Prince William & Kate will meet Facebook & Twitter bosses to discuss ‘bullying’


Remember when Lady Gaga made bullying her signature issue? It all sort of started for Gaga when she gained a little weight and some people online said some mean things about her. Her reaction, at first, was all over the place and somewhat problematic – the message, at first, was “look at how skinny I really am” rather than “why are you body-policing anyone?” Gaga created the Born This Way Foundation to combat bullying and social media harassment. That was years ago. But now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are picking up where Gaga left off. Or something. William and Kate’s new mission/cause is all about kids’ mental health. They are “energized” about it. It’s their new cause… at least until they get bored with it and find something new to be “energized” about (shopping, vacations, polo). So, while they’re riding the energizing wave, Will and Kate have decided to sit down with Facebook & Twitter “bosses” to discuss cyberbullying.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have, especially over the last year or so, made it clear that the mental health of young people is going to be one of their central causes. The pair have made several appearances in support of anti-bullying and mental-health organizations, and Kate has met with young people afflicted with mental-health issues as recently as early October.

On that front, the pair will be taking their efforts to the online sphere, as the duo will reportedly be meeting with Twitter and Facebook “bosses” to discuss cyberbullying. Per The Sunday Times, William and Kate hope to engage in a “constructive dialogue” with these organizations on how to best shield teens and tweens from bullying online.

William and Kate do not, as far as we know, have personal social-media accounts themselves (though that has not stopped us from imagining in great detail the sort of tastefully filtered sunset shots and candids of George and Charlotte that Kate would no doubt be posting if they did). In January of this year, a set of all-purpose Kensington Royal accounts were created to offer up images and videos of Kate, William, Harry, and the rest of the royal family, out at their various engagements and official appearances.

Per The Sunday Times’s source, Kate and William have become more concerned about and attuned to the dangers of cyberbullying since the birth of George and Charlotte. “Their role as parents is definitely shaping their perceptions on the issues,” the aide said. “As parents themselves they want to speak out and see what more can be done for young people who are victims of cyberbullying and all forms of bullying.”

[From Vanity Fair]

If they are completely serious and they’re coming into this discussion with 100% authenticity, then I think it could be a good thing. Cyberbullying, online harassment, and social media threats are all huge issues that have been percolating through our culture for years now. In fact, Will and Kate are somewhat late in coming to the conversation, especially since the people operating Facebook and Twitter are already in the midst of trying to make their platforms safer and bully-free. Which means that Will and Kate will probably end up taking credit for a conversation and a series of corporate initiatives which have already been happening for years. That’s what makes me side-eye this a little bit. I have no idea what their intentions are, what their level of authenticity is and all of that, but it seems like they’re mostly just making a show of “taking meetings” and “smiling for 15 minutes at an event” rather than really engaging with the nitty-gritty of these issues.



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  1. Betti says:

    If they are serious about helping then I’ll support them but if this is what i think it is – an exercise in repairing their terrible PR image – then I’l shade the hell out of them for it. Only time will tell – they need to keep the momentum up long term beyond any 1 month vacations to Mustique. They need to convince us they are serious.

    • Diana says:

      Ditto. Fingers crossed they’re for real!

    • Hudson Girl says:

      They’re not for real. It’s freedom of the press and public commentary against the lazy duo they have issue with… There may be people put to work on this issue for appearances, then Will & Kate will simply show up for the photo ops.
      It’s exactly what they do to Harry. The cute thing is when Will steps in front of Harry at Harry’s own events because- Royal Protocol.

      • JulieM says:

        Yup, William did exactly that a few weeks back when he showed up with Harry at the veterans construction site, which I believe was Harry’s event. Harry was dressed for and ready to work and William had a cashmere sweater on to paint! There’s one video where Harry started to walk from the car and William barged in front of him. You could see the annoyance on Harry’s face.

        Fighting cyber bullying is a worthy cause. I wish I could believe Bill and Cathy Bucket were sincere. Time will tell.

      • Vava says:

        They aren’t for real. They are self-serving. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

      • kcarp says:

        yep to all of this.

        I think they are going to position themselves as victims of bullying by the press.

      • hmmm says:

        Agreed. They’re trying to strong arm and control all media and their narrative. Now it’s the internet’s turn, all blogs, sites and fora. This boggles the mind this attempt to muzzle, basically, the public.

        This is Wills’ purpose in life- where all his energies go. He’s that special. No time for things like charity work.

        I wonder now that Jecca Craig is married, whether that makes her safe for him as a paramour. Especially since he’s had the heir and spare and is traditionally a free agent. I understand from Royal Dish that the day Kate wore that monstrosity for the Hedge Fund event, he was at a small Tusk charity event and Jecca was there.

      • belle de jour says:

        Exactly. Not so much to do with other children at all… just their childish selves.

      • Sunsetsnow says:

        I agree with all of you. They are using the issue and twisting it around to suit their own situation. These two are a real piece of work.

    • bluhare says:

      Agree, Betti.

    • FLORC says:

      It’s a worthy cause, but… Don’t they already have charities that are being neglected? Have they done anything for those causes? Maybe make progress there and move onto other issues. Especially since those other issues are being tackled.

      Although, If they do bring something to the table i’m not against it. Just as long as it’s not showing up to take credit last minute.

    • HH says:

      The more I think about it, I think William is actually doing a disservice to Kate. Not that she isn’t an adult, but it’s clear she follows his lead. Thus the years of being lazy as a girlfriend and as a wife. However, William can get away with minimal work and still keep his skills sharp such as public engagement, public speaking, time management, prepping for engagements, etc. Will may not have Harry’s natural charisma, but when he performs his work he does perfectly fine. And that’s from a lifetime of practice. So at any point in time when they decide to ramp their workload he will be fine. Kate on the other hand not so much. She doesn’t poses these skills naturally or from practice. I have a feeling that not much preparation is happening in private. So when she actually has to start working she will not only find herself unprepared but I think the public and media at large will begin to ask: what has she been doing all this time? And why is she still so inexperienced? For William this s like riding a bike he’s always ridden; and for Kate, she’s just starting to learn.

      • notasugarhere says:

        IMO William doesn’t perform his rare public duties well. He stumbles, says gauche things like a teenage boy, and is a poor public speaker. He is no statesman and at this rate he never will be. His plan appears to be that they will be waving figureheads who show up for a handful of things a year and call it work – even after they move up the chain.

      • HH says:

        @NOTA – Do you have any examples? I don’t recall Will repeatedly making mistakes or missteps.

      • FLORC says:

        A time where William offered to see to destroying BP’s ivory collection.
        A time where William was caught calling a speaker at a fundraiser a bore.
        A time where William tripped over small talk with Obama. These are only off the top.

        William lacks the experience in sharpening these essential skills and he’s fumbled almost consistently. Although with his duties being so few and far between it’s tough to spot.

        And as side irks his claiming no one really knows what being a full time royal is.
        And how poorly he tossed that rugby ball.

      • LAK says:

        HH: a few very public gaffes in the past year……

        – In response to President of Singapore’s remark about the view from his hotel room, Hotel situated next door to KP, William said,’ You can probably see into our bedroom window which is a bit worrying – I wouldn’t look too closely.’

        – The animal sanctuary kerfuffle that ended in embarrassment for him on his trip to china. Please note that KP was warned about the circus weeks before he undertook the journey including a spot of media shaming to try to get him not to do this particular engagement.

        – his very embarrassing joint press conference with Obama where he is supposed to receive Obama’s very public endorsement for his conservation efforts.

      • herewego says:

        imo Pr. William is terrible on his royal duties. He looks miserable, or bored and if not he just makes silly jokes most of the time. He was awful with President Obama.

        The only time William seems to light up is if a celebrity is near him , see him with any music star or film star , David Beckham or any other big Sports star.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Refusal to give proper time in the NZ schedule to meet Maori king, but plenty of time to take vacation days mid-tour.

        China/Japan trip when he just stood there and said nothing when a musician showed how a musical instrument had ivory pieces. Perfect opportunity to jump in with comment about illegal ivory trade, and to insert suggestions on different materials to use.

        The Japan trip where he bowed incorrectly to The Emperor.

        Japan Tea Ceremony where he didn’t follow the instructions on how to sit and behave.

      • FLORC says:

        I enjoy traditional tea ceremonies. The gardens, tea, and overall experience is amazing. Simply amazing. And it is a routine, but follows to a strong degree common sense of manners.
        IMO William was just immature and displayed lack of preparation and respect.
        I’ve felt the same for anyone who behaved in a similar way.

        I think it stems from being indulged too often. He never had to grow up and be held personally accountable for his cultural missteps.

      • HH says:

        Wow…. where was I ? Are these not widely reported on? I dont recall hearing about any of these.

      • Betti says:

        @HH – they were not reported in a negative way because of how Billy bullies the press. But people with eyes can see from the footage who awful he was/is.

      • FLORC says:

        They get reported on on passing, buried in a flattering article, foreign press, or people witnessing and putting it together.

        All can be fixed with practice, but he has to practice.

  2. Nonny says:

    Do you really think that pair of vacant idiots will have anything remotely constructive to bring the discussion?

    • herewego says:

      It’s a ploy to get rid and shut down a lot of the social media sites on Twitter and Facebook which criticize and call William and Kate out. IMO He will use part of the crusade of cyber bulling for his OWN plight of shutting up his critics.

      A big shut down of sites was done quietly with press fan fare before about two years ago.

      IMO All those Prince George twitter, facebook faux sites will be shut down, then the watch a lot of the Kate sites disappear and then the Duke and Duchess sites..which are viewed as critical or negative by the couple.

      • herewego says:

        I meant “A big shut down of Kate-William-Royal twitter/fcbk sites was done quietly withOUT press fan fare before about two years ago.

      • Dena says:

        I didn’t think about that. Mmmm. Yep. I can see that. It’s hard not to be nice and considerate to people you know and have met.

      • inthekitchen says:

        +1000 herewego!!

      • anne_000 says:


        I think you’ve got it spot on.

      • Mandy says:

        The only bullying Silly Billy cares about is as it pertains to him! A whinier privileged idiot is hard to come by!

      • Vava says:


      • Christin says:

        They can use the children as the excuse, when it’s really trying to shut down criticism of the parents.

      • MinnFinn says:

        herewego, That angle did not occur to me but it makes sense. Why pay attorney’s fees and wrangle in court about libel, slander and invasion of privacy when one can get same day service from your new buddy Mark Zuckerberg. One call to him or Sheryl Sandberg will shut down your critic’s Facebook page tout de suite.

      • snapdragon says:

        Bingo! They are tyrants.

    • Nonny says:

      They both annoy me so much, they have such an amazing platform to raise awareness for all the causes they “support” and not one thing of value comes out of either of their mouths. Total waste of space, both of them!

    • antipodean says:

      Nonny, you can just bet that Katie Bucket and Billy consider the criticism of them by the press to amount to bullying. The poor dears are the targets of the meanest of the mean. So relatable, giggle, hair twirl.

  3. Susie says:

    Even if their intentions aren’t pure, they are still bringing attention to the issue. I F***ing hate bullies and trolls!!!

  4. herewego says:

    IMO This is William’s way of knocking two birds over with one stone help the cause he and Kate have with cyber bullying but also to Shut -down or get sites who are critics of he and Duchess Doolittle off of Facebook and Twitter… his move may be trying to shut down Facebook, Twitter sites who criticize them and he’ll use the bullying crusade to shut many of those sites down. JMO

    It happened about two years ago, several the Kate, William fan twitter and facebook sites were wiped off by the Palace office and it was documented, with a tweet, when a royal blog applauded at the victory in being instrumental in reporting several of the negative, critical Kate and William sites to the Palace. The rabid fans of Kate got upset that several sites were portraying Kate, William negatively and called it bullying and reported the sites to the Palace office and low and behold about two weeks later about 20 Kate and William, royal twitter and Facebook sites were gone, closed.. the excuse used that time was that they were Fake sites, pretending to represent the Duke and Duchess.

    I think one of William’s main goals in this quest is to squelched his critics. I really do. JMO

    • inthekitchen says:

      @herewego, this was my first thought as well. I am sure this is really another way for Willnot to try to control the media regarding himself and his family. They (W&K) just had their annual private meeting with several media outlets where they used their children as bait (come, meet G&C…now stop saying bad things about us…waaaaaa!)…and, voila, people that were criticizing them a few months ago are now silent.

      If they really cared about bullying, they would have been working on this issue for years, ever since Kate said (around their engagement or the wedding) that she had been bullied in school. She did one thing then and then dropped it…one and done seems to be the Cambridge motto.

      • Lindsay says:

        It probably didn’t help that that turned out to be a lie (another Cambridge MO) and there were plenty of stories of her bullying others – like making Princess Beatrice cry.

        Also her one contribution was letting people give money on her behalf for her wedding present.

      • FLORC says:

        Just to add Kate was never bullied in the ways and times claimed. That was swiftly debunked by the schools by simple facts like she didn’t have a bed the girls would place poop on or interact with because of years and attendance.
        Maybe that’s why the Kate bullied stories and pursuits dried up so quickly?

        Plenty of reports of Kate or Pippa being the strong arm meangirls to those who would catch William’s glance.

    • Cee says:

      Yeah, I wonder how they’ll manage to do that without touching freedom of speech. Full on hate sites should be removed, but not those only expressing opinions which might be negative to them. They’ve earned their reputation.

      • marjiscott says:

        Is there freedom of speech in the U.K.?

      • MinnFinn says:

        marjiscott – No free speech regarding BP because Kate’s triffid hair ate it. She or it is presently working on consuming press freedom.

      • Cee says:

        @marjiscott – I would very much hope there is freedom of speech in the UK. However, I am not british and have never lived there, so I can’t be 100% sure.

      • bluhare says:

        Freedom of speech means the government can’t arrest you for speaking against it. It doesn’t mean you can say what you want about anyone online with no consequences.

      • FLORC says:

        But if you report facts that someone might just not like having out there you can’t restrict their action of doing so on the grounds of harrassment or bullying. Or that when you’re in a public place you have to assume there’s a chance your picture could be taken and cannot claim the photos were aquired illegally. Didn’t William try this and the courts told him to have several seats and stop wasting their time?

      • bluhare says:

        I agree with what you say, FLORC. I was talking more about people on the internet. You can’t say whatever you want about someone and not face consequences sometimes. If you say something that causes someone harm (either physical or emotional), you should expect to face consequences if what you said is untrue.

    • aang says:

      I thought the same thing. From the headline I thought they were going to complain to the “bosses” about being bullied themselves.

      • kaye says:

        That’s what I thought too aang. I highly doubt these two have the inclination or ability to make any impact.

    • anne_000 says:


      I can see this happening. They have a pattern of trying to control the news media when it concerns themselves, with the latest being that ‘secret meeting’ at which they brought out the kids as an extra incentive for the press attendees to do as W&K wanted.

      I can see them realizing that the next step was to control social media. They don’t want the press to show photos of them and their kids unless they say so, but they’ve realized that private citizens will take photos and post them online, like the recent one with Kate and George at the museum and the one of the nanny and the kids watching dad’s copter land. And the ones that were allegedly by citizens of Carole out at the zoo and beach with George. *cough*pap stroll*cough*

      Because really. What “constructive dialogue” can they think up when their PR team keeps saying that Kate is still learning as if that’s why she can’t do more for her charities in this field and according to a post I saw recently, William had only five interactions with the anti-bullying organization that Diana patronized.

      • Natalie says:

        Very true. Twitter especially outs William and Kate’s movements even when the press cover up for them.

  5. Emily says:

    Harry would be a good anti-bullying spokesperson. Didn’t he defend a fellow soldier who was being harrassed for being gay? Also, he has way more “cool factor” than the Cambridges.

    • kaye says:

      He’s way more credible than the Cambridges. A work ethic, genuine interest and charismatic personality. Plus, he’s consistent — his activities don’t seem to be based on elevating his popularity. He has a desire to help and goes out and does something.

      W&K seem so contrived and everything they do seems to be overly orchestrated and planned out

      • Natalie says:

        I agree. Like they’re thinking about how it’s all going to look in the next issue of Hello magazine. The christening was a really clear example of this.

  6. Karen says:

    How much expertise and advice are these two social-media-free snowflakes going to provide? If you’ve seen their PR (throw Harry, Charles, Dianas memory … under the bus) they’re not exactly friendly media users themselves (granted this is not on the level of bullying)

    Kate & William Bucket: “Like let’s talk about not bullying, tell me how you can change your platform to not do this. Yeah?”
    I can’t imagine they are coming with ideas. But more mindless listening and “learning” and doing nothing.

    • Bettyrose says:

      But why is any royal or celebrity assumed to be more qualified to discuss real world issues than normal people? Their role, should they choose to accept it, is raising awareness through name recognition, not coming up with innovative approaches to combat bullying.

      • kaye says:

        Bettyrose – Valid point but you have to admit some royals – not these two – are more credible than others. It helps if you are keenly interested and put forth a genuine effort.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Kate, absolutely! One can still expect genuine concern from a royal/celebrity for important causes, even if they’re not the idea people.

    • anne_000 says:

      I agree. Though Jason says Kate does more than ‘smile and nod,’ this is EXACTLY a ‘smile and nod’ visit for both W&K.

      Unfortunately for the Twitter and Facebook ‘bosses,’ they can’t be seen refusing to visit with them or risk bad press in the UK.

      So though it seems as if any bit of knowledge W&K actually have of alleged ‘social media bullying’ centers around criticism of themselves (as their PR says W&K are still on a learning basis when it comes to other people rather than being knowledgeable experts in any field), like Kaiser said above, they’re probably going to end up taking credit for whatever programs Twitter & Facebook have considered previously or already have set in process.

      Because what are two non-experts/perpetual students going to bring to the table in a ‘”constructive dialogue” when these two big corporations have resources to hire ACTUAL experts, including various types of psychologists, to help them with these types of programs.

  7. Diana says:

    Children and adolescents mental health is such an important issue that I do really hope they are taking this seriously. The pessimist in me is wondering whether they’re using to get more time off for holidays, but hopefully not.

    Here in Australia there’s an excellent healthcare service – taxpayer funded – called headspace, where anyone under the age of 25 can go for free healthcare, particularly mental health care, as well as sexual health stuff. I have a few friends who’ve gone there for counselling, and it seems to work very well. It was a lifeline to my best friend when we were in high school.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Kate and William could push for a similar service in the UK? Or perhaps publicise existing services – potentially reducing the stigma some feel toward seeking help? Maybe they could raise this with Twitter and Facebook? And hey, Facebook did that (dodgy) experiment not so long ago where they looked at how exposure to sad statuses could spread sadness to those who viewed them. Maybe they could talk to Facebook about suggesting services local to people who have been posting sad things?

    There’s so much good they could do. I can’t imagine having that much power to effect positive change in the world. This is a cause close to my heart, and I hope they do it justice. Please don’t let this just be a ploy for holidays!

  8. Sochan says:

    There are very blurred lines these days between real, genuine bullying and people expressing opinions that “trigger” someone else. It’s one thing if someone is explicitly threatening you, but it’s something else if you just don’t like someone else’s opinion — that’s an emotional response and is subjective in every single case. No one can censor subjectivity. I’m personally really uncomfortable with people like William and Kate and German Chancellor Merkel meeting with FB honchos to get them to tighten control of freedom of speech. But this is where we are headed. We’re headed not toward protecting people’s feelings (this is a mask) but towards protecting one way of thinking.

    • Olenna says:

      Well said. +1

    • bluhare says:

      I hope you are wrong, Sochan. I wouldn’t bet against you, though.

    • MinnFinn says:

      +1 Sochan. Protection for one way of thinking and I would add more power amassed to the 1%

    • notasugarhere says:

      You see it all over twitter, tumblr, here, and the DM. Fans of W&K saying that the critical commenters are “bullying poor Kate”. No, they are expressing their opinions in a public forum. They are not engaging with Middleton’s personal social media accounts and harassing her.

      Yes I can see W&K using “cyberbullying” as an excuse to shut down more freedom of speech ABOUT THEM in the blogosphere. As stated above, they’ve done it before, just like the RPOs threaten private citizens and delete legally-taken photos. Given W&Ks behavior with reporters, private citizens, publishers, online bloggers – who are the real bullies here?

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        Spot on!

        Add to that that contacts to companies like twitter, google, facebook and such might help to make inconvenient documents “vanish” quickly.

        Google once had this function which you could use to “find” older deleted news articles. it was called the “cached” version – unfortunately it does not any more. So if any newspaper decides to withdraw any article that had been published – it can be totally deleted nowadays already. Oh what an advantage those old-fashioned printed newspapers were!

      • caitlin says:

        Great comment, bravo!!!!

      • Sochan says:

        Yes, WK are a joke as spokespersons for this issue. Just like Angela Merkel meeting with Mark Zuckerberg to get him to censor anti-migration comments on Facebook by using the phony excuse that disturbs the peace and upsets the work she feels she is right in doing . Feel as she may, she works for the people of Germany and like it or not they should be allowed to voice their opinion on events and decisions which effect themselves, their children, and their futures without being censored and/or called hateful bigots. You don’t have to agree — oh wait, THAT is exactly what’s going on here: censor those who don’t agree. WK have their own agenda, you can bet on that. Anyone who tries to pass censorship laws has their own personal agenda at heart. And any person who loves their own liberty should be worried about that. Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and a right-wing politician was trying to get abortion supporters silenced on the internet or was trying to shut up feminists. It’s an issue of liberty, and we all have the same rights when it comes to that.

      • Nilo says:

        @Sochan: Re Angela Merkel and Facebook: It’s not the critial voices that should be banned, but racist slander and the glorifying of Hitler that Merkel wanted abolished. There are comments out there asking for refugees to be taken into concentration camps, which has NOTHING to do with a critical attitude towards the German government but EVERYTHING with hatred and a racist, fascist attitude.

  9. Div says:

    Twitter lets ISIS and other hate groups have horrendous accounts and people like 4Chan troll about school shooting suspects by posting pictures of innocent people and proclaiming they are the gunmen….so they aren’t going to stop bullying anytime soon. A fairly prominent journalist got some pretty heinous death threats and such over social media when she wrote about feminism and the misogynistic gamergate, and again twitter did zip. Frankly, while I see the benefits of social media I sometimes think we’d be way better off without twitter because there are so many crazy people out there and I don’t see anyway of monitoring it.

    If Will and Kate actually do something worthwhile, that would be amazing but I doubt it will happen because it’s herculean task and it’s the two laziest royals of them all.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Two academics who wrote interesting articles about Kate Middleton and her performance in her role were torn apart and bullied online by Middleton fans. One person attacked was Hilary Mantel, I cannot remember the other. Not a peep out of W&K about online bullying then.

      • Betti says:

        I remember that – its only a matter of time before they start crying cyber bullying of Kate or getting the Fail to do it for them. Which they already did with that article last week.

        I suspect that we may get more traction from them on cyber bullying than anything else as Normal Bill is just beginning to realize that he can ‘exert’ image control over it to hide what he’s up to. We all know how he wants to restrict the press

      • Cricket says:

        exactly! and what about all the bullying of the artist who painted Kate from a photo she provided him! How he made her ugly, etc..

      • notasugarhere says:

        Oh yes, that poor fellow was attacked mercilessly by her fans. He painted exactly what was in the unphotoshopped photo.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ Cricket
        @ notasugarhere

        I bet Kate liked that painting.
        Only when the general public pointed out how sugar-coated and silly that painting was only then …

      • FLORC says:

        Pondering Thoughts
        This is an example of Photo shop extremes. Kate chose the photo groups used for the portrait. And the artist. And signed off on the final product.
        This leads one to think this is how Kate looks in reality. And that’s not a bad thing. Just not what is consumed in print.

  10. suze says:

    This is a good idea.

    I know. I am surprised to hear myself saying it as you are hearing me say it.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree, and I’m sort of exhausted by all the stretching to find criticism of it. They’re bringing attention to an important issue, they’re doing something besides vacationing. It’s good. Who knows their “real” motivation? Who knows the “real” motivation of anyone doing good works? Everything isn’t 100% pure or perfect. If it helps, good. At least they’re trying.

      • Sochan says:

        @ GNAT Maybe if WK seemed like intelligent people who actually had a passion for helping others, folks would take their agenda seriously. Instead William is a spoiled man who tries to dodge working, and his wife by her own admission is too nervous to give speeches (too nervous … or too afraid of being found out that she has no actual passion and drive for much of anything?). It’s not the cause that is laughable. It’s the spokespersons involved.

    • Sixer says:

      I think this is because you have an ounce of human generosity left, even for these two, Suze. I don’t! (See below re: Permanent Learning Mode).

      • FLORC says:

        Sort of with you Sixer.
        They’ve had more than enough time to learn. Why not turn that into action. Any action. Something. A PSA? A fundraiser? A charity party? To show up and nod and listen was fine when you think it’s being absorbed. Now? Apply it.

        Side comment. When’s the last time William was at his EAAA job? Is he still getting paid? Has he announced the charity he’s donating to? I have a feeling it will be his own.
        If so it’s a private donation made with tax funds to a charity so they could pay William for a job he might show up for and then take the funds to donate to his own foundation as his private funds. And maybe those funds stay in a high yielding account before he does this to keep the interest.
        Meanwhile the EAAA needs millions per year to function and not a finger has been listed to bring awareness to that?
        I’m in a mood -_-

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ Florc

        You are right.
        The only thing I don’t understand is why EA Air Ambulance services have accepted William as a pilot. It should be obvious by now that he doesn’t pull his load.
        Surely they have to appoint employees who are likely to fullfill their job commitments?

      • FLORC says:

        Pondering Thoughts
        EAAA and Wills made out on this deal.
        EAAA got their request for the ambulance bumped to top of the list and approved with help from the BRF and William’s salary was donated to them so they could pay him. They are a charity service and created a job for William so it was only fair the salary get donated too.
        What bothered me and others was he got the salary of a part time pilot and was only at most working 2/3 his part time shifts with the option to remove himself should be choose to and still get paid.

        Ultimately if William isn’t showing up anymore it’s best for EAAA. They can use their heli as it was intended and William as a copilot with his RPO as a paramedic were extra fat.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ FLORC

        So they did do it for a new helicopter?

      • FLORC says:

        Pondering Thoughts
        Pretty much. They waited years in petition. William got that to the top of the list and approved.

    • bluhare says:

      It is. What surprises me is that it took being parents to realize other people’s children are bullied. (Translation: I don’t buy that argument.)

      • Sochan says:

        Actually, if there’s anyone in that family who knows about bullying from real life experience it’s Charles, who was bullied relentless by his own father. Even some childhood peers had the nerve to bully the future King of England about his ears.

      • LAK says:

        Charles was also badly bullied at school by his school mates.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        Rumour goes that both Kate and her lovely sister did do their own part of bullying and the target were the York girls. Kate lost two allies there as the York girls were hardly competition for William’s attention.

      • Betti says:

        ^ from what i understand there is history with the Mid sisters and York Princesses that dates from early in the relationship. I believe they (the Yorks) used to make fun of the Mids background along with everyone else and the behavior of Waity and Permatan toward them were in retaliation for that. I’m not condoning anyone’s behavior but just sharing a bit of background. But yes Kate and Pips have a rep for high school mean girling.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’ve never heard anything about B&E making fun of the Middleton background. Beatrice is 6 years younger than KM, Eugenie 8. Neither of them date aristos exclusively so I don’t think that is a hangup for them. W&K started dating when B&E were tweens. We’re supposed to believe they were the instigators and a 20-something Middleton couldn’t deal with it?

      • FLORC says:

        It was said the Yorks were part of the group (incuding Harry, William, and all their friends) that mocked Kate, but also her family (mostly Pippa over Carole).

        The whole things goes about in a familiar way for anyone whos been bullied by sisters. They team up to tear you down for no major reason. Just because or to feel like they’ve gained some power over you. Much of this did come about After the Disco party. As we know Kate ignored Bea, but would invite everyone around her. When Bea heard about it and asked to go Kate said nothing of the costume aspect. Then when Bea showed up Kate lead the mocking. Leaving Bea in tears in the bathroom with Katie Nicholls catching it all. Just recapping for those who might not know.

  11. Dena says:

    From where I’m sitting, it’s “not clear” that mental health is their most pressing or central issue of support, as if it’s risen to the top and have taken precedence and urgency over a boatload of others. Which begs the question of what are the others? Conservation? That’s just one. And, as far as being out and about to support this most pressing, if not singular issue, as recently as early October–come on, we are not even that deep into the first week of November! So stop playing like early October is distant history when in truth we are probably talking about a 15 – 45 minute appearance that happened 2 weeks ago, 14 days plus/minus one or two. I still have laundry and stuff in the car I need to put away from 2 weeks ago!!

    These two and their handlers keep trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Stop it. You know . . . I love all music. I’m eclectic like that😁 but I deeply love the Blues and as one lyric goes “you can’t turn a hoe into housewife.” Now let’s apply that to W/K. You can’t turn two over-aged, over-privileged, incurious, clueless 30 something year old adolescents (I’m I being redundant?😉😊) playing house and extended roommates into intelligent, compassionate, service-oriented and deeply concerned individuals or even a power-couple with daily propaganda that’s tissue thin. Surely we, the watching public, deserve a better and more nuanced script? Jason, you are not doing America proud.

    • MinnFinn says:

      Good analysis Dena. But poor Jason has a tough job. Perfuming a pig is not easy.

    • Cricket says:

      my fav comment from the prior KM thread sums it up… she is the WAG Queen

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        Shall we make a bet when she get those two ample assets every wag sports on her chest?
        And is she going to tell William or will she just blame it on a “growth spurt”?

    • hogtowngooner says:

      “These two and their handlers keep trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents”


  12. Natalie says:

    So, are they announcing an initiative to fundraise for mental health causes or antibullying causes? Or as Kaiser pointed out, are they just trying to sneak into the camera shot of other people’s efforts?

    It feels like Kate has taught William a few things: how to be a limpet on other people and how to take endless lessons except instead of princess lessons, it’s charity lessons that aren’t leading anywhere. They’re energized to do what exactly? Where are the next steps?

  13. LAK says:

    Harry is on social media so he’s probably more aware of online activity. Plus this meeting would have a practical outcome.

    WK……it’s hard to think this isn’t a photo op for them. That is all they’ve done for all the other organisations.

    Further, William tends to meet with media/security organisations so that an outcome that benefits him personally, not the public as a whole, is constructed.

    He’s done this several times, so I can applaud this effort because whatever the outcome, you can be sure it benefits him alone.

    • Sixer says:

      LAK – to my mind this is a direct equivalent to Normal Bill’s “bespoke” Cambridge course in which he was apparently learning estate management to prepare him for the future. Now it’s done, we see no beginning to manage any estates, support anyone managing estates or to give speeches about managing estates. Any knowledge gained went nowhere – and likely never will. Likewise here. Normal Bill and Katie Bucket meet with social media bosses to learn about online bullying and how to combat it. If they were, or had any intention of becoming, actual advocates for bullying, the learning phase would be a temporary one. After that, they’d put the knowledge gained into practice via speechifying, using contacts to connect organisations, helping good third sector orgs to raise money instead of accepting cheques for money already raised.

      They are in Permanent Learning Mode. This is a fig leaf for never, ever doing anything. While they are learning, we can’t quantify them.

      • LAK says:

        Yep. Permanent learning mode.

        With no actual learning or danger of learning.

        Certainly, no tangible outcome for anyone.

        …..but applaud because WK popped in for an hour for some learning.

      • Betti says:

        They must be very slow learners if they are in ‘Permanent Learning Mode’.

      • Sixer says:

        That’s it, LAK. There’s never a tangible outcome.

        Having done all this listening and learning, will they champion a simple and easy to communicate initiative? Will they precis what they have learned into impactful speeches, which they will make in public forums so that they go viral and awareness gets raised? Will they join in with high profile fundraising activities?

        No. They will not.


        Camilla gets involved with DV and rape charities. Goes to meetings to listen and learn. Gets together the toiletries basket for those who have had rape tests. Harry gets involved with veterans charities. Goes to meetings to listen and learn. Goes on charity expeditions. Puts his name and time to Invictus Games.

        Normal Bill and Katie Bucket get involved with bullying. Go to meetings to listen and learn. Do nothing until the following year when they get involved with a different charitable sector and go to meetings to listen and learn.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Software analogy, they’re in permanent Beta. There is never any further or useful development. No hope that they’ll “Go Live” and function as desired.

      • Sixer says:

        That (beta) works for me, NOTA!

      • zinjojo says:

        “Permanent Learning Mode” is the perfect description. Always learning, never being competent or dedicated enough to actually DO anything.

        And Sixer, ITA about the bespoke Cambridge course — did Normal Bill even complete it? It seemed that even with that, he sort of lost interest and it just fizzled away. I’m old, so I remember at least 25 years ago or more when Prince Charles was already speaking out about farming practices and putting organic practices into play. Actual interests and actual accomplishment. Something WK pretend at.

      • bluhare says:

        An astute poster elsewhere said that bespoke course was nothing more than learning how to manage his future income wisely. Which makes total sense, because when he’s Prince of Wales his income will be coming from the Duchy of Cornwall, the estate he will have to manage. So as far as him using that to benefit others . . . not so much.

      • Sixer says:


        I’d be willing to bet that he got bored and it went the way of all flesh before it was finished. Like every other thing he does. In my Snarky Sixer World, he’s already left EAAA and I won’t believe he’s still pulling shifts until I see evidence.


        Exactly. It was spun into following in his father’s footsteps of estate-management-as-public-service and/or ability to advocate for rural issues. But, of course, it was nothing of the sort. Nothing tangible came of it, just as nothing tangible will come of all this learning about bullying. Twit and Twat will just let bullying fade away and will start “learning” about something else next time the public clamour gets a bit too close to home.

        I. Am. Mardy.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        I’m in Permanent Learning Mode with Twit and Twat.

        Just what am I doing with all this knowledge??

        Perhaps I’ll go for a run and ponder their laziness some more, wondering how these two live with themselves as the most embarrassing future king and queen in modern British history.


  14. iseepinkelefants says:

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t give a toss what these two think about bullying and it makes me pay less attention any good work Facebook and Twitter do on their own. Like those two companies need these two numpties to endorse them? Or put in their two cents? I couldn’t care less about what these two have to say on anything.

    Maybe I’m in the ninority but if it has their name attached to it I actually pay less attention so for me they have the opposite effect on charities/campaigns.

  15. Saywhatwhen says:

    Right. Two media bullies meet to discuss bullying with social media gurus.

  16. Vava says:

    Although I think it’s an important issue, I don’t think the Cambridges are well suited for it. William himself is a big bully – towards the press and anyone critical of him.

  17. Citresse says:

    Looks like 17 November engagement for Kate; Fostering Achievement award presenter. Perhaps no Mustique trip for November.

    • LAK says:

      9-10days on Mustique is the usual drill.

      She has nothing lined up between 8th November and 17th November………

      • Natalie says:

        That’s rather clever if she’s already scheduled her engagement upon returning. I think that will help deflect some criticism. Very good work from #poorJason.

    • caitlin says:

      LOL!!! The connection between Kate and “Fostering Achievement” escapes me. Perhaps she will get some inspiration from the recipient?

    • hmmm says:

      Award presenter? That’s gotta be taxing. And the fluff train continues.

  18. Brewster says:

    Kate middleton isn’t pretty. im sick of ppl saying she’s the epitome of beauty and elegance bc she’s a princess. Her skin is flaky. Kate Middleton isnt pretty

    • bluhare says:

      *holds head up and squares shoulders* I am pretty and I have flaky skin. Sometimes. Not all the time. But not pretty because her skin is flaky? Your standards are high.

      • FLORC says:

        *passes moisturizer & exfoliating wiglet patch*

        Fun fact bluhare
        We are atleast 10% more (or less) attractive to others than we are in the mirror because others factor in our personality and the positive and negative qualities that come with that. Today is a day we learned something. Like the Cambridges! Yay!

      • Brewster says:

        I have dry skin too and I’m pretty. Of course that’s not what im saying nor is that the only
        Reason I cite for her un prettiness. But the dryness washed out quality of her skin Rly bugs me. And I know my comment is superficial and irrelevant but that’s why I come here..bc superficial and irrelevant shit soothes me…I get enough serious shit thrown at me in the real word.

      • bluhare says:

        I like superficial and irrelevant. The more irrelevant the better! 🙂

    • FLORC says:

      Um.. Princess William is pretty. You may be applying what you factor as the ugliness of her actions/apathy, but on her own (with wiglet, extensions, lashes, photoshop, makeup, clothes, etc…) she is pretty.
      But that’s my opinion. At a loss as where you came out with this comment. This thread is consumed with William blocking work and trying to get a tighter grip on peoples freedoms to secure his secrecy.

      • kaiko says:

        She presents an attractive figure to be photographed, definitely. But I think Brewster, like 99% of us on this thread, is simply sick of the pathetic spoon fed media diatribe telling us that Kate is goodness, beauty, intelligence personified, bar none. It gets rather monotonous.

  19. Hazel says:

    Sigh. This is it folks, from here on out. ‘Permanent learning mode’ says it all. If only they truly learned.

  20. notasugarhere says:

    According to Hello Magazine

    “William and Kate want to sit down with companies including Facebook and Twitter in an effort to “crack cyberbullying”. The get together will take place some time in the New Year.”

    They’re doing PR about a single meeting that will not take place for at least two months.

    Nice try, Jason.

    • FLORC says:

      Well ofcourse nota
      They must finish packing the new clothes they’re shopping for right now. Must prepare for that vacation before their vacation and then there’s a grueling tour where they go to vacation on tropical islands.
      Your standards are too high. They aren’t multitaskers!

      • COSquared says:

        I’m sure the bags are packed by now, FLORC. Bill is extremely busy trying to convince Gerald Grosvenor that the use of his Cessna jet is of upmost royal urgency. Kate is designing her “bespoke” sunscreen between the crazy whirl(insert eyeroll) of engagements. Duh.

      • Cricket says:

        Surely you jest about William shopping! We know he’s packed his blue cashmere sweater, 20 yr old Asics trainers, oh and perhaps his ill fitting blue suit.

        Mrs. WAG Queen on the other hand, I’m sure she has a new wardrobe of clothes from LK Bennett, Reiss, Temperley and throw in the wedges of doom and sebago boat shoes for good measure.

      • Vava says:

        @Cricket……….Mrs. WAG Queen…………..LOL.

  21. Betti says:

    I’m lolling at that top photo – seems he’s been taking lessons from his wife on the over the top facial expressions to appear fun, engaged and interested. He never used to be so obvious – he used to be quite natural when out and about. He’s as fake as she is.

  22. Pondering thoughts says:

    I think that the bosses of Facebook and Twitter and such have been asked to do something about bullying but nothing has ever come out of that. So why should these two be able to make a difference?

    It seems to me that Will and Kate want to advance their own agenda: “We are bullied. Help us. Delete any account which criticises us.”

    • Betti says:

      Its long been commented on by royal watchers that he’s very secretive, sneaky and controlling. He’s always been difficult and boorish but being protected the way he was made him worse – his quest to control what’s being printed/said about him will only get more pronounced the close he gets to the throne. This secretive paranoia is fed by the Middletons who have skeletons in their closet that they are desperate to hide (Uncle Gary, PP’s finances, their personal finances etc..).

      The press must be sitting on a goldmine, waiting for the day he doesn’t take the throne. Willy is arrogant enough to think he’s protected whatever he chooses to do.

      As i mentioned upthread – the recent Fail article hints to what they have planned. They will go after Social Media and use his royal status to make them bend to his will to stop his secrets getting out. Others have tried it what makes him think he will succeed. They don’t care about freedom of speech – they will try and use bullying to curb that. This meeting is being announced now to make it look like they are following throu – if it happens we won’t hear about it.

      • Citresse says:

        Princess Charlotte turned six months old a few days ago. It would have been nice to see a family portrait released by the Cambridges to mark the occasion. However, knowing William’s attitude, the fact no photos were released didn’t surprise me.

    • herewego says:


  23. hogtowngooner says:

    These two are the ultimate slacktivisits. Doing next to nothing and patting themselves on the back for it.

  24. gayle2 says:

    Hedge Funds, Children’s Mental Health, Fostering Achievement, Kate….? Huh?? Can’t see the connection AT ALL. I suppose I could see her supporting an Arts related charity or one involving sports but seriously, unless something has changed overnight, she’s the wrong fit for any of the others I listed.

  25. FLORC says:

    Has it occured to them that if they busy themselves with something else like a worthy cause they invest their time in and stop trying to control and manipulate the press things will work out? Is this lost on them that they make themselves a target? Ugh the ignorance

    • bluhare says:

      It’s the classic conundrum isn’t it? By exposing yourself to it you get more privacy. Funny how it works.

      • FLORC says:

        Common sense routes are not options it seems. I can’t wrap my mind around how this way is easier.

  26. Nilo says:

    Just looked up the Court Circular. ni evebts schedules for either Kate, Bill or Harry until and including December. They must be oh, so energized!

  27. Nilo says:

    Just looked up the Court Circular. No events scheduled for either Kate, Bill or even Harry until and including December. They must be oh, so energized!

    Are they on holiday already?!

    • FLORC says:

      2 holidays last weeks and then a tour to vacation destinations with Vacations built in to the vacation tour. And then a few meetings with celebrities or celeb style people.

      I’m waiting for all this learning to result in actions that benefit the patronages.

  28. TuxCat5 says:

    These two are seriously “late to the party”.

    There’s a ton of stuff being done about cyberbullying. Kids are educated in school about it beginning in early elementary school. It’s the law in the United States that school technology policies address cyberbullying and that teachers, administrators, and students are provided education on prevention and reporting. Cyberbullying is also now a felony. Law enforcement are trained in cyberbullying. I’m a school technology specialist, who recently spent two months creating the technology policy for the start-up school I work for.

    Kate and William are just continuing their celebrity-mingling stuff. They want to meet Zuckerberg and Dorsey, who are Silicon Valley celebs. They want credit for work they haven’t done.

    Please please PLEASE don’t let these idiots visit Silicon Valley…we already have TOO MUCH TRAFFIC and it will make getting around impossible!