Richard Gere hits on married ladies in public, likely fools around on Carey Lowell

Richard Gere

I still remember the first time I became aware of Richard Gere — from the pages of a mid-1980s HBO guide advertising Breathless. At the time, I was crushing on Harry Hamlin from Clash of the Titans as well as Rick Springfield, but I still thought Richard was kind of cute in a movie idol sort of way. Since then, I haven’t really given the guy much thought other than his strange 4-year marriage to Cindy Crawford in the 1990s, Pretty Woman, and (of course) that terrible gerbil legend curated by Sylvester Stallone. Even if Sly made that up, it still kind of killed the Richard appeal for me. You know, animal cruelty and whatnot.

Richard has been laying pretty low in Hollywood these days aside from appearing in the occasional film and crapping all over Pretty Woman. (Although he will soon be appearing in an ensemble comedy called Movie 43 that stars Emma Stone and lots of other gorgeous ladies.) Speaking of which, Richard still loves the ladies even though he has been married to Carey Lowell since 2002. He apparently doesn’t let his wedded status stop him from putting the moves on women in public. He even does it in front of their husbands and doesn’t care if he causes a total scene. Here are some details from Page Six:

Richard Gere

Richard Gere was told off by a diner at Nick & Toni’s in East Hampton on Saturday night when he began chatting with the guy’s gorgeous wife. When the hubby had enough, he told the star, “Get the [bleep] out of here” — but Gere still wouldn’t stop gabbing in the blonde’s ear.

Gere was spotted with a group of his agents at tony Nick & Toni’s after picking up a lifetime achievement award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. But during dinner, a blonde at another table — where three couples were sharing a meal — seemed to catch his eye.

“He kept staring at this woman,” an eyewitness says, to the point where “her husband seemed agitated by it.” But Gere, who’s married to actress Carey Lowell, didn’t stop there — he got up and approached the strangers, spies say, to zero in on the blond beauty.

“He approached the other table,” our witness says. “He didn’t acknowledge anyone around her. He was leaning in and trying to talk to her, leaning into her ear.”

The woman, our spy says, “was looking at [Gere] like, ‘What are you doing here?’ ” When her hubby had enough, “He said, ‘Hey, listen. Get the [bleep] out of here,’ ” according to our source.

But Gere didn’t get the message. “He didn’t leave,” the spy says. “He just tilted his head to lean in. He bent back down to her. He didn’t give a [bleep]. It was a bad situation.”

Before things got more heated, Gere headed out, and the hubby headed outside to see that he was gone. The rest of Gere’s group stayed for another half-hour, but, “There was tension in the room.” After he left, the woman who caught his eye “was trying to make [her husband] calm down,” the spy said. “It ruined their night.”

A rep for Gere says: “Reality is, he was at a table with his agents and their wives. On his way out, he stopped to say hi to the people at that table, and joked with the people briefly before leaving.”

[From Page Six]

Even if we give Gere the benefit of the doubt and just label him a “friendly guy” who likes to say hello to randoms, there’s still no excuse for him blatantly hitting on a married woman and ignoring her husband when told to get lost. Is Richard just clueless as to the conventions of society, or does his ego override all possible displays of manners? Not to mention Richard’s poor wife having to put up with this nonsense.

Here’s Richard being a “friendly guy” over the past few months with the likes of Debra Winger, Laetitia Casta, and Susan Sarandon on the red carpet.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. ladybert62 says:

    He needs a haircut.

    He has always seemed creepy to me.

  2. RN says:

    This sounds completely fabricated. I’m not buying it.

  3. dooliloo says:

    LOLOLOL from American Gigolo to Desperate To Mate!

  4. aims says:

    I can see this happening. Didn’t Cindy hint that he was not truely invested in their marriage?

    • Jayna says:

      Because he didn’t want to have a child with her at the time. He said he married Cindy because he loved her and didn’t want to lose her. But she didn’t get his dedication to the Dali Lama and he never got parts of her career. And the no child thing did them in.

      He said when he fell in love with Carrie and
      really loved her little girl and their family life that it changed his mind completely on having children and he realized he wanted to have a
      child with Carrie. They have a son together.

  5. Sara says:

    God, Susan is ageless. Isn’t she like almost 60? She looks fantastic!

  6. marie says:

    the gerbils will be jealous.. wasn’t that the rumor from way back? haha, sorry..

  7. Suga says:

    Susan Sarandon looks uncomfortable in that last photo.

  8. Jayna says:

    What a bunch of bull. Has he fooled around? Probably, maybe. Newszflash, people. The majority of the men in Hollywood have on some level, whether it be once, every great once in a while, or consistently. As far as this story, I bet it is overly exaggerated.

    Howard Stern has said bizarre, fabricated stories about him appear on Page Six and it boggles his mind and that they never call to corroborate it or anything Not about cheating but other stuff.

    • Emma says:

      Keith Olbermann always said the same thing when he was still on MSNBC. Page 6 made up stories about him constantly. It’s definitely due to politics. Same thing with Stallone who is a stone cold conservative. No big mystery why he is acting so catty about Gere.

    • Vesper says:

      Even if this is true, did it ever occur to anyone that he is in an open marriage? Or, perhaps, his marriage is over and they just don’t want to announce it publically.

      There have been a lot of rumours that Cindy Crawford and her husband are in an open relationship, and that Cindy is bisexual. Perhaps, she had the same arrangment in her first marriage.

      I find people too quick to label Hollywood men as cheaters.

      If Richard was going to cheat, do u really think he would be stupid enough to pick someone up in a public restaurant?

  9. Debra says:

    What is most shocking to me is how he has aged. His premature greying hair was spectacular back in the day, and it was always thought that he was one of the most handsome actors in Hollywwod. His grey hair doesnt look good with this current cut. He needs to have dental work done too. Yuck.

  10. Bluedog says:

    There’s no way anyone does that with a gerbil.

  11. MerryHappy says:

    He is so skeevy if that’s true. Yuck.

  12. Scarlet Vixen says:

    This story sounds like a load of crap. It sounds like such caveman and tacky behavior by everyone involved. Silly…

    And the gerbil thing was so lame. Gere is a longtime Buddhist–no way he used animals inappropriately like that.

    Strangely, I’ve never been a big fan. Pretty Woman–and Dirty Dancing–were THE slumber party movies of my youth, and I’ve always thought he was a pretty decent actor, but his beady eyes have always kinda turned me off.

    Oh, and his new movie ‘Arbitrage’ co-starring Susan Sarandon has been getting fantastic reviews. And it wasn’t a huge blockbuster like ‘Chicago’, but ‘Hachi’ was also great. And who can forget ‘Unfaithful’ (altho more because of Olivier Martinez). So, he hasn’t been making crap. I think he actually makes much better movies now than he did in his prime.

  13. Cleveland Girl says:

    He is so gross. When I think of how gorgeous he used to be it just makes me so mad. He needs a haircut and really good anti aging facial.

  14. Starlight says:

    The woman’s husband must have done something that irritated him, so he seduced his wife. This is just an assumption.

  15. Hakura says:

    Ugh. Something about him gives me the creeps. I don’t know if it’s the rumors I’ve heard about him, or his beady little eyes…

    & Susan does look uncomfortable in that last picture.

  16. taxi says:

    He can hug his former co-stars, imo. Both Debra Winger (An Officer and a Gentleman) & Susan have worked with him in the past. I liked him with Susan in “Shall We Dance?” & now “Arbitrage”.

  17. emmieapricot says:

    Why do men start to look more feminine as they age??

    and Bedhead mentioned Rick Springfield — I saw him on ‘Kelly & Michael’ this morning. OMG waaay too much plastic surgery or injections or something bad. And now that I think of it, he looked very feminine as well.

  18. A says:

    Don’t buy this. Plus, if it was true he could have been joking around with some friends.

  19. Krock says:

    Oh Richard! PLEASE fix that hair! He was so friggin’ hot! His hair makes me cry! WHY OH WHY?????????????

  20. mia says:

    Maybe since he is a Buddhist he will be reincarnated as a tampon and fulfill his wildest dreams.

  21. Blue says:

    That story doesn’t even sound like it could be slightly true. It makes no sense.

  22. mar says:

    Let me say, He is a HUGE animal advocate, so I will not rag on him one bit!

  23. Jayna says:

    Does anyone really believe he walked across a room, zeroed in on a woman with her husband and two other couples eating dinner and only talked to her, whispering in her ear, ignoring everyone else, and when the husband said, get the f–k out of here, he kept on whispering to the wife he didn’t know? Something is fishy.

    It would be believable if the story was he spotted the woman, but went over and pretended to just chat with everyone, while checking out the wife.

  24. kiwichick says:

    he actually kissed shilpa shetty a bollywood actress while on stage with her for an aids function of some kind – it was a big deal because he just did it without her permission.

  25. OXA says:

    I do not buy it, he is one of the nicest most decent men you will meet.

  26. Jesse says:

    All I can say is he is one of the best onscreen kissers I’ve ever seen. I watch an officer and a gentleman and I have my mouth open as I watch it lol!!! James MacAvoy (sp?) looks like he can kiss too. Now, Hugh Jackman (love him too) looks like he cannot kiss to save his life. Watch the kissing scene with Ashley Judd in Someone Like You and yuck. But he sure is cute. Ha!

  27. Jesse says:

    All I can say is he is one of the best onscreen kissers I’ve ever seen. I watch an officer and a gentleman and I have my mouth open as I watch it lol!!! James MacAvoy (sp?) looks like he can kiss too. Now, Hugh Jackman (love him too) looks like he cannot kiss to save his life. Watch the kissing scene with Ashley Judd in Someone Like You. But he sure is cute. Ha!

  28. Cpm says:

    I remember a few years ago when he kissed his co-star, a beautiful Bollywood actress, and all of India wanted to cut his stupid head off.

  29. tru tru says:

    NOT beleiving this story, Richard was very good in his movie Arbitriage, I enjoyed it throughly.

    LOVE Richard, just wish his hair was not white.

    He managed to stay out of all of the Hollywood bullcrap and I commend him for that.

  30. Ravensdaughter says:

    Note that he and Debra Winger did not get on well in “An Officer and a Gentleman”, so it’s nice to see them friendly-and just that-after all these years.
    Susan Sarandon is a fellow activist-albeit for different causes-and that is obviously a friendly embrace.
    Oh, puuuhleez, this is fabricated…

  31. Deeana says:

    He made a movie, something about the “Mothman Conspriacy” or something like that, in a small town near where I live. A friend of mine was hired as an extra for a scene in the movie He said everyone was given instructions to not approach Mr. Gere AND not look Mr. Gere in the eye when near him. Which everyone thought was pretty strange.

    So it doesn’t sound to me like he was the “friendly type”. I think the story is false.