Blake Shelton ‘blindsided’ Miranda Lambert by serving her with divorce papers


It shocks me a little bit to see how quickly everything has turned on Miranda Lambert. I already feel sorry for her, because it wasn’t even 24 hours after Blake Shelton and Miranda’s divorce announcement that a series of very anti-Miranda stories came out. TMZ’s sources claimed Blake really believes that Miranda was cheating. Page Six’s sources claimed that Blake just wanted to settle down with his wife and have lots of babies and she was all “I’m a free spirit, no babies!” Personally, I’m still going with my gut and saying that Blake is knee-deep in some shadiness, but I’m sure that will come out in the weeks to come. For now, Blake wants everyone to think he’s the injured party. According to In Touch Weekly – who got their hands on Blake’s divorce filing – Blake even petitioned the court for a protective order. YIKES.

Just one day after it was revealed that Blake Shelton filed for divorce from Miranda Lambert, In Touch magazine has exclusively obtained the official court documents! In the papers, the country crooner, 39, officially filed on July 6, 2015 — Blake uses only his and Miranda’s initials. He also had the papers sealed to keep them from becoming public. In addition, they were filed in a different county than where the couple lives in Oklahoma.

The couple are divorcing after four years of marriage. The papers also show that Blake filed a “petition for protective order,” which was approved on the same day.

A source close to the situation tells In Touch that The Voice coach completely blindsided her with the move.

[From In Touch Weekly]

My guess was the protective order was more about their Oklahoma property and Blake wanting Miranda to get her stuff out of his house? But who knows? Us Weekly’s legal experts say that the “protective order” was about the divorce filing, as in Blake wanted the filing kept sealed and protected, which is what he got. Still, it’s news that Blake “blindsided” Miranda with the filing.

As for their property split – Blake is getting their massive (1200-acre) Oklahoma property in the divorce, and Miranda gets the Nashville home. Us Weekly had more details about how they’re splitting their assets, per the prenup: Miranda is keeping all of the horses that Blake bought her and he’s keeping the horses that he bought for himself. Miranda is keeping most of the dogs, but it’s believed that Blake will keep Delilah and Betty. Miranda probably got custody of the chickens, two pigs, three minihorses and three cats.

Meanwhile, Chris Young was named as one of the potential “other men” in Miranda’s bed by TMZ’s sources. Young is a country singer and Miranda has reportedly been close to him for years. Young took to Twitter to deny the reports, writing: “I don’t normally address gossip but in this case I will. My name has been mentioned as a contributing factor in Blake and Miranda’s divorce. That is totally FALSE. They are both my friends and I would not betray that friendship. Just wanted to clear that up.” TMZ said that Blake is pretty convinced that Miranda was having an affair with a second (unnamed) man though. Hm.

Oh, and Blake is back on Twitter. He’s tweeting about treadmills and needing a drink. His first tweet back included the word “bitch.” Just FYI. And finally, the Blranda Dramz covers People Magazine and In Touch for sure this week, so we’re totally going to have another post on this, I’m positive.

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  1. H says:

    He makes my skin crawl for some unexplained reason. Not buying his injured party routine.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      This. I suspect they are both assholes.

      • Rachel says:

        Ditto. I don’t doubt that they both cheated. I just wish the judge had issued a gag order, too. I know it doesn’t make good gossip, but I much prefer it when couples just say, “it didn’t work out, and we’re going our separate ways,” then never give anything but non-committal remarks when asked about it in the future.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        Agreed, BlueNailsBetty.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Exactly. I doubt that ANYONE in this relationship was the innocent party, ESPECIALLY after Lainey’s BI this morning~

      • Nancypants says:

        I think they are both a-holes as well

    • Samtha says:

      Yep. He’s gross and smarmy. She deserves better.

      Also, the divorce is done. Why be a dick and try to smear her publicly? Move on stop being a dick, Blake!

    • Wren says:

      Me either, he skeeves me out too. I like some of his music though *sigh*. I don’t believe either of them is the angel here, and I’m wary of the finger pointing woe is me routine.

    • Chica says:

      Isn’t this blind about them?

      the assessment about Miranda isn’t false (her attitude and cray…I have no opinion on her stepping out on him, though it seems pretty irrefutable hence the divorce. )

    • Shaz says:

      cheating is okay for him though

  2. DianaM. says:

    Well, Lainey’s new Blind Riddle is very specific and not blind at all…

    • Abbott says:

      Whoa. Just read it. That’d explain the protective order and why all the stories are coming out. Who is the country star she stole from? And who is the celebrity couple she tried to break up?

      ETA: The Google machine tells me it’s Kacey Musgraves (young star).

      • Anaya says:

        I think the blind is about Kacey Musgraves who wrote Mama’s Broken Heart. I don’t have a guess for which couple Miranda tried to break up.

      • Amy says:

        My guesses:
        Girl she stole song from: Kacey Musgraves (“Mama’s Broken Heart”)
        Dude she hit on: Eric Church

      • InvaderTak says:

        hmmm. Riddle says “just before her wedding” so that means first half of 2011. She went on tour in 2011 with Alan Jackson, Josh Kelley, and Justin Moore. Is it Alan Jackson? He’s country royalty and being on tour would present itself with opportunity.


        Also possible: Brad Paisley. They toured together in 2009. Might be too soon. She also did some collaboration/touring with Dierks Bentley, but in 2013.

        Edit: Amy’s Eric Church suggestion might be it. They toured in 2010 and then got into a fight about :real artists” and “real country” nonsense in 2012. Close enough?

      • Erinn says:

        In 2009 she cowrote an album with Blake and Charles Kelly from Lady Antebellum, who’s pretty huge as well. She also toured with Luke Bryan in 2010…she was married in May 2011, so it would have been 2010/really early 2011 likely. Luke Bryan is married, so that would fit.

      • InvaderTak says:

        But that album got released. The blind says they yanked the rights and the other guy had to start over. Eric Church went from 2011 to 2014 without a new album of material.

        Luke Bryan maybe. But they don’t seem to have a rivalry.

      • flutters says:

        Already mentioned this in the other post but the married man part of the blind is 100% Eric Church. He and Miranda cowrote some songs together with other writers, and Miranda cut background vocals for a song that she didn’t cowrite that Eric did called Over When It’s Over which appears on Eric’s 2011′s album Chief. But Eric had to replace Miranda’s bgvs with another female’s voice when Miranda’s label didn’t give/rescinded permission for Miranda to be featured on the song. None of the songs Eric and Miranda wrote together were on his 2011 album.

        I don’t know if the label permission thing has anything to do with the reason the blind suggests – the tabloids seem to link Miranda to every male act she tours with. Also I don’t believe Eric had to start over for his album. Chief went on to become his big breakout album anyway, his first #1.

        Also contrary to what the blind says, Eric and Miranda were publicly cordial until Eric did a Rolling Stone interview trashing Blake for doing The Voice, at which point Miranda tried to put Eric in his place by reminding him how she’d given him a chance by letting him open for her.

      • Chichi says:

        I barely know this people to be quite honest, I am more than a little confused. The Blind Item says that the stalked party was himself a Country Superstar but that he was afraid to speak up because he was intimidated? This makes no sense whatsoever.

        In language I can understand; this is like Beyonce stalking Drake, harassing his wife and then stripping him of song rights to stuff she, Jay Z and Drake wrote together because he refuses to take down his pants, and Drake and his team are somehow intimidated into silence? Male Superstar v Female Superstar in a public relations war involving sex and vindictiveness, no matter the genre, the male superstar will win hands down. Comeon people, “he said- she said” always falls for the guy, we know this by now.

        Like I said, I dont know these people but it seems to me like the sources may be close family and friends of Blake Sheldon. And that this blind is more indicative of the venom in the breakup than any actual real life dirt.

      • Luce says:

        Chichi, People in Nashville as a whole know that Ran is unbalanced, she has a slew of weapons and is constantly threatening to use them, and has a drinking problem herself. Blake certainly isn’t a saint, which is why they got together and stayed together as they did, but ML is unbalanced.

    • Samtha says:

      Wow. That is a crazy blind item. She seems so likeable publicly! Just goes to show you never know.

    • MrsB says:

      My husband knows a guy she dated long long ago and he says she is a horrible person and that she cheated on him. I always thought it was a case of him just being bitter, and exaggerating. But, maybe not….

      For the record, I don’t think Blake is an innocent angel either, I think both of them are a little crazy.

      • Ash says:

        Miranda’s always been pretty open that she was a shit and hellion growing up and in her early twenties and that she got over herself and her anger when she was with Blake.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        I said that in another thread, that neither came to their union with clean hands. I never bought her act. I always thought she was overrated in the talent department and a complete phony.

        But that said, he’s got his own shortcomings, to say the least.

    • kittykat says:

      Wow!! Wonder why he didn’t do his homework prior to marrying her. She sounds bat sh*t crazy. and if true, this is going to get really good.

      • OhDear says:

        He doesn’t seem that savory himself. Also, he probably let *Little Blake* (*cough*) do most of the thinking before they got married.

      • Chica says:

        Like calls to Like. He just hides hit sh*t better than she does, which seems to be the sinker for them. The careless disrespect. They’re both batsh*t crazy then.

      • Kristin says:

        Oh come on people, I’m not about about to go chase her down with a pitchfork especially since most of the garbage we’re hearing is coming from HIS camp. I think it says alot about a person when instead of being classy and dignified, they choose to to immediately trash the hell out of the person they claim to have loved. Plus Blake’s BFF is Adam Levine for God’s sake. Enough said.

    • H says:

      What did the Blind Item say?

      Nevermind. Found. Wow if that’s true…just wow.

      • veronica says:

        Basically that Miranda definitely cheated, more than once, tried to break up a family before she married Blake, stole a song from a young country star and that she is a straight crazy beyotch.

    • Happy21 says:


      Eric…poor, poor Eric! LOL. He’s my absolute fave. At least he didn’t cheat with her. They do have a history of publicly bitching at one another. He made comments about people getting their starts on talent shows and she publicly bitched him out on Twitter I believe.

      Stealing from another artist is possible but Kacey Musgraves was only given third credit for writing Mama’s Broken Heart. However, Brandy Clark, who is an up and coming artist who was nominated for Best New Artist Grammy this past year is the first song writer on that song with Shane McNally who co-writes pretty much all of Brandy and Kacey’s music. Kacey and Miranda have been friends since childhood.

      And the plot thickens. Damne this is fun!!

    • Lauren II says:

      Lainey has won my trust the last few months. Her Blind Items are damn accurate.
      Blake and Miranda are too much alike. Lordy, I knew Miranda had a terrible mean streak, but this situation is terrible.
      Lust has disintegrated into Hillbilly Warfare.

  3. Abbott says:

    Blake’s people are not wasting any time. These stories may end up backfiring on him though; he’s going too hard.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      He has a sister who is pretty rabid IIRC. Bet she’s the source. I think he’s so greasy.

      Miranda couldn’t have been too blindsided. The day after he filed she entered an appearance and a waiver of improper venue (the court where he filed shouldn’t have even allowed to hear the case because they never lived in that county). I just looked at the documents on InTouchWeekly.

    • Ally8 says:

      Well, a Blake mistress has already come out of the woodwork. She declares her enduring love (however career-self-servingly) and he calls her a bitch. What a prince.

  4. Talie says:

    Lainey has a pretty damning blind item about her. Doesn’t look good for her… I wish I knew more of the players in this scene, but I don’t.

    • Lara K says:

      If it’s true, it will come out soon enough. I’ve never liked her, but I wish Blake was classier about leaking stuff.

    • CG says:

      Wow, if that blind is true, then Miranda is totally unhinged. But Lainey often has her own agenda so I don’t really put much faith in what she writes … except for her takedowns of Justin Timberlake, which are glorious.

      • Samtha says:

        Her blinds have been proven right over and over again, though.

      • veronica says:

        From what I can remember, her blinds are true and we almost always find out who the subjects are. Off the top of my head she was right with Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk, the JB/Miranda Kerr/Leo thing, Will Arnett and Any Pohler splitting, Jon Hamm being a pig and Maggie Q being quite the maneater no matter if the guy is married or not.

      • MrsB says:

        @veronica, she also had a BI about Heidi Klum having an affair with an employee before she and Seal even announced their divorce. Lainey’s blinds are the only ones I pay attention to.

      • Ms. Turtle says:

        I think you’re right on Lainey and her agenda BUT I totally trust her blinds. My cousin is publicist for a major network and Lainey did a blind about one of that network’s stars and I asked my cousin if she knew who it was. She did and she said, “not only is that story true, I was in the room and witnessed it.” Lainey has a ton of insider sources.

      • Chica says:

        Don’t forget Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

      • Luce says:

        I agree her blinds are usually rooted in some truth; however, there have been a couple of occasions when publicists have thrown her things that are purposefully false for various kooky Hollywood craziness. I don’t profess to be very “insider,” but I do know this is true.

        That said, I do read them because I know they come from publicists, so even if there are a few errant ones, they are intriguing AND those that aren’t usually are intriguing just for the fact that it illuminates the unique way the Hwood publicity machine operates.

      • qwerty says:

        give some examples please.

        I believe Lainey’s blinds, they’re the only ones.
        To add to the long list of those that turned out to be true, she had one about Heath Ledger taking drugs in September 2007 (he died in January 2008).

      • Luce says:

        @qwerty, it there a way to PM here? I will share what I know there.

    • soporificat says:

      Whoa! That is some seriously crazy stuff. Now I understand him going nuclear with her. Unfortunately, with people like that I think you do have to have a scorched earth policy, or you will regret it later on.

    • Nic919 says:

      That blind went out first thing too. Often Lainey has nothing substantively new on her blog until after 9:30. This was ready to go at 8:30. And it was not very blind.

  5. Pinky says:

    My understanding is that Blake cheated on Miranda with a Wishing Boot.

  6. Lara K says:

    He’s too quick to sling mud.
    Couldn’t keep it classy, could ya, Blakey?

    Well, proof will be in the pudding – we will see who steps out with a new young piece first. Bet i’s Blake, and bet it will be someone we know.

    Why else all this PR crap? He will use it as an excuse. Turned to Cassadee (or whoever it turns out to be) for comfort. Yuck.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      They are both slinging mud. So much for keeping their split civil. But, then again, I am surprised it stayed somewhat quiet for this long.

    • Kiki04 says:

      There’s probably truth to both sides, but you have to wonder at someone who is so quick and so obvious with the PR smear campaign. He must have something really big he wants to keep hidden if he’s being so obvious and quick with his attacks on her.

  7. Jade says:

    Somewhere Ben and Jennifer are breathing a huge sigh of relief that they do not have to do another pap walk of solidarity. Or adopt a turtle.

  8. Div says:

    Ugh. He’s throwing her under the bus and driving it right on over her. I do not for one second believe he wasn’t screwing around on her. On the very slim chance it was only her and she did cheat, it’s rich of him to act like this considering he cheated on his first wife. She really needs to get her PR team out to do something—men can cheat and the public goes “meh” for five seconds and it will not hurt their career (Jason Aldean)…women can cheat (or allegedly cheat) and they’ll often have serious career damage. The only thing that may negate some of the damage is that she’s never been seen as an American sweetheart type like Meg Ryan was…but the country base is pretty conservative for the most part.

    I side-eye whenever people get super messy with a divorce, even if the break-up was nasty, but in this case she ought to release her dirt on him if he’s releasing his dirt on her. I’m guessing both of them probably behaved badly.

    • briargal says:

      Hate that Aldean is given the “free pass” for cheating on his wife and now we have to watch him publicly showing off his ‘current legal piece’ even during his shows. Disgusting!!!

      • kcarp says:

        I heard Jason Aldean on the radio this morning talking about maybe going into acting. I turned it, he makes me want to puke. He is so full of himself and people keep feeding it.

      • Gg says:

        Jason Aldean’s current wife was such a groupie and definitely made the rounds! I saw her when Billy Currington came into town like 2012, and he invited her up during a break or something, can’t remember exactly. But ha! She finally found one dumb enough to marry her.

      • KBeth says:

        Aldean is super gross.

  9. Kate says:

    Yeah Lainey’s blind is one of the longest she’s ever written! I feel like she really wanted to dish as much dirt about ML as she could get. Wow.

    Side note: ML seems unhinged. Yikes.

    • aga says:

      It’s rather the people from the country scene.

    • Luce says:

      Yes, I think it’s pretty indicative of the validity of it for a few reasons — the length, the lack of her usual tone (Lainey’s), the utter straightforwardness of the whole thing, and the overly obvious nature of it. It isn’t a “fun” blind because it’s so apparent, but it correlates with everything I have ever heard about Miranda, Blake, Kacey, etc

  10. aga says:

    Lainey’s blind gossip explains everything.

  11. Ash says:

    Miranda also has an Oklahoma ranch adjacent to Blake’s that she is keeping, just fyi.

  12. Mimz says:

    I still wonder why people assume Blake is the monster and she’s an angel? I don’t know much about her but honestly I always thought she has this resting bitchface, and I never warmed up to her.
    In any case, why can’t the rumours about her cheating be true? Women cheat, people.
    And when men cheat, it’s with women, sometimes single, sometimes married, so it happens both sides.
    I am not a fan of either of them but im not just going to blindly accuse him of being a liar just because he’s a guy that some consider “sleazy” or whatever. There’s always much more to a story. And I think that if she was such an angel, why did he feel the need to protect his stuff, and blindside her with serving the papers? Maybe he wants some sort of revenge, and if so, WHY?? I’m curious!!

    • Samtha says:

      For me, I liked the work she does with animals. Plus, she was one of the only people to call out Chris Brown and the accolades he was getting.

  13. kri says:

    I haven’t read the blind from Lainey, but I’m very curious about Blake getting an order of protection. That’s a serious d!ck move if it’s just for show. Ugh, I just want to slap his smarmy, smug face with a side of uncooked bacon.

    • Nic919 says:

      In the blind she went psycho on the married country star who she tried to hook up but who rejected her. So it’s probably warranted.

    • Ash says:

      I think it has more to do with, like Kaiser said, keeping the filing sealed and also ensuring he wouldn’t be there when she moved her stuff off of the ranch

    • Christin says:

      In my state, an order of protection can be obtained ‘to protect you from certain people who have hit or threatened you.’ It’s not used to seal your court documents.

  14. Dvaria says:

    The local country station playing right now here at Jiffy Lube are acting like these people are their close friends or family. A caller just said “God bless them and bring their hearts back together, Jesus. Love WILL win by the Grace of our Holy father!!”
    So Blranda is causing heartbreak and confusion everywhere here in dixie, thanks a lot.

    Its interesting if she ends up getting the Leann Rimes treatment because the tour issue sounds like the Leann/Bon Jovi rumor. I think if the other party is outed though, Miranda will find Jesus and beg forgiveness and all will be well

    • Christin says:

      I thought these two were a tad brighter about PR, post-affair and keeping the lid on the filing for a couple of weeks. Now I am not so sure. This sounds like a George and Tammy (circa 1970s madness) 2.0.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Tammy Wynett? Funny bc that’s the name of Miranda’s vintage pick up truck. She named it that bc when she bought it, there was a Tammy cassette in the player. LOL

    • briargal says:

      Miranda has several things going for her over Leann–aka Leaky. ML has a wildly successful career, is much better looking than Leaky and now a lot more money. And probably a LOT more awards than Leaky. ML will survive and do well.

  15. QQ says:

    OOOOHHH I almost gave that Lainey Blind a Standing Ovation… That Filled Me UP!! LOL

  16. lucy2 says:

    That blind item is pretty crazy.
    I’d be willing to bet they both cheated and neither are angels. But slinging mud publicly isn’t good, just split and go your separate ways.

  17. Miran says:

    Blake skeeves me out so hard idek.

  18. Kelly says:

    I don’t really like either one of them but I would be Team Blake in this. She just seems like a bigger jerk.

  19. Happy21 says:

    I feel awful but I’m having so much fun with this gossip! I like both of their music and don’t really care one way or another but this is SO entertaining. Maybe it’s because the gossip isn’t Kardashian or Jenner infused for once!

  20. notsoanonymous says:

    I read the Lainey Blind and started to brush it off – but after reading the comments here, I’m not so sure. I had no idea she was so reliable.

    If you’re a Miranda fan, and you’ve listened to some of the lyrics in her music over the years (and no, I’m not talking about records like Gunpowder and Lead – more like Dear Diamond, Harder Staying Sober, etc) she sings a LOT about cheating and I’d venture to say more so than other country artists. She also writes most of those songs from a semi-autobiographical perspective, unlike say Carrie Underwood, who sings a lot of story telling songs like Little Toy Guns, Before He Cheats, etc. Like another poster said, she admits she was awful before Blake. There is a big part of me that respects that, but only if you don’t do it all over again!

    I really can’t wait for her next record. It’s going to be awesome. That is the best part about this.

    • Lu says:

      Yeah lainey is usually on spot with her blinds. I totally believe it. Not a huge Blake fan, but Miranda always seemed fake.

  21. Giddy says:

    If Lainey’s blind is correct, then Blake basically pulled off the male version of Katie Holmes’ great escape from Tom Cruise. After all, when you have to get away from crazy, blindsiding is the way to go.

  22. me says:

    When they met she was 21 and he was a 29 year old married man. He said he instantly fell in love with her when they first met. How horrible to admit that publicly while not caring at all about his first wife’s feelings.

  23. Velvet Elvis says:

    The next big country music awards show is going to be fascinating to watch. Those two are ALWAYS at these shows so it’ll be interesting to see if one or the other doesn’t show up next time.

  24. CB says:

    He has not made it a secret about his love for drinking. I actually was wondering a few weeks ago when she was going to get fed up with his drinking. Alcoholics live in their own emotional field and world. It gets old real quick and I bet you it was about this. The alcoholic always make themselves the victim, and try to get the focus off of them and make the other person be the bad guy.

    • Kristin says:

      I was about to say something similar along those lines. I’m a family attorney and I handle alot of divorces and in my experience, the one with the most (or the worst) stuff to cover up is always the first to hurl mud. It’s a classic offensive tacic to deflect from their own bad behavior and to divert everyone’s attention away from them and on to the other person. That’s why I’m tending to side more with Miranda on this particular issue. The fact that Blake came right out of the gates swinging is highly suspect to me. And again, he just seems skeevy as hell.

  25. Syko says:

    I don’t like either one of them, so I’m just watching the train wreck, I’ve got no dogs in this fight.

    But as for the protective order – some states do that automatically. When I filed for divorce (I lived in Kansas at the time), my lawyer included a request for a protective order in the petition for dissolution, which kind of shocked me since violence was never part of the marriage. He explained it was routine, and then if things do get ugly, you have that to back you up.

    • Happy21 says:

      Meh, I’m not seeing much truth here. Of course she’s pregnant!! LOL! That being said, it would just make for a great country music drama here if she really was pregnant and the baby’s paternity was questioned!

    • dulcinea says:

      I don’t believe the baby story at all. Seems like a made-up tabloid drama piece. I also don’t believe it simply because in Oklahoma, if you are pregnant, you can not obtain a divorce until after the baby is born. You have to swear and sign that no one is pregnant or thinks they might be.

  26. EmmyGrant says:

    Seems everyone thinks Lainey is very reliable, and she herself said that she called many people with ties to Nashville–presumably some of them would’ve spoken up for Miranda if there is anything to say in Miranda’s defense. So that’s why I think that if we believe Lainey, then we kind of have to believe that maybe Blake isn’t such a bad guy. They don’t have kids, so no reason to mince words.

    • Luce says:

      Also, remember that Blake was adamanat on Ellen that he didn’t want kids. I didn’t see it until yesterday but I saw someone else mention it and found it.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        he didnt say he didnt want them – he was asked if they are ever going to have kids, if I recall correctly, and he had an empathetic ‘no’. I could be wrong. I remember thinking that she must have drawn her line at a no, and his non-elaboration was because it was her decision and he wasnt going to put that on her.

      • Luce says:

        That’s true @supposedtobeworking. He just acted odd and ill at ease with the question, which in and of itself wouldn’t be strange, but BS is always so quick and constantly making quips, and his disposition changed with that question. It was interesting.

  27. Char says:

    I think the protective order proves he cheated because she said in an interview that if she ever caught him cheating she would shoot his balls off, or something to that affect.

    I could never find their “love story” sweet after I found out he was married when they met. They both talked about how the chemistry was immediate & even though they deny getting together until after he got divorced, it made me think less of the both of them.

  28. KBeth says:

    The Lainey item strikes me as believable, Miranda gives off a pretty strong psycho vibe.
    I think Blake is a boozer & maybe a cheater but he doesn’t seem like a nut job to me.
    Also….totally agree about Eric Church, he strikes me as the kind of guy who isn’t easily intimidated.

  29. Jayna says:

    Ben Affleck just sent Miranda a huge bouquet of flowers and Blake a great bottle of whiskey with a big thank you card to both.

  30. Tammy White says:

    I’m sorry but Miranda is the one that makes my hair stand up on end. I see crazy written all over her & Lainey’s blind appears to confirms it. It’s also entirely possible he didn’t cheat & just maybe he’s leaking these stories so she pays for the damage she’s done? She wrecks Blake’s first marriage & tries to wreck Eric Church’s? She’s a class act, yeah ok. She steals songs? Ugh. If true, she’s a horrible person, not Blake. And she deserves everything coming her way.

  31. Chloe says:

    Yay Lainey’s BI scream Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert to me. It seem both party are cheaters noh?

  32. helen says:

    About 1 yr ago, Blake Shelton came to Whiskey River Bar/Dance Hall, in Macon, Ga, just to visit & show his appreciation to a huge fan base, in Macon. A local Middle Ga businessman claims Blake was NOT in Macon,Ga, to pay tribute to a large fan base, but was meeting a woman here, using that as a guise and cover!!
    I don’t know, but I sure would not put it past him! I quit watching “The Voice” because of his vulgar language & the silly, boring “crap”, he kept up w/Adam Levine, who isn’t & never will be “The Sexiest Man Alive!!”
    I just hope Miranda isn’t pregnant, for the baby’s sake! If she did commit adultry; (she once said “divorce wasn’t an option for them”), & she professes to be a Christian, maybe she thought she was paying him back because she thinks or even knows he did the same thing to her???? I don’t cater or listen to either one of them. They wouldn’t know “love❤” if it slapped them in the face!!