Was Damian Lewis given ‘unofficial nod’ that he will be the new James Bond?


Back in June, European bookmakers had Damian Lewis as the leading contender to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. So… we’ve already imagined it and dismissed it, because for the love of God, what’s it going to take to get Idris Elba in this role? All of this talk about who will replace Daniel Craig is sort of moot, because he really does have one film left (after Spectre) on his contract. Of course, Craig seems rather ambivalent about it and I tend to think he and the producers are waiting to see what kind of box office Spectre gets this fall. But in the meantime, one UK paper claims that Damian Lewis has been given “an unofficial nod” that he will be the next Bond.

Damian Lewis is reportedly being lined up to play the new James Bond, should Daniel Craig leave the role. The Sunday Mirror reports that the 44-year-old Homeland star has been given ‘an unofficial nod’ that he would be the producer’s first choice to become the new 007 agent.

The reports follow Daniel Craig’s recent hints that Spectre is set to be his final Bond movie. A source told the paper: ‘If Daniel Craig leaves, it’s Damian Lewis who will be crowned the new Bond. He is seen as an all-round international star who is perfect for the role. As he ages, he looks increasingly suave and sophisticated. Bond bosses are now convinced Damian is their man.’

Earlier this year, Daniel implied that November’s Spectre release will be his last. When asked if he would like to do one more Bond movie, he replied: ‘At this moment, no. I’ve got a life and I’ve got to get on with it a bit. But we’ll see.’

There has been much speculation about who might take over the role, with Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba’s names being rumoured to be in the running. MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Damian Lewis for further information.

[From The Daily Mail]

I don’t have anything against Damian in general. I think he’s a wonderful dramatic actor and he would probably prove himself to be quite capable with all of the stunt work required for Bond. Plus, he would be the first ginger Bond, which is a nice mantle, I suppose. Still… where art thou Idris Elba? Why is he not even in these conversations? Amy Pascal at Sony was very into the idea of Idris as Bond, we know that from the Sony Hack. But ultimately, the decision falls to Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who jointly own the James Bond franchise and produce all of the films now. Why aren’t they considering Big Driis?



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  1. Lilacflowers says:

    Not feeling it.

  2. Sixer says:

    As I’ve said multiple times, I’m all for a black Bond and I’m all for Idris – in every way imaginable (provided I get to keep a ball gag for emergencies). But he’s too old to last for any more than a single film. So is Lewis. I don’t think they should have either.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I agree they are both too old for a long stint in the franchise, I honestly thought that Henry Cavill would be the next Bond, he is the right shade of generic bland for it imo.

      For selfish reasons I don’t want Idris as Bond, think of how much time the franchise takes up for an actor and how few other projects they do after being signed up, I want Idris free to film ALL the movies and tv he can, more Idris for everybody.

    • Bethie says:

      I don’t get why people say Idris (43) or Damien (44) are too old for the part. Bond was never meant to be a super young guy. I can only guess that people who say this are under 30 because people in their 40’s are seriously not decaying crones! I swear!

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        The “too old” thing is because a Bond film is out about every four years-ish, so if you want to sign someone into a franchise is todays audience going to buy Bond as still being tough at mid 50’s by the second or third film in.Not everyone is Liam Neeson.

        Signed a baggy old crone of 35, who has not yet had coffee and may be babbling jibberish.

      • Sixer says:

        Exactly. Even if Craig manages to get out of his last contracted film – which isn’t a certainty, the next 007 film will be out in 2019. The one after that in 2023. Do we really want a Bond who is hurtling towards 50 in his very first outing? I don’t think so. They need to be looking for an up-and-coming. Personally, I think it’s time for a black or brown Bond. But it would just be retrograde step to go back to some old fella pretending to be young and fit. (I’m 40!)

      • Chinoiserie says:

        Idris would definitely be too old for the sequel, and the next Bond film without Craig would come out maybe in 2020s so it is much too early to discuss any Bond possibilities until it is confirmed that Craig will not be doing more Bond. But frankly I feel even if filming for new Bond would star now Idris would be too old. When I saw Pacific Rim he look like someone in his mid-50s.

      • bros says:

        Sean Connery was born in 1930 and his role as Bond started in 1962 and his last Bond was 1983, meaning he was 53, and he played Bond all through his 40s.

        Idris still has 10 years of Bondage if he were chosen. I don’t get why he would be ‘too old.’ all the bonds were in their 40s. they are supposed to be sexy gentlemen of a certain age. a 35 year old is not a distinguished older gentleman.

        also, it’s a movie. they have stuntmen. they don’t really have to be able to run that fast or fight for hours. it’s a MOVIE.

      • Beth says:

        No one is saying 35 or 40 is old — in fact that is the perfect age for the next Bond actor to start his tenure. The problem is guys like Elba and Lewis are prime Bond age NOW. If Craig does another film in 2018 and then the producers wait 3-5 years to reboot, they will be 50 or older when the position is open again. It seems too much of a stretch to have a Bond actor start over 50 and spend 10+ years in the role when an agent who works out in the field and is very physical would be nearing the end of his career (or at least his field work days). Craig’s Bond already had the aging storyline at 43/44 in Skyfall.

        I know Hollywood can use makeup and stuntmen, but there still has to be some believability to it. Isn’t this the same group of commentators who get up in arms that Jennifer Lawrence is too young for her roles? Then it is fair to say that 50+ is too old to start tenure as Bond.

      • Jag says:

        I wonder if they could secretly film now, using Idris, and then release it at the proper time? Do they have to wait 4 years in between?

      • Bridget says:

        Great idea in theory to just film now, but realistically these Bond movies are just so massive and expensive that they couldn’t just do that. And they’re also notorious for script problems. Basically, not something that they could just bang out.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I’ve thought the same about Idris and I’m surprised they would consider Lewis for that reason. Age was the reason cited for not keeping Brosnan and why they won’t renew Craig.
      Although I would be all for Helen McCrory as Bond.

      • Sixer says:

        Ha. Helen would rock it. If they want a name, and agree it’s time for a POC in the role, Ejiofor would be a better choice. But I’d rather they chose someone younger and with a solid background in quality TV, indie films or theatre, but not yet a household name.

      • Ncboudicca says:

        LOL, I do love Helen tho!

      • Val says:

        @Sixer, I would totally be down for an “unknown”. Otherwise I would still go for Idris – at least for one film? Do Bonds HAVE to do 4? Maybe he can do two and then pass the baton.
        Otherwise I have an actor friend in London who looks like Idris and is a bit younger (and also is much…much fitter). I would submit him for consideration.

      • GlimmerBunny says:

        Val, pleaste tell me your younger, hotter Idris-like friend is of the “with benefits” kind 😀

      • Maria A. says:

        I’m in the minority here: McCrory does nothing for me.
        I still remember the shock – and it was one – when they did an extreme close up of her face in the film about Tony Blair a few years ago. Her face takes getting used to.

    • frisbee says:

      I agree with you, I think they are both too old, shame, I’d set my heart on the divine Idris getting it. I have a sneaky feeling The Bloke might be in with a very good chance – depending on how his career goes from now until Daniel Craig steps down.

    • vauvert says:

      I never felt the charm of Idris but I seem to be in the minority here, however charm or not, he is too old. Just like my favourite, Richard Armitage, and many others. Also, we need a Brit accent or I would love for Omar Sy to be Bond, he has the perfect mix of looks, charisma and sexy. (If you haven’t watched The Untouchables…. You must see it, he is just superb.)
      This guy looks super boring and at his age he is too old too. Given the Bond films timing they need a guy in his thirties, maybe even early thirties.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      I really like Lewis and crushed on him as Major Winters, but agree that him and sexy Idris are too told for a Bond franchise.

      I’m voting Chiwetel if we’re going to have a black Bond. He’s a damn fine actor and swoonworthy.

  3. alice says:

    Jesus please say it won’t be him! Nothing against him, just he’s the male impersonation of a bland bitch. He’ s just meh both looks-wise and acting-wise, not to mention the main quality a Bond has to have: charm. He just doesn’t have it! Why is it for the producers that hard to realize that people want Idris Elba? There’s no other choice right now, and it’s not because it’s time for a black Bond and there’s no reasonable excuse to not have a black Bond, no matter how those passive aggressive racists want to spin it. It’s because Idris has it everything a modern Bond needs to have.

  4. ToodySezHey says:


    • Naya says:

      Lol. We are being punished for our impudent lobbying for Idris with the casting of the whitest white man to ever grace the screen. If Tilda Swinton was a man, she would have the role locked.

  5. lisa2 says:

    NO NO NO to this Lewis guy.. and how do they define an International Star. I don’t see him as that.

    And again regarding Idris.. THEY DON’T WANT HIM FOR BOND.. I don’t get it; but they don’t. At this point talking about him in regards to the role feels like begging. And really who wants to take on a role that the people behind it are not behind you.

  6. Lindy79 says:

    Not with his tiny squinty mouth!!

    Idris for the win, not because he’s black but because he’s just got the swagger and attitude that Bond needs to have to stay relevant.
    Its possible he doesn’t want it though…

    • NUTBALLS says:

      Not just his mouth… his accent is not sexy enough for Bond. Same with Hardy. Everytime I hear him narrate something, I’m always wishing for Cumbers or Hiddles with the deeper, resonating voice.

  7. Dtab says:

    Am I the only one not feeling Idris for the role of Bond?? Dont hate me but I just don’t see it happening! Chiwetel ejiofor is much better actor but thats my opinion.

    I dont think Lewis will get it though.

    • Lama Bean says:

      I’m ok with Idris, but now that you and Sixer have put Chiwetel out there, I’m all in. Because Chiwetel gives me all the feels…in my loins.

    • Linn says:

      No, I’m with you. I don’t really care that much for Bond to begin with, but I don’t see why people want Idris.

    • Hannah says:

      Chiwetel is too good to be tied up to the bond franchise for x amount of years.He’s going to be doing great work and get multiple Oscar nominations and wins in that period.

  8. Mendy says:

    Lewis is a fine actor, but not nearly sexy enough for Bond! I would definitely be all for Idris! So sexy. Also, Tom Hardy can wear the shit out of a suit!

  9. Lucy says:

    No, thank you. I can’t even place this guy in the Bond role in my head… It just doesn’t fit.

  10. Beth No. 2 says:

    After Idris gets a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for Beasts of No Nation and possibly win it, he might not want to be tied down to the Bond franchise.

    Still, I’m not feeling Lewis as Bond too. He’s inoffensive but kinda bland. Though the first ginger Bond may be a small achievement in itself. They’d better not make him dye his gingerness away.

  11. Matador says:


  12. Rice says:

    Yeah… no. Not Lewis. They’re going to pluck someone from obscurity, or near obscurity. Elba is sexual chocolate on legs, Fassy is hot viking sex, Hardy is no-holds-barred sex and Lewis is ginger sex. None of them are sex + fighting + calculating.

  13. msd says:

    Oh dear, Daily Fail. It’s bound to be wrong…

    The modern template for picking a new Bond is British, mid to late 30s, and experienced but not well known. Lewis, Elba, Fassbender, Eijifor, Hardy – none of these guys fit the bill, they’re either too famous, too old now or not actually British.

    • captain says:

      Yes, you summarized it so well. I’d add that Clive Owen, unfortunately, doesn’t fit anymore either. I hoped it would be him before they’ve chosen Craig

      • taxi says:

        Rupert Friend? Lewis is best kept in historical costumes. HIs smile is too creepy to do anything but repel.

  14. Smurphy says:

    Urgh no. Henry Cavill would be my pick. Or you know, someone beefy and strong looking.

    • EN says:

      You know what, I wasn’t thinking Henry Cavill, I was more in the Tom Hardy camp but I think Henry Cavill would be a great choice. He has a bit of self-depreciation and humor about him which could offset the Bond’s smugness.

      • Smurphy says:

        For sure, Bond can be very smug and I think HC would do well in bringing him down a bit. He was a great spy in Man from UNCLE.

      • suziekew says:

        @Smurphy, but Henry Cavil can’t act worth a sh$t. He’s a bland vanilla bad actor no matter his looks. Got to have charisma to be Bond.

  15. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ugh. So pasty. So not sexy. There’s nothing “Bond” about him. What an awful choice.

  16. Capepopsie says:

    Not Bond material! At all.

  17. ell says:

    WHY THOUGH. this is so boring. i mean he’s an improvement on craig whom I find actually repulsive, but it’s not like damian is anything to write home about.

  18. Lilacflowers says:

    If we must have a ginger Bond, I nominate Sam Claflin

  19. Ally8 says:

    Ew, no. Unless this James Bond is the most dashing fellow at the M16 call centre.

    Otherwise, Idris, fergawdsake. The obvious choice.

  20. DavidBowie says:

    Bond is supposed to be sexy and oozing charm. This guy puts me to sleep just looking at him. No, no, no.

    • EN says:

      Bond “thinks” he is sexy.
      If you look at Bond’s moves , they are typical of a guy who thinks he is God’s gift to women.
      And then we, the women, are supposed to believe that this is sexy.

      To me Craig’s Bond was successful because they toned down on that attitude.

  21. Armenthrowup says:

    Please god noooooooooo!!! Not him and definitely not Idris – sorry, yes he’s gorgeous but he’s a TERRIBLE actor. Adrian Lester all the way for me please 😀

    • Hannah says:

      Are you kidding? Idris is terrible? Anyone who has watched “the wire” beg to differ.

      Adrian lester is almost 50 years old, he’s way to old to carry a franchise like bond for another 5 years I think.

  22. Mia4S says:

    FFS how about Craig confirms he’s leaving before we have to go through all this BS?! The British and their “odds makers” on this (and Doctor Who) are unbelievably annoying! Lewis? Elba? Papa Smurf? Don’t care!

    By the time Craig says he’s leaving we will already be sick of the speculation.

  23. Dancinnancy says:

    No to Lewis. How about Raza Jaffrey?

  24. EN says:

    I kind of see why they went with Lewis, he has the same kind of smugness about him as Sean Connery had but Connery had more charm to compensate for it.
    Lewis can be very charming too. So, we’ll see. But right now I don’t like the choice.
    Also, he is too old to be able to make more than 1-2 movies.

    On a brighter side, maybe we should just move past Bond and to more modern characters.

  25. dippit says:

    Jeez, I laughed like a drain all through Damian Lewis’ short film/long form ad for Jaguar a couple of years ago. At the time everybody knew that was meant to be his ‘audition’ for Bond but it showed him as way less Bond and more a campy Jerry Lewis/Lee Evans parody 00-7. Jaguar didn’t even extend the campaign a la Clive Owen (a should’ve been Bond) for BMW.

    But Lewis is well in as he’s close with Barbara Brocolli, even although the movie they did together 2014, A Silent Storm, was a turkey which failed in limited release. So maybe the old ‘not what you know but who… ‘ has overridden all sense in casting. Lewis is too old to start a Bond franchise stint. He lacks the necessary qualities and appeal. He’s not a name who opens.

    Unfortunately, although I would’ve loved it, Elba also comes with the age issue now BUT his absolute charisma and presence might just overcome that. Lewis lacks that enthralling energy and scenes with a younger Bond girl (already problematic) would look skeezy with him; Elba, less so. (Damian Lewis kissing on Homeland *shudder*).

    Still think 34-38yrs old (2016/17) is the correct casting call. Quite like the James Norton (Happy Valley, Grantchester) suggestion I read. Charlie Hunnam maybe or Christian Cooke (Trinity, Stonemouth). Also a long shot suggestion, Jared Keeso Canadian but…

    Basically 200+ possibilities ahead of Lewis.

  26. seesittellsit says:

    Er, hope not. And I don’t care for Fassbender, either, he lacks suave charm. My personal fave for the role is the real dark horse, Aidan Turner. These are usually 4-6 picture deals, and Elba is pushing into his mid-forties, and I think he’s already said Not. I say they should go with the unexpected, just as they did with Craig.

    Went to see “Everest” this weekend (better than I expected) and there was a huge poster of Craig for “Spectre” right next to where they take the tix (and open and inspect your purse as they do now, it is so sad), I blew a kiss at it as I went through and the ticket-taker started laughing.

    • ickythump says:

      Took the words out of my gaping mouth … I think Aidan Turner would be a fantastic bond…i could drown in those eyes. He was incredible in Poldark….. staggers off to a darkened room to lie down…..

      • Nic919 says:

        The timing would be better too. He could do a few seasons of Poldark and by then he would be able to move on to start filming with a hefty female fan base to follow him.

      • seesittellsit says:

        🙂 Right age (32), dark, oh those long red lips, dark curls, and perfect chest fur . . . And I understand the BBC has told him they will work around any movie contract he gets if he’ll keep doing Poldark (now I bethink me, I wonder if they said that because they knew he was on the shortlist?!). Not tall like Connery, but taller than Craig (seen Craig in person, maybe Tom Hardy’s height, but did – not – matter) . . . and nobody’s perfect. Not even Aidan . . .

      • suziekew says:

        I would definitely be on board with Aidan Turner. Yum

    • Lilacflowers says:

      There’s s giant Spectre poster hanging over the escalator at our cinema. My elderly aunt wants to take it home with her

      • seesittellsit says:

        I almost asked the ticket-taker if I could have it and then thought to myself, yup, that’s just what my dates need to see as they walk in, a big poster of Craig/Bond on the wall, or worse, on the ceiling over the bed . . .

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Nah. Not feeling it and can’t imagine paying money to see that. Not really feeling Idris, either, to be perfectly candid, but I’d be more likely to plunk down $13 for him than Damian.

  28. Tiffany says:

    This news is about as exciting as a cold sore showing up on a first date.

  29. Lis says:

    Oh Gawd I hope not. His smirk and his prissy face … I’d never watch Bond again.

  30. Jayna says:

    No way.

  31. Mary says:

    I used to like this guy. Then, he made those comments about not wanting a career doing theatre and then being a wizard that was total shade at actors that are 10000000x better than him. Now I can’t stand his face.

  32. kri says:

    He’s a great actor, but his Smug Factor is up their with Gisele. ERG!! I am not feeling him as Bond.

  33. Tired of Bond, don’t care

  34. Melymori says:

    For the love of God, please don’t let it be Idris nor this Damian guy. Sorry but neither of them are Bond material, they’d be perfect for Bond villians, but BOND. BOND??? Not a chance. Now. I can totally see Tom Hardy as the new Bond, but I’m not sure he’ll be up for it.

  35. funcakes says:

    It’s obvious his wife loves the spotlight. Maybe she put that rumor out to the press. Plus he’s a douche. I know there are Brody fans out there but,douche.
    Plus I still remember him being a dick towards the president

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      I feel rude for saying this, but I think his wife is such a try-hard. Like the cat that got the (strawberry) milk. She just looks like one of those really annoying wives who would show up to lunch at the country club and brag to her friends about her husband’s current projects. ugh gross

      • Em says:

        I mean, she’s a famous actress in her own right. She just has one of those naturally smug-looking faces, I think.

  36. Hannah says:

    He’s a really good actor but I dont find him attractive never did.

    He’s also older than Idris so the notion that idris wouldn’t be chosen because he’s too old isn’t right. Just seems like they are avoiding the obvious choice because they aren’t ready for a black bond.

  37. Tiffany says:

    Ashley Walters needs to be added to the list. His current age is 33 so he will not be in a wheelchair when he tenure starts. And he is dreamy and also sexy as hell when roughed up.

  38. Andrea says:

    He was sexy as all hell in Homeland to me, so yes, I think i’d prefer him over Craig.

  39. Betti says:

    If they’re going to stick with a white Bond – give it to The Bloke.

  40. kara says:

    Good lord, do people not remember that Roger Moore was Bond? He started at age 45 and ended playing the role at age 58.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      And the owners of the franchise have vowed never to let that happen again

    • dippit says:

      A different time in movie terms and the Bond franchise itself has altered it’s style approach within it’s genre. The target audience is different with far more sophisticated expectations; and less inclined to suspend disbelief on the ‘small’ stuff because they’re committed to allowing themselves to go with some of the bigger asks on disbelief. Seemingly little things like an actors’ age can throw people out of the experience far more C21st.

      Also 2015, Moore would be considered too campy in current Bond terms.

      I adore Cary Grant but it’s only my love struck up and sealed in childhood old movie watching which stops me rolling eyes rewatching some of his later movies with wrong age casting. AND he’s the utterly sublime ageless Cary Grant. Lewis ain’t him… EVER.

      Although I like that the Age debate has finally hit a top-note GUY role casting; usually it’s reserved for Women… where, at times, the skew is too (must be) young.

      Scenery used to shake back then too… now a no-no.

  41. Bishg says:

    NO, NO, NO.
    Team Chiwetel (or Idris)!

  42. Lamppost says:

    Anyone but Tom Hardy is fine with me, although I think Henry Cavill would be a great choice.

  43. alihar999 says:

    No….just no…..he is not sexy enough for Bond. I don’t really find him sexy at all but definitely not BOND. And I would think they want someone in their 30’s so they can have him for a few films.

  44. Lucy2 says:

    Add me to the chorus of good actor, but not right for Bond.

  45. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    I’m probably very alone in this sentiment, but I would love to see Scott Eastwood play Bond. Give me a second to explain…He would be in his 30s by that point, he is a suave, yet edgy brooder, very hot and by then will have improved his acting chops and general sex appeal. Does Bond always have to be a 40s-50s guy? I just would love to see a younger Bond in general and a scruffy Eastwood would do the trick in my book.

    • EN says:

      Scott Eastwood is a really bad actor, though.
      And he would be an American playing a Brit.
      That is a challenge, I don’t think he would be able to do it.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Oh yeah. Forgot about the whole British accent aspect lol..yeah he would not be able to pull that off. I retract my previous statement. I mainly just enjoy looking at him and I think he will get better – looks and acting skills – with age…sigh… Ok moving on, what about David Beckham?! Any takers here??? 😉

    • Bridget says:

      I think Scott Eastwood will re-Tweet this.

  46. Paris says:

    Chris Hemsworth. In a black tuxedo. Has James Bond written all over him.

  47. Sarah01 says:

    Why not Idris, he’s just meh!

  48. Jess says:

    Ugh. I liked Damien in Band of Brothers but in no way can he be Bond. Idris is definitely the most obvious choice, but I could also see Chiwetal doing a great job. And my third choice would be Fassbender. I don’t get the Tom Hardy love in general but I think he would also be a bad choice for Bond because he’d be an even darker version than Daniel Craig and I need my Bond to have a bit of joy or fun in him.

  49. I Choose Me says:

    Can we talk about his wife Helen McCrory? She’s killing it on Penny Dreadful. Love her sexy sinister self.

  50. antipodean says:

    Helen McCrory is simply gorgeous. Loved her in Peaky Blinders. Maybe she could be the new Bond?

  51. iheartgossip says:


  52. EN says:

    I am surprised none of the Hiddlstoners brought up Tom Hiddleston yet. A proper British gentleman. Right age. Has some name recognition but not too much. Has been in action movies. He could do Bond easily.

    • seesittellsit says:

      Hiddles would definitely be a possibility, but more in the ironically elegant mode – I know he can bulk up, but you know he lost Thor to Hemsworth because he wasn’t beefy enough, even though 100 times the actor, and he did wonders with Loki. I have to see him in CP first, to see if he can really pull off the sexual fireworks without either a horned helmet or swinging his pelvis around wildly as he gets down. I never got the feeling Bond dances, somehow . . .

  53. Nephelim says:

    Alternative to D. Lewis:
    How about Domhnall Gleeson?

  54. Happy21 says:

    No, just no.

  55. meme says:

    is this a joke?

  56. Frosty says:

    Bond is all about the hot, and Damian just doesn’t do it for me.

  57. S says:

    No way in hell.
    As for Hemsworth – he’s Australian so forget it.
    Loki? No.
    It will be Fassbender or Cavill.

  58. HatetheletterKf says:

    No to Idris, meh to Damian, but YES to Clive Owen or Hugh Jackman.

  59. Camille says:

    God I hope not. I’d rather have a female Bond than this guy.

  60. Jade says:

    Daniel Radcliffe or Matthew Lewis just to be crazy hahahah.

    I would have liked to see Ben Whishaw but he’s already Q. Maybe a plot twist?

  61. raincoaster says:

    Isn’t ginger too “street?”

  62. Fiona says:

    Christ. He’s even uglier than the last one.

    Hollywood, we have standards too.

  63. danielle says:

    What about Tom Hiddleston?

  64. Marianne says:

    I love Idris and agree that he would make an awesome bond, but I dont know if he really want to be tied down to a franchise. He’s already made comments before about being in the MCU.

    I think Tom Hardy would be great. He’s definitely shown us that he can be suave and sexy as well as kick some ass and he doesn’t seem to mind being tied down to a franchise or take on a iconic role (Bane/Mad Max).

  65. Putnam Princess says:

    So not into Damian Lewis. He is not exciting and not young. I just can’t imagine that this is what producers think fans are waiting for. I think he would be such a bad choice.