Bethenny Frankel no longer has to pay ex $12k a month spousal support: fair?

Skinnygirl creator Bethenny Frankel launches her new candy line Skinnygirl Candy
Bethenny Frankel went through a long and contentious divorce, which she’s calledthe most difficult thing you could ever go through in your entire life” because she’s incapable of sympathizing with anyone who isn’t exactly like her. It’s been three years since Bethenny started the process to divorce her ex, Jason Hoppy, longer than the three years they were married, and they’re still in court hashing out the support and property arrangements. In the latest ruling, Bethenny was relieved of having to pay Jason $12,000 a month, however Jason’s side was happy with the ruling as it declared that Bethenny wasn’t the sole owner of their condo by invalidating the trust that owned the apartment. Bethenny’s side claims this ruling is in their favor though. more on that in a moment.

Jason’s attorney, Bernard Clair, exclusively tells In Touch that the husband and wife met in appellate court, where four judges not only determined that the Real Housewives of New York star no longer has to pay temporary support to her ex, but also that rejected her argument that she was the sole owner of their Manhattan apartment just because she paid for it.

“Jason was thrilled that his wife’s argument that just because she paid for the condominium apartment, that she was therefore the sole owner was rejected. By rejecting that argument and requiring an evidentiary hearing, Jason is looking forward to his day in court,” Mr. Clair tells In Touch.

The lawyer explains the apartment is currently owned by “no one,” because it was owned by a trust, which has since been invalidated by law.

“Of course, Jason was not so happy with the decision to deny him temporary support and agreed with the judge who would not go along with the other judges,” Mr. Clair continues.

Following the appellate decision, both parties will be able to explore their options with a hearing at civil court in the near future.

[From In Touch]

While $12,000 a month is a hefty amount, it’s based on a formula. Bethenny has a whole beverage and food empire, I’m sure she can afford it. This is speculation based on years gossiping, but if Bethenny was the husband I doubt she would get off this easily. Still, they had a prenup and that’s what was being enforced here.

Meanwhile Bethenny says she’s pleased too:

“Bethenny is particularly pleased that the trust agreement, which was used in an attempt to obtain joint ownership of an apartment that she purchased, was rendered void and invalid due to fraudulent behavior in connection with the execution of the agreement,” her attorney Allan Mayefsky tells PEOPLE in a statement. “We believe that the evidence, including evidence of the husband’s fraudulent behavior and unclean hands, will clearly demonstrate that Bethenny, who is the sole purchaser, is also the sole owner. We are also pleased the court invalidated the award of interim spousal support to Jason based on his waiver in the prenuptial agreement.”

[From People]

Then Jason’s lawyer argued that there was no fraud committed, that the ruling is good for their side, not Bethenny’s, and that Jason deserves a share of the apartment because he contributed toward renovation and maintenance. All of this legal back and forth is making my head hurt. These people are rich enough and there’s enough at stake to justifying paying hundreds of dollars an hour for lawyers to argue over their property rights. It still seems ridiculous, particularly since it’s playing out in the press.

Team no one except their daughter Brynn, five. How is their custody arrangement going? Do you think they even talk about medical issues with Brynn or coordinate for important school events? They couldn’t even agree what to feed her a couple of years ago. Bethenny was trying to raise the girl vegan but she apparently didn’t talk to her ex about that despite the fact that they share custody.

Bethenny Frankel & Daughter Enjoy A Day On The Beach

Jason Hoppy Gives Bryn A Ride On His Shoulders

Bethenny Frankel picks up her daughter Bryn

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  1. Belle Epoch says:

    She looks terrifying.

  2. cannibell says:

    Did she talk to a doctor about raising her daughter vegan? One of mine wanted to become a vegetarian at seven, and that was a conversation I had with her pediatrician.

    • milietan says:

      I remember seeing on a tv show (not sure which one) where a couple was raising their child vegan, and she was under the norm for her age in weight and height (according to some charts that doctors use) and the grandparents intervened and tried to get custody. It seemed the doctor was agreeing with the grandparents. Really sad situation. I don’t know what the outcome was.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    They both disgust me. Their marriage ended, apparently without a third party involved. They have a child together. She has so much money. You think they could just settle up, and move on for their child’s sake. So petty.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Exactly, and have they been fighting longer now, than they were actually married?

    • Bridget says:

      The more she fights like this, it makes me think she doesn’t have the money everyone thinks. Especially after she rejoined Real Housewives.

  4. Neelyo says:

    …oh what reality TV hath wrought.

    She’s one of those people I wish I never knew existed. Thanks again, Andy Cohen!

  5. Patricia says:

    Poor little girl.

  6. Nancy says:

    I wish he could take her down to her last dime. On that horrible show, she was such a Kate Gosselin. These reality women sicken me. I’m with Neelyo above to thank Andy Cohen for ruining Bravo and giving us these witches who ruined a once great network. The only thing I will watch now is Top Chef, and even that is not the same. I thought she would disappear after her talk show flopped as predicted. One can only hope after she milks this divorce for even more pr, she’ll be gone. Nice role model honey, your daughter will grow up to be you, a whining spoiled brat.

  7. Alex says:

    I believe the custody stuff is all settled now.
    At this point Jason and Bethanny look like a$$hats. At first I was firmly on Jason’s side now I think he’s a douche as well. they were married for two years and had a prenup. Enforce the thing and MOVE ON. The only reason this is being held up is because they are both vindictive.

    Either way the ruling also supposedly means that Jason may have to pay bethanny because the judges basically upheld her prenup which was zero spousal support. They both suck

  8. wow says:

    She has always come across as such a miserable woman to me. And I side eye him to, although he seemed seemed like a decent guy from what I saw of him on their old show.

  9. annaloo. says:

    What is that stupid hair….?


  10. lurkernomore says:

    What’s fair is Jason getting whatever he agreed to get in the prenup. The prenup said NO spousal support, not specifically temporary ss, which is why hes been getting it since may. Dumb imo. A prenup stating no ss means none of any kind or at least it should. BF is a b!tch but she’s a b!tch who earned her money. Nobody forced Jason to marry & procreate with her. He went in eyes wide open and got all he signed up for. Ppl can’t stand calling out men on their greedy, gold digging ways. You can talk all day abt gold diggers as long as you are referring to women. Foh. Dude is a straight golddigger.

    Golddigger move #1: trying to overturn a prenup in an effort to get more money. I feel strongly that when adults agree to a prenup, it should be upheld. If you want ss, don’t sign a prenup stating you don’t get any.

    Golddigger move #2: trying to get an increase in an already reasonable amt of child support. Even in NY 10k a month is enough to support one kid you have joint custody of. It’s not enough to support Jason & the lifestyle he feels entitled to but it’s not for him.

    Your comment about BF getting off easy makes not sense. Jemery Renner ex tried the same stunt & not only did she get no temporary ss she didn’t get any at all. His prenup was upheld and I’m glad. BF should’ve worked harder at creating am iron clad prenup so her money could be protected for herself& child.

  11. Tourmaline says:

    I think Bethenny and Jason truly hate each other and this does sound like one of the bitterest divorces (over a pretty short marriage) ever. I agree with whomever said that Jason did seem likable on the various reality shows of Bethenny that he appeared on, but apparently he is not giving an inch on their protracted divorce.
    Maybe he feels he has to be this way to avoid getting flattened by Steamroller Bethenny.
    Things will probably only get worse the older their daughter gets and the more she understands about the situation.

  12. G says:

    She’s a spoiled miserable woman. I feel sorry for her daughter. Her booze is bottom shelf garbage. Should be called “Skinny HURL” because you drink too much and you’ll hurl yourself skinny.

  13. pinetree13 says:

    I feel for her daughter. Neither of these parents seems to be going out of the way to make a healthy co-parenting situation for their daughter. For crying out loud, put your own selfish feelings away and do what is best for your daughter even if it’s not what *you* want to do!!!!

    I just can’t relate to parents who don’t put their children first. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!!!! Being unsupportive of your child’s relationship with her father in any way is detrimental to her.