Chris Brown’s casual basketball game turns into PR opportunity

Did Chris Brown plan a public appearance against domestic violence?
MSNBC’s The Scoop is running a story that Chris Brown was photographed with the University of Mary Washington women’s basketball team in Fredericksburg, VA. The way the story is worded makes it seem like a calculated but quiet move to make a public statement about his attack on Rihanna as it just happened to be the week of a domestic violence awareness campaign at the school. Other sources make it sound like a coincidence though:

Chris Brown may not be making public statements about the two felony charges he faces for allegedly attacking Rihanna, but that doesn’t mean he’s eschewing public appearances.

On March 31, Brown posed for pictures with the University of Mary Washington women’s basketball team in Fredericksburg, Va. The school happens to be in the midst of its week-long White Ribbon Campaign. “Men working to end men’s violence against women,” is the organization’s tagline, according to

Brown is due back in court April 6. Despite the alleged offenses and publicity debacle that’s surrounded Brown since the February incident, some say that Brown can get past this.

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

Washington Post: Brown was playing basketball with a friend, it was a coincidence that it was domestic violence awareness week
The Washington Post and the student newspaper, The UMW Bullet, make this all sound like happenstance and not like Brown planned to show support for domestic violence victims. According to the Post, Brown was just playing pickup basketball there with a buddy who was invited to check out the basketball court, he got recognized and he posed for pictures. It was domestic violence awareness week, but it doesn’t come across like he knew about this ahead of time.

An after-hours pickup basketball game turned into a gawker-crazed sideshow at the University of Mary Washington on Tuesday when it turned out that one of the players — surprise! — was Chris Brown.

The news spread quickly across the Fredericksburg, Va., campus, via Twitter, text and old-fashioned word-of-mouth, and soon a couple of hundred students gathered to stare at the most controversial figure in pop music, cavorting up and down the court of Goolrick Gym.
Ironic, considering the small public college is midway through White Ribbon Week, which raises awareness of domestic violence. The R&B singer, 19, is charged with battering girlfriend Rihanna in L.A. in February.

That was no turnoff for the dozens of students who clamored to shake hands with the star or get a photo. A shaky video of Brown’s unimpressive game made it onto within hours.
“I had the courage to go up and ask for a hug,” Ako Nagahama, a 19-year-old sophomore from Virginia Beach, told us. Brown complied with a smile, and then “everyone else lined up for a hug.”

Sigh. Kids, what were you thinking?!? Nagahama admitted the whole episode evoked complex emotions. “Before the [Rihanna] incident, I was basically in love with him,” she said. “I’m still his fan,” but “it sucks he did that.”

Even weirder, she said: the number of students standing around watching while making domestic-violence jokes within his earshot. (An organizer of the White Ribbon campaign quietly circulated through the room handing out pamphlets.)

But what was Brown doing there? The student-run newspaper The Bullet reports in Thursday’s edition that the Tappahannock,Va., native came to Mary Washington with an old friend who is considering enrolling there.

[From Voices.Washingtonpost.Com]

It sounds like Brown was just trying to get out and play basketball with an old friend and was open to meeting fans. If he’s smart, he’ll take this coincidence for the gift that it was and do something more measured and public. We still haven’t heard any kind of mea culpa from Brown and only have that half-assed “I’m sorry… over what transpired” statement. Maybe he can’t say much more due to the pending legal issues. He could volunteer at a woman’s shelter or make a PSA without incriminating himself. He hasn’t done much of anything though, except vacation in Vegas and Miami. Brown is next due in court next Monday, April 6.

Photo credit: The UMW Bullet


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  1. Len says:

    Don’t hold your breath. This gus is so arrogant, spoiled and dumb that he will never own up to what he did. Shame.

  2. Debbie says:


  3. Hieronymus Grex says:

    He’s still woman-beating scum. I hope a real man teaches him a hard lesson about being a victim.

  4. my take says:

    Len said it best!

  5. Feebee says:

    Co-incidental timing? I think not.

  6. jan says:

    ok so if i f*** up up my boyfriend once i’m a man beater (seriously)? come off it. we don’t know if he is abusive by nature, we heard what rihanna and her associates’ side. there are 3 sides to a story. for me i know i personally am not abusive but if driven to that pt there is a possibility that i can lash out (this is everyone!). i however possess enough self control. what he did was wrong! no doubt and he should be held accountable but he shouldn’t be condemned to hell. have you seen the shamwow guy’s victim/attacker ?SHE GOT BEAT UP BADLY. he’s not going to jail for long if he does and then he’s gonna back it up with community service. jeez it sucks that people don’t want him to reform himself and just go to prison.


  7. Zoe (the other one) says:

    Yuk Jan – that’s a horrific thing to say. No-one deserves to get the shit beaten out of them no matter how much ‘devious shit’ they’ve done. Have a heart. She’s just a kid.

  8. Suzy says:

    Chris Brown is dead to me. No PR necessary.

  9. Kenya says:

    It is not that serious to get on Chris Brown. There is always two sides to a story okay! So ya’ll need to get a life and move on… Rihanna is still alive, there is women out there whos been shot, burned in the face and worse than rihanna. Since its her, your going to hate chris brown pa-leaseeee! Also she went back to Chris Brown so what does that say… she wasnt beat up so badly, Chris Brown wasn’t right but everyone needs to get a life and let him be… if everybody can let R.Kelly & Micheal Jackson, KC be, then let Chris Brown be

  10. Hieronymus Grex says:


    There’s no such thing as a beating that’s good for you. NOT AT ALL. If it were you or I under arrest for spousal abuse, we’d still be sitting in a jail cell, but the rich and the famous are let off scott-free. The intolerable double standard is what keeps this story fresh and aggravating.

  11. Anoneemouse says:

    It’s almost like he is taking the position that HE is the victim, rather than Rhianna.

  12. LadyWhat says:

    I’m sorry but WHAT??!!?
    If I saw Chris Brown at my school or place of work I’d cause the biggest damn scene you ever did see. Oh there would be spitting in his face, provokation. Just give me an excuse to use my stun gun on his ass. That’s all I ask.
    It absolutly revolts me that these woman took pictures with him and hugged him. Makes me want to puke.

    And come on people. Let’s see right through this schtick that is Kenya and Jan’s remarks. They dont anger me. It’s not something I want to hear but it gives note to the actual problem:
    Woman who justify abuse are victims of abuse themselves. They involve themselves in the worst kind of self-hate by blaming the victim and thereby justifying their own boyfriends/husbands actions. After all, if it was wrong, they’d lack an excuse for staying…Kenya and Jan, please get help. Abuse is never okay and it’s never too late to leave.

  13. L says:

    Kenya grow the f up.
    We don’t hate chris brown cos he beat Rihanna, we hate him cos he beat a WOMAN. wtf is wrong with you??

    & Yeah, always 3 sides to a story right… but sometimes you don’t need to see all three sides to realize what the issue is. There is nothing Rihanna could have done, besides maybe stab Chris or bring him serious harm, to deserve what he did to her.

    Any woman who makes an excuse for CB is just the most pathetic little weasel on earth. Like, get some integrity. and love for your sisters. if this happened to you, WHO WOULD BE STANDING UP FOR YOU? Your f-cking sisters, so show some respect.

  14. jan says:

    im not making an excuse i just dont care because i know the shit she did and why her situation was dealt to her.
    i do know women who were horribly beaten on a worse scale than rihanna and they had a history of constantly being beaten down.
    like i said i know what she did and karma comes back ive had my fair share, and this was her’s.
    i said that he was WRONG he should never put his hands on ANYONE period, but i just wont label him a woman beater for one incident for the rest of his not sticking up for him i dont care what happens to him my issue is HER
    again if i were to f*** my bf up would i be a man beater?
    because i can ,not all women arent weak pathetic beings, they can be extremely powerful humans and should always be painted so, not as a hopeless victim.

  15. wow!that was very nice one. Chris Brown turns into it! How nice.