Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas go out to lunch, get in fender bender

Miley Cyrus and her ex Nick Jonas, both 16, were seen talking and looking friendly at the Kids’ Choice Awards late last month, and there’s news that they’re working on a song together for Disney that’s billed as a modern version of “We Are The World.”

Breakup was hard
Miley told Seventeen Magazine in an interview published last August that she “bawled for a month straight” after their breakup, thought to be in late 2007, and then dyed her hair black because she wanted “to look hard-core.” Miley’s mom and her best friend Mandy Jiroux confirmed Miley’s account that the breakup from Nick was hard for her in interviews included with her E! True Hollywood story.

If Miley and Nick had any hard feelings between them they seem to have smoothed things out for the sake of their careers. The two Disney stars and exes were seen out to lunch on Saturday in LA – without Miley’s boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

Nick hits another car in the parking lot
A video taken after Miley and Nick’s lunch and posted to Hollywood.TV shows Nick involved in a minor fender bender. Nick seemed a little flustered when he was trying to pull his vintage Mustang out of the parking lot with Miley in the passenger seat. He didn’t have enough room to get out of the lot and/or maneuvered poorly and knocked into a Ford Explorer, dislodging a piece off the side panel of his car. (At first I thought it was the mirror from the Explorer, but it’s a piece off the Mustang and what I think is the cover to a side vent.) The other car didn’t look to be damaged and Nick drove out of there without stopping. It’s got to be frustrating to be surrounded by photographers. I had a few minor fender benders like that when I was a teen driver, but even at a young age you know you’re supposed to stop and make sure everything is ok before you take off.

Miley: I can’t help if I’m overexposed, I try to keep my life private
It’s probable that Nick went out with Miley for a friendly lunch and was surprised to be surrounded by so many photographers. Miley told US Weekly in an interview published in the latest edition that it’s not her fault that she’s overexposed when there are photographers waiting for her every day:

“People say I’m overexposed. I can’t help if there are 40 photographers outside my house. I really try to keep my life private.”

Maybe Miley should quit blabbing about her boyfriend if she’s striving for privacy.

Miley’s movie is a hit
The Hannah Montana movie was first at the box office this weekend. There was speculation that it might underperform like the Jonas Brothers movie, but it took in a solid $34 million. Miley’s massive success could be part of the reason why Nick wants to nosh and make up.

Here’s video of the fender bender, thanks to Hollywood.TV. The guy whose car is hit swears at the end of the video so it’s NSFW:

Photos of Miley and Nick out to lunch thanks to RIV/Fame Pictures

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15 Responses to “Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas go out to lunch, get in fender bender”

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  1. She. says:

    I find it very hard to take a 16 year old’s breakup seriously.

  2. allison says:

    I think its really cute that they are still friends. If not meant to be a couple, theyre definitely meant to be friends. The only thing I dont like is that you said Nick might be using Miley for her success. I dont think that is true at all! They are both very successful and dont need eachother to help that. If theyre with eachother, its because they want to be, not need to be.

  3. HEB says:

    Im suprised Nick would do something so fame-whorish. Miley probably had to beg him to go.

    Woo hoo look at us! We can drive! This makes us grown ups! You can forget about how much older my BF is than me now!!

  4. K.L. says:

    Am I the only one sickenly jealous over the fact that some 16 yr old douche has a sweet ride like that? F’in rich kids >:(

  5. Jenny says:

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICK JONAS IS SOOOOOOOO STUPID !

  6. Because I Say So says:

    Why would a 16 year old want a vintage mustang? He was probably born in 1993 or so and wouldn’t have any true reference to what the vintage mustang was about. “F’in rich kids” is right!!!

    That’s like me being nostalgic for a fin-tail Cadillac when I was born in the 80’s

  7. Annie says:

    Not necessarily.

    Maybe his dad’s a big car buff? (I can’t believe I’m defending a Jonas…)

    But I mean, I grew up with parents who see cars as a way to get to Point A and Point B. And I would LOVE a vintage mustang or an old school tbird convertible, or a firebird or ZOMG an old school Stingray corvette.

  8. LondonParis says:

    what. on earth. is he wearing?!
    he needs to start carrying a manbag- he has a lot of stuff to carry, and his pockets are too tight and few to hold it all. i mean, that’s why i carry my purse.

    silly media fed toddlers. his mustang is gorgeous, but i can just picture his stylist laying out three pictures of different cars and saying, “these are the three that will go best with the whole ‘vintage youth’ thing i’ve got you guys pretty deep in. now, you can have any car you want.. as long as it’s one of these three.'”

  9. tasteT says:

    not surprised!!

    They look like babies in the car..

    Too soon, the parents let these kids assume adult roles because they are the breadwinners..

  10. Hieronymus Grex says:

    At least it’s the slightly less effeminate looking JB.

  11. daniela says:

    i saw the video and what i noticed was that the spotlight was more on miley and NOT nick

  12. dave says:

    Once again here is someone who thinks because they are famous they should get away with breaking the law. What would happen if one of us regular people hit a car and then took off?

  13. Faith says:

    Hello. Great job. This is a great story. Thanks!

  14. Jazlyn says:

    Wondrr waht Miley adn Nick were tlkin bout at lunch adn in da car!!! i tink thay were a cute cupl!!! may b thay were tlkin bout getin back 2 gether

  15. Wow, thats a very informative blog entry for me. I like your website. Maybe you should write more articles of these type. By the way, sorry for my bad english 😉