Brandi Glanville explains why she came back to ‘RHOBH’ after being fired: ‘Money’


There was a big event on Thursday night for the Season 6 premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While the standard RHOBHs came out – Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster were all in attendance – I was surprised to see Brandi Glanville was also there, looking like an ice skater with cheap extensions. Months ago, Brandi was pretty much fired from the show for being A) a drunken mess and B) a pugilistic, wine-tossing diva who fought with nearly everyone on the show. I still think it was probably a mistake for producers to fire her, just because… Brandi brings the drama, and drama is what these shows thrive on. Still, I think Kyle and Lisa said they would quit if Brandi wasn’t fired, so producers had to make some noise about it. As it turns out though, Brandi did film some stuff as a “guest star” for this season. And Brandi told People Magazine why she came back:

A certain wine-throwing housewife is back in the mix for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s sixth season, and Brandi Glanville has a good reason for her return. Glanville took to the RHOBH season six premiere party on Thursday in Hollywood and credited one thing for her triumphant return to the reality show.

“Money,” she told PEOPLE.

The 43-year-old mentioned that she only filmed with Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards for the season.

Glanville opted for a detailed, long-sleeve mini-dress at the event and was seen posing for a group photo with the rest of the cast. Eileen Davidson, who has had drama with Glanville, said she hasn’t seen Glanville on or off set, but insisted that she isn’t “somebody who holds a grudge.”

“I don’t have anything against her,” Davidson told PEOPLE of Glanville. “I learned a lot last year in the process. It wasn’t always pleasant, but whatever, I made it through.”

[From People]

Well, at least she’s honest? The other RHOBHs were about the same – Kyle told ET that she and Brandi “are done being friends.” Other housewives were like “blah, whatever.” And Brandi is basically only back to start fights and get paid. So, there you go.

Is anyone else kind of sad for Brandi? I mean… she had a good thing going there for a while. She was a successful writer and a popular reality star. Now she’s just shilling wine and dating sketchballs.



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  1. COSquared says:

    When will this all end? I’m tired.

    • Shaunna says:

      Gloria Steinem was on Watch What Happens Live and Andy asked her why she did not
      like the housewives franchise. She said
      it is embarrassing, horrible, and repeated embarrassing again. I agree!

      • chelsea says:

        The Real Housewives franchise is in fact a great argument for all those tenets of 70s style feminism: A bunch of bored idle women who fight and make scenes because they don’t know what to do with themselves. They are acting out The Feminine Mystique for the rest of us.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Why? She’s harmless.
      I would read BG posts over ‘privileged’ mara rooney any day. At least BG makes a living within her means. An honest one I’d say? And she gets to be herself and not ‘phoney’, and capitalize on that more than others – with aspirations to Oscars.

  2. cleveland girl says:

    Those are the worst extensions I have ever seen

  3. peanut says:

    Holy smokes those extensions are terribad.

  4. Patricia says:

    No I don’t feel one bit bad for her. This lowlife, drunk brat was lucky to have had the small success she did. She was also lucky not to kill anyone when she repeatedly drove drunk. She’s a loser.

    • Tarsha says:

      Repeatedly? You need to get your facts straight, it was only ONCE.

      • Patricia says:

        Her repeat offense is why she had a breathalyzer in her car. This is a woman who can’t control herself, and then jokes about it. Yes she made jokes about her drunk driving.
        And to me anyone who drives drunk at all is a narcissistic asshole.

        I’m surprised she has any supporters left anyway. You’re a dying breed.

      • Shambles says:

        Even if she only had one DUI… usually when a person gets one of those, that’s the one time they drove drunk and got caught. Definitely not the one time they drove drunk.

    • sherry says:

      I stopped watching any of the Housewives shows when they turned into screamfests. The first season of Orange County I enjoyed. I like looking at the amazing homes and lifestyles. The women genuinely seemed to like and support one another. Same with Beverly Hills for the first season. Then they both went down the Teresa Guidice flipping tables road and I stopped watching.

      As for Brandi, watching her behavior makes me cringe for her kids. I’m not a Leann and Eddie fan, but I feel for what they may have had to deal with regarding Brandi. I suspect there’s been a whole lot of crazy between the three of them since L and E had that affair and then made it official.

      • crtb says:

        ITA…I don’t watch any of the Housewives shows either. They are all about conflict and fighting. It is upsetting to watch people fight for the entire show.

      • tinker says:

        ITA Sherry, I for one would never want to have to deal with a person like Brandi. I am glad she is off the show . Horrible person .

    • tinker says:

      I am with you Patricia , I have never liked Brandi nor do I in any way feel sorry for her .

    • Wentworth Miller says:

      I can’t take her, either. In the beginning , I thought that she was funny and cool. I stopped watching so I don’t know when or where the shift took place but she just took being an asshole to a new level.

  5. Jaana says:

    The moment she said to Andy at the reunion “You sleep with a lot of young guys” I knew it was over for her. She is such a moron with no self awareness and doesn’t know when to do what. She needs to grow up and quit being pathetic. Plus Kyle and Lisa couldn’t have gotten her fired. Even if they threatened to quit and production wanted Brandi there, she would have been there. Everyone was over her that’s why she got fired.

    • JB says:

      For real! I was thinking, “that is your BOSS, you idiot!”

    • mayamae says:

      The funny thing is, Andy was like – Yep! I do. It was a rare moment in which Brandi made a valid point. Why is it ok for Andy to be sleeping with guys twenty-something years younger than him, but not Brandi.

      • tinker says:

        mayamae , I personally dont care who sleeps with who , I just dont want to hear about it. Brandi goes into detail , I feel for her young boys , they must get teased a lot .

  6. Jenni says:

    She is pathetic.

  7. Tate says:

    I stopped watching that show because of LVP and Kyle. I couldn’t make it through an episode with those two gag inducing women.

    • Fiddy says:

      +1 for the anti-LVP sentiments. I do not understand why that horrible woman has such a following! I don’t mind Kyle; I feel that she is the glue that holds the show together.

      • Lola says:

        I’m the opposite. LVP is the Matriarch, she is the reason the show exists, and the axis the show pivots around. I will never understand the Kyle following. Kyle is such a nasty and manipulative piece of work.

      • claire says:

        Seriously, they’re both terrible. I’m hoping this season continues the way it’s started and LVP and Kyle finally get the public scorn they deserve.

      • Bridget says:

        I don’t mind LVP herself, but can’t stand the Vanderpump Rules crowd. Kyle on the other hand is awful. The nicest thing I can say about her is that she seems like the least offensive of the Richards sisters.

      • mayamae says:

        I agree Kyle is the glue that holds the show together. She helped gather the women and pitch the show. Since Lisa is a fan favorite, they edit her as the glue at this point. For instance, Kyle is very close to Lisa Rinna, whereas Lisa is acquaintances with her. But the show edited Lisa R’s intro as a friend of Lisa V. I noticed that the new season’s opening montage has taken one of the pimp spots from Kyle. She’s neither the first (Lisa R. I think), nor the last (Lisa V.).

        I’ve gotten to where I can hardly stand LVP. When she speculated that her son Max was a former drug-user, and current slacker because he was adopted! He didn’t share blood with Ken, Lisa, and precious perfect Pandora. It made me wonder how many times Max was singled out growing up. Lisa felt the need to introduce Max as her adopted child. That’s an incredibly old-fashioned (and snobbish) practice.

        I thought it was very telling that when perfect Pandy left France for Pepperdine in CA, the VP-T parents uprooted thirteen year old Max and followed her to California. When Max started getting into trouble, they didn’t reconsider how the move affected him. They sent him away to live with other relatives.

      • tinker says:

        disagree . LVP is the show , I can see why she is the favorite , I know she is my favorite

      • Lola says:

        Mayamae, sorry but you’re delusional. Lisa V was the one who helped start the show and got it together. Kyle was the 4th lady chosen. RHOBH was pitched by LVP, and Lisa is the well-respected and loved matriarch who is the glue that holds the entire show together. Sorry, but you re-writing history and inventing lies won’t change that. LVP is the glue and the essence of the show and she has been from day one. It is what it is, so deal with it. And your delusional and unhinged lies and rubbish about Max is just that. Pitiful and not worth replying to.

      • aaa says:

        Mayamae is correct, it’s been reported numerous times and discussed at the reunion that Kyle was the one who assembled the cast. Kyle recruited every season one cast member except Taylor. I’m not sure if it’s true but it was even reported that the producers were not fully onboard with casting Lisa Vanderpump and it was the Lisa-Cedric combo that sealed the deal.

        IMO Lisa V is very popular with the fans but she is not the glue that holds the show together. I give Lisa credit because she develops her own storylines but I don’t consider her the glue because she cannot get along with her castmates for extended periods of time – the Housewife Lisa gushingly refers to as a dear, dear friend one season, she invariably ends up falling out within a season or two.

    • Shaunna says:

      Lisa V is so over exposed, people are getting tired of her, and her fashion sense is horrible. She reminds me of Kitty from Bonanza.
      AfterBuzz TV just did an episode 1 recap and it was all about fans growing tired of Lisa V and Kyle.

  8. swack says:

    Of course it’s about money and not about dignity for these type shows. I give up some days on the world as it seems everything is about how it looks.

  9. snowflake says:

    IDon’t care for her but I feel sorry for her. I think she is dependent on male validation. Her face looks better and I’m glad she gained some weight back, she was getting too skinny. She looked good with shorter hair

  10. Bettyrose says:

    I feel sorry for everyone in that world. They constantly hustle for every morsel: subjecting themselves to painful cosmetic procedures and demeaning scrutiny. They’re rich but what’s the good of money if it doesn’t buy you freedom? And really how rich are they when they blow it all away on high rents and luxury goods rather than smart investments?

    • vauvert says:

      I don’t feel sorry for them. They make this choice, there are so many other paths to choose from, but then they would have to actually work as opposed to showing their bits on tv and stumbling drunk out of bars. I agree with you about their financials too… I don’t watch reality tv at all but based on gossip here it sounds like most of them (not all, some are very shrewd money wise) will end broke in a decrepit apartment wearing horrible makeup and pretending that they are still beautiful and famous, while drinking cheap vodka and using food stamps.

      The only people I feel sorry for are the children these horrible women have brought into the world, because they are facing an uphill battle to be able to break out of this cycle of rotten behaviour, lack of education, no values….

      • Bettyrose says:

        Vauvert, ITA, but they’re mentally trapped. They live in a world where only status matters and it’s in constant jeopardy. At some point, they aren’t really choosing it any more. I doubt they’d know how to get out even if they wanted to. It just seems like a really empty, stressful existence.

    • Christin says:

      I’ve never been able to figure out why anyone with a shred of dignity would agree to be part of shows like this. If they have money or have any way to earn money otherwise, why do it, other than a thirst for fame and ‘easy money’? As you point out, they often end up spending the money to keep up appearances.

      • Fiddy says:

        I think the reasons for them wanting to do it are: so they have something to call their own – in cases where they have a partner who is the breadwinner; they have something to promote (real estate [Marissa Zanuck], alcohol line, something else like that); or they’re a fading actress who can’t get any other gigs so have to do this to stay relevant … which is why I don’t understand why Eileen would ever do this – she’s a very successful, working, actress – she just doesn’t need it. I really hope this doesn’t break her and Vince’s relationship up. Otherwise, if they don’t come under any of those categories and are interesting enough to get the gig, then maybe they do just want it for the money? It doesn’t pay too badly – US$100k is the smallest salary I’ve heard mentioned on the US series; AU$50k is the smallest amount I’ve heard on the Australian series … great work if you can get it!

      • Christin says:

        Eileen is primarily the person who came to mind as I was typing my earlier post. I don’t understand why she’d enter that world.

    • vauvert says:

      Bettyrose, that is true. I guess at some point, particularly if you start with an emotionally stunted person whose only self worth is her looks/ability to hook a man, they will only see the path that allows them to stay Botoxed, wear skimpy outfits and party like it’s going out of style.
      There is zero substance or introspection, and if all they make is $200K or there about…. That us peanuts in HW! Given the fist of living and the airs these women put on, as if they were real stars, I don’t imagine them saving a penny. Wasn’t Brandi actually renting? And complaining about paying her bills? I mean, if you sell your soul (not suggesting you should) then at least get security out of it, get a future for your children. Her choices get her neither, and those poor boys, it is like being raised by wolves.
      I swear, we should have a fostering program for children of celebrities. So they can experience a normal family life, outside the pap/tabloid zone, with children activities, friends who haven’t seen their mom’s naked pics, wholesome food and family dinners, and so on.

    • Bridget says:

      Only some of these women are rich. The ones that are rich (LVP, Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow) are promoting something. Some of them promote well, some end up embarrassing themselves further. And some desperately want the money and validation that comes with the show, but then end up spending MORE money to keep up with the show and end up trying too hard (looking at you, Sonja!). These women are sad. They’re TV famous, but in the circles they want to travel in they’re pariahs because of the tacky reality show.

      • bettyrose says:

        Those are good points. By “rich” I meant by normal standards. Most struggling parents would be overwhelmed to receive a $200K payout. But that’s absolutely nothing in Beverly Hills.

      • Bridget says:

        Oh I know. Look at the god-awful Guidice family – they were making a six figure salary and still grifting even more money. It was atrocious.

    • crtb says:

      What is really sad is when they leave one show they go to another reality show ..then another. Housewives, Marriage Boot Camp… Couples Therapy… Addition therapy…Botched…Dish Nation…Bad Girls… Ex Wives and Girlfriends. I don’t watch these shows (why I don’t the exact names of the show) however while watching commercials, I keep seeing the same faces over and over. Very sad.

    • tinker says:

      I think Lisa V is a pretty good business woman , I dont think she will be blowing it on foolishness . She certainly isnt stumbling out of anywhere drunk and showing her lady bits .

  11. NewWester says:

    Do any of these reality show “celebrities” actually sit down and watch themselves on tv? If more did maybe they would see how they come across to the viewing public.
    That dress Brandi is wearing is horrible

    • Fiddy says:

      I gather that they do … I’ve heard in interviews where they’ve mentioned seeing certain things fold out on TV. But weirdly, they seem quite proud of their efforts.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I used to really like her, but she finally turned me off completely with her inappropriate remarks about her son’s and her trashiness. She destroyed her own success. I feel sorry for her a little, I suppose, because I think she knows she blew her opportunity, but she did it all herself.

  13. georgia says:

    I’ll be nice and say that she was the worst version of herself on that show. She lost any of the post divorce good will she had going for herself.

    • Christin says:

      It didn’t help her at all. Well, it got her more exposure, but not in a truly positive way. I don’t understand what the long-term gain could be, if she keeps being cast as the “(blank) stirrer”.

  14. ali.hanlon says:

    Get that money

  15. Arock says:

    At least she was honest. Now that she has some in the bank, spending more than $10 on extentions would be a great improvement.

  16. My Two Cents says:

    All these reality shows have outlived their pleasure. How many seasons can you show the same boring, aging women fighting and acting like teens. Brandi was required to be the villain of the show. Wonder who it will be now? I’m sure she is far better mentally not
    being raked over the coals on twitter and blogs for a show.

    • Fiddy says:

      I agree. They were quite exciting when they started – especially season 1 of BH, seeing the likes of Adrienne’s and Lisa’s gorgeously over the top mansions … but then why cast someone like Taylor? It just didn’t make sense. I get so exhausted watching OC … I can only stand about two minutes of Heather and Tamra shrieking and carrying on. I hope BH doesn’t go that way but it might just, with the way that Lisa Rinna carries on. I’m so disappointed in the addition of her – I thought she’d be really fun and uplifting, but no. LVP annoys the hell out of me, as does wimpy Ken, that silly Giggy and her chubby daughter who turns up to the opening of an envelope. Brandi always seemed to behave herself when she was in the company of her good friends (Jennifer, etc.). Maybe they should get Leeza Gibbons – she guest starred last season – and a few more of her calibre, next time ’round to make it interesting? I’d like to see where Camille moves to now that her Malibu pad has sold.

  17. Fiddy says:

    I feel a wee bit sorry for her. As a fellow Scorpio, I understand why she does *some* of the things she does. But, ultimately, she needs to remember that life is pretty much 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. She is a bit ‘little girl lost’ – she seems like a decent mother and if she didn’t feel like she had to try so hard to fit in with this lot then maybe she’d be a better friend, too. I hope she finds her happily ever after because I think she’s a good person underneath. She is good friends with Carlton Grebbia, who is an absolute sweetheart, so that’s got to stand for something …

    • mayamae says:

      I’ve never heard Carlton called an “absolute sweetheart”. I’m assuming you know her from something other than this show. I found her horrid.

      • Fiddy says:

        She was the recipient of a bad edit on TRHoBH, which Andy Cohen admitted to. She is a lovely lady … a bit kooky but that makes her more interesting. And yes, I know her from other things.

  18. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    She missed her opportunity, or rather she screwed it up. Sadly with all things considering (her not being a real actress, her age and reputation) it’s all just going to be downhill from here.

    The real shame is how she frivolously spent the money she earned from the show when she was probably a top earner at some point, now they’re going to give her the scraps and she’ll just accept it because what else is there?

    • Fiddy says:

      She has no money sense whatsoever. Buying her parents a car when her book sales were doing well was silly, as was buying a brand new Range Rover when her agent passed on some more money she’d made through something … actually, owning a Range Rover full stop – if she’d sold her old one she would’ve had enough to buy something economical to run as well as put some cash in the bank. She also seems to change her story about renting vs buying homes … I don’t think she really knows how much money she has, or if she does she either talks it up or spends it all on crap.

  19. funcakes says:

    This is how Andy is playing this whole thing out. Drama equal ratings. How’s going to sit there to watch everyone get along? How fast will the ratings drive if you just watched them go to the spa,do yoga and sip herbal tea.
    They need people to play the bitch so everyone can watch and hiss.
    All this back and forth about people getting fired and then returning is part of the circus atmosphere.
    Get with the game people.

    • Fiddy says:

      Did you see the ‘behind the scenes’ thing they played before Season 6 aired? It was very interesting – a look back at season 1 of BH, with interviews with the cast. The producers said more than once in that show that they couldn’t believe their luck when x drama happened, and without it they didn’t think there was a show as they didn’t feel there would be material to work with as BH is only 90 minutes away from OC.

  20. Mollie says:

    No, there is nothing to be sorry about. Her books are doing really well, and her wine is actually, shockingly, surprisingly, excellent and has been rated a best buy by Wine and Spirits, and I think Wine Spectator gave her a mention, too. I think she’s got a winner with it. Color me surprised, but it was very, very good and I’ll buy it again, and I’m a wine snob.
    How could she have been hired back to start fights, when in your piece you note that she only filmed with Yolanda and Kim? I doubt we’ll see her fighting this season, at least not directly with the people she trash talks.
    I think she’s genuinely pleasant to her fans, she’s interactive with them on social media, and she will wind up in a good place.
    Meanwhile, holy smokes LVP looked horrid in the party pick. What is happening to her? Tone down the makeup.
    Also, Brandi’s dress….just…no.

  21. claire says:

    I’m not gonna knock her wine business. It’s winning some meaningful awards, getting rave reviews and they’ve landed some big accounts for it. That actually seems like a decent endeavor to be involved with.

    I will say this about Brandi – she seems to work her butt off and hustles hard.

  22. Jayna says:

    The best thing they did was kick her off the show. Her sthick ran its course. She had nothing left to offer. A couple of scenes during this new season is nothing. much like Camille and Adrienne last season. Blink and you missed them.

    That dress looks so cheap and tired on her.

  23. Debutante says:

    God, that dress is awful and she looks so uncomfortable and awkward in it. Like she knows how bad it is, but had no other clothes to wear !

  24. Bridget says:

    I have long thought that Brandi, after her successful first season on RHBC behaves the way she does because this is how she thinks she’s supposed to act. She got a lot of positive feedback for standing up for herself and holding her own, but somewhere along the way confused “telling it like it is” for “being an a-hole” and she more she thought she was giving the viewers what they wanted the worse she behaves. It’s entirely possible that Brandi is nice enough in real life – she’s got good hustle and supposedly is very different when the cameras are off – but it’s clear she knows that RHBC thrives on drama and tries to provide the maximum amount of it for the show, no matter the cost to herself. She should have held onto that relationship with LVP like it was made of gold, because that was a very costly bridge to burn, even if it was just a show friendship. My prediction: Andy will still occasion ally throw Brandi into the mix when he needs drama (because BH needs something to spice up the mix) but she’ll have to do some groveling to get herself out of purgatory.

  25. SuperStef says:

    LOL @ Ice Skater with bad extensions.

    I like Brandi, she’s a fascinating character because she has no filter. She also has no idea how messed up she is. She thinks everyone else is the problem with all her relationships, yet there is only one common denominator….

    I bought both her books and was entertained by both. I like the woman, but for F%CK Sakes, Brandi, stop dressing like your still 25 and its the 80’s. You are gorgeous, stop cheapening your hotness by dressing like a 45 year old stripper…Just sayin’.

  26. Lou says:

    And Leann and her ex are still happily married … Leann Haters must be tearing their hair out! They weren’t supposed to last!!

  27. GoldenHouseSouth says:

    I just don’t think RHOBH needs Brandi or Kim at all. We already have RHOA and RHOC to be really vile and bottom of the barrel, It would be enjoyable to have just one franchise that is more aspirational and upscale.

  28. NeNe says:

    In my opinion the whole network of Housewives is just plain pathetic. They are all sh*t stirrers, and they are doing these things for the ratings. They are only there for a paycheck, and if you got rid of the entire cast, and had a bunch of new women the same BS would go on. Each one of the housewives is replaceable. I do not feel any one person is holding the show together. Most of them are dried up has-beens anyway! The shows have become very predictable. And I have completely stopped watching when I finally realized that Andy Cohen had no morals, especially when it comes to letting Theresa back on the NJ show. Pathetic, pure pathetic.