Selena Gomez watched Niall Horan backstage: are they together or not?

Shy Selena Gomez Is Seen Leaving The Edition Hotel
Last week, CB discussed the reports that Selena Gomez and Niall Horan were “all over each other” at Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s birthday. However, at Billboard’s 10th Annual Women in Music event last Friday, Selena shot down rumors that she took her toys to Niall Horan’s house for a sleepover saying “Oh my god! No.” Selena explained, “I love him, I always have. He’s amazing.” Well, there you go. Nothing to see here, let’s move along.

Just a tick, if there is nothing going on, why is Selena hiding her face in the pic ^^ above and hanging out backstage at the X Factor finale in London? You know, the one at which Niall and the rest of One Direction were performing?  Gadzooks! I fear these two may not be being totally forthright with us:

Something kinda funny going on! Though Selena Gomez has previously shot down claims that she and One Directioner Niall Horan are an item, the “Hands to Myself” crooner, 23, was spotted supporting the Irish cutie in London on Sunday, December 13.

Horan, 22, and his group, One Direction, were performing an emotional set for the X Factor UK finale, to commemorate the show where they got their start.

According to E! News, Gomez was spotted hanging out backstage at the event, where One Direction sang their tunes “Infinity” and “History.” After the show was the afterparty, which Gomez and Horan were both seen leaving (albeit separately)

As she exited the Edition Hotel in London, Gomez wore a satin deep-green dress with a black overcoat. Horan wore a navy checkered suit with a garnet tie.

 [From Us Magazine]

E! Online says Selena was chatting it up with fans and even some of Niall’s friends. Why? Why was she there? Was she merely trying to see if Simon Cowell needed a babysitter? Are Seiall (pronounced SEE-all) just good friends or does that Disney chick have her claws tangled in Niall’s gravity-defying locks?!

I realize that technically, nothing has been proven, but what fun is that? We have reports that Selena and Niall were seen kissing on the lips at a birthday party. Following that, she appeared backstage at the taping of his show. Finally, we have a statement that includes both an adamant denial and a declaration of love. A  judge might cite circumstantial evidence, especially as the show in question was attended by a few of Niall’s friends, meaning Selena could just be one of those friends, However, this is Celebitchyland and we are the judges here – I rule this romance a go.

There is the tiniest of flies in the ointment though, isn’t there? Selena is a member of the Swift Squad. Isn’t Ed Sheeran an adjunct Swift Squader? And didn’t Niall put a bit of a kink into Ed and  Ellie Goulding’s relationship? Can you imagine Taylor Swift’s next birthday? “Oh, hi Ed, have you met my boyfriend Nia… OHMIGAWD! Stop biting!”

On a related note, 1D performing on the X Factor finale was a poignant send-off. They sounded and looked great during History. Below is a pic they tweeted from the show. Oh my $%$#! Look at Harry in that suit! I am so borrowing that when he finally comes to Drag Me Down.


Billboard's 10th Annual Women In Music - Arrivals

Z100's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2015 - Red Carpet Arrivals

The Dorchester Hotel Party In London

Selena Gomez is shown on 12-13 (candids), on 12-11 at the Billboard Women in Music Awards and on 12-12 a the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. Niall Horan is shown on 11-2 (candid). Credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. taxi says:

    Let’s hope this is true & she’s progressed from baby Bieber.

  2. aims says:

    If I’m not mistaken,she had a similar denial when she started dating Justin.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      Yep, I remember that one. “No, he’s like a brother to me” at least this denial is better than that one. Maybe they just barely started dating & don’t want to make it public just yet. It’s an upgrade from Bieber for sure.

    • Allie says:

      I thought that too!

      And also, why would you fly to London just to see your friend perform? This group is very incestuous. Niall dated Demi too, who was Selena’s bestie growing up.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        @Allie I had to google all of this because I know who One direction is but not who this guy is. So Google to tells me he also dated Barbara Palvin who Justin Bieber apparently cheated with while dating Selena. Yep, it got weirder I just realized that Hollywood is very incestuous.

      • Allie says:

        @lizziemcguire yep! And Harry styles dated Kendall Jenner who hooked up with justin bieber which caused a rift between the friendship of Selena and Kendall. Harry also dated Cara who is in Taylor’s cult. I just want to shout to them that there are other people in the sea besides your immediate group of peers.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        @Allie Bieber dated Kendall?! Omg that’s gross! He’s with her older sister, ok now that is incestuous & gross. Damn Selena run! Find someone else from another peer group that is not your own. I didn’t even know that Cara dated Harry, who dated Taylor. I knew Harry dated Kendall so…I need my 3rd cup of coffee now.

  3. Size Does Matter says:

    Same guy behind Selena in the pic where she’s hiding her face AND behind Niall in the pic where he’s in the suit with the poppy. Is he Niall’s bodyguard? Seems like more than friends if he’s protecting her too.

  4. Kitten says:

    I know nothing about this guy but that has to be the douchiest hairdo of all time.

  5. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Granted I don’t know a thing about this boy but my spidey senses tell me it will end quickly and badly.

  6. vauvert says:

    I like Selena and I really wish she would date outside the vapid pool of boy singers. What about a college student, Selena? Or a teacher? A stunt man? Get away from those boys with inflated egos, terrible hair, too many groupies and bad fashion sense.

    • COSquared says:

      Less publicity if she’s dating a pleb…

      • vauvert says:

        I agree… sigh.. Not even sure if she is really dating this guy, or just a PR move, or whatever… whatever it is, I wish for her a real, honest relationship. She seems like a nice girl, personally I know few of her songs but they seem fine, and after her Bieber drama (which I can excuse – young, inexperienced, dated a fellow entertainer, didn’t work too well for either of them except the publicity) she could probably use a dose of normal, no flakiness love affair.
        But, this is HW, probably won’t happen.

    • pleaseicu says:

      Not sure what Selena/Niall are to each other but they’ve been friends for years. He’s also friends with some of her non-famous friends and has hung out with them independently of Selena. Of the famous guys she could date, she and Niall might have the best chance of going some distance given their friendship.

      If nothing else, he’s preoccupied her enough to where she’s not taking Justin’s bait that he’s been doing for the past week or so. Previously she’d have already arranged a meet-up somewhere in Hollywood after the first time he posted an old photo of them together on social media.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Where is she supposed to meet non-entertainers? She’s an entertainer herself, that’s the ocean in which she swims. It’s like high school, most people date other students because that’s who they know and that’s who are most available. In Selena’s case, there is also the concern of someone not in the biz making a profit over spilling details to the tabloids. If she dates people with the same concern, things are more likely to stay private.

  7. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Granted I don’t know how deep Selena is in but I don’t think Swift is able to control her friends so much that she can make them stop hanging out…or can she.

    I still remember that weird thing Lourde and Ellie did where they deleted photos of themselves at the party of someone who wasn’t Team Swift.

    Swear I’m talking about a cult.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      It’s the Princess Rainbow Brite cult that John Travolta wishes he could join. I’m sure that right now Selena is sitting in Taylor Swift’s couch drinking some tea & eating sugar cookies while T Swift goes thru a questionnaire. Once Niall is cleared then he can join her singing Bad Blood in one of her concerts.
      Plus we all know that Swift prefers this guy over Bieber, “please Ed this is the only normal guy she’s dated in the last couple of years, c’mon take one for the squad #squad #youowemethis #canyoubabysitmycatsthisweek”

  8. littlemissnaughty says:

    God, I’m old. This teenage relationship sh*t is so unsexy to me. Or is it these two specifically? I can’t tell.

  9. vanna says:

    they official name is SELENIALL (obvs) not seiall!

  10. Nancy says:

    And the answer is Alex: For $50.00 what is who cares? Correct.

  11. Mimz says:

    “Oh my $%$#! Look at Harry in that suit! I am so borrowing that when he finally comes to Drag Me Down.” HAHAHAAHAHAHAH

    I have no opinion on this. I really like her but she has a thing for guys with hair that is considered nice by others. I’d go for Harry, but that would be the ultimate betrayal to Tay Tay so, well… there’s that.

  12. Louise177 says:

    It’s annoying that people who are obviously dating deny it. Selena and Niall were never seen together but now they’re almost never apart. If you don’t want to talk about just say you don’t. But saying you’re “just friends” is stupid.

    • Jwoolman says:

      She doesn’t owe anybody that information and what she says may be the truth. Too many people seem to assume that any boy/man and girl/woman seen together are hopping into bed to potentially make babies before they know how to spell each other’s names. In real life, people may be friends first before the relationship starts to change – or it may never change and they remain good friends. I think she and Bieber did start out as friends.

      We can never have real equality until people stop making these assumptions about men and women. It gets in the way of professional work, for starters. And young girls are easily derailed from doing other things if they think they are nothing unless “in a relationship” with a boy, and likewise boys are twisted if they think being “just friends” with a girl will make people suspect they are gay (oh, the horror). Life isn’t all about sex, despite what you see on TV and in the movies. It is one part of life, designed to make sure we propagate the species, but it isn’t all of life unless you think women should just stay barefoot and pregnant all the time (as Mother Nature would have it if she could).

  13. Deroet says:

    I hope she’s dating him and that he makes her forget she ever knew douche-bag Beiber. From what I’ve seen and read of Niall he’s very down-to-earth, has a wicked sense of humor and is extremely kind to his fans. Huge step up for Selena.

  14. kimbers says:

    Fakeship for press. She needs a high profile fakeship to bring in the buzz and hopefully more download sales. This are they/arent they brings in the media and gets their names spoken. Then when they milk that too they’ll be a “new couple”

    Expect buzz around the new year and a confirmation around Valentines when the press will act like 5th grade girls by saying,”they’re married!” Lmao I love it! It’s fun to watch publicity unfold when you know what your watching =D

  15. LooseSeal says:

    I don’t care whether Selena’s letting this douchefro play in her sandbox, I came for the Hecate and was not disappointed. You are seriously a gem. I imagine you’re the love child of Kaiser and Michael K who sits around all day throwing shade and drinking Chardonnay directly from the bottle. I want to play Cards Against Humanity with you so bad.

  16. Ann says:

    If there was beef between Ed Sheeran and Niall previously, there isn’t anymore. There are pics of them partying together in Vegas within the past year. I think I’ve also seen pictures of them both partying WITH Taylor as well, I think after one of the award shows? So it looks like Niall would already be squad pre-approved.

    ETA: Found the pics!

  17. YvesWestwood says:

    I don’t understand why she would date Niall just for publicity when she could just go back to Bieber for that.