Yolanda Foster explains her divorce: ‘chronic illness changed our dynamic’

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We haven’t covered Yolanda Foster’s illness and divorce until now as none of us keeps up with RHOBH. I used to watch it so there’s some guilt there. We can’t follow every show and we can’t ignore the big stories that come out of those shows, so please comment with details and your insights if you watch RHOBH.

Now that that’s out of the way, just about everyone has heard that Yolanda Foster, Gigi and Bella Hadid’s mom for those of you not familiar, has been suffering from lyme disease. She’s sought out many treatments, some controversial and unproven, in her quest to deal with this devastating and chronic illness. There has also been a lot of misunderstanding and dismissal of her, which lyme sufferers are sadly all too familiar with. (I had lyme disease when I was 30 and living in Connecticut. I could not walk for six months, could not function at my career and had to stop working, and it hit me when I was in top physical shape. I have since recovered, but I know how desperate and sick it can make you. If you are interested and have some time, listen to this story from a top oncologist who was stricken by lyme.)

Anyway Yolanda’s disease also affected her relationship of course. Yolanda, 51, recently announced that she’s divorcing her second husband of four years, music producer David Foster, 66. In a new phone interview with Watch What Happens Live, Yolanda explained that her illness was just too much stress on her marriage.

“We had a beautiful love story that I will treasure forever,” Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid’s mom insisted. “Unfortunately it was not strong enough to withstand the circumstances that came our way.”

Were those circumstances Lyme disease? “Chronic long term illness is extremely challenging, not only for the person that’s sick, but also for the caregiver,” Foster admitted. “It for sure changed the dynamic of our relationship.”

“The truth is that we both worked through the difficult time through the best of our ability,” the 51-year-old TV star continued. “So rather than judging what went wrong, I pick to honor the great times that we shared in the last nine years. There were a wealth of good times,” she insisted.

While Foster’s divorce (which was announced via a joint statement to Us Weekly on Tuesday, Dec. 1) is undoubtedly tough on the blonde reality TV star, Foster insists she’s actually doing a lot better than she was a few months ago.

“I am much better since the last time I saw you,” she told the WWHL host. “I have about 60 percent better brain function than I did in the last year. I can still only live and plan one day at a time. The exciting thing is watching the episodes and inspiring me, and I could see the progress that I have made. I am excited and grateful for that. I will continue to fight for a full recovery.”

[From US Magazine]

Yolanda is David’s fourth wife, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that they wouldn’t have lasted even if she was healthy. You take “in sickness and in health” vows for a reason. Apparently in this last episode, David was snotty to her and stormed out, and she also talked about the fact that she had a intestinal parasite. (I know there’s a lot of quackery around parasitic infections, but it sounds like Yolanda’s issue was verified by doctors.)

Yolanda has moved out of her mansion, which is for sale, and is currently living in a condo owned by David. According to Radar Online, she’s hurting for money and David is trying to kick her out of the condo so he can move there. What the hell? Can’t he just let her live there or is he overextended too? I hope she’s ok and that she has someone helping her day to day if she needs it. It sounds like she’s improving slowly though.

David And Yolanda Foster Call It Quits **FILE PHOTOS**

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  1. Tapioca says:

    Didn’t Yo-Fo get tens of millions of dollars in her divorce from her first husband? And then marry a guy who wrote every other song of the 80s-early 90s?

    If she’s “hurting for money” I’m guessing it’s not in the same Ramen noodley-way it would be for the rest of us!

    • Hawkeye says:

      I agree, I think “hurting for money” is relative. (And the mention of Ramen noodles has me embarking on a frantic search of my cupboards, because now I know what I must have for lunch!)

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        RAMEN! Morning sickness has been a real bitch lately and this is the first thing thats sounded good in a while. Alas, I’d have to leave my house to get them and its like a landmine out there with all the different smells and such for this preggo.

        Can someone explain to me how her kids have Lyme too? Is it contagious? It also seems like a LOT of celebs have it; Avril, one of the Olsens, Yolanda, George Bush and a ton more. Is there some woodsy, tick infested resort that they are all contracting it at? Not even trying to be snarky it sounds like a horrible disease I just don’t know too much about it.

      • Yoohoo says:

        Snarky, the rumor mill says the Olson doesn’t have lyme disease. Her people jumped at that as an excuse after it became popular to cover up her gaunt and sick appearance from drug use.

        Similar with Avril. Not drug use but it was a cover up for why she’s such a huge beotch. I listen to the kid kraddick radio show in the morning and one of the dhjs, Jenna, did an interview with Chad Kroger a few months ago and she said off thr record he really opened up to her and even told her about them getting divorced a week or two before it was announced. He told Jenna that Avril is a horrible, mean, evil person who delights in being rude for the sake of being rude and he couldn’t take it anymore. He told her a bunch more stuff too. There was not a single word or lyme disease.

        Also thr rumor is that Yolandas kids don’t actually have it and she only said that for attention. Notice it’s her two nonfamous kids. She tried to get thr famous girls (Gigi and whoever) to go along with it but they refused.

      • Hawkeye says:

        Good luck on securing Ramen, @SnarkySnarkers, I’m about to go out to do some shopping myself because I too have a craving!

        Lyme disease is spread by ticks, so if they all went to a wooded-area cabin for a vacation, for example, in a high-risk area, it might explain how a family can get it. My mother-in-law knows someone with Lyme disease, and she had a horrible time getting it diagnosed because symptoms fit a lot of other illnesses. She thought she had a bad case of the flu, and then much later suddenly developed severe joint pain and one time thought she was having a massive heart attack. She went to the hospital and it was then that she was correctly diagnosed. I felt awful for her.

      • Fran says:

        Her kids got it the same way she did – from a tick. Lymes is not human-to-human contagious.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        Gotcha, I guess where I live in Florida getting bit by a tick is a rarity so I thought all of them having it was odd but I guess its possible. Yes the ramen needs to happen Hawkeye! Im going to brave it.

      • Wren says:

        Not even a wooded area. The brush in California simply crawling with ticks. Even just hiking in the hills around LA you can pick up a tick. Not all ticks carry Lyme of course but ticks don’t just live in the woods. I grew up in California and “tick check” was just something you did when you came in from the outdoors. It was pounded into our heads as kids, and I’ve found plenty crawling on me and I’ve been bitten a few times.

    • ERM says:

      This sounds like it’s going to be one of those financial fights but as I see it …. they were only married 4 years and she went into it when she was in her late 40’s and should be financially set on her own.

  2. K says:

    So basically she got sick and required he support her instead of her worship, follow and cater to all his whims so he left her?

    Yeah that’s a winner. Don’t care how truly amazing that Malibu house was, and my god it was. If her illness is why he wants out then take him to the cleaner honey!

    • robynsing says:

      Enough about what an ass David is…SHE MARRIED HIM. She is a smart lady who has a handle on the situation. He’s fickle. He fell in love with someone else while filming a TV talent show in Asia. What I want to know is how does a person who has “no brain function” and “can’t get out of bed” always get out of bed, for the 3 years she’s been sick, to film RHOBH and then goes back to being bed ridden and how does someone with no brain function write these eloquent, thoughtful responses to questions in the press. Ah, Yeah…she tells Andy she’s better because they are filming…she seems to always be fine for that…or maybe it was David who made her sick. She was sick 3+ years out of a 4 year marriage. All I know is she was posing last night in her sick bed…she heard the women arrive at her door and quickly took off her glasses and put her head mellow-dramatically on the pillow to look pathetic. BUSTED!

      • K says:

        No sorry but when you get married you take vows so no not ENOUGH on what an ass he is. There is no excuse for leaving someone you claim to love and want to spend your life with because they are sick. I don’t know what js going on with her health and won’t comment but it is clear she is ill, and to leave because she couldn’t fawn on him is disgusting and I will comment on it.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. She is always up for reality TV filming, back off her feet afterwards during no filmining, no energy towards her marriage or life.

        She has her priorities in check I see.

      • soporificat says:

        Sorry, but you don’t understand Lyme disease. I know nothing about YF and have never watched the show, but i do know something about Lyme (although, I don’t have it, so have no agenda here).

        Lyme patients can push themselves, but then they will wipe out. And, like anyone with an invisible disease (meaning a disease where a stranger can’t immediately see that the person is sick), I’m sure that YF tries to always put her best foot forward, and then collapses behind the scenes. That is the way a LOT of people with invisible chronic illnesses behave. It’s a matter of dignity to them.

      • aurelia says:

        I have chronic fatiuge syndrome and I can catorgorically assure you that it has also put my marriage vows of in sickness and health to the test. My husband is still here and I think will continue to be, but a chronic illness puts a huge stress on relationships. My no nonsense mother even fails to relate to my illness and support me at times.

        Its true too that you have good days, ok days and stone cold BAD days. You do tend to collaspe behind the scenes. I remember my amazing doctor who diaognised me with chronic fatiuge syndrome and said he wanted my mother and husband at my next consulation. I asked why and he was the marriage dissolution rate for couples dealing with a chronic illness is not 50/50 but 80/30 in favour of divorce ! I still can’t stand david foster. Niff said.

      • Teri says:

        When you have a chronic illness like this you make the best of the good days. She probably knew she would be supporting herself again at some point and needs to remain employed. She very well could have been out filming one day and gone home exhausted for several. You push through as much as you can to lead a normal life and try to ignore the people that tell you all you need is the latest diet of more exercise.

        Remember Reality shows are edited. To say she was busted because of that scene isn’t taking into account that they are probably trying to play up the drama of whether she is sick or not to add to the story line.

    • MB says:

      I totally disagree. I saw that scene and the editing struck me as sloppy and odd. On the “Real Housewives Of….” they are notorious for their blatant agenda driving / drama-creating editing. I actually dont believe for one second that her scenes on the bed were being filmed at the exact same time that Eileen and Lisa showed up.
      I have heard that the “is she really sick” story line is featured in this season and this scene was probably deliberately edited like that to set that tone.

  3. Borgqueen says:

    She always seem to fawn over David and David well fawns over himself. Look at the above picture. Its says it all. Plus there were rumors of his jealously over Yolanda’s kids being more famous than David’s kid. He has 2 daughters who have a show on vh1.com that is pretty funny called “Barely Famous”. Its sad when a marriage dissolves but David’s been married 4x times. That in of itself is very telling. No one wants to be dumped while being sick.

    • isabelle says:

      Spouses leave sick spouses. I’ve seen it as a nurse. They just bail out and a lot of time have someone else on the side. From the show it seemed like a very one sided relationship where she worshipped him. Guess when that wasn’t her priority he bailed. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was embarrassed that she was on the show as well. He is a high profile man, he had to be a bit annoyed with it.

      • Stef says:

        I totally agree with so much of what is being said here by Aurelia, K, and Isabelle.

        I don’t understand the Yolanda bashing. I actually quite like her and think she’s one hell of a woman, and any man would be lucky to have her. Dutch women are awesome! They are very loyal, strong, beautiful, and intelligent (at least all the ones I’ve met…). Sure, Y is wealthy and beautiful, but do we need to cut her down too, ladies? (I assume anyone who would cut Y down is a woman, although I don’t know why).

        Anyways, DF is a very talented man, but he’s also very selfish; many brilliant artists are. I say that because he carries himself that way; I call it the “Cocksure Strut of Success”. I’m sure he will marry again, probably soon, as most do. I just hope Y has her ducks in a row in terms of being set up financially and able to hire help to manage her invisible illness, whether it’s Lyme, Fybromialgia, Chronic Pain, Rapid Ascension (my theory), or something else. Who cares if it’s Lemon or Lyme, the woman is dying inside!

        -Stef Out

  4. Jayna says:

    They sold their home. She is worth millions from her divorce from Hadid. It’s Radar. She’s not hurting for money.

    • Yoohoo says:

      Not necessarily. She got millions a long time ago. 2008 wiped a lot of rich people out. Not investing her money well and spending at a high rate could mean she’s not that flush. As we’ve seen, a lot of these housewives don’t have much money. It’s all for show.

      • sherry says:

        I agree. You know Foster had an air-tight prenup drawn up before their marriage since this was #4 for him. Yolanda was probably getting alimony and child support from Hadid until she married Foster. Now she’s probably only getting child support for Anwar since he’s the only one under 18 and I suspect no alimony is coming from Foster.

        But as someone else pointed out, I don’t think her definition of broke and mine are the same. She’s probably thinking, I’m not living in a $15 million house anymore! I’m going to have to live in a $3 million house! I’m broke!

  5. My Two Cents says:

    I read somewhere she only got like $3 mil in divorce from Muhammad (so he is not as cash rich or hides assets). David probably made a lot of money back in the day but it doesn’t last forever with divorces, child support and living high. I feel for Yo because she seems like a truly good person with not very good taste in men. So much for in sickness and in health. He was always traveling so not like he had to endure much.

  6. Lou says:

    Somehow i doubt David Foster was her main caregiver…

  7. Jess says:

    I haven’t watched the show in years but I remember her describing him as “my king” when he was home after being on the road, she made everything all about him and really pampered him. I knew when she was first diagnosed and going downhill fast that he wouldn’t be able to handle it for long. It’s sad because I think she’s a genuine and caring woman, and he’s obviously a selfish brat who can’t handle taking care of his sick wife, good for her though, hopefully she can focus on herself and getting better.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Same here. I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for her about the marriage, though I feel greatly sympathetic to her Lyme disease. She was willing to treat him as the center of the universe because she wanted the wealth and status of being his wife, imo. I did find her to have a good side, but I also thought she knew what she was getting, and she thought she could be what he wanted A beautiful, subservient, adoring… That never works, and the second you get old or sick or otherwise “boring” to him, he’s gone. He always struck me as a huge egomaniac, selfish brat. She’s better off alone. I hope she gets better, too.

  8. bros says:

    I am one of those people who has seen every episode of every RH franchise, unfortunately. It’s my own chronic illness.

    I am not discounting at all chronic illnesses, but Yolanda’s expression of it, the claims that 2 of her kids have it, the public documentation of her suffering, etc. have all seemed off to me, and seemed to coincide with her marriage going off the skids, so I think that she has a complicated psychology, and that some of this is somatic. either she’s been depressed/stressed due to complications in her household, or she has become the permanent victim in a bid to change the dynamic in their marriage or even to nullify portions of a prenup (i was reading somewhere that it’s possible her prenup has a clause about chronic illness and inability to work). Something is just off in the public expression of this illness.
    lyme disease, heavy metals from teeth fillings, parasites, two kids with lyme disease? come on-it is not possible for this to all be co-occurring. And if she lost all this brain function, how did she film the last 3 seasons of RH, which included planning trips to Amsterdam, trips to Vancouver with David, engineering her daughters’ modeling careers, going to charity events, etc.
    something is just off. Munchausen’s or hypochondriasis or some kind of somatoform disorder.

    • Fran says:

      That is completely horrible to accuse someone of. Lymes disease fluctuates – sometimes you feel better and sometimes you feel like hell. There is a lot of documentation on film of her getting a port put in, and of receiving a lot of drugs. Doctors don’t just willy nilly do that to people – there has to be a documented reason for it. She had the lab tests done that shows she has the disease, and that’s why doctors did the procedures she did.

      Of course her illness and marriage derailed – she just said so herself! She became sick, he couldn’t handle it, end of marriage.

      God, what is wrong with people. She is vocal about her disease because of people like you claiming they are faking it.

      • bros says:

        I’m not at all claiming she is faking it. I think she has a complicated psychological thing going on which includes some hypochondria and some somatic contingent. I don’t discount at all that chronic illnesses are legitimate.
        You should watch all the episodes so you can see the evolution of this. her costars also start questioning some of the manifestations of her sickness. I’m not saying she doesn’t have some type of chronic illness-I’m saying it is complicated by some other psychological factors at play.

      • Yoohoo says:

        Didn’t a guy on one of the other shows fake having cancer? Isn’t that going on right now? With reality shows I don’t think it’s wrong to question anything. I think most of its made up or extremely exaggerated for tv.

      • Celebitchy says:

        I didn’t watch the show so I can’t speak to that but I have relatives who had lyme disease and who believe their partner and kids got it too. I think it’s very possible when you have pets especially bringing ticks into the house. Once you are sick there is a tendency to go overboard because you literally feel like you are dying. There is also a psychological component because it affects your ability to regulate emotions. So to outsiders you may seem like you are faking it or crazy but it feels like you cannot get out of bed and everything is a struggle. Plus it looks like hypochondria because it is so wide-sweeping and affects your entire body. Imagine it being a struggle to lift your hands to dry your hair. This happened to me. People just cannot understand or fathom how bad it is because you “look” normal.

      • Izzy says:

        Celebitchy is right – it can look like other things including mental issues, and other people think you’re crazy, lazy, etc. I went through it a couple of years ago when I got really sick – my regular doctor was on vacation and the person filling in for him basically ignored me when I told her that I had been recently exposed to mono and should be tested. She told me that it was something “young people get” and I was 40 at the time. Instead she diagnosed me with sleep apnea, because apparently snoring now causes low-grade fevers and complete exhaustion? WTF-ever.

        Lyme disease testing is a TWO-PART immunoassay test – they do two different tests to detect antibodies. It is harder to diagnose because you’re basically looking at what stage the infection is at based on these kinds of tests. It’s not as specific as, say, detecting bacterial or viral presence in the bloodstream. I faced a similar problem with my mono – by the time a specialist got me in the office and listened to me, I was four weeks out, another week for diagnosis, and was tested for all manner of things because I was such a basketcase I forgot to mention the mono exposure. Lyme disease and leukemia were two of the things I was tested for. The symptoms overlap.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Bro has a point and he’s entitled to his opinion. I don’t think Yolanda lied about having Lyme disease but I do think she’s built herself up as a helpless victim in regards to all the other stuff. I definitely think she lied about her kids having Lyme disease. What are the odds that three people in one family all contracted Lyme disease but at different times? They do no live in a tick-infested forest, nor are they the type to vacation in the woods, they dont’ hunt, they don’t hike in the woods. They are urban people who do not “rough it”….ever! I think she said it for added attention and sympathy. I don’t buy into the heavy metals in her teeth hurting her. If that were true, all our dentists would be sued into oblivion.

      I’m all for awareness of any disease or condition, but to say Yolanda speaks about it to prove the naysayers wrong is an assumption. We don’t know why she talks it up so much. And I, too, think YoLo likes sympathy and attention. I think she may have thought David would be more supportive when she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and when he didn’t prove himself to be at all there for her, she added some things in a continued attempt to garner his attention and affection. I don’t even fault her for it. I actually think David is a douche. Other sites are already saying this break up involved him cheating to some extent. I can see that. He’s selfish and used to being the center of attention – The King. If he can’t get it from his sick wife, he’ll seek elsewhere because he’s all about himself.

      • Sam says:

        I think it’s crappy to say she loves being a victim. I lived with a person with Lyme for a short period. It is an exhausting condition that seriously messes with your life. I cannot think of a single person with it who would not wish it away if they could.

        And you do not need to be rural to get it. Ticks can thrive in a variety of environments. And LA certainly has wooded areas, like parks and walking trails. It takes ONE tick to infect you. That’s it. Urban infection is not impossible. Depending on where the kids lived their whole lives, I can easily believe it could be transmitted. That’s not hard to believe at all.

        I’m sorry, but I feel like attitudes like this cause so many problems for chronically ill people. I’ve said here before that my youngest sister is chronically ill. She can be an energetic teenager one day and unable to move the next. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times people say, “She’s faking it” or “She’s playing the victim.” When a person tells you they’re chronically ill, don’t accuse them of faking or playing it up unless you have some damn good evidence. I don’t accuse people of that. I just wish Yolanda all the best and hope that she makes a good, strong recovery to whatever state is best for her.

    • Sass says:

      So you are saying that if she cannot work due to illness she would get a lot more from him? Makes sense then, for her to get sick with a hard to diagnose illness and publicize the crap out of it.

  9. anne_000 says:

    I hope he keeps her on his insurance. What medical procedures she’s been shown doing seems quite expensive.

    Yeah, I would never want to be anybody’s third+ wife. After the end of the second marriage, it’s just better not to marry ever again, imo.

    I like how Yolanda tries to stay positive. I hope it’s not a nasty divorce.

  10. Cynthia says:

    Also, if she is hurting for money, am sure her daughter can step in. Her career is through the roof.

  11. Bapril says:

    I’ve always gotten the impression from RHOBH that Yolanda catered to David’s every whim and I wondered when she got sick and was no longer able to do that if he’d leave her. What a douchebag.

  12. bros says:

    @CB, where did you see that the parasite issue was verified by doctors? I can’t find that.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I wrote that “it sounds like it was,” based on recaps.

      • bros says:

        It was just self reported during the episode as she was talking to Lisa and Elaine. they asked her where she thought she got it and she just shrugged. every time someone talks to her she’s got a new thing. she kept randomly coughing the entire dinner for Lisa’s birthday and kept having to have a side conversation with her friend about every single symptom she was experiencing as it was happening. it was just very odd behavior.
        im interested seriously in your take since you’ve been though this- you should watch the first couple episodes and even some of last season’s when this all began to manifest.

    • bcgirl says:

      I agree with all of your good points. I’m sorry, that coughing was so fake at Lisa’s birthday party. And showing up without a stitch of make up for tv, seemed like somebody really needed to prove something.
      Awhile back she admitted that her silicone breast implants were both leaky. I wondered even before that admission if that could be the cause of her suffering. On the last episode she pointed to her breast bone as the centre of her pain. Many people have claimed there is a link between ruptured silicone gel implants and a greater risk of immunological disorders (such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions). (took this from Webmd) Maybe she should bark up that tree if that’s the case. $!
      The other part I had a hard time believing was that beautiful woman with her amazing body leaving a tick on herself for 24 hours or more. A tick REQUIRES that long to pass on the virus.

      • soporificat says:

        Deer ticks are teeny tiny, and if they attach to, say, your scalp, then there is every chance that you won’t notice. Deer ticks really freak me out, for that very reason. Young ones can be the size of a speck. Good luck catching that!

      • bcgirl says:

        ok, thanks for splainin’ that one.

      • MB says:

        Wow, I had no idea that only unattractive people can succumb to illness from ticks!
        I also didnt realise that all beautiful people just get around naked, thus able to identify every speck on their impeccable bodies. Thanks for the info!

      • bcgirl says:

        you totally misunderstood me.

  13. KendraWM says:

    Some food for thought, there was a court case in CA that found a women who had brain damage would receive spousal support, even though she signed an air tight prenup. The court ruled that in not awarding her support would be unconscionable.

    Not saying that this is what is happening, but the talk of not being able to drive, write, speak properly, form sentences, has been turned way up. All of the above would count as having brain impairment/damage.

    So say if someone didn’t have any money left from divorce # 1 and a pre-nup, this could be an option. Allegedly, not that they would do this.

    • Sass says:

      I think she has a savvy lawyer guiding her. The more “proof” that is published, the more secure her case for spousal support for the rest of her life.

  14. ladysussex says:

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. I have often observed that people who brag about how great their marriage/spouse is are having serious problems. Yolanda was always going on about what a great husband David is and giving others unsolicited advice about how to treat their man so they can have a great marriage too. And all the episodes where her fancy fridge and room sized closets…and now she lives in a condo. I guess it is true. Pride goes before a fall.

  15. MAC says:

    For anyone who has Lyme disease -Lyme disease did change the dynamic of my marriage. Thankfully I am still married after loosing my career, my ability to have children, and my friends. I have never seen her show but I can tell you I am disturbed by her flying all over the world and everything (I have read about from TV) has her looking like a nut. How many people will take Lyme treatment seriously? I had Lyme with serious brain issues (bitten 8/2005 and diagnosed 8/2006). frankly all these people getting Lyme treatment after a year of being bit need to understand what it does to your body even with the best treatment available. Genetics play such a big part in what Lyme does to a persons body. In my case with Lyme I am lucky to be alive. If you are reading this and struggle with Lyme or Lyme treatment. Please do not give up.

  16. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I’m a little……disturbed at some of these comments. I had a 28 year old cousin recently die from Lyme disease–basically committed suicide–by not taking her medicine, because she just didn’t want to live like that any more. That says something about the disease itself.

    • Chanteloup says:

      Oh, Virgilia, I’m so sorry!

    • Stef says:

      Virgilia, I am so sorry for your loss.
      Suicide is horrible, whether it’s instantaneous or long-term
      it doesn’t matter how or why.
      Suicide is such a sad way to die.

  17. Caz says:

    Who’s going to be Yolanda’s caregiver?

  18. LO says:

    Watching last nights episode it seems as if they were already separated and he did an “appearance” at the dentist just to make himself look good. (Notice what he says when he walks out the door.. And the look on his face)

    Also, I don’t doubt she has Lyme disease but I think she is more or less suffering from severe depression. I also found it odd that the “nurse” last night made it a point to show the cameras her medicine cabinet, but brought it up in such a weird way. I dunno, just my opinion.

  19. mia says:

    I watch the show, and I have to say that I don’t think they would’ve divorced if she wasn’t sick for a prolonged period of time. She was the best wife and treated him like a king. It’s sad that he couldn’t do the same for her in her time of need.

    Also, they did sell their beautiful Malibu mansion for many millions, so neither can be hurting financially.

  20. “Chronic illness changed our dynamic”. In other words, when the going got tough the tough got going. When Yolanda’s illness became never ending, I wondered how long David would stick around. If you truly love someone, you don’t dump your husband/wife. His love only went skin deep or as long as everything is rosy. She ‘s a nice lady with solid values. She deserved better.

  21. TinaBelle says:

    There is no question that Lyme Disease is a real and utterly devestating disease – that is absolute non-controversial. Where there is a question in the medical community is whether “Chronic” Lyme Disease is a thing (note: there is evidence that the viable boreali infection can persist after antibiotic treatment in animal studies – but no indication of efficacy of alternative interventions or that animal is not responsive to further/more aggressive anti-biotic tx).