Page Six: Daniel Craig ‘is pretentious & thinks he’s better than Bond’


Last week, we covered Daniel Craig’s TimeOut London interview which was…well, I thought it was a good interview from Daniel specifically. As I said at the time, Daniel often comes across like a surly curmudgeon, and while he was cursing up a storm and saying some violently hyperbolic things in the interview, he was also uncharacteristically chatty and funny. The big headline – which everyone used, including me – was that Daniel would rather “break glass and slash my wrists” than do another Bond movie. After which Ellen Pompeo tweeted “This dude needs a reality check.” Now it seems like the studio agrees with Pompeo.

Daniel Craig, who griped he’d rather “slash his wrists” than do another Bond film just weeks before the new movie “Spectre” is to be released, has been told to shut up by execs at Sony, sources tell Page Six. Bond insiders said Craig’s cranky outburst to Time Out London was brought on by the tough shoot for the latest 007 installment.

One source said, “They had problems initially with the script, Craig was injured on the set and needed knee surgery, and they were still doing re-shoots last month, even though the movie is out in weeks. It was a very difficult shoot, to say the least.”

Another Hollywood insider told us, “Craig is pretentious and thinks he’s better than Bond, that it doesn’t give him the creative range he needs. Plus he hasn’t had a big hit movie outside of the franchise, and he blames that on Bond.”

Sony reps declined to comment. Craig’s rep didn’t respond.

[From Page Six]

Well… I don’t doubt that there are probably some people at the studio who want Daniel to either STFU or find a way to discuss the film without sounding so surly. That being said, I really enjoyed his TimeOut interview. I know I might be in the minority on that, but it was a great read and if you read the full piece, Daniel honestly doesn’t sound that bad. There was a context to the negative statements he made and it’s not like he was calling out people right and left. Also: it’s true that Daniel really hasn’t had much financial success outside of the Bond franchise. Which is a pretty good reason for him to be thankful of what the franchise has given him.


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  1. DavidBowie says:

    You’re not alone. I thought the interview was great.

    • belle de jour says:

      +1. And funny. And I don’t mind for a nanosecond him not putting on the studio’s pink poodle publicity tutu and jumping through the usual hoops; he’d already had quite enough of that already as Bond with this particular shoot… which was clearly what he was referring to in the interview.

      • Kit says:

        If my job caused an injury that needed knee surgery and required me to diet and exercise to extremes to be in peak physical shape, I probably wouldn’t want to go back either. I don’t think he ever said he wasn’t grateful for what he got out of the franchise, he just wants to stop. Settle down, Sony.

  2. p'enny says:

    Did Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiz last year have one of the longest runs and most successful plays on Broadway? you can’t make films when your on stage. Daniel’s out of Bond success has been okay. He did Cowboys film with Harrison ford, which was a bit pants, but i dont remember it bombing and the Girl with Dragon Tatoo. [Okay, that shouldn’t have been remade]

    Actors would give their eye’s and teeth to be in his position. he does need to show some humilty, no matter how hard the role is. He’s earned closed to $40 million from James Bond films, some of us are lucky to earn 0.000001% of that and still garner injuries, battle the rat run of life and only get 4 weeks holiday a year.


    • taxi says:

      Or 2 weeks in the U.S.

    • Anti Bieber says:

      Absolutely, P’enny. A little humility and gratitude would go a long way, but both a bit of a stretch for the arrogant a**hole that is Mr Daniel Craig. For $40M they could break every bone in my body ….

  3. Ginger says:

    Even if the shoot was difficult and you feel like you aren’t up to another Bond film… Try not to sound ungrateful! I’m sure there are plenty of the other actors chomping at the bit to take his place.

    • Naya says:

      Compare his interview with that of Director Sam Mendes on the same mag. Sam conveys the exact same messages; that it was a tough shoot, that he refused to do back-to-back shoots and that this is his last Bond film. But he does it without sounding like a prime dbag. Daniel needs to know that graciousness doesnt cost you a penny. And even if it did, you are the highest paid human being on that set, just pay the damn penny and be gracious.

    • PrincessMe says:

      I agree. I didn’t comment when the quotes came out because in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big a deal, but it was off-putting. What made it even more off-putting is the fact that this is something he’s promoting now, something he wants people to go see and he can’t be arsed to sound a bit gracious. It made me wonder if he’ll put out his best for the next one that he has to film (yes, I know it’s just a Bond movie) or if he’ll just phone it in to get it over with. Maybe it’s time they move on from him now to someone who actually wants to play Bond.

  4. MonicaQ says:

    Even Leonard Nimoy (rest his soul), wrote a book called “I Am Not Spock” in his frustration of being type cast before a few years later releasing “I Am Spock” because he realized that his role was something new to TV and movies on top of realizing how lucky he was to just have a job.

    Personally, if I was making that kind of bank, I’d be James Bond until I was walking with a cane.

  5. vauvert says:

    I wish Rachel would be on the RC with him, I love them together. Hope the split rumours aren’t true.
    I think that being Bond and having a difficult shoot absolutely entitle him to feel – I don’t know, tired or bored or whatever, but given the huge success it has brought him, I agree with all the previous comments that he needs to get a big dose of STFU. No one forced him to take the role, no one stops him from doing small indie projects “for the art” if that is what he wants. When you make so much money and become a household name, the least you owe the company and the role itself is some gratitude. I love him as Bond but the grumpy act bothers me. (Although I agree, this last interview was overall not bad.)

  6. Tiffany says:

    Daniel Craig is pretentious. And water is wet.

    News at 5.

  7. alice says:

    It was a matter of time until the studio would shut him up. He’s been pretty vocal about his disgust and I think it is all calculated by his part: he really wants out, and prefers to have the studio firing him. just like when men want out of a relationship but doesn’t have the courage to leave the woman: they do everything what it takes to humiliate her and force her to be the one taking the decision.

  8. silken_floss says:

    Don’t shit where you eat, Daniel. :/

  9. erika1985 says:

    That man looks great in a suit!

  10. Addison says:

    First off, shut up Daniel Craig. He signed for three films and then signed for a 4th. It would have been nice if he left after three like some of us expected. He was ungrateful when he first signed on. And he is ungrateful as he leaves such an iconic role.

    Furthermore he has not had a blockbuster before and he will not have a blockbuster role after this. He just doesn’t have the fan base for it. Bond has a fan base and the only reason these films made money.

    Bond is forever and you are not Mr. Craig.

  11. Anare says:

    He is so hot! He seems like someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about his comments. Good for him!