Tom Hiddleston gets damp & secret-agenty in ‘The Night Manager’ promo


From where I’m sitting, The Night Manager might be the thing that really pushes Tom Hiddleston’s Dragonflies over the edge. He wears suits and leather jackets. He looks posh and deadly. He takes a swim and there are lingering shots of damp, shirtless Hiddles. He’s pulling a long con as an agent in her majesty’s government. He’s basically a more realistic and less violent James Bond. It’s very Dragonfly-baity. Even I’m into it, which is saying something. Anyway, the BBC finally released a proper trailer for The Night Manager and it looks really good. The most disconcerting thing for me is hearing Hugh Laurie’s real British accent – as an American who watched House regularly, I’m not used to hearing his real accent. Oh, and it seems like Laurie is the one chewing the scenery with the “showy” role, while Tom is all deeply contemplative and secret-agenty.

Elizabeth Debecki is the girl. It seems like she’s Hugh Laurie’s girlfriend but Tom’s character falls for her and then it all goes to hell. Debecki has been skirting around becoming a more well-known talent for several years now, and honestly, I think she’s due for a major breakthrough. I loved her in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. where she acted circles around Alicia Vikander. Anyway, The Night Manager looks really, really good. British Celebitches get to see the miniseries first, next month I think. Americans won’t get to see until April 19, a Tuesday. There are six episodes in the miniseries, so we’ll probably be talking about it around the same time we discuss Game of Thrones (huzzah, I mean, HODOR). Hopefully, we’ll know by then if Tom really did Cumberbatch the situation with Elizabeth Olsen (“to Cumberbatch” = to knock up a less-than-official girlfriend).

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  1. Grizzy says:

    Oh, Kaiser, I do love the feel of your bait in my mouth.

    There are new pics of EO grocery shopping (all she does except follow TH around) in LA, and she’s as flat as a board…face and stomach.

    Looking forward to TNM.

  2. lilacflowers says:

    Mercy! The gray henley. The gray henley of sex. Tom and I are going to be spending the day putting the gray henley on and taking it off. While riding about on an Animall. Summon Colin if you need something.

  3. Sixer says:

    Cast to die for. Tom Hollander. Yay!

    I’m left uninspired by the trailer, though. This seems to be a current trend with Auntie. All her recent trailers have been worse than the actual series.

    Those of us brought up on A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster *still* find the House accent just plain weird, no matter how many times you USans tell us how accurate it was!

  4. Nutballs says:

    Yes, THE HENLEY OF SEX. Lordy, I thought he looked good in deep Vs and red plaid, but then the double popped Henley is brought out of the arsenal. Have Mercy.

    American Celebitches can watch this on BBC iPlayer in Feb, if they use a geo-unblocking service. I’ve been catching up British shows this past week with no issues.

  5. Nicole says:

    He’s good looking but not attractive at all to me. Something about his mouth? I’m sure he cries himself to sleep over it.

    • xxxxxx says:

      Pretty sure that he can do magical stuff with that mouth. *cough* As for the Trailer: I loved it. I really did. It looks like a damn cool show and I really really hope that Hiddles finally gets his “chance” to shine more in the USA.

      • Cranberry says:

        “Pretty sure that he can do magical stuff with that mouth.”

        Oh yeah @xxxxx, like in CP when he “almost” went oral on Edith. I don’t know why, but I believe that model story that disclosed he was very good in that department. I think it’s because Tom’s always wanting to please, ya know. ;-)

    • Maxime DuCamp says:

      @Nicole, you never know with Tom Hiddleston. A few years ago, I remember thinking “I get why other people think he’s attractive and he has a lot of qualities that tick my boxes–tall, lanky, blue-eyed, blondish, British, sexy voice, etc–but I don’t find him attractive. His lips are too thin and his eyes are too deep-set (yes, I’m that critical).” But then all of a sudden a switch flipped and none of those things mattered anymore and now–for me–he is the ne plus ultra man of my fantasies Not saying that this will happen to you, but beware. .

  6. Gingerly says:

    I am not a good connoisseur of posh, but I don’t think Hiddles looks posh in the trailer. Anyway, Jonathan Pine is not. His father is a soldier/spy and his mother is described simply as a German beauty. Roper has, as far as I remember, a public school accent. I suspect that Tom might feel quite happy when he could play a character who is NOT a royal, aristocrat, or posh in a BBC drama. Oh, he managed to wear jeans, of course.

    I think the trailer is okay. It looks like a solid adaptation and I came to think pregnant Angela Burr is a good change to update the story. I hope that they made Jed a more interesting character.

    • icerose says:

      I think Coleman is a great actress which is good thing because I find her childish giggling irritating in interviews and watching her suck up to Wienstien on the Norton show was awful.I like British actresses like Helen Mirren who have wit and intelligence,
      I was not impressed by her in Broadchurch because I just found her so unprofessional as a policewomen.
      She was great in Hyde PARK HUDSON as the Queen Mother and is very much a critics darling so she is always on the Bafta list.One year the press went mad saying she had won 2 Bafta’s that year and completely overlooked Peter Capaldi who had also one two in more complex roles.

  7. Sara says:

    Hugh Laurie forever. He’s my jam.

    • icerose says:

      Having him and Tom is perfect casting -Laurie can put across innate nastiness without going over the top
      Having Tom and Laurie is my dream team.Tom is great at moral angst and Laurie can embody innate nastiness.Tom has played across some great actors this year and it has been good to see him stretching his acting skills

  8. MexicanMonkey says:

    I love that they chose the middle east and the Arab Spring as the background for the series, should make it much more interesting.
    And with that cast you really can’t go wrong, I can’t wait!

  9. A.Key says:

    Hope it won’t be as boring as War and Peace. I was so looking forward to that and fell asleep during the first episode.

    I’m not feeling Tom as a secret agent, somehow. I don’t know why. Hopefully the series will change my mind.

    I did love the new BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie though. Now Aidan Turner would make a fine, fine secret agent, yum!

    P.S. Olsen doesn’t look pregnant, lol, but she looks lovely without makeup

    • spidey says:

      Has anyone suggested that is her PR people countering the “pregnant” stories?

      And I agree with you, loved The Agatha Christie, only suvrived one episode of War and Peace.

      Think TNM should be pretty good.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      So I probably shouldn’t try watching War & Peace after an obnoxiously long run, I presume. I’m already on the verge of falling asleep in my burrito bowl.

      After watching the Agatha Christie mini-series, I now get the fuss about Aidan Turner. I can’t bring myself to watch Poldark… it just looks too soap opera-y for me!

      • antipodean says:

        Nutballs, please, please, please, watch Poldark. If you are an Aidan fan you will just love it, I promise you. If you don’t you can bop me over the head, but do give it a chance. I loved the original with Robin Ellis, and Angharad Rees (aging myself), but this one is almost as good. Eleanor Tomlinson is wonderful as Demelza too, and it has the ever watchable Phillip Davis, and Beatty Edney who is the daughter of Sylvia Syms, veritable thessie royalty!

      • Dara says:

        I never quite caught the Poldark bug, and I’m not sure why. Usually period English dramas are catnip for me, but I tried to watch a couple of times and lost interest after just a few minutes each time.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Ok antipodean, I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of shows in my queue. We’ll see if I make it through…

      • SloaneY says:

        Add it! It’s great! It doesn’t hurt that I’ve had a huge hard on for AT since Being Human.

      • A.Key says:

        Well give War and Peace a go and form your own opinion, but be prepared for mind-blowing boredom. I was really looking forward to it and what-in-the-actual-F I couldn’t believe how disappointing it was.

        As for Poldark, DEFINITELY give it a try, it is a historical family saga, but the story moves along fast, the cast is wonderful all around, the scenery beautiful, and there’s only 8 episodes, so it’s not actually dragged out like your typical soap opera.
        And holy mother of God, is Turner hot in it, I actually felt bad for objectifying him so much, but the man really has a beautiful face. And after Agatha Christie, I think he’d make a terrific James Bond. For real.

      • Cranberry says:

        @Nutballs, @Dara

        I couldn’t get into Poldark either. I know he’s good looking, but It felt a little soapy to me too.

        Did anybody watch The Last KIngdom? I liked that a lot, pretty large scale, and thought David Dawson stole the show as King Alfred – for me at least.

      • Mary-Alic says:

        I found Poldark cheesy but I never liked the original either. The series where I noticed Turner was The Romantics. Love it.

      • A.Key says:


        I watched The Last Kindgdom and liked it. A bit slow at times, but good overall. Yes, loved Alfred and Leofric in particular. Uhtred’s not bad looking either ;)

    • icerose says:

      I watched part one and really loved it.I have read it several times and this is the first film version which comes close to being good.I am a big fan of older Russian writers and hope they do more

  10. koko says:

    “Damp” what an accurate description.

  11. Kate says:

    Anyone else as excited about Olivia Colman in TNM as I am?
    She was my favorite thing in Broadchurch.

  12. kri says:

    I love Hugh Laurie. This looks interesting and it is winter. why not give it a go?1 The Hid looks hot.

  13. raincoaster says:

    This looks fantastic, but every time I read the title I mentally change it to “The Night Porter” which I would LOVE to see Hiddleston in.

    • antipodean says:

      The Night Porter was one of my earliest “grown up” movies, and Dirk Bogarde was the epitome of the tortured man, which I feel is something akin to what the Hid is going for! Charlotte Rampling, as ever, was beyond captivating in her part. I have to confess that I am so hoping that she will get her Oscar this go round, she so deserves it, and always has.

  14. NUTBALLS says:

    High Rise will be available on demand through Amazon Video April 28th and theaters on May 13th.:

    Glad to see they’re offering a streaming option just like Beast of No Nation.

    • TotallyBiased says:

      Unfortunately, by not releasing same day and date as BoNN was, they are entirely giving up on any Oscar eligibility. Guess they figured AMPAS voters wouldn’t get it…but even the odd nom would have been beneficial.

      “A film is ineligible if its first public exhibition/distribution is not as a theatrical motion picture release; in other words, a film-festival debut is OK, but a launch online isn’t.”

      Unless they figure that the film festival releases *this* year cover them, and as long as it gets theatrical distribution it’s okay?
      But then I saw this on another site discussing eligibility:

      Here’s one that caused a bit of trouble during the Academy’s assessment of eligibility for films released in 2014 (specifically The Babadook). A film cannot release on television, on DVD, on Video on demand/Pay-per-view, or via legal release on the Internet prior to its qualifying Los Angeles County run.”

      What do my fellow CBers think?

      • lilacflowers says:

        Well, it has appeared at several film festivals. And isn’t it releasing in Europe in March? Although that doesn’t get around the Los Angeles requirements.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Based on the way BoNN was shut out of the Oscars, I’d say it going to be awhile before AMPAS voters will recognize a film that streams online prior to the 90-day window after release.

        I would not have expected HR to get any recognition from the AMPAS anyway, due to the demographic of the voters and the way they lean in their choices. I wonder if it’s less expensive to distribute a niche film like HR online and if it generates more revenue than showing it in art house cinemas and limited release. Perhaps it’s the the better choice for independent films that don’t anticipate a wide audience.

      • Gingerly says:

        It is not a material for the AMPAS. I guess it never wanted to be. Even Crimson Peak didn’t get recognition for costume and production design even though it was produced by Legendary.

        I haven’t watched HR but it seems that the film has its own artistic integrity and the director ambitiously shows off his vision. I am happy for that.

  15. Beach girl says:

    @spidey. Wasn’t that the line of rationale behind the way The Snow Piercer was handled? I know there was quite a bit of disappointment.

  16. Reece says:

    Ohhh Hugh and Hiddleston! I like it!

  17. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    Ummmmm, go to the website thejokersfilms and click on the High-Rise link. There are new pictures from the film, one of which is sunbathing Laing (and that pesky magazine) shot from above. This is not a drill. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

  18. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    I did enjoy that it’s not actually a magazine at all; it looks like it’s the welcome brochure for the high rise. That’s a nice touch.

  19. Sister Goldenhair says:

    So, um – for those that haven’t seen it yet, Torrilla has posted on her Weibo a photo from High-Rise that’s ah… quite the thing. Should be making the rounds on tumblr shortly. (I’d link it, but those never seem to work from my phone. Also, virtual nekkidness.)

  20. Jag says:

    Nooo! I waited too long to click on this and now I can’t see the promo. Oh poo!

    It sounds really good. :)

  21. Abby_J says:

    The Night Manager looks excellent. Even my husband is looking forward to it. Hugh Laurie, Tommy and Olivia Coleman? Yes. please.

    I know that I am going to lose my Dragonfly cred for this, and someone will probably be coming by to take my official membership club card, but I, for one, think that our dragonfly king needs to leave his clothes on. The pool shot isn’t bad, but that High Rise sunbathing shot is not working for me. I know it is a matter of personal taste, but he’s pale and freckly and I just don’t think he’s the guy I’m dying to see naked.

    That said, as The Night Manager trailer proves. he looks so hot in clothes. I mean like eye popping wow.

  22. KTE says:

    I love how long he looks, all stretched out like that.

    And I definitely like pale and freckly.

    He looks very seventies, too – before the body-building craze, when guys didn’t generally have a six-pack.