Jamie Foxx says Miley Cyrus needs to ‘make a sex tape & grow up’

Miley Cyrus
Jamie Foxx really does not care for Miley Cyrus. Foxx has a Sirius radio show, and on this weekend’s show he and a few other people discussed Miley in some pretty graphic and ugly ways. Foxx’s comments started out because he was discussing the now infamous Miley Cyrus-Radiohead incident at the Grammys.

Here’s a quick summary of the incident: Miley complained after the Grammys about how she didn’t get to meet Radiohead. She had her people go to Radiohead’s dressing room and ask if they would come to meet her. Radiohead, of course, weren’t interested. Miley initially told the story to Ryan Seacrest, saying that Radiohead used to be her, like, totally favorite band, but after they dissed her, they weren’t anymore. Thom Yorke (lead singer of Radiohead) then gave a statement to US Weekly, “When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement.” Best. Statement. Ever.

Unfortunately, Jamie Foxx did not show Thom Yorke’s constraint or brevity. Foxx went off about Miley in a really crude way, saying Miley needed to go “make a sex tape and grow up… Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin… get some crack in your pipe… Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.” Yikes.

Jamie Foxx had some not-so-nice words for Miley Cyrus during his weekend Sirius radio show “The Foxxhole,” judging by a audio posted on YouTube and heard below.

During a discussion criticizing Miley, 16, for being upset at not getting to meet Radiohead backstage at the Grammys, Foxx, 41, told her to get a gum transplant and to “make a sex tape and grow up… Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin… get some crack in your pipe… Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.”

Someone else is heard calling her a “white bitch.”

Foxx has a teenage daughter.

From The Huffington Post

Miley Cyrus is a well-documented brat, and as Thom Yorke said, an entitled, immature girl. But to attack her as Jamie Foxx did is… gross. That’s the only word I have for it. It just disgusts me, and I’m a big fan of Jamie Foxx. I’ll probably be rethinking that fondness unless Jamie Foxx releases some kind of statement or apology. I don’t see how he could just leave those kinds of comments out there.

Audio is not safe at work at all:

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  1. meow says:

    i am disgusted that he’d talk about a 16 year old girl this way!!!!! what a horrible excuse for a human being.

  2. geronimo says:

    Whoa. A 16 yr old (abeit deeply annoying) girl being taken apart publicly in such a crude, vicious and vindictive way by A GROWN MAN and a respected actor to boot? This is way beyond ‘off’ and says far more about him than it could ever say about her.

    Not sure an apology exists that can even begin to clean up this mess. All shades of wrong.

  3. Ophelia says:

    Ew, that just seems wildly inappropriate in so many ways.

  4. Dorothy says:

    don’t forget that Foxx is a comedian as well as an actor! I don’t think this is particularly funny but…

  5. Mandy says:

    Miley usually gets on my nerves, but now I’m just so disgusted that I want to defend her. Jamie Foxx is a grown man, and it’s pathetic and cowardly for a grown man to launch a verbal attack on a 16-year-old girl. And he called HER “immature!” I didn’t know that he has a daughter around the same age, but that makes this even more appalling. What if someone said those things about his daughter?

  6. barneslr says:

    No matter how much one dislikes her, she is a teenage child. That moron has no business talking that way about a kid. She certainly has her flaws…but she’s also still growing up.

    I feel sorry for his teenage daughter. God only knows what goes on in his household…none of it good, I suspect.

    Jerk of the highest order. I won’t watch any of his movies again.

  7. Lina says:

    Jamie Foxx needs to grow up & to learn how to show some class when speaking about a young girl that is around the same age as his own daughter.

    He’ll probably come out saying that this was all taken “out of context”.

  8. missy says:

    no comments about the black bitch calling miley a white bitch? racism is indeed alive and well in the good ole US of A.

  9. j. ferber says:

    Jamie Foxx is very talented in a lot of ways (acting, singing, comedy), but he shouldn’t be talking smack about a 16 year old, however obnoxious she is. I understand he’s raunchy on this radio show, and uncensored, but he took it too far (easy to do, I’m sure)and owes Cyrus an apology.

  10. gg says:

    That is revolting and he should be ashamed!

  11. heehee says:

    He needs to be hit over the HEAD with a tape and SHUT up! LOL

  12. czarina says:

    I hope there is a huge backlash to this incredibly immmature, stupid, pathetic attack on a teenager by an egomaniacal SOB who should have his show pulled off the air.
    I have no problem with Miley Cyrus.
    If she is a brat, she is not MY brat (I don’t live with her or even know her).
    If she has a sense of entitlement, well, she’s 16 after all and, once again, I don’t have to interact with her, do I?
    However, my kids love her show and her music.
    She does those things well (OK we’re not talking greatness here, but my kids are 9 and 10 so their standards aren’t astronomical!LOL)
    Beyond that, didn’t her movie recently open really well (record breaking for April or something?)
    So, she’s doing her job. She is working hard and making money for her employers.
    She is entertaining kids.
    Who the hell cares if you wouldn’t like her if you met her????? How is she “annoying” to anyone who never has to talk to her??
    She is not on the radio viciously insulting other people, is she?

  13. guest says:

    with comments like these – he’s making kanye look sane.

  14. Marnie says:

    Yo Jamie, Lets pretend Miley is your daughter and some CREEP said that about her. How does it feel?
    Your the CREEP in this statement ASSHOLE!!!!
    You make me sick.

  15. gg says:

    Also, how nice would it be if the person on that tape was called “a black bitch”?

    yeah, didn’t think so.

    That 4cking cow that called her “a white bitch” should be called out and hanged. That is UNACCEPTABLE.

  16. judy says:

    Fox needs to stfu. He is disgusting and so were the rest of those people on that show. But it was just another racist rant by a racist pig. SHe may be a white bitch but he is just a black has been after this.

  17. Sal V says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person here that is offended by the “White bitch” statement. I’m not white or black, and hearing statements like “White bitch”- “Black Bitch” are so idiotic. Why do people have to make skin color such a huge factor in name calling. PATHETIC Excuse for a human being that lady is. Grow the F up!

  18. Hel says:

    I have yet to meet a 16 year old who didn’t have a sense of entitlement – that’s what teenagers are like and obviously Thom Yorke understands that. Unfortunately Jamie doesn’t and has made himself look more immature and stupid than Miley. Hope his radio show is cancelled.

  19. MARKY MARK says:

    I’m no fan of Miley (probably because I’m a thirty-four year old male), but I’m even less of a fan of Mr. Foxx. His (& his entourages) despicable behavior is well documented in Police reports here in my hometown of New Orleans (Hotel incident & entitlement), but to attack a sixteen yr. old like this is just foul.
    Perez Hilton does the same thing to her. I don’t get grown men who have it in for a young woman like this–this is more than a sign of immaturity-there is something “BITTERLY” wrong

  20. yadira says:

    Wowe, Billy Ray is gonna pounce all over this!

    I agree, not very masculine for a grown man to diss a snotty kid.

    The whole racism thing is also annoying. SOme people constantly use the racism card to their benefit but will be calling out racist names all the time. I don’t get it? Im a minority and I like to think that the whole racist thing is below me. I belong to this country but then people come along and pull this whole discriminatory thing, it just ticks me off.

  21. Sauronsarmy says:

    I love the outrage from people that have probably said worse. Honestly, I’ve read comments on wishing her death but this is somehow bad?

  22. flo says:

    Jamie is a grown man who should know better than to be so vicious to anyone, let alone a (16 year old) child.

    The person who referred to Miley as a ‘white bitch’ is obviously an idiot. Those who have referred to that idiot as a ‘black bitch’ are on the same wavelength as him/her.

  23. soogle says:

    Screw Jamie Foxx there is no reason to ever attack an underage person like that. I have lost all respect for him. I can’t believe he has a daughter! Hopefully his show gets pulled because there is no excuse for such an attack. I’m way too old for the Miley craze but my sister is a fan – this is one of the tween stars that is at least a little tamer than Brit, Christina etc. of the past, and I don’t need her thinking that it is at all normal for a grown ass man to say that crap.

  24. ChristinaT says:

    this is unbelievable… he sounds very coked up and aggressive… this puts the christian bale tape to shame…

  25. Jazz says:

    Well, I’m still going to see The Soloist. Only for the hotness that is RDJ….

  26. I Choose Me says:

    I’ve heard before that he’s a major douche and I guess this just proves it. There is no excuse for what he said, in any context. Methinks Eric Bishop (his real name) needs to grow the eff up himself.

  27. cherryblossom says:

    What an asshat! She’s a 16 year old girl you idiot, how many stupid things did you do when you were 16?
    Wait…”make a sex tape?” I can’t decide if that’s predo-esque or not. And the daddy comments….ugh.
    Most importantly, damn you Jamie Foxx for making me feel protective of Miley Cyrus!

  28. heima says:

    oh, please people. this man was sarcastic. maybe he’s just said something that in a way or in another way will happen to a girl like miley cirus in a context like the one she lives in (hollywood).
    he’s been rude, but nothing outrageous IMHO.

  29. C-DUB says:

    Miley can suck it!! LOL!!!

  30. dan says:

    can’t stand miley. however jamie is a total asshole and considering he’s a grown man maybe he should have grown up before making such stupid remarks. i hope he disappears into obsecurity soon.

  31. heima says:

    you (you=american people) can’t accept a rude sentence like foxx’s one but you are comfortable seeing a teenager like britney spears selling her body for the sake of her label and for success. a sexy lolita created expecially for adult men fantasies.
    this is what i found disgusting, not foxx’s words.

  32. mel says:

    isn’t jamie foxx’s radio show basically a no-holds-bar commentary? anywho if it looks like a tramp, acts like a tramp it’s a tramp!!! i’m talkin bout’ miley cyrus and her pimp of a father. what parent in their right mind would allow their 15-year-old daughter to date a 20yr old man? that would be considered rape in the state of california!!! i guess when you’re some ass backwards hick it doesn’t matter. basically when you carry yourself in a not so pleasant light then it’s open season to get roasted. no matter how crude and rude. besides he’s a comedian first and foremost so jus sit back and enjoy the free comedy at miley’s expense!!! ha ha ha!!!

  33. Ceenitall says:

    Don Imus got in trouble for what he said, lets see if Jamie Fox gets in trouble for someone in the studio saying “White Bitch”. I don’t see why there should be any difference. He should get the same punishment that DI got.

  34. czarina says:

    @mel–she may be dating a 20-year-old but she is doing it with her parent’s approval. You (and I) may disagree with her parent’s decision, but that is hardly Miley’s bad behaviour!
    Moreover, what exactly has she done that is so terrible she deserves to be “roasted”?
    She’s said and done some immature things, sure, but she isn’t falling out of cars drunk, trying to get into clubs, she doesn’t have a reputation of being impossible to work with, she isn’t pregnant, or checking into rehab, shoplifting or shaving her head.
    Why, exactly, does she “deserve” to be publicly vilified by an egomaniacal, foul-mouthed, arrogant douche?

  35. b says:

    Hey Jamie Foxx,
    Let someone talk shit about your daughter and see how you feel. What the hell is wrong with your stupid immature ass?
    I hope people boycott your movies and music. I am.

  36. Gio says:

    Jamie, You better slow your roll. That was not cool. What would Oprah think what you said. Apologize now.

  37. Debby T says:

    I do not care for Miley Cyrus, however I am well over 50 years old and grown up well enough not to follow anyone because my life is what is important, anyhow no one should talk like that to a teenager. Mr. Foxx was not there and does not know what happened. He should be ashamed. I know I will no longer support his career.

  38. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Someone needs to send Jamie Foxx a thousand copies of his performances as the ugly girl Shwanda on In Living color and re-teach him humility.

  39. FeFe says:

    Foxx is a race baiter. Jamie Foxx (presenter) and Miley Cyrus (performer) were both recently on the Academy of Country Music Awards (CMAs) show in Las Vegas, 4/5/09, on CBS. I couldn’t believe when Foxx presented and mused about how a black man, him, would be singing country on the upcoming George Straight salute special (filmed 4/6 to air 5/27 on CBS), and this indicates how far our country has come. Dude! taking a crap on a music legend doesn’t make your genius obvious. Charlie Pride has 4 gold records, multiple CMA winner with Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year awards, and still touring. I guess Foxx doesn’t want to play Charlie in a biopic but doesn’t MTV say old school gives thespians/pop musicians street cred?

    When did country music lose its low brow status or is he slummin’ for the night? When at the age of 14 he learned Straight was to play his hometown, despite being warned that it wasn’t a good idea, Foxx vowed he would “cross whatever tracks I had to go over, but I’m going to see George Strait.” Foxx apparently believes Americans living on the wrong side of the tracks are equal but some are more equal than others. Such condescension.

  40. RAN says:

    Sounds like he may have lost a few fans here – and deservedly so… His comments were extremely vile.

  41. debra77 says:

    But I was watching ENews.. They were showing a clip of a audio from Jamie Fox and his radio show. He said some really harsh things about Miley C. I am not a fan of Miley, but when I comment on her I remind myself that she is a child. He was very inappropriate. Then they had that Ass Ken Baker who was on to talk about Lindsey doing a momo for EHarmony.. He said not a word about Jamie Fox and his rant. So I am waiting to see if some New York post reporter does a article on this. I mean they did a big on on Angie and Brad “snubbing” people at the Oscars. Jamie was out of line. But I am going to post this on several sites to see what the response is to that. Let’s see if people call for a boycott of his movie. Lets see if there is backlash.. I doubt it. There is a double standard to live up to, now isn’t there.

  42. debra77 says:

    Yeah I’m pissed.. Let’s see if Oprah has him on her show, lets see if the entertainment shows have a round table to discuss this issue. I mean Katie/Tom, Brad/Angie, Madonna and countless other warrant this and all they are doing is living their lives and not saying anything negative about anyone. (well Madonna is excluded). But I want to see what happens. NOTHING WILL. I wonder if Jamie will make the cover of a mag next week. Will the bloggers call him names. What will happen? What will happen?

  43. marie says:

    i dont like miley cyrus at all, but even i think he went to far with the name calling. after all she is a child and thats just very rude and disrespectful and he isnt being a great role model himself to his daughter is this behavior allowed in the foxx household?? as an adult and a parent he should no better then to pick on children. miley is very immature and annoying but she’s 16 we were all immature at one point,and i think jamie foxx is the bully here who needs to apologize for the hurtful words and for humiliating cyrus…he is a 40 yr old something man picking on a 16 year old…i think jamie is out of line and he is acting like a child himself

  44. Ruffian9 says:

    Absolutely not a fan of Ms Cyrus, but, as stated much better above, these comments are vile and inappropriate in every way. Foxx has struck me as an a@@hole in the past, this just confirms it. Dude, you’re not cool or a badass, you’re a douchebag

  45. HashBrowns says:

    Wow…all of you are extremely sensitive.

    Jamie Foxx is quite clearly joking. Like, really really really clearly joking. And quite clearly none of you like this particular brand of humor.

    I know that among my friends, this would have been funny. A bit over the top, like I would have been cringing, but he wasn’t seriously saying any of that.

    The point of the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton sex tape joke was that seemingly all these little celebutards got more famous when they started going nutso on people or doing crazy things. Miley Cyrus will likely drop off the radar as soon as her tween fans grow up (just like NSYNC and the Backstreet boys). She’ll end up having to pull a Britney and become “sexy” to appeal to an older group of people. The chlamydia thing, to me, is an off-the-cuff reference to Paris Hilton and her herpes.

    As for the lady who made the off-hand comment about that “white bitch”, that is a very common term used to talk about annoying white people by black people. I’m sorry, but it’s just the reality of the situation. I’m black, I’ve got tons of black friends and grew up in a black neighborhood with black parents.

    It’s usually used a descriptor to indicate that the person you are talking about is white and therefore did/is doing stereotypically “white” things that are annoying. In this case, the woman in the background was essentially saying that Miley Cyrus has the stereotypically white “trait” of entitlement.

    Mind you, I’m from Southern California and obviously don’t know every single solitary black person on the planet. But when I hear a black person say that it is never used to get anything but a laugh and is in no way meant to be a race thing.

    The same woman who made the comment also made a remark about respecting her as an artist if she gets on crack and such.

    These people aren’t serious. They are making comments about the state of celebrity right now. Want to get famous enough for Radiohead to bother with talking to you? Make a sex tape. Get chlamydia. Use crack. That will get you attention and make you more famous now.

    I just wish more people would stop looking at stuff on the surface and taking it for what it appears to be, rather than what it really is.

    Critical thinking skills, people. Come on.

  46. Yawn says:

    Did Jamie Foxx’s verbal fart tell us anything about him that we didn’t already know?

  47. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Critical thinking skills, people. Come on.

    Those are better saved for things like the state of the economy, the war in Afghanistan, the oil crunch, the ongoing piracy in Somalia that endangers countless lives on the ocean and other matters that have actual lasting impact on our lives, not whatever verbal diarrhea is gushing out of Jamie Foxx’s et al head at the moment, which will be forgotten and replaced by the next salacious comment made torrow.

  48. Tia C says:

    I didn’t used to be a huge fan of his, but this makes me like him SO much more. I have absolutely no use for this white trash talentless stupid ugly bitch.

  49. loldongs says:

    I love Redd Foxx and grew up listening to his comedy.

    Jamie Foxx is far too full of himself, and far too open about his degenerate inclinations.

    At least Redd could tell a dirty joke and poke fun at himself.

    I miss that man.

    RIP Redd Foxx.

  50. HashBrowns says:

    Hieronymous Ex: You think someone who can’t use the very base of critical thinking skills to see through this nonsense is going to use them for “the state of the economy, the war in Afghanistan, the oil crunch, the ongoing piracy in Somalia that endangers countless lives on the ocean and other matters that have actual lasting impact on our lives”?

    I personally do not think so.

  51. Yawn says:

    In my opinion… Oscar didn’t lift JF up. JF brought Oscar down, and he continues to do so. Just a wanna-be pro football player with not much substance under the phony smile. Has now reduced himself to berating an insignificant teenager. Self-important, over-rated but, in the end, just plain boring. Maybe JF is just over-reacting to his strict Baptist up-bringing. Lots of baggage and issues… And the repressed anger seems to be pretty consistently focused on people of other races, all ages, and both sexes. Just my opinion, but maybe it’s time to check in to the funny farm before your anger comes out in more destructive ways.

  52. heima says:

    @HashBrowns, thank god, finally someone that thinks the same things i previously said!
    I’m not an english speaking person so I feel relieved by the fact that someone said someting that unfortunately I can’t explain correctly.
    thank you.

  53. czarina says:

    It gets really annoying to hear people excuse the inexcusable because, oh, he’s (or she’s) a comedian and they were just KIDDING.
    These type of comedians who are vicious towards other people have gotten more and more popular recently, which makes me very sad for society in general.
    You see in people who laugh at this type of thing all the mobs who used to love to go to public executions.
    There will always be people who relish in behaviour that hurts others.
    However, I (optimistically) believe that comedians like Foxx will someday soon be considered an embarassing popular fad that is well over (and good riddance)

  54. Don says:

    Jamie Foxx is a jerk! Who does he think he is, God’s gift to the world? I DON’T THINK SO! All those celebrity girls he made fun of have problems, sure. But their problems are little compared to his ignorance! At least they’re trying to deal with their issues. Jamie Foxx is so small that the only way he can make himself feel better is to put someone else down. What a terrible excuse for a human being. You’re only apologizing now because of the outrage that decent human beings are having now. But your apologies are only falling on deaf ears. I didn’t like you before, now I even like you less.

  55. Ceenitall says:

    HashBrowns, you said “It’s usually used a descriptor to indicate that the person you are talking about is white and therefore did/is doing stereotypically “white” things that are annoying.” In some areas of the country they call African American people names that are used as a “descriptor that they are doing typically black things that are annoying”. If Rush Limbaugh was to get on the radio and say that Jamie Fox was a stupid N-word and he needas to grow up would you and your friends think that was as funny as some white people would? Or would you find that offensive? I find what JF said offensive as I would would find any racial comment made in that contex. You can not clean up a hateful thing by saying all my black friends say things like that and we think it’s pretty funny any more then I can by saying all my white friends say racial comments about black people and we all think it’s funny so it all okay.

  56. HashBrowns says:

    Ceentitall: If you can’t tell the difference between white people calling black people “n*gger” and a black woman making an off-hand “white bitch” in reference to said white person being an entitled bitch then you need to go back to your history books and read a bit.

    That’s really all that needs to be said.

  57. heima says:

    it’s funny the way some people worship and sanctify a homewrecker and demonize someone like jamie foxx for the words he SAID.
    proven behavior against words…

  58. kay says:

    HashBrowns you know less about African history than the other poster. All you know is the racist delusional bu ll you hear from your black friends and preachers, and that’s the kind of mentality that perpetrates racism country. You yourself have just told us all that all your black friends are racist towards whites. None of my white friends say things like that about black people. White people in this country are not racist. Although their predecessors might have been, the white people in this country right NOW are the ones that fought to free black people and fight for things like affirmative action, so that someone as dumb as you could go to school just because of the color of your skin. How dare you say those things about white people and entitlement. Every white person at my school had to work hard to get in the University, while EVERY single black student I know at this school had very poor grades and credentials. The reason we have racial problems in this country today is because you and your black friends don’t get punished in any way for the comments you are saying, and they are encouraged by your racist parents. This kind of behavior makes white people become racist in return, and separates us more and more. I mean how delusional can you be, a black man is in the white house and you are going to still scream that “white people” are racist. Even if all black people in this whole country voted for Obama he wouldn’t have won without the majority of the white people voting. You need to get that in your thick head.

  59. kay says:

    Also here’s a little more history for you. Speaking of entitlement, it was African blacks who enslaved your ancestors and sold them as slaves to white people.

  60. kay says:

    White people don’t owe you sh it, if they have something it’s because they earned it. As a black person you have so much more opportunities and have it so much easier to get ahead in life in this country, and the fact that you are on here saying that all white people have the trait of entitlement, shows that you are too lazy to even take handouts. pathetic.

  61. gg says:

    Hash, we all are fully aware Jamie Foxx is a COMEDIAN. Guess what – he went WAY over the line and so have you.

    Hell yes it’s racially offensive to call anybody a (white/black) bitch. Get over yourself, you seem to think you’re smarter than everybody on this thread. Try instead backing off and attaining a bit of humility.

  62. Gail says:

    Hello–Didn’t a white guy lose his job for making derogitory remarks about black women? Where is all the outrage at racism we heard back then? I thought that event was disgusting, but this tops it! A grown man that would make a remark like that about a kid of any race should be fired. I think the whole group should be ashamed of themselves. She’s a kid, spoiled or not, she should not have to deal with grown ups acting like scum. I will never watch another Jamie Fox movie. The apology on Leno was more of a defense on his part. Didn’t come across sincere.

  63. Sam says:

    Are you serious? I mean really? For real?
    Are you really serious? Really serious?

  64. Rinky says:

    Fuck jaimie fox the ogre looking ass fuck! Its people like him who take ratial relations back 200 years!!! he had no damn right to run his mouth and lie about that band talking shit haha fuck him and his crew and that low life black bitch who was running her dick sucker . FUCK YOU JAMIE FFOX

  65. kay says:

    yeah I was really really really serious. You must either be just like hash or did not realize I was writing in response to her ludicrous comment, which is unfortunately shared by most black people you meet. She just told everyone on this board that her and all her friends are openly racist toward white people and that it’s totally okay because of her history. That was my response to that b ull. You were never a damn slave, get over yourself. You would be living in a cow dung hut right now if it wasn’t for your history that you are referring to.

  66. kay says:

    don’t ask me if I’m serious, that’s not an argument. Tell me what I said is wrong? Yeah, none of it is.

  67. Name required says:

    The media keeps saying it was Foxx who said ‘make a sex tape’, but if you listen to the audio, it is quite clearly some unknown, bitter female bitch who says that comment, and then Foxx, having no independent thought of his own, riffs off of that and keeps shooting his big mouth off from there.
    All the ‘people’ (and I use the term loosely), in the audio clip sound like they’re on crack or drunk, and just letting their true nature show…which of course is immature, low-minded and ignorant…way to go Foxx…you can fuck off now. And change the name of your show from foxxhole to ASShole.

  68. Alexx says:

    LMAO thats totally funny, Miley is such an ugly 16 year old and shes going out with a 20 year old… isint that rape? and am I the only one that noticed that Lindsy Lohan AND Britney Spears were BOTH on Dicney and look how they are… So what do u thinks gonna happen to Miley… I think you can guess. GO Jamie Foxx for pointing out the obvious. :)

  69. Gertrude's Grandaughter - Ohio says:

    Well, this was nice to read – NOT!! After visiting my Grandmother, 98yrs old, and finding out that I am a distant cousin to Billy Ray & Miley, I started to check on finding more about our family tree, per her request. I must say this was not a pleasant suprise to find from my search. I am even more outraged that not only do young stars already have it rough from the lack of mentors in their fields, but to see a grown man, father, husband, and different background be such a coward to stoop to actions this low. So Mr. Foxx, if I were your mother, wife or daughter, I would dis-own you in a second. However, the fact is that I believe she has the brains and ability to move on and take this abusive crap of yours to make her even stronger and more popular. Furthermore, I pray that she does and in the near future, you are found begging to meet her and most likely she will welcome you and that would make you look like a bigger fool than you already are.

    Miley, if you are reading these, please know that you have family here in Ohio that are behind you. Kick butt out there and make us all proud, like you are already doing!

  70. Frankie says:

    You all need to take a breath and understand that your little wolf pack of insults in response to a response of a response of an alleged insult just invalidates yourselves. Jamie Fox is a comedian first and foremost. Worse things have been said by comedians in the past week of all races about all ages, this just made news a little quicker because Jaimie Fox has a higher celeb status. This was said on an adult channel on a paid radio service with the understanding that there are no holds barred. If you don’t like it don’t listen to it. To take that point further if Miley Cyrus wants to be out of the cross hairs of social commentators like the Foxhole or yourselves, maybe she shouldn’t be in the limelight. Did Jamie Fox go too far? Possibly. Have you ever said anything rude? Looking at this commentary, I think you have. Can you read between the lines of what he said and understand that he see’s her on the same road as Brittany Spear’s or Linsey Lohan and just made a comedian’s commentary on that? Obviously not.

  71. nuneyadamnbusiness says:

    Meanwhile she is effing a 22 yr old
    bytch bye

  72. Daaiyah says:

    I dont understand wats the big deal, Ms Miley dnt carry herself as a 16 year old, she dresses as if she was 21 years old so she need to take it like a woman. Laugh a little Jamie Foxx is a comedian and if the shoe fits wear it.