Taylor Swift in Alexandre Vauthier at the VF Oscar party: fab or fug?


There’s actually a grand tradition of Taylor Swift attending the Vanity Fair Oscar party. One year, she went to the party just to accost her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal by the bathrooms. One year, she came out following another breakup and she wanted to show everyone that she was single. One year, she met up with Karlie Kloss at the VF party and then they went on a post-Oscar roud trip up the coast of California. This year, Taylor brought two dates – her brother and one of the ladies in her squad, Lorde. Swifty and Lorde posed together on the carpet, then Swifty posed separately. I guess Taylor wants you to know that she’s not mad at Lorde for hanging out with (and hold hands with) Diplo last week. Diplo and Swifty are enemies, but that’s a story for another day.

Swifty wore this Alexandre Vauthier which… I’m not crazy about, but then again, I’m thankful that she’s moved beyond pastel tulle dresses. The worst thing about this look is her bob. I keep going back and forth on it – in the photos of Swifty last week, in a casual outing, I almost liked the bob. But in these photos, I really don’t like it. It’s much, much too severe.




And here’s another VF party girl, Emily Ratajkowski. This dress is kind of a joke. Apparently, it’s Steven Khalil, although that ID might be wrong. But if she just wanted to wander around the VF party in a bustier and panties, why didn’t she just do that? Why do we have to call this a dress?



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Alex says:

    I really don’t like Taylor’s hair. It is too severe for someone so skinny. I also find it so funny that Taylor can wear the sexiest dress but yet remain so asexual.

    • Rachel says:

      I think it’s too severe for someone so young. She’s what – 25 or 26??

    • paolanqar says:

      Anna Wintour wants her wig back.

    • Snowflake says:

      I think she looks sexy and the sophisticated dress with sleek hair looks great.

      • It'sJustBlanche says:

        I like this on her too. She has the body for that dress, so why not? The hair is cute as well. She has a really fine hair and so a shorter cut is easier for her to manage, I would imagine. Overall, pretty look for her.

      • Ennie says:

        I like her look, she is tall and slim and pull it off perfectly. The hair, lay, it will grow back. she was wearing curls for so long, that getting short hair like this in a stylish bob is pure fun.

      • What's inside says:

        Yeah, I get this look for her. It is very sophisticated and makes a statement.

      • mila says:

        I like it too, but that hair style.

        On another note, her hair color is amazing. I need that color…

      • Priya says:

        I agree. She looks great.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I LOVE her hair. The dress, not so much.
      Could Emily please go away now?

      • Kat says:

        I think there’s going to be a recurring theme on this thread. TS looks chic, as always (by George, I’m saying something nice about her for a change) and I actually think the bob suits her face well. But, ummm, where’s Calvin? Are they still an item, or are they subtly letting it be known that the relationship is a well-crafted PR display?

        Lastly, yes, Emily Rataouille’s schtick is getting pretty tired. No one’s denying that those boobs are lovely, but when they’re all you’re known for, it’s time to get a new manager or to move aside for people with something of value to offer. At this point, when she wears something that’s more modest by a hairline fracture, I upgrade her boobs to “boobies”, you know, ’cause it’s classier 😉

    • Suzanne says:

      This gal can wear a paper bag and look better than most runway models and ALL of the Hollywood diva’s. She is drop dead pretty….very photogenic. she has a body, legs…face, skin…hair to die for! Plus she smart and talented. She’s morphing into a very lovely young woman…I put her up against any of the Victoria Secret models…the Hadid wanna-be super models…and anyone else out there. I’ve never seen a BAD photograph of this girl. She’s just super pretty and a role model for young girls today.

    • bananapanda says:

      It’s the hair COLOR that is hideous – it’s Linda Gray in her 50s.

    • ToxicShockAvenger says:

      See again re “Barbie, lack of genitals on.” You can show all the skin in the world, but plastic is sexless (unless you’re into that). I kind of like her bob, though. And if she gets sick of it, she can just pump her arm a few times.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      She tries too hard to look sophisticated.

  2. Kitten says:

    I like Taylor’s whole look to be honest. It’s more sophisticated than her usual glittery princess dresses.

    This Emily person keeps trying to happen but we’re not having it. I agree that what she’s wearing isn’t a dress.

    • Lilo says:

      I’ll take her boobs, though. Those look amazing

    • CariBean says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      Emily’s “dress” looks exactly like the undergarments that should be worn under an actual dress.

      You know maybe I’ll sound like a “hater” (boy do I dislike that term) but for me she is just too try hard sexual. It’s boring. I get she has great boobs and great figure and wants to show it off ALL. THE. TIME. But now what? Is that all she wants to be known for? I just can’t with those women. One trick ponies.

      I don’t care for Taylor’s hair, but I think the dress looks amazing on her. It’s nice to see her change it up.

    • Diana B says:

      I like Taylor’s dress a lot but that hair looks like a helmet. I think that hair cut was a mistake but otherwise she looks great and even sexy to me.

    • Carol says:

      I loved Taylor’s entire look too. And Emily looks like she forgot to put her dress on and is wearing a slip. Boobs look good though.

    • Talie says:

      I agree. Very sophisticated and chic.

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:

      +1 to everything you said, Kitten. I think Taylor looks great although I’m not into the hair, and Emily whatever her name is is desperate for attention. That “dress” screams “my career isn’t taking off like I want it to, so here is my attempt to garner attention”

    • Bridget says:

      I love Taylor’s look. Every once in a blue moon she hits a total bullseye.

      And Emily’s “dress” just screams “don’t you want to hire my boobs?”

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      Totally agree with Emily. She has about a minute left of that 15 minutes of fame. She better use that time to snatch a rich, older husband. Great figure though.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      ITA, TS looks fab, she should stick to this look.
      Emily R. looks like a try-hard Playboy Bunny.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I love Emily’s dress. I would totally wear it to go support my friend at her upcoming burlesque show.

  3. QQ says:

    This.fuck!ng. pta.Mom.hair…. WHY?!??

    • Shambles says:

      PTA mom hair and a Princess Leia dress with that smug a$$ look she ALWAYS has on her face. I’ll pass

    • Marty says:

      The hair ages her by about 10 years.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      oh this Q.Q., this over and over again.

      • QQ says:

        *sigh* is the shade, the style just all bad everything, but I can’t stand her so much that i Almost feel the shade is a calculated gamble for her constituency and their parents cause “this way we won’t think she is perfect and has had a charmed life, cause STARS, just like us, bad Color!!, see You guys??!”

  4. grabbyhands says:


    Like a 15 year old playing dress up with her older sister’s clothes so people will think she’s older. She’s trying to carry off the vamp look, but her innate beige is impossible to hide and it ruins the effect.

    And I still hate that haircut..

  5. GlimmerBunny says:

    I actually like Taylor’s look. The juxtaposition between the cutesy hair and the sexy dress works perfectly IMO.

  6. Jayna says:

    Taylor looks amazing from head to toe. She has fantastic legs. I love her hair. It reminds me of a cut that one of the “real” supermodels had back in the ’90s.

  7. Angelica says:

    Taylor looks sexy but something’s off about it. Too Kardashian? Too doll-like? Both? Gah! I’m having a hard time explaining why she looks so odd in a seemingly flawless get-up.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      Yeah that dress doesn’t look like something TSwift would pick out herself, I was thinking something more sparkly. Maybe that’s the point, she’s showing us she’s grown out of the sparkles to something more mature & sexy.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Same. I like the sexy look Taylor was going for but it looks like cheap fabric made into a toga and quickly sutured at the waist. The slit is way to high and added to the sternum to waist front cut it leans more Khadashian trashy. One or the other would be good but both together is too much.

      I Hated Emily Ratajkowski’s on first look but on second look if she extended the fabric down instead of turning it into lace she would have looked so elegant. But it’s another fail of doing too much and looking like a playboy bunny. Such a waste of a beautiful face and body.

  8. mia girl says:

    For me, the problem with Swift’s hair is the combination of the cut and the ashy blonde color. It makes her look like one of mommies in the after-school pick-up line.

    Color is all wrong for that bob. To give it edge you need a more a more platinum blonde or better yet, in black.

  9. InvaderTak says:

    Swift’s attempts at the glamazon look just make her look silly. She can wear some amazing things with her height and figure but she’s not creative about her choices at all. IDK, I’m not feeling any of this. And Lorde looks so put out to be in that one picture with Swift.

  10. Alex says:

    Anna Wintour hair…ugh

    • Dhavynia says:

      Lol Wintour hair! That color is way too ashy
      She is even more annoying by trying to be sexy and Lorde? I expected more from her, somehow her association with Swifty has diminished her coolness

      • Fiorella says:

        This is a natural colour for a lot of Caucasian people. Not every one wants to look silly like Heidi or the one with the old husband (15 year old with 49 year old famous ppl) . And regular blonde is actually less edgy because everyone has it. Rachel mcadams, cate, Kate, Naomi, Charlize, Sharon stone
        Taylor is natural ash because she wants to stand out

  11. Mimz says:

    Taylor looks good except for the much too severe haircut. The dress is nice, and she seems to be sexin’ it up lately, I bet Calvin Harris has been busy making her feel. like. a. natural. woman .

    If that’s so, more power to her!

    Lorde looks good and this Emily person, I do not get her appeal AT ALL, except for the magnificent boobs, she’s just so .. I just don’t see why is she invited to all these places? To have a model wearing lingerie ? why?

  12. Becki says:

    I LOVE the dress, she can really pull it off, but I HATE her hair. The dress would look amazing and sexy on someone else, but on Taylor is kind of falls flat.

  13. Allison says:

    I like it. I think she looks great.

  14. sherry says:

    If you take your thumb and put it over Taylor’s head, it looks amazing. I don’t know why. She’s a pretty girl. Maybe it’s the cut or the color. Maybe both. She needs to brighten up the color, lose the bangs and have a longer bob or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  15. Squiggisbig says:

    The nicest thing I can say about Tay’s hair is at least it will grow out!

    Also any one else remember those Real Age tests? Would love to see what number Lorde would get…

  16. dawn says:

    I love Taylor’s look. Those legs go on forever! I do think that she could have done a little something with her hair, maybe an up do but that is about all. Again I think she looked great. Just my little ole opinion.

  17. MacScore says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know who Emily Ratajkowski is (I know, I know, I can find out…), but she exemplifies everything that is wrong with this year’s fashions on the RC. This “dress” is a joke.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ENOUGH ALREADY with the low-cut slit down-to-there styles; ugly and tacky cut-outs; net/gauze/lace skirts over lingerie; lacey anything; thigh-high slits (been there, done that….). What happened to couture, tailoring, imagination, taste?

  18. georgia says:

    Taylor and diplo made up not that long after their beef.

  19. platypus says:

    Taylor looks great, and healthier than she has in a while. Her hair looks like an elderly woman’s wig, though…

  20. Skyblue says:

    I love Taylor’s hair. I guess I’m sick of the undone “beachy” hair and the lank sausage curls. And does she not have killer legs? Hello!

  21. Rade says:

    Taylor looks too Stepford Wife in that dress. She looks like a robot. I think Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Debicki, Kerry Washington or Isla Fisher would look amazing in that dress, but it just doesn’t gel with Taylor’s enforced cutesy-twee image.

    Emily: find a room, find a corner in that room and go take a seat there and think very hard about what the feck you’re wearing. Blessed with a great figure, cursed with an horrific sense of style.

  22. suzanne says:

    I deplore dresses with the bodice cut down to the navel…I do not like to look at anyone’s sternum. It’s not sexy, but it sure does look uncomfortable and cheap.

    That Emily chick looks like a Vegas showgirl working as an escort before her big break happens…ugh.

  23. paleokifaru says:

    Taylor’s look is ruined by that necklace. She should have done bracelets or a necklace that followed or went into the v-line. As is it chops her up and in doing so doubly highlights the awkward of her haircut.

  24. serena says:

    Swifty looks really good here! I like the bob and the ashy-blonde.

  25. meme says:

    Love Taylor’s dress but not on her. Emily looks ridiculous in that “dress”

  26. lucy2 says:

    Despite the neckline, I don’t mind Taylor’s dress.
    Emily looks like she ran outside in her undergarments and got a curtain caught around her knees.

  27. Eleonor says:

    I think it’s the bang that ruins everything.

  28. JudyK says:

    Forget Taylor, I’m surprised Emily would step out in public in that monstrosity. I wouldn’t walk to my mailbox in that.

  29. Grant says:

    LOVE Taylor’s dress but I agree about her hair. She just doesn’t have the face to pull off a bob like that… But neither does Anna Wintour though.

  30. Farhi says:

    I like how Taylor Swift looks, she finally looks grown up. It is Anna Wintour’s cut but if it works why not. I also like the dress, it is interesting.

  31. ReineDidon says:

    Taylor actually looks more sophisticated here. Nice improvement. But she’s still as sexy as a green letuce.

  32. drnotknowitall says:

    You know, I dislike her, but she is doing the whole ABBA thing and doing it well I think. No?

  33. Fifee says:

    Im loathe to say it but I like Taylors dress & love her hair but the shoes, not so much. She still has no sex appeal though, some people have, some dont.

    As for Emily Ratajkowski, she has great boobs but please get something that actually fits them!

  34. perplexed says:

    Maybe Charlize Theron could have made Emily’s dress look classy. I don’t know what to say — even her chest looks weird to me here.

    Taylor – I don’t know what to say about her either. I used to think she was quite pretty, but her face is starting to look a little odd.

  35. Fiorella says:

    Emily is trying to get attention I guess? Looks silly
    Taylor looks fine I love her hair more than her dress

  36. Amelie says:

    Looks like Lorde cut her hair! It used to be so long. This may have happened awhile ago but I’m only noticing now. Also last I heard Lorde had a boyfriend from NZ? What’s she doing with Diplo?

  37. teacakes says:

    Taylor Swift appears to be trying to sex it up, too bad she has all the actual sex appeal of a bowl of Weetabix. Nice dress but on her it’s just not right.

  38. I Choose Me says:

    I actually really like Taylor’s bob but agree that a warmer colour would suit better. Never thought that her long legs were nothing special compared to Blake Lively’s or even Gwyneth Paltrow’s but they look amazing here. Nicely toned rather than simply slender.

  39. Liesl says:

    I’m no Swifty, but I’m kinda loving the 70’s love interest vibe she’s got going on. Subtly sexy, hints of oppressed homemaker and, most importantly, different than the rest. It’s not flattering by our current trends, but in a sea of beach waves and long bobs, it’s refreshing.

  40. Anguishedcorn says:

    Her hair looks like Carol Channing from the side. So sad.

  41. KBeth says:

    Taylor has a cute face & fantastic figure but she just can not do sexy.
    I might like the dress on someone else..

  42. JD says:

    Swift is so very sexy. What a stunner.

  43. MB says:

    Taylor would have looked amazing if her hair was slicked back.

  44. Debutante says:

    I think Taylor looks great. And I love, LOVE the color of her hair. Its unusual, not the typical blond.

    Emily, your 15 minutes are Over, girl ! !
    Put those boobs away and go home.

  45. ickythump says:

    I personally think Andreja Pejic wore the dress better than Taylor (she wore the same dress to a different Oscar party). I really don’t like the styling of the gold necklace.

  46. Magnoliarose says:

    Something about Tay’s look isn’t completely working for me. I sometimes love a severe take no prisoners fashion throw down but it’s not working on her. She’s simply not sexy or badass enough for this look and ends up looking like a 35 year old bitchy socialite. Emily looks cheap in every way possible.

  47. Twinkle says:

    Taylor is a pretty girl, but she has as much sex appeal as Hobbs from Calvin and Hobbs. Alexander Vaultier is trashy.

  48. Kate says:

    Can this please be the moment we stop pretending she’s more modest than other pop stars. She’s showing off her bad boob job in a dress cut to her belly button, and combined that with a wide thigh high slit. That’s fine, but let’s not pretend that if any of her less sexless peers wore this the word chic would come up. Vulgar, trashy and classless sure would.

  49. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I feel like it should and probably does work (Swifty’s ensemble) but something about her essence to me just clashes with this much drama. I mean yes she is the queen of drama but this is a very bold look, I don’t think she quite pulls it off. I’ve been reading about the body types thing on Pinterest, Idk, Dramatic, Sporty, Gamine, all that stuff and while I don’t understand it fully you know when you see someone who is fighting their type? That’s what this dress feels like to me. I don’t think she should be all girly all the time either, I think she looks best with a sporty, understated look.

    I don’t know what is up with this Emily girl, she had a decent part in a high buzz film last year (Gone Girl) but she is still dressing like a d-list starlet. Whoever is advising her style-wise her is not doing her long game career any favors.

  50. shannon says:

    She’s cute, but this hair does not suit her. I look at pics of these two and see Mean Girls. Not sure why. I like Lorde a lot more when she’s not hanging w/Taylor Swift. I’m getting hanger – on vibes from her.