Saoirse Ronan in green Calvin Klein at the Oscars: gorgeous or boring?


Saoirse Ronan’s custom Calvin Klein was one of my favorite looks at the Oscars. I think I liked it so much because Saoirse has been trying out radically different looks and styles throughout this Oscar season, and she only brought out her “sexy look” here at the Oscars. And she owned it really well. The dark eye makeup worked. The sexy-bedhead hair worked. The dress showed off her lovely figure without being trashy. And she wanted to wear emerald green for Ireland. What’s not to love?



I feel like I should have strong opinions about Julianne Moore’s Chanel gown and I just don’t. Julianne’s style is so hit-or-miss, it’s almost a relief when she wears something boring and not that notable. Is the dress well-constructed? Sure. Does she look bad? Not at all. But… I don’t know, I wish I could style her, I think I would do a much better job.



I really liked Daisy Ridley in this Chanel. It felt like Starlet’s First Oscars and she was trying hard to do everything right. She was young and pretty and she wore a youthful little Chanel dress. The dress is very cute and (I thought) appropriate for someone so young, and someone coming to the Oscars for the first time as a presenter. It wasn’t too “look at me!” but it wasn’t totally boring either. My one complaint is that her hair is too severe. She could have gone for a looser hairstyle and it would have made the whole look much better.



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  1. tifzlan says:

    Love Saoirse’s dress, beautiful color. I also kind of like Rey’s dress too. Interesting change from the usual ballgowns!

    • Dtab says:

      Saoirse was my fave of the night (and not just because I am in Ireland) it was sexy without being over worked and I agree the colour is beautiful. I like Daisy also 🙂

      • Amelia says:

        I took one look at Saoirse and thought she won the whole night. Gorgeous, elegant look, perfect green with her skin tone <3

      • Wellsie says:

        I am in love with Soairse’s whole look. It’s just perfection to me- hair, dress, everything.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        My favorate too. She is absolutely breathtaking.

    • Alex says:

      Loved Soairse and Daisy’s looks. They looked gorgeous and were two of my favorites for sure

    • zinjojo says:

      Soairse was my favorite of the night — every detail worked so well: makeup, hair, dress — she is gorgeous and was glowing last night.

      Daisy was also one of my faves — agree with Kaiser that her hair could be less severe — but I love the dress and it was perfect on her.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      She is the only one whose look I competely love and wouldn’t change anything.

      Having said that, if she wore green for Ireland, why not wear an Irish designer? I asked the same when Lupita wore the Nairobi blue gown. If you want to represent your country, why not wear a domestic designer who surely needs exposure?

      Both Daisy and Julianne looked bad.

    • Carol says:

      Loved both these ladies’ looks. Saoirse dress was so gorgeous and it looked great on her. Love the green color. Daisy’s dress was perfect for the event. But yes, her tight bun gave me a headache.

  2. Luciana says:

    Julianne was my favourite look of the night next to Saoirse Ronan and Brie Larson. Sometimes Chanel gets it right. Daisy looked very pretty but I felt that her dress was not Oscar material. Maybe longer, in a bolder colour. IDK.

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      I like Julianne’s gown as well, but I could have sworn another celebrity just wore it recently – or atleast a close version of it. Does it look familiar to anyone else?

      • me says:

        I feel like Jennifer Lawrence might have worn something similar this season or the last, perhaps to some Hunger Games related premiere? I definitely think SOMEONE wore something similar before.

    • EM says:

      I like her dress but would have preferred a deep blue or any other color actually – black is pretty boring.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Yep. Loved the other Channels but Daisy’s looked too kiddie (she’s 23 years old not 12). A longer evening gown would have been best IMO. Pretty face though.

  3. ell says:

    daisy’s hair is like rey’s hair a bit, you should see the back! the dress is ok, pretty, not the best chanel. she looks lovely though.

    and i have to disagree about saoirse, the dress is pretty and the colour looks lovely on her, but the hair is just terrible.

  4. MacScore says:

    I was about to agree completely (gorgeous perfection) until I saw the back of the CK dress. What on earth is happening there? It looks like a swimming suit – perhaps the idea was to suggest a mermaid emerging from the foam around the rocky Irish coast… From the front though she looks very beautiful indeed.

    Agree completely about Julianne Moore. What is that weird strap thingy? – it seems misplaced (it accentuates neither the waist nor the bust line), and the colour is just drab on her.

  5. Ethelreda says:

    I haven’t liked any of Saoirse’s red carpet looks, and when I first saw this my immediate reaction was a ‘no’. But now that I’ve had a better look, I really really like it. Hair and make-up are gorgeous, and the dress is sexy but not tacky. I think Saoirse often dresses too old for her age, but this is a great look for her.

  6. Lucy says:

    Saoirse really brought it last night. This might be a bit of a stretch, but I can see her slowly becoming the second coming of Cate Blanchett, at least style-wise (and talent-wise too, why not?). I also loved how happy she was when Leo won!! Daisy looked lovely as well, and I actually really liked her hair! I saw it as a wink to Rey’s.

    • ADC says:

      Cate Blanchett has made it pretty clear over the years that she deems Saoirse her artistic daughter. Same for Helen Mirren.

    • Sunglasses aready says:

      @Lucy, agree. Saoirse, imo was the Best Dress of the night. A future red carpet star and fantastic actress.

  7. Flahoola says:

    Saoirse looks absolutely stunning. A proper Hollywood Starlet

  8. Lennox says:

    I love Saoirse’s dress and I would like it for myself please. Also her eyes are amazing and they’re brought out really well.
    I agree with Daisy’s hair being too severe, but I feel like the dress is meh as well. It’s not very flattering and the colour is too dishwatery.

  9. MB says:

    Wow, Saoirse looks incredible. One of my top 3 for sure.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree. Love this dress on her. Love Daisys dress as well – totally adorable!! Not a fan of juliannes dress. Awful straps boring black … Ugh.

  10. Mimz says:

    Saoirse looks lovely. Not very fond of that extra back cut there, but it’s a beautiful dress, nonetheless.
    I’ve got nothing for the other ladies…

  11. Norahb says:

    Saoirse, Naomi Watts and Cate Blanchette were my top three–I thought Saoirse was perfect.

    Dissappointed in Brie Larson but glad she won. I wish her Golden Globe dress would’ve been her Oscar dress.

  12. SM says:

    Love Saoirse’s dress. The color is amazing. My second best along with Charlize Theron

  13. Marianne says:

    I thought Saoirse looked amazing last night. Daisy also wore a very pretty dress. both in my top 10.

  14. OSTONE says:

    Saoirse was my best dressed of the night. She looked gorgeous!

  15. CornyBlue says:

    Saoirse killed it! She was truly stunning like no other.
    Daisy’s hairstyle is too severe. Her face looks too big.She looks best with her hair down. But this is just her first Oscar she has many more to come.

  16. Micki says:

    Fantastic colour on her, otherwise a very basic, safe dress.

    • siri says:

      Same here. Beautiful colour, but for the rest rather boring. On the other hand, I think she needs ‘simple’, no ruffled stuff, or big drama.

  17. Minxx says:

    Saoirse looked amazing last night, sexy but classy, elegant. Loved her makeup and hair too – she has an amazing body and a very beautiful face. Julianne looked drab – black is not a good color on her and I think I’ve seen this dress before. Nice hair though. Daisy Ridley – I’m sorry but I find her rather bitchy-looking. She was pissed for being compared to Keira Knightley? She should be grateful, she’s miles behind KK.

    • elle says:

      Right? Daisy looks like KK’s plain little sister.

      • fleur says:

        I thought she looked nice. I would’ve left her hair down. But I didn’t like the hairtsyles of 90 percent of the red carpet women. I thought they all looked like they’d let their hair air dry or recently come from the gym.

        As for Keira: every time I see a photo of someone like Daisy or even Alicia Vikander (both of which I think look vaguely similar to Keira knightley), I am just stunned by how insanely beautiful Keira must be, because everyone else looks rather normal compared to her. I remember press photos of Keira and Alicia standing next to each other at the Anna Karenina photo calls. Daisy and Alicia are absolutely beautiful, but Keira is just crazy-gorgeous, or else particularly photogenic (which I realize are not the same thing). I suspect Alicia is stunning in person as well because I’m always struck by her beauty when i watch her in film. I think she doesn’t always photograph as beautifully as she really is.

  18. Trixie says:

    Saoirse Ronan’s whole look makes her look like she’s in her 40s.

  19. TheGrandSophy says:

    Saoirse looks phenomenal here. Not a fan of the deep back (very few people can make butt cleavage work), but the colour and hair make her look stunning.

    She needs to stay away from the usual things she used to wear – washed out colours, dowdy, frumpy tea cosy type dresses and embrace this silhouette and cleaner lines.

    Julianne – love the dress, but the wide column of unrelieved black dulls her naturally gorgeous colouring.

  20. Tara says:

    Saoirse Ronan is easily one of the best dressed. She looked amazing.

    • mom2two says:

      I agree. Saoirse was easily best dressed actress for me. The dress was perfect, she wore it well. The hair and makeup were on point. I think my runner ups in best dressed probably were Brie Larson and Alicia Vikander but Saoirse was easily the best.
      Not a fan of Julianne’s dress on her. She’s stunning and her husband, easily best dressed and best looking man there of the night. He would win Best Accessory!
      I’m sorry Daisy Ridley’s hair and make up ruin her whole look for me. The dress and shoes are beautiful, she wears them well but her hair is way too severe.

  21. Kori says:

    I liked Saoirse’s. It had a 70s easy sexuality feel rather than modern day try-hard trashiness. I wish the hair had captured that feel more though. But she looked gorgeous–grown up and sexy but not inappropriately so. Loved Daisy but hated the hair. She’s so pretty.

  22. Josefina says:

    Saoirse was my favorite. Her style is usually too old or too twee, but this is just perfect. Very womanly, very sexy. Love the hair and the color – they make her gorgeous eyes pop.

    Daisy’s dress is cute and appropiate, but I agree on the hair.

  23. vauvert says:

    I loved the front of Saoirse’s dress, but the sides and back, not at all. She still looked great but a simpler back would have worked better.
    At first I loved Daisy’s dress, until I saw the stupid length and the ruffle – wtf was that for??
    I seem to be one who thought Julianne looked amazing. Classy, elegant, glam dress and she looked fantastic.

  24. Lucy2 says:

    Saoirse looked gorgeous, very grown up and glamorous. That color and fabric is divine.
    I would have liked Daisy’s more without that ruffle at her waist.
    Julianne looks good, her dress wasn’t that exciting, but that’s OK.

  25. lenje says:

    Saoirse’s best feature of the night is her amazing eyes. I’m kinda indifferent to the dress because I couldn’t look past her eyes. The eye makeup really accentuates them.

  26. Bridget says:

    I felt like there was something slightly off about the fit of Saoirse’s top. Aside from that, it was a really gorgeous gown

    Daisy Ridley feels too much like Keira Knightley redux to me.

  27. serena says:

    Damn, Saoirse Ronan was amazing in that dress! I was kind of getting sick of her angelic-stuffy looks of the past events but this slays!
    As for Daisy Ridley.. a giant NO. Her hair is too sever and her dress is totally wrong. The lenght is hideous and that non-sense ruffle in the middle made it look like she has no waist. Terrible.

  28. I Choose Me says:

    Love, love, this gown on Saoirse. She looks fab. In fact I love what every lady is wearing in this post. Would Julianne’s gown have been better in a jewel tone? Sure but her fashion is usually so gawdawaful that I can’t hate on this. Also really, really like the colour and beading on Daisy’s gown.

  29. Loo says:

    I loved Roman’s dress but I’m not a huge fan of her make up and hair, I feel it unnecessarily age of her. It’s like she went from a 21 year old to a 29 year old, it’s weird.

    Daisy is wearing a boring dress made for a 35-40 year old. Such a disappointment.

  30. Diana B says:

    I feel like I know nothing about fashion because to me, Daisy’s dress it’s really, REALLY ugly. that fabric bunching up below the bust is just made of nope. Saorse was perfection. The cut, the color, the material, everything.

  31. lila fowler says:

    I thought Ronan looked like an aging Vegas hooker with that dress and flop hair. Nope.

  32. meme says:

    Saoirse Ronan is my best dressed of the night but I like Julianne’s dress. hate Cate’s.

  33. Grant says:

    Saoirse was my favorite of the night. The color, the fit, the perfect hair and styling… She knocked it out of the park!!!!!

  34. JudyK says:

    Love both Julianne’s and Daisy’s dresses, especially Daisy’s.

  35. felixswan2 says:

    Saoirse looked amazing. The color and cut of the dress is absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorites of the night.
    Julianne and Daisy’s dressers are not doing anything for me.

  36. Farhi says:

    Saoirse looks great, no thanks to Calvin Klein. She looks like a lovely person. The color is great on her but I am yet to meet a Calvin Klein dress I liked. Calvin Klein dresses lack structure and sophistication.
    Love both Chanel dresses here, especially Julianne’s.

  37. anne says:

    Saoirse carries herself beautifully, but this verges on tacky to me – I can’t quite pinpoint why. something about the sheen, with thinness of the straps, with the depth of the plunge up top. it’s almost beautiful – but misses, for me. and the back is just too low. her makeup is beautiful, though.

    just a note: my impression is that saoirse exaggerates her accent just a bit. she makes it a bit more lyrical than it needs to be. funny.

  38. SJO says:

    I feel the same hate for the too tight face lift hair that Kaiser feels for bangs. It makes my forehead hurt to look at it. Maybe if Rooney Mara would stop wearing her hair like that she wouldn’t be so sullen and grumpy all the time.

  39. Betti says:

    I LOVE this dress and the colour suits her but the hair and makeup could have been better. The nude makeup washes her out, she needed a red or something lipstick. Also a nice statement/long drop necklace to match the earrings would have been a nice touch.

    Re: Daisy. Her makeup was great, dress and shoes were nice but agree with Kaiser about the hair. Her hair pulled back like this only accentuates her likeness to Keira Knightly.

  40. TOK says:

    From certain angles, Saoirse’s face recalls beautiful Natasha Richardson. She looked fantastic last night, and she’s wonderful in Brooklyn.

    Julianne Moore does not age. Her husband: rrowwr.

    Love Daisy. Welcome to Hollywood!

  41. AlmondJoy says:

    Best of the night ✨✨✨✨✨✨

  42. OGBklynGirl says:

    GORGEOUS! And might I add that in the the behind shot, her back has the most creamy,silken skin I’ve ever seen live (not photoshopped)

  43. emma says:

    Saoirse looks so good! Beautiful and adult without overdoing it.

  44. TreadStyle says:

    Love Saoirse’s look here! Love her hair down and styled like that! She looks so pretty. Julianne looks better then normal w that dress. I’m not feeling anything about Daisy’s look, her hair is given me Rooney Mara vibes which I can’t stand (the pulled back as tight as possible up do).

  45. princessbuttercup says:

    Saoirse is breathtaking.

  46. Luce says:

    My absolute favorite of the night! Gorgeous and fitting of the lady.

  47. Syd Barrett says:

    Saoirse is just so lovely, so talented, so poised, so beautiful. She looked like a dream last night.
    Anyway, I reckon she’ll be back for that Oscar many, many times. Maybe even as soon as next year.

    Plus, her Broadway debut is today. Previews for “The Crucible” begin tonight. Busy, busy! I’m so jealous. She and Ben Whishaw are some of my absolute faves.

  48. Sylvia says:

    Saoirse looked gorgeous! Everything was perfection, from the fit to the color to the hair to the make-up. Definitely my fave of the night. And I love how it was so unexpected for her.

    Daisy on the other hand… she’s such a cute girl, but I did not like that dress at all. It didn’t serve her cuteness. I didn’t like the length, or the loose column shape, or the peplum thing at the waist. That was a matronly dress for a Charlotte Rampling type or something. Daisy needed a younger feeling dress in a more fun, fresher color.

    Julianne looks lovely, but I agree it’s a little boring. A different, bolder color would’ve elevated the dress. I want to say an emerald green like Saoirse’s, but maybe something even more unexpected, like a deep bronze or whatever color looks good on pale skin with red hair.

  49. Jib says:

    I don’t understand the love for Saiorse’s dress – it is a very basic sequined straight dress with a few cutouts. Boring, boring, boring. And the cutouts make her waist in the front look really frumpy. Why is this so special?? I don’t get it.

  50. JRenee says:

    Saoirse looks great. Not sure why she wore two different earrings, but I love the green earring, lol. The dress is simple in front, racy in back. I would love to wear this…

  51. Anare says:

    That green CK dress is to die for and it fit Saoirse to perfection. I thought she looked perfect. My favorite look of the Oscars. I usually loathe Julianne Moore’s looks. She is typically so try-hard and 99% of the time her look is a mess. This dress is pretty in its simplicity. It fits her just right. Praise be! If she stops trying to be avant garde and stops mugging for the camera all the time she can actually look lovely. Daisy looks light and fresh. Not a fan of that hair style though. Why is it such a thing? So harsh. Rooney Mara can pull it off but I don’t like it on most others.