Quentin Tarantino wants to have most original screenplay Oscars of all time


I spent way too long reading Quentin Tarantino’s GQ profile this morning. Tarantino is promoting The Hateful Eight, a movie which Samuel L. Jackson says is QT’s best. Tarantino thinks it’s easily one of his best films too, which might come off as entitled or pompous, but since it’s QT… it sort of fits. I kind of enjoy the fact that QT doesn’t humble-brag or feel the need to fake humility to seem more accessible. Tarantino believes he’s one of the greatest writer-directors of all time, and easily the best writer-director working today. Anyway, you can read the full GQ piece here. Some highlights:

On The Hateful Eight: “I think it could be my best movie. If not, at least in my top four.”

On turning 52: “I tend to always think of myself as perpetually 35 or so. So, you know, it’s a bit of a drag, in certain regards. And in other regards, I’ve really enjoyed it. I mean…a lot of sh-t that used to really be on my mind is kind of gone now. I’m over a whole lot of stuff.”

Django Unchained was his turn to political filmmaking: “You know, it was very political, as opposed to, say, Inglourious Basterds, which was not necessarily political… Django was definitely the beginning of my political side, and I think Hateful Eight is the…logical extension and conclusion of that. I mean, when I say conclusion, I’m not saying I’ll never be political again, but, I mean, I think it’s like, in a weird way, Django was the question and Hateful Eight is the answer. I mean, in the way of, like, talking about America’s culpability in their past is what Django’s about. The white supremacy that has existed since and that is rearing its ugly head again, to such a degree that it’s being dealt with by the Black Lives Matter movement and all that stuff, is where we are now. And that’s what The Hateful Eight deals with. The thing that was really wild is, I wasn’t trying to bend over backwards in any way, shape, or form to make it socially relevant. But once I finished the script, that’s when all the social relevancy started.”

On 12 Years a Slave: “I never saw it… I just spent a year and a half in the antebellum South. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was go back. I was so not the audience for that movie, after I literally created the worst possible decade of the last 200 years and lived in it every single solitary day. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was visit it in any way, shape, or form.”

How he feels about Oscar campaigning: “Well, you know, it depends on what you call campaigning. Sitting down with every chucklehead that has a podcast, because, well, why not? Can’t hurt! No, I’m not going to do that. You know, but I’ll go to an event. I’ll go to a party. I’ll go to this screening. I’m happy to do that.

He didn’t like campaigning for Inglorious Basterds: “I’ve felt that way a little bit on Inglourious Basterds. You know, it was like…I didn’t shamelessly promote Inglourious Basterds in any way, shape, or form. But I did what was asked of me. I did a genuine campaign, all right? And maybe I did a little too much. And yeah, we won Supporting Actor, but I was a little pissed off by the results. And I probably won’t ever do that much again.”

He feels competitive as a screenwriter: “I’m not competitive as a director. But the thing about it is, if I win a third screenwriting Oscar, I will tie with Woody [Allen]. I can’t beat Woody until I tie with him….I want to have more original-screenplay Oscars than anybody who’s ever lived! So much, I want to have so many that—four is enough. And do it within ten films, all right, so that when I die, they rename the original-screenplay Oscar “the Quentin.” And everybody’s down with that. I’m just telling you what I want. I want that third one. I want to tie Woody. All right? Look: When it’s your time, it’s your time.”

On starting a family: “My filmography comes first. My artistic journey comes first. I’m not saying I can’t have kids. But the last two movies, can’t have kids, can’t have a wife, you know. That’s the deal. Now, now it’s not so scary.”

He think David O. Russell is only real “peer”: “I think my real filmmaking peer is probably David O. Russell right now—i.e., his ability to write, the movies he does, and his relationship that he has with the actors that he likes to work with. And I think along with myself, I think he is the best actor’s director out there.

[From GQ]

As with all in-depth Tarantino interviews, there are about a million great quotes where he’s throwing shade right and left. He seems to side-eye Danny Boyle, he doesn’t think much of most screenwriters today, and he thinks David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence are the new William Wyler and Bette Davis (no, not so much). As for Quentin wanting to go Oscar-for-Oscar with Woody Allen… I can see that. I think that’s actually a realistic goal for QT. What’s funny is that Woody Allen couldn’t give two sh-ts about his Oscars. Woody never goes to the Oscars and he’s never campaigned for anything. So, while I think Tarantino will definitely win a third Oscar (thus tying with Woody) at some point, it will “cost” Tarantino a lot more than it ever cost Woody.


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  1. Loulou says:

    I love QT. He’s my guilty pleasure. As pompous and egocentric as he as, I always enjoy his movies and he always makes for an entertaining interview.

  2. T.Fanty says:

    He’s great. He’s earned the right to brag, but I don’t see it as bragging. People always refer to RDJ as “comfortable with his own success,” and I hold QT in the same league. Plus, he is one of the most original voices in movies.

    Best QT-written movie? I can’t stop loving True Romance, even if he didn’t direct it.

  3. brincalhona says:

    Aw, poor little Quentin couldn’t face watching 12 Years a Slave because he’d been living for 18 months in that world. It was making a film, not reality. We should watch films that make us uncomfortable and question privilege in the world in the hope that we can change things because there are actually people living through such horrors (and dying because of them).

  4. lisa says:

    lol he lost me when he fan girled david o russell. i think his movies are pretty sh*tty.

  5. Dangles says:

    “Tarantino believes he’s one of the greatest writer-directors of all time,”

    His movies are disposable entertainment. They’re not “great” works of art by any stretch of the imagination.