John Mayer debuts breakup song, talks about “negative” person

Whenever we cover a story about yet another headline-grabbing stunt John Mayer pulled about half of you agree that he’s a media whore while the other half argue that he’s being funny or irreverent. It’s hard to tell with Mayer, and maybe the answer is somewhere in between. He talks so much crap that he’s probably just throwing a lot of it out there and seeing what sticks.

Mayer’s latest “talk about me” venture involves a song he performed on his cruise to Mexico aboard the “Mayercraft Carrier.” Titled “Heartbreak Warfare,” it came across as a thinly veiled reference to his off-again relationship with Jennifer Aniston. He introduced the song by saying “it’s miserable being around someone who’s negative.” Now who could that be? The lyrics of the song refer to a needy lover talking about another man.

A month after his split with Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer has debuted a new song called “Heartbreak Warfare.”

Aniston, 40, isn’t mentioned by name in the new track, which features the chorus, “If you want more love, Why don’t you say so?” and lyrics including: “Drop his name, push it in and twist the knife again; Watch my face as I pretend to feel no pain, pain, pain.”

In an audio clip posted on YouTube, Mayer, 31, tells the audience on his Mayercraft Carrier 2 cruise that he plans to record the track in mid-April for his upcoming CD Battle Studies.

“The concept of the album is the war of love – the art of war of love,” Mayer explained to the crowd. “Sometimes instead of saying ‘I love you,’ people can’t recognize that. They recognize how much you come to their aid when they are in pain.”

“I am a positivity man,” he continued. “Sometimes people try to recognize love in terms of negativity. When you are in that situation, that is not a lot of fun.”

Now that his fan cruise to Mexico is over, Mayer is heading back to the recording studio – a leased home in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley. “I gave myself a nine to five,” he recently told PEOPLE. “I’m making myself wake up and be a writer. It’s great.”

[From People]

Maybe I just don’t “get” this guy, or maybe he really is the ass that I think he is. If a good friend’s ex boyfriend was blabbing about her to the world like this, albeit in a roundabout way, I would tell him where to shove it.

Listening to the song, though, I have to say it’s pretty haunting and I really enjoyed it. The guy is talented and composes beautiful music. No wonder he’s so successful and you can sort of see how Aniston fell for him. If only he would just focus on singing and stop blabbing so much.

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  1. teri says:

    Well it’s no surprise, I couldn’t imagine looking at Brad and seeing him so happy with his new family. Makes me wonder why she filed for divorce in the first place without fighting for it. I don’t think anything happend until she agreed to file for divorce, then it was fair for him to move on.

  2. white trash says:

    he ight be an idiot but the song is beautyful

  3. Mrs.Darcy says:

    um I didn’t listen to it yet because he kind of annoys me. I think he must know people will think it’s about Jen, but truly most songwriters are not as literal as everyone interprets him to be. Maybe he is, I dunno, but alot of songwriting is inspired by life but you know if a more dramatic/bitter thing sounds better they will go with that, it doesn’t mean everything is literally true. If she is seriously name dropping Brad at this point though that is kind of weird/sad.

  4. Ursula says:

    He is a douche and it comes out in everything he does. I am not sure his music genius is going to save him. Collin Farrell was talented but after a while no one wanted to know.

  5. Alecto says:

    I dunno. I kinda think he’s the overly sensative type that can’t keep anything inside. He has no secrets. Can’t shut his mouth about who he is or what he’s feeling or doing for 2 seconds. No matter what anybody thinks. It can get annoying but he can’t stop. He’s got a beautiful voice and is a great song writer.

  6. Granger says:

    I’m not surprised by any of this. Aniston is so effusively, Hallmarkishly positive and “life is wonderful” in all her interviews that you just know she’s hiding something. And considering the blabbing he did the last time they broke up, it’s no shock to hear he’s written a song about it this time around.

    I just hope Aniston was expecting it, for her own sake. Clearly, she needs to learn to make her boyfriends sign confidentiality agreements before they dump her!

  7. cee says:

    Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. JA is not what her PR people would like you to believe. Huvane got just what he paid for with John Mayer. So too bad .

  8. debra says:

    I think the song has a lot to do with her. I also think (JMO) that John may have gotten pissed at how her friends attacked him after the first break up. Remember her friends said he was cheap, that she paid for everything. Men don’t like that. Plus I recall the vacation trip at Christmas. He was with his brothers and she was with Courtney and David. Does not sound like a relationship. But you get what you give. She picked him twice. She defended him, she talked about how much she cared for him. John never said any such thing. She is not Rachel.. She is Jennifer.. and Jennifer has problems.

    Maybe people will start to see her for what and who she really is. It is about time don’t you think.

  9. yae says:

    I am not a John fan. He’s slimey. I listened to the song anyway, got a cup of coffee, took a shower. I’ve had the song stuck in my head since I exited the PC last. Gawd, help me.

  10. Chicoulino says:

    I don’t like him and I still can’t beleive how Aniston was with this douche for so long?So many men in Hollywood,I think he is the worst choice she could have made.So from now on her boyfriends will be better then him.Someone should fix her up with John Stamos.I think it could work out.

  11. Cinderella says:

    Way to sabotage your ex-girlfriend, jackass.

  12. zanna says:

    @Cinderella…I think Jennifer has sabatoged herself NUMEROUS times. No one will stay with her and she’s got that “bitch” look in her eye in EVERY picture you see of her.

  13. kap says:

    She and Huvane have a live wire on their hands with this guy and better hope this song is the only “singing” he does about the relationship. What guy would want to be with a woman that won’t stop talking about her EX husband? It’s obvious to many of us that she’s still not over it and probably never will be, which is more than sad.

  14. PJ says:

    I felt so sad after listening to this song. It must be difficult for any guy dating Jennifer to constantly be reminded of her ex.

    Thinking back, right before the breakup Jennifer was talking about Brad a lot in the publicity interviews for her new movies. Also, immediately before the breakup, the Jen-Brad-Ange triangle dominated media coverage of the Oscars. It couldn’t have been fun for Mayer to sit behind Brangelina all evening and then read about Jennifer and them the next day.

    I really hope JA doesn’t talk about Brad all the time in her personal life, but even if she never mentions his name, it’s all over the media–on every tabloid magazine in the world–so not only can she not get away from it, neither can any man she gets involved with.

    It’s a difficult situation both for Jennifer and her potential partners.

  15. PJ says:

    Kap, you asked “What guy would want to be with a woman who won’t stop talking about her EX husband?”

    She’s probably not talking about him all the time. The problem is that the rest of the world is talking about them, including us!

  16. Hmmm says:

    I think by her actions it is clear that Brad Pitt was and is a good man. If he was the dog her fans wanted to portray him as then she would not still be so hung up on him. She lost or let go of a good thing. Women know what I mean. When you have been with a good man it is hard to let that shi* go. You measure every relationship by how he treated you and how you felt with him. She misses him. Hell Gwyneth P. said it took her 5 years to get over Brad. He is a good man. And Jennifer knows that even if her fans do not. That is why she always speaks so highly of him. I have never read anything bad about Brad regarding women. He is a man that did not seem to sleep around. He had committed relationships. SO why all the hate because he and Jennifer did not work out?
    Let’s see if her relationship with John gets the 4+ years news coverage. I bet that is only done to Brad. And they have been over for 5 years.

  17. lilred says:

    Excuse me Mr. Mayer your 15 minutes are up. Please exit stage left.

  18. Hieronymus Grex says:

    He has an allergy to commitment but it’s HER fault, yeah right. 🙄

  19. Lin says:

    So he is saying Jen is negative and it was miserable being around her wow!
    Yeah I see why he is a douche bag bit I don’t see why Jen and other women stay gluded to him. Seems like the Chris Brown affect because Mayer sure don’t seem to like women. He just use them to get fame and money out them. Sure Jen will be back to kissing his toes soon. Even Jessica Simpson had enough dignity to move on from this douche bag. Mayer is obviously gay but his management team will not let him come out because they make their money off the women. Any woman latched to him will be miserable.

  20. my take says:

    He’s a songwriter so it’s unreasonable to expect him NOT to write a song about his life/thier relationship/the breakup/whateve. All musicians get their material from their experiences.

  21. kap says:

    PJ, think you’re wrong about this one. She has mentioned Pitt (and/or his family or the break up) in every single print interview she’s done over the last 4 years (if you can find 1 where she doesn’t please let me know). The last 3-4 months with promoting the movies she’s been relentless in speaking about him (I keep voice mails of my husband, they’re like love letters to me?) That came out of left field and not in response to an interviewers question.

  22. Average Joe says:

    What Jen needs to do is give up on hollywood men and find an average Joe that really loves her. Until then,she will always have this hollywood problem.
    Jen,you need to start from the bottom and grow to the top. You will have a stronger foundation.

  23. Hmmm says:


    She went back to this man. Why do people act like she is a naive innocent babe in the woods. She is a 40 year old woman. She has had relationships with other men. She is not a teenager. People act like she is just sitting back and men are just taking advantage of her. This woman has money coming out of the boohoo. She has a production company and makes movies. She is not Miley C. She is a successful woman. So stop feeling the need to constantly make excuses for the choices she has made. Every other woman in the world has had a break up or divorce and they make it. Some do so with children. She did not have that. Some do it and are left with no money. She did not have to deal with that. I am tired of people acting like her divorce or break ups are the first in the history of man kind. I want this bitch to shut up and go away. She has it better then most woman, and they are not being the poor victim that she likes to be. Yes she does like it. I don’t care how many times she professes something different in an interview. Actions speak louder then words.

  24. lisa says:

    Hmmm: you hit it right on the head. I do not feel sorry for this lady one bit. She makes her choices as an adult and now she gets to deal with it all. People make her out to be another America’s Sweetheart but if you are smart enough to read between the lines, she is a phony no-talent bitter hag with nice hair. It is so obvious she is not over Brad with how much he is brought up come publicity time for one of her movies.

  25. Lin says:

    I wonder is Jen mentally ill like Britney Spears? Why was she with John and why can’t she leave her ex and his new family alone. I remember something about her seeing a therapist maybe she needs a better one.

  26. IvyMades says:

    Mayer is a DOUCHE.
    But he makes beautiful music. I really loved the song.

    Through I don’t like either of them, I believe John’s side of the break up more. Jen routinely *trashes* any guy that dumps her. Paul Sculfor, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer (twice!). And I’ll also add Brad to that list because she’s thrown so many bones at him since they separated!!

    Her Exes seems to go on to find happiness WITHOUT her. Paul is living with Cameron Diaz. Brad is with Angelina (+6 kids!). Vince Vaughn of all people is now ENGAGED!! So, I think the problem is with Jen not the guys she dated.

  27. Trini says:

    WOW….U Guys surely make these people your business….and some of u r very high strung about it….calm down guys….Jen / John / Brad….none of them will ever read this….

  28. Anna P says:

    She’s a loser pure and simple.

  29. Trini says:

    Yeah….but she’s still rich and famous…and got the likes of u guys talking bout her…lol

  30. DEBBIE says:

    Who cares about John Mayer? He has a big mouth that he cant keep shut and he always wants everyone to think he is the dumper..perhaps she was negative towards him because let’s face it she did give him class and now he is back to being a douche bag. Maybe if he was to learn to GROW UP and keep the pie hole shut people would respect him more.
    And as far as Brad Pitt is concerned let’s face it..his movie’s arent so great anymore..his or her’s Angelina’s..Jennifer’s movies always does better then their’s so what does that say? People care more about Jennifer then any of those 3 losers!

  31. po says:

    You guys are all gay, who give a crap about any of these people? Tell me one songwriter ever who doesn’t use their own personal stuff to write their music? Nevermind, don’t try, you’ll hurt your heads more then they already are because you can’t.

  32. fatjoey says:

    who is pretending to not feel the pain,if he has to write a song about her she obviously break “his” heart?

  33. B says:

    @Anna. You’re a loser. Wow, I just became almost as lame as you. Pure and simple.

  34. fatjoey says:

    know what negative people do? write songs about other people who broke their hearts,get over it john!

  35. bite me says:

    Debbie you need to check your facts… brad last movie actually outperformed jennifer worldwide…and brad has been in some great critically acclamied movies since he droppped the dead weight

  36. fatjoey says:

    critically acclaimed movies!!! in other words they sucked! like jesse james….

  37. Boo says:

    Anna- You are mean, pure and simple. I hate to think what you would call me if you are calling Aniston a loser.

  38. lrm says:

    Okay,they have both said [J and B] that they respect each other,and appreciate the time they had together.
    Humans are usually complicated,so it’s possible they hold conflicting feelings-ie,part of them feels respect and resolve,the other part is still tweaked by unresolved issues and memories. Does not mean they don’t genuinely mean what they have vocally said/talked about.
    Also does not mean Pitt never reflects on Aniston and never misses her. Sure,he’s happy in his new life-very pleased-and I’m not saying he wants to go back to the past.
    I’m just saying,that people,most people,have a range of emotions,thoughts and experiences around the past and present,and around past relationships.
    It need not be black and white.
    These comments on this thread today are below par for celebitcy. They come across as shallow and ridiculous. I know it’s celebitchy,but it’s usually more intelligent bitching or ranting I find on this site. Just sayin’….

    As for Mayer,I don’t believe/trust anything he says. I think it’s mostly for kicks.His own kicks,cuz he sure ain’t funny or entertaining. And I think he explores relationships to get writing material. It’s acting for him.

    I used to love his music,but ever since he became oh so public,starting with Simpson,I cannot separate the music from the man. Oh well. He’s just,well,gross to me now. And I don’t throw around the ‘G’ word lightly. At least not at my age(:

  39. Anoneemouse says:

    He’s great with sayings that never make sense. It’s like he talks in circles and you can never be sure how he means what he says.

  40. czarina says:

    John Meyer epitomizes the question how important is the artist to his/her art?
    By which I mean, if you despise the personality of the artist, can you still appreciate their art?
    It’s an interesting question. I love the poetry of T.S.Eliot, but after reading a biograpy of him, I can safely say I doubt I would have liked the man very much. Does it colour my view of his work?
    Unfortunately, yes.
    It’s hard to say how much personality and talen go hand-in-hand–I mean I think there are amazing musicians, artists, writers, etc. out there that are complete jerks outside of their talent.

  41. Ana says:

    I just think that Jennifer should have known better than to get with him. After his first tell-all she should have known it would happen again.
    But check out this blind item from blindgossip:
    This A list actress is more famous for one lucky television role than the truly awful acting she has done in movies. Well, she had a recent breakup. Her publicity machine cranked out every story it could to say she was the one who had done the breaking up with her singer boyfriend. Well, this may be true, but then why would the singer have to change his phone number and e-mail address after she wouldn’t stop trying to contact him? When she couldn’t reach the singer why would she start calling all of his friends to beg them for his number? What she is telling his friends is that she can’t move on without some kind of closure.

  42. lachica says:

    she got what she paid for. and that was a blabbering douche with a talent for words and music. he has never claimed or pretended to be anything else.

  43. lilybme says:

    give this very talented artist a break…mayer just seems to be a friendly and very open guy…he doesn’t pretend to live in a plastic bubble like so many celebrities.

  44. nono says:

    i kinda feel bad that every time his name comes up, so does the word “douche”.

  45. Dirty Martini says:

    They used each other. It’s over. Can’t we all just move on?

    Jennifer needs to get over Brad.
    Brad needs to get over Angelina.
    Angelina needs to get over her brother.

    And John needd to get over John.

    I need to get over being out of vodka.

  46. Amy says:

    I like Mayer way BETTER than her. He does have an ego, but he also has a weird sense of humor. He doesn’t pretend to be anything else, though. I never bought Jen’s sweetheart routine EVER, it seemed maunfactured for Oprah’s audience, and she always seemed VERY uptight/fake in interviews. ALL her boyfriends except Brad have talked about her as “difficult” (Adam Duritz),
    high maintenance/into “luxury hotels” and high class life-style (Tate Donovan), and now Mayer. It’s obvious that her sweetheart image is not real.

  47. new here says:

    I don’t understand WHY she dated this guy? The guy is a PLAYER with a capitol P. He played jennifer love hewitt, jessica simpson, minka kelly, etc, etc. WHAT made Aniston think she was better: her fame, ego, or A-list status? Then, He dumps her and she takes him back?!! And, now she’s pretending SHE did the dumping the second time around? Can she really be this dumb?? Why do people look up to this idiot? I don’t get it?

  48. PJ says:

    Ana, I remember when John Mayer and Jessica Simpson broke up, he made a public statement asking her to please stop trying to contact him. This sounds like the same thing.

    To kap: So JA has mentioned Pitt in every single print interview she’s done over the last 4 years? Hmmm…maybe she’s got a problem with “getting over it” after all. That would be really sad. I have a friend whose husband left her 10 years ago for another woman (who was pregnant with his child), and she still isn’t quite over it.

  49. Ana says:

    Yea it could dhave been pushed out there by John and his friends…but still I thought it an interesting rumor.

  50. Pufft says:

    @DEBBIE: Are you for real by saying that Jen is a better actress than Brad and Angie?

    I mean, you don’t have to be a Jen hater to know that that is utter rubbish. I think her fans can without being biased say that your statement is a bucket load of sh1t.

    I’m sure it’s a statement that you and many of her fans wish to be true, but sadly, it’s but a dream that Jen is or ever will be a great actress (to even mentioned her in the same breath with the likes of Brad and Angie is an insult to their acting abilities).

  51. Pufft says:

    Does art imitate life, does life imitate art? Very difficult to say with John Mayer.

    Those of you who have not listened to the song, check it out at:

    In a word, FANTASTIC!!!

    The only time Johnny boy gets me is with his music. Great talent! I don’t think he will stop making/selling music because Jen fans and others think he is a douche bag.

    I’m actually starting to think Johnny boy, like most artists, is misunderstood (I can’t believe I just said that). I think there is more to this jen/Mayer break-up than what the media has reported on. I have a new theory: Johnny was the victim in this whole breakup-getbacktogether-breakup!

  52. JackieSA says:

    I agree with Pufft, not everyone loves Jen, she hasn’t got a patch on Brad and Angie, the only reason people hate them is cos Brad left Jen for Angie, get over it people!

  53. TRT says:

    Pufft, you are 300% right!

  54. drm says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ this guy has gotten so much mileage out of this. Can we all just stop talking about him now?

  55. michele says:

    Sh*t give the guy a break. He has never been that obvious with his music. Just like everyone speculated that Your Body is a Wonderland was about Jennifer Love Hewitt. That song was penned long before she came along. Leave him alone to do what he does best. Poetry and Music.

  56. I have been having a really hard time getting over my ex, i really appreciate all your tips