“R. Kelly walked out of a HuffPo interview after some awkward questions” links


R. Kelly walked out of HuffPo interview after being asked some awkward questions about his fans’ reactions to his sexual assault of minors. [Dlisted]
Selena Gomez is all about pleasuring herself. [Popoholic]
A guy got his ass kicked for yelling out Star Wars spoilers. [The Blemish]
Farrah Abraham wants to adopt. Ugh. [The Hollywood Sigh]
This is possibly the dorkiest photo of David Tennant ever. [A Socialite Life]
Oscar Isaac’s hair: great or the greatest thing ever? [LaineyGossip]
Aziz Ansari is in India right now. [Buzzfeed]
I’m really craving holiday cookies. [Mode]
Kim Kardashian’s Kimojis broke the Apple Store. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Steve Aoki got married, just FYI. [ICYDK]
France is tired of the waif models. [The Frisky]
Barack Obama… and Jerry Seinfeld? That’s unusual. [Seriously OMG WTF]
This is Elizabeth Hurley’s Christmas card. Bless her. [IDLY]

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  1. Jordana says:

    Woody Allen’s favourite R&B singer.

  2. mimif says:

    I was dying yesterday reading the comments re: R. Kelly’s interview. “Urine the twilight years of your career, retire already” and so on…

    Major fremdschämen looking at Elizabeth Hurley’s Christmas card.

  3. Hawkeye says:

    Ew, I feel the need to bathe after listening to R. Kelly’s answers.

  4. antipodean says:

    Why does this known paedophile still have a career? Classic mis-directional moves with the answers to questions that go to his rotten core. Please do the world a favour and disappear.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      Because ” I believe I can fly” is a classic

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Why is this known pedophile still walking free? Because money talks. I dont’ understand how a known and proven crime can be bought away because a victim doesn’t press charges or is willing to take hush money and sign a silence contract. He was acquitted of all charges in his 2008 trial, in large part because the alleged victim refused to testify. But this wasn’t an isolated accusation. There were over two dozen civil lawsuits and out-of-court settlements with underage girls who claim they had sexual relationships with him that left them physically and emotionally damaged. One girl even showed police and an interviewer scars where she slit her wrists after Kelly did what he did to her. And the man just walks around like nothing happened and gets pissed when people mention it.

  5. Lucy says:

    Yeah, I think Imma skip that and directly go to appreciate Oscar Isaac’s Mane of Awesome, thank you very much.

    • Rachel says:

      Word. Although I much prefer that mane flowing wild and free instead of styled for a magazine shoot.

      And there’s also David Tennant dressed as Darth Vader. Clearly, Christmas has come early.

  6. SusanneToo says:

    Looove David! And yes, Oscar Isaac is great with any type of hair. (That GQ is the first one I’ve bought in years.)

  7. mayamae says:

    God forbid a sexual predator be questioned about his actions.

  8. Janis says:

    Such a disgusting man thinking he’s so hot in his vinyl jacket. Ugh! Just go away already…..

  9. Mia4s says:

    Really? You had to lead with a picture of garbage when we could have had Oscar Isaac? Major side-eye to you. ;-)

  10. Marianne says:

    i don’t know if I totally buy the story about the guy getting beat up over Star Wars spoilers. No doubt people would be pissed, but I doubt it just ended that way. More than likely the movie would have been stopped, and the cops would have been called if actual violence went down.

    • Ankhel says:

      It sounds like utter rubbish. No references to time or place, no names, and the anonymous “witness” talks like a fifteen year old idiot. This is not news, or even gossip, it’s that guy in the school cafeteria who talks too loud about his “insane weekend”, while people roll their eyes.

    • me says:

      My brother spoiled the movie “The Sixth Sense” for me…told me the guy was dead the whole movie…so I went in knowing he was dead and it pissed me off lol…but I enjoyed the reaction of the people in the cinema at the end when they realized Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Oh well.

  11. Norman Bates's Mother says:

    I’m side-eyeing Selena Gomez so much right now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see any mention of a feat. artist and she’s lip-syncing the entire song like it’s all her – so she really wants us to believe that after all this years of not being able to hold a tune, even in the autotuned album versions, she is suddenly belting out the chorus part like that? The voice in the chorus is completely different in tone and pitch to the one singing verses (hers). Liar.

    • Bridget says:

      In her song from a couple of summers ago “Come and get it” you can actually hear the effort in her rather thin singing voice. She’s always reminded me of a mediocre singer in a high school talent show, but just with lots of production now.

    • word says:

      I like Selena as a person, she seems sweet and does a good amount of charity work. However, regarding her voice, I too have noticed her voice sounds remarkably different on her new album. Where did her new “range” come from and will she be able to sing these songs live and sound the same? Time will tell.

  12. claire says:

    That dude is gross. And I hated the way he was attacking her – those were questions from Twitter, just like he knew they were going to be. It’s not her fault! Love the way she held her own with him and shot down all his misogynistic comments towards her. She was fantastic.

  13. Lou says:

    Bravo to that interviewer for not taking any of his shit and insisting on asking the Q knowing he would walk out. He kept trying to shout her down and then got really condescending and belittling (and creepy/inappropriate) by calling her ‘beautiful’ etc. Why do men do this? Do they think it will placate us? Do women tell random guys they are super hot in a serious conversation? I would say no… because it’s weird…

  14. Danielle says:

    I was wierdly tempted to shout spoilers when I left the theater. I didn’t, because that would be evil. But the urge was there.

    • megs283 says:

      Do you remember when the last Harry Potter book came out, and someone slowly drove by a line of people waiting at 1am at a bookstore, yelling “Snape kills Dumbledore!”

      The last woman’s reaction gets me every time. :-)


      • KB says:

        Lmao that was so terrible and so funny

      • me says:

        Oh that’s mean. Also, very dangerous to film while driving ! What did that guy get out of doing that? What I just realized is that cell phone cameras were absolute sh*t back in 2006. Can’t believe this dude would waste his time at 1am to do that to people who were all excited to read a new book. I mean I would never stand in line for a book and have never read any HP book but I understand why people would be upset to have someone spoil it for them. Mind you, now a days you don’t have to go through all that trouble to spoil things for people, you can just tweet it lol. Still what a jerk move.

  15. LAK says:

    Why does R.Kelly get away with this type of behaviour?

    • Mean Hannah says:

      He gets away with his crimes because he is a successful, rich musician who only targets poor girls and/or girls of color. And having met him in non-music capacity, without knowing who he is, albeit 20 years ago, I can completely see how he can do what he does with the victims AND their family.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Because the women/girls involved refused to testify and he paid them off. Now, because they signed contracts, they can’t talk about it w/out him suing them.

      I would think what with all that’s happened with Bill Cosby due to a comedian making one obscure comment about his past and the landslide that followed, that Kelly would lay low and be worrying the same could happen to him. But he is so arrogant and dillusional he feels safe out there trying to promote his music and himself. I’m still hoping something happens that brinigs it all front and center and that there is a victim out there who did not sign a contract who will come forward. There were over 2 dozen girls in 2008 who’d were known victims (in videos). I know there’s more.

  16. Holmes says:

    Oscar Isaac does, in fact, have the greatest hair ever. Possibly the greatest smile, too. Maybe the loveliest eyes as well. Sorry, I’ll stop.

  17. Abby says:

    I have to give that reporter props in the R. Kelly interview. He was so rude, and she maintained professionalism. I’m a freelance writer and my blood was boiling for her!! I would not have been able to keep that composure.

  18. kri says:

    TGFOI,his hair has saved my soul. As for R.Kelly, I feel so bad for him. Imagine, having some over 18 journo just pissing all over you…the nerve! I’m sure he cried golden tears of persecution. Or maybe the reporter was just taking the piss with him? He should just relax and let the interviews flow. He ain’t nothing but Charmin’. for real…what an absolutely typical response from a child molester. “Oh, look at what they have done to MEEEEE…WAHHH!

  19. Jwoolman says:

    You all should look at the Boondocks take on the R. Kelly trial…. It’s a cartoon version of the comic strip and runs on Adult Swim (on Cartoon Network) periodically. They might have the video available sometimes or it might be available elsewhere. Can’t remember the name of the episode, but it was wild. Little brother thought he was great but was a tad confused about exactly what happened, big brother was disgusted, Grandpa futilely tried to keep the TV news age-appropriate, supporters picketed, battling lawyers battled, courtroom broke out into song. The devastating stuff said by the prosecutor and big brother made this interview seem very tame indeed, would think Kelly would be far more perturbed by the Boondocks show….

  20. JRenee says:


  21. LeAnn Stinks says:

    That Elizabeth Hurley Christmas “card” is so thristy. Oh please…

  22. pinetree13 says:

    UGH R Kelly is EVIL! He made Aaliyah’s last years HAUNTED ones! UGH! Can’t stand this loser! YOU HEAR THAT R KELLY!?!? YOU MAY BE FAMOUS AND RICH BUT YOU ARE A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!