Sharon Osbourne hates nannies: ‘I caught two nannies in bed with Ozzy’

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Sharon Osbourne is still on The Talk and that show is still airing, just FYI. I just watched several minutes of it (because Comcast on demand doesn’t let you fast forward) and it looks marginally better than The View, which has been the case for years. The ladies were talking about Eva Amurri’s nanny scandal, where Eva’s husband was “accidentally” texted a message from a new nanny addressed to a friend of hers and wondering whether he’d want to hook up with her. Instead he fired the nanny and then Eva blogged about it.

Julie Chen said to Sharon Osbourne that “I feel like you’ve fired someone in a similar way” and Sharon admitted “so many times.” She then went on to explain that she’d caught her husband, Ozzy, in bed with two different nannies, but not at the same time.

“I kept saying, like for the last 30 years, I’m going to write a book on nannies. We used to have four nannies because I had three children. I would work five days a week, I would travel. You can’t work a nanny seven days a week so they would be four nannies rotating. I’m telling you they were the bane of my existence. They were all wanting to be celebrities. They all want money. It just unlucky me. I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy. Different times.

After that Sarah Gilbert joked “Maybe it’s Ozzy you should be mad at.”

No way, he’s out of his mind. He’s calling them his first wife, he’s calling them me. He don’t know. At the end of the day I hired a nanny called Big Dave. He wouldn’t have even called [Big Dave] his first wife .

So Sharon blamed the nannies for sleeping with her husband, but her husband isn’t to blame at all because he was drunk and on drugs. That’s pretty telling and is probably characteristic of their entire relationship.

Sharon has talked about Ozzy and the nannies before, and about Ozzy’s cheating and drug use. In her 2006 autobiography, Sharon said that Ozzy slept with the nanny on the night that Jack was born in 1985. Obviously she forgave him and blamed it on his drunkenness. Her solution to Ozzy cheating was just to buy really expensive jewelry and send Ozzy the bill. She said “The amount depended on what he had done. There was a sliding scale. I would show him what I had bought, and he would look in horror. But he would always pay out of guilt.” Is that being a doormat or is it being practical? I would take a faithful spouse over any amount of jewelry.

Sharon and Ozzy in 1986:
Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne

'Amy' premiere at ArcLight Cinemas - Arrivals

Pride of Britain Awards arrivals

Exclusive... Sharon Osbourne Out Shopping In West Hollywood

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  1. Snazzy says:

    My aunt did the same thing to her hubby when she caught him cheating – but instead of jewellery it was $$. I was happy for her that she stuck it to him and got hers, but also felt sorry for her (and lost a bit of respect for her as well) because she couldn’t just walk away from my a-hole uncle.

    It makes me said for them when people can’t or won’t walk away from someone who treats them badly

    • swak says:

      Doesn’t Kobe Bryant do the same thing? When he cheats, his wife doesn’t have to go buy the jewelry because he does it for her.

      • Prettykrazee says:

        Yep! Vanessa got a 4 million dollar purple diamond from Kobe when he was ‘caught’ with that groupie. I don’t know if she got anything when he was caught with the cheerleader.

      • morc says:

        I wouldn’t tae the 4M$ ring, I would take the 4M$.

    • kai says:

      … and then blame the women. Sharon’s an asshole.

      • Crumpet says:


      • Santia says:

        The mental acrobatics she was undertaking to excuse HIS behavior while blaming the women was exhausting to read.

      • Harryg says:


      • Nameless says:

        Agree that’s it is ultimately the committed party who is responsible for infidelity. But that doesn’t mean people who have sex with people in relationships are off the hook. It’s a bad thing to do and a moral failing, imo. If you sleep with a married man or woman, you’re an asshole, period.

        That said, if Ozzy was so cognitively impaired that he couldn’t differentiate between a nanny and a prior spouse, there’s a consent issue.

      • Sammy_dog says:

        She’s an adult and it’s her life and marriage. She can decide what’s best for herself.

    • Melca Blue says:

      When I was a teenager, my friend’s mother told us “It’s best to marry rich and unhappy, then to marry poor and happy” My friend married “poor” (in her mother’s eyes) and got a job at daddy’s company

      • Bettyrose says:

        Ha! I had a friend who’s mom was all “marry the man who loves you, not the man you love.” It really is an entirely new concept that marriage can be based on mutual love respect, and financial contribution.

        Poor Sharon Osbourne. She’ll always be the chubby teen who landed a rock star husband (who daddy managed). She’ll never think she’s worthy of her own dirt bag of a husband.

      • Wren says:

        I’ve heard variations of that too from several sources.
        “You should love him, but not too much.”
        “He should love you a little bit more than you love him.”
        It’s crazy to think that not too long ago, marriage was pretty much the only career path for women. The ideas and stratagies from that time are still alive and kicking. Hell, last night I was just thinking that women’s right to vote in the US isn’t even a 100 years old. Sad.

      • LisaH says:

        Holy —-! I thought it was only my mom who said that crap. “Make sure he loves you more than you love him” was like her marriage mantra. She also once told me she didn’t care if I was happy, as long as the guy I married was rich. I used to try to tell myself she was joking. Truth is, her comments messed with my head for a LONG time. Because I always had this strange dream of having, you know, a normal, loving marriage.


    • ISO says:

      My ex was abusive and offered diamond earrings. I declined. I don’t wear jewelry and just wanted a loving family; I guess I can’t judge a woman who feels money or baubles are fair compensation because I’m just not made that way. I left him after eight months. Children see and copy everything- I didn’t want to raise boys who saw a woman accepting abuse.

    • says:

      My grand-mother used to say that it’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is with a poor one. And not easy to be married with one or the other.

  2. Patricia says:

    Shut up Sharon.
    I was a nanny for years and the family valued me as a person who cared for their children every week day with love and dependability. Being a nanny is a hard job, and nannies should be valued.
    If women repeatedly end up in your husband’s bed it’s not the women who are the problem.

    • Snazzy says:

      So true!! A number of my friends have jobs where both they and their partners travel a lot so they have nannies – and they often tell me how they could not survive without them. Their nannies are part of the family and they love them to death. How can you not trust the person you have caring for your children?

    • Mimi says:

      “If women repeatedly end up in your husband’s bed it’s not the women who are the problem”. This is complete bs. Neither should get a free pass. A man who is unfaithful to his wife is a selfish douchebag who deserves to be hung out to dry. Any woman who knowingly sleeps with another woman’s husband is a classless piece of trash and deserves to have the whole world know it. The women aren’t the problem? Are you kidding me? They are just as much the problem as the married men they choose to be involved with.

      • fedup says:

        @mimi, Nicely put. How people justify these women’s behavior is beyond me. And without a doubt cheating husband is a douchebag.
        Of course there’s nannies that are decent and wouldn’t do that, but if her experience is to catch 2 of them in bed with her husband , trust becomes an issue. I don’t agree with her ‘husband was drugged ‘ and didn’t know what he was doing bull.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Agreed that both parties are at fault but “classless piece of trash”? Spare me. Why don’t we just classify her as a whore, shun her from society, and be done with it? Perhaps a good old fashioned stoning?

      • Pandy says:

        Spot on Mimi. All are douches. Except Sharon. Who married for love. Not to be famous herself of course.

      • Capepopsie says:

        I do so agree!!
        Very well said.

      • Div says:

        They’re both at fault and I don’t think the OP was ever saying that wasn’t true. She’s pointing out that Ozzy has a pattern, yet Sharon acts like he’s 100% absolved of any guilt. It’s not that there are evil girls out to seduce him at any chance; it’s that he’ll jump in bed with any as*hole chick who doesn’t care that he is married basically.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        I don’t think Patricia was saying that the women and nannies who get with the married man get a pass. She’s saying that if you’ve caught your husband cheating with more than one person, maybe the common denominator is HIM, and not an entire class or group of women (in this case nannies). If a guy will cheat multiple times with your nannies, they’re likely not the only people he’ll cheat with.

        Why not call spouses AND the people they have affairs with selfish disrespectful cheating assholes, instead of having separate terms for the sexes where the man who does it just gets his personality attacked (selfish douchebag) while the woman’s status as a human being is revoked (she’s trash)? People are a little too comfortable with dehumanizing a woman for what she’s done with (or what they think she’ll do with) her lady parts. People of both sexes and all sexual orientations need to show respect for people’s monogamous relationships.

    • SM says:

      Exactly. I had a nanny for a year and she was a life savior. I really tried to make her fell needed and appreciated because even with one kid it is ahuge and hard work. Now he is off to kindergarden and I really miss her during the times that he is ill:)
      Talking of Shannon it is so rich of her to blame only women. It is her husband that was caught with his pants down. And the “payments” in expensive presents actually is very telling. She clearly allowed to be treated like a doormat. That is her problem. If you value expensive things more that your relationships that is what you get.
      By the way is Shannon’s plastic surgeon trying to give her a look “baby pooping”?

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Sure it is. But it is also the man. It takes two to Tango.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Sure but the man is “selfish” while the woman is “trash.” His flaw can be changed, and he can be forgiven, while she’s now subhuman and the “whole world should know.” Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mimi’s post both capture this sentiment nicely.

      • Violet says:

        The husband is more akin to trash, he’s married. The nannies can hardly be expected to have the same attachment to a stranger, it just doesn’t work like that. If my sister were dumb enough to steal my car to take her and some friend of hers on a road trip, she’s the one I’m going to blame. Add to that these women are probably fairly young and being pursued by a celebrity who also happens to be their boss. This whole women-should-know-better sisterhood thing often seems to be used as an excuse to trash women. In fact I think men actually tend to be less judgemental towards their own gender, women get the “whore” cries from both sides.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Good point @Bettyrose. I should have read your comment first.

    • nicegirl says:

      Yes, finally, former nannies speak!

      I was a nanny for several years, for more than one lovely family. Never once was I hit on or made to feel like an object. Lots of amazing people employ nannies, and lots of amazing people work in the field.

  3. Jules says:

    But don’t blame the drunken cheating husband?

    • vilebody says:

      I actually sort of get what she’s saying. *don’t stone me yet!*
      If he’s so drunk/drugged/whatever that he can’t remember their names, I would not consider him giving proper consent. Having sex with someone who cannot give consent is *never* okay. That said, I definitely blame him for unhealthy and self-destructive behavior.

      • Jules says:


      • crtb says:

        That’s a load of crap. He compounded the problem by not only cheating on his wife, having sex with the nanny while his children present, but having a drug and alcohol problem. I blame Sharon. People treat you as you allow them to treat you. What message did she send to her children? Instead of buying expensive stuff, she should have gotten an expensive divorce lawyer. Why did she put up with it? Because she didn’t want to lose her life style and celebrity status of being married to a rock star!

  4. NewWester says:

    So the nannies are the only ones at fault? If Ozzie is so out of his mind that he is calling the nannies by his first wife’s name, it sounds like you also need to hire some round the clock care for Ozzie. Hiring a male attendant for him would be a good idea.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      So much this.
      Did I read correctly that he regularly mistook the nanny for his wife?? If yes, that’s either a mental disorder or he is full of sh**.

      • Tammy White says:

        It’s possible he was so drunk he didn’t know what was up…I watched their reality show. He was barely functional & lucid.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    What a sad life, telling yourself it’s OK to excuse terrible behavior because he’s too drunk and drugged out to know the difference.
    How could one enjoy wearing a piece of jewelry, knowing it was purchased for that reason?

  6. Aussie girl says:

    I found her point of blame on the women and not ozzy really weak. Yes he had addiction problems but it’s cheating. Oh and I’m not saying what these women did was right but the old blame the women and not the poor off his guts man is a bit eye role.

    • Tulip says:

      Ah. I never thought about it, but (right or wrong)*maybe* the 2 nannies going after someone who was well known to be out of his mind on drugs was filed under predatory acts on a vulnerable person in her mind.

  7. Maya says:

    Don’t know if I lose more respect for the cheaters or their partners who excuses the cheating and stays with them.

    If the cheating was proven then dump the cheaters and leave with your head held high.

    • Louisa says:

      Easier said than done if there are young kids involved.

      • Wren says:

        Yup. Easier said than done period, really. I always wonder if the people who so vehemently declare that you should dump the other person immediately and never look back have ever had to face that choice. It’s pretty easy to say what you would do hypothetically, but relationships and the emotions involved are rarely simple. And if you have, and done exactly as you preach, power to you. Just don’t expect everyone else to share that path, or even the desire to take it.

      • Rhea says:

        @Louisa : See, that’s what my mom always said to us since we’re small. She basically blame us for making her stay so long in the marriage, although both of my parents are not happy with each other even untill now. She took every chance to remind my dad his mistakes, took every chance to speak badly about him—without caring we were just a small kid back then, and she still doing this now that we’re out of the house with our own family. (Mind you, dad gave her lots of expensives things out of guilt and she took them, anyway)

        She would remind us how big she sacrificed for us—-her time and youth and her brain—by being stuck with my dad. They would argued, they would using us as a pawn, they would using us to take side, they would made us siblings against each other. When I was a kid, I rather wish they got a divorce than keep on pretending to other people that we’re a one happy family.

        To this day, they still stay married in that big ol house. One would stay on the other side of the house as they no longer share the same bed for God knows how long. Plus, that way they don’t have to talk and see each other unless it’s necessary.

      • Maya says:

        Using the children as an excuse is not good.

        If you stay with a cheater then you are showing your children that it is acceptable. That you don’t have any strength or self respect to break away.

        As Rhea correctly said – the children will be more damaged in the long run. Better to break free with your dignity then spends years together and ruin everyone’s lives.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      I disagree with this. Leaving a marriage is a very painful thing to do especially with children regardless of finances. It has nothing to do with dignity but more to do with painful decisions and loads of heartbreak. When you marry or commit deeply to someone you go into it with hopes and dreams and love. When it starts falling apart for whatever reason you hope and try to save it and to get back to the good parts again. It’s like a death and the grief is almost debilitating. So I may make different choices than some people but my own experience has left me less judgmental and more compassionate.
      Btw children react to divorce and splits differently. There is no one size fits all.

  8. Lala says:

    So much delusion going on in these nanny posts, I can’t…

  9. Esther says:

    oh well with Ozzy i actually believe he has no clue who he is sleeping with.

    • swak says:

      And so that’s okay? Sure he slept with other women besides his wife and the nannies. Never okay as Ozzy is just as much to blame as the women he is sleeping with.

      • Esther says:

        im not being serious, its about Ozzy as a trainwreck. i dont even know what a relationship to him could give someone unless you love being the caretaker of someone that destroyed himself with drugs.

      • Tammy White says:

        @Swak…ever listen to Ozzy in an interview? Watch his reality show? I doubt he knows who HE is anymore.

    • crtb says:

      Then get him the help he needs. Being damaged from your poor choices (drugs and alcohol) is no excuse for cheating. Blame the nannie? Blame the person who broke their marriage vows. Blame the person who is screwing in the same home your children are sleeping in. So he get a life pass on all future poor behavior cause he is messed by drugs? When does she stop accepting that as an excuse?

  10. missmerry says:

    I think it’s tough for anyone to understand why married couples have this sort of relationship. I think I’d prefer a faithful husband over ca$h and jewelry, but clearly Sharon doesn’t agree. There are so many levels of love and understanding and so many types of marriages.

    IMO, this clearly was a life she was looking for. Maybe a faithful husband doesn’t make or break her. Maybe being the ‘rock’ to a mess of a man makes her feel more fulfilled and happy with her life than a faithful husband, maybe she refuses to not trust him so kept going out on travel and work and leaving him to make his decisions.

    maybe she’s addicted to the drama. they’ve been at it for years.

    either way, I can’t sit here and condemn. She’s made money and got multiple TV shows out of her relationship with Ozzy, still seems to be happy and in love, has her 3 children and now grandchildren.

    • Shambles says:

      Yeah, it makes me really sad personally. But this is obviously the life she wanted, so I can’t hate on her for her own choices. She’s not blind to who he is, and obviously wants to be Ozzy’s wife more than she wants a faithful husband. Ok. Kind of depressing to me, but it’s her life.

    • hmmm says:

      “She’s made money and got multiple TV shows out of her relationship with Ozzy, , still seems to be happy and in love”.

      How pathetic. This makes her an opportunist who values $$$ over self-respect. If she were okay with it, and so totally in love, she would have said, “yeah, Ozzy is a total cheater, but we have an agreement” and not excuse him. At. All. Who can be totally in love with a cheater who treats you like dirt?

    • Venus says:

      They separated a few years ago … did they get back together?

    • Naya says:

      People value different things. For you its exclusivity, for another its companionship. Some people prioritise emotional stability and others financial security. And with everything in life there are tradeoffs. Sharon has traded exclusivity for keeping the family together and possibly financial security ( although she definitely makes more than he does these days). I refuse to judge it just because it is not a choice I would likely make.

      Also, who knows what people would really do in these situations. I have watched Wendy judge other women for staying with cheating husbands for years and only learnt on this site that she revealed in her book that her husband cheated on her just days after her child was born and guess what…..she stayed.

      • crtb says:

        She valued expensive things. Her husband was rich. She didn’t want to lose her life style. This is not a case of a person like you or me whose lives might be financially devastated by divorce.

      • Naya says:

        She actually run his career and saved him from professional and financial ruin. And had children with him. Its hardly as simple as “furs and diamonds”. I really detest the judgemental tone some women employ in cases like this. I’m even willing to bet there are a few on here tutting away despite making this same choice with an SO. People can be so dishonest

        IF somebody values other factors over monogamy, thats fine. Its not societies job to demand that all women chase exclusivity above all else.

    • Wren says:

      I thought they divorced……. or at least split up.

      Anyway, you have a very valid point. Her life isn’t something I’d ever choose or want, but it’s her life and not mine. Maybe she’s content with it. Maybe drama and jewelry were enough for her in marriage. It certainly doesn’t sound like she sat around lonely at home while he went out and cheated on her. She had her own things to do. Some people honestly just don’t prioritize fidelity, and not having it isn’t a make or break to them. His cheating may have been an irritation but not a devastating blow. Who knows. And if all that wasn’t true for her then I feel sorry for her and it’s too bad she couldn’t pull herself away.

  11. Ann says:

    It’s never the man’s fault, is it? It’s always “addiction”, “slutty whores”, “he’s had a bad childhood”, etc.

  12. Birdie says:

    Sharon has always been determined to be Ozzy’s wife no matter what. She was behind his comeback with the reality show. I think their relationship is messed up but incredibly stable and loving at the same time. I think they were meant for each other and Sharon had to be this “doormat” (excuse his cheating, live basically with crazy Ozzy) so it could work.

    • helonearth says:


      Sharon had an affair with Ozzy when he was married with two young children.
      Once they were married, she cheated on him with his guitarist.
      She is in no position to take pot shots at other women who sleep with married men/cheat.

  13. Jwoolman says:

    During his druggy days, Ozzie really was out of his mind. I can believe he was that confused. Sharon is no doormat, she knows the guy pretty well. She doesn’t tolerate any slippage back into drugs now for a reason – when he started using some on tour more recently, she gave him an ultimatum, choose her or the drugs, and let him stew alone for a while. It apparently worked. He didn’t choose the drugs.

  14. Let’s not forget that at one point her peach of a husband was jailed for attempting to murder her. While their children were present.

    Yeah, shtupping the nannies should be the least of her worries.

  15. KAI says:

    As I recall, Sharon Osbourne was the other women during Ozzy’s first marriage shortly after she began to work as his manager. As such, it would be very odd if she were to be shocked that he cheats.

  16. Kate says:

    Yeah yeah sure there are nannies in Hollywood looking to further their career but seriously? You HATE nannies?! I nannied one summer and I did it because I love children. All of my friends who are or have been nannies did it for the children. Why does Sharon point a finger at her cheating husband?
    Sure you fire the nanny who slept with your husband but don’t lump all nannies together.

  17. Citresse says:

    I can’t stand that woman. She’s nothing but a famewhore who constantly makes excuses for everyone and everything. And what kind of mother teaches her children to mail dog crap in a Tiffany box as some kind of problem solver? Their eldest child is the only one with any sense.

  18. Ninks says:

    If she’s happy living that life, then I guess good for her. But is it any wonder that her husband and children have all battled addiction issues for years, and will do so for their rest of their lives when she is such an enabler.

  19. HK9 says:

    Darling, if you keep catching your husband in bed with the nannies it’s your husband who is the common denominator here. So, now who wants to stick around for the money? Sharon~I think that’s you.

  20. OTHER RENEE says:

    Maybe she cheated too.

  21. Micki says:

    …..” I would take a faithful spouse over any amount of jewelry.”
    A faithful spouse is a blessing. On the other hand when I think about Elisabeth Taylor’s jewellery….aaarh, I’m torn….

  22. Tulip says:

    On the whole nanny subject, I used to believe that being a good tactician when it came to hiring nannies was the best defense if you found yourself saddled with an idiot of a partner. But increasingly I just want to punch out the offending spouse. As if they’re the only ones who get bored, who get weak, or who get (possibly) maneuvered by ambitious a-holes with a hot body.
    As women get more equality this will play out with high earning women being the cheaters, it’s nothing but a power play dressed up as sex. Men WISH they were so uncontrollably horny, but have they actually studied the effect of generations of social conditioning? Or female sexuality in a world that still has more men in the medical field and still has the bulk of research funded BY men? Ha.

    And I’m furious about these damn nanny stories because it’s such a low life move. Fight if you want to fight or at least tell your spouse where the battlefield is so you can get as good as you give.

    • Wren says:

      It’s all pretty old though, as far as the whole nanny thing goes. “Banging the nanny” is a pretty old trope and for good reason. I’m reading some old books written over a century ago and “banging the nanny” is a thing there too. Except it’s more “run away with the governess” but the idea is the same. Married man, bored with his wife, suddenly comes into close and frequent contact with beautiful young woman, passions are aroused, etc etc. I don’t think there’s any getting away from it.

      • Tulip says:


        I feel particularly messed up because now I want to read Jane Eyre again.

        You said books (plural) though. Any reccommended reads?

      • my3cents says:

        I think we’re all forgetting another aspect which is that he was her employer, which ultimately puts these women at a disadvantage. Maybe they felt it was needed or implied to keep their jobs? The unbalance of power is great here.
        I’m also thinking that Sharon was an enabler-in a lot of ways- she knew her husband was going to stray, then she might as well control the situation with who/when. Would not seem unlikely and she would not be the first to turn a blind eye, and even set him up for it.

      • Wren says:

        Right now I’m rereading Sherlock Holmes. There’s several “banging the nanny”, or at least wanting to bang the nanny, storylines in the collection. I can’t remember what book I encountered it in last, but it’s a theme that seems to come up frequently.

      • Tia says:

        There’s at least one Agatha Christie where an attractive nanny is a major plot point.

  23. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Well, Sharon, your priorities are pretty clear. Money and fame over self-respect and a good relationship. Got it. How pathetic.

    • MinnFinn says:

      +1 And I expect people who have made such choices to look dead in they eyes but in this case she does not which surprises me. How can she stand being with him? Yet I don’t think it’s an act. She appears to be happy and somewhat like the cat swallowed the canary.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        We can’t always tell if someone’s happy overall or depressed because of their life based on their facial expressions though.

  24. The Original G says:

    Poor husbands cheat too. Just saying.

  25. Lucy says:

    Oh dear. Jack seems like the only stable member of that family.

  26. db says:

    Oookkkaaaaay. Welp, their relationship works for them.

  27. Katie says:

    Why is it that so called “tough smart women” are usually the ones who make all the excuses in the world for a cheating, no good husband?

  28. TheGrandSophy says:

    ‘Is that being a doormat or is it being practical?’

    Neither. It’s being greedy. Girlfriend clearly wanted the gravy train to keep on rolling.

    No one would even know her name (or that of her daughter) if they weren’t attached to Ozzy. Can’t believe that these vapid, pointless individuals are given the air time that they are.

    Kelly Osbourne is currently a judge on Australia’s Got Talent – on what basis I have no idea. I can’t see any talent in her apart from being an attention-seeking loudmouth.

  29. colleen says:

    Sorry, but her thinking is so warped.

  30. Farhi says:

    Money can’t buy happiness, jewelry can’t either. That is all I got.

  31. lila fowler says:

    I’m always amazed at the amount of crap that women put up with from their husbands. What is the point of being a doormat? How does one even enjoy life if you have to constantly look the other way while your spouse drinks, gambles, humiliates and screws around on you? I just can’t. Looking at you, Jennifer Garner.

  32. sauvage says:

    You mean, you caught YOUR HUSBAND in bed with two different nannies on two different occasions?

    That’s where my focus would be in that situation, anyway.

  33. Div says:

    Kind of weird Sharon 100% blames the nannies and puts none of the blame on Ozzy considering that he was married when they first started hooking up. Dude has a pattern is what I am saying.

  34. word says:

    Ugghhh yes blame the women, not YOUR husband. It takes two honey !

  35. Wentworth Miller says:

    When I saw the thumbnail on the home screen, I thought it was a pictures of “Red” from Orange Is the New Black.
    I don’t know if this makes any difference, but didn’t she catch them in bed, together as opposed to her catching the nannies in bed with him? Is that like saying it’s the nannies fault? Not sure if I articulated what I was actually trying to say. It made more / better sense, in my head.

  36. HeyThere! says:

    I guess I’m weird, but if my husband did something horrible to our family…then spent a million on jewlery. I would HATE AND CRY every time I saw that jewlery. Reminding me of why he bought it for me. Hell no. I would leave him first. Cheating is my deal breaker.

    • Farhi says:

      Very true. That would be my reaction too.

    • Wentworth Miller says:

      And for that very reason, I couldn’t understand Vanessa Bryant wearing that ugly ass ring that Kobe bought her after the Colorado rape allegation.

  37. sara says:

    I am sure some of these nannies are partly to blame, but on the other hand it’s a slippery slope when your rich boss is trying to sleep with you. If you say no you lose your job and maybe any type of job in that environment and if you do sleep with your boss you are fired anyway. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. You cannot tell me that his maid was not pressured to sleep with him for years and years just to keep her job. And from the rumors, it seems that Arnold might have quite a few children across the globe from women that worked for him. This is what people need to look at, including Sharon Osborne, whom I despise. Was the nannies job at stake? Unfortunately, I know a few gross men who do use their position of power to get their female employees to sleep with them. It’s disgusting, but does happen more than it should. Not excusing these women, but bringing up a topic that is probably happening.

    • my3cents says:

      Yes, so right! Posted before seeing your comment…

    • Emily C. says:

      Exactly this.

      He took advantage of women in his employ. It’s an old story because that’s what rich men do. Maybe less now than they used to, but this was not an equitable relationship in any way at all. And, just like in the 18th century, it’s the woman who loses her livelihood if she’s caught, while the man loses absolutely nothing.

      I might forgive a man who cheated on me with someone who was his friend and equal, depending on the circumstances. With his employee? No way. The cheating isn’t even the main problem there — taking advantage of women is.

    • Meh says:

      THANK YOU. No one seems at all concerned that young, working class women are being routinely sexually harassed at work. The balance of power is heavily skewed toward the wealthy famous employer who the nanny is counting on for a reference for her next gig.

  38. why? says:

    Wasn’t Sharon O also the other woman? Why would she expect Ozzy to be faithful to her or even shocked that she found him in bed with nannies when he cheated on his first wife with Sharon?

  39. Bread and Circuses says:

    I don’t know — it sounds like Sharon only minded the adultery up to a point, which is to say, she minded it, but she and Ozzy could always negotiate the matter to a point of resolution that made sense to them both.

    If she’s okay with her husband occasionally being a drunk, or a druggie. or an adulterer, then she’s okay with it. Most of us wouldn’t be, but she was, and it’s not like she was a vulnerable or naive person.

  40. Konspiracytheory says:

    OT, but what the hell is going on with Sharon’s jawline?

  41. lheartgossip says:

    Oh lookie at Sharon. Trying to be relevant. Honey, Ozzy was always to wasted to get it up.

  42. LO says:

    I’m a nanny for a celebrity rock star. I don’t want to sleep with him or be famous. But yes I do want money… The money I’m owed for working.

  43. Sarah01 says:

    The money was too good! She couldn’t leave that lifestyle behind. Nannies are not the problem your husband sleeping with women is the issue. don’t like her, she knows what’s in her best interest financially that’s for sure. That’s slot of people. You can have money and be happy or unhappy you can have less money and be happy or unhappy.

  44. maggie says:

    I’d have to drunk and stoned to sleep with Ozzy. Yuck!

  45. amber88 says:

    Sharon is such an idiot. I loved Sarah Gilbert’s comment back to her about being mad at Ozzy. If Ozzy is so mentally unstable and has been for 25+ years…then how was he able to tour?? She’s one of those wives who blame the other women (and yes..they are culpable too) but excuse the husband. She really forgave him for sleeping with the nanny the night her son was born??? Clearly she stuck around for the $$.

  46. cat says:

    I guess Sharon did not she her own E! True Hollywood Story. She admitted Ozzy was married, when they started dating.

  47. Classy and Sassy says:

    And it’s all their fault!!!

  48. Marie says:

    Sharon is not a doormat. She went into the marriage with her eyes (and legs) wide open. She knew he was a cheater and an addict. She wanted fame and fortune and was willing to put up with a certain amount of “bad boy” behavior. She wanted to be married to a rock star and live that lifestyle, and she still does. She enjoys being part of Ozzy’s fame and enjoys telling the stories of the drama. I don’t think it bothers her very much at all. I think she feels powerful and fulfilled, and that’s probably part of her enabling his addictions.

  49. Marianne says:

    If he is that drunk/stoned that he thinks these other women are his ex-wives/current wife. That’s a problem.

    Doesn’t even seem like she was/is that concerned about it.

  50. JenniferJustice says:

    Does it even occur to Sharon that one of the reason’s Ozzy chose to keep drugging and getting drunk was for the excuse it offered when he got caught doing anythiing untoward? Because for several decades, that was his excuse and her excuse for him. I feel sorry for her that she thinks it’s acceptable let alone that jewels can compensate for such a horrid betrayal.