Tori Spelling sued by Amex for $38k, her last payment in June bounced

Stories of really rich people who can’t live within their means fascinate me. I also enjoy stories of lottery winners who blow it all or average people who amass fortunes with miserly living. Tori Spelling, of course, grew up in the biggest house in LA County with a massively wealthy family, inherited less than a million and then had to hustle with books and reality shows, forcing her to downsize to a level that would still be extravagant to most people. Only she never quite was able to downsize or stop spending.

It came out during her True Tori reality show in 2014 that Tori had an actual warehouse full of stuff which cost “a mortgage payment” to store monthly. Given the amount of crap her mother collected in her enormous house, that’s not surprising. She also revealed that she’d spent about $18 million in the then eight years she’d been married to Dean. Now things are getting somewhat desperate for Tori, apparently. She’s been sued by Amex for nonpayment of nearly $38,000. Her last payment to the credit card company was sent last June and it bounced:

Tori Spelling’s deep in the hole with American Express, so much so … it’s filed a lawsuit to get back the dough.

AMEX says Tori’s statement balance was $37,981.97 … since last summer, and she’s failed to make a single payment since then.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, she attempted to make a payment on June 26 last year … in the amount of $1,070, but it bounced.

[From TMZ]

I didn’t watch Tori’s show, but I saw the reality show featuring her mom moving house and she had an enormous collection of just about everything you can imagine: dolls, furniture, luggage, craft supplies. Tori learned to spend and collect things from her mother, not that it’s a valid excuse for her behavior as an adult woman, but we know where it comes from.

Tori and Dean were at an event recently, where Dean gushed about her, claimed he was checking his wife out, and called her “hot.” He also said that he was really grateful to Tori for their four children and their life together while Tori claimed that their relationship has had a “rebirth.” Dean is a cheating cheater but he knows which side his bread is buttered on. Even if the butter is running out Tori can go selling their personal lives again so she can buy more sh*t for the warehouse. I wonder what story or angle they’ll shill next. We haven’t heard yet if she got a payout from Benihana for falling on one of their grills.

Oh and The Daily Mail reports that this dress Tori is wearing retails for over $500. I wonder how much she paid for that horrible lipstick which is inexplicably popular lately.

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    No sympathy. There’s no excuse for her being unable to accept that she doesn’t have Daddy’s money anymore. Too bad, move on and get a grip.

    • Ariadne says:

      I read somewhere that her father was a self made man. It’s a shame she didn’t learn anything from him. He gave her every chance at her career, she was horribly miscast in more than one of his shows.

      • Montréalaise says:

        I think one of the mistakes many self-made people make is to tell themselves “I struggled and sacrificed for so many years – I’m going to make sure my kids never have to go through that! I’m going to give them everything I wished I had and didn’t have when I was young.” Sadly, the kids grow up with a huge sense of entitlement without any appreciation of what they have, and no means of earning it on their own.

      • MC2 says:

        I didn’t watch the show but I did watch the clip where she bawled her eyes out to Dean crying “my daddy would have never wanted me to live like this?1” Dean was trying to talk to her about cutting their expenses (house keepers, cooks, the most expensive private schools, etc) and she just cried “why is my mom doing this to me! My dad would never want me to live like this?!” Wow.

    • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

      Here’s a reality show I would watch: “Tori’s Tiny House”.

      Tori Spelling moves into one of those 500 sq. ft. tiny houses. It would be set up in the backyard of the big house where Dean and the kids would remain. Tori can visit in the big house but must sleep, cook, and live in the tiny house for the few months of filming. She cannot use the big house as clothing storage – everything she uses and wears must be in the tiny house.

      • GiGi says:

        LOL! I do remember that they once moved into a modest ranch home in Malibu, I think? It was still costly, but was a modest sized home – 1500SF. But then, of course, they put in 100K in renovations! Insanity.

      • Sugar says:

        She’s already kind of done that. She had that reality show. I think it was called “Inn Love”. She and Dean were pretending to run a bed and breakfast but it needed to be remodeled so she and Dean lived in a tiny camper.

      • Wiffie says:

        Tiny Terri-Tori

      • Kitten says:

        In Boston 500 sq ft IS considered a modest-sized apartment, certainly not tiny, but average.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I thought about this–the people who, in the past few posts, have said that a lot of it is her father’s fault, etc, for spoiling her. But I don’t think that’s the case. He got her a job, on a long running show, where she’s probably STILL getting money from reruns, and got paid very well………

      Anyway, my point is is that if this was a girl from a middle class family, who found herself at the poverty level (which is where my twin is at, despite working five days a week)… one would be telling her parents to give her money or OMFG, they have so much, why can’t they give her?? No. She was given every opportunity. And clearly has enough hustle to MAKE opportunity for herself. It doesn’t matter what her mother does or what her mother spends her money on. Neither me nor my twin spend our money like our parents.

      It’s common sense. And she does this stuff, because she knows that SOMEONE is going to pull through for her and pay for her. Do something for her. She’s never had to stand on her own two feet.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Yes. This so much. Nobody owes her a damn thing and that’s her problem – entitlement! This woman refused to face the reality that she is not rich. She never was. Her parents were, but she never was, and she certainly isn’t now. How have the handouts helped her in the past? They haven’t. Giving a person money, who can’t manage money, over-spends, and demands to live beyond their means, only serves as a temporary fix while the real problem is not addressed or fixed. I have a sister who has been “helped” more times than I can count andn it’s like throwing money down a well. I have never asked for help from anyone and I have managed to build a nice life – quaint – but nice for myself and my family. IMO “helping” only does more damage. If we keep giving over-spenders money, why should they stop spending? It’s not like there are ever any real consequences. And the attitude behind it is so selfish and undeserved, I just can’t with people like that. Get a frickin’ job – a real job – and provide yourself and your family like everybody else. She like us to think she thinks she’s too good for that, but the fact is, she can’t hold her own in society because she doesn’t have an education and she has no skills. She’s just a parasite looking to live large off other people. I’d like to see her go to school before it’s too late, eat Ramen Noodles, use Cover Girl makeup, and buy her clothes at Kohl’s – none of which are to be ashamed of but all of which are more appropriate for a family that falls in the middle to lower middle class bracket. Accept it Tori! Humbling is a great thing for most people. She refuses to humble herself, so I have no sympathy and even less respect.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        And the thing is–if she hadn’t been such a compulsive hoarder/spending money on the most random crap and paying to store it……she’d be fine. She gets money from that tv show and I highly doubt that her dad didn’t make sure that she didn’t get the best possible contract. She gets residuals every time Lifetime or E or Oxygen or whatever else tv show runs her reality shows on reruns. She does a lot of low budget, cheesy lifetime/hallmark channel movies. That’s probably a good 500k that she gets from those, plus residuals. But she can’t pay her bills. Girl, please. BYE.

        And I just hate the arguments that her parents spoiled her too much and that’s why she’s the way she is, etc. We don’t make allowances for people who were abused, who go on to abuse others (read: Chris Brown)… why with her? Yea, if it was her JUST leaving home and realizing “Oh, I can’t have this and this, because then I won’t be able to pay rent….”….then I’d feel bad for her. A little bit. But she’s like over forty at this point. Grow up!

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Again, agreed! Maybe her parents DID spoil her but she was a kid. She’s not a kid anymore and completely in control of her own destiny, so the spoilt argument falls flat. Once we hit our 20’s, our child-rearing is no longer an excuse for anythinig. We pave our own way.

    • Little Darling says:

      She really needs to go to Debtors Anonymous. Being a reckless spender etc is a disease much like alcohol, and for some people it’s often confused with *choice* rather than a serious mental/emotional issue.

      It sounds like she massively mismanages her money and lifestyle, and as everyone here says, she definitely hustles to MAKE money, it’s insane that she hasn’t been able to keep afloat, and I can’t imagine how that must feel for her.

      Also; married to a moocher sponge who doesn’t have a grip on money management either only exacerbates the problems. It seems like she is the only one hustling in the family, while he is out there taste driving every cooch in town. Gross.

      OH, and I would be MORTIFIED if the whole world could find out about my financial state and debt. It’s really kind of odd that we can sit here talking about it!

    • DrM says:

      that and having had an American Express card they usually go mental if you are even FIVE MINUTES late with your payment…let alone more than 7 months…seems that the rules don’t apply to some people…

  2. Cecada says:

    More money, more problems…

  3. Tate says:

    That is a crazy amount of cc debt.

    • NewWester says:

      I would not be surprised if she owes money on other credit cards. Probably is just barely making minimum payments each month

      • JenniferJustice says:

        yep. I know alot of people with credit card debt and not one of them owes on only one credit card. They have many credit cards – most if not all maxed out. My guess is her American Express card is just the tip of the ice berg.

    • Christin says:

      She may have been charging her living expenses and/or getting cash advances. It’s ridiculous.

    • holly hobby says:

      It’s a shell game. She probably pulls a cash advance from one card to pay for another card. Unfortunately this happens often. That’s why you hear people filing for bankruptcy.

  4. Esmom says:

    He has got to have one of the more punchable faces in the history or celeb gossip. These two are worse than children when it comes to managing finances. Unreal.

    • bluhare says:

      It makes me uncomfortable talking about a punchable face, especially as all kinds of mayhem would ensue if a man said that about a woman’s.

      • Kitten says:

        What if in the name of equality, we said she has a punchable face as well? Would that even the score? No? It doesn’t work like that? Ok.

        *slinks off to corner*

      • whatthe says:

        They both have punchable faces so maybe they could punch each other and knock some sense into those empty heads.

    • Esmom says:

      My apologies. I didn’t mean I’d actually punch him or endorse that someone punch him. I’m not an advocate for violence of any kind, believe me, it really was an offhand comment. I will amend my comment to say he’s got to be one of the biggest d-bags in the history of celeb gossip.

      • whatthe says:

        Bluhare took it out of bounds – you are o.k. as most of us got it.

      • Kym says:

        ^agree with whatthe

      • bluhare says:

        No worries, Esmom. I don’t feel that strongly about it, to be honest,

        I figured someone wouldn’t like that, whatthe. That’s OK. I take umbrage with “out of bounds” though. I see plenty of comments here regarding certain topics where people get uber sensitive, but I guess I thought that domestic violence wasn’t funny. (Example A: yesterday’s post about a man being hit by a woman.)

  5. GiGi says:

    Before I read the story, I assumed hat she wrote a large check to pay off the debt and that bounced… but she’s bouncing $1000 checks? Yikes!

    I wish more people would learn about minimalism – it’s not going without, rather it’s only having what your need and love. I was raised by a father who only showed love through money and things. It’s a hard cycle to break. But now, as an adult, I’m happy to say that I have money and space in my life for the things that matter because I haven’t squandered my earnings on nonsense (or storage warehouses). Sounds like Tori could really benefit from that idea!

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I’m a big fan of having fewer, higher quality things, and I never spend beyond my means. That’s not to say I don’t buy nice things. I just don’t understand spending myself into a hole to have ten handbags that are identical in every way except the designer. Tori and that husband of hers should be ashamed of themselves, spending like they do with all those kids to provide for.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I’m with you. Save for a few nice things rather than spending oodles on tons of crap that wont’ even get fully used. Quality over quantity.

      • Mare says:

        On top of that, she’s bought useless crap that she’s put into huge storage facilities.

    • Canadian Becks says:

      I have a mortgage in one of Canada’s most expensive cities, and a job that pays much less than what I used to make. I use my credit card for everything, even if it’s at the dollar stores. But I always make it a priority to pay off that balance in full, on time, every single month. I hate having to pay interest.

    • Melibea says:

      This! I’m really glad that I was raised by really humble parents who taught me since I was a little girl the value of things and how to live a simple life, now as an adult I don’t feel the need to get things that I don’t really need just because everybody has them, just by having my basic needs cover, I’m a happy girl.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        And don’t you find that when you do have extra money, you don’t want to spend it. The things we think we want don’t seem important when we know we can have them because the growing nest egg is far more appealing. I guess the difference is some of us take pride in being frugal, where some people see it as suffering.

    • Christin says:

      My parents were careful about money (not miserly, just careful about expenses). They understood needs versus wants. I have that background, but I have collected too much ‘stuff’ and am downsizing. And it hasn’t taken missing payments to realize this!

      Even if she didn’t have parents who set an example, there has to be a point where you realize things are out of control. Why she won’t sell stuff and get her financial matters in order is a mystery. She’ll probably file bankruptcy and let it be everyone else’s problem.

      • Wren says:

        I too have collected WAY too much stuff, and really aught to downsize. I get it from my parents, they never throw anything away. (Not blaming them, but old habits and all.) The thing is, for them, they collect stuff because they grew up with the mentality of Use Everything Waste Nothing because nobody had any money. You didn’t throw anything away because you couldn’t afford to replace it. They were able to get good jobs and be able to afford a comfortable life, but the way they were raised stuck with them. I’m continually wondering wtf my dad intends to do with all the random crap he’s amassed over his lifetime. He CAN afford to replace things, but something in him won’t allow him to toss the old broken one. “I might need it.”

      • GiGi says:

        @Wren – I was the same for many years. And then we had a large construction dumpster installed at our home office (we are in design/construction) to save on dump fees for our employees. Well, it was the best thing we’ve ever done – not from a business perspective, but from a personal one! Over the last 2 years, we’ve filled it up seemingly continuously with all the crap we’ve collected. Of course, we donate what we can (18 bags of clothes, recently, after we Kondoed our house). But it’s been shocking to me how much of the “stuff” we’ve had has been absolute garbage – broken toys, ripped clothes, meaningless tchatchkes. It’s been absolutely liberating!

        It’s so much easier to keep up with our house, laundry, etc. We have more time to do things we enjoy because we’re not constantly having to organize/clean.

  6. Luciana says:

    I find these two really boring. Tori’s dress is OK but Dean could do with some shoe polish.

  7. Lucy2 says:

    At what point is she going to face facts and start selling off all the crap she doesn’t need? If she’s bouncing $1000 checks, sooner or later she’s not going to pay the storage fees and end up losing it all.

  8. maggie grace says:

    His SHOES! On the red carpet? Banged up Walmart athletic shoes?

  9. Arock says:

    That guy has such a punchable face. It’s a matter of time until a D list husband reality show comes out Dean, Eddie, Spencer Pratt, that guy who married the 16 yr old with the hooker heels….”K-Feders, brought to you by TLC”
    Feel free to add to the list

  10. LookyLoo says:

    Well, this explains the “fall” at Benihana.

  11. Patricia says:

    Similar to what Gigi just said, every story about Tori reminds me what a disease materialism is. It’s a sickness. And the people who are sickest with it also have horrible personal relationships and their children suffer. Her children will inherit this disease from their parents most likely, and will live their lives clawing their way to get as many objects near them as possible, like a drug addict giving up everything for a drug.

    I’ve seen it in my own family – I have cousins who grew up in incredible wealth, who sit on the computer mindlessly buying and buying, who shop like its a full time job, who are tired of their shiny new car after just a few months and won’t be happy until there’s a new one… And they are so very unhappy. It breaks my heart.

    • Wren says:

      It’s like people forget there are other things in the world. Money can buy a lot of things or allow you to do a lot of things that make you happy, but it can’t do that on it’s own. You have to create happiness for yourself, it doesn’t arrive prepackaged in a box. People seem to ignore that or flat out don’t understand.

      I think part of the problem is that to amass a great quantity of money usually requires heavy sacrifice of the things in life that bring happiness.

      • Patricia says:

        Your last statement is so true.
        These cousins barely see their father because he’s busy on Wall Street raking in the millions. He works almost around the clock, comes home exhausted, drinks himself to sleep, gets up and leaves the house before they wake up. Nothing they can ever buy will replace time and closeness with their father.
        They would probably be shocked to know that I feel sadness and pity for them. In their mind, me and my family growing up in a small house with one bathroom, one car in the driveway, and clothing from thrift stores is probably the saddest thing ever. But every night my parents were there at dinner, every weekend the whole family was together. They only see the material.
        I’m not bashing them, I love them very much. But I truly am sad that they have the disease of materialism running their lives.

  12. TimeTraveller says:

    Tori hasn’t changed her shopping behaviour since she had all her Dad’s money to spend.

    Girl needs a financial advisor.

    • vauvert says:

      She also needs counselling and some serious advice regarding a job. The problem is, when you have no experience and no education, when your daddy handed you an undeserved career and then left you zilch (sorry but that was a d*ck move considering that he had not prepared his kid for real life at all, it is like he set her up to fail), when all you gave managed is an existence as a D list celeb, where do you go from there and become self sufficient?

      I agree with the idea that she should sell all that stored crap, she obviously does not need it. Plus it could serve as one of those horrid reality shows, Broke with Tori. It is a terribly undignified existence but I don’t really see either of them going back to school, you know.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I agree. I understand that she wasn’t entitled to his money simply because her mother is alive and inherited most of it. But looking at that mansion … man. If you want your kid to be self-sufficient, don’t think of it when they’re adults. Her entire “career” and existence is based on nepotism. You don’t learn how to downsize from THIS when you’re frickin’ 30. This is wealth I have no frame of reference for. And frankly, the way she grew up, where would she work outside of the entertainment industry?

      • Wren says:

        Most definitely. While I’m not a fan of blaming parents for adult children’s problems, where exactly was she going to learn self-sufficiency? No, she’s not entitled to anything (nobody is), but it does seem like she got a raw deal. Handed everything she could possibly want, no education or real life training to speak of, money coming out of your ears, then suddenly “lol no more for you!” That sucks, and as much as I don’t like her, I find her situation sad.

        She needs some serious counseling and financial advice, something she obviously never got. Of course now it’s up to her to go out and get it, which she probably won’t because she has no idea how else to live. If nothing else she’s a good example of why you should raise your children to be adults, not expect them to figure it out on their own after they grow up.

      • anne_000 says:

        The father gave her about $800K, which with her still working as an actress, it would have lasted her some years. On top of that, I’ve read that her mother has given her some money for the kids.

        If I remember correctly, Tori and her father were in conflict because of Dean, whom he did not like. Remember that both of them cheated on their respective spouses with Dean in the middle of an adoption with his then-wife. Maybe the father knew that if he gave her more money, it’ll all be spent up by her and Dean.

        Even if Aaron had given Tori $20 million, she would have spent it all up by now. The article says she had spent $18 million in the first eight years of her marriage with Dean. So that means that by now, she would have gone through even $20 million if that was left to her in Aaron’s will.

        Tori has a problem spending. She doesn’t have a problem with the amount of assets she has. She’s still paying massive storage fees for stuff worth at least a million dollars.

      • Anne tommy says:

        No interest in this pair, neither appealing in any way, but if I were her mother I’d be giving her – and my grandkids – money. Yep Tori would probably fritter it away but there’s $500 million more of it. I’m sure there are financial mechanisms that would limit the spending boundaries. I expect that makes me a bad person who should be tough loving etc etc etc. but it’s her daughter for Christ’s sake. But it’s not a dilemma I’ll ever have to face!

      • briargal says:

        @Anne tommy–no Tori’s mother should NOT be giving the kids money (except for maybe birthday presents/Christmas gifts or when they are with her). But supervised spending with Grandmother is okay! Just giving money without supervision & you know Tori & her mooch hubby would be spending it! I get the impression that Grandma has set up trust funds for the kids which useless Tori cannot get her hands on! And I am sure Grandma would make sure the kids do not go without food/clothes! But to just put money in their hands is too much of a temptation for mommy dearest and moocher dad!

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Anne tommy

        As Johanna posted in comment #22, Candi’s mother told TMZ that she already pays for Tori’s housing, children’s tuition, and the food, but refuses to pay for Tori’s extravagances.

        I think that’s smart on Candi’s part to adamantly refuse to pay for Tori’s spending on luxury expenses.

        For what Candi is already paying for now, all Tori needs to do is sit down and do no more luxury spending but instead, use the money on insurance and gasoline to drive her kids to school and to the grocery store.

        So basically, there is already in place a financial mechanism put in by Candi on paying for the basic necessities, but apparently, that still doesn’t stop Tori from spending, spending, spending on other stuff.

      • here's Wilson says:

        Vauvert …the approach her father withholding money was a dick move sure, but I hardly see it as she was set up to fail! She had been govern the best education, the connections, a career, money.

        So many children are raised in poverty, with absentee and drug/alcohol addicted parents. Not even taken to school, abused.

        This mess had every opportunity handed to her she gets zero sympathy – and a chuckle at her expense – from me.

  13. Mellie says:

    I too am fascinated by people that can’t live within their means, especially when their “means” amounts to millions of dollars! I just can’t feel sorry for someone who throws $10,000 birthday parties for their kids and then can’t pay a credit card bill. My kids had $100 birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese and they all turned out fine. If you can afford it, who am I to judge, but if you can’t pay your bills it’s time to change the way you do business. Less is more!

    • Decorative Item says:

      I know! Mike Tyson still boggles my mind.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I had birthday parties for my kids at home or at the park. It’s free, or at least significantly less expensive. They didn’t mind and have turned out completely fine. They were more interested in cake and presents then where the party was at or how much I spent. They all looked forward to their birthdays because that was the one day of the year that they didn’t have to do any chores and it was all about them! I had one birthday party for my daughter at Chuck E. Cheese, and attended two others there, and swore never, never, ever again, lol!

  14. Rainbow says:

    I don’t like her. She is a spoiled rich girl who refuses to be a responsible person.
    Her father was massively wealthy , how didn’t she inherit more money?For these people half a million dollars is nothing.
    Were they in bad terms?

    • Chris says:

      I may be wrong but I think him not leaving her much had to do with the fact that she divorced her first husband so quickly. I think it was because she met someone else. Not sure if it was Dean. I could be wrong thigh but I have heard that before.

      • Lurker says:

        You are correct. They splashed out a ton of money for her first wedding. Within two years of it, she started her affair with Deaner and it was all over. I think her dad saw Dean was a grifter.

    • Petra says:

      Her parents were angry that she cheated on her first husband – who the parents liked – with Dean and then Tori dumped and humiliated the first husband. So Tori got cut off financially. I don’t think Dean was worth being disinherited over myself. If you have an elderly, very rich dad it pays to be on good terms with him if you’re smart.

    • anne_000 says:

      She got $800k in the will. Even if given more money, the article above says she spent $18 million in the first 8 years of marriage to Dean, so I doubt that giving her millions in the first place would have stopped her spending habits.

  15. Katydid04 says:

    I just feel bad for their kids.

  16. Canadian Becks says:

    Given that her outstanding balance, after @7 months of zero payments and the crazy compounding effect of high interest is now at $39k, her $1k payment back then would likely have been a “Minimum Payment”. That is the absolute smallest amount that MUST be paid for Amex to consider you to still be “in good standing” and not cancel your card. Some people think it’s a good thing to make the minimum payment, when in fact, once you find yourself only able to do minimum payments, you are already starting your slide into a deep pit of debt, from which many never manage to get out of.

    Other than a Loan-Shark debt, where you might risk a kneecapping, the credit card debt is the absolute worst kind. Their interest rates are exorbitant, and the way they calculate any payments that is not a full payment, is really very unfair.

    Candy Spelling must have some same-age friends who talk about their children and their accomplishments….if this gets too embarrassing for Candy, she could just wipe out that debt and she’d hardly miss it.

    Actually, maybe this a strategy by Tori.

  17. NewWester says:

    Tori got $800,000 from her father and yet spent over $18 million dollars over the past eight years! How is that possible?

    • Christin says:

      And what happened to her TV show salary? She was on a hit show for years (thanks to her producer father)! If she had banked more money and spent responsibly, she would not have a problem. Her brother seems to be OK.

    • my3cents says:

      Yes , I was puzzled by that as well!

    • Josephine says:

      Maybe that’s the total of their tv deals/salaries, and her residuals? And she got $ from her mom, too, I frankly think this whole debt thing is just a story line. If the Kardashians have taught us anything, it is that it is better to be hated than loved in reality tv land, and a rich girl who can’t handle her money and falls from grace appeals to people, apparently.

  18. laura says:

    I agree re the materialism stuff, my mum buys and buys and buys (and we are by no means a rich family). She often has multiples of the same items (even boring ones like colanders or yoga mats) and spends hundreds on antiques which she can’t use e.g. Chairs you can’t actually sit on. Every surface has multiple trinkets on it and it’s borderline hoarding. Then she complains when I donate an old jumper to charity!

    But seriously, I doubt this is the only debt she has, this is probably just the only one we’ve heard about. She was cut out of her dad’s will for a reason and she didn’t make any adjustments, so this is her own fault. I just feel for her massive brood of kids. I hope Candy has set aside some money for them in trust funds, they shouldn’t be penalised for their mother’s mistakes. Then again, with her as a financial role model, maybe a trust fund isn’t such a good idea!

  19. kat0711 says:

    Does anyone know how to make those gofundme things? We need to do that for her. If all her fans donate they could raise maybe five dollars.

  20. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    I think she looks really nice in the header pic.
    But I’m done giving her any credit (and so is Amex ba dum tsssh). She should accept life outside of the über wealthy, and just go enjoy being the woman she keeps trying to shill that she is. A happy, workaholic wife and mother.

    Also, I dread thinking this, but I think she’s pregnant again.

    • Christin says:

      Several years ago, she was collecting eggs from her chickens (shilling a simpler, lower expense lifestyle). Yet she has huge units full of stuff.

      She had more opportunities than most (and still does).

      • CharlotteCharlotte says:

        Which is why I’m done with giving her any credit. I meant to add in my post “out of the public eye”. Pretty sure if more famous and more controversial people can manage to not get papped, she could too. She really needs to try.

  21. minx says:

    She, unfortunately, has her father’s features. She’s also had at least one nose job and that threw off the proportions of her face.
    I was going to say that her hair looks a little better, but she should dump that horrible lipstick.

    • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

      Her hair color looks good in these photos.

    • Kitten says:

      The lipstick is really bad–awful—but otherwise she does look better than she has in a while.

      On a related note, I’ve been re-watching 90210 (judge away) on Hulu and as a kid, I remembered thinking that Tori Spelling was…well, not pretty. But now as I’m re-watching I find her unconventionally beautiful. She had these huge eyes and an interesting-looking face.

      But she hasn’t aged well and I wonder how much of that has to do with how tan she was during her 90210 days.

  22. prissa says:

    I think her Mom should help her out. All that money for one person – what can she possibly be doing with it? There are 4 grandchildren involved. Candy certainly could spare a couple million and never miss it. She received $600 million from Aaron’s death for goodness sakes!!! She could assign a money manager for Tori to ensure the money is spent right. It’s just seems so cold hearted to have so much money while your daughter and grandchildren “struggle”.

    If I had $600 million my kids & grandkids would want for nothing. It’s ridiculous to be so stingy. And she can’t take it with her when she passes. So when candy dies, will she continue being so spiteful & and leave the money to her dogs (a la Leona Helmsey)??? Mean, spiteful, cruel old woman!!!

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      Why should her mother help? Or ENABLE, rather? Tori is a grown ass adult and parent who is 100% capable of living comfortably within her means. She just chooses not to. I’m a 36yr old mother of 3–should I run home to mummy & daddy to support me so I can shop irresponsibly? How ridiculous!! And, if I recall correctly, Candi pays the grandchildren’s school tuition (if not more) and I’m certain she’s set up trust funds or has money set aside for them in her will. But it is NOT her job to support her adult children. Ugh.

      • Bella says:

        Candy Spelling foots the bill for Tori’s kids tuition and spoils them on special occasions, like a normal grandmother, only with greater means. Dean had a regular hosting gig up here in Canada, so, for him to give up that salary, is more than suspect, if they are so financially strained. They claimed he quit as Tori could no longer trust him to be in Toronto for work, after his affair with the never-seen, or heard from, Emily Goodhand. That mysterious gal has some stealth ghost powers to have avoided being identified by the rabid tabloid media, don’tcha think? It’s like it was all made up as a storyline for reality tv…..😉

    • anne_000 says:

      Tori’s problem is not the lack of assets. She has storage units full of expensive stuff. She’s made millions.

      Her problem is her spending habit. Money burns a hole in her pockets. If she has it, she has to spend it. . So even if Candi gave her $100 million, that’ll be gone in the hands of a spendaholic.

      It’s like saying that all a down-and-out alcoholic needs is someone to put up a spending fund for his alcohol tab so that he could use his own money on basic needs that don’t include alcohol. How is that going to help? The alcohol spending fund will need to keep getting more and more money put into it while he’ll still use his own money on alcohol too.

      It’s not the money, it’s the addiction and the lack of incentive to fix herself. If she sold all that stuff she’s keeping in storage plus all the money she’ll save on storage fees, she’ll have enough to pay off not only that Amex bill, but other bills too.

      • Johanna says:

        TMZ has a follow-up story now interviewing Candy on video where she says she pays for their food, house and school fees. But not the extravaganza. It’s both kinda sad and hilarious that Dean and Tori relies on an allowance from Candy

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Johanna

        Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

        Candi isn’t a stupid woman. She knows the problem is Tori’s spending habits.

      • Johanna says:

        I agree there are so many issues going on there that we probably don’t even know the half of it and Tori clearly struggles with some deeply unhealthy behaviour. Didn’t she have like 140+ storage units that she couldn’t muster getting rid off? Candy probably does what she can to assure that her grandchildren aren’t too affected by the mess their parents have created while making sure that she doesn’t enable Tori’s and Deans destructive behaviour

      • prissa says:

        I liked your reply Anne_000. That makes sense to me. I wish she could get herself some help for her out of control spending.

  23. HappyMom says:

    I find it interesting to compare how she lives to how her brother lives. He also was featured on 90210 at one point and was obviously raised with all the crazy, over the top Spelling riches. Instead of the extravagant, consumer based life that Tori aspires to , he moved to the Pacific Northwest with his family and is a life coach. Candy Spelling was complaining at Christmas that while she goes overboard with what she gives Tori’s kids, Randy just lets her give a few small things to each of his children. It’s fascinating to see how siblings can come out of the same house, raised with the same values, but decide to live their lives so differently.

    • New_Kay says:

      I agree completely. I watched an interview with her brother and was fascinated. He lives in a tiny house in a quiet town. He admits that his life was crazy and I believe he was into drugs at one point, but he turned his life around and now lives modestly and quietly with his wife and kids.

  24. Minxx says:

    I remember her mother had a “wrapping room” in her huge, 100 – room mansion. It was filled with packing paper, bows and ribbons and served only one purpose: wrapping gifts. How as Tori supposed to learn to live within her means when she was growing up in such an environment? I’m sure her mom won’t let her starve but I think it was a smart move on the part of her father to cut her off when she hooked up with Dean – if she had more money, you can imagine what she and Dean would do with it.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      They’d be in that room wrapping gifts for themselves!

    • holly hobby says:

      Barbra Streisand has a wrapping room, a floral arrangement room and her whole basement is like an old time English cobblestone street with shops (doll shop, soda shop etc). It’s all beautifully done of course but that’s why they are rich and we aren’t. I do have to say Barbra’s son isn’t spoiled like Tori is.

    • anne_000 says:

      While Tori might not have been forced to learn practical spending while growing up, she’s not been a minor for 24 years. She’s had more than half her life as an adult and about a decade of her father not being around anymore. So she could have decided to learn how to curb her spending in all this time. It’s not like she’s disabled to the point where she’s incapable of learning.

  25. Green Is Good says:

    Perhaps somewhere in Tori’s warehouse of Horder Mayhem she can find some big girl underpants.

  26. Mattie says:

    Of course Dean is gushing about Tori and trying to make their marriage work he has four kids with her and is already paying child support to his exwife.

    Divorce means child support for five kids and we know Hollywood is not knocking at his door with offers.

    Her brother cleaned up his act and supports himself with out their mom’s millions.

  27. Cara says:

    I am not apologizing for Tori- but I think few of us can fathom the wealth that she was raised around. Having the largest house in Beverly Hills is like saying you own Disney Land…it’s hard to imagine for most normal people. It’s no surprise this woman has trouble functioning monetarily- she could likely never have a normal understanding or appreciation for money. It would be akin to the rest of us moving to a mud hut and living off the land.

    • anne_000 says:

      Her brother doesn’t seem to have followed her path. Probably means that it takes self-introspection and self-responsibility on top of self-control and possibly behavioral modification therapy.

  28. Jaded says:

    She clearly has an addiction, and I think the addiction speaks to her lack of self-esteem. People spend like that because it gives them an endorphin rush, a feeling of pleasure they aren’t getting from anything else, and it often means covering up something in themselves or their life that boils down to not liking themselves. Her mother basically told her she was ugly, her father pushed her into a career that she certainly wouldn’t have been able to do on her own had Aaron Spelling not been her father. I’ve known several people, my sister included, who had/have that addiction and it ruined their lives, in my sister’s case it came with alcoholism and eating disorders which eventually took her life.

    I do feel sorry for her and she obviously needs therapy but it’s probably too little too late.

  29. idsmith says:

    How much do you want to bet that she has nothing saved for her children’s future education? This girl could have made her fortune off the almost million dollars her father left her. Invest, work, save. Any of us could have lived very comfortably for years off the amounts of money she pours down the drain in a month.
    Now she doesn’t have enough to pay a $1000 payment on a credit card bill? NO sympathy here. She should be thinking of her kids and securing her future so that they can have one too – but I bet she’s counting on her mother to come through for the grandchildren…or she’s waiting for mom to kick the bucket thinking she’ll inherit. I’m willing to bet Candy isn’t leaving her anything.

  30. Ginger says:

    I’m curious to know how her brother fares. They were raised in the same house. Is he continually in debt as Tori seems to be?

    • HappyMom says:

      No-see my post above :). He lives modestly with his wife and kids in the Pacific Northwest. He told his mother she could not go overboard with the Christmas gifts for his family. Clearly he “gets it”.

    • Cait says:

      Nope. He’s pretty frugal and seemingly not materialistic.

  31. kri says:

    Ugh. She must simply think (doubtful) to herself “Mommy will help me”. But I guess she learned it from watching her, so….ugh. I cannot today. I have less than zero tolerance for fools.

  32. My Two Cents says:

    When will some of these d listers accept they have to get a 40 hour per week job and both of them must do this? Countdown to same story on d listers Leann and Eddie. I imagine Candy won’t help them much based on principal and probably she doesn’t want to support Deano! Can’t blame her. It wouldn’t surprise me when Candy passes if she leaves most everything to charity. So many today can’t stand thought of downsizing and use credit cards to pay bills til they are maxed and then it’s bankruptcy!

  33. IrishEyes says:

    Totally unrelated, but Deans glasses make his eyes look even beadier and closer together than normal. I get that big frames are “in” but not everyone can pull them off

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Oh yes, I’m not the only one who thinks he has one of the most close-set eyes I have ever seen. They are his worst physical feature, however, it seems not to be have been inherited by any of the 5 kids.

  34. Cinderella says:

    I would bet that Dean and Tori will receive very little in Candy’s will for the simple fact they would fritter it away. The kids most likely have trusts set up for them, but no way in hell would Tori and Dean have any fiduciary responsibilities. Candy is not dumb.

  35. Miran says:

    Shes useless but leave the lipstick out of it lol.

    • Sarah says:

      What is some people’s problem with cool dark lips?!? Maybe it’s an age thing… the 40+women on here just wagging their fingers. So out of touch! Haha

    • DEB says:

      That colour is hideous on her, hideous.

  36. Eggplant says:

    I remember in the 90210 days reading her interview where she was talking about having a computerised wardrobe that had some sort of roller feature so she could quickly get to her outfits. Must have been a warehouse wardrobe. Sad life. She’s never known anything different. If I were that rich and worked in HW, I’d make sure my kids got educated in Europe or somewhere else not superficial and get real jobs.

  37. OrangeCrush says:

    Every time I see a post about Tori’s “struggles,” all I can think is… karma.

  38. JRenee says:

    Does Dean have a job?

  39. Snowpea says:

    My partners mum is like Tori and it does my head in. She has a ridiculous amount of stuff that she’s had in storage for decades and is always falling behind on the payments and then asking us for money. It makes me so mad and I do not understand why she doesn’t just flog the whole lot off and start again. Quite frankly, she wouldn’t even know what she’s got stored anymore.

    Not only that, her house is full of absolute junk; broken old couches, boxes of Christmas decorations, art materials, piles of old clothes…it’s really messy and she has no clue where anything is so she’s always going out to buy something she’s misplaced. By her own admission, she has bought dozens of hammers, bottle openers and other miscellany purely because she can’t find a damn thing in her messy house!

    I don’t understand the hoarding mentality one little bit. I like a clutter free house and if I don’t use something anymore I either donate it to the opshop, give it away or bin it.

  40. surferrosa says:

    Four simple words for these two: get a real job. Her mom should not rescue them and reward them for their failures.

  41. tracking says:

    Even though she’s probably just a brat, sometimes impulse spending is comorbid with other mental health issues. I have a BPD friend who has terrible problems with this (and other impulse control issues), and I feel for her.