Kate Hudson in Maria Lucia Hohan at the VF Oscar party: under-styled or fine?


Kate Hudson will attend the opening of an envelope if you send her an e-vite, so I have to think that the only reason she didn’t attend the Oscars was because no one wanted her there. So she came out for the VF Oscar party instead. Was this the right “party girl” look? I don’t have a huge issue with the Maria Lucia Hohan dress – it’s fine. But the styling is awful. She looks like she took a shower and threw this dress on and that’s it.


I’m not really sure what Kate Bosworth does anyone besides attend parties and fashion events. I guess she fills the rest of her time by being creepy with her husband. So, somehow The Bos scored an invite to the Vanity Fair Oscar party, and she came out looking… not all that bad, actually. Her gown is by Ralph and Russo. I honestly don’t mind the feathers, possibly because it gives her some “weight” on her top half. I really like the colors too. Huh… I guess I’m enjoying Kate Bosworth’s fashion these days.



Elizabeth Banks in Ralph and Russo. She looks elegant, for sure. But the dress with the hair, it comes across as stately, as in… ancient. She’s too young to look this old.


I think Selena Gomez did the sparkly-metallic-dress trend better than Kate Hudson. Selena’s look is Louis Vuitton.


Frieda Pinto chose Oscar night to make her public debut with her new boyfriend, Ronnie Bacardi. He’s a polo player. She’s in Versace.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. nn says:

    Did Kate Hudson and Olivia Munn wear the same party dress?

  2. GlimmerBunny says:

    DAMN, Frieda’s boyfriend is hot! I’m still sad she and Dev Patel split up tho.

    • Kitten says:

      They were so cute together and I love Dev but…I have to admit that she looks really good with Ronnie Bacardi.

    • Katenotkatie says:

      Did you see Dev though?! Long hair and beard = he can get it. I recently watched the first season of Skins and I can’t believe how much he’s matured since he was a skinny, awkward little thing on that show (and I can’t believe how hot he is now).

  3. Sankay says:

    In an interview quite a few years ago, Kate Hudson claimed she did not know how to do hair, I guess this proves it. Maybe her hair person cancelled or something.

  4. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    Polo. I need to be watching polo.
    That man. My word.

    • Kitten says:

      This picture doesn’t do Ronnie Bacardi justice. The dude is stupidly hot. Poor Dev…

  5. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Kate H.: Ok the hair needs work/is a hot mess, but I really like the fresh face with this dress, the dress is doing all of the work and I actually love it. It’s genuinely 70’s looking, whereas Selena’s is a tiny bit matronly. Speaking of which, who in holy h*ll made Elizabeth Banks look like the mother of the bride? Criminal. I do not love Kate mark 2’s look but it’s not the worst. And Frieda’s pilgrim belt buckle is distracting me from even considering the rest of it, unfortunately as without it it would have been pretty. What is up with the polo player’s slipper shoes? Hilarious!

  6. Size Does Matter says:

    The Bos should have played Grace Kelly in that Nicole Kidman mess. She looks amazing here.

    And apparently polo is the new soccer. That man is delicious.

  7. Mimz says:

    I guess all these ??!!?!? actresses we see on these events, are looking for opportunities to talk to directors and people of influence to get back in the business, you know?
    Yeah, I’ll go with that. I suppose that if I were in that business (LOL), and looking, those parties would be the perfect places to network.

    ETA: Freida knows how to pick’em. My goodness, he’s the hotness!! I’m sad for her and Dev, but, that’s life, people move on… I wish she’d get more work, I hope she goes the direction that Priyanka is going, get some good tv show and revamp her career! I like her.

  8. lucy2 says:

    A rare miss from Elizabeth, she usually looks great.
    I don’t like Kate’s dress, and wow that’s some bad hair.

  9. StormsMama says:

    Kate Hudson looks amazing IMO
    Fresh, comfortable, fun, sexy

    Elizabeth Banks looks gorgeous and classy and elegant.

  10. Sarah01 says:

    How can they party with dresses so long, won’t people step on them?
    Kate looks like a doll, love the colour.
    Frieda is so pretty but I don’t like her dress, her boyfriend is hot!

  11. Maum says:

    Kate Hudson looks awful!!!!
    That dress is so unflattering and the hair and makeup… Dreadful.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed, I think she looks terrible. Like she has the flu or something.

      I am not a fan of Bosworth’s and Banks’ hairstyles. I get where they were going but the execution just doesn’t work on either of them.

      Frieda looks lovely but I think Selena G looks the best of this bunch by far.

  12. Christin says:

    During an afternoon off, I saw Kate on a talk show promoting her new book. She talked about diet and clothes, so I don’t really know what the book entails (generic title, but assume it’s about beauty).

    Anyway, her hair looked exactly like this — minimal styling, just slicked back with flyaway ends. She also wore a strapless, corset top. Maybe this is her new signature look.

  13. Jayna says:

    Kate’s face is looking beat. What is she doing to herself? Whatever it is, it’s not working.

    • Crumpet says:

      That’s funny, people seem very polarized about her look. I think she looks fresh and natural. I also like that she has never done anything about her ears and isn’t afraid to show them off. I think she looks adorable, if a tiny bit puffy.

  14. Debutante says:

    Kate Bosworth always looks like a wax dummy . Not good. Also, her lips get bigger every year !

    Elizabeth Banks’ hairstylist should be fired. She looks like a politician’s wife. Yuck.

    Hudson looks trampy. No surprise there !

    Freida should lose the belt. It really is distracting from her beautiful face. But then so is the boyfriend ~ dayum !

  15. Lucy says:

    I want Elizabeth to be nominated for a change, if she hasn’t already.

  16. Jean says:

    her career is dead and she dresses like a showgirl. What happened, Kate?

  17. christina says:

    The dress makes her look dumpy, which means it’s an evil dress because she’s not. She is not pretty enough to pull off that hair.

  18. JenniferJustice says:

    Kate Bosworth looks amazing. She pulls off the old school glamour amazingly well. I actually think that dress is awesome – feathers and all.

    Kate Hudson looks like a smeared mess. The dress is ill-fitting, but it showed alot of skin, so she was happy with it. Her hair is flat, greasy, and dull. Her makeup is shiny and smudged. And her FACE, don’t even get me started. I’ll just say she should have left well-enough alone.

    Frieda looks very pretty and nice to see another lady with some curves and meat rather than a sinewy bag of bones. She is a naturally beautiful woman.

    Elizabeth Banks needs to lay off the commercials. She’s overexposed and ruining the mystique most in Hollywood have. She always comes acrossed slightly conceited to me. I don’t like her dress, but I like that she went in a different direction and doesn’t feel like she has to do what everybody else is doing.

  19. Kym says:

    Overall, the dresses/gowns this year are a special kind of awful – imo

  20. Carol says:

    I loved Kate’s entire look including the “just got out of the pool” hair. I love Frieda but that dress is a mess – what’s up with that giant belt, Kate Bosworth looks beautiful although rather stiff in her lavender dress, loved Selena’s dress and what the heck is going on with Elizabeth Banks. I’ve seen the exact hairdo on Margaret Thatcher.

  21. LisD says:

    Selena looks great but it looks like she forgot to change the polish on her toes to match her fingernail polish. Love her look though.

  22. dj says:

    Bless Kate Hudson’s heart! That dress is just no! She has fallen back into old habit of hair behind the ears even with her nice haircut. I noticed her in another interview recently for her book, her skin was broken out and terribly covered over with thick makeup. It looks like possibly it still is here. Stay home and get some skin treatments Kate. I cannot believe I am saying this but Kate B for the win here. Her dress is such a beautiful color. Frieda is gorgeous but not a big fan of this ensemble. I want to “straighten” out her top because it looks not quite right. I know this is the current fashion trend. Not a fan. Selena looks the most comfortable and age appropriate. Poor Elizabeth. What happened? Usually I love what she wears but not this night. I am sure these women spent hours getting ready (OK maybe not KH) and wanted to look beautiful.