Tori Spelling admits sleeping with Jason Priestley & kissing Luke Perry

As we discussed on Friday, Tori Spelling appeared on Lifetime’s Celebrity Lie Detector to drum up publicity for herself The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story, which aired on Saturday evening. Part of me still feels bad that Tori can’t move on from 90210 like many of her co-stars. Even Hilary Swank appeared on the show as one of Ian Ziering’s girlfriends. Anyway, an advance Lifetime clip showed Tori saying she slept with two of her co-stars. Everyone already knew about Brian Austin Green. So we were left to wonder whether she meant Jason Priestly or Luke Perry.

In the above clip, Tori admits feeling puzzled about how Aaron Spelling only left her $800,000 in his will. Now that the episode has aired in full, here’s what went down with the more juicy questions:

She banged Priestley: “It was a summer fling, it was off set, It was our version of, like, a summer romance, the 90210 version and that was it. You know, we stayed great friends for the rest of the run, and beyond that, but yeah, we had that one summer fling.”

Perry kissed her on her 18th birthday: “It was like for a second, but it was like for a young girl that was everything. But no, we never had sex.”

Shannen Doherty showed up late once, and Ian Zierling got mad: “Ian turns to her and he said, ‘You are a c***. She looked at him and she goes, ‘What did you say?’ and he said, ‘Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.'”

On her “small” inheritance: “It still confuses me. I know he worked so hard … I don’t really understand the thought process behind it.”

[From Lifetime’s Celebrity Lie Detector]

Tori’s befuddlement over her teeny-tiny inheritance is a bit silly. Many people could live on that amount for the rest of their lives. I certainly could, and with some good investment, that money could provide for a pretty sweet lifestyle. Tori just blew the money like she does with all of her earnings, and she seems ungrateful that her dad set her up with the only career she ever had. Sure, she’s a terrible actress and an even worse liar, but she could have made something out of the 90210 momentum. Actually, she did make a pretty solid living for a few decades. If only she didn’t regularly live above her means, Tori and her family would be more than fine right now.

Also, I guessed correctly — she totally slept with Priestley. Tori’s lucky to have kissed Luke Perry too! She went from guys like that to Dean McDermott. Talk about a downgrade. Are you surprised to hear Shannen Doherty angered even the mild-mannered Ian Ziering?

Luke Perry

Jason Priestley

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  1. sensible says:

    Whenever I look at Tori, all I can think of is Admiral Ackbar.

  2. BengalCat2000 says:

    She was ok in The House of Yes…she should go back to indies or Lifetime movies. She’s not a great actress for the most part but I think she ruined a lot of prospects with her terrible reality shows.

  3. Jegede says:

    Nooooooooo! Not Brandon. Not you Walshie.

    I reject it. I rebuke it.

    Apparently in Priestley’s memoir (I haven’t got round to ordering it yet) he alludes to flirtations with Doherty & Garth but makes ZERO mention, or hint of anything with Tori.

    Lol. He can’t be too thrilled at this.

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      I read it and he barely mentions her. He also doesn’t even mention his first marriage. It was kind of boring and dissapointing. Not very many juicy details and he came across as an asshole. Don’t waste your money and get it at your local library.

      • Naya says:

        I cant remember why or where I got the idea that Jason Priestley is a mega asshole but thank you for confirming that impression. What does he have to say about Shannon in the memoir?

      • Jegede says:


        Thanks for the heads up.

        I had no idea he was married before.
        I know he dated Blake Lively’s sister, Teen Witch! Robyn, for a long time and was engaged to his co star Christine Ellis but no idea he was married.

        Funny thing is that in interviews, Jason alludes to bad behaviour on the 90210 set (especially him and Perry), and is open about how almost sexually aggressive it all was, so surprised to hear his tome is tame.

        He also confirmed Jennie Garth and Luke Perry’s off set relationship (he’s still tight with Perry) and joked he wanted them to get married.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        @Naya, he just talks about how entitled SD was. She expected to be driven in limos instead of town cars, private jets etc. He also said she tried to get people she didn’t like fired. Nothing you can’t find on the internet which is why I was pissed at myself for reading it.
        @Naya, you’re welcome! It’s the kind of book you can read in a few hours. He pretty much kisses Aaron Spelling’s ass thru the whole thing and stops short of juicy revelations.

      • bettyrose says:

        I have never understand JP’s appeal. He’s a tiny little guy, which is okay for a nerdy type, but even his character always came across as a smug dbag. Hardly worth bragging about .

    • Kitten says:

      LOL! That’s hilarious, Jegede!

  4. Talie says:

    Well, she got Jason the job because she had a crush on him, so I’m not surprised.

  5. NewWester says:

    I want to hear what Jason has to say about this “summer romance” with Tori

  6. Bridget says:

    Jason Priestley can’t be thrilled at this.

  7. Vesta says:

    What? Donna isn’t a virgin? I feel betrayed.

    • ell says:

      lmao, didn’t she lose her virginity to david at some point? i was super young when 90210 was on, way too young to watch it, but my cousin who used to babysit me watched it and i clearly remember some scene of donna in her underwear having sex for the first time with david…

      • bettyrose says:

        If I recall Donna didn’t become a virgin until season 2. When Brenda first meets Kelly & Donna, they’re both good time party girls.

      • yellow says:

        I think she actually waited till sometime in college… but I could totally be remembering wrong.

  8. Danielle says:

    Her parents did a huge disservice to her by letting her act. I don’t know why they didn’t try harder to get her an education. I think producers make a lot more than third rate actresses. And let’s face, actresses are expected to be beautiful and Tori is not. Unfair, but true.

    • Naya says:

      Because being a producer is its own skills set, much of which has to do with personality type. Besides requiring an eye for talent and marketable story, you have to have bulldog tenacity, an ability to take the constant betrayal on the chin and a heart of stone to betray a few people yourself. The few celebrities who have successfully set up production houses have their partners dealing with the murky world of butting heads with the talent or the studio while they focus on the creative aspects and attracting financing. But Tori has never had the creativity or the brand name to qualify for the cushy type of producer gig either.

    • Crumpet says:

      I agree.

    • Cam says:

      All those LA kids grow up around the industry and that’s all they think is of value. Look at all those useless “models” like the Baldwin girls, the Hadid kids, Johnny Depp’s child, Cindy Crawford’s kids. Arnold Schwarnegger’s kids seem all right; only the older boy is a “model.” James Cameron makes an effort to get his kids out of there (they live part of the year in rural NZ or something). Tori Spelling’s life just seems so sad. She was actually okay as an actress, but not mega talented.

      • Cam says:

        Just to add, they grow up so privileged but so many of them don’t even go to college. Paris Hilton, the Kardashians. I’m pretty sure Tori didn’t bother either. So, so sad.

  9. Christine says:

    just like Jason doesn’t mention Tori, Tori doesn’t mention Ian. Poor Ian.

    • Naya says:

      Its Iain not Ian. Lol. The guy is such a dbag about his name (remember Celebrity Apprentice?) and pretty much about life in general (remember Celebrity Apprentice?!). Anyway, I’m sure that Sharknado money will ease his pain,

      • perplexed says:

        I thought Ian Ziering was the least attractive male cast member of that show, but weirdly he seems to have aged better than I would have expected. Or at least I wouldn’t be able to tell he’s 50 whatever (I can’t remember if he was younger or older than Andrea). Maybe not having the mullet helps…

      • holly hobby says:

        Well Luke Perry didn’t look too bad. I saw him in Body of Proof and he looked good for his age. I’m sure Jason Priestly would have aged well too if he didn’t have that car accident. He obviously had to get patched up in the face.

      • Miss E says:

        So true! 20+ years ago my sister was at a nightclub called the Roxbury in Orange County and at closing she ended up next to him as she was leaving and asked for an autograph for her little sister and he said “no he didn’t want to start mob.” He was a total dickhead! From not wanting a scene to Sharkanado how the mighty have fallen 😛!

  10. Betti says:

    I can”t imagine he will be pleased with this (if its true – lets not forget she has a history of exaggerating the truth) and I expect him to either keep silent or rebuke it – either way its a sad attention seeking attempt from her.

    • holly hobby says:

      I remember how he talked about seeing his wedding invite for sale on one of her shows. He wasn’t thrilled about that either! Yeah I borrowed his bio from the library.

    • Cam says:

      He already said something on Twitter, and he did not deny it.

  11. LT says:

    Not trying to defend Tori’s lavish spending, but no, most people cannot live on $800k for the rest of their lives. Basic retirement planning says you need to have enough of a nest egg to be able to cover your living expenses with income generated from interest. Assuming about 4% intrest income, you would need $1M to generate $40K, which is below the threshold for middle class in most states. Yes, she could have used the $800k as seed money to make some good investments to grow her nest egg much larger, but I don’t think she’s doing a “poor little rich girl” act by saying that $800k really is not that much, all things considered.

    • barca4ever says:

      Thank you for acknowledging how little this is even for a regular person. I live in a place where the cost if living is high and getting a middle class home will cost you in the 600 thousand rage. She must really have ticked him off.

    • Crumpet says:

      Thank you.

    • Jag says:

      I was living quite well on $23k a year before I became disabled, so almost $40k a year – from $800k – would be heaven. lol

    • smcollins says:

      Given the lifestyle she grew up with and was accustomed to, then yes, for her $800k was a lousy inheritance. Still not something to bitch about, but I’m sure was disappointing for her. But for a lot of people (myself included) that kind of inheritance would indeed set us up for the rest of our lives. Living modestly, and spending and/or investing wisely would ensure that. So, yeah…cry me a river over her “unfortunate” situation.

      • Andrea says:

        Was it her divorce that upset her father? I have my inheritance in an irrevocable trust that my mother cannot touch and I receive upon my father’s death. It is 2/3 of his money. The house and a small sum goes to my mother. Some people say that is terrible what my father is doing to my mother, but she hasn’t been a nice person to myself or my father for decades(my earliest memories are my mother threatening to kill me and beating me). I stand to inherit a few million, but I would say Tori’s divorce or endless spending must have been the reason why she got cut out, typically children don’t get cut out often. I plan to live off of the interest, buy a house outright, and work part-time once I inherit. I can’t imagine I could do anything to get cut out at this point(given what my mother has done)

      • jjva says:

        @Andrea: your story is really interesting. I’m sorry you grew up with a mom like that.

      • paddyjr says:

        It may have been that Aaron left his children a (relatively) small inheritance with the idea that they would inherit the remainder of his estate when his widow, Candy, passes. Given how Tori squandered the inheritance and her earnings, I would be surprised if Candy left her anything.

        What really bothers me is that she thinks she is owed an inheritance from her father and acts as though all of her problems are because she wasn’t given more money. Aaron probably thought, with some (!) influence from Candy, that he given his children everything (including “careers”) when they were growing up and that they could stand on their own. Unfortunately, Tori seems to be an immature famewhore who always has to be the victim. Maybe this is her parents’ fault, but every time I see her, I want to slap her and say “snap out of it!” She is a 40-something mother and wife. She just needs to grow the hell up.

    • Josephine says:

      I think most people would not expect to do nothing and earn nothing past their late 20s/early 30’s. I think the $800,000 would be plenty for any normal person who expects to work and earn their own money until retirement age. And she got more than money from him in any event – she got a job that pays residuals and she got connections and a foot in the door.

      What I don’t understand is why the money befuddles her. I know of no person who inherited money from one parent when the other is still alive, and yes, I know people from very wealthy families.

      • Andrea says:

        Read my post above. I am going to inherit the majority of my father’ s earnings and my mother is getting virtually shut out. I guess I am a special case/circumstances?

      • Bridget says:

        Andrea, that actually is unusual (though it sounds like you realize that). For one thing, there are a lot of tax implications with large estates going to anyone but the spouse.

    • Veronica says:

      For the income level she was used to? Sure, it’s nothing. But $800,000 would have bought you a more than decent home (and car, for that matter) in most areas, which would pad your income until you could get yourself a decent job. Or , y’know, pay for college. She may not be pulling the “poor little rich girl” card intentionally, but it does reflect a highly sheltered sense of privilege and entitlement. There are plenty of people in the US who barely break $30,000 and have thousands in student debt on top of that. Her father may have been a douchebag, but he still left her with leagues above most.

    • cr says:

      800,000 isn’t that much, especially at her age. But she was also working, and if she’d had better money managements skills, and even a bit of common sense, she’d be doing better than 99% of us.
      She’s made her own mess, and still refuses to acknowledge that.

    • lucy2 says:

      If you have no other means of income, it could be tough to stretch the $800K for the rest of your life.
      Tori, though, was on a hit show for 10 years (thanks to her dad) and has (inexplicably) gotten book deals and reality shows. I think her dad knew how she lived, and made that choice very carefully.

    • Bridget says:

      First off, that’s incorrect. $800K if invested even reasonably well, should easily grow into a pretty fantastic retirement fund.

      And second: with an estate the size of Aaron Spelling’s, for tax purposes it was always going to go directly to Candy, the spouse. i can guarantee you that Tori got her real share of it years ago in the form of a trust, especially considering the pretty huge tax implications with an estate the size of Aaron Spelling’s. But Tori never mentions this, of course. Do you notice that Randy Spelling isn’t doing a ‘poor me’ tour?

      Don’t forget that Tori worked for YEARS and has clearly not put away any of that money. She must have amassed a lot of personal earnings after a decade on 90210, books, reality shows, and Lifetime movies, and managed to spend all of that. It didn’t matter how much Aaron would have left Tori, she would have spent every last dime.

      • Bridget says:

        And to take it further: if you’re investing $800K, you’re not slapping it into a bank account at 4% interest. Someone as young as Tori is going to put it into a higher yielding portfolio of investments. Plus with retirement money, you don’t live on the interest until you need to – the whole point is that the money compounds. Haven’t you heard of the Rule Of 7?

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Thanks Bridget, I’m sitting here at work thinking about the Fund we set up for legal aid programs when the gov’t cut their grants. Our goal was to have $1million donated so it would be become self-sufficient and only the interest is ever allocated to the legal aid programs. The actual endowment ($1million) is never touched – just earns the interest to be used. If we can do that with $1million, yes, she could do that with $800K. The trick is to live modestly for a while until it yields the interest to live off of. I know, living modestly even temporarily, silly me.

      • Bridget says:

        We’re also assuming that Tori isn’t making any income at all right now, which is untrue. If we’re seeing her on TV, she’s being paid. Plus, don’t forget that Candie covers most of the expenses for those kids, so Tori isn’t on the hook for tuition or anything like that.

      • LT says:

        It’s the Rule of 72.

        My point was that 4% would have been a good return rate from interest alone. $800k is not enough to be “set for life,” as CB initially implied – it could be used as seed money to grow a larger nest egg, but $800k alone is not enough money for Tori Spelling or anyone who wants to maintain a standard middle class lifestyle through retirement.

    • holly hobby says:

      Well if she actually worked and generated income, it would be more than $800k. Sorry but if her brother can live off that she can too.

      • Tammy says:

        He was just as confused as Tori was at being left less than $1 million when his father was worth $500 million dollars. He lives normally, as he calls it, so I doubt he was able to live off of the $800,000. He never said what he did with his inheritance, he simply moved to Oregon and works as a life coach.

        The difference is he learned to adjust to living “normally” or modestly as you call it, Tori did not. It took Tori’s mother, Candy, years to recognize that her lifestyle was simply outrageous and maybe Tori will get there too. Keep in mind, Candy didn’t realize this until years after Aaron’s death and she still spent a ridiculous amount of money downsizing from where she lived with Aaron to the condo she had built. $35 million!

      • Bridget says:

        Randy Spelling left Hollywood years ago because he was battling a raging coke addiction. That $800K most likely went up his nose. For what it’s worth he seems genuinely happy now where he’s at, and the biggest difference is that Tori gets an enormous amount of financial support from Candie (she pays the kids tuition, etc) where it sounds like Randy may actually be going it on his own.

    • Wren33 says:

      I agree. Obviously, it is a vast sum for most people, and would put her way ahead in turns of buying a house and building a retirement nest egg. I only object to saying you could live “a pretty sweet lifestyle” off of about $32K for a family of 5 or 6 or whatever she has. Better than a lot of people have, but if you are going to put most of it in stocks and hope for larger returns you have to have enough income from work that you are pretty much leaving that alone. So, no I am not going to feel sorry for her from inheriting that much, but I also think it is the symbolism. It would be the equivalent of your dad giving you $30 as an inheritance if his total estate was worth $1 million.

  12. serena says:

    I loved that show so much!!! But I was never into Tori’s character to be honest, seems it was as dull as her real life persona, just more ‘annoying-bubbly’.
    Anyway I know some of them were/are asshole off that set.. Not all luckily.

  13. schmoopy says:

    I watched this the other night and noticed something about Tori’s face. When she would talk and purse her lips she reminded me of someone. It took me a while to figure out who it was, but finally it came to me. Kris Jenner! Their faces, especially lips, are so similar. They must have the same plastic surgeon.

  14. Little Darling says:

    This show is on Hulu and its rocking my world! Like Perry wore overalls with ONE SUSPENDER OFF in his first episode as cool Dylan McKay (he also very truly looked 30). And Tori, sweet Tori, she looked almost normal back then. No crazy cheeks! Shannon D rocked ATROCIOUS bangs, and Jason Priestly has a street accent in the first few episodes, which is funny considering they came from Minneapolis. (:

    Tori uncovering dirt like this is gross though.

    • ell says:

      andrea looked 40 since always.

      • Nancy says:

        ell: I never understood why Andrea was there. They tried to make these weird story lines to throw her in…..but she was basically filler. She looked like their aunt from Milwaukee or something. She is in her 50’s now. She wasn’t needed on the show…..wonder who she knew to get her on.

      • Moneypenny says:

        I think Andrea was there to be more relatable. She was smart and she wasn’t rich. But I agree, most of her story lines were boring. Remember the one where they had to decorate her aunt’s living room to make it look like she lived there (because she used her aunt’s address to be able to go to West Beverly)?

      • Bridget says:

        At the start, it was a combination of characters – the fancy, Beverly Hills crowd, but also the parents, the nerdy freshmen (David & Scott), and of course Andrea. It’s funny to think that Gabrielle Carteris originally auditioned for Brenda.

      • Magpie says:

        gc was so miscast. She could have started nerdy at first but Morphed into sexy grunge intellectual later (early 90,s). But since she lacked any sex appeal and looked really old, she was just filler till the end and Brandon went on to girls like Emily Valentine.

  15. Cali says:

    Tori and Kendra Wilkinson both keep trying to do/say anything to get press. It’s become pretty sad. They need a Famewhore Detox show…

  16. Isa says:

    She would have financial trouble no matter the amount of money he left her.

  17. FingerBinger says:

    Tori grew up in one of the biggest mansions in California. Her father produced some of the biggest tv shows of all time. She had every whim fufilled growing up. 800k is a paltry sum compared to what she grew up with.

    • justagirl says:

      ^^exactly. By casting her in his shows & any other nepotism-related acting gigs she got, her father prevented her from getting a wake-up call of her actual abilities.

      Encouraging lavish tastes, not promoting an education or independent thinking….that cripples a child, leaves them thinking they are a special snowflake, feeling entitled, and having no idea the confidence & belief in self they are missing.

      Regardless of what the rest of us think of the 800K, he set her up for failure with no skills or idea of real life. He failed as a parent, didn’t like her choices as an adult, and then spitefully left her a paltry amount.

      • cr says:

        Do I think that the Spellings did a bad job of parenting her? Yes. But, she’s an adult, even with that, at some point reality should kick in and she should realize ‘time for a backup plan.’ She doesn’t make good decisions.

      • Neah23 says:

        Tori is a grown a$$ women who failures are her in own not her fathers. It’s time me we stop blaming the parents of grown a$$ people and look at these adults to take responsibility for their own actions and failures.

    • Bridget says:

      What about her trust fund then? Or the money she’s earned? And since when do we expect someone to bypass their spouse (who doesn’t have to pay estate taxes on the whole thing) in their Will?

      • Jessica says:

        Everyone I know who has a sizeable estate has their kids getting a big chunk of that in their will, or if they don’t have kids, siblings, friends and charities are in there instead.

        If you just have some savings and a house and a few minor assets, then yeah, you leave it all to your spouse because that’s their retirement plan too. But if you have significantly more than your spouse will need to maintain their lifestyle, why wouldn’t you spread it around?

        Someone with Spelling’s wealth only leaving his child $800,000 is extremely unusual, I’ve seen people with less leave their housekeeper more.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I really want to watch the Lifetime movie, and hear Jason’s response to this. I bet he tries to deny it!

    • MSat says:

      It was horrible. Really, really bad. I was a big fan back in the 90s and I couldn’t get through more than 15 minutes of the movie.

  19. Nancy says:

    I grew up watching this show and loved it at the time. Tori’s character was cute, dumb and funny. Plus she really did pick Jason and Shannon because saw her in Heathers and thought she’d be great. Brenda was my fav, loved her bitchiness on and off the show. She was a wild child. I left the zip code when she did. Hated the pairing of Dylan and Kelly. According to the Lifetime movie (who knows if its true or not) they broke up D & B because she was happy to lose her virginity instead of remorseful. Twenty Five years ago! The times they have changed…

    • Andrea says:

      I disliked the show once Shannon left. I really liked Dylan and Brenda’s storyline.

      • Magpie says:

        They broke up d and b because he wrote it into his contract he wouldn’t have to do anymore love scenes with her. That’s how much he hated her. They all did. That said, yes Brenda was my fave.

  20. captain says:

    Jenni Garth was the huge reason for a despair I felt as a teenager, that I could never measure up, because she was so ideally beautiful and girly. I suspect she had the same effect on Tori, who emulated her hair, make-up and manners, but, of course, wasn’t beautiful anyway.

    Her father brought up an entitled, uneducated, spoiled girl. Then put her in the series with gorgeous leads (if the internet existed back then, she would have killed herself. I still remember how we dissed her face. ) And she wasn’t ugly at all, but with other gorgeous girls around, she looked all wrong. He could have done her an amazing service by helping her to get a good career. But no, he left behind a spoilt child, who doesn’t have a profession or education, who literally can’t do ANYTHING for a living. And then he doesn’t leave her money too. I guess he didn’t see how a lot of it was his fault actually.

    • Nayru says:

      I was just about to say exactly this! It’s partially his fault if he brought her into a career she wasn’t suited for, help her to become unqualified for anything, and unmotivated to do anything, then left her with less than she was accustomed to at the end.

    • Nancy says:

      @captain: Funny how we’re all different. I was totally opposite of you. I hated Jennie Garth and her character. She’s on her third husband now, but I digress. Shannon had a horrible reputation on and off the screen, but I related to her, being a twin and petite and bit confrontational! Plus I loved her movie Heathers…jealous much! But we’ve all grown up now, but it’s fun to look back. I wouldn’t worry too much about Tori, I’m sure her mother will leave her the Spelling money.

      • captain says:

        Oh, no! I never identified with Jennie. I saw myself more in Andrea than in anybody else. But I wanted to be like Kelly. )) Despair of the teenager. Totally not fun looking back, I’m soooo happy it’s all in the past.
        I’m not sure, Tori’s problems will be solved by having more money at this point.

  21. perplexed says:

    I did not want to know this information.

  22. lurker says:

    Woah. Weird. What is this show?!

    That’s actually pretty depressing that she’s going on a show that requires her to divulge a bunch of personal, potentially embarrassing or even humiliating information probably just because she’s strapped for cash. It kind of feels like she’s prostituting herself.

    I haven’t heard of this show before. I’m assuming it’s new? Ugh. It all sounds depressingly disgusting. It seems like a way to exploit financially desperate has-beens.

  23. bettyrose says:

    The Lifetime movie was gold. A total Shannon Dougherty hate fest. And awesome Ian Ziering Sharknado joke. Gold.

  24. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    This woman is gross. You know it’s bad when your reality TV show is more exploitative than the Kardashians. Talking about sexual partners from way back when you were a TEEN?

    And these moments should never have been witnessed by anyone except for the two of them:

    Have some f-cking self respect.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Her father not only set her up for failure by leading her to beleive she could act, but he also created a narcissist in catering to her whims and encouraging the elitist entitlement thing. A normal person who actually puts the family first would not use their marital failures for press and money. Her kids will know what she did some day and see their family’s drama played out in the media. That is so not cool. But, I guess who cares about the kids and family if it earns her a buck a two for a new handbag.

  25. LAK says:

    So unnecessary.

  26. iheartgossip says:

    Who cares. IT was 30 years ago. She needs to get over herself.

    • bettyrose says:

      It was 25 years ago – only 20 if this happened 1/2 way through the show’s run. Let’s not age anyone faster than necessary. 😉

  27. MSat says:

    I was a huge 90210 fan back in the day, but that Lifetime movie was unwatchable! It was just so bad and cheesy. The only good thing about it was the actress who played Jennie Garth- she was a dead ringer for her. Other than that, it was painful!