Jennifer Lawrence swears she’ll work with creepy David O. Russell ‘until he dies’


Here are some assorted photos of Jennifer Lawrence from the past week and a half, all in NYC. Jennifer reportedly spent Thanksgiving in NYC alone, although I kind of doubt she was just by herself the entire time. I bet her mom came to her, or maybe J-Law spent the holiday with friends or something.

The assorted photos include some pics of Jennifer at the first screening of Joy this weekend. I’ve been to the movies a lot lately, and the trailer for Joy has appeared ahead of every movie I’ve seen in the past two months. I still don’t really get it? I mean, I know it’s loosely based on the life story of Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop, only the “bio-pic” is more a David O. Russell fantasy than a by-the-books biography. It just looks cheesy and silly rather than dramatic. I kind of think J-Law has gotten all she needed to get out of her collaboration with David O. Russell, but J-Law says they will keep working together until they die.

Joy marks the third time Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell have worked together, but she says it won’t be their last.

“I’ll do anything with you until you die,” Lawrence told Russell Saturday during a Q&A that followed the first screening of their latest collaboration, adding, “it’s sweet and f—ed up.”

Joy was screened Saturday in New York and Los Angeles. The Q&A, which took place in New York City, was broadcast via satellite to the West Coast. Russell pointed out that the characters for Lawrence, Robert De Niro, and Bradley Cooper were inspired by “our growth together in the last five years.” Joy also marks his first film with a female protagonist and the first time, Russell noted, Lawrence is playing someone “who’s not crazy” in one of his films. Joy unfolds over more than 30 years to show how one woman rises to become the matriarch of her family. She “had a fire and gift that she had buried for 17 years,” Lawrence said of her character, while describing the film as a tribute to “women who are the unsung heroes of their households.”

The Hunger Games star previously expressed her love for working with Russell to EW. “David and I will never, ever, ever, ever not do movies together,” she said. “I love him so much that sometimes I can’t talk about him without tearing up. Look! I’m tearing up. I understand every look, every eyeball move, every word he says or doesn’t say. We were made for each other.”

How much does she love him? Enough to face her fear of singing once again. In Joy, Lawrence and costar Edgar Ramirez duet on “Somethin’ Stupid,” which was made famous by Frank and Nancy Sinatra. “He’s a d—,” Lawrence joked of Russell making her sing in the film. “But David’s so open that the fear seemed silly.”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Ugh, it irritates me that Jennifer is so close to a guy who “felt up” his transgender niece. I mean…DOR has issues. People in Hollywood know about his issues. DOR is such a douche, George Clooney choked him during Three Kings and then refused to work with him again. Why is J-Law so cozy with him?

As for the “buzz”…even though reviews of Joy have been embargoed for now, a lot of critics and awards-watchers believe that J-Law will be getting another Best Actress Oscar nomination this year, and that she could be a major contender. The Best Actress race is in disarray right now, but I could see J-Law getting a Golden Globe nomination. But another Oscar nom? For this film? Ugh.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. By the Ugly says:

    Of course.

  2. Bishg says:

    I love her coat. She’s been wearing it a lot during the past few days. Is it Dior?

    • sos101 says:

      It is!
      and it’s a lovely coat – I can’t seem to figure out if it’s from this season or not.

  3. Girlinbayou says:

    Errmagawd. That pup has a beard.

    I’m dying.


  4. Emma says:

    It always bothers me that powerful and abusive men in the entertainment industry are never held accountable. People just don’t care. Look at Lady Gaga working with Terry Richardson and R Kelly and then having the audacity to put out a song dealing with campus rape. The hypocrisy astounds me.

    • moot says:

      …Anybody working with Terry Richardson is an ahole by association as far as I’m concerned. If you respect Richardson and his work (which is frankly very pedestrian), I have no respect for you.

  5. Lizzie McGuire says:

    I didn’t know about the Sony hack emails regarding David O Russell & his niece wtf, not a fan but I did enjoy Three Kings & Silver linings playbook. I knew about George Clooney & the Lily Tomlin incidents, in my books he was a douche. Now, I can’t go watch his movies. Add him to the list of disgusting directors next to Woody Allen & Roman Polanski

  6. Luca76 says:

    Or until she turns 30 and he says she’s too old to play a 45 year old character.

    As for the Oscar race I just saw Brooklyn last night and bawled my eyes out. It’s a simple film, so moving, and Saorsie was amazing.

    • trilby227 says:

      Brooklyn was so good! I hope Saoirse Ronan is nominated. She deserves it.

    • lucy2 says:

      I like Saorsie a lot, it’d be nice to see her acknowledged at that level.

      I agree that sooner or later, DOR isn’t going to see her as his muse anymore, or whatever. I actually like a lot of his films and I do want to eventually see this, but hearing how abusive he is again, after claiming redemption, I don’t want to put any $ in his pocket.

      • korra says:

        Saorsie has been acknowledged in the past on that level. Her first film she does an American accent and she’s great in that role. She is my personal bias as an actress though and I wish she would get nominated. I just don’t think she’s much of a campaigner.

      • Josefina says:


        This. She’s not much of a campaigner and I like it that way. She’s a spectacular actress and a lot of directors and producers (good ones!) know that. She’s not an A-lister but has built an interesting and rich filmography with many good films in it. Who cares for an Oscar when you already have a lot of insiders by your side.

  7. Betti says:

    Of course she will – his work tends to be Oscar baity.

  8. korra says:

    She’ll win. I have no doubt in my mind that she’ll win. She’s not coming for that nomination. She’s coming for that win. She’s phenomenal at Oscar campaigns and the academy adores her. With Lawrence there’s no fear of being over nominated or over awarded. There’s only fear that the public will tire of her. She’s the Academy’s answer to Meryl Streep or Kate Winslet critically, but WITH box office power. She easily brings in the money because she sells her products really really well.

    I still find her talent over hyped and many of her performances mediocre, but she has damn good hustle. I mean…she basically has to worship really awful people (mostly men) but it’s hollywood. There’s no way she can not do that really.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Yeah, I find her a decent actress , but very overhyped. She was magificent in Winter’s Bone, and okay in everything else. But her PR is amazing, she’s very pretty and has hustle.
      In HW that’s more inportant than talent.

      Also, for someone who hates the paparazzi, she always stays at that hotel which is a known paparazzi hangout.

      • me says:

        Winter’s Bone I will never forget, but also because of John Hawkes as Uncle Teardrop

      • Gatita says:

        Yes! to John Hawkes. He blew me away in that film. I thought JLaw was overhyped in that one too. Not that she was bad but she didn’t hit me in the gut the way Hailee Steinfeld did in True Grit.

    • ... says:

      Does she have box office power? Set aside the franchises that would have an audience regardless. I don’t think you can substantiate that claim. At least not yet.

      • korra says:

        Look I’m not a Jlaw loonie and like I’ve said she’s really not as great an actress as people make her out to be, but I’m also not stupid enough to suggest that she doesn’t have box office power. She does. Sure she’s in franchises, but her name outside of those is well known. She’s Julia Roberts of this generation. She has clout. She wouldn’t be paid exorbitant amounts of money if she didn’t have the negotiating power of someone who does in fact have box office power. It’s why the academy loves her. She brings in that youth demographic that they desperately want to attract to watch that bloated awards show.

      • ... says:

        Set aside franchises. In what movie has she demonstrated box office power?

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @Korra …

        Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were the headliners for a film titled “Serena” that came out late last year. The film bombed. Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t proven that she can carry a film alone on just her name. She doesn’t really have clout. Or I should say that she has the same amount of clout Kristen Stewart has (had) during and just after the last “Twilight” film. Everything said about Jennifer Lawrence were said about Kristen Stewart. In my opinion, the only difference between the two actresses is an Oscar.

      • korra says:

        It’s relative in comparison to other actors. Her name is extremely well known that alone gives execs more of a reason to credit her as a box office draw. For that awful American Hustle movie a lot of the marketing was centered around her. She gets paid $20 million and greenlights a high concept sci fi film along with Chris Pratt (who really is the person you should be arguing can really have box office clout or not). You honestly think she got the chance to direct because she’s an incredible talent at directing? No. Having Lawrence’s name attached alone on a movie generates buzz.

        At this moment in time she is in fact hugely popular and people are taking advantage of that to make money. It’s not a guarantee. No one said that. But the idea is that more people will see this movie if so and so’s name is attached than not. So if someone is investing a crap load into a movie they’re going to try and make every insurance to make sure that movie succeeds or that they at least make as close to their production budget as possible. As a result you have high profile stars attached.

        Again at this moment in time. Sure in a few years it could be over and having Jlaw as the star will probably not a guaranteed hit, but that’s not exactly uncommon currently with any actor. You tell me. Who has more box office draw? Saorise Ronan (my personal bias as an actress) or Jennifer Lawrence?

        @Emma Sure but you also have to look at the marketing of that movie. Jolie also had a badly reviewed film and a major box office flop…but the woman has box office power no Emma? One movie sure and we still have to wait for Lawrence’s career post franchises, but again I think people are going with the idea of who more likely has box office power relative to actors around them. I think JLaw is a safer bet than others. Lol, that’s not me saying she’s more talented than others. She’s much more popular than others.

      • perplexed says:

        I don’t think she has proven to be an outstanding box-office star outside of the franchises (can she sell a movie like Sandra Bullock? I’m not entirely sure), but compared to other actresses like Natalie Portman who Hollywood wanted desperately to be successful at the box-office I think Jennifer Lawrence probably does look like a strong commodity.

        I am amazed by her success. I think she can act and I think she has talent onscreen, but I tune out her interviews — as herself, I don’t find her to be a particularly compelling personality (maybe I find her real-life speaking voice kind of annoying?) Then again, as I’ve gotten older, I don’t really feel like watching Julia Roberts movies, but I do think she makes for an entertaining interview

      • Artemis says:

        She hasn’t proven she can carry a film. Otherwise, people would’ve given examples by now 🙂

        Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock are mentioned with good reason tbh. They carried a film on their name alone. Julia even took a 2 year break (during which she was still high in demand!) and still topped the box office after she came back. She sustained success for quite a long time and besides a few duds, when she was on fire, she was truly ON FIRE. Even in Steel Magnolias she stood out from the cast as the critics praised her (not in my opinion but it goes to show that she had that star power already). Meg Ryan the same, pulled in huge numbers and had a nice run before conservative America shamed her into early retirement (while Russel Crowe stayed succesful).

        Even Melissa McCarthy is carrying films now but doesn’t get enough recognition for it. This is jarring because it’s a genre (comedy) that is difficult for women anyway unlike these simple Oscar-baity ‘dramatic’ films.

        Yet it’s always mediocre J-Law with her mediocre films (DOR is sooooo mediocre, overhyped and overrated) that gets articles dedicated to her and has people on the defense. Why? It’s obvious she hasn’t proven herself to be a powerhouse like aforementioned ladies. Nowadays, a franchise is a surefire way to get your name noticed but how well will she do without that turd DOR and the franchises? Like somebody said ‘Serena’ bombed, hard but that film got buried real quick. Two good actors don’t make a successful movie and clearly, people are not ready for a non-DOR and franchise Lawrence.

      • Jules says:

        @Artemus, and well, others here: I find it astonishing that the same people STILL reject the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is as talented and critically acclaimed as she is…even though the critical acclaim has been a factor long before Lawrence became a household name.

        My feeling is that it really does boil down to resentment and jealousy as Lawrence is not only incredibly talented, but successful. I think it’s too much for some people to handle. It is petty and silly.

    • Jib says:

      I don’t get why she shot the finger at the camera with the Oscar in her hand after she won. I thought that was a first class jerk move, and if I was able to vote, I would never vote to give her another Academy Award again.

  9. ... says:

    Well this sucks.

    ETA: Are people planning on seeing Joy? I feel like I should support one of the few movies with a female protagonist, and yet I also don’t want to support O. Russell. I also just don’t like his superficial movies, and I’m not much of a JLaw fan or a fan of the fact that she’s so young in a role that would have been better suited to a more mature actress. But… female protagonist…

  10. Penelope says:

    David O also verbally abused Lily Tomlin in that infamous outtake. He’s a complete jerk.

    And American Hustle was terrible imo.

  11. Jasmine says:

    Too much hype, just like American Hustle. The film looks cheesy as hell. She’s way too over hyped for no reason. I hope people vote for talent and not PR-skills.

  12. Veronica says:

    He’s a prick, but the problem is…I can see why she chooses to work for him because working for him has done her very, very well. And J.Law is nothing if not ambitious (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). The niece issue is very…off putting, though, and unfortunate given J. Law’s own history of being a victim of sex crimes. She is responsible for who she chooses to associate with, but at the same time…I wish there wasn’t such a Catch-22 on liking anybody in that industry.

    • Gauchita says:

      If he’s a prick and she is choosing him, then yes; maybe you did meant it in a bad way. As you should; being unscrupulus; “always looking out for number 1” and all the excuses american culture use to justify being egotystical assh*les aside.

    • Jib says:

      What sex crime was JLaw a victim of? Someone stealing the pictures she took of herself?? I agree that it was a violation and very upsetting, but to call that a sex crime trivializes real sex crimes like rape, sexual abuse and child sexual abuse. Spreading pictures she took of herself, safely, alone, in the privacy of her home, is certainly NOT a sex crime.

      • Danielle says:

        I don’t know…everyone I know, and don’t know, seeing nekkid pics I took for my significant other…while not rape, its a violation of a sexual nature. It happened because I am female and famous.

  13. noway says:

    I do like David O Russell films, and I have a theory that he has some sort of mental illness. Maybe Jennifer, Deniro and Cooper are just better at dealing with it, or he takes his meds when he is with them. Who knows. Okay the Transgender niece feeling up was really bad, but not really followed up on by her or the media, but the other abusive things at work that we definitely know about Clooney and Tomlin don’t seem that awful to me. I have worked before and seen people both men and women go off the rails like that. I did have to help break up a brawl once too, yes it was two men. I worked in advertising at the time the creative side. It seems people occasionally get a bit off kilter on the creative aspect and it just didn’t seem that weird to me. Now Woody Allen, even though not proven skeeves me out. As he seems so weird to begin with.

    • tealily says:

      No, that’s bad. Most people don’t get to physically assault people they are working with and keep their jobs. I think your viewpoint may be skewed by a similarly screwed up working environment.

  14. Nicole says:

    I mean what is she supposed to say exactly? We all know if she says anything she will be blackballed at the very least. DOR is a spiteful douchebag. She’s campaigning for an Oscar nom she has to play nice.
    To me the fact that they got into a screaming match on this film (her using her fb to deny tells me it’s true) tells me she might distance herself after this awards season. I hope that is the case

    • perplexed says:

      I don’t think she has to go out of her way to say anything excellent about him. I think she’s in a weird position where she has to work with jerks (the entertainment industry churns out a lot of them), so for employment-related reasons I can see why she’s made the choices she has, but I don’t think she has to laud the directors as being great people to work with (although I guess you have to thank the person when you win an award? But that doesn’t seem to be the case here where she’s at a Q and A.) If I were her, I would refrain from saying anything too nice about them.

      I wonder if she knows about his other bad behaviour though. Sometimes she seems kind of out it knowledge-wise — like, she didn’t know Elizabeth Taylor had died. Maybe she never watches tv or reads the internet because she focuses so much on work? That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

      • Nicole says:

        Except people always ask how it is to work with “so and so” when they do press junkets. So yea she has to praise him until award season is over. To me her getting into a screaming match and then blaming “method acting” was telling. Jen is NOT a method actor at all by her words and directors that have worked with her. So yea I don’t buy it.
        Then again Jen wants to work with Woody Allen (or so she says) so I have no idea what kind of lines she can draw this early. Either way she needs to play happy actress until feb

  15. lizzieb says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is the “go to girl” for now….ho hum. Unfortunately for her, she will get older. Anyone older than yesterday’s newspaper knows, there’s always a go-to girl. Long ago, it was Goldie Hawn, it was Teri Garr, and it was meg ryan. There are many others. My assumption is the girls getting the parts are the girls who audition on the ‘acting couch’.
    P.S. I watched that outtake of DOR abusing Lily Tomlin. What an ass. He’s calling her a baby while he’s throwing stuff and knocking over the lamp. She should have told him, “fuck you and the horse you rode in on.” Lily’s my girl – don’t mess with Lily.

    • moot says:

      And here’s a classic example of a too-young woman being cast to play a part much older than her. Not dis on JLaw, she can hold her own in a serious film. But let’s be perfectly honest: There are lots of women in HW, older than JLaw by 10+ years, who are also more than capable of holding their own in a serious film.

      JLaw does seem like the next Julia Roberts, able to transmorph her it-girl movie roles into a long-term career in serious movies. Unlike Goldie Hawn and Meg Ryan. JLaw is not stuck in one genre, which will ultimately help her career.

  16. uninspired username says:

    “Ugh, it irritates me that Jennifer is so close to a guy who “felt up” his transgender niece.”

    She’s pretty transphobic, so I’m not so shocked.

  17. d says:

    She reminds me of some women who “get along” with abusive men and feel special that they can do so, like they think, “well, he doesn’t abuse ME”, like “*I* don’t have any problem with him, so it must be you” and so on. But just wait till he turns on her for some little thing and/or wait until she ages out and it’ll be a different story. Guaranteed. Her mind’s messed up by the success that she’s had in spite of it all, but that’ll change. Juuust wait.
    I agree, Lawrence was great in Winter’s Bone, but in terms of career over time, I think Saoirse Ronan’s a better actress by far. More versatile, deeper, and yet subtle. I don’t think Lawrence can do what Ronan can. Not that the Academy will care, but who really cares about the Academy these days anyway.

    • ... says:

      Right? She reminds me of women who are proud of being able to put up with, handle, and even like or get along with abusive men. They think they’re just tougher, not like those weak bitches. It’s a form of Cool Girl-ing. Bleh.
      But being willing to put up with someone who is abusive does not make you tough–quite the opposite, actually.

    • justagirl says:

      Abusive men can be charming…that’s how they attract women, and those “good days” are often a reason women stay, they think he’s really a great guy. The high/low cycles of charm/abuse also have an effect.

      No doubt he’s charming towards Lawrence, she is useful to him. When she says she understands his every look & even words he doesn’t say…that sounds like she is constantly gauging him, AKA walking on eggshells & anticipating the mood/needs of an abusive personality.

      She might not think she’s special. Even if he is charming, opinionated, and difficult with her, if he’s never outright angry & abusive, it makes it hard to imagine that someone could hide an abusive side. Been there, yep, abusers can hide it when they want.

  18. Cindy says:

    I can’t think of a single DOR film that I didn’t fall asleep during. And I mean it, I really don’t even know how they ended. They lack heart, or something. I can’t even put my finger on what it is exactly. Also, I love Clooney for chocking this ahole. Didn’t know that happened.

    Can anyone tell me what this feeling up the niece thing is? I don’t want to look it up and ruin my morning.

  19. Milli94 says:

    I love Jen so much but i have to say she wouldnt be at the level she is if she did not play the quintessential Cool Girl . Peole EAT it up . I very much doubt that is how she is behind closed doors but damn does she sell that image .
    Also yes, it makes no sense that she writes essays about sexism and gender disparity while continuing to work with this asshole . Specially since she can work with whoever she wants now .
    On the positive side, she looks so happy now. Single life suits her

    • noway says:

      I get the Cool girl vibe too, and I wonder how long that will last. I also don’t think DOR abuses are really gender related. There is the transgender niece Sony email leak, but there hasn’t been any real info on that. There are the Lilly Tomlin and George Clooney incidents, but Clooney’s was supposedly about DOR’s abuse of a male crew member. Not that this makes DOR better, I think the rumors are he is abusive all around not just gender related.

    • korra says:

      I’m honestly of two minds. She’s an incredibly sheltered individual and grew up pretty privileged. I don’t think she realizes her own hypocrisy most of the time….she’s just not that bright and gets praised for being the least. But I think she’s also discovering her voice and it’s fair for her to be pretty stupid in her youth. Yeah she’s 25, but she also has the education equivalence of a high schooler and even us college educated individuals didn’t realize the internalized misogyny and inane crap we pulled at this age.

      As successful as she is, she still has to bow down to the powers that be. She’s an actress and her staying power is still in the air. She plays like the game like most of us in trying to solidify her career. Bradley Cooper can talk about being a feminist and saying he’d work with his female peers…but he’s still working with Russell you know? So she’s not alone in this regard. Same with Blanchett and insert every single other actor that has worked with an abusive director. It’s just really hard in general to be so idealistic with your beliefs for “normal” people. Sorry but I’ve shopped at Wal mart when I literally had nothing. I imagine it’s harder for actors because every single hypocrisy is under scrutiny and in the public eye, plus their hands are tied. They have to support their movie otherwise they’re blacklisted. It is their job after all. You honestly think you’d stay employed if you talked badly about your boss?

      So I don’t want to come down harshly on her for it, but I am so not here to praise every single time she “supports” women with what she says because sometimes she sounds downright idiotic.

      • perplexed says:

        I think she should refrain from praising him. To be as successful as she has been, I don’t think it’s possible to follow your ideals that easily, but I think she could avoid complimenting him too profusely.

      • korra says:

        @perplexed I guess but she praises everyone as effusively as she does him. She worships so many directors, it’d be weird if she didn’t praise him to high heavens given their ongoing collaboration. I think this is to bolster his image PR wise, make sure that she and him are a known commodity, and make it clear to him quite publicly that she is more than willing to put up with him. Possibly wipe away any of the tension that may have resulted from their on set fight. It’s kooky bananas, but that’s hollywood.

        I don’t think I want to judge her so harshly for it…especially since Arnonofsky, Anderson, Mendes, etc were prominent signers of that Polanski petition and she’s working with one of them. People are actually excited about her collab with Arnonofsky. I think she, like everyone else just compartmentalizes their bad behavior or disgusting decisions and leaves it at the door to further her career. Maybe she’s also just sincere and ignores all those bad things because she knows them on a personal level. I have no idea.

      • perplexed says:

        If she praises everyone, then I suppose that’s just her personality. I’m willing to watch her onscreen, but avoid her interviews because she’s sort of….loud-mouthed? so I haven’t watched her that closely off the screen. There’s only so much of her loud personality I can listen to at times, though I do think she’s talented in the sense of being able to turn that off when she acts.

        I have wondered if she knows everything he’s done though — she’s a pretty busy lady, and I don’t think she’d be sifting through Sony hack e-mails to figure out what’s in his past. So I do view her through that perspective to some degree as well.

    • GlimmerBunny says:

      I used to love her and I got really offended when people first started accusing her of faking her “Cool Girl” vibe but I’m starting to see it now. “Joy” doesn’t look that good IMO and personally I think one of the “Carol” ladies is gonna get the prize.

  20. tacos and tv says:

    Oh gosh. “I’m tearing up just talking about him.” I’m sorry but no. Such a stroke, dude. Come on! The guy is a giant p*ick, Also, that coat is really bad and should be kept in the same deep dark hole where nightmares are kept.

  21. CherryB says:

    This year for once there will be a lot of female-led movies dominating award season (Brooklin, Carol, Room, and to some extent The Danish Girl) and honestly Joy is the one I am less thrilled about. Granted I am judging it just by the trailer, but I really don’t see how this could be a major contender for anything. And sorry, Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress and all, but she is way, way too young for this character (just as she was too young for American Hustle IMHO). Also another Oscar nomination would be a joke, and even worse, would give some credit to those who claim that best actor/supporting actor is the real deal while the female awards are easier to get. Not that I believe that myself, but when you think how many excellent actors have no Oscar and few nomination and compare that to Lawrence it does look quite weird.

    • perplexed says:

      I thought the Joy movie seemed interesting until I learned it would be about a mop cleaner inventor.

    • korra says:

      I think Best Actress is far more serious and interesting than Best Actor this year. Fassbender won’t campaign, Eddie might get a nom, hopefully Damon is nominated (for that bland performance), Leo is definitely getting nominated possibly a win, and Will Smith might get a nom. It’s fairly boring and I don’t think it exactly establishes that Best Actor is a more serious award.

      For the ladies most of the women in contention are not in studio supported films, but quite a few indies with fairly modest budgets all widely praised performances and still gaining traction despite being released fairly early in the year. That’s way more fun. If anything it diminishes the idea that Jlaw is an anomaly in her age group acting talent wise with Larson and Ronan and even Vikander (albeit for supporting) being touted this year. I will say it’s a little sad. Most of the potential Best Actress nominees are under 30, while all of the Best Actor nominees are over 30. That’s kind of annoying but Best Actress sounds like way more fun (and serious) this year than Best Actor. I hope Damon wins Best Actor. I’m rooting for that.

      • Jib says:

        I read that Cate Blanchett did Oscar worthy work in two movies. I love her work and hope she gets it.

    • kate says:

      She’s not too young. She’ll be playing Joy as a teen, as a mid-twenties single mum, and then towards the end she’ll be playing mid-thirties. It’s a biopic, no actress was going to be the ‘right’ age for all of it, but she’s the right age for most of it.

      And she wasn’t too young for Hustle either. Even in the film, Bale’s character explicitly mentions he married a much younger woman.

      • korra says:

        It’s funny you say this because she herself believes she was too young for SLP, AH, and yes even this movie. She’s said it….so I’m not understanding why you don’t think it. Sure if she didn’t take the part the movie wouldn’t have been made, but that just furthers the evidence for hollywood’s own ageism does it not?

      • GlimmerBunny says:

        Yeah, I don’t get the Hustle criticism – she obviously played a very immature trophy wife.

  22. Gatita says:

    I met DOR a few times. He’s very charming. I didn’t see him behave badly but it was right around the time he was filming I Heart Huckabees and the rumors were flying. I believe all the bad stories but after experiencing how charismatic he can be, I understand why people keep working with him. But that’s Hollywood. Women still work with Roman Polanski and he’s a lot worse.

  23. Shake says:

    She doesn’t have that much range so she has to stick with creepy uncle Russell since he creates movies around her halo.

  24. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I didn’t bother reading the article. But JL gossip gives me the creeps out of her some times. Just saying,

  25. G says:

    Okay I like her but I really don’t understand why she is in every damn movie from family drama to fan fiction. It’s like she sold her soul to Hollywood. I actually fear for her in a some weird way.

  26. Patty says:

    Having seen Room and Brooklyn, I’d imagine the Best Actree race should be between Larson and Ronan. Based on her body of work, I have a hard time believing that Lawrence will rise to their level in Joy.

    • Jules says:

      @Patty: Jennifer Lawrence is receiving rave reviews for JOY (early reviews from the test screenings, but the buzz for her performance has been strong since the film wrapped).

      So…rise to the level of her colleagues, Ronan and Larsen?…are you kidding?. Lawrence and any other great actress could play Larsen’s role in Room in their sleep. As for Ronan, a wonderful actress for sure and equal to Lawrence but I don’t think she is winning this year.

      Academy voters aren’t as crazy about Larsen as you might think…

      Jennifer Lawrence is the real powerhouse and that has been the consensus long before Lawrence became a household name.

  27. J says:

    I think it’s funny when actors say things like this because as soon as this movie flops she won’t touch another project with him in it… unless of course he’s the only one willing to hire this no talent baby face non actor after the hunger games franchise dries up!