Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom ‘are an official couple, she calls him her boyfriend’

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got together quite recently. Katy was with her yo-yo boyfriend, douchenozzle John Mayer around New Year’s and then she got over Mayer by hooking up with Bloom a couple weeks later, after a Golden Globes party. He’s said to have followed her around until she left with him. Then, just a couple days later, they both happened to be at Stella McCartney’s show, where Katy tried to avoid Orlando when he again acted overeager. At some point after that Katy just gave up and fell for Orlando, she has no douchemeter after all, and they seem to have gotten serious quickly. He’s already introduced her to his five year-old son, which is said to have understandably pissed off his ex and son’s mom, Miranda Kerr.

After that epic romance of about six weeks comes the official couple rollout, and it’s a doozy. It’s like Katy and Orlando are competing with Gwen and Blake. All they need is a reality show. Over the weekend we saw plenty of staged paparazzi photos of Katy and Orlando in Hawaii on vacation. There’s Orlando and Katy hiking shirtless and in a bikini top, there’s Orlando and Katy starting lovingly into each other’s eyes and of course there are plenty of quotes about their Hawaiian vacation. Since the response to those photos was a collective eye rolling, there are now sources confirming the relationship and spelling it out for us, along with new photos of them out in New York:

While the couple has been spotted together here and there over the last few months, stirring up speculation of a romance, E! News can confirm they are an “official couple.”

“Katy likes how down to earth Orlando is,” the insider told us. “They seem to be getting serious and are an official couple. She calls him her boyfriend.”

This all makes sense considering the amount of time they’ve been spending together recently. Not only did they go on a Hawaiian vacation together last week, but upon their return, they’ve been staying together in New York City.

In fact, on Tuesday night, the couple was photographed leaving a romantic dinner date at The Polo Bar in Midtown Manhattan.
Perry literally dazzled in an sparkly black dress with drop earrings and bright red lipstick, while Bloom opted for a more casual style in gray pants and a black and leather jacket.

Another onlooker tells us, “It looked like Katy was very comfortable being her self in front of Orlando…They were sitting close to each other, [and] Orlando was a gentleman.”

During their two-hour date, the source also notes, “Katy was smiling during their dinner, and Orlando could not keep his eyes off her while they were eating. The way it looked seemed like they been dating each other for sometime now. They were very relaxed.”

[From E! Online]

So Katy’s type is usually “cheater with dark hair,” but at least Orlando is a monogamist and at least he seems really into her. I mean he’s been linked with a bunch of women, including Selena Gomez who is way too young for him, but I do think he’s generally faithful. By most accounts he didn’t want his marriage with Miranda Kerr to end, although it’s hard to know what happened. So help me, I kind of like these two together! The super cheesy Hawaii pictures are such an obvious move and while it’s possible that Orlando is trying to revive his career, he also seems so grateful that Katy just wants to be with him. I kind of want them to last. Remember how sh*tty John Mayer treated her in public (which is how he treats every woman), and how her marriage to Russell Brand crashed and burned? These two make sense, as Kaiser said recently.

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  1. vauvert says:

    I like these tw together and hope they last, at least a while. She usually has terrible taste in men and I think Orly will be good for her. Based on the pics above, they both seem into each other, despite the media trying to portray it like she had to “give in” after much begging from him.
    Either way, we never hear anything negative about him in regards to relationships, I think he is actually a very decent guy and a doting dad. (Still mad he missed punching Bieber’s lights out and I generally abhor violence)
    So have fun you crazy kids. I’d love for them to be together when the next Pirates comes out, and she joins him on the promotion tour… (Rubbing hands with gossipy glee)

    • Pixi says:

      I too like these two…

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      I actually think they make sense and don’t fully get the Orlando hate? Like did he do something of epic douchey proportions that I missed? Katy is always such a testament to the power of makeup. She looks gorgeous in the pink dress pics, then I look at the Hawaii vacation pics and shes so very average and plain without the makeup.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        ITA on Katy looking like a ghost without make-up. Her hair color is way too dark, that’s why she needs all that war paint. And I don’t think these Hawaii pics were staged – she would’ve vetoed them, non?

    • Bridget says:

      They’re pretty well matched. Kind of dim but good natured and love a good party. Plus she needs someone that doesn’t have quite so much going on professionally so she can shine (not trying to shade Orlando there – he had a good run for a while there).

  2. Insomniac says:

    Serious question: Why do people think Orlando is a douche? I don’t get it. I get that his career didn’t pan out the way people expected, and I guess that there was that whole “taking a swing at Justin Bieber” business (although I’m not sure whether that makes Orly a douche). He seems like a nice enough guy. If anything, he seems way more low-key than Katy’s last few guys.

    • ell says:

      do people think he’s a douche? i always thought they make fun of him because his career flopped and since then he’s been a bit thirsty, but other than that he’s fine.

    • tegteg says:

      Yeah, I’ve never heard the douche comments, just the thirsty comments.

    • Insomniac says:

      I see. Maybe it wasn’t here, but I was reading about this somewhere and the reaction was generally “KATY, NOOOO”. I just found that kind of weird.

      • Nicole says:

        Maybe because he’s a dork. But loads of wonderful people are dorks. It’s cool.

    • Naya says:

      The Selena thing didnt help. Nor did the fisticuffs with Justin. Throw in that he now has a party boy rep and spends way too much time in clubs and yatchs that seem unsuitable for a dad hitting 40. He hasnt done himself any favors is what I am saying.

    • Luca76 says:

      I actually know a few people who have met him and Miranda when they were together (they worked for them in a capacity). They couldn’t stop cooing ovr her and how nice she is/was and heavily hinted that he was a jerk which surprised me so I do vote for him being a douche.

      • Velcrodots says:

        Funny you say that, because I know people who worked on The Hobbit and they said the opposite. They said she was quite rude and cold while he was generally nice (but thick as a post).

    • Amber says:

      I think he’s plenty sleazy. Remember this vintage, side-eye from Lainey http://www.laineygossip.com/Orlando-Bloom-behaves-strangely-before-car-accident/7701 It’s a nice example of how Bloom’s messiness is kept on the down-low, ignored, or excused. Another one being, yeah flicking his wrist in Bieber’s general direction. He’s a grown man and a father, who was there because he was partying with Leo DiCaprio in Ibiza. Since he and Miranda split, he’s become an honorary of the Wolf Pack née P*ssy Posse. He seems to spend A LOT of time partying, hopping from one hot spot to another. And no one says anything. If this was Miranda on a red carpet or with her boyfriend, we’d have seen a half a dozen comments asking “Where’s the kid?” by now. Another example, Miranda! Birds of a feather… I could never understand why people would pile on Miranda for her hypocrisy, her thirst, and her general awfulness (all true) while she and Bloom were total compadres in a lot of it. It’s blamed on his poor taste in women. Like he’s some poor sap who can’t see through it. It’s so Hemsworth and Pataky. Fool me once with your drama filled, PR friendly, on/off relationship with Kate Bosworth. I’m not fooled twice with the same type of relationship with thirsty-as-the-Sahara Miranda and making a pap target of your son. Oh, and Bloom’s also friends with Uncle Terry. http://www.joesdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/terry-richardson-orlando-bloom-oscars-600×399.jpg They go way back, and he was already friends with Theroux, (and Aniston individually. Even before they were together. He’s in the Paltrow, Chelsea Handler, Downey Jr., Stella McCartney gang.)

  3. INeedANap says:

    He’s not a particularly good actor but I’m really fond of him. He seems easy-going and friendly, like an old dog. Or maybe it’s just leftover Legolas goodwill.

  4. Div says:

    They weirdly make sense together. Also, while I think Orlando is kind of gross….although I think the Selena Gomez thing was just speculation. Apparently they share the same manager or something and he’s known her since she was a kid (and the manager was with them a few times they were were supposedly “out” together by themselves on a date).

    I’ve always been amazed though how she turned herself into to the victim when she and Russell Brand both seemed at fault for their mess of a marriage (to be fair, he didn’t start getting catty until she repeatedly passive aggressively (and not so passive aggressively) trashed him in the media). I just remember he was giving a serious speech once in honor of Amy Winehouse, who he was apparently close friends with, and she got on the stage after him to present something else and she was visibly sloshed and appeared high AF. Then again, he supposedly broke up with her via text message. Meh.

    • ell says:

      russel brand is a twat, there’s no defending. i don’t even like katie, but brand is the worst.

      • Div says:

        I think he’s a total d*ck but the press turned into an angel and devil situation.

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, my understanding is that he’s a recovering addict and she wanted to party. A disastrous combination definitely and while I find him generally douchey, I don’t think he was in this particular case.

    • Cricket says:

      Just watched the Amy documentary – great – and it stated that Russell Brand was trying to get Amy into rehab as well. Must have been a spit in the face moment that he was on stage honoring her and Katy was piss drunk.

  5. ell says:

    there you go. you see, that’s what i mean when i say you can tell when a relationship is pr, look at those 2. btw remember when orlando bloom was a thing? i’m a huge lotr fan but i never had a crush on him because i was in love with aragorn, however as a kid i used to think he was going to be the new leonardo di caprio lmao

    • LAK says:

      As much as LOTR elevated him, it required such a big chunk of time commitment that other career opportunities weren’t possible. All the main actors had to give up other career opportunities for about 2-3yrs because they shot back to back. Ditto THE HOBBIT. It’s a hard and bitter pill to swallow because on the one hand you are part of an amazing franchise, but on the other, you can’t play any other parts due to time constraints.

      By the time you are done, actors behind you are ahead of you, and you aren’t on casting lists anymore. If you *are* typecast, even worse. If your part didn’t elevate you, you might as well be at the starting blocks.

      The only actors who did well out of that franchise are the ones who had supporting or bit parts. Still very intense, but didn’t take away a big chunk of their time or availability for other projects.

      I hope the same doesn’t happen to the new STAR WARS girl. She finished the previous film, did the press roll out and is already working on film no 2. Assuming she’s in no 3 (assuming it’s only a trilogy), she hasn’t had the time, nor will she have the time to make other films for 6yrs. They are being made back to back. When will she find the time to make other films?

      The TWILIGHT/HUNGER GAMES films were not shot back to back. It gave all the actors time for other projects. Ditto the AVENGERS/BATMAN/SUPERMAN franchises.

      • Jess says:

        The thing about Orlando is that he did 2 massive franchises, by his own choice presumably.
        The guy who played Frodo at least did some good acting in art house movies before he became frodo. He’s probably one of those actors whose career was hurt by wereas orlandos career seemed to have been made by pirates and Lord of the ring.
        It definitely can be a problem to be in franchises but I do think it’s to do with what choices you make and how good you are. Keira knightly was in pirates but she made much better choices and ultimately grew more as an actress.

      • ell says:

        but he did try to do other things in between, he did that movie with kirsten dunst and another boxing one, iirc. it didn’t work out because he isn’t all that good, and obviously getting into another franchise as soon as he was done with lotr wasn’t the smartest move either.

        anyway, i think both daisy ridley and john boyega are far better actors than orlando ever was, so in that sense they have a better shot at a career post star wars.

      • Bridget says:

        Orlando had huge opportunities that just didn’t pan out. LOTR famously shot in one big chunk, so he was still able to capitalize on that fame. Elizabethtown, Kingdom of Heaven, Troy – all showed how weak of an actor he really was. Pirates of the Caribbean (which was probably the real time suck) was a hit because of Johnny Depp.

    • Cacao says:

      @Bridget you’re spot on. He’s been in so many blockbusters and had some great chances to get noticed for serious roles but he’s just not for ceful or powerful or skilled as an actor. He seems like a really genuine and nice guy though. He did some adaptation of the three musketeers and I caught a clip and he was just terrible. I mean, compare him to someone like Christian Bale or Ryan Gosling and there’s just no comparison.

  6. Barrett says:

    I feel bad though, he seems like a nice guy who likes her more and may end up heart broken or psycho stalker after a break up.

    • kai says:

      “He seems like a nice guy who may end up a psycho stalker” made me laugh for some reasons)

  7. Size Does Matter says:

    When clinger met clinger. They’re perfect for each other.

    • Kitten says:

      He really has the worst taste in women.

      • Jess says:

        But can he actually do better? He was a thing when he was younger but nowadays he’s sort of like an ageing starlet who isn’t working much because their not young and cute anymore and they are not a very good actor.Katy like her or not is what’s going to keep him relevant. And this thing with Katy is going to look better than fist fights with bieber or hanging out with Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner which is what he was known for in the last year. This is a much better look for him than that at least.

      • Kitten says:

        Oh I don’t disagree with anything you say. Meh. I don’t like Katy Perry so maybe I’m just being a b*tch.

    • Andrea says:

      I love this comment! Orlando could get with Gwen Stefani though, that’d be the ultimate cling-on. 🙂

  8. Eleonor says:

    I don’t know why but this two make sense.
    I hope they last.
    And somewhere Miranda Kerr is not happy AT ALL.
    Mariah has her enourmous engagement ring and her billionaire, Liberty Ross has her billionaire, Jerry Hall is getting married and now even her ex husband has found an a-list rich celebrity girlfriend.

  9. Angelica says:

    These two are pretty cheeseball but I gotta admit I think they’re pretty cute together.

  10. D says:

    “cheater with dark hair”- back when I was young and dumb, that was my type too. Maybe she’s growing up, and she wants something different.

  11. paolanqar says:

    I don’t know.. they look so ODD together.

    • Sarah01 says:

      Yes I agree.

      I want him to have a decent comeback. Why isn’t he in any recent movies?
      i do think Miranda did a number on him and that took its toll.

      • Cacao says:

        Because he’s a terrible actor. He seems like a really nice man but zero charisma and can’t really act.

  12. Dhavynia says:

    I think he can do better, but who knows?
    And the whole thing about him chasing her all the time? I don’t buy it

  13. serena says:

    He doesn’t come off like a douche, or maybe he would be the ‘best’ douche she ever dated. Either way, Orly seems like a good guy.

  14. JH says:

    I do not think those Hawaii pics were staged. She looked terrible and genuinely pissed off.

    • Cacao says:

      She’s looks great with the bubble gum makeup on but so utterly homey without the makeup!

  15. Nancy says:

    She has the worst luck with men. Maybe Orlando will make her flowers Bloom. She looks better with him than little munchkin faced girl he was married to. I’d go as low on the radar as possible, as once “they” announce you’re a couple, the paps are relentless as with Gwen and that country singer, although I think they like the attention.

  16. Chinoiserie says:

    Do you really think it is wrong to introduce child to your girlfriend? I mean you should not tell that she is a girlfriend because you might break up and it could be confusing for a child, and if you have girlfriends often you should not do it either (or if this is not really dating but the article says it is). But just meeting a person a couple of times before being told she and dad are dating could make the kid adjust better to the dating I think.

  17. Hollz says:

    TBH, I ship it.

    No really though, I kinda love them together. Last time I liked a celebrity couple this much …Well, they’re married and have two kids now. (Yes, I love Kayne and Kim together. They make sense, on an egotistical level)

  18. artpunk44 says:

    Oddly enough, I really like it! They’re cute together, I hope it really works.

  19. Pandy says:

    They should work. His career is a bit quiet right now so he has time to hang with her. And I bet she likes that he commits enough to be a husband and father.

  20. Bread and Circuses says:

    I like these two together too! I think they’ll be kind to each other–and they’ve both had experience with a partner who was not kind to them.

  21. Naddie says:

    He’s one of the most overrated people in the looks departament, ever. When ladies were swooning over him in Lord of the rings, I was like “Wait, this is not about Aragorn?” Then they were doing the same in Troy and I was like “F**k, this is not about Brad Pitt or Eric Bana?” Plus he’s not a great actor either, so that made him overrated in whole.

  22. Cacao says:

    He’s really gross (he used to be semi hot – see Legolas and blond wig) these days and is a terrible actor, but he seems like a nice man who hasn’t ever cheated and treats his partners well. Good for Katy. She doesn’t need the PR but he certainly does. He has his own money also. This write-up is accurate especially this: “is trying to revive his career, he also seems so grateful that Katy just wants to be with him”

  23. Caz says:

    Yep I like these two together as well. Not feeling snarky today…no snide comments 🙂

  24. Sweet&LowDown says:

    As glamorous and as nice as KP seems in public. . She can’t seem to keep a man. Her BFF, Rihanna is the same way. My guess is alcoholism with Katy & for Rihanna. .her terrible personality & serious drug problems.