Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes pretend they are just friends for his birthday

We need a new term, fellow CBitchers. We need a term for a couple that is dating but thinks they are pulling the wool over our eyes by refusing to say they are dating; I propose waykingWho Are You Kidding. Well, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have be certainly not been dating for two years now and continued to not be together at Jamie’s 48th birthday party this past weekend. This is a secret, you guys, so don’t tell anyone:

Jamie Foxx was feted by his girlfriend, Katie Holmes, for his 48th birthday. The Django Unchained actor celebrated his birthday in New York City on Saturday, December 12.

According to TMZ, Holmes and Foxx’s pals, including Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, surprised the actor-singer with a bash at Le Bilboquet.

Us Weekly exclusively revealed that Foxx and Holmes have been secretly dating for the past two years. In September, the Dawson’s Creek alum, 36, even went as far as to dress in disguise to meet up with her man. According to a source, the actress, who shares daughter Suri with ex-husband Tom Cruise, “put on a wig and hat to meet him at a hotel” in Los Angeles.

“Katie is so in love,” an insider told Us at the time. “She is all about Jamie.”

The duo were first linked in October 2013, and have kept their romance under wraps. “She said she loved him,” another source told Us after the two were photographed holding hands in March. “She always gushes about how amazing he is and the joy he brings into the world.”

[From Us Magazine]

Who knows what is going on with these two? Us says she is his girlfriend, Jamie laughs off the rumor – they’re in love, they’re just friends, they’re discussing marriage, they aren’t exactly sure who the other is – gack! It’s exhausting and I have stopped caring. I assume if they are together and trying to deny it, this has something to do with their connection to Tom Cruise. The only thing I care about is is Katie dressing up in disguise and sneaking around hotels; how elaborate? I have a whole Halloween box full of costumes, I could hook her up: “Yes, good afternoon, Ms… Scarecrow, is it? I presume you are here to see Mr. Wombat in room 358?

Jamie Foxx hosts at Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas

Katie Holmes hosts Ocean Drive Magazine's Art of the Party during Art Basel Miami Beach

2015 American Idol XIV Grand Finale - Press Room

photo credit: WENN.com

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49 Responses to “Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes pretend they are just friends for his birthday”

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  1. mlle says:

    GOOD FOR HER. I mean, Jamie Foxx? I would :-) Get it, Katie!

  2. Krista says:

    I kind of love this pairing. I hope it all works out.

  3. GlimmerBunny says:

    I’d ship it, but what do they really have to lose by confirming it? That’s why I think they might not be dating after all…

    • Esmom says:

      That’s what I wonder too. At this point they’re probably just having fun hearing about all the speculation.

    • Jag says:

      That confuses me also. I don’t like him, but see no reason for them to not confirm that they are dating, if it is indeed true.

    • tealily says:

      That’s a good point. Maybe something to do with the kid? She doesn’t want Suri to know unless it’s serious and it’s not? Or some kind of COS conspiracy stuff?

      • Sabrine says:

        I’m not so sure they are a couple. They seem to hang with the same crowd which may have started some rumors. Why keep it a secret so long if they are a couple.

      • Liv says:

        Maybe because he’s a player and does not stand by her?

    • noway says:

      I’m thinking it is Tom and scientology too. It could also be that the whole Tom/Katie relationship was over the top and she doesn’t want anything even remotely resembling that. I am sure that marriage did a number on her.

    • Samtha says:

      Maybe they’re just friends with benefits.

  4. PHD Gossip says:

    Get over yourself, Katie. No one cares.

    • Andrea 1* says:

      Exactly this

    • OrigialTessa says:

      Maybe we don’t care, but Tom Cruise? How dare my friend date my ex wife in public! Destroy his career! Destroy her career! And make them both disappear!

      • Andrea 1* says:

        Hahahaha I doubt Tom has the power to do such

      • kate says:

        Holmes barely qualifies as having a career, and Foxx isn’t exactly at the top of his game. I’m not sure how much damage Cruise could really do.

        I doubt Cruise cares. He’s always come across as the type of person who never looks back. And what with Katie being a suppressive person, doing anything that might suggest there’s lingering feelings there wouldn’t exactly be kosher.

    • Nancy says:

      75. I almost totally agree but I like Jamie. TBH I really have never understood either one of them or tried to. I thought he played for the other team. After Cruise, she probably is too embarrassed (or scared) to declare her love for anyone. Carry on…..

    • EOA says:

      So she should be super public because you care so little, you posted about it?

      I guess I don’t understand what your criticism of her really is. She wants a private relationship so she is maintaining a private relationship, which would indicate that she agrees with you that no one beyond the parties involve “care.” But you seem to be upset that she’s keeping the relationship private, which is in diametric opposition to your argument that “no one cares.”

      • Nancy says:

        Sorry I gave the impression I care so much. I don’t. I was killing time before going to the hospital for post op. My mind was on things that matter in my life, not who Katie Holmes is sleeping with. Allegedly

  5. ell says:

    are they really secretly dating or they just want their relationship to be actually private? i mean, i support this. we keep hearing of celebs saying they want to keep their sh-t tight, but then go on and talk about it or get papped, at least these 2 put their money where their mouth is. also it’s very likely they’re being low key because of tom.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I’m with you. If they really are together and want to keep it private, they should do so. People will gossip, sure, but neither of them is obligated to share their private life with the world.

    • tmot says:

      My take is that she’s tired of the fishbowl life and doesn’t want publicity for anything that isn’t business.
      And as Lucy2 says, no one is obligated to share their private life with the world, unless they choose to do so. (If they do, there’s always instagram, LOL).
      I kinda want it to be true that they are a couple – mostly because I want Katie to be happy after all the scary cult BS she’s been through and managed to brilliantly escape from.

    • K says:

      That is what I was thinking. Maybe it’s not a secret or something they are trying to hide but maybe it really matters to them, so they are keeping it private so it’s theirs and they can focus on the actual relationship and not the PR noise that would follow them if it was public.

      It seems like since Katie left tom and got past that scary time with the Scientology freaks following her she and Suri have lived an incredibly private life, after all that drama with tom she could just want to be an actor and let her and her daughter’s life be as normal and private as possible.

      Sorry not seeing any ego or sinister motive here just two people who want a life. Can’t blame them.

    • KCAT says:

      I know. Maybe they don’t want anyone in their business. Katie is probably probably tired from all the lights she had on her from the last relationship.

  6. 1979 says:

    As far as wombats go he’s very fetching.

  7. Size Does Matter says:

    The term could be named in honor of this pair – foxxing. “Those two, they’re totally foxxing.”

  8. Annie says:

    Yeah, I like these two together.

  9. ashipper says:

    I don’t blame her for wanting a private relationship after the sh*tshow that was her relationship with Tom Cruise.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      I don’t blame her either plus she escaped the S.S. loony Scientology boat so she can do whatever she wants with her love life. I feel she wants to keep it private because 1. Tiny Man 2. Tiny Man’s bff 3. Scientology

  10. Heythere! says:

    Remember when he was singing a few years ago?! His voice is like butter!! Sexy sexy. And you know he’s rocking a BIG, umm, ‘personality’!!! Good for Katie. Of course, he has been one of my top three celeb crushes for YEARS.

  11. PrairieLilly says:

    Something about him I don’t like or trust. Plus he’s not attractive to me at all. She has the worst taste in men. Ughh

    • FingerBinger says:

      +1 There’s something not right about him. I do like him as a perfomer that’s why he’s my avi.

  12. serena says:

    I would be all over Jamie too.. I guess it is about Tom, maybe she’s afraid to reveal her personal life to the press after that disaster.. and Jamie.. I don’t know, I kind of don’t see him as a committed guy.. Hope I’m wrong.

  13. mia girl says:

    “Yes, good afternoon, Ms… Scarecrow, is it? I presume you are here to see Mr. Wombat in room 358?”

    Funny stuff!

  14. tealily says:

    That’s still on then? Nice! I hope they are dating.

  15. Colette says:

    This has nothing to do with Katie or Tom .Jamie has never discussed his relationships.He has been in the public eye over twenty years .I have been a fan since Living Color yet I can’t name one person he has dated.I can’t name the mothers of his two daughters.He discusses his daughters,his siblings,his parents but not the people he dates.

  16. wow says:

    Ohh yeah that’s right! Jamie and Tom were in that movie Collateral together, which I loved! I never could understand why all the secrecy was for when it comes to Katie and Jamie dating or not. Even with the Tom Cruise connection I still don’t get it. They are divorced now.

  17. iheartgossip says:

    Why / who are they afraid of in this story? They’re both single and have been rumor’d about for some years now.

  18. iLoveMyPug says:

    Sexy ass couple. I really wish they would embrace their connection rather than hide it

  19. d says:

    JF is a player in many different ways, so who knows. KH: well, I would have hoped by now that she would have learned to use words other than “amazing” as a descriptor. At LEAST that. On the other hand, she’s a mum, so maybe there’s value in keeping things out of the public eye for as long as possible, regardless of what is or isn’t actually going on. That being said, maybe she’s finally getting some rocking good sex after being alone for so long, and God knows, that can keep you in la-la land for quite some time! I’m giving things a pass for now.

  20. annie says:

    remember him saying a while back that nobody will ever know who he is dating. there might be something going on or they may be just good buddies . either way its a good thing. in a couple of days its her birthday…..5 days apart.
    Katie looked embaressed sometimes with toms over the top public displays, especially the one where he was chasing her in the back of opras studio and held her captive like .

  21. KCAT says:

    No more bearding Katie. You’ve been through enough hunny. You’ve escaped the cult with your life and everything lol. You seem like a lovely women. I like Jamie but NAH!!! Good luck Katie.