Brandi Glanville is coming back to ‘RHOBH’ because she’s the drunk villain


Back in June of this year, Brandi Glanville was basically sh-tcanned from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The producers were tired of her drama and drinking and nearly every other Housewife absolutely loathed Brandi. Bravo basically let Brandi drink her way into a corner, then they fired her and allowed her to say publicly that leaving the show was her choice. But trust me, she was fired. After they fired her, Bravo producers had some second thoughts though – they said they were open to having Brandi come back, just because she provided the much-needed drama. They just wanted Brandi to “come to Jesus” about her drinking and behavior. Well, either Brandi came to Jesus or producers realized that the show is really boring without the drunk villain, so Brandi is coming back to RHOBH.

Hide the wine glasses! After announcing in June she was leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville — who memorably threw a cocktail in costar Eileen Davidson’s face in Season 5 — has taped scenes for the upcoming sixth installment of the Bravo hit, sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“She’ll pop up here and there,” one insider says of the mom of two, 42, who last season clashed with nearly every single one of her cast members, including Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Davidson. “But by no means will she be on full time.”

Producers have already filled Glanville’s Louboutins. As Us previously reported, Kathryn Edwards, the ex-wife of NFL legend Marcus Allen, and Erika Jayne, a singer from Atlanta, Ga., have joined the cast. (Bravo has yet to announce a premiere date for the new season.)

But even with those additions, Glanville’s spunky energy was missed, says a second source: “Producers brought her back to bring in some drama and liven things up.”

[From Us Weekly]

Considering I don’t watch any of the Real Housewife shows, it doesn’t make any difference to me. But I guess I’m sort of happy that Brandi has at least one revenue stream, even if Bravo is probably paying her the bare minimum to come in, get drunk and start a bunch of fights. My guess is that this is the compromise producers worked out with Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump – it really seemed like Kyle and Lisa were going to leave the show unless Brandi was kicked off.


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  1. CFY says:

    If they’re bringing Brandi back, that means whatever they’ve filmed so far must be boring as heck. Worse than the Carlton/Joyce/Kim’s dog season? I’m curious in what aspect she’ll pop up, since once of the reasons she was tossed out was because she’s in her own silo. Not that I’m complaining – wasn’t looking forward to the Kyle “let me flip my hair and go to my boutique fill of ugly clothes” show.

    • snarky mcsnark says:

      Amen! Without Kim on what kind of storyline could Kyle even have? She’s the worst!

    • Shaunna says:

      The RHBH’s are so boring, I am not surprised they brought back Brandi. The Beverly Hills group are pretentious and so judgmental it does not make for good TV w/out Brandi.

  2. astrid says:

    Are there still people who watch this show?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I guess. I stopped years ago. It was a guilty pleasure for awhile – loved the clothes and houses, but it got so repetitive and trashy.

    • Jenn says:

      I love Brandi and this show is one of my guilty pleasures. I wasnt going to watch this season without her so this is great news!!

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I stopped watching a couple years ago too. I watched a few episodes last year to see how they were fitting Elaine and Lisa Rhinna in, but I never really saw a story line other than faux concern for Kim. I admit, I still really like Lisa Vanderpump and I think Elaine seems like a genuinely normal person, but I can’t hack Kyle and most of all, Brandi – she’s just an attention-seeking mess and I can’t be party to giving her the attention she so desperately wants. I might still watch a few episodes to see the new ladies, but I will make it a point not to watch any episodes that include Brandi. She had an opportunity to elevate her family, but she chose to spend her money on boobs, a new vag, and trying to live high on the hog to keep up with the others. She’s never going to put her boys’ future first or better herself in any meaningful way, so at this juncture, I just want her to go broke.

      • Kitty says:

        Fine, you don’t like her but at least it straight why. She got the boobs and vjj before she divorced.

        And she’s the only one putting her boys’ future first. The dad doesn’t work.

        She’s the only one putting money aside for them to go to college and trying to buy a house. While Ed just looks for more ways to steal from his kids via the courthouse and live off two women.

      • Carole says:

        Kitty, putting her boys’ future first would mean putting a deposit on a house, not a car and not making her boys move every year. It would mean not humiliating her children and being so cruel by revealing things about them (bed-wetting, dating, calling them f’ing c’s, a’holes, bastards, etc) and thinking of their needs for privacy. And when she does work, she pees it all away. Any money Brandi gets is spend on alcohol and quick f*cks. She can’t even provide them with a house. Let alone save for one for them. Ed is a pathetic excuse for a father, but with a drunken emotionally cruel and abusive mother, and a psycho single white femaling ‘bonus’ mom, those children have NO hope. Brandi is toxic to those poor innocent little boys and is no better, but no worse, than Eddie. Neither Brandi or Eddie could care less about those boys, all they care about is their latest screw and latest hit of alcohol. It is time Brandi actually *did* put money aside for them, bought a house, bought a car and not leased one, and stopped spending it on cheap screws and alcohol and handbags. She is a disgusting pathetic excuse for a ‘mother’.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi said that she wants to put money aside for her children but clearly other things take precedent like leasing luxury vehicles, cosmetic procedures and paying lawyers because she can’t keep her mouth shut.

      • Kitty says:


        Brandi put a bid on a house and three weeks later bitter Ed had served her with papers to put her in a courtroom and contest financial matters already settled in the divorce. When she didn’t win the bid on the house she was still forced to fight him in court and won. Just as Eddie wanted that interrupted her plans for buying a house and money went to the lawyer.

        As far as moving, it’s not her fault that the owners of the house sell them out from under her once the houses are on tv. Nor is it her fault that Ed was so much of a jerk on set that CSI killed his character which reduced his child support.

        And please, alcohol is cheap and she’s not paying for sex so save the hyperbole. As well as any thought that six minutes out of a hour where she is paid to be a jerk is an accurate representation of someone.

        Finally, all moms tell embarrassing stories, we’ve all dealt with it, that’s why there are so many jokes about that subject. Calling her kid an asshole, really? The kid was being an asshole. And it was taught by Eddie to disrespect LeAnn then the kid pulled it on his mom, she corrected it. The “fing c?” I don’t know what you are referring to there.

        That said, the dating question was a bit much. However, growing up all the kids who didn’t have parents discuss sex with them were all having sex. The kids who had a honest and continuing discussion about sex, waited.

        And the thing about the car is to help to build credit, which she didn’t have after her divorce. The best and really only way to build credit viable to buy a house is buying a car. So, it’s easy to criticize without looking at the big picture but there will be no house without that car purchase. Which she just paid off buy the way. While you are criticizing her financial status I bet she has more money saved than you do.

        And as far as her kids, they obviously adore their mom so the rest is just your opinion. Even LVP and Kyle said she is a good mom and those two hate saying anything nice about Brandi.

    • Pandy says:

      I just watched it for the first time last year. #tardytotheparty ha ha. It’s stupid, but I will always willingly watch grown women make fools of themselves.

    • Samtha says:

      Not with Brandy coming back. I loved her the first season she was on, when she was a “friend of” but the show’s gone seriously downhill since, and she’s the reason. She just keeps getting worse, and I have no interest in watching her BS anymore.

  3. Chelly says:

    Because she needs the $$….plastic surgery/fillers/botox dont pay for themselves

  4. Patricia says:

    Inappropriate mother, awful person, gross and skanky and vile.
    The only thing she has to offer is being a drunk drama hag once in a while, when this trash show needs a ratings boost.

    I kind of want to say “I told you so”! All that time when this site (which I love so don’t be mad!) and so many women on it would defend and defend her antics, I always thought that she’s just a drunk drama hag and that’s the whole story. There’s nothing deeper or redeemable here.

    I just feel so bad for her kids.

  5. LAK says:

    Love her or hate her, the girl pulls in ratings. Lisa and Kyle are all about ratings and the star making spotlight of the show. They will do anything to stay in that spotlight.

    • aaa says:

      Brandi did not pull in the ratings to the degree that some articles, probably fed to the media by Brandi, represented.

      I don’t think that Lisa and Kyle demanded that Brandi be fired but they made it known that they were done with her, in other words going forward they would not regularly interact with her. This was not merely because they did not get along, it seemed to be because Brandi’s brand of crazy became too much – it became creepy and threatening.

      I agree that Lisa and Kyle are very invested in the show and will ride the coattails of trainwrecks like Brandi, Kim and Taylor. It is interesting to me how the BH franchise has very wealthy cast members but IMO they can be very compliant and “thirsty.”

      • why? says:

        Lisa was the one demanding that Brandi be fired from the show, one of Leann’s fans who bragged about how Eddie and Leann hung out with Ken and Lisa at Tyler Perry’s birthday party even said that Lisa wanted Brandi off RHOBH(the fan was implying that Lisa told Leann and Eddie that they didn’t want Brandi on the show when they were at Tyler Perry’s birthday party).

      • aaa says:

        Wanting someone off the show and demanding that they be fired are not the same thing. I never heard this story and Lisa Vanderpump has been adamant that she did not demand Brandi be fired, I don’t believe everything that comes out of Lisa’s mouth, but I don’t think that she would be foolish enough to tell a couple people she doesn’t know/barely knows something so sensitive.

      • why? says:

        It is the same thing because as we can see Lisa wanted Brandi off the show and Bravo and Andy gave into her demands and fired Brandi and now after all the reports of permanently firing Brandi they release that they rehired her back, but as a friend?

        It happened. According to a Leann fan, Leann and Eddie hung out with Ken and Lisa at Tyler Perry’s birthday party and Lisa told Leann and Eddie that she didn’t want Brandi on the show.

      • aaa says:

        Again wanting someone off the show and actually going to the powers that be and demanding they be fired are not necessarily the same thing.

        I do think that Kyle and Lisa made it known that they will not interact with Brandi but that was not done on the sly, it was stated on the show and at the reunion.

      • why? says:

        Again Lisa wanted Brandi off the show and it was done. You can keep saying that wanting someone off the show doesn’t actually mean that it will happen, but you are wrong. Many have pointed out that Lisa is Bravo and Andy’s favorite. Lisa does have pull because she has another show on Bravo where she exploits her workers.

        Why do you keep trying to rewrite history? Lisa was viscous towards Adrienne, selling stories to tabloids about her, so do you really think that she wouldn’t have started a campaign to get Brandi fired?

      • Willow says:

        To Why? It was the overwhelming power of the fans who wanted Brandi off, and the threat of Brandi’s scandals potentially legally threatening the show/liabilities, that is the reason she was fired. This Leann fan can (probably made up by them-since when do you believe anything they say, anyway?) create stories about Lisa talking to them as much as they want. Lisa goes to hundreds of parties a year and probably speaks to many people, Attorneys, Joanna Krupa, etc etc it does not equate to any evidence, whatsoever, that Lisa had anything do to with Brandi being fired. As Lisa said, if she had that much power, many people would have been fired long before. Also, we always knew Brandi was coming back as a ‘Friend Of’ this year, because it was announced months back when the announcement of *demotion* to Friend Of, was announced. So this is not news that she will be seen as a Friend of. Also, you are the one rewriting history. It was shown that Lisa never sold any stories about Adrienne, and Adrienne had to backtrack and apologize after her vicious lies about Lisa were exposed. In fact we now know that Adrienne was selling stories about Lisa and about Brandi.

    • Samtha says:

      The ratings dropped the more they featured her, not the other way around. She generates headlines on blogs and for tabloids, but that has never translated to actual ratings.

  6. My two cents says:

    This season must be a snooze fest. Bravo will use Brandi and she will be portrayed in a very negative light. Makes sense now why she stirred up the villian image with controversy about girlfriend checklist. At her age, young as it is, it’s old for what she has made a living doing in past, so her options are very limited. I just wish a certain few would stop decimating her on twitter. Hard to believe they are grown women with a life when they spend all their time making sure they respond as cruelly as possible to everything she tweets.

  7. funcakes says:

    I knew they were b@llsh@tting. This was their plan to keep the drama going. I bet that they’ll bring her back by next season.
    Everyone loves someone to hate.

  8. Lady_Elaine says:

    RHoBH without Brandi.
    Bunch of has beens’ not being real or housewives….
    No thanks I can watch paint dry at home.

  9. aaa says:

    This is a non-story probably fed by Brandi or one of her people. It’s a non-story because when it came out that Brandi was not asked back as a full-time housewife it was also stated that she may make guest appearances. I’m actually surprised that the upcoming season RHOBH has been filming this long and she is just now filming – although IIRC she mentioned not too long ago that she was asked to film and she had a conflict that day.

    • why? says:

      September 30, People wrote an article about how Andy gave an interview saying that he wanted Brandi back on the show. It seems that Andy and Bravo realized that they were losing a lot of viewers by not allowing Brandi to come back.

      • aaa says:

        The story from the beginning was Brandi was not coming back as a full-time HW but may make guest appearances, the People article does not contradict that. One of the higher ups said that he’d like to see her on the show and made it happen.

        From the People article, “‘Brandi would be happy to come back on the show, and we’ll probably see her in guest capacity,’ a source tells PEOPLE of the possibility of her return.”

      • why? says:

        Yet there are interviews from Andy saying something different. The People article does contradict what you wrote. You said that this was a nonstory created by Brandi , yet there is an interview from Andy from Sept 30 indicating that he wants Brandi back on the show. When the fire rumors first began, Andy was giving interviews stating that he didn’t want Brandi to leave Bravo completely and that he was looking for another show for her to be on.

      • aaa says:

        I say it’s a non-story because it was stated from the beginning that she may make guest appearances and the story is about her making guest appearances. I’m not bashing the story nor, if my assumption is true, bashing Brandi/her people for feeding the story, getting major media to run stories about her is part of her job and this is certainly one of the more positive and benign stories about her.

        Andy is not saying anything in the Howard Stern interview that contradicts what came out in late June when it was stated Brandi was not returning as a full-time cast member. He explains why Brandi was not returning full-time and that he’d love to have her back in response to Howard’s question “are you going to bring her back a little bit?” The People article says Brandi may be seen in “a guest capacity.”

        I am glad you brought up Andy saying that he wanted to keep Brandi with Bravo because a simple solution would be to give Brandi her own show.

  10. Sugar says:

    She was always going to be a friend of the Housewives and that was said pretty much from when she got fired so US Weekly is basically writing a story about old news.

  11. ya says:

    Didn’t they always say she was welcome to come in as a friend of the housewives? That’s why she was able to say she made the choice to leave on her own – because she initially rejected that, but now it looks like she changed her mind. Good for her – glad she will be getting some income, and hopefully this will be healthier for her than being on the show full time.

    • aaa says:

      I don’t think Brandi was offered a friend position. When the initial reports came out and even when Brandi talked about it, she was not returning full-time and may make guest appearances. IIRC TMZ and E! broke the story and then Brandi stated her version and her being offered a Friend position was not discussed. However several websites and blogs carried the story, and like a game of telephone, the story changed with some blogs reported that she was offered a Friend position.

      • why? says:

        Again, Andy gave an interview saying that he wanted Brandi back on RHOBH.

      • Kitty says:

        Yup, in that same interview Andy also said he thought this year would be her year of retribution and that he loved a retribution story.

        So it seems like they were interested in her coming back for more than the few, “if it makes sense”, episodes. And that in fact she wasn’t fired like LVP and Kyle tried to claim.

        Andy also said that Housewives try to pull rank and say they won’t film with people all the time. But went on to imply it doesn’t fly with Bravo. So the fact that LVP and Kyle were saying such things seems to point towards that did try and get her fired.

        Which is vile because they are rich and don’t need the job and know she does.

      • aaa says:

        Andy did not make the retribution comment in the clips I saw, however I only saw the clips not the entire show. He stated that Brandi had isolated herself, and other cast members hated her and she hated them. Howard said, “are you going to bring her back a little bit?” Andy replied, “I would love to.” Howard then said something like “if you want it, isn’t it a done deal?” and Andy replied, “I hope so.”

        Saying you won’t film with another cast member is not necessarily the same as trying to get someone fired. To me it looked like it went beyond not liking each other and that Lisa and Kyle had legitimate reasons to feel threatened by Brandi – she slapped Lisa and said that “in her head” she’s beaten up Kyle a million times. Brandi had gotten particularly creepy with Lisa Vanderpump, it was not just that she slapped her but grabbing her, restraining her and demanding that she kiss her was all kinds of icky and disturbing.

      • why? says:

        Leann’s fan bragged that Lisa wanted Brandi off the show, the fan was going on and on about what a great time Leann and Eddie had hanging out with Ken and Lisa at Tyler Perry’s birthday party.

      • aaa says:

        When and where did the Leann fan share this information?

      • why? says:

        So you are going to start that game again. You are fully aware of when and where the Leann fan shared this information because many people discussed it here several times before.

      • Kitty says:


        I never said it was in the clips. I listened to the entire show. And yes, it was there. You can listen to it yourself if you don’t believe me. It’s about 2hours and 12 minutes into that segment on the SiriusXm website which has the full interview.

        And really? Talk about over-exaggerating. Rinna was the one who was, in fact, creepy and threatening. Brandi hadn’t gotten creepy, that had been their relationship before but LVP didn’t play back and forth anymore. LVP has a dirty mind and likes that type of banter and play. Which is why they got along they both had the same sense of humor. LVP and Brandi used to kiss a lot. That LVP used what they used to do as a way to hurt her on the show is because LVP wanted a season of revenge. Her tagline even points to the fact she wanted Brandi on the other side of everyone.

        Nor had Brandi gotten threatening she only pushed back when being attacked herself. None of that happened in a vacuum. For example, Kyle is the one who actually grabbed, Brandi hard, yanked her back, and pushed to the side, three times. Then repeatedly lied about it despite it being on video while playing up being a victim over what she started.

        The slap was a misunderstanding done in jest that even LVP put in the proper perspective when it finally aired. When it happened LVP first said that she would slap Brandi and then didn’t. If it was a slap in the way that you are trying to portray LVP would have called the cops. Even she knew she couldn’t because it was done in jest so she spent all season trying to play that slap up and then walked it back when it aired. However, knowing that the producers help push drama along, don’t you find it suspicious that soapy wine tosses and soap slaps occurred only when the soap stars joined the show?

        And yes, when the two ‘stars’ of the show are making demands that they won’t film with someone that is trying to get them fired. Especially since the show is mostly about moments when they are all together.

        What I find most interesting is that Andy said in another interview that he watches the RH with a different eye than most of the fans. He stated that sees things that most fans ignore in favor of their favorite RH.

  12. Teri says:

    I started watching the show a couple of years ago. I started out liking some of the women and pulling for Brandi to fix her life. What I’ve learned is LVP is a manipulative person. When she started to lose some control she basically threw a fit. It’s all edited, of course, so they can make anyone look the way they want. I don’t think Brandi is the type of person I would want to be around, but once LVP didn’t want her around we saw nothing positive about her. I feel stupid getting invested in it at all. And LVP’s comments about sex with her dogs disgusts me more than anything Brandi says.

  13. analee says:

    Thankfully, Brandi is actually *not* coming back as a housewife. They are just going to use a few scenes w her in them, not many, and she will be billed as merely a “friend of the housewives.” That could translate into as little as 10 (even 5) minutes of her having air time the whole season, tops. (Like Adrienne last season, appearing in maybe 2 episodes, as a “friend.”) I doubt I’ll even watch it this season–has gotten too repetitive, shallow, and catty, no longer a guilty pleasure, just guilt!—but I am pleased that Brandi will be virtually entirely gone. She is a vulgar, mean spirited, superficial, vain, selfish, dishonest woman, and a ludicrous attention whore whose physical presence has become almost as ugly as she is on the inside.