Idris Elba: ‘I think my heart and my blood are definitely still in East London’


While I love seeing Idris Elba in various stages of undress, I can also say that I love the way this man wears clothes. He has a gift of always looking hot, sexy, fly and fashionable. Perhaps it’s a British thing – he cares about clothes and it shows. Idris covers the new issue of Notion Magazine and the photos are The Business. The clothes in the shoot are from Idris’s collaboration with Superdry, so if your man wants to look like Idris Elba, tell him to buy these clothes. Here are some highlights from the interview:

He’s true to his roots: “I think my heart and my blood are definitely still in East London. I feel like if you spread out my veins, it would be all over East London.”

His Superdry collection: “The key pieces are definitely designed to put you into ‘shabang’ mode. It’s a look, like BOOM! I’m trying to share a moment, to give how I feel when I wear something nice.”

His music: “I was like, ‘How do I put an album out and really mean it, and not have people laugh me off?’ Then I realised, don’t run away from the fact that you’re an actor, embrace it. Write songs about what you do.”

[From The Daily Mail]

I believe him when he says he still identifies with his gritty childhood and adolescence in East London. Which is why it bugged me when Roger Moore claimed that Idris shouldn’t play James Bond because Idris isn’t “English enough.” Idris is full-on English. He was born there. He grew up in East London. His accent is English. He has a home in England. But some people doubt his “English authenticity” because… well, you know. Because he’s black. Because he’s the child of immigrants. Because people are dumb.

Also: Idris’s name appears on the Queen’s New Year’s honors list. Idris will be getting an OBE. He gave a statement about the honor, saying: “Awards and honors come in all shapes and sizes and all as significant as the other. But this is beyond special as it comes from Queen and country, and I couldn’t be more proud for receiving this right now. What a year. On me head son!” I hope Idris will add his first Oscar nomination along with the OBE, don’t you?

PS… Did you guys know that Idris is one of the co-chairs of the 2016 Met Gala? He’ll be co-chairing the event with Karl Lagerfeld, Taylor Swift, Nicolas Ghesquiere and Miuccia Prada. My guess? Taylor and Idris will both wear Prada.



Photos courtesy of Notion Magazine.

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  1. Jane says:

    This is one fine looking man! Excuse me while I drool.

  2. what'sup says:

    That’s why I’ve always loved Luther. It feels the places that they shot were authentic to him as well in parts. And his album Murdah Loves John is a great expression of music in relation to role.

    • antipodean says:

      The latest Luther episode was the Business (to steal your very apt word, Kaiser). Fully up to the standard of all the other Luther episodes. This man is the finest of the fine. He talks the talk and walks the walk, and seems to stay true to the things he values. A true gent. I am still trying to screw up my courage to watch Beasts of No Nation. I am sure he will be sublime in it, but I fear its content will have me snivelling and blubbing uncontrollably.
      Well done on the OBE, I wonder if Betty Windsor is a fan. Can a knighthood be in Sir Idris’ future mayhap?

  3. Esmom says:

    Amazing photos, he looks amazing. Although I’m not a fan of the pose in the coat where his arms don’t hang down straight.

    I wish I could find a garment that puts me in “shabang mode.” Lol.

  4. DoobyDoo says:

    I love Idris to bits (and think he would make a great James Bond as long as Alice could be his bond lady) but he looks vaguely like Kim Kardashian in that top picture. Has she been hired to do the photoshopping or something?

  5. Maefabulous says:

    Oh hello Idris.

    I didn’t realise he had a collection with Superdry – my husbands fave clothing brand.

    Now I have some present options for his birthday next month!

    Idris – the gift that keeps on giving.

  6. SusanneToo says:

    Well, SHABANG! And that was a lovely, graceful comment about receiving the OBE.

  7. Renee says:

    Shabang! I think that will be my go-to word for the next week or so.

  8. Sixer says:

    If we must retain an ex-imperial honours system instead of making a nice shiny new proper civil honour system, then it’s about time Idris got one.

    • bluhare says:

      I like that, Sixer. And if Idris’ clothing line makes men look like him, Mr. bluhare is getting the whole collection. Shabang!

    • spidey says:

      Personally I think the whole UK honours system is totally discredited. Why should Idris Elba or Eddie Redmayne (on the strength of one brilliant performance) get a medal for doing something they love and get well paid for? Same with sports stars and public servants.

      I think honours should be saved for outstanding unpaid contributions to good causes, outstanding bravery, or matters “above and beyond the call of duty.”

      Rant over 🙂

      • Tulip Garden says:

        double post

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I don’t know about Redmayne but, I believe, Idris was the recipient of help/encouragement from a Prince of Wales initiative. In turn, after his success Idris worked with the Prince of Wales and the charity sharing his own positive experience.

      • Sixer says:

        I’m not big on our honours system for all sorts of reasons: hangovers from imperialism, conflation with political recognition, etc. But to be fair, of the 1,500 or so honours given out each time, about 1,400 are given to ordinary people who do just what you describe, spidey. They just aren’t the ones that get reported.

  9. kri says:

    I adore that cover shot. The Idris Wears Prada! Can’t wait! I hope Tay Tay brings him some mason jar jam and tries to add him to her squad and he rejects her vehemently.

  10. lilacflowers says:


  11. Esteph says:

    Just imagine that man looking at you straight in the eyes, talking to just you, that alone would make me swoon!

  12. grabbyhands says:

    One of the many things I love about him is his connection to his roots-he just seems really relaxed and comfortable with who he is and where he comes from and doesn’t try to hide or embellish it.

    And I’m going to need the footage of him receiving his OBE, because I’m pretty sure even the Queen isn’t going to be able resist being giggly and breathless in the presence of this suave motherf**ker.

  13. ell says:

    he’s just gorgeous.

  14. Olenna says:


  15. Lama Bean says:

    I’m totally fine with his heart and blood being in London as long as his body is with me…in my bed.

  16. Jayna says:

    There’s not that many men in Hollywood (meaning actors) that have true style and also just wear clothes so well also the way he does. He’s at the top. He exudes masculinity and confidence,

  17. thelazylioness says:

    Good God is he gorgeous. I first noticed him back in the 90s doing a Tyler Perry movie. I was like this man is special. And he played an American so I had no idea he was British. Yummy f*cking yum lol.

  18. K says:

    If Karl is also cohosting huge chance fendi or Chanel will be worn by these two not just Prada. Karl isn’t one to sit in a room and do all this to not have one of his houses highlighted. But they will for sure be wearing Chanel (Taylor only obviously), fendi or Prada.

    My guess is they will split, so Taylor will wear one designer and Idris the other. Those are two incredibly strong personalities of designers to not have their work on a cohost.

    I have also never hated Taylor Swift until this moment how dare she spend time with my MAN, my perfect, sexy, handsome, charming, sexy, funny, sexy, handsome, perfect man. Damn it. Back off Idris is MINE!!!

    • Tough Cookie says:

      “…Write songs about what you do.”

      Tay-tay will read that and squeal “Me too!!”
      I just hope she doesn’t use the word “shabang” in a song.

  19. Tough Cookie says:

    I would shabang him until one of us passed out from exhaustion.

  20. I Choose Me says:

    Walking sex. Shabang indeed!

  21. hogtowngooner says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm he’s so fine. And he’s a fellow Arsenal fan so I get dibs 😉

  22. Mrs. Odie says:

    His heart and blood can stay in East London but I’d like the remainder of him on my lap, please.

  23. Kath says:

    Yeah, I agree with the Bond thing. You couldn’t get more English if you tried with Idris (and I think most Poms would agree). I think Roger Moore’s comment was straight-up coded racism, but the other guy seemed to be suggesting that Idris is too much of a Cockney geezer, which is a different slant on things. I still think he would be the best choice for Bond, despite his age.

  24. love scandal says:

    Bet he smells gorgeous.