Hulk Hogan: ‘I’m not a racist but I never should have said what I said’


Hulk Hogan is in the midst of a massive lawsuit against Gawker Media after Gawker published Hulk’s sex tape with Heather Clem, the wife of Bubba the Love Sponge. Hulk had sex with another man’s wife, although to be fair to him (I think?), he didn’t know he was being taped. And as it turns out, the affair wasn’t what ruined him. In what was either a wholly separate tape OR as part of his pillow talk with Heather Clem, Hulk was recorded dropping the n-word several times in reference to friends of his daughter Brooke Hogan. Note: the context in which Hulk said the n-word is somewhat important to the lawsuit against Gawker Media, with both sides claiming different things. The National Enquirer/Radar reported extensively on all of the Hulk’s racism in July, and within hours, the WWE scrubbed Hulk Hogan from their Wall of Fame, their website, their merchandise and everything else.

Hulk Hogan flailed about for any kind of explanation or excuse. He took to Twitter and obsessively retweeted anyone claiming to be black and a Hulk fan. He also retweeted something about “why can Pres. Obama say the n-word but the Hulk can’t?” Hulk’s attempt at damage control fell flat and I guess he finally hired a proper crisis manager at long last. Hulk sat down for an interview with Good Morning America on Monday and he tried to strike a different tone altogether. I’m including the video at the end of the post. Hulk says he thought about killing himself after the tape came out. When asked the million dollar “are you a racist or nah?” question, this is what Hulk Hogan said:

“I’m not a racist but I never should have said what I said. It was wrong. I’m embarrassed by it. People need to realize that you inherit things from your environment. And where I grew up was south Tampa, Port Tampa, and it was a really rough neighborhood, very low income. And all my friends, we greeted each other saying that word. [That word was] just thrown around like it was nothing.” On whether he thinks he inherited a racial bias, he said: “I would say that is very fair. The … the environment I grew up in in south Tampa and all my white friends, all my black friends, to hear the word on a daily basis when they’d greet me in the morning, that’s what they’d say to me, ‘Good morning,’ so-and-so. I think that was part of the culture and the environment I grew up in and I think that’s fair to say.”

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Hulk also begs his fans for forgiveness, saying: “Oh, my gosh. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. I think if you look at the whole picture of who Hulk Hogan is, you can see over all the years that there’s not a racist bone in my body.” I think if we saw all of the things he’s said and done over the years, we would probably come up with many more instances of racist behavior and language. Hulk pretty much says as much – he grew up saying the word, he’s used it all of his life because he “inherited” a bias, like racist DNA or something. Further along in the interview, we get to the crux of why Hulk is doing this interview: he wants his job back. He wants to be able to make money again.

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  1. Allie says:

    His weird relationship with his daughter has always creeped me out, so I’m not surprised to find out other bad things about him too. He’s a weird one.

    • aims says:

      It’s super weird! !! It creeps me the hell out!!

      Here’s the thing; racist words shouldn’t even be in anyone’s vocabulary. The fact that he even uttered those words to me is racist. I’d never in a million years would say what he said because I don’t think that way. You also have to quit blaming your background too. You know it’s wrong, anybody with a brain knows it’s wrong , so you don’t go there.

      • Naya says:

        100% agree. Just want to point out that even if he hadnt used the N word, the quotes would still be extremely racist. The sentiments he was expressing were beyond.

        Reminder for those who forgot; In one conversation he is bitching about his daughter “jumping sides” on him in favor of a black billionaires son, even after he had “done everything for her like a jackass”. He then admits that he is “racist to a point” and that if his daughter is going to “f*#k some N-word” he would rather it be some basketball player or as he put it “an 8foot tall N-word worth a hundred million dollars”. Besides coming off like a jealous jilted lover, this guy clearly has serious race issues.

      • aims says:

        Agreed. Not only was in the wording, but the general tone of inferiority. The whole thing was gross and he should get the heat he’s getting.

      • doofus says:

        aims, Allie and Naya, the way he seems to think of his daughter is GROSS.

        those pics of him “applying” lotion to THE INSIDE OF HER THIGHS near her azz and hooha?…to add, his GFs since his divorce all resemble his daughter.


        ETA: and Naya, spot on about the words/sentiment being racist even without the obvious word being used.

      • QQ says:

        This is all I have For Roidy 70’s Pornstached Thin-but-balding-Hair BBQ Chicken Colored Terry Bollea :

    • Naya says:

      So isnt it fitting that the quotes relate to his disaproval of the guy his daughter was f*#king (his word, not mine). Which father refers to his daughters relationship in such crass sexual language. Which father even thinks of his daughter in those terms at all?

  2. embertine says:

    “I’m not racist but-” CAN I JUST STOP YOU RIGHT THERE

    • doofus says:

      lol. totes.

      and yeah, he’s not sorry he said it. he’s sorry it got caught on tape, got publicized, and led to him losing his income. this is all about $$$, not saving his rep.

    • Alexandra says:

      Exactly! There are no ‘buts’. The moment you try to make a statement and insert ‘but’, everything that comes after it invalidates the first part.

  3. GreenieWeenie says:

    I’m so puzzled as to what people imagine the word “racist” means. If you connect someone’s value to their race–that’s racism. Race is a social construct that reflects no genuine value. If you’re assigning value to race, I’m baffled as to how that isn’t racist.

    Sometimes I think people think racism is like, segregation. And if you’re not actively promoting segregation, you can’t possibly be racist. You can use racist language and say racist things and make racist arguments, but you’re not a racist.

    Go figure.

    • Loopy says:

      Very good points, I think people think as long as they can walk amongst black people they are not racist nevermind how they truly value them.

    • piecesofme says:

      Yes this! I feel like whenever anyone starts with the “i’m not a racist but…” the very next question should be forcing them to define what they think a racist is. Obviously these people are careful to draw the line to put them on the correct side of the definition. Make them define it–watch the flailing begin.

  4. Dubois says:

    “People need to realize that you inherit things from your environment” Lamest excuse ever. Anyone at any time is able to give up using hateful language. What a dumb A**. He’s accepted no responsibility and is just looking to rehab his image. How long has he been removed from that environment? If he thought it was okay to use that word, why wasn’t he saying it in everyday situations with other people and on his TV show? Because he knew it was wrong. What a turd.

    • lucy2 says:

      Exactly – maybe when he grew up it was said, but that was a LONG time ago. He’s in his 60s. Many things have changed since he was a kid, and he can’t use that as an excuse.

      • Andrea says:

        But I have found the older generations are stuck in their old ways and are very hard to change their belief systems.

      • Dubois says:

        @Andrea This is not some sheltered backwater elder. This is an international star. He has been exposed to different walks of life and cultures since at least the 70’s. He has been in the entertainment business for at least that long. HE KNOWS BETTER. There is no excuse for his racism except that he’s racist.
        What you’re saying is that he can’t help but be racist. What I’m saying is we have a choice to embrace or reject diversity. To respect or denounce people who are different from us. To look at others as equal or as inferior. And when you (not you personally) get to be an adult, you are capable of making those choices.

  5. Dena says:

    Ok. I don’t know about South Tampa, his neighborhood or even the black people who lived there but for the life of me I cannot imagine the amalgamation of people who grew up there when he did (50s, 60s) saying “N*gga, what’s up?,” and subsequently giving each other high 5s. Stop it, Hulk Hogan, you jive turkey (ala the Jeffersons). Stop trying to tap into they say it so I say it!

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I never understood how he was a thing in the first place.

  7. Loopy says:

    Doesn’t he also have a restaurant where he bans all these items and clothes that are stereotypical to African Americans, I think he just is a racist. It is embedded in him like Paula Dean.

  8. Imo says:

    Some of his best friends are black, you guys.

  9. WinonaRyder says:

    He’s a moron and I’m sure he’s got a lot of other nasty prejudices too.

  10. Andrea says:

    Honestly, my dad is 73 and I know he would say some racist things if I dated a black man. He helps his local community out a lot and gives out food to poor black families all the time, but he still would have issues with it unless the man was super wealthy/educated. I honestly feel you see this behavior the most with the older generations. Once they die off, hopefully we will have a better more tolerant world.

    • WinonaRyder says:

      Unfortunately there seems to be a younger breed of horribly racist, homophobic etc generation these days. They also have a greater platform for expressing their views than older generations.

  11. Cleo says:

    I hope he didn’t pay a ‘crisis manager,’ for this bullshite. Then again, he doesn’t appear to be interested in issuing a genuine apology about his racist actions to the people he offended.

    This sorry FOS interview was for anyone willing to believe any sorry excuse and justify why they might pay him some money.

    Look at Zimmerman, hes a pariah, he knows he’s unwelcome in polite society and the only ones willing to help him make a few bucks are other racists happy he killed a black kid.

    Hogan’s appealing to the same racist demo with his ‘if they can say it why can’t I?’ and his ‘let’s drop the double standard,’ crap. (By the way watch this vid from Jay Smooth to get schooled on that: ) That’s just his appeal to angry white old men who might want him to make appearances at gun shows ala evil rank Nugent or George Zimmerman.

  12. flybaby says:

    A man shouldn’t be condemned by his pillow talk. We need to get over this idea that we can prove how pure we are by destroying the lives of people who we judge to have some sort of fatal flaw. Ask youself, should a plumber lose his livelihood if said something like that after sex when he thought it was private?

    • WinonaRyder says:

      Since when was racist disgusting opinions considered “pillow talk”? What kind of dysfunctional nasty sex life do you have to condone that?

  13. phlyfiremama says:

    Translation: “I really need to start making money again, so I’m not a rascist (even though by my own admission I am a rascist from a rascist neighborhood and rascist environment) and I’m sorry that I got caught saying the N word. REALLY sorry I got caught, not that I said it because the N word is like Hello where I am from. So buy my stuff again, ok?”

  14. Bridget says:

    Wasn’t one of the quotes leaked from the tape literally “I’m a racist”?!?

  15. Tasha says:

    What? Are we to believe that his friends greeted him with “hello n****r” every single time they saw him? Really That does not make any logical or situational sense.

  16. TopCat says:

    I haven’t actually read what Hogan said but IMO it is possible to say racist words and not be racist just like a man can use the b word or s word and not hate women although ultimately I think all such words should be banned from everyone’s mouths.

    I hate that black people call each other the N word in a celebratory way and women call themselves the B word as if it’s some kind of sisterhood.