanting to play this game, and there’s perky Jen. Then I thought back to how she almost always is that way, perky, cute marriage stories always on talk shows (and why I always felt they had a good marriage) when clearly for at least the last two years they were in trouble, struggling. The same when they went out for a few minutes for the set-up photo in the Bahamas and went back in. I think that was again Jen’s idea and he did not want to do it.

      Now they are going at it passive-aggressively in People and US Weekly to counteract stories from each other’s PR agents or add their side. If they had this passive-aggressive dynamic going on behind the scenes for years, it’s another insight into their marriage. Although, it may just be the fallout from the separation and PR. Jen wants the world to know she tried her hardest, and Ben is scrambling to not be painted as some evil guy, bad father. Hence, the ping-ponging back and forth.

  27. Ainda says:

    I believe the BI about Ben using H. It’s so sad but I think it’s true…
    Haven’t you all seen how much his face has changed in the past year? Although he has been hitting the gym like crazy for his batman role his face looks so bloated…
    I think this whole PR rollout has the purpose of covering his one real problem. Someone is really afraid that the success of batman vs superman is in danger…

    • Nusi says:

      This may be true Ainda. There is something off about Ben off late. The narrative from some people that he was saddled with a wife that he never really wanted and three kids that were foisted upon him just makes him look worse in my eyes. If his PR team has anything to do with all the garbage about Seraphina and Samuel being band aid babies then it says a lot about Ben as a man. Some people are so SURE that Violet forced him into a shot gun wedding. According to these same people, when the affair with Blake started Seraphina was conceived and of course Samuel was the last desperate attempt to keep him away from Olga for good. Wow, they make it seem as if Jen was so desperate to have this man in her life that she either used the Bill Cosby method on him and raped him twice to get the last two kids or she had stored a sizable portion of his sperm in the room that is now being remodelled which she used to impregnate herself each time Ben misbehaved. Quite bizarre.

  28. Nycbailie says:

    Obviously, nobody knows what is truly happening between two people in any marriage.

    But my impression of Affleck is that he might like the idea of a happy family life on paper, but in reality it doesn’t seem like he is willing to do his part. Maybe his genes from his father are not so great from what I’ve read and if it’s combined with his good looks and all the temptetianos abound in Hollywood. No wonder things are tough for him with most of his romantic relationships. Alcohol, gambling, drugs and women of ill repute don’t go with any marriage.

    I’m not trying to say Garner has no faults, but she does seem like one of the most down to earth women in la-la land. At least to me.
    With her almost flawless, very youthful looking skin, great hair and very nice body, especially considering she had three children, she looks much younger than 43, I don’t think she will have any problems finding a new guy.

  29. Rory says:

    I’m sorry, but Ben Affleck spells only trouble to me.

    He seems like a skirt chasing, throwing back drinks, spending big $$$ in gambling, popping a few pills kind of massively egoistical kind of man-child.

    I think is heavily focused on his career and partying, but not so much on his marriage.

    Garner is no saint, she is a human being with faults like all of us, but Affleck past is a good indication that he is trouble with a capital ” T “.

  30. Sunflower says:

    I think that Ben Affleck is doing to Jennifer Garner what he was doing to Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and who knows who else. I know women often like to attack each other, but I think that Ben’s past behaviour is a good sign of his future behaviour. Cheater is always going to be a cheater. No one of this is surprising to me. He is a wild kind of guy who loves booze, gambling, women and maybe even drugs. Not everybody should go into a marriage, maybe he should just stay a wild partying bachelor with no more kids. It’s better than going through divorce after divorce and leaving a bunch of broken hearts in his wake.

  31. Dibba says:

    I may sound naive but who are these women who would sleep with a married man with three kids? Don’t people have morals anymore, if ever?

  32. fwiw says:

    I think Ben loved working almost nonstop because, well, the set locations away from home gave him the freedom to cheat on his wife with his co-stars. Of course, he had not been committed to his marriage in years! He looks messed up and it’s sad that he threw away the best part of his life and the best chance he had of kicking his demons.

    Ben and his PR team are protesting too much. All these stories of how he fought for his marriage, he is putting his kids first, blah blah blah only prove that yup, he didn’t actually flight for his marriage and if he had put his kids first he would’ve spent more time at home with them. He should have taken lessons from Matt Damon on how it’s done.