Chris Brown is “a mess;” depressed and drinking too much


I am crying my eyes out for Chris Brown. Dude has it rough. Wait, no, I’m dry as the desert. Chris is having a hard time right now and has sunk into a depression, according to his friends. And while depression is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, if I were to wish it on someone, Chris Brown would be the first guy on my list.

Apparently beating the sh*t out of your girlfriend doesn’t do your career the favors you thought it would. Who would have guessed? Though it’s likely Brown somehow managed to threaten a lot of celebs into supporting him, the general public isn’t so easily intimidated. Brown has good reason to worry about his future: hopefully he’ll spend a little time in jail, and I doubt radio stations will want to play his music for a long, long time.

Luckily he’s doing the smart thing. Seeing a counselor? Nope. Reaching for the bottle. Excellent choice.

The 19-year-old singer – who has pleaded not guilty to felony assault and making criminal threats in relation to his alleged attack on Rihanna – is believed to be struggling to cope with the fallout from his court case.

A source told gossip website X17Online: “Chris is a mess. He lost a lot of weight, about 15 lbs. I do know that Chris is also in a depression and is drinking a lot. He almost got his butt kicked about a week ago.”

While Chris is becoming increasingly reclusive, Rihanna, 21, is determined to put the incident behind her and move on with her life.

Although the pair briefly reunited after the incident, they are now said to be spending time apart to contemplate the future of their relationship.

The source explained: “Rihanna is doing great. She is trying to put Chris on the back burner. They still have joint business assets so they are still keeping in touch indirectly. She is focusing on her new album. She has a lot of creative control so she is doing it her way. This is the first time she has been able to do that.”

[From Hollywood Rag]

This is exactly how it should be. Chris Brown is miserable and despondent, and Rihanna is carrying on just fine. Though he could serve up to four years eight months in prison, it’s unlikely Brown will actually spend any time in jail. His lawyers are working overtime on a plea deal, and Rihanna’s attorney said, “She would be pleased if this were over quickly.”

What really bugs me is that I’m sure this depression of Chris’ will go away as soon as he gets his plea deal. I doubt he’s upset because of what he did to Rihanna. It’s just about the consequences for him. If nothing else, I truly hope radio stations won’t play his songs. But really, that’s up to the public – we need to make sure not to buy and not to listen to Brown’s music.

Here’s Chris Brown in court yesterday. Images thanks to Mavrix.

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  1. UknowitGirrrl says:

    Apparently, he used to see his father beat the crap out of his mother . . . I’m not excusing his behavior. What he did was indefensible – but the kid is young. You repeat what you know and what you see. He needs some serious therapy – and I feel for anyone who’s had to endure a crappy childhood. But he needs to get his sh*t together – work on this, and be contrite in this whole thing. He needs to learn that hard and painful lesson of what he did being wrong – – but he also needs to heal and get therapy so that it never happens again.

  2. rbsesq says:

    Excuse me, Mr. DA, could we add under age drinking to the list of charges?

  3. Sauronsarmy says:

    I hate that whole “product of his environment” BS. There are plenty of kids that come from messed up homes and grow up to be decent human beings. And so what if hes drinkin and “messed up”? He should GROW UP take responsibility and get some kind of therapy/help.

  4. whatever says:

    dont buy that report…the boy has not lost any weight at all and looks together..Besides, from what i have seen rihanna is the one to be downing the bottle like there is no tommorrow..She has even developed a booze belly..I dnt know why you guys keep posting this because to be honest it is really getting boring with your Chris,rihanna “sources”stories..The more you guys keep bashing him the more his supporters are standing by him and still buying his music till today..he is even gaining more support wether you like it or not.. Its not helping…I doubt he is not going to enter a plea just like a lot of you were wrong that he was going to plead guilty..This case is going to trail were it should go cause i personally am tired of being shoved down my throat one side of the story..I feel sorry him as he is just a kid and would like to hear in the court of law exactly what happened and why before i judge…

  5. Tara Jo says:

    I agree with Sauronsarmy. I came from a very abusive family and had a very rought childhood. My brother and I saw our mother get beat daily. Are we abusive?? NO!!! You have control of your own destiny. Product of your envirnment my @$$!! Own up and take responsibility for your actions.

  6. whatever says:

    on a side note, the latest pictures of the shammwow woman after her beatdown are online..Check those out before you start judging…,The charges against the man were dropped!!!!I wonder if all you so called DV actvists are going to make stand like you are against chris????

  7. Shannon says:

    Actually Sauronsarmy, geneticists have identified an “abuse” gene. If a child has it, and lives in a family where the child never witnesses abuse, the gene is never flipped on.

    But if the child does witness abuse, the gene will be flipped on. This is why abuse runs in families. There is literally a genetic component to it.

    Certainly this doesn’t excuse being an abuser, the gene doesn’t force you to abuse people. I think Chris Brown is a disgusting human being and deserves serious jail time. And people without the gene can be abusers. But this is why even though Chris Brown hated seeing his mom knocked around, he is an abuser.

    It’s a really vicious cycle.

  8. my take says:

    He didn’t look thin and depressed on the jetski’s

  9. seriously! says:

    Wow, can you lose a lot of weight AND drink too much at the same time!?

  10. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Shannon: I have NO idea where you got your information on abuse genetics; I’d like you to post it for me so I can be on the same page you are if that’s possible. It is difficult to grow up within an abusive family and it’s also difficult to live “normally” after that; I’ve never felt myself to be normal and I never will but I do not abuse my son. I have ZERO sympathy for Chris Brown.

  11. Orangejulius says:

    While I am in NO way defending Chris Brown, I am always bothered by the assertion that just because some people come out of abusive households intact, then. it should follow that ALL people can do likewise. It just doesn’t work that way in the real world. We are all individuals and all wired slightly differently, therefore, we all will react in our own unique way to the same set of circumstances. What breaks me will not necessarily break you and vice versa. Again, I repeat, I think what Chris Brown did was despicable.

  12. Ryo says:

    whatever, are you an idiot? The hooker bit his tongue; he hit her; she hit back. You could see that SHE hit HIM too. Chris Brown didn’t have a scratch on him.

    Give it up. He’s a worthless woman beater.

  13. whatever says:

    ryo, please stop getting emotional..please could you can show me pics of chris taken that NIGHT that YOU ONLY have seen to i can also..You must have been there that night to know every single detail of what happened..i refuse to get into an fruitless discusion with you based on hearsay and to throw the young man under the bus..I will make my judgement when BOTH sides have been presented as of right now the what i heard simply does not add up including the ridiculous article above..

  14. Your Friend says:

    he is a punk kid who sounds like he pimped out the ghetto. these guys are a dime a dozen on the streets and judging from his behavior, that is where he belongs. another spot on the pavement.

    oh and btw, his music SUCKS! shame on the record industry for pushing this urban lifestyle crap. now its become acceptable.

  15. MomInNH says:

    Whatever, it’s been documented. You can read the police report taken on the scene that clearly states that Chris didn’t have a mark or scratch on him other than on his hands from Ri Ri fighting him off. The Shamwow BS is completely different. That was mutual combat.. Not a man beating the shiz out of a woman and trying to shove her out of a vehicle while punching her in the face. Apples and oranges, friend.

  16. whatever says:

    momiNH, i read that report but i am sorry i am not convinced..The description of the amount of punches and the force used simply does not match the bruising in her picture..The reason why i refer to the shamwow picture is show the damage that a couple of punches can cause..In the report chris was puching her repeatedly..This is a boy with martial arts exposure and as well as muscule from the now infamous jet ski pic..How is it that he caused less damage to her face than the shamwow woman after punching with force repeatedly..I am sorry but in my view it is not adding up and refuse to believe that he is animal like some people want me to believe..again until i hear from both side, everythin i have heard up simply does not add..

  17. Ryo says:

    whatever, there were pictures of him out and about either THAT NIGHT of the VERY NEXT DAY. There wasn’t a scratch on him. Seriously, you may be in love with him, but if you do happen to get together with him, make sure he doesn’t smack you around too okay? He might just kill you – that’s where he’s headed.

  18. yourmom22 says:

    Dude. He is 19 not 21. If he is admitting to drinking a lot he should be required to go to AA.

  19. OXA says:

    He is despondent because he was outed for the disgusting animal that he is.
    As for laying low and drinking, he would have to, he as he is not yet 21.
    Rhianna did not do that to her own face and the photos tell me who he is.

  20. MSat says:

    I can’t wait for you to have to eat your words, whatever. Or, should we say, Chris?

    Sadly, in order for that to happen, Chris will have to harm another woman. Which will happen. It’s only a matter of time. Of course, you will still be defending him then, won’t you?

  21. Annie says:

    I’m sorry, “Abuse” gene?

    Say what?

    Wow, in my years of studying Biochemistry, plus having a really dorky and long-term interest in biology and working in a lab, I never ever stumbled upon THAT piece of information.

    I’m glad we have non-certified, probably only ever skimmed through a high school biology text book, people like you to tell us these things.

  22. Ron says:

    I don’t give a crap if there is an “abuse gene” control yourself! Like Tara Jo, I grew up in a very abusive household and I have only been in a physical fight once in my entire 43 years. You are resposible for your actions. Period. Chris Brown is depressed because he is now, and forever will be, the Ike Turner of his generation.

  23. GOOD!! says:

    GOOD!!! Woman beaters don’t deserve happiness!!


  24. Kat says:

    @OXA Exactly.

    He’s just another little punk idiot who thinks he can get off because he used to be a “celebrity”. Throw the book at his sorry ass.

  25. momoftwo says:


    Thank you! “Product of your environment” can only be taken so far. Kind of like how one man loses his job and kills his whole family and himself, and another man loses his job and simply goes out to try and find another one while working two crap jobs to make ends meet. One is wise enough to cope, and the other has serious mental problems. I was raised in an abusive and neglectful household, and you would NEVER catch me hurting my children or my husband (in any way). I guess there are those who repeat the cycle and those who break it. Jail is just what he needs, it’s a big enough wake up call, IMO!

  26. raunnie says:

    There is no excuse for poor behavior – excuses let people get away with things that they shouldn’t. If Chris Brown were true of heart, he would work with street kids or in a shelter. This is the only way he can bring his cred back.

  27. Veronica says:

    RU kidding me?? I don’t care what he has seen as a child. I have seen many things as a child that I should not have.I do not take it out on others. It is just a matter of right and wrong.

    If this was your daughter.. I am sure you would not be Dr Philling this jerk. He should lose everything including his self worth as she did when he beat her. I worry about her the victim and not him.. I hope he rots.

    I don’t even let my children play his songs and I will never rent any movie ever that he is part of in anyway. Anyone who does is as sick as him. Don’t support this abusive man/child

  28. j. ferber says:

    It seems to me that all Chris Brown’s attorneys need to do to make a case for their client is to read Celebitchy. On many posts, readers have defended him vigorously. I won’t even repeat what all was said. I also think Rhianna will go back to him, which is a shame.

  29. sarah says:

    I’m tired of hearing the excuse that he saw his step dad beat up his mom and that’s why he did what he did. That is the same ridiculous argument that child molesters use when they get caught. Just because something awful happens to you, you don’t get a pass for repeating that behavior.

  30. anonymous says:


  31. MSat says:

    anonymous, step away from the crack pipe.

  32. anonymous says:

    umm typing in caps has no correlation to taking crack, so try again?

  33. Pete says:

    Please. He was laughing it up on the jet skis just weeks after he beat the hell out of Rihanna.

  34. SixxKitty says:

    Good, the poop head deserves to feel the pain, i don’t care if she threw a phone, there is no excuse for that… suffer fool!

  35. Shay says:

    Abuse gene? The guy who he said beat his mom wasn’t his father.

  36. daniel says:

    screw him. take away his freedom. take away his money. wrong is wrong punish him fully! I’m tired of young, rich celebs acting like idiots, this should be a wake up call to all of them out there!

  37. justsoso says:

    to whatever
    i think the shamwow guy had more gravity
    behind his punches cause he was standing so he could throw his whole body into the punches whereas Chris brown was sitting down while trying to drive and beat the shit out of her at the same time. so he probably tried to hit her alot harder and more.but when your sitting its really hard to put more force behind you fist, plus she was in the passenger seat which, if she was pulling away him,would also take more stretching to reach her with a sustained amount of the report it says she went into a sort of fetal position to protect her head and face,while in the shamwow beatdown they were both letting fist fly. so he’d have more face to hit.all in all i think we can conclude Chris brown some kind of demon freak who has absolutely no control over his temper.

  38. Alissa says:

    I love you chris Brown!!! You will get through this!!! I will always support you!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Chris says:

    iv only seen one photo that actually
    lead me to believe he is depressed

  40. j. ferber says:

    Alissa, sure, honey, he’s the victim in all this.

  41. chianne says:

    Everyone is oversimplifying here. Chris really lost his control in that fight – that doen’t make him a ‘woman beater.’ And who knows? Maybe she pulled out a razor in the car?? WHO KNOWS? I am a die-hard chris brown supporter, and from all I’ve seen/heard, he is basically a sweet, good, but impulsive young man who lost control.
    I’m behind you Chris – always.