Daniel Craig shuts down pushy reporter begging him to ‘pout’: rude or funny?


I think Daniel Craig has gotten to the point where he actually enjoys making the James Bond movies, but he will never, ever enjoy promoting them. In the past few months, Daniel has given a handful of advanced interviews on behalf of Spectre and while he’s been more talkative than usual, he’s still a curmudgeon. In his recent TimeOut London interview, he even said he would rather “break this glass and slash my wrists” than play Bond in another film. So, as the Spectre promotional whirlwind really starts up, Daniel is already depressed. And he’s taking it out on journalists. And it’s sort of funny, especially when the journalists are super-annoying.

“I think you need to move on” should be the only words Daniel says throughout this press tour. That’s what he should say to every question! Personally, I’m just thankful that this eager-beaver entertainment reporter is British and not American. I’d like to think that an American reporter wouldn’t demand to see the pout several times in the span of 30 seconds. And if the reporter was American… my God, the flame-war. Americans are too pushy! They don’t understand British humor! Etc. This just goes to show that British entertainment journalists are just as cloying and annoying.

Meanwhile, Daniel did manage to say some (grumpy) words to Red Bulletin as well. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

What we could learn from James Bond: “Nothing.”

Bond’s inspirational personality traits: “Let’s not talk these films up as some kind of life-changing experience. Bond is what Bond does. Bond is very single- minded. He takes his own course. And that’s simple, which is great.”

The importance of bulking up to play Bond: “It’s an aesthetic choice. My female producer always makes sure I take off my shirt often enough.”

His favorite James Bond trait: “Bond can be a gentleman. Sometimes, anyway. He’s a considerate person, he takes care of business, and he looks out for other people and his family. He’s someone who opens doors for people— for everyone, that is, not just women.”

Bond is a misogynist: “But let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist. A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long.

What he says when Monica Bellucci is referred to as “an older woman”: “I think you mean the charms of a woman his own age. We’re talking about Monica Bellucci, for heaven’s sake. When someone like that wants to be a Bond girl, you just count yourself lucky!”

Whether he’ll do another Bond film: “Yes, it’s always the same question: Which is worse—leaving the party too early, or staying, getting totally drunk and then passing out on the floor?

[From Red Bulletin]

I revel in Daniel Craig’s discomfort, I honestly do. Does that make me a sadist? I just love how bitchy and grumpy he is while promoting this enormous f—king franchise. Spectre cost something like $250-300 million to make, you know? And it rests on the grumpy shoulders of a man who insists on reminding everyone that James Bond is actually a misogynistic jackass.



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  1. lisa2 says:

    Why did he specify that his “female producer” has him talk off his shirt often.

    I don’t hate the James Bond films.. I just don’t think they are interesting. The earlier ones were fun because of the “campy” quality. Now they are too serious and Bond as he says is Bond. Even when they say we are learning something about him; it it never that interesting. More forgettable.

    I can’t believe that film cost that much. And yet there is not an uproar over that price tag; or shady cover stories about it like I have seen with some other films.

    • LAK says:

      One of the bond producers is female.

      The more successful a franchise, the more money they spend on it. Doesn’t give same level of profit, but studios seem to think it’s worth it regardless.

      Where it’s insane to spend stupid money is on a film with unproven track record even if it’s based on much loved source material.

      Bond is a proven track record. Even when they switch out the Bond actors, the formula is down to a winning science.

    • What was that says:

      Cubby Broccoli’s daughter Barbara is one of the main forces behind Bond.She has grown up around the film sets and she knows what works
      Daniel Shirtless works!
      There is an element of teasing in there two between the two of them!

  2. Lilacflowers says:

    Craig was actually quite polite about it and the interviewer was annoying. Craig’s resting face is a pout; there’s no need to repeatedly ask him to pout.

    • Sixer says:

      I thought he was polite, too.

      Kaiser brought up Britisherness – Britisherosity? That’s a good made-up word. I think I’ll keep it! – and I do think he exemplifies a certain type of British man: a bit curmudgeonly, sarcastic, socially awkward, trained to self-deprecation, bluntly spoken. Most of the men in my family are like this – it’s the women who are outgoing and open – so that may be why I like him. He’s familiar! But it also makes him an unreliable interview. I can see how he comes across badly to Americans. Mr Sixer would come across pretty much the same.

      • COSquared says:

        So what would Mr. Sixer say I asked to him pout in my most grating South African accent?

      • Sixer says:

        Seriously? Teehee.

        “Eh? Do what? F*ck off, mate.”

        I fear all the media training in the world would not alter that! It’s not so much rude as a total horror of being asked to be a performing monkey.

        On the plus side, if you actually needed a practical favour, Mr Sixer would be the first to offer.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        “Britisherosity” Great word. Let’s use it frequently. He also exemplifies a certain type of Bostonian so there’s a familiarity with that type here too.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I actually find him quite likeable. And hot.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Me too. I unapologetically love Daniel Craig in all of his sarcastic curmudgeonery.

        Yes GNAT he is hot. Rugged features, piercing eyes and yes, the pout. I also enjoy his ability to take the piss out of himself and others.

    • Sugar says:

      I agree. The reporter wanted him to perform like a trained monkey. She was out of line, even rude, and he politely shut it down.

    • Snazzy says:

      Yes I agree. His britishy grumpiness (which isn’t really all that grumpy) just makes him more more attractive. Maybe I am slightly biased…

  3. Guesto says:

    Daniel is so refreshing. I’ll take his no-nonsense grumpy any day of the week over the ‘please love me’ people pleasers. And I love his response re Monica Bellucci.

    • Amanda says:

      Exactly. This is one of the reasons why I like him so much. I’m definitely going to see the next Bond movie in a couple of weeks.

    • Snazzy says:

      Yes, I loved the Bellucci answer!!

    • ichsi says:

      I actually love the whole interview. Bulletin is an annoying, uber-macho glorified take-out menu and he does not give them the answers they probably would have liked. Go Daniel! Be your refreshing, non-cutesy self.

    • Mary-Alice says:

      Absolutely! That’s a feminist for me and not those celebrated here blah blah male cele brities with the answers written by the PRs. No ageism, no stupid questions tolerated. And the emphasis on the same age love interest was brilliant!. He nailed it. Love him.

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I liked Skyfall, and I thought he was a great Bond. I like that he doesn’t pretend the movies are deep or that we can “learn” anything from Bond. It’s entertainment with some problematic undertones. I find a lot of the old Bond movies very boring and dated, and for his sake, I’m glad he’s getting out.

  5. kay says:

    If he was putting on the dog and pony show like Hiddleston and said nothing of significance he’d be beloved.
    I’m glad he points out that Bond is a misogynist and how sexist it is to keep mentioning Monica Belluci’s age in comparsion to Bond’s.

  6. als says:

    I think the people that hired Daniel Craig for Bond are just as sadists as you are, Kaiser. You are in good and rich company!

  7. Manjit says:

    I love Daniel Craig, always have, always will.

  8. GlimmerBunny says:

    His interview with Red Bulletin was hilarious! He just doesn’t give a SINGLE f*ck.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      Right? I was LMAO. 🙂
      What we could learn from James Bond: “Nothing.” -> Freaking awesome!
      Also, that pic with Christoph Waltz is everything.

  9. Mia4s says:

    He was quite happy in his Graham Norton interview apparently and even said he’d likely do another Bond.

    Telling her to move on was more polite than she deserved. She was awful! Can we not use the words reporter or journalist anywhere near her? She makes me wish for Ryan Secreast…and that’s like wishing for death! 😉

  10. Sara says:

    Good one on the Monica Bellucci age remark. You go Crabby Craig.

  11. Jenns says:

    I love that picture of him hugging Christoph Waltz so much.

  12. What was that says:

    Dare I say this is one of these ‘Millennial’ age interviewers who think they want to be ‘edgy’ and ask some question that is ‘different’!
    Daniel Craig,like many others has heard it all before and will not hide from finding them tiresome…
    I can see why they want to try and ask a new question or a new angle,but mostly for their own ego..Look I have a new Quote!!
    I suppose those of us who take an interest in movies are as jaded as the actors answering the questions…just as I understand His reluctance to ‘demean’ himself as ‘An ACCTTORR Darling,’..said in a Shakespearean Tone!…Actors ate still ‘guns for hire’ and many people rely on that overpaid individual to ‘suck it up’ and charm the press..Its the most expensive Bond ever made and needs to make good box office
    I like him and his ‘dourness’ but I hope he can turn on the charm and less of the mean ,moody magnificent…i

  13. COSquared says:

    I think he’s not into the Duchess Kate’s fans-type of glorification of what he does. It’s super annoying when actors start talking about their work as if it’s the cure for AIDS or something.

  14. Tig says:

    Had a clip of this interview on TV this am, and Good God, what a sourpuss! I have never read the Bond novels, but friends who have tell me his Bond is most like the novels.
    Don’t care- if you don’t want to do what the job entails, don’t take the job. Clearly, he sees press and putting up with-to him-folks who are morons as the ninth level of Hell. So
    Why sign on for a part that requires bunches of it?

  15. Viv says:

    She was very rude repeatedly insisting he perform like a circus animal and he politely told her to move on.

    I love his response to the other extremely rude question about Belluci which referred to her as an “older” woman. Isn’t it bizarre that a same age love interest is considered so bizarre once the female is no longer ‘young’?

  16. Josefa says:

    I don’t have a problem with actors talking badly about their projects as much as most people here do, so I don’t mind the attitude here. I actually love it. It’s refreshing to see an actor being so blunt and honest about things. They are always talking about how visionary directors are and how grateful they are for everything, seeing someone who admitedly loathes promoting a huge franchise is just so entertaining.

  17. FingerBinger says:

    Daniel Craig isn’t bitchy or grumpy imo. He’s being honest.

  18. funcakes says:

    I never cared for Daniel C but feel sorry about the press he has to do. God forbid a reporter just have a conversation instead of figuring ways out to piss off the celebrity so they can have a story.
    I think it benefits their profession to be likable enough that a celebrity would be more open to talk leading others to request you for interview. Guess not.

  19. justagirl says:

    He’s a curmudgeon but not cranky just to be cranky…he makes good observations and he’s willing to say things others won’t.
    I love the restraint he shows in the first seconds of that clip when you can see he’s thinking “what the…!!?”.

    Yes, entertainment reporters are looking for that quick sound-bite or a bit that’s different from what everyone else got….but, maintain some dignity and also show respect toward whoever you’re interviewing.

  20. Timbuktu says:

    I just figured out what he looks like to me! He looks like Putin! A slightly wider-boned version of Putin. How does one man get compared to a rat, and another becomes a sex idol is beyond me. Daniel Craig looks like a very very average Slavic man to me, a dime a dozen in Russia. I wouldn’t give him a second look if I passed him on the street.
    Do not enjoy Bond movies, so can’t really say anything about his acting and whether he becomes the character or not.

  21. raincoaster says:

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m starting to love Captain Zero Fucks. I’d love to interview him myself.