Richard Gere, 66 and his 32-year-old girlfriend made their red carpet debut: ugh?


No fool like an old fool. Here are some photos of Richard Gere and his girlfriend, Alejandra Silva, at the Madrid premiere of his film, Time Out of Mind. We discussed Gere’s new relationship over the summer, when Gere and Silva were vacationing together in Italy. Gere is currently 66 years old. Silva is 32 years old. Although… I do think she looks older than that, mostly because she’s wearing so much makeup. Maybe she’s trying to look older to tamp down the father-daughter vibe in these photos.

Silva and Gere have been together since at least June of this year. Is that too soon to walk the carpet together? Eh. Are you bothered by the fact that Richard Gere is such a cliché? I mean… I thought he was more “enlightened” than the average movie star, but his romantic history is full of clichés. There was the marriage to Cindy Crawford (she was much younger than him too). There was the mess with Carey Lowell. And now there’s this – publicly trotting out a girlfriend who is literally less than half his age.

Also annoying? The way she’s posing with her head on his shoulder. Girl… this is not some grand love story. Plus, it just looks like a dad comforting his sullen teenage daughter.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I know this is one that needs to be retired but…..are we going with 32. Really?

  2. Kitten says:

    She looks like a bunch of different that I mean, she is very generic-looking.

  3. Yeses says:

    Awww… must be love…sigh!

  4. Truly says:

    Nothing like a day out with dad. 🙂

  5. Jenns says:

    Ok, grandpa.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      I know. Just think of being *involved* with those super- saggy grandpa bits. Yikes.

      • Mindy says:

        Um….. I smash my super-saggy grandma bits with my partner’s super-saggy grandpa bits and I ‘ain’t complainin’ – just sayin. Because with an older man:

        You’ve got a man with a slow hand
        You’ve got a lover with an easy touch
        You’ve got somebody who will spend some time
        Not come and go in a heated rush baby, believe me I understand
        When it comes to love, you want a slow hand
        Read more: Conway Twitty – Slow Hand Lyrics | MetroLyrics

        While I side-eye the age difference, these two people appear happy. FFSs* – let’s celebrate that instead of insulting them as if we are holding court in a junior high cafeteria. Life is too short. I feel that some of us confuse “gossip site” with “mean girl site”.

        *Super-saggy Grandmas swear too.

      • Truthful says:

        @Mindy: celibrity gossip site= speak your mind without filters!
        They don’t appear happy at all, this is not what love looks like.

        Plus without being in Junior High cafeteria , the Conway Lyrics you provided are a bit laughable as it is of course a way to spread the idea that grandpas are *supposedly* hot… when they are not! Aging occurs for both genders and from that point a 66 years old man is anything but a desirable matter for young women.

        “super-saggy grandma bits with my partner’s super-saggy grandpa bits and I ‘ain’t complainin’ – just sayin.”

        Besides the very *classy* aspect of this sentence, the key word is “grandma”: grandma and grandpa go well together, grandpa and granddaughter not so much… that’s the way of life is

      • Shasta says:

        @Truthful: Who cares? They’re both consenting adults, and believe it or not, some people are attracted to older folks.

      • Truthful says:

        @Shasta: “Who cares? “, considering the number of comments on this thread (including yours), a lot of people!

        “some people are attracted to older folks.”older yes , just plain old not so much…

  6. Jayna says:

    I adore Richard, so I don’t care.

    They are adults. She looks older. She has a son and has been married before, so has life experience and responsibility raising a son, so not like a young 20-something. Richard still has a sexiness when you see him in interviews and is a charming, sophisticated man. He’s too old for me, but maybe she likes older men. She comes from money and her ex-husband really came from money and is doing well himself. I think she just runs in moneyed social circles and she and Richard met.

    I so wanted him with Diane Lane, and I think he did too. LOL

    • Truthful says:

      “so not like a young 20-something”

      Why there would be always someone putting that excuse: she is not young enough. It seems so sexist. The moment a woman would turn 30 she is considered fair game for old geezer?
      Why are we having this mentality where the moment a girl turns into a woman it is ok for her to be with a grandpa? Why?

      No it’s not OK, she is not a 20 something, she is a 30 something…. to a 66 years old FCS!

      Nothing personal Jayna , but I am getting annoyed with this excuse society made that “well she is not a girl so…”

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Annoying and you are right. It’s the same argument that is always made when a girl turns 18 “well she is legal now, so it doesn’t matter.” Yeah, ok…

      • Ankhel says:

        Thank you! I hate it when it’s implied that women of 30+ are old bags who should settle for anything. If anybody’s an old bag it’s Gere and his ilk.

      • noway says:

        What’s wrong with a woman closer to his age? They aren’t bag of bones either. Agree just cause she isn’t 20 doesn’t make it any better. Still looks like the classic cliche, and yes it does seem like Richard’s life is not as enlightened as he pretends. He has followed this pattern a lot.

    • maggie says:

      Diane Lane! I could see that.

  7. My Two Cents says:

    Like ugh? She looks like a sugar baby from! Seriously! These ignorant, older rich men just love to find these young girls to sue them for child support or palimony.

  8. Vesta says:

    I thought he was married to Julia Roberts and they lived happily ever after. I’M DEVASTATED.

  9. Barbara says:

    Disappointed in him.

  10. Heather says:

    Meh, good for them. 32 is hardly naive.

    • V4Real says:

      Like some say I would rather be an old man’s baby then a young man’s fool.

    • Carol says:

      @Heather – I agree. She 32 not 22. If she want’s to be with a rich old grandpa, then so be it. Besides, if they are still together once she hits 40, she’ll be off with a 32 year old and Gere will be with another 30 year old.

  11. cakecakecake says:

    I don’t care actually, let him be happy. He actually could have done better, there are some HOT 40+ nowadays. her makeup is horrid…

    I too, wanted him w/Diane Lane.

  12. Ankhel says:

    It must get really tiring with all the people who thinks she’s his daughter, and the following awkward silences. Well, they’ll get good at smalltalk then, which should come in handy when they need to talk to each other. Lord knows they can’t have much in common.

  13. perplexed says:

    Do his girlfriends practice Buddhism? I’ve just always wondered what he talks about with them. I could never picture Cindy Crawford being all that into Buddhist philosophy.

    • tracking says:

      My first thought here was what would Buddha say?

      • Ankhel says:

        WWBS? Maybe that chasing young tail when you’re an old man isn’t too good for your soul. I mean, that’s about physical gratification, which is a worldly urge. Just like wanting to be rich and famous, actually. So, welcome to rebirth as something less than good, Richard. A dog – or maybe a woman if you’re lucky!

      • tracking says:

        ha, I suspected as much.

    • Trashaddict says:

      He does not really strike me as very Buddhist. I feel like Buddhism is somewhat about not succumbing to the desire for earthly pleasures and acquiring things. He is always on the lookout to acquire women, if the gossip sites are to be believed.

  14. Regina Phelange says:

    I’m more upset that he didn’t tailor his suit.

  15. FingerBinger says:

    If this was a woman there would be much rejoicing. How is this any different from 82 year old Joan Collins and her 5th 30 years younger husband?

    • Truthful says:

      Not rejoicing. Equally icking

    • perplexed says:

      The rejoicing probably comes from the rarity of it — like evening the playing field.

      What Richard Gere is doing doesn’t seem rare — well, at least not among Hollywood people, I think). Nonetheless, iIn real life, I don’t see age differences like this. Everybody I know seems to have married people within their age range. I’m always surprised when people say older men prefer younger women, because I don’t see this acted out in real life — but I don’t hang out among rich people.

    • Christin says:

      Somehow I stumbled across a JC interview clip after watching Adele videos this week. Joan seems completely convinced she IS young in every way.

    • mayamae says:

      I think it depends on how much the old geezer is beloved. Patrick Stewart’s newest wife is almost forty years younger than him. I don’t really remember much criticism of him here.

    • Trashaddict says:

      It’s not the age we’re shading. It’s basically the promiscuity which is probably symptomatic of his own panic about his age (or maybe not, maybe it’s a lifelong problem). And if they’re 2 consenting adults who know what they’re getting and not getting out of it, so be it. Doesn’t mean I can’t snark about it.

  16. thaliasghost says:

    I cannot tell Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Richard Gere apart! Every single time I’m confused. No, this is not the one married to a woman his age completey scandal free. That was Robert Redford.

    • Azurea says:

      If you can’t tell them apart, you must be rather young!

      • thaliasghost says:

        Late 20s/early 30s. Is that young? I do know that lots of people in that age group wouldn’t know who either of them are. I work with a group of young women, the youngest 19, the oldest 36 and I’m sure both the youngest and the oldest wouldn’t know.

      • Azurea says:

        Yep, that’s young! From my vantage point of 57, anyway 😉

  17. JenniferJustice says:

    This kind of hook-up is so ridiculous I just lose respect for people who do this – male or female. Find someone your own age who can actually be your friend with things in common, similar interests and life experience. I’m embarrassed for him.

    • Andrea says:

      I only cringe when its this massive of an age gap or the girl is really young in comparison (maturity or agewise). What does a 66 year old have in common with a 32 year old besides his money and her liking to spend it?

      My 31 year old ex is dating someone who just turned 22 and he claims they have loads in common–I’m almost 35. It is very cliche for men to date women 10+ years younger than them and obviously it makes them feel young. For me, I have seen a lot of older men take advantage and mold younger women into what their ideal is; it is very gross. My ex can be very condescending, so I assume the young new gf thinks he “knows better”. She apparently has father issues which again fits the bill with a woman dating a man that much older. I think Gere’s 32 year old girlfriend probably has similar.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        It’s not just the money, it’s the appearance of sex. I say appearance bc these men want to pretend they’re still so virile, they must have amazing constant sex with their young woman, but stats would say they’re ability is waning, so I think it’s just for appearances and bro high-fives.

      • michkabibbles says:

        I don’t know, I think it depends on the people. When I was 36 (I’m 40), I was seeing a man who was 55. We had TONS in common-books, film, music, etc. I had better conversations with him than I ever had with guys my own age. I also thought he was extremely interesting-I really enjoyed learning about all the things he’d done with his life. On the other hand, I’ve spent time with guys my own age that I have absolutely nothing in common with. I really think it just depends. (I did have a guy friend who, after getting divorced from his wife, starting seeing a 22 year old [he was about 45 at the time]; it was a huge ego boost for him that some young comely coed was interested in him. Eventually he had to break up with her because she just didn’t get his jokes, which were very 80s pop-culture centric).

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ JenniferJustice

        So there is a little bit of a frat boy in Gere?

        Just kidding…

  18. Nayru says:

    The age gap is quite large and it does make him look a little ridiculous and I have to wonder what she could possible see in him. Nonetheless, over 30 is a grown ass adult who should have her life together and a good idea of what she wants.

    • Pondering thoughts says:

      @ Nayru

      I wonder what she is seeing in him, too. Allegedly she is a spanish socialite and businesswoman with a child. I kind of think it is neither a career push nor money. ???

  19. lisa says:

    i know im repeating myself but i met him a couple of years ago and i would hit that hard

    • Jayna says:

      That’s what I’ve said. He is still exudes sexy in person and is a very charming, sophisticated man. He’s still a little too old to be serious about and settling down with, but I can see being attracted to him.

    • Jordan says:

      LOL! Me too and I am 32! I know he’s being a cliche, but I love him anyway!

    • Andrea says:

      Wow, I am surprised.

      • Truthful says:

        Me too …I can see his as charming, but more like grand-father figure charming!

      • Jayna says:

        @Truthful, I thought he had lost his hotness also when his hair went white against his skin tone. He looked old to me.

        Then two years ago a first-time director/writer had a movie and the budget was small. Richard Gere loved the script, believed in the movie and wanted to be in it and so did Susan Sarandon, and they took a back end deal so he could afford them. It got great reviews and was a movie release/VOD same day release. That’s the first time I had ever heard of a movie doing that. It worked. The movie made $50 million. I watched it based on the stellar reviews. It’s a thriller.

        I changed my mind. He was sexy. He has this intensity to him. He has a cat-like walk and he played a man with an edge. He was hot in the kind of sex scene. At his age, seeing him in action on screen, not just photos, even though much older now, he still had a sexy charm, not a grandfatherly charm.

        Promo trailer for the movie with scenes with Richard Gere. I think he’s still got it.

      • Truthful says:

        @Jayna:I actually saw the movie and yes charming… in a kind of Grand-pa way… .. more like a Santa kind of charm…

        Even Laetitia Casta was a bit snarky about it in interviews, underlining her MOM was excited that she was filming with him…and anytime a journalist asked her about what she thinks of Richard Gere she went back to: my mom finds him very sexy…

        He is in grand-pa territory, no sexy at all. Just creepy

  20. Nancy says:

    Embarrassing. He was so hot and now he’s the poster child of older middle age. Other than the obvious, what do they have In common. If the guy down the street his age was hanging onto a 32 year old woman, he’d be the talk of the town. In Hollywood, I guess it’s just the third or fourth wife.

  21. Lisa says:

    He’s weird. Not a fan.

  22. knower says:

    The sad thing is in a few years he’ll trade her in for a younger version. She thinks she’s the finale.

    If you’re on the arm of a permanent A-lister and you’re over 30, the clock is ticking. If a man is as faithful as his options, then a famous man has unlimited options. All straight men would hook up with a hot young gal if they could, even if they are staying at the nursing home. Blame male libido.

    • Truthful says:

      Actually there is a strong study conducted by the MIT and osaka university, 2 years ago that states something very interesting: everyone is as faithful as one’s genetic patrimony… and surprisingly the better your genetic patrimony is the more faithful you are , the poorer is yours the more unfaithful you will be, because you would have to diversify and enhance your patrimony by reaching and branching out to better genes pools.

      So no options here, just poor genes…

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ Truthful

        “Poor” genes is a valuation of genes. It would make some people genetically richer than others. Not legitimate, as far as I know unless one supports racism.
        There are differences, yes. And sometimes these differences enable some more than others in certain areas. But generally no judgement about genes in terms of good/bad or rich/poor.

        But anyway, what exactly does “poor genes” with respect to cheating / faithfullness mean anyway? How does it work?

      • Truthful says:

        “poor genes “means: bad visual acuity, height, coordination ability,dyslexia etc…anything that prevents to “better” the specie ‘s evolution, that what is the meaning in “bad genes”, and yes it’s unfair but some of us are “richer” or “poorer” in this aspect from a pure biological standpoint (example: any athlete is of course more gifted than me)this is individually induced… no possibility to support racism with stupid generalizations, its linked to each individual.

        That means that the more your gene pool is flawed the more you will be in a position to cheat…”cheating” from a biological aspect do not exist, as it would be just an attempt to enhance your offspring future genes pool. The more “blessed” genetically were (in this study) less active in term of “diversifying ” their patrimony and more focused on other aspects of their development.

        It does make sense as it’s the exact dynamic of evolution… in all species.
        The study was conduced from a pure biological standpoint.

        Ps: this study is fairly available easily, a simple request to the biological anthropology departments of either University will enable you to have more than just a glimpse at the topic.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Could you tell us the title of the paper please?

        I studied molecular genetics for a couple of years and I really don’t understand what you’re saying. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding. But the way I’m reading it, there are just sooo many flaws with the idea …

        – Like Pondering thoughts said, researchers don’t describe individual genes as good/bad. Even something like the BRCA gene mutations are described as “cancer causing mutations”, not “bad”.

        – Whole genomes definitely aren’t good/bad. They just aren’t. There are so many possible traits that it’s impossible to say that the genome is bad. No one is perfect. Everyone has “bad” genes for something (really tall, but history of heart disease; great vision but terrible teeth). Also, many things are context dependent. Sickle-cell disease is nasty, but it protects you from malaria. If you have the genes to be a prima ballerina, you’re going to be a lousy shot-putter.

        – The traits you’ve mentioned (height, visual acuity, dyslexia) aren’t inherited in any simple fashion. For example, the last big study on height found 697 genetic variants in 423 different genetic loci. There’s enough variation that you don’t have to sleep around to find someone with different height-genes to you.

        – Why look at cheating anyway? Cheating doesn’t equal pregnancy. If you really believed people with “bad genes” were cheating in order to somehow lessen the impact of those genes on their future kids … wouldn’t the right question be: are “bad gene” people more likely to have kids with multiple partners?

        So many questions >.<

      • Truthful says:

        @Lucrezia: in my “ps” I indicated that the full research is available by simple demand to the MIT and Osaka university biological anthropology departments (I am completing a PhD in anthropology)

        “Why look at cheating anyway? Cheating doesn’t equal pregnancy. If you really believed people with “bad genes” were cheating in order to somehow lessen the impact of those genes on their future kids … wouldn’t the right question be: are “bad gene” people more likely to have kids with multiple partners?”

        ===> That is exactly the purpose of this study , they did make a connection of the urge of “sleeping around” as you have put it, with the urge of enhancing one’s genes pool, their study was achieved in 2013 after 11 years.

        “- Like Pondering thoughts said, researchers don’t describe individual genes as good/bad. Even something like the BRCA gene mutations are described as “cancer causing mutations”, not “bad”.”

        My bad for using good/ bad vocabulary, but I think your onto a total other subject …

        PS: anthropological biology is the matter studying human behaviors through a biological lense… the occurence of genes is completely different matters…

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ Truthful

        Please do give a proper reference to that article.

        “Truthful says:
        November 24, 2015 at 3:26 pm

        “poor genes “means: bad visual acuity, height, coordination ability,dyslexia etc…anything that prevents to “better” the specie ‘s evolution, that what is the meaning in “bad genes”, and yes it’s unfair but some of us are “richer” or “poorer” in this aspect from a pure biological standpoint (example: any athlete is of course more gifted than me)this is individually induced… no possibility to support racism with stupid generalizations, its linked to each individual.”

        Your genetics aren’t more or less gifted than any athletes. Your genetics and any athlete’s genetics are simply merely as different as yours and mine (me no athlete either). An athlete’s genetics might be better adapted to conduct his particular kind of sport but they aren’t “better” nor “worse” than yours our mine. You can describe genetics as better or worse suited for or adapted to certain types of activites but you must not describe genetics simply as “good / bad” or “gifted”. Or in other words: everybody is genetically suited for certain activities even though many people and scientists don’t even know about that particular kind. Unfortunately one only gets recognition and prizes for a very small and limited amount of these activities. But that stems from a rather simplistic attitude which is prevalent in society and produces statements about “good / bad genes” and “gifted genes” as if there generally were non-gifted genes. Genes can be “more or less gifted for” or “more or less adapted to” a certain activity. But they are never good/bad or gifted/ungifted in themselves.

        The use of terms like “gifted” or “good / bad” genetics suggests some rather unpleasant point of view on your part although you deny it. And nope, replacing “good / bad genetics” with the term “gifted” doesn’t help either. Your use of the term “gifted genetics” implies that you consider there are “ungifted genetics”. That is as a whole not the case as described above.

        “(I am completing a PhD in anthropology)”

        Postgraduates usually don’t use such assessment as “good / bad” when talking about genetics. Because the general descriptive use of both “good / bad” as well as “gifted / ungifted” in reference to the whole genetic of a person implies that certain persons were not capable of performinc merits at all. That is a very odd description for a postgraduate who is going for a Phd.
        Please so tell at which uni and under whose tutelage you do your Phd. I would like to write an email to your Ph.D supervisor. 😉

        You know, when writing in an open forum like here people can be anything… lawyers, doctors …. in that respect I wish to inform you that I have completed the following academic titles:
        Prof. Prof. PD PD Phd. phil. Phd. med. Phil. phys. MA Ling./Phys./Phil. MA Law*

        * obviously I am abso-f**k*ng-lutely serious here. 😉

  23. seesittellsit says:

    She’s right out of Central Casting. As for Gere’s highly touted Buddhism: I’ll believe in his spiritual evolution when he sleeps with a woman his own age.

  24. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    Richard Gere is one of those actors that I just dont want to know about outside of their work. I mean, I know I know, shame on me for clicking…He just irks me and I am not wanting to know anything more about him as a person in the future. So many celebs we need to have tunnel vision with to enjoy their work fully and for me, this is one of them. Michael Jackson is another one that comes to mind.. I want blissful ignorance.

    • Lisa says:

      That is totally my mom. Every time I tell her about something I read about him, she’s like, “I don’t want to know!” She’s loved him since the 80s. I don’t like him at all, so I have no problem hearing the negative stuff, haha.

    • Pondering thoughts says:

      Gere defended the Dalai Lama. And the Dalai Lama and his predecessors had exploited Tibet and its population for centuries. When China did take over Tibet there was a significant rise in the living standards of the population of Tibet. Traditionally Dalai Lamas (plural) want back their theocratic rule over Tibet. Anybody thinking that supporting him in that is a good idea?
      The Dalai Lama acknowledges none of that and I find that utterly deceptive.

  25. Veronica says:

    Thirties aren’t as gross as twenties to me – at least you know who you are by that point – but yeah, total cliche. I guess they’re both getting something out of it, though.

    • Andrea says:

      Which is why I am bothered by my ex who is 31 dating a girl who just turned 22 when I am almost 35 and he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

      • Azurea says:

        Really? 9 years isn’t that much, depending on the maturity of the people involved.
        My husband was 12 yrs older than me, & I had far more emotional maturity than he did. Since he died (young) I’ve dated two men who were both 3 years older than me, in my 50’s, and they haven’t figured their shit out, either!
        My daughter’s boyfriend is 17 yrs older than she is, & they’ve been great for each other and are going strong.
        As for me, now….I’m dating 8 – 10 years younger!

      • Andrea says:

        Well my ex and I were on again off again because he didn’t have a job for 2 years and didn’t figure his shit out, he still hasn’t, but once he got a $10 an hour job, he got the younger gf. I guess since she lives at home, she doesn’t have to worry about footing more than half the bills.

      • Azurea says:

        From everything you’ve said about him, I suggest cutting the cord & moving along.🌹

  26. Chris says:

    I love your humor, wit and insight, Kaiser! This is not some grand love story…Lol!!!!

  27. Amelia says:

    Oh, I don’t know. I met my husband when he was 40 and I was 25. I know 15 years is certainly not 34, but the older you get the less the larger gap seems to matter. I’m sure we grossed out many, but we’ve been happily married over 26 years. To each his own.
    I will confess, when Tony Randle was in his 80s and was married to a much younger woman, I think in her 30s but at least young enough to have a child because they did, I thought that was a little icky. And Anna Nicole Smith marrying that guy in his 90s when she was about 30 was insanely obviously for his cash (he looked about 108). And Hugh Hefner is a running joke. But if Gere and his gf don’t care, I certainly don’t.

  28. Dani says:

    He’s old enough to be her dad. Don’t these ladies draw the line somewhere? Like, more than twice your age? He looks like a creep, especially with those glasses.

  29. Carol says:

    “Girl… this is not some grand love story.” – Made me spit up my coffee!!!! Too funny.

  30. Pondering thoughts says:

    Girl looks starved: hard face, especially around the chin and the cheeks.

    Google says that the girl is a spanish socialite and businesswoman, allegedly with a child. So she is probably not in for a career push.

    Well, to be honest, the age difference does gross me out. Gere is just a very few years above fishing in that model&actress pool.

  31. Belle says:

    As long as everyone is of legal age and is there of their own free will, I say date who you will and have fun.

    That said, I think Gere is getting played. Her body language is all off: She keeps her head tilted so that her neck on his side is covered, she hugs him (even the side by side arms about each other) with her body angled away from him, and while he looks happy & love-y, she looks like she’s just putting in another day at the office.

    Run away now dude, and don’t look back, or start saving up for the inevitable divorce/paternity/break up payout.

  32. hogtowngooner says:

    When I see a pairing like this I’m reminded of when Bob Newhart was on TBBT and is confused by Penny and Leonard’s relationship. Penny says something dumb and he turns to Leonard and says, “What do you two talk about?”

    • kate says:

      I’ve never understood this mentality. If anything I have MORE to talk about with people who are older, younger, from another culture, have a totally different belief system etc. Do most people enjoy a lot of conversations that start with ‘Hey, remember when we were both 12 in 1989’ or something?

      I talk to my partner about things that happened during our days, how we’re feeling, current events, funny things we read or saw, future plans, whose turn it is to put the bins out…I don’t really see how age comes in to any of that. There’s probably a higher chance of finding someone who shares the same values and goals as you within a similar age bracket, but that doesn’t mean that an older or younger person can’t be compatible or that everyone your age will be a good match.

      • Andrea says:

        I don’t know, I reference a lot of 1990’s movies/tv shows and listen to a lot of 80’s/90’s music. It is dead obvious which generation I am from.

  33. Jag says:

    As long as they’re happy and consenting adults, who cares how old each is?

  34. Pineapple says:

    Julia Ormond (First Knight? costar?) said he’s selfish. I think he seems to be dealing with mortality in his own way. She’s happy, he’s happy. Nothing wrong with that, people. If she were a teenager – 18, 19 – I’d be grossed out. He’s not as gross as someone like Hugh Hefner is all I’m saying. Never thought he was hot though.

    • Truthful says:

      When she was a teenager he was in his 50s…. pretty much sums it up!
      How this is very different than hugh hefner?

      • Pineapple says:

        TO be honest, she doesn’t look as old as peole are saying on this thread, and he really could pass for her grandpa. I’m just saying for some reason he doesn’t seem as gross as the other old guy/young nubile couplings.

      • Truthful says:

        @Pineapple: I understand your point. But don’t you think that it is kind of gross that he looks like her grandpa (as you admit) AND he is dating her? I find this tainted by all shades of grossness.

  35. Denise says:

    That dress, that hair, that make up….I guess he thinks younger (no way 32 though) is better just for the sake of it.

  36. JudyK says:

    Can’t believe I ever liked Richard Gere.

  37. Jayna says:

    WinnieCoopersMom says:
    November 24, 2015 at 11:56 am
    Well if you want to see what that would look like, it’s called “Nights in Rodanthe.” Great movie. ..I personally would like to see Diane Lane and Liam Neeson together.

    Andrea says:
    November 24, 2015 at 12:01 pm
    I agree with Liam and Diane coupling up!

    Well, girls, I’ve been thinking the same thing BECAUSE Diane Lane has just recently signed on to a movie that Liam is starring in. She will play his wife. They start filming next March.

  38. Ellen Smith says:

    I think you are all missing a big point: Gere is famous and wealthy. And, in his day, quite decent looking. Why assume she is in it for the long haul? Perhaps she is enjoying his fame and fortune, knowing that at her young age she can waste a few months/years on him and still have plenty of time left to look for a permanent partner. Also, since he is presumably (American Gigolo/rumors) well endowed, perhaps she’s just using him for sex. Once he needs a defibrillator, she will dump him like a hot potato.

    • Truthful says:

      “she’s just using him for sex.” That would be the perfect excuse if he was 30 years younger…. if a woman wants to use someone for sex she certainly won’t be trying to do it with someone who went through andropause 15 years ago…

  39. What's inside says:

    Is this the best that he can do? Really?

  40. Ettig says:

    He could have Christine Brinkley. 😀

  41. raincoaster says:

    Girlfriend needs a bra and/or some gaffer’s tape for her boobage.

  42. Blackbetty says:

    Gross, they look like father and daughter.

  43. serena says:


  44. Newgirl says:

    … Ok, she is over 30 and they both can date anyone they want…. However, there are plenty of women around his age that also look great that he could have dated as well.

    • DogMom says:

      I’m sure he knows plenty of gorgeous, smart, got-shit-together women his own age. But for some reason they aren’t on his arm. I’m thinking those ‘other’ women know something our good Spanish 32yo friend doesn’t.

  45. april says:

    Gross sums it all up.

  46. Miran says:

    I was about to be like ‘so when did he get divorced and didn’t he adopt her son?’ Then I remembered that was Harrison Ford.