The Walking Dead finally resolved that big cliffhanger: do you still care? (spoilers)

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Spoilers for past episodes of The Walking Dead follow
There’s someone who drives around my town in a car with a big “Walking Dead” sticker on the side. Last week, after getting a coffee at Sheetz (a gas station and convenience store), I saw the car parked outside (I swear I didn’t follow them there) and sat around waiting for them to come out so I could ask this random person what they thought of producers holding Glenn’s fate over our heads for weeks. I figure anyone who has a giant Walking Dead sticker on their car would want to discuss plot points with strangers. Then I saw my friend getting gas so I stopped to talk to her and missed my big opportunity. I will talk to them someday! If you are reading this and you live in a small town in Virginia and have a giant silhouette of Rick Grimes on your silver Chevy – please email me, let’s get coffee.

While I don’t yet know what my town’s Walking Dead superfan thinks of the show’s multi-week cliffhanger, many of you have found it ridiculous and frustrating. It was finally resolved this week, four weeks later, and I’ve read so many different theories about Glenn that I already had a strong inkling how he would survive – he crawled under the nearby dumpster and waited it out as walkers ate Nicolas. When Glenn finally decided to leave his hiding spot all the walkers were miraculously gone and teenage former Alexandria resident, Enid, happened to be right there on a nearby roof, waiting with a bottle of water for him. How did she even know he was there?

Luckily, this wasn’t yet another capsule episode where we only saw what happened to a handful of characters in one place. We got to see how the people inside Alexandria were faring and the timeline finally caught up with most of the characters, except for Sasha, Abraham and Daryl. I hope they come in to save the day with those weapons Abraham recovered, but we’ll have to see. Next week is the mid-season finale and then WD doesn’t come back until February.

Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn, was on Talking Dead Sunday night live from Atlanta. He said that he’s been holed up in his apartment getting takeout, presumably because he has to stay in hiding for the show. One of the producers, Gale Anne Hurd, said that WD cast are barred from even telling their spouses or partners about future plots. Yeun was grateful that he’s been given another chance and said he’s been “so amazed” at the fan response. He also said it was hard not to be able to talk to his friends and family about his character. You can read more of what Glenn said on Entertainment Weekly.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple was also on Talking Dead, where he tried to offer this BS philosophical excuse to explain why it took a month for them to reveal whether Glenn was alive or dead. “The story we were telling was one of uncertainty. When people leave the walls – in this case of Alexandria – they don’t have cell phones. They aren’t rocking ’80s beepers. You don’t know what happens. You have no idea. When they leave, that could be the last time you see them. And I think it was important to do a story this year about uncertainty, and the audience would share that uncertainty that the characters had, like in episode 5. Maggie didn’t know what happened to Glenn, and I wanted the audience to be exactly where she was – to feel the exact same way.”

Then Gimple said something that, hand to God (I’m an atheist but I swear on whatever), I didn’t read or hear prior to writing that intro, which did happen. He said “It is a dream come true to provide a collective experience – to provide something that was around when I was a kid – which is, you could talk to a stranger about TV.” Ok, so he definitely got me there. He got me so mad I wanted to vent to my town’s Walking Dead superfan.

Oh and WD has a response to those of us who think they’re bastards for making us wait a month to hear what happened to Glenn. This is called a fallacy of relative privation or the “not as bad as” argument, and it’s weak. Plus I don’t know many GOT fans who give a sh*t about Jon Snow.

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  1. Saphana says:

    The Walking Dead was never a well written show but that was a terrible moment. most people called it when it happened and the people behind TWD think of themselves now as in a league with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.
    i will probably still watch but i have lost a good deal of respect for the show.

    • mimif says:

      I can barely even hate watch the show anymore. How about a Leftovers recap? That show is freaking

  2. SamiHami says:

    It was pretty anti-climactic to watch last night. It was pretty much an open secret that Glenn was going to live, so when it happened it was not particularly exciting. Now, if they had led us on, letting us think he was going to live and then actually killed him off—that would have been been a great shocker. Opportunity missed, IMHO. Not that I don’t like Glenn, but come on…just how many times can one survive near-certain death before it becomes a little ridiculous?

    Then again, this is a show about a zombie apocalypse, so what do I know…

    • Lucky says:

      I found it anti-climactic as well. I LOVE this show and am willing to forgive anything but I’m pretty annoyed about this. I was also annoyed at the smugness from Scott M. Gimpel and Gale Ann Herd on the Talking Dead. They both said how proud they were to pull off such a surprise. Who are they kidding, all fans knew that Glenn was still alive, there were pictures of him all over the Internet

    • Linn says:

      I like Glenn as a character but I really wish they had killed him off just so the situation wouldn’t have been so predictable. Pay the actor to hang around and shoot flashbacks and throw in a few fakescenes with the new actors to make it believable.

      I do still like the show though and I loved that Tara flipped the bird at Rick when he tried to call her out for helping Spencer (who is annoying and stupid, but still.)
      How can Rick be surprised that nobody of the Alexandria folks likes him when he is constantly talking about us vs them.

      • Liv says:

        Some of the Alexandria folks are like children. I mean there are some who get it together, but Spencer…has a long way to go. And I loved the scene with Tara too. She really became one of them. I like the dynamic with Eugene and everyone, I hope she stays a bit longer and doesn’t get killed off.

  3. Nancy says:

    I always have loved Glenn, but seriously think the show has jumped the shark. Dayum……

    • enike says:

      I don´t care how unbeleivable it was, I was just soooo happy to see him to be alive!! :)

      I was gutted and shocked when he “died” I was really sad….. but then I read comments and reviews and I knew he will live :)

  4. eva says:

    Enid, needs to die

  5. Stephbpt says:

    Yes, if Enid dies then I might actually want to watch TWD again.

    • Nancy says:

      Right. Pop those stupid balloons and be gone with her. Her character should be getting sympathy but I don’t know one person who gives it to her, partly because of the actress who portrays her…awful.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      Enid and Carl. Pretty much all the kids with Justin Beiber haircuts need to GTFO. I love kids, Im actually pregnant with my first but the kids on this show bother me to no end.

    • Linn says:

      @Nancy I guess I’ll be the first then. I like Enid.

  6. Patricia says:

    I’ll raise my hand up and say I liked the way it played out. I like being kept on the edge of my seat, I liked the story arc with all the timelines that would inevitably come together.
    I think the writers are awesome and I enjoy the show so much. Personally I’m not feeling this frustration toward the show at all. Am I the only one?

    • IrishEyes says:

      @Patricia You are not the only one. I enjoyed it too. My frustration with the show comes from Daryl. I want to see him have a love interest. Hes got that sexy bad boy thing going on, plus he’s a little damaged. He connected with Carol but it seems like he sees her as more of a Mother figure, not a love interest. All the other major characters have love interests. I want to see Daryl get it on with someone!

      • SamiHami says:

        I volunteer.

      • Jag says:

        I’m the opposite. I’d like for once to see a strong, independent character NOT have a love interest just because. Daryl does just fine on his own, and his friendships would be enough for him, imo.

      • Yoohoo says:

        I want Daryl to take a shower. They’ve been at Alexandria this whole time and I can smell him through my tv. Wash your hair Daryl!!

    • ZombieRick says:

      Not the only one. I love the show.

    • Sandruda says:

      I also love the way it played out. I just wish each episode was longer. It ends way too quickly.
      About Daryl. Yes I too wish he’d take advantage of the running water. Just once it would be nice to see him and his clothes clean.
      I live in northern Virginia and now find myself looking for a silver chevy with a Rick Grimes sillouette….

  7. Sayrah says:

    I loved it. There were so many cliffhangers at the end of episode 7 I can’t wait for next week. I was on my lunch break weeks ago and overheard 3 grandmothers talking about their families when they all discovered they watch TWD and each couldn’t believe that Glenn was really dead. Such a funny moment for me.

  8. Redd says:

    Nicholas shot himself in the head, right? I’m no medical professional, but wouldn’t a heads hot like that stop his heart? When the walkers bit into him, his blood gushed like his heart was pumping. I thought they had to be eating Glenn because he was alive.

    I like plot construct this season, though!

    • NoWayJose says:

      Not if the zombies are pulling stuff out of him viciously. Besides, he had JUST died so he had plenty of juicy freshness left ;-)

  9. KendraWM says:

    Ugh, that was the worst. By not killing Glenn they have pretty much said Rick, Carol, Daryl, Maggie, will live.

    Plus they are the victim of their own stupid rules. We have learned that unless we see a clear death the character is not dead (Carol in the prison, Judith car seat) . Are we to really believe that a guy who was just a bit bigger than Glenn really kept all the zombie feeding frenzy away from Glenn, we’ve seen stupid bites way too many times in the past for this to be plausible. Add in that the dumpster was just big enough that the zombies could get their hands on Glenn but not pull themselves under. And the zombies just give up and walk away from the dumpster, even though Glenn is sweating and giving off his scent.

    I am fine with suspending belief, but the writers need to trust that the audience is smart. That will always be the difference between Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. Breaking Bad trusted that the audience will figure it out. Walking Dead likes to beat the audience over the head, like we are too simple to figure anything out.

    At this point I am find myself doing more during the episodes and paying less attention. Verging on hate watching the show.

    • Liv says:

      I’m willing to believe that he got away, but the most ridiculous death was the one of Dale. The zombies ripped him apart just with their hands and then there are other encounters where nothing haqppens. Do they have magical hands?

    • emma says:

      OMG exactly. And when Spencer literally fell into a crowd of walkers, not a single one of them managed to bite him, when people can’t overpower a single zombie most of the time.

      I’m particularly annoyed by the “surprise” zombie attacks. Whenever a zombie is “activated”, they start gurgling and grunting, so how can so many zombies ambush people in the woods and whatnot?

  10. NoWayJose says:

    Not to worry, people. I have a pretty good feeling Carl is going to get shot and killed by Chandler. I knew it when Chandler wanted to try shooting with bullets and I knew it when he stole the ammo from the gun closet. Carl is next. THAT will be the game changer. However, IMHO, I believe it’s time for all of them to succumb to the fate of the rest of the world. There are too many zombies, not enough weapons and now, after the wall has fallen, no way in hell they can recover from that. They gave it their best shot but the apocalypse will ultimately win.

  11. Ellie says:

    Oh man, if no one cares about Jon Snow, can we scale back on the posts about him? Or the actor rather? So whiny. Such a smug face.

  12. Meghna says:

    I’ve been watching TWD since day one. Never before had I heard of it and I didn’t know it was based of a comic book series. That being said, I LOVE THE SHOW! Yes, it was torture not knowing if Glenn was dead or alive, but that’s part of the excitement and greatness of this show. You never know what’s going to happen. It seems like Celebitchy isn’t really a fan of TWD, there’s always a negative undertone to the articles written about the show. Why keep watching then or writing about it? Because there is MASSIVE following and the show is HUGELY successful and will continue to be.

    • Lostara says:

      I just watched season 5 on DVD in two days (yes, we are a bit behind in Germany with DVD- releases…..) – and wow. After season 4 being a bit lame, my TWD excitement was cooled down a bit. But with season 5 I am reminded why I love this show. :)

      Unfortunately I will have to wait a long time for the release of season 6. *hmpf*

      • enike says:

        Lostara, why don´t you watch it on the internet? It is up the next day after airing

      • Carol says:

        @enik – I think if you are in Germany, you can not access episodes that have recently aired in the US on the internet. It’s blocked.

      • Lostara says:

        @enike @Carol: I could watch it online somewhere, but I don’t like to watch on my laptop. I prefer the DVD’s, so I will have to wait….. But I “console” myself with other series…..

      • Liv says:

        No, it’s possible to watch them the next day. I can’t wait! ;-)

  13. Sara says:

    Ok, I can’t even be mad at them for making us wait a month to see if Glen lived because 1) the acting is so good, it’s some of the best tv acting ever, these guys ARE their characters 2) I love Glenn’s character SO much, he’s one of my favorites and I dig his story line with Maggie. And I love they get away from Asia actor stereotypes and cast Glenn as a legitimate powerhouse and love interest 3) unlike some previous seasons that dragged and where awful this season is really, really good. Good writing, good dialog, enough to make me a Walking Dead super fan for life. Some of the dialog this season has been both funny and awesomely bad ass, I just love it. Sure having Glenn appear to die and then making us wait a month to find out what happened is a cheap trick, but this season has enough good writing to make it worth it to keep watching. I still laugh every time I think of that scene where Rick tells the Alexandrians who were plotting against him they should have posted guards… it was one of the most perfect things on tv this year.

  14. Arpeggi says:

    The way Glenn survived is rather silly and given the circumstances, he should have been bitten at the very least! That’s how most people ought to die in that world: bitten in a non spectacular fashion. At least now I know that Glenn will have the same fate as in the books; thinking that some other important character would have to go the way he goes in the comics was what was frustrating me the most about his possible death so early in the season.

  15. Heather says:

    its become way to predictable its like wash rinse repeat! they should have killed him and kill his annoying girlfriend!!! they need to kill a lot of people guess he gets it with the baseball bat

  16. Seapharris7 says:

    As much as I love the original crew, one of them needs to die. Interesting that Glenn said he was grateful “for a second chance”…

  17. Onyx XV says:

    I absolutely love The Walking Dead, I’m a huge fan. And I’m a late to the party huge fan, I didn’t start watching until earlier this year. I had no interest in watching some stupid show about zombies, and could not figure out why it was so popular. Then I found out that it’s filmed in Georgia, and because I happen to live in Georgia and fully support projects being filmed here, I suddenly became intrigued. I had to check it out. It was scary at first (it really was not my type of genre), but I soon found myself devouring each episode. Andrew Lincoln is a brilliant actor, unsung in my opinion, but he (and the other lead actors) completely drew me in and I just love the show now.

    Having said all that, I do believe that it is past time to replace the showrunner. The powers that be at AMC stupidly got rid of Frank Darabont after season 1. Who the heck do they think they are? They were lucky to have Darabont, he was doing a phenomenal job, and this show wouldn’t even exist without him. Then after season 3 they got rid of Glen Mazzara, who I really liked. He was quite personable (unlike Scott Gimple) and I really enjoyed season 2 and 3. I know a lot of fans weren’t thrilled with season 2, but I liked the farm. I thought it was brilliant – everything looked so safe, but uh oh – here comes the horde of all hordes of zombies! What a great cliffhanger. They’ve fired two perfectly good showrunners, now it’s time to get rid of one who is not so good. This “is Glenn dead or alive?” nonsense stupid story is just the worst example of Gimple’s stewardship. Time for some fresh blood on TWD. (Pun intended!)