Rooney Mara v. Kate Mara at the SAGs: which sister had the best Valentino gown?


The Mara sisters walked the SAG red carpet together, which I enjoyed. Rooney in particular is usually so dour on any given red carpet, but she seemed a lot happier walking the carpet with her sister. She even smiled and laughed a little bit during the E! interview. Both Kate and Rooney wore Valentino gowns, which they claimed was not pre-planned, that they just happened to both choose the same designer. I’m not really feeling either gown – Kate should have worn a different color (but I always hate beige/nudes on the red carpet) and I’m so tired of seeing Rooney in black. I guess I like the design of Rooney’s Valentino more, but imagine this in a rich green or burgundy – she would have looked stunning.



Here’s Kate Winslet. There’s one thing I like about Alicia Vikander’s road to Oscar and that’s the fact that Winslet is losing awards. She was the worst part of Steve Jobs, and I feel strongly that she shouldn’t have even been nominated. As for her Armani gown… I don’t hate it. Nor do I hate the fact that she’s in a style rut, and she just keeps repeating the same two silhouettes over and over. There’s something to be said for getting to the point where you know what looks good on you and just sticking to it.


Sarah Paulson also wore Armani, and her date was Pedro Pascal? They’re BFFs in real life, so I don’t know what to tell you there. I think her dress is wack (feathers AND velvet?), but I also enjoy the fact that she’s having fun. Pedro’s hair is too fluffy.



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  1. knower says:


    Rooney looks a lot better.

  2. cr says:

    The Mara sisters and their matching side boobs.
    Nice color on KW, but otherwise boring.
    SP, the top looks like she’s wearing the remnants of one of my cats’ feathered toys. And the styling is not good.

    • ell says:

      “SP, the top looks like she’s wearing the remnants of one of my cats’ feathered toys.”


  3. V4Real says:

    I don’t care what anyone says I still think Rooney is so uniquely beatiful.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Me too. She’s breathtaking.

    • lizzie says:

      i like that she has a “look” and is consistent. i get the feeling that she has a lot of control of her image and i like that.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      I agree, she is much prettier than her sister, whom I never found appealing.

      Even though the NY Giants are my team, it is obvious, that the Mara name really helped Kate. At least, Rooney has some talent.

    • mayamae says:

      I agree. I also think she’s extremely introverted versus sour and bitchy. I saw a round table of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo cast and director. As someone who’s pretty introverted myself, I recognized her behavior, and she was overwhelmed to the point of shutting down. I also wonder why Kate gets a pass on coming from a wealthy family when Rooney doesn’t seem to.

      • Ash says:

        * I also wonder why Kate gets a pass on coming from a wealthy family when Rooney doesn’t seem to. *

        I don’t understand it either. After all, Rooney’s real first name is Patricia, right? So, she’s using both famous last names. And yes, I’m aware that Rooney is her middle name. Still.

    • Esmom says:

      Me, too, and I’ve always liked her style.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I think she is pretty too.

    • elle says:

      Me, too, to all of the above. And this is the first time I can see any sisterly resemblance whatsoever between these two. They have the same ears!

  4. Locke Lamora says:

    Every dress looks best in black. There is no black dress that would look better in a different colour. Black is the king of colours ( or non-colours). FACT.

    Rooney’s dress is really nice. I love the dark dress and dark hair against her pale skin and blue eyes. I didn’t like her hairstyle. Kate’s dress isn’t nice, but her hair is. I saw the E! interview and while Rooney seems shy and awkward, Kate came of as just stuck up. It was a very awkward interview.

    • Bridget says:

      Both sisters interview terribly, but you’re right that Kate is flat out more of a jerk. Rooney on the other hands seems like she’s gradually, ever so slightly unwinding (I’m guessing it’s because someone clued her in that if you want to work, you have to sell at some point)

  5. Kezia says:

    LOVE Sarah Paulson’s dress, Especially the top part!

    • Minxx says:

      Me too! I think it was fluffy and fun but it worked.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Me too! It’s colorful and fun. Her dressed hair and light makeup balance it out.

      Both Mara girls look awful. Rooney Mara could just cut and paste her 100’s of other Black dresses with her 100’s of other flat, expressionless look, send it to the media and skip the redcarpet. Kate Mara’s dress is too small for her body. But I do like her hair cut.

      Kate Winslet’s dress is all kinds of wrong and super tight, can she breathe? I do like the color though.

    • Maria A. says:

      Ah, but how many muppets did it take to make that top?!
      Sorry, had to say it. I suddenly saw muppets running around being sheared for that dress bodice and once I saw it, I couldn’t get it out of my head.
      Those poor muppets.

  6. Amanda G says:

    Both dresses are boring and Kate Mara needs some support for her girls.

    Kate Winslet looks stunning… I can’t believe she lost! Her performance in the Jobs movie was amazing!

    • Susan says:

      That is what I thought too re Maras…poor Kate Mara, she hasn’t even had kids yet….I miss my pre kids boobs!? But I guess we all need support no matter the age or place in life. Lol.

      • Redd says:

        Pretty much all big boobs need support unless they’re implants! It’s just physics! She’s got a lot of volume there and I think she looks pretty good for being braless at her size.

  7. Louise177 says:

    I prefer Rooney’s dress and agree always wearing black is getting boring. I’m positive that Winslett were this dress before. Not a similar style but this exact dress.

    • Arbelia says:

      Winslet’s dress looks a lot like the red dress she wore when she won the Emmy for Mildred Pierce a few years ago.But last night she said it was the first time ever she wore Armani, and after checking the red dress was from Elie Saab.

  8. tracking says:

    KM’s dress is horribly unflattering, yikes.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Meh, they all look pretty boring.

  10. Cupcake says:

    God help me I actually like Sarah’s dress. It’s fun!

  11. grabbyhands says:


    Both of them also need to do something about their respective hairstyles too. Rooney’s is boring and Kate’s is well….

    Did Sarah Paulson have one of the Muppets killed and skinned for the top of her gown?

    • holly hobby says:

      Re Paulson – omg! That comment literally made me laugh!

      The Mara sisters – doom and gloom.

  12. SusanneToo says:

    I hate the two strips across the boobs, cut to the waist style, so neither. But let me add that I like both Maras as actors.

    • Greenieweenie says:

      I feel like it can look okay–and even classy–if done right. As in:

      The wearer must be a small/tiny cup size
      The waist of the dress should be fairly high
      The strips of fabric need to be substantial. No side boob or too much cleavage.

  13. BlueSky says:

    Anyone else getting the Olsen twin vibe from the Mara sisters?

    • mayamae says:

      I’m not. The Olsen twins are singular. The way they press their torsos together, chest to chest, then do the identical “prune” mouth expressions …… *shudder*.

  14. Prairiegirl says:

    Not Valentino’s best work. Awful, both of them.

  15. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Winslet is spanxed so tight she could stop bullets. This cannot be remotely comfortable. It certainly looks unnatural and akin to Kevlar. Why choose this style if you have to lock yourself into an iron maiden underneath just to zip it up?

    • Minxx says:

      I agree. I love Kate but she looks like she has 3 layers of spanx under this dress.

      • Ethelreda says:

        And even with all that corsetry, the dress has those tell-tale creases. It’s at least a size too small for her.

    • Esmom says:

      I was going to say the same thing! She looks armored. Gives her a very matronly appearance, which is too bad because I know she’s not.

  16. brincalhona says:

    Kate Winslet looks like William Shatner in Star Trek: The Girdle Years.

  17. CornyBlue says:

    Pedro is the best looking of the lot. I have a lot of love for Rooney i dunno why.

  18. Palee says:

    Not a fan or a h8r of either Mara but I’ve always thought Rooney is gorgeous and so natural.
    and Kate Mara’s dress is uh… not a very good choice. lol.

  19. KBeth says:

    I think the Mara sisters are so pretty but both dresses are terrible. Rooney’s hair makes her look really harsh, bad, bad ponytail.
    Kate Winslet is usually lovely, this dress is really unflattering. The cut is awful & the material looks heavy.
    Paulson ….hot mess.

  20. Moxie Remon says:

    Rooney has something cool that Kate cannot replicate and her dress, specially on the boob part, is giving me a headache

  21. Betti says:

    Rooney wins the Mara dress off – i hated the straps on her sisters.

    Kate Winslet looks like she was squeezed into the dress and about to burst out of it.

    Love Sara Paulson’s dress but sorry Pedro, that 70s porn tash has to go – its not sexy in any dimension.

  22. Mikeyangel says:

    I love Kate! She looks like an ordinary woman. Not some duped up highly prepped version. There is not one woman I know who could sacrifice 3+ hours a day to go out. Not that they all do it, but some. Kate looks like she doesn’t have implants either which I appreciate. I breastfed 3 babies and my boobs aren’t what they once were, but I really don’t want implants and I feel a lot of pressure to get them. I love seeing a ‘star’ looking normal. I feel like I could look as good as her with enough prep, not that she looks great here, but attainable. I am sick of this fake teeth, fake tans, tons of makeup, plastic surgery and fillers and Botox to the nill!

  23. Danielle says:

    I think the Mara sisters should have switched dresses. Rooney ex tremendous thinness would have pulled off the ruffling of the beige, and the color would contrast with her hair. Kate in the black would have provided end edgy match with the funky hair style.

  24. Stef Leppard says:

    Regarding Kate Winslet…just because she’s wearing the same silhouette she’s worn before doesn’t mean it looks good on her. Just sayin’. That dress does nothing for her. It’s too tight and the cap sleeves make her arms look big.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Yeah, I am all about embracing your curves but the cap sleeve is not always a girl’s friend. I wish she would change it up a bit, even if it’s just to add a print because her block colour columns are boring me at this stage.

  25. Esmom says:

    I think Sarah P pretty much always misses the mark with her looks. She often gives me a try hard vibe, fueling my irrational dislike of her.

  26. Lucy2 says:

    I like Kate W’s dress itself but she does not look comfortable in it.

  27. What's inside says:

    The Mara girls can just go away — stiff, goth, and got the whole Queen of the Undead thing going on.

  28. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Pedro is adorable. I still want more gossip on whether he is Cersei’s baby daddy!

  29. serena says:

    What’s worse than Sarah Paulson’s dress is her hair. They seems like a ken doll’s wig that won’t move and that centered-part.. just no.

  30. DavidH says:

    Kate all the way!