Jennifer Lawrence admits peeing in the sink if the toilet is occupied

There are days when it’s tough to be a Jennifer Lawrence defender, and one of those days is today. JLaw had a particularly attention-grabby week a few months ago when she was doing chopstick-walrus faces and drawing herself a moustache for the paps. That was the height of her weirdness after years of poop jokes. Then Jennifer made a serious effort to get it together and stop acting like a 12-year-old boy. Most of the time, I find her hilariously disarming, but she admitted to The New York Times that she was “so scared to say anything now” because she knows people find her obnoxious. So that version of JLaw disappeared for a month, but now she’s back with a vengeance.

In an interview with MTV News, JLaw let her inner bro out in a joint interview with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth to promote Mockingjay: Part 2. Jennifer stuffed marshmallows in her face and admitted that she regularly pees in the sink. She likes peeing in the sink and prefers it to a toilet! Here we go:

During an MTV News segment in which the Hunger Games cast answered fan questions, one of the written inquiries came from “fan” Amy Schumer. The question read, “Have you ever peed in a bidet?” Lawrence laughed and explained, “This is an ongoing conversation with me and Amy.” She then dropped the bombshell, “I’ll take it one step forward. I’ve peed in some sinks.”

Co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson looked baffled by Lawrence’s admission, so the actress clarified, “When two girls go into a bathroom, someone’s gotta take sink … and I actually like taking sink.” Regarding that logic, Hutcherson reponded, “That’s not true. One can wait.” Lawrence shot back, “One could wait. But if the one waiting is me, she’s going in the sink.” For his part, Hemsworth remained speechless throughout the exchange.

It should also be noted, Lawrence admitted earlier in the interview, “I don’t wash my hands after I go to the bathroom.”

[From Gossip Cop]

I can deal with the peeing in the sink truth, but not washing her hands after going to the bathroom? That’s disgusting. Now every time I see her in a Dior dress, I will imagine her touching it with toilet hands. JLaw will need to work hard to make up for this grossness.

More JLaw news. She thinks Donald Trump would be an even worse leader than President Snow in The Hunger Games franchise. According to JLaw, a Trump inauguration “will be the end of the world.” Liam agreed with her, and Josh simply said that Trump’s candidacy is “a publicity stunt. It can’t be real.” If only…

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. Nancy says:

    Who cares. If you truly are a wild child and do these “outrageous” things….why the need to share. I used to like her, but she is screaming for attention. Amy Schumer she is not.

    • Jules says:

      Her act is getting tiresome.

      • evermore says:

        I find her GROSS. She went to the bathroom, didn’t clean her hands, then put them in her costars face and said something like, Does this smell like your mother.
        Ewwwwwww. She’s just gross.

        Her movies make a lot of money, thank goodness for her and she is good/great in them, but off screen I just can’t with her. She’s waaay too GROSS. Yuck.

      • mytbean says:

        Ok, so I get the idea of avoiding colds by using Purell or wiping down grocery carts before shopping, things like that, but aside from dodging germs… Why are women so obsessed with hand washing after peeing?? #1, pee is sanitary. #2, We arent peeing on our hands and #3, if you’re getting stuff on you during the wipe down then you arent doing something right.

        I use a tissue to flush with… Mainly because water sometimes leaks around some flush handles…But maybe thats not the norm?

        Is it the fear that neighboring people are wiping bare handed… Or doing gymnastics and peeing on all the hardware?

      • AnotherDirtyMartini says:

        @MYTBEAN – it is a big deal. Hepatitis can be transmitted through urine. CMT virus,, can be transmitted through urine. Just was your hands for your own health & everyone else’s please.

        Oh and even the act of cleaning yourself after urinating – if you think you didn’t touch anything, well, even that is wrong. We all have unique bacterial clouds following us around, and the crotch cloud is one of the most noxious.

        Here you go. Fun reading! 😄

        Personally I think JLaw and Pr0ny should be new BFFs. They both love farts, poor hygiene, acting spazzy. Match made in heaven.

    • Christo says:

      I agree. Not sure when this mindset became popular, but people need to realize that GROSS and UNSANITARY, FEAR FACTOR WORTHY antics do not = COOL and RELATABLE.

      • laura in LA says:

        Am I the only one here who has to ask…how does one (presumably) without a penis pee in a sink?

      • Hally says:

        @Laura: She probably hops up and sits on/in the sink, which is gross because she gets her butt all over it, but also gross because (forgive this tmi) unlike with a proper toilet, there is not enough distance between your butt and the porcelain so the pee probably splashes everywhere (vom).

        But Jlaw should watch out, someday she might try to sink-pee in a sink that isn’t properly mounted and it will collapse under her weight, because sinks aren’t built for that shit! (Or in this case, pee)

      • evermore says:

        Typhoid Mary spread Typhoid because she did not wash her hands after she went to the bathroom.

    • FLORC says:

      I don’t think it’s an act. She just has no censor. To think this is part of a planned path is a stretch. She’s not telling people how to go to the bathroom. Just no censor imo.

  2. Junior says:

    Aww she’s so funny…..NOT!!

  3. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    Well I once ran around town with a guy who got thrown out of a hipster dive bar for peeing in the sink. Maybe he should’ve at least chosen the mens’ room instead. :)

  4. Lilacflowers says:

    Remind me never to use a ladies room after Jennifer Lawrence.

    • Izzy says:

      Also, don’t shake hands with her after she uses the ladies room either.

      Ew. I just grossed myself out. Excuse me while I go dunk myself in a vat of Purell.

    • Liberty says:

      This. i like her as an actress and always defend her but — this is gross, and pretty rude to others who use the restroom after her. “Me me me” behavior….no one has to pee that badly.
      I knew a few very wasted models who did this after a shoot a few years ago, when we all went out to a tiny sweet little Italian place, and they thought it was hilarious too. Both their musician BFs looked at them like they were disgusting infected insects the rest of the night.

  5. Franca says:

    Who in their right mind does that? And think it’s adorable? She’s 25! What’s wrong with her?

    • Naddie says:

      I thought only drunk asses and mentally ill people would do it. Seriously, doing it once, ok, we’re human. But peeing in “some sinks”? C’mon.

    • Val says:

      She is so vulgar, I can’t.

      • parissucksliterally says:

        She is doing what Jessica Simpson would try to do, when she’d talk about Dutch Ovens in bed with her husband, and not brushing her teeth.
        No, it doesn’t make you a “regular” person. It makes you sound gross.

      • Anne tommy says:

        I’m intrigued by the Dutch Ovens….

    • Saks says:

      This! I can’t with people that defend her because “she is young”. I’m her age and stopped behaving the way Jennifer acts when I was around 17. Her behaviour isn’t cool or acceptable in the real world.

  6. Babalon says:


  7. Elisa the I. says:

    One of my classmates in high-school came from a really bad background (parents never there for the kids, suspected abuse etc.) and he used to do the same and brag about it. He once even peed in the sink in the classroom. Gross.
    I don’t know much about her but this story makes me wonder what kind of background she has…

    • chuechue says:

      I honestly always got the impression that she was very spoiled and sheltered as a child. I don’t know. I remember some story about how a new bus driver accidently made a wrong turn. Her immediate response was to call her mom and tell her that the bus driver was kidnapping them. Then she jumped off the back of the bus and hid until her mom came speeding to get her. This was supposed to be some cute anecdote to show how hilarious/goofy she was or something and the only thing I thought was something is mentally wrong with her and the fact that her mother came rushing to her aid also says a lot about her mother.

      • chuechue says:

        then there was that one time her family posed for some magazine with her Oscar but she wasn’t in it. It was like them sitting in gowns and tuxedos with her Oscar in the foreground. Seriously thought something is wrong with the family. And don’t get me started on how much they pimp out her Down Syndrome friend.

  8. minxx says:

    LOL.. it’s gross but funny. Now I can’t get the picture of Melissa McCarthy on the sink in “Bridesmaids”… “it’s coming out of me like a lava!”.. “look away! :)

  9. Tig says:

    I will never understand toilet humor(?) and sharing info re what you do where. I can’t imagine she doesn’t exercise basic hygiene, so sure this was another example of trying to out-bro the bros. I read the HG books, and decided to not watch the movies. She’s a good actress, tho will never understand the Oscar for SLP.

    • Val says:

      All of your comment.

    • evermore says:

      I hate bathroom humor too.

      She’s a good actress, but there were those rumors about casting couch, but still there’s no denying she is a really good actress.

      I was off her when she gave the Finger at the Academy Awards. She was standing there looking STUNNING, beautiful ,in a gorgeous dress and won a Oscar, but she couldn’t resist giving the finger. Young yes ..but it just turned me off her, when she’s off screen, that and all the farting talk.
      This latest story is GROSS..

      • lucy says:

        For a dissenting opinion, I can deny her acting skill. She’s been merely adequate in what I’ve seen her in. I don’t get the hype. Oh wait, she’s young and blond, yeah, I get it now.

      • Timbuktu says:

        Agreed, lucy, I do not get what the hype is about either. She’s decent in Hunger games, but there isn’t exactly a lot of nuance there.
        Everything else I’ve seen with her made me go “huh”? She always plays damaged, traumatized characters, but she always seems to play them exactly the same way: stone-faced, and that’s somehow supposed to be acting genius?
        Besides the HG, I’ve seen her in “Serena”, “The Burning Plain”, and “SLP”, and she seems to be playing the exact same character who always deals with trauma in exact same way: but showing absolutely nothing. I never understand her motivation, I do not feel what is going on behind her facade, I do not feel the story develop, her reactions always surprise me, and not in a good way, but rather: oh, I thought she was mad, turns out she’s in love.

      • Jib says:

        That giving the finger bothered me, too. It seemed like she wasn’t respectful or appreciative of the honor she was given, an honor other actresses would chew their arm off to get. Even though I think the Academy Awards are completely political, others really respec them, so I was like, Why?? Why did you give the finger? How idiotic and immature.

        I really dislike her.

      • Goodnight says:

        I was the same, her flipping off the press at the Oscars killed her appeal to me. I actually said at the time it was classless and got totally jumped on by people defending her. Everything else has just kind of sealed the deal. She was good in Winter’s Bone, but everything else I’ve seen her in leaves me shrugging my shoulder. She has talent but I don’t think she’s the once-in-a-generation-talent she’s touted to be my some.

    • Cindy says:

      Me either! I like to think I have a good sense of humor (I hope), but gross bodily functions are just that, gross. I won’t even go number two in ANY bathroom but my own. Even writing that sentence freaked me out. I dunno, I kinda wish I was less self-conscious like JLaw. And by the way, Josh’s spit bubbles were even grosser than the sink peeing. Liam was the only one with the sense to be quiet. And completely off topic, Liam is so extremely attractive, my God.

      • laura in LA says:

        No wonder Liam was quiet, he probably had enough of gross, immature behavior when he was with Miley. :(

  10. Shambles says:

    Can’t even hate on her because she speaks to my heart re: A Trump Inauguration (vomits). These 3 give me hope for my peers because they seem to understand that the only acceptable responses to Trump are incredulous laughter or “NO.”

    • Jules says:

      Yeah, I agree!. Interesting that the main focus of this post is about the “gross toilet humor” and not what Lawrence said about Trump.

      Perhaps it’s a generational thing but, my daughter who is 18, read both the EW interview and watched the MTV video, chuckled at the gross out stuff (commenting that that’s typical Lawrence stuff…don’t take it too seriously) but absolutely LOVED what Lawrence said about Trump as did her friends.

      I agree with my daughter that what Lawrence said about Trump is the more important of the two.

      • Franca says:

        But you need to be an total idiot not to say Trump would be an appaling president.

      • Korra says:

        @franca LOL! For reals though.

      • evermore says:

        Changing the subject to Trump, won’t stop people from seeing how GROSS she behaves. It was nasty and she asked her costar did her hand smell like his mother?
        WTF….She’s gross.

        She’s Gross.

      • Josefa says:


        A worringly large number of Americans are total idiots, then. I think the sole fact Trump is a candidate is incredibly embarrassing.

      • Jib says:

        Just because you hate Donald Trump doesn’t mean it’s ok to pee in the sink, not wash your hands and them humble-brag about it. Yeech.

      • lisa says:

        ita w jib

        plus not a single vote has been cast for him yet, anyone can spend their own money to run

  11. Bishg says:

    Well, that depends.

    The question was: “Have you ever peed in a BIDET?”
    The answer went: “I peed in some SINKS…”

    It’s not quite the same! But, even If I find it a bit disgusting, I have to admit I myself did the same a couple of times in “emergency” situations or when drunk out of my mind…. :D

    • minime says:

      How does it even work to pee in the sink? Really, I don’t get it…
      I have a friend who would pee in the “bidet” everytime she would go at the same time as me to the restroom (adolescent, girl stuff)…but a “bidet” in a public restroom is not really used for something else, isn’t it? I never felt comfortable to do it but I understand why people would do so…but a sink? Isn’t a sink really high? LOL Now I really need to figure this out…

  12. jinni says:

    If she’s in a bathroom that has a toilet and sink then surely there is also a tub or shower, which would be a more appropriate alternative to the sink. Also, eww to not washing her hands. Doesn’t she know that washing one’s hands is the easiest way to prevent infection and the spread of disease. I’d love to see people now start recoiling from her out stretched hand after that revelation. If she can’t practice simple basic hygiene like washing hands, what else does she not do? She’s like a nasty frat boy, but because she’s young, blonde, and considered attractive everyone’s probably going to think this is so adorable, makes her more real and regale us with stories about their underdeveloped cleaning habit to show solidarity.

    • the_blonde_one says:

      have you been to a gas station lately? no showers.

      • jinni says:

        Well than she can just hold it. I mean unless she has incontinence problems there really is no excuse for using the sink. Plus, who in their right mind would let any part of their body touch any surface in a gas station bathroom? Because she would obviously have to place her bare crotch and butt on the sink in order to even pee in it. You know what, let me stop because I don’t need to be thinking this much about the logistics of peeing in sinks, especially public ones.

    • jugstorecowboy says:

      Yes! I’ll accept peeing in the tub, which I will admit to doing when my daughter is sitting on the toilet forever. And the handwashing thing is about nine steps too far. I am not a germaphobe, but seriously! Hasn’t she seen those “dirty hands spread disease” posters?

  13. Pies says:

    I’ve been there, Jennifer, I feel ya

    • Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

      Good to see another Collingwood supporter. This site needs more of us. But I can’t sanction her peeing in the sink.

    • wuuyeatway says:

      I’m not going to feel her, not after that handwashing comment.

      • evermore says:

        and she asked her costar did her hand smell like HIS Mother….. in the full article.

        She’s gross.

    • FLORC says:

      Glad i’m not the only one admitting this. We’ve all been there. Bathroom is taken and you’re holding a few beers… Sink is empty… But yea you wash. How could you not!
      And i’ve heard worse…

      • Anna says:

        Really? “We’ve all been there”? No, we haven’t. This is horrifying. I will never use a public restroom again. Maybe it’s a cultural thing…I have never heard of black women doing this… Wow, I dont think I can ever use a public restroom again if this is what “all” are doing…

      • alek says:

        I will never use a public toilet again

      • Bae says:

        Mybe it is a cultutral thing because I’ve never ever heard of anyone doing that.

      • yellow says:

        In a public restroom with multiple stalls, would’nt you worry that people will walk in on you?

      • Jenna says:

        Definitely haven’t all been there. This MUST be a cultural thing… some weird Southern American cultural thing. It’s disgusting. Hold it.

  14. Catherine says:


  15. EN says:

    Is she trying to prove she is just your average girl next door with a billion dollars in the bank ?
    Fine, Jen. We get it. You are cool, but not because you pee in the sink.

  16. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She is just so coarse and immature. I honestly don’t understand why anyone over 12 thinks it’s cute. I cannot NOT wash my hands after I go to the bathroom, especially in a public place. And who urinates in a sink, for God’s sake? For that matter, who goes into a one toilet bathroom with another person? Was she brought up by wolves? Ugh.

    • original kay says:

      Yes to all of this.

      Just to add, I don’t like this trend of not having paper towels available in public bathrooms (just the air dryers). I use them to open the door as I leave, because not everyone does wash their hands.
      **clutches pearls***

      • OTHER RENEE says:

        Original Kay, if there are no towels I use my shirt. Better that than my hand.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Agree about the paper towels. Plus those air things never work completely. My fellow pearl clutcher.

      • Betti says:

        This is why i ALWAYS carry hand sanitizer with me and use after i leave the bathroom, even after washing my hands (if there is actually anything there to wash and dry with).

      • K says:

        The air dryers are so unhygienic!!! I hate them and they leave you without paper towel to get out on the off chance a disgust freak like Lawrence used the bathroom! You need the paper towel.

        You have to wash your hands I will never understand how people can’t it’s like the most important thing to do.

      • Kitten says:

        YES! I always use a paper towel to open the bathroom door after washing my hands. ALWAYS. Then I actually use Purell afterwards. I wouldn’t call myself a germophobe per se but I am very fanatical about washing my hands.

        Man I am so comforted to know that other people are as clean as I am. I get so grossed out by the idea of people not washing their hands after using the toilet. Ugh. Cannot tolerate.

      • PrincessMe says:

        Yes to this entire thread. This post reminds me exactly why I feel the way I do about touching public spaces (not that I need reminding) – some people are nasty as hell. Is she doing this in public restrooms or other people’s homes? If it’s a public bathroom that’s 10 shades of nasty, squatting your nether bits over a public sink and not even washing your hands (gag). If it’s in somebody’s home, that is so disrespectful and nasty. Ugh! I just can’t.

      • Christin says:

        I also refuse to touch the door handle and will use my lower sleeve or shirt bottom to open it, if necessary.

      • wood dragon says:

        Whenever possible I use my elbow to hit buttons or turn things on or off. That’s what surgeons do.

      • Hally says:

        I hate it when there are no towels! I sort of get it because I’ve seen grown ass women rip out like 6 towels to use when all you really need to dry your hands is one, but I question the energy efficiency of those dryers AND they never really get you dry.

        But! With this new information that some grown people don’t wash their hands at all!? Towels please, because I feel silly whenever I resort to opening the door with my foot…

      • FLORC says:

        There are air dryers that are wonderful. Very powerful with air at a certain temp and very sharp, narrow angle.

      • luce says:

        Add me to the collective who hates air dryers and uses shirt, elbow, or even my purse to open doors when there are no towels. I also agree that this thread grosses me out even more than I already was at public restrooms.

    • wood dragon says:

      Since my job requires that I deal with the public and all of their germs and viruses, I make damn sure to wash my hands. I try to avoid touching my face too. I caught impetigo once back in the 90′s after working in the kids end of our gift shop….so Jennifer is not just gross, but incredibly stupid.

  17. Darkladi says:

    She is NASTY 😖

  18. Lucy says:

    All I needed to know about her is that she was ecstatic to hang out with Kris Jenner on her birthday. That says it all for me…

    • meme says:

      same here. I try not read any of her interviews because I think she’s a terrific actress and I like her non-franchise movies.

  19. Naya says:

    This is why I resent hand shakers. I know you dirty bastards wash your hands and the next thing I know I’m absent mindedly rubbing the corner of my mouth and your filth ends up in in my mouth. Gross.

    • Po says:

      I hear ya, I just died a little thinking about it. I WILL NEVER SHAKE ANOTHER HAND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh and I’m really starting to question the judgement of all if those people letting the Pope’s security guards hold their baby. 😷

  20. Maya says:


  21. OTHER RENEE says:

    Girlfriend is way too needy and I don’t understand why. These are flat out disgusting admissions. Between the sink and the non hand washing, I’m just not sure which is the most disgusting.

    While waiting for a bathroom at a restaurant last week, I heard a man flush the toilet then instantly open the door. It was an employee! So much for the EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS sign that was posted! I pulled a male employee aside and told him what happened so as not to get the other guy fired but to let Mr. Pee and Run know that next time he may not be so lucky.

  22. Jules says:

    Oh, for Christ sake…I’ve been there myself, Jen!. Not that big a deal. I can think of so many other things to get upset about.

    • Like the preventable spread of infectious diseases.

    • Franca says:

      For the life of me I do not understand how could anyone pee in the sink. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, not even men and they have easier acces. yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

    • justagirl says:

      Except with her it’s not just a one-time ‘emergency’ thing….this is a regular habit, as she’s made clear. She “prefers” to pee in the sink. That’s what has people disgusted.

  23. vauvert says:

    Gross. And completely TMI. You know a few days ago, when we discussed Matt’s comment about being a mystery and (leaving the rest of the interview and comments aside) I said that he is right about that. I am sick and tired about celebs telling us every detail of their lives and gave JLaw and her fart comments as an example. There she goes again. Not sure why she thinks this is something to be shared, or why she thinks this would be … interesting? Attractive? Funny? It is neither.
    When Bieber peed in a mop bucket the world howled at him. This chick pees in sinks wherever she feels like, doesn’t wash her hands and people are amused. Good God. I don’t know anything about her family and how she was raised but this tells me pretty much everything and it is not good.

    • original kay says:

      I agree, was coming here to say just that about Matt Damon’s comments. On the outside,l he had a very valid point.
      Keep it a mystery, some of it- THIS part of this, please Jennifer. I like the X Men movies (not her, I like Rebecca as Mystique) but won’t watch any of her other movies, and this is why. I cannot stand her.

      • Gill B says:

        @orignal kay – You’re missing out if you are boycotting films because she’s in them. J-Law can be unforgiveably crass, but she is super-talented as an actress.

      • original kay says:

        I cannot get past all of the interviews she’s given, how she has behaved (like at the Oscars, the way she spoke to that reporter during the group interview).
        It’s a case of she is not believable in any role to me, I just see this farty, gross, immature crass girl who eats Doritos and ruins costumes, and now pees in sinks and doesn’t wash her hands. Gross.
        I am not boycotting, it’s just simply a waste of my time watching her.

      • Gill B says:

        Well your call – but believe me, you are missing out. I find her annoying at times, but she disappears into her characters – there’s almost nothing of J-law in her Katniss Everdeen, for example.

      • Helo says:

        @Gill B: Agreed. The thing is, I don’t get annoyed by Lawrence’s antics…some do, and that’s that. I just can’t get overly worked up about the things Jennifer Lawrence says and does because ultimately, it’s harmless…IMHO.

        The bottom line for me, is that Jennifer Lawrence seems like a nice young woman who has a wacky sense of humor but, who also happens to be an incredibly talented actress.

      • Bae says:

        I think she’s talented but so overrated as an actress. She doesn’t dissapear in her roles at all. She can’t hold a candle to actresses like Carey Mulligan or Saoirse Ronan.

      • Korra says:

        I think y’all are missing out if all you watch is jlaw. There are a number of talented actresses in her Gen that are making some really incredible groundbreaking movies. Not every movie law’s made is a tour de force of epic class acting. Lol. No Kay you aren’t really missing much. I think she’s also a nice, young woman who is talented but completely and utterly blown up to be more than she actually is as an actress.

      • jbap says:

        J-Law can be a little gross, but she is a superb actress. She doesn’t have Carey Mulligan’s technique, but she more screen presence, and that counts for a lot. Korra is right there are many other talented female actresses of the same generation – Brie Larson springs to mind, and yes Saoirse Ronan – but Lawrence is certainly right up there. And her performance in Winter’s Bone remains one of the finest pieces of individual acting from anyone in any age group that I’ve seen over the last decade.

      • lisa says:

        just imo but “super talented” is excessive. i think people could lead wonderful lives w/o ever seeing silver linings playbook.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      4/5 months ago, I watched a documentary on the tabloids,the celebrities and the paps .A journalist of a British tabloid explained the pics of JLaw’s teen years released in People and other tabloid/gossip mags during her Oscar campaign and after her naked leaked pics were given by her RP

  24. Mark says:

    ha ha she’s so down to earth and not trying to hard at all; did you all know that she’s friends with edgy comedienne amy schumer? I don’t think thats been mentioned before.

    I can’t wait to hear her and Chris Pratt have a quirk-off

    • Jules says:

      @Mark: Regarding Lawrence and her friendship with Schumer…it was Schumer that posted pictures of she and Lawrence all over Instagram!, twitter, etc., otherwise, no one knew they were friends. Lawrence is also friends with Emma Stone and Lorde but they don’t feel the need to document it all the time on social media, interviews the way Schumer has.

      • Mark says:

        She was talking about Amy schumer in an interview and reading out her texts? It’s a two way thing they use each other for publicity. Amy to show she’s a-list now and jennifer to show us that she’s over chris martin.

      • Jules says:

        @Mark: Well, Lawrence read the texts after Schumer posted the photos, actually. So, yeah I do agree with you that it may be Schumer’s way of proving that she’s an “A” lister now.

        If Lawrence writing the screenplay with Schumer is her way of getting over milquetoast Martin…Eh, that’s OK…it’s the best kind of therapy.

      • Korra says:

        Jlaws tagging along on the screenplay. I’m sure she contributes some, but Schumer must be doing the heavy lifting. Screenwriting takes a lot of work and time to perfect. Thats just how I see it sorry. And unfortunately Mark is right. Do you think Amy would have wanted to piss off Jlaw? Amy’s not a complete idiot. She got her approval. Both are equal partners in this relationship in terms of the over sharing. Jlaw approved the pictures to be shared on social media. She continues to talk about how great Amy is. Amy asked a question here Jlaw took it one step further. More than willing participant. She’s not a victim or passively accepting what’s happening.

      • Mark says:

        Yes but they’ve known each other for a month and are talking how they love each other, you notice it came out during the time chris dumped her and got with a new girl?

        Like korra said Jennifer approves of the pictures and talk show stories.

        And chris can’t be that bad for jennifer considering she dumped her boyfriend for him and got back with 3 or 4 times.

  25. E0891 says:

    It’s all fun and games until you catch a superbug!!!! So gross. Grow up. Adults wash their hands and, you know, use a toilet.

  26. Catwoman says:

    I’ll take JLaw peeing in the sink over miles Cyrus’ thirsty behavior any day. Too much pearl clutching going on here today.

  27. NewWester says:

    I have heard of people doing that, in fact there was a guy running for election who was caught on camera peeing into a coffee cup! He did not realize he was on hidden camera( it was for some program on home improvement scams) he peed in the coffee mug , rinsed it out and put it in the kitchen sink. Nothing surprises me anymore. Gross

    • I remember when that episode originally aired. So gross! Couldn’t you just ask the homeowner if you could use their bathroom? Having the handyman pee into your coffee cup is so disgusting. Such a violation of your property.

  28. Vesta says:

    So… spreading bacteria and viruses by not washing your hands is supposed to be funny and cool? I feel embarrassed for her.

    • t.fanty says:

      To be fair, if she has just urinated in the sink, the more hygienic option might be to skip immediately sticking one’s hand in said sink.

      *gags a little*

      • justagirl says:

        Good point, no wonder she doesn’t wash her hands!
        But seriously, both the peeing & lack of hand-washing are equally disgusting.

        We all know that public restrooms are a cesspool of germs….but thinking that there are women who prefer to use those sinks to pee never occurred to me. It’s so inconsiderate towards others, unless they’re cleaning the sink/counter area after.

        I used to enjoy her fun free-spiritedness…now, not so much.

  29. Bethie says:

    Wow, she is so shocking and unique. Not like other girls! I bet she eats and farts too! God, how refreshing.


    • jinni says:

      I bet she eats farts because she’s just that cool and down to Earth! Anyone that doesn’t get her obviously only like fake Hollywood people and can’t handle how real she is. *gags*

  30. Chelly says:

    I couldnt even think of how to get up above the sink and crouch over it just to pee. Seems like a lotta work! I’d rather just wait….we are not men, some things are just too complicated, & disgusting!

    • Elisa the I. says:

      Ha, that’s a very good question! Maybe there exists a little foldable ladder for sink piddlers?

  31. GlimmerBunny says:

    I might be immature and definitely in the minority here, but I found it funny. And I also don’t wash my hands every time I go to the bathroom. It’s not that important to me (but then again my dad works with food and health hygiene law, and he’s always said that the reason most modern people get sick so much is that they over-wash themselves and are too crazy about bacteria in general).

    • Helo says:

      @GlmmerBunny: Agreed. A lot of overreacting here, I think.

    • jinni says:

      Sure people have gotten crazy with the antibacterial soaps and the use of Purell, but basic hand washing ( with just plain soap and water)is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. You do know that not washing you hands after wiping your rear could spread fecal matter to other parts of your body can cause Hepatitis A? So the problem isn’t the hand washing, but the over use of harsh/ stronger things that are unnecessary since hand washing is all you need. The only people that need antibacterial soap are those that work in the medical field.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Um, I don’t feel great about your Dad being in control of health and hygiene law right now. Lol

      Please, for Auntie GoodNames, wash your hands after using a public toilet. You’ll feel better. I promise.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      There is nothing about over-washing your hands, except for maybe OCD sufferers. It’s called basic hygiene. And you should wash your hands, if not for you – your choices regarding your health are yours, then out of respect and consideration for the health of others.

    • Redd says:

      I’m not sure I believe the hygiene hypothesis (what your dad believes). Another theory is that a lot of us weaklings that would have died from childhood illnesses in the past before vaccines are just sickly types! I hope you wash your hands if you are sick with a cold or flu.

    • Kitten says:

      Auntie GoodNames is giving you very sage advice here.

    • Naddie says:

      You think it’s funny to pee in the sink too?

    • I could believe that if it were about regular dirt. But this is fecal matter we are talking about. You can easily spread e.coli around and make people dangerously sick. Not to mention hand washing is one of the best ways to limit the spread of really infectious illnesses that go around. Do you remember H1N1, SARS, Norwalk, influenza, etc.? They spread like wildfire.

    • luce says:

      Reading stuff like this just reinforces how we all need to be cautious in public spaces and remember the hygiene of everyone is not the same. Basic hand washing is not making anyone sick, and if your father is a health inspector, that should be part of his job to ensure restaurant employees are doing so. Disgusting.

  32. Helo says:

    Oh come on…way too much pearl clutching this morning. It was supposed to be a campfire gross out session, people. Calm down.

  33. InvaderTak says:

    What adult in a public place even needs to do that? Even in the worst of dive bars that I have patronized if I was that drunk and needed to go that bad I used a stall in the men’s room. There has never been a time in my adult life where i considered using a sink.

  34. SamLT says:

    When I was in high school we did a test in Biology class. We took samples of unwashed hands and the faucets and doorknobs in the school’s girls room. There were more bacteria on the faucets than on your hands. The doorhandles were the worst. I stopped washing my hands on public restrooms too. You know if there’s no spillage. Different for guys Of course as they have direct contact 😜

    • Anne tommy says:

      I take your point, but you can alternatively use an antibacterial gel. Not directed at you SamLT but It’s amazing how many “respectable” people have such poor hygiene. It’s antisocial behaviour.

  35. Ohhh says:

    She’s a skank no 1. Disgusting and unlady like

    • Jules says:

      @Ohhh: WTF???…no, Jennifer Lawrence is an accomplished actress who, by all accounts is a decent person with a sense of humor that most seem to love while a few others do not.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        The peoples love her for the same reasons than they love Donald Trump …Trump and JLaw are no filter and ignorant and proud to be

  36. HK9 says:

    Yesterday at work I walked into the faculty lounge to find the head of Diagnostic Imaging brushing her teeth over the sink complete with unwashed dishes beneath her foaming mouth. After that, I can believe almost anything.

  37. boredblond says:

    Overrated, overpaid, immature.

  38. Crumpet says:

    People have gotten way to crazy about trying to avoid all the ‘bugs’. But yeah, washing hands after a public restroom is a very good idea. But I will admit to peeing in a sink. *cringe* I was dying and my boyfriend was taking a very looooong shower where the only toilet was. It was a long time ago, and I’m pretty sure I cleaned the sink afterward. But it was a desperation move, not something I do on a regular basis.

  39. vauvert says:

    For all those who think that we are pearl clutching over the unwashed hands etc.:
    I have a chronic illness and my meds are complete immune-suppressants. So every germ I come in contact with makes me incredibly ill, and every course of antibiotics I have to take aggravates my original illness. Many people including the very young, the elderly, those who have gone through chemo, have the same issues.
    Public hygiene, just like vaccination, is a matter of more than your own health. It is something we do for the sake of everyone else as well. So before you roll your eyes and think you are a rebel and cool and you don’t need to wash your own hands because you don’t give a fig, take a moment and realize that there is a reason we have these facilities today as opposed to using the ditch and a leaf, middle age style.
    Thank you.

    • Naddie says:

      Exactly. I can bath myself in my toilet water if I want, as long as I do it in my own house and stay there, and not in a public place.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Thank you.

    • Enui says:

      Thank you! I do not understand why asking people to perform the most basic type of courtesy and wash their freaking hands is considered “pearl clutching”. No one is asking people to dip themselves in bleach!

      If a person is really worried about touching the faucet or door after washing their hands, hold it with a paper towel. The mental gymnastics of the people who think it is okay to not wash their hands when they’ve used a public facility is weird.

      BTW: I work with a woman who does not wash her hands at work. She claims that the soap they have in the bathroom is too drying. She could bring in her own, and we have in the past had moisturizing soaps, but she won’t use those either. Then she brings in LOADS of home baked goodies. I won’t touch them, and funny, she and her family have stomach “flus” all the time. Go figure.

  40. ela says:

    Gawd, in my country we should have public health advertisements advising us to wash our hands after using the toilet, to avoid things like, oh you know CHOLERA!!! Wash you hands, people, it really shouldn’t be optional if a running tap is available.

  41. mer1 says:

    I guess that was the whole piece ? I found it unsettling how it became all about her… shouldnt the other guys be included more? She seemed a bit off there. I have watched a number of her interviews but not enough to know her every behavior. She just seemed on auto-pilot and going off in any direction without any real thought.

  42. ell says:

    can I just… how does a girl pee in the sink?? in a bidet, fine, I get it. but in the sink how does it even work?

    and i can’t with her. i like when a celebrity has a more honest approach, but some of the things she says are downright odd tmi.

    • lisa says:

      i dont know at all

      is this only for contortionists or giants?

      seems like a lot of effort to be vile trash

      • Goodnight says:

        They sit up on the counter and scoot back until they’re positioned sitting over the sink. Personally I have never done this, but I have seen other people do it. Made me paranoid as hell about public toilets.

  43. K says:

    That is just disgusting! She doesn’t wash her hands! I will say this I think people who don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom are some of the worst people on the planet!! This is a major public health issue, there is a reason people are legal REQUIRED to in restaurants!!!! It just shows how selfish, poorly raised and inconsiderate to others this girl is. My god if I was other celebrities, journalists, hell anyone I couldn’t handle touching anything after her or being near her. I’m so sickened by this I honestly don’t think I can handle seeing her in a movie. The hand washing thing is my biggest issue, I might actually throw up.

    • Gill B says:

      To be fair, she probably washes her hands 95% of the time, and was just talking shit in the interview. It’s still fairly gross, though – and I’m normally a big fan of her.

      • K says:

        Sorry not doing it 100% is inexcusable to me. So yeah she can think she is cute but it’s disgusting and I just cringe thinking of all those poor actors who have to work with her that she touches! My god she she touched children in her last big movie!!

      • evermore says:

        Or she doesn’t wash her hands most of the time.

    • luce says:

      I fully agree

  44. Kiki says:

    I am so done with JLaw. I have defended her at some point, because I love her take charge attitude. But the silly walrus faces and drawing mustache was bad enough, I said she needs to grow up, and some of her “fans” were in defense with oh she can have fun. Now I can take peeing in the garden, cause you can’t hold it, but I wash my face, brush my teeth in that sink, and you are urinating in my sink. You draw the last stick with me.

    • Sochan says:

      She’s become spoiled. It’s what happens when a girl comes from out of nowhere and gets a multi-million dollar career and awards handed to her before the age of 25. Eventually she believes her own hype. She believes she can say anything, no matter how gross, rude, or disrespectful, and folks who complain “are just uptight”.

      • teacakes says:

        but I don’t recall Keira Knightley or Scarlett Johansson – who also got famous out of nowhere before the age of 20 – ever pulling antics like this. Or is it just the effect of getting an Oscar?

  45. kri says:

    If I ever walk into a public bathroom and see JLaw squatting in a sink while eating Doritos, I would be grossed out, but not surprised. I never thought I would ever be able to type that statement.

  46. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I used the gents’ loo on very few occasions and only because of the queues at ladies’ loo and me not being able to wait. Got some strange looks, I was very embarrassed, but what to do.
    If what she says about peeing in a sink and not washing her hands after going to the loo is true, then she’s utterly disgusting

  47. Jayna says:

    Not cute, not free-spirited. Just gross. I honestly don’t get what a much older Chris Martin saw in her with such immaturity.

    I really like her acting, though.

  48. just me says:

    I LOL’d when I saw the headline under that walrus pic. Hehehe. That is all.

  49. Matador says:

    She is absolutely gross.

  50. JudyK says:

    Some things just should not be shared. That is disgusting.

  51. Kate says:

    After being put-off by her public image, I eventually and reluctantly conceded that she’s a charismatic and wonderful presence onscreen, really talented. I don’t think she deserved the Oscar, but I think she has the ability and potential to be a truly great actress someday. But here she is trying way too hard to be adorable and reminding me what it was about her public image and personality that I initially found so abrasive.

  52. Megan says:

    Who would liberal Hollywood has as President? Kanye West? I think having that stupid uneducated rap star as POTUS would be worse then Trump.

    • Kitten says:

      Um I think liberal Hollywood just wants a qualified candidate, not a reality TV star with a dead marmot on his head.

    • Bae says:

      Kanye at least isn’t evil incarnate. If the apocalypse happened and the only options were Kanye and Trump, I’d pick Kanye.

  53. Kat says:

    I admit to peeing in a sink. My husband and I used to have only 1 bathroom and one day he was taking so long in there my pregnant bladder couldn’t take it and I had to use the kitchen sink. Not my finest moment, but it was either that or pee myself. Some bleach and the sink was fine. It’s not such a big deal people.

    • Korra says:

      Yeah but at least you knew? Would it be a big deal if someone came and did it in your sink? I mean in general if it’s her house, I do not care. But like out and about? At someone else’s place or a public restroom? It’s trying a little hard to be funny and shocking. I’m not outraged. Jesus I’m not going to call her a skank or vulgar. But I know I’d be grossed out if I found out someone did that.

      • SamLT says:

        I’m sure she doesn’t mean a kitchen sink but if you listen to the interview she’s talking about going to a restroom in a bar with a friend, so she’s talking about a sink in a toilet stall. I’ve done that when I’ve been in a bar and a girlfriends been on the toilet.

      • korra says:

        I never said it was a kitchen sink. My comment is pretty clear that it’s a public restroom, or someone else’s place when all other bathrooms are full etc. I think the reactions to this are over the top. She’s not a skank, vulgar, etc. But I do think it’s gross. I mean I’m sure you’ve done it, but lol you still wouldn’t be grossed out if someone else did it? Would you go to the bathroom after you knew someone peed in the sink there ya know? I mean I get it, I’m sure much worse has been done, but it would still gross you out.

    • FingerBinger says:

      @Kat It is a big deal. You did that at hone. It’s gross but you can do whatever you want in your home. If I’m reading it correctly she’s doing this in public bathrooms or at other people’s homes. It’s disgusting.

      • Kat says:

        I think you guys are right… I didn’t think about it in those terms of just peeing in sinks all over the place. I did it in an emergency (pregnancy plus husband who takes 40 min in the bathroom happened to equal a one time sink pee), but if this is her norm then that’s just… Bizarre.

    • SamLT says:

      Sorry, I thought I answered to Kat and not to you Korra.

  54. Sochan says:

    Vulgar and crass little girl.

    Moving on.

  55. Louise says:

    Like come on….. i’m no prude but this is just gross.

  56. db says:

    I feel like she’s making shiz up for attention now.

  57. AntiSocialButterfly says:

    Peeing in the sink? Gross and unbelievably inconsiderate.
    Not washing? You are a pig, Jennifer.

  58. J says:

    I don’t know why she’d think that’s funny. It’s just as gross as Justin Bieber peeing in the mop bucket.

  59. Nicolette says:

    Disgusting. Maybe don’t wait so long to get to a bathroom that you are at the breaking point that makes you unable to hold it until a stall is free. I find women’s public restrooms to be just filthy most of the time. And I don’t blame those who are there cleaning them, I blame the users. The ones who pee all over the seat so I have to wipe it off with toilet paper and then line the seat before I sit. If that much urine is spraying all over the seat isn’t it spraying on the person’s legs and clothes as well? Or how about those who leave their bloody tampons and pads laying open in the trash so those following have to see it. And worst of the worst, those who have explosive diarrhea and don’t flush. And washing your hands is a no brainer. Why would you want to be in a bathroom and leave it without washing? It’s pretty basic hygiene. When I was in ICU last year one of my nurses was waiting outside the bathroom to help me back to bed. She told me how happy she was to hear me using the sink and washing my hands. My response was that I always wash up. She told me I’d be surprised how many people do not. It takes a few moments and shouldn’t be a big deal.

  60. Former Fan says:

    Lawrence is SO beautiful and unbelievable fortunate in her career, but why she chose to have such an ugly, disgusting, vulgar personality?? Is she think its funny?? NO, JLaw it’s not only NOT funny but crass, ignorant, vulgar and trashy… She has level of intelligence like Lindsey Lohan… Is that appropriate to say stuff like that for OSCAR WINNER??? Can you imagine reaction IF AnnE Hathaway or Kristen Stewart or anyone else say this -they would be CRUCIFIED in media, while JLaw has free pass for all the bullshit that comes from her mouth…WHY?? Because she is white blue eyed blonde??
    Back in the day I was the biggest fan -now I couldnt stand her – she is become arrogant, ignorant, narcissistic, full of herself attention seeker… All this tens of millions and extreme fame change her into one more entitled hollywood starlet… SO disappointing (((
    p/s/ english is not my native language – sorry for mistakes ^)

    • Nessa says:

      All of this is accurate.

    • danielle says:

      I’m not even her fan, but I think you’re being too hard on her, I think she is a bit of an attention seeker and yeah sometimes she can be gross, grating and a bit annoying, but I think she is harmless and seems nice and humble.

    • Goodnight says:

      I’ve been saying this since the oscar bird flipping days. If Anne or Kristen or anyone else did anything she does they would be crucified.

  61. Former Fan says:

    Just wonder,is that necessary for her constantly to say some dumb, ignorant, vulgar, superficial, offencive bull–shit?? When last time she said anything meaningful, smart, significant? Did she ever discussing feminism or sexism of Hollywood? Did she ever express her opinion on underpay for female artist? Or anything what she can talk about -is toilet humor??

    • Josefa says:

      Eh, I’d happily take less talk about feminism by actresses. They act. They belong to the entertainment business. I like reading other people’s thoughts on feminism, by people who have actually studied the matter and have something new to say. Actresses at best will say pretty basic stuff we already know (like Viola Davis or Patricia Arquette), and at worst will negate the label and spew nonsense (like Shailene Woodley and Kaley Cuoco). And that’s fine, because educating people on feminism is not their job. I feel like by having these uneducated women talk about feminism we’re only trivializing the subject.

  62. Sarah01 says:

    She is disgusting and can’t act. My kids lie the hunger games but say she ruins Katniss, they could have chosen a young Keira Knightly maybe Ella Purnell.

    • Genie G says:

      Can’t act? Come on – that’s obviously nonsense. You might not like her, but she’s an excellent actor. And, incidentally, I like Ella Purnell but she would completely lack the physicality necessary to play Katniss, just as would Keira Knightley.

  63. lucy says:

    How is this even possible? Does she have a penis?

    • Carmen says:

      She probably sits on top of the sink and pees straight down. Go figure.

      I have a feeling her sell-by date is approaching fairly soon.

      • lisa2 says:

        Why is this something she felt the need to share. WHY? Why?

        I don’t get it. She is not some teen talking to her friends. This isn’t funny then; certainly not for someone acting like they are an adult. Maybe this is her greatest performance to date.

  64. Amy Tennant says:

    Stars. They are sure the hell not like us.

  65. Neil says:

    I must be in the minority. She had me howling. So funny. She needs to do a lot worse than not wash her hands before I change my mind about her.

  66. Lizzieb says:

    Basic good manners and hygiene; wash hands before leaving the bathroom! She’s trash. I would like to know who she had to do to get the parts she’s be given. That’d be way more interesting than her bathroom habits or lack thereof.

  67. SMP says:

    Oh come on everyone, I think it’s clear that she’s joking around. Lighten up!

  68. Corey says:

    Gross or not. At least she illicits some reaction. She is supposed to entertain after all. It’s her job. So tired of these prim and proper actresses.

  69. Josefa says:

    “There are days when it’s tough to be a Jennifer Lawrence defender, and one of those days is today.”

    I feel ya, sister. This is just gross. Friends of mine have peed in sinks when they were extremely drunk and their uncontrollable bladders and drunken brains thought that was the best option. Jen’s talking about it like a normal occurence, which is just disgusting.

  70. cat says:

    Exactly how does a woman pee in the sink??? I am petite, so I can’t see how a woman can actually do it. No do I understand, why a woman would want to pee in sink. Do this mean public sinks? I am just going to assume Jennifer is joking, but what is the point of the joke? Are we suppose to find this funny or cute? With every over exuberant interview, I like Jennifer less.

  71. lisa2 says:

    I guess Jennifer is a special snowflake.. no matter how many gross things she says.. is it still so cute and down to earth. The same people saying how this is just her being her will attack other women for doing nothing really.. but I guess Jlaw is getting the forever pass. Where is the line.. I would love to see it so I’ll know when she crosses it for her fans.

    I dread her promoting movies; because it just gets so over done time and time again.

  72. stinky says:

    i wouldnt miss her.

  73. stinky says:

    you know that moment when you think you’re better than somebody?
    it’s when they divulge their ‘realness’ and it’s something you’d have never dreamt of doing on your saddest, drunkest day.

  74. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Okay – Jennifer Lawrence is just an asshole now. Drugs? Exhaustion & dehydration?

    • Apnne tommy says:

      At least if she’s dehydrated she won’t need to pee as much…

    • luce says:

      Mental illness? I’m serious. I do think she has a bit of it, and while most actors probably do to an extent, this behavior along with what she shares about her background indicate larger issues that get overlooked because she is just “wacky law,” but I have no doubt that her publicist thinks she is a nightmare.

  75. TopCat says:

    I don’t mind Jen’s comments at all for several reasons:

    1. I have peed in some sinks too, pretty much my own bathroom sink. I’ve also been known to pee in baths or swimming pools. I’ve peed in sinks when I’ve been busting for the bathroom, particularly as I’ve had kidney stones and have to drink 3 litres a day of water. It’s actually very easy to pee on a sink: you hop up, put your arms on both sides of the sink to hold yourself over it, pee and rinse water down the sink.

    2. A lot of people have gross habits or have done something gross at least once. Even if you’ve washed your hands every time you’ve peed, I’m sure you’ve done something gross or unhygienic at some point in time. If you don’t clean your phone, then it’s caked in dead skin cells and foundation. Have you ever eaten something off of the floor? I have. Picked a spot? I have. I completely get that it grosses people out but I can’t lie, I’ve done it.

    3. It is also possible to pee without washing your hands and still by hygienic. I always wash my hands with two exceptions: when I’ve had very dry, excema on my hands and when the taps haven’t worked. I use a tissue to get into the bathroom, a new tissue to open the bathroom stall, another tissue to wipe myself, another tissue to open stall and one more to open the bathroom door to exit. I’ve peed, I haven’t washed my hands but I haven’t contaminated the bathroom so it is perfectly possible to do.

    I still love Jen because she is possibly the ONLY female in Hollywood who can say what she wants without getting blacklisted.

    So many actresses are kept mum that I enjoy Jen’s refreshing candidness. I hope Hollywood never silences her.

    • Apnne tommy says:

      Topcat, peeing in pools is horrible and without going into the issue any more than I have to, if you wipe yourself you need to wash your hands. I like Jen a lot but this stuff is juvenile.

  76. LAK says:

    As if my public toilet phobia needed to add items to make it worse………

  77. Miran says:

    She is just gross, I hope people get tired of her soon.

  78. soxfan says:

    She was raised by wolves. That HAS to explain it, because what human does this?

  79. kimbers says:

    Far more white trash than britney ever was and brit walked onto a gas station bathroom barefoot…