Ivanka Trump announces her third pregnancy: cute or cloying?

Arabella, Joseph and I have a very special announcement to make! Check it out on my Facebook page!

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Ivanka Trump took to social media this morning to announce her third pregnancy. She posed with her two other children, Arabella and Josephy, and they held up cute number signs. Ivanka held the “three” over her stomach. There’s also a video on Facebook where the kids help her make a verbal announcement. The kiddos are adorable. As for Ivanka, I don’t know where she’ll find the time for another child, but she seems really happy, which is what matters right now.

Two years ago, Ivanka made a big deal about her work ethic, which she wasn’t joking around about. She works 16 hour days and makes time for other stuff like exercising, dates with her husband, and beauty appointments. She won’t tolerate “spoiled” or “bratty kids, but I assume there are nannies there to do the bulk of the child rearing. Ivanka does turn off her phone for 24 hours on the weekend, so I guess that’s how she maintains a family life. It still seems stressful. Working more than full time makes it hard enough to manage one child, but Ivanka chooses to work that many hours. She must enjoy the grind.

Anyway, congrats to Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner. Perhaps this news will help me forget that she wholeheartedly supports her crazy father during his presidential run. Well, that’s not going to happen, but at least Trump will have a new baby to kiss instead of doing so on the campaign trail next year.

Ivanka Trump

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  1. Pri says:

    I wonder what Karlie Kloss thinks of all of this, with Trump running, she is dating Jared’s brother.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Isn’t she the one who “absolutely insists” on spending a whole hour a day with her kids, except for the one day a week she supposedly turns off her phone? Why bother to have kids? I know that’s mean, but I really don’t think it’s fair to the children.

    • Ab Fab says:

      You’re so gonna catch flak for that, GNAT, but I agree with you. *ducks*

      • Kelly says:

        Me too. Both parents are important, but your mom is it regardless of whether she drives you up the wall or , but this is not about my mom.

        16 hour work days and one hour for your child is ridiculous. Same for dad’s as well though.

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        Cosign, why does she even bother? Go ahead and through tomatoes

      • Camille says:

        Add me to the group. I don’t get it either.

    • Dani says:

      You can be a mom and work crazy hours. At least she spends ‘an hour’ with her kids, as opposed to parents who don’t spend any time with their kids and don’t have the same career as Ivanka.

      • Lissanne says:

        No, you can’t. Comparing her to other bad parents doesn’t make it okay. These children are props, nothing more.

    • e says:

      Why bother having kids? Is this question for both her and her partner? I would be surprised if men working similar hours were asked a similar question.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I also wonder why many men bother to have children. I wonder why many couples bother. You can’t raise a child in a hour a day.

      • Alex says:

        Cause it’s necessary for her “brand” to have kids. Why does anyone care about this woman’s private life? Why is she even someone to pay attention to? It’s amazing to see the manufacturing of celebrity like hers and how people eat it up. Sad really.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I see your point about spending time with kids, but for my money the quality of that time is important. I have a two year old niece and her mother is at home with her all day but on no level is she engaged with her child. Junior is parked in front of the television or on some device (phone or ipad) all day long. From breakfast until bedtime she is staring at a screen, and it’s just sad to me.

      Edit to add: I agree with e no man would be asked that question.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        So true, and I wonder why anyone has children when they aren’t willing to invest time and energy into them. I think some people just believe they should have children, so they do.

      • EN says:

        > I have a two year old niece and her mother is at home with her all day but on no level is she engaged with her child. Junior is parked in front of the television or on some device (phone or ipad) all day long.

        I noticed that too with several kids whose mothers stay at home. All they do is play computer games and watch TV.
        They are shocked when they come for a playdate and actually are expected to play. There is no Xbox in our house. They can’t imagine how this is possible.
        At least when kids go to daycare they are not playing video games, they are playing with other kids.

        The bottom line, it is the quality of time and engagement that is important.

      • Val says:

        I think it really really depends on the parent. Like EN mentions, some “full time” parents don’t pay attention to their kids, while some who work full time are very present.
        I also feel like you don’t HAVE to be there all the time for your kids – it’s also cool to let the ‘rest of the village’ pitch in and also let the child develop on its own.
        My mom works full time so I was partly raised by my grandparents, partly played outside, and partly hung out by myself at home. I’m still my mother’s daughter and we are very close. Because despite work, she was always very present.

        The mother of a friend of mine works crazy hours and will forget about her daughter during that time, lol. I always wondered why she had a child because it does not really fit with who she is.

        So I see what you’re saying GNAT, but I think it truly depends on who the parents are.

      • MET says:

        To be fair, it’s what you see but I’m sure that their interaction is for more than 1 hour a day. There is no right answer here except try to do the best you can with your child(ren) and most importantly not judge others. Also try to raise the best person you can – whether with the assistance of nannies or extended family.

    • meme says:

      I agree. “insists” on spending one hour a day with her kids. great parenting.

    • Colette says:

      I missed this story.Is she saying she spends an hour each day with each child?

    • Regina Phelange says:


    • riboste says:

      Don’t want to judge parenting styles, but it seems to make sense to spend quality time with your child. The children want and need parental attention…and lack of it rears its ugly head later in life, manifesting in sad or bizarre ways, from mild to extreme.

    • nic says:

      I’m sure the kids would rather exist than not. I never understood the argument that because you can’t be a great, full time parent, you shouldn’t be anything. If her kids are loved and well taken care of – which they very clearly are – then push off with this ‘why bother’ nonsense.

      Incidentally, I’m not a fan of her in particular, (like pretty much everyone here, I think her dad is a bigoted blowhard) and I stayed home for the first 2 years with my son. But I sure a sht wouldn’t want to hear her judgment about my life. Why would I want to judge her for hers?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think it’s rude to tell someone to push off with their opinion. You are welcome to disagree but I’m entitled to say what I think, which is that it is unfair to have children if you’re not willing to spend any time with them. Yes, we would all rather exist than not. Sort of goes without saying. That doesn’t mean a child doesn’t need the love and attention of their parents – not their nannies or teachers or gardeners – their parents. How do you know her children are loved and well taken care of – because they’re rich? I doubt that means much to a five year old.
        I have no problem “judging” her life. She has made a point of having a very public life, and she’s the one who claims you can have it all, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice time with your children. If she didn’t want people to agree or disagree with that, she could easily have kept it private. I seriously doubt she cares what I think.

    • Bridget says:

      I may get in trouble for this… but they’re both working jobs that their parents handed to them, and Kushner’s kind of an idiot while Ivanka is spending her time working on her branded stuff. I feel like a horrible person for saying this, but she’s so ridiculous that I don’t even understand why she would spend 16 hours a day doing what she does.

      • Lissanne says:

        There are so many weird jobs/careers out there. Very hard to understand what people get out of most of them. I won’t name any of my particular “favorites” because someone is bound to pipe up about how that’s what they do and how can I criticize, etc. We all are attracted to different things.

    • Ronda says:

      Ivanka not obligated to spend as much time with the child you think is the right amount. she has enough money to hire help to raise the children for her and a husband on top of that.

      • Lissanne says:

        Whether one is able to “hire help to raise the children” is not the issue. Loving, caring, and engaging with them is what counts. To become well-balanced, reasonably happy adults, children need love and attention from family. Nannies count some, but they are paid staff which children understand. I will refrain from calling Ivanka names, but I have not one good word to say for her as a parent.

    • sherry says:

      That’s better than Anna Duggar’s mom who gives her kids a whole 15 minutes a week!

    • sensible says:

      I agree, having kids just so you can look like you ‘do it all’ is a narcissistic move if you ask me. Its emotional abandonment of the children…..one hour a day, give me a break. I must spend at least 5 hours a day with my kid, and suck up the financial consequnces ( no holidays here!) because she is my kid and I decided to have her. Of course no shade if you work those hours to survive, then its heroism, pure and simple.

    • Sabrine says:

      How many parents are really there with their kids anyway? I saw a dad at the mall yesterday with his 3-4 year old daughter and he ignored her completely as he was busy on his phone. She sat there silently, glancing at him occasionally. I was at a restaurant the other day and the mother was on her phone while her two children sat there and stared at her. When they tried to speak to her, she said, “Shhhhh” and continued texting. Maybe Ivanka is at least “there” for her children when she does see them.

    • Katie says:

      This is almost as bad the lady who talked about her surrogacy because she didn’t want to take time off work to have a baby.
      Don’t have kids just because you think that is the next step in life after you marry. Being a little pragmatic about child bearing is 100% okay. But children are not props to further your image or career.

    • Jenny says:

      Completely agree, if your career is the most important thing in your life then it’s just cruel to have children. But that goes for both moms and dads of course.

      Although as a SAHM to three kids I can understand why she’d want to hide out at the office for 16 hours a day… 😉

  3. Cupcake says:

    The Trumps are all crazy!

  4. minx says:

    How special.

  5. Stacey says:

    Sounds like Ivanka has her mother’s energy and work ethic. However, let’s not kid ourselves…if she’s working 15-16 hour days, someone else is totally raising her kids.

  6. emmyb1608 says:

    Why is her husband not mentioned on the Instagram announcement?

    • JB says:

      This! I have a facebook friend who did the same thing and I thought it was so weird. She had a whole photo shoot, just her and her first child, to announce that she was pregnant again but her husband wasn’t in it at all! It was like she did it while he was at work or something. Strange.

    • byland says:

      I’m still stuck on the kids being in their pajamas but she’s in a sheath dress and jewelry with full hair and makeup. Wouldn’t it have been cuter if she were in sleepwear as well? Or does she not sleep? Because if she works 16 hour days, spends an hour with her kids (such dedication!), gets ready (i.e. the full face of makeup and hairdo) then I can’t imagine where she finds the time to rest, let alone to get pregnant again.

    • Ab Fab says:

      I thought that was odd as well. Did her husband have absolutely nothing to do with the process?

    • EN says:

      > Or does she not sleep? Because if she works 16 hour days, spends an hour with her kids (such dedication!)

      I think this is how she was raised – to be perfect.
      When I look at her it is almost like she is a robot, a Stepford wife. Always so perfect and composed.
      And I keep having a feeling that one day this robot shell will crack and the real person will step out.

      It reminds me Martha Stuart, the story of her childhood and how she was never good enough.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        I think she is super Stepford-y as well. She is too perfect all the time, like polished almost to a fault. I don’t see how she juggles everything, but I am going to call BS on the 16hr workdays. PUHLEAZZE, girlfriend. That being said, I love her style and grace. She seems to keep her life pretty classy from outward appearances.

    • ella says:

      This seems common among the young women who announce their pregnancies on Instagram etc. I have a 20-something niece who was recently pregnant with her 2nd child, and her “announcement” pics were of just her and her 1st son, with her son holding a sign that said “Mama’s due with baby #2” or whatever. The dad wasn’t involved.

      I think the whole announcement via cutesy pics on social media thing is annoying anyway.

    • ol cranky says:

      Perhaps she’s hoping to keep the whole religion thing under cover for her father’s candidacy. Donald’s statements on the need for assimilation and support for the religious right may be undermined by a daughter who converted to Judaism and little Jewish grandchildren.

      Every time The Donald speaks I get flashbacks to Meryl Streep’s character in the 70s miniseries Holocaust

  7. Tessd says:

    I love Ivanka but her dad is looking at her chest on the picture above!

  8. Nancy says:

    Cloying. And she could possibly be our Country’s First Daughter. I’m going to have a cocktail with my lunch today, or just a cocktail.

  9. mkyarwood says:

    This is a VERY modern American thing. My sister did a ‘moving announcement’. They were all stylized, walking down the sidewalk, beaming with the opportunistic shine of the American Dream.

  10. Size Does Matter says:

    Trump’s kids are so fortunate to look like their respective mothers.

  11. buzz says:

    she’s a real profile in courage, supporting her racist, sexist, demagogue father

  12. EN says:

    All I am going to say is that Ivanka turned out OK, considering who her father is. I don’t even want to think what kind of inner issues the woman had to work through to be able to function in society.

  13. Marigold says:

    Wow. Interesting timing. Interesting timing, indeed.

  14. Amy M. says:

    You can have a career and have kids but it is not easy. My mother worked as chief compliance officer for a major pension fund for many years–in fact if you are a teacher/professor you may have your pension fund with that company. Nobody likes compliance officers because they implement new policies and make sure you follow them. Anyways my mom was never a stay at home mom, rarely could come to school events which occurred during the day and worked long hours, not coming home until well past 6 pm. We had babysitters for awhile but after a few unfortunate incidents I won’t get into, my parents made it work between the 2 of them while working full time. I didn’t get to see my mom much during the week but I never felt neglected. Just sad she couldn’t always be around due to her job. She wishes she could have been a stay at home mom but it wasn’t in the cards due to financial reasons.

    • EN says:

      >She wishes she could have been a stay at home mom but it wasn’t in the cards due to financial reasons.

      I dislike the fact that it has to be all or nothing. Either 100% stay home (which is not for me) or work until you drop (which is also not for me).

      Ideally I’d like to work 4-6 hours a day and spend the rest on my kids. But it is not a reality.
      I stand firm on 9hr work days and no more, and it is hard. There are constant attempts to encroach on my time. The managers get mad when I push back. They only tolerate it because I am good at my job.

      • jugstorecowboy says:

        This makes me so angry! And it’s why I’m currently staying at home. Why does everybody have to work such long hours? I’d go back to work pretty quickly if I could find something easy to work around the kids.

      • Wilma says:

        Yes, me too. Because of my husband’s health I have to be the one who works full time. And while I like working and enjoy my job, I wish I could have more time with my little girl. When I am at home I am completely engaged with her, but two hours a day and the entire weekend still isn’t enough for me.

  15. Jayna says:

    When you spend as little time with the children as she does, at least it’s one on one the time she did spend. But now it’s three children, which makes it even less time with each child on an individual basis. I’m sure the kids will come out fine, but I wonder if the third was really planned. It doesn’t seem like she has time for three small children with the hours she works.

    • antipodean says:

      This only goes to highlight the advantages of privileged, wealthy, dysfunctional, nepotism. Yes she works hard, but in the real world there are hundreds of thousands of women who necessarily do a lot more with a lot less, while fighting the evils of misogony.

  16. Elisa the I. says:

    It bothers me (a bit) that she is promoting this image of working endless hours a day, having several kids and a hubby and being able to manage this while looking fab (which she does, no shade).
    Come on.
    Maybe this really is her life, so good for her. But honestly, I couldn’t handle this lifestyle for a week.

    • captain says:

      Absolutely not. Just imagining what it could be like scares me. It reminds me of these mommy forums. From time to time there comes a new mom and asks how they manage it all, it’s so stressful and so much to do, even though she has someone from the family to take a baby for a walk in a stroller for two hours a day. And then all these fantastic superwomen appear in shining armour and tell her to shut up, it’s not that difficult, they have three-four-five children, while working full-time, no grandparents. They clean the house, cook, wash, they are just not lazy, organized and efficient! I always feel so sorry for these poor girls, but as I am lazy and not that organized, can’t really be of much help. The only thing I can advise is to load the washing machine right after you took out the load, even if you’ll wash it tomorrow.

      • Bridget says:

        My advise: splurge and hire someone to help clean once a month. Totally worth every penny.

      • captain says:

        That’s a great advise, Bridget. I didn’t have the cleaning help, but my mom has done it, though she doesn’t have a baby at home )), and she is sooooo happy, she should have done it long time ago.

  17. wonderwoman21 says:

    More anchor babies!!!11!!

  18. Andria says:

    Children of the very wealthy have always been raised by the help.

  19. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    I am jealous of her getting to marry and have babies with Jared K. He is so cute and if he was my hubby, I def would not be working 16hr days lol

  20. SuperMoist says:

    Poor kids. Instead of 60 minutes/2 kids it’ll be 60 minutes/3 kids. I’m sorry but why even bother having children. When my hubby gets home – our 2 YO is all over him. I couldn’t imagine how she’d be if she only got an hour of his time. Kids need their emotional banks filled and IMO an hour aint gonna cut it.

    • Ronda says:

      its about quality time, not quantitiy time. lots of people still have those outdated ideas about parenting though.
      its Ivankas life, she does not want to spend more time with her children and people who disike it will have to accept that.

      • Lissanne says:

        What nonsense. These ideas are not outdated. Quality AND quantity time both matter. Of course we can’t do a thing about how Ivanka and her husband–let’s not forget him–parent. We just don’t have to like it.

  21. ruby says:

    I don’t know anyone who works sixteen hour days consecutively. Maybe once in a blue moon, but I’m not buying that it happens regularly.

  22. captain says:

    Who is the oracle of truth that said the number of hours a day required for a child to feel loved? Was it set in stone and everyone missed it? ))
    Don’t know what exactly she is doing at work, but she looks so amazingly gorgeous and has a lovely family. She loves her kids and spends the time with them she deems they require. I’m sure she knows better than any self-righteous perfect internet person, how much time is beneficial for them. I’m sure the kids have nannies, nothing bad there. I have read loads of autobiographies from the times when nannies and governesses were a usual thing even in middle class families. Incidently, they had cooks too! For me it would have been so weird to have a bunch of strangers running around my home, living with us. Anyway. Obviously, these people then grew up to be someone well adjusted to the point of extraordinary, if their autobiography was eventually published.

    I just don’t know how she looks so fresh after getting so little sleep? I choose not to believe her 16 hours tales ))

  23. Sarah01 says:

    I despise this argument, that working mums spend quality time with their kids and sahm’s have all day with them and no quality time.
    I chose to stay at home, I’m engaged and always interacting with my kids. Wether you choose to work or stay at home, has nothing to do with quality parenting. I personally decided to stay home as I did feel guilty and felt my first priority are my children and I couldn’t leave them for 9 – 10 hours in daycare. This was my choice and how I felt was best for my children. Maybe for Ivanka this is the best for her. To each to their own. I think she was raised the same way, nannies, tutors etc.
    I agree with GNAT.
    I have 2 family members who have chosen to stay Childlesss because they readily admit that they couldn’t fathom being parents and don’t want to change their lifestyle. And I applaud them both and their partners that they are self aware and are not willing to conform. Some people don’t understand their thinking but I completely support them.
    You cannot have it all!

    • captain says:

      “I think she was raised the same way, nannies, tutors etc. I agree with GNAT.”

      So why do you agree then? Seeing how lovely and happy Ivanka turned out, do you still wonder why Ivana “bothered” to have her?

  24. Snowpea says:

    I have three kids and sometimes we hang out, sometimes we don’t. I am a SAHM mum ATM and I certainly do not play with my 11 month old but he is with me always, playing with pots n pans while I do the dishes or folding the washing or whatever.

    I have never ‘played’ with my kids. But I am there, cooking, cleaning, being a mum. Friends are for playing. I am the mum.

  25. Pondering thoughts says:

    trumps wife melania not supporting the donalds’s campaign.

  26. meanusdevilo says:

    It’s easy to have kids when someone else is a paid parent. Shame she’s just like her vulgarian father and money is more important than love. All her father seems to love is Ivanka and in the grossest possible way.