Fabio: ‘Kim Kardashian is trash,’ they ‘are nothing but money whores’


Did you know that International Man of Mystery Fabio is still around? It’s true. Fabio was famous in the 1980s and 1990s as a cheeseball “sex symbol.” He posed on romance novel covers, did commercial work, had calendars and such. Even in his hey-day, it was all pretty cheesy, and it’s not like women were really like “OMG, I need to marry Fabio!” Anyway, Fabio is 57 years old and he recently became an American citizen. Now that he’s a newly minted American, he has some thoughts on one of America’s biggest exports: the Kardashians.

Italian-born sex symbol Fabio has only been a U.S. citizen for a little over a week and he already knows what’s wrong with America: the Kardashians.

“Kim Kardashian is trash,” Fabio said. “The wealth and power that she may have doesn’t matter. I always tell people, ‘I have more respect for somebody with no money and class than somebody who is trash and makes $1 billion.’ Now you’re trash with $1 billion.”

The stud born Fabio Lanzoni celebrated his 57th birthday on March 15, then officially became a citizen two days later. Now he worries for America’s youth.

“There are a lot of people out there, especially the younger generation, who think that the only thing they have to do to become famous is make a porn video or be caught doing something nasty. There is nothing extraordinary or unusual about that,” he said. “The porn industry makes money from doing that every day and there’s nothing special about sex. Sex has been around since the birth of this planet.”

He’s especially disgusted by the way the Kardashian family exploited the drama surrounding Lamar Odom’s nearly fatal overdose at a Nevada brothel.

“This really shows you that the Kardashians will do anything for TV and to make money,” he fumes. “All the Kardashians care about is the media, money and being on camera. It shows they have no sensitivity and they don’t know when to stop. They are nothing but money whores.”

Like many of us, he wonders if America will ever stop keeping up with the Kardashians.

“When is it all going to end?” he asks. “When somebody dies? And what then? Will they take their video cameras to the funeral too? Probably.”

[From The NY Daily News]

I actually had to stop and think back… have the Kardashians taken cameras to a funeral already? When Scott Disick’s parents died, I don’t think the E! cameras were at the funerals. And when Kanye’s fashion teacher mentor died, there were no cameras at the funeral? So… no, I don’t think that’s happened already. As for Fabio’s disgust with all things Kardashian… sure. There are a lot of people who agree with him. But I do find it slightly funny/odd that the guy is an American for two seconds and he turns all Puritanical. I mean, he sold sex in his heyday too, right? He posed shirtless a lot, he “cowrote” romance novels and erotica, he used his body to get ahead. Why was it okay for him to do that and not Kim Kardashian?



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  1. Christin says:

    Fabio speaks truth.

    Seriously, I remember him as a romance cover model. I don’t know anything about his personal life, nor do I recall him selling his personal drama or doing tapes like Kim’s claim to fame.

    • CariBean says:

      You ain’t lyin’ and neither is he!

      • yesss says:

        Kim Kardashian and her momager Kris Jenner deliberately leaked her now-infamous sex tape to make her famous, a new book allegedly confirms.

        Kim signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment in 2007 to leak the sex tape she made with Ray J in 2003, a new book, “Kardashian Dynasty” by Ian Halperin, claims.

        He quotes a source in the “adult film industry” who said, “A mutual friend of Kim and Paris [Hilton] had advised her that if she wanted to achieve fame, a sex tape would be the way to go . . . Kim had discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand.”

    • perplexed says:

      And I think he did those “I can’t believe it’s not butter commercials.”

      I don’t know anything about his personal life like I do with the Kardashians. The criticism of the Kardashians isn’t just about selling sex — it’s about exploiting ALL aspects of their personal lives. The reason for their wealth, their fame, and that they’re more ubiquitous than all other celebrities combined is because their personal life is their selling point.

      I also think general modelling is a lot different than doing a sex tape. I don’t really see how those two things are comparable to each other….

      • kaiko says:

        On the other hand, I remember seeing a Fabio E! special in the early 00’s. After modeling for years he became the face of the “romance hero” and even in his heyday he did lots of shows for romance novel fans, women’s clubs, etc…and he was ALWAYS a GENTLEMAN (at least on the show) to these women and fans. Always saying how much he loved and thought ALL women were beautiful, he might’ve been playing the hero but still seemed very sincere. I thought this was very telling of the kind of person he was—classy and humble…and heck, he’s STILL a sexy man at almost 60! Can’t help but be a fan of Fabio! 🙂 I still have my mom’s old novel collection, most with him on the cover!

      • hmmm says:


        I am impressed that someone whose beauty was his bread and butter hasn’t had his aging face fixed. He looks good, and I agree with everything he said, even though I used to laugh at him in the olden days. Much respect now.

      • KiddVicious says:

        I met him about 25 years ago. He had his own fragrance line at the time. He was VERY charming and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I completely fell in love with him. LOL

    • JudyK says:

      Well said and spot on, Fabio.

    • Emma - The JP Lover says:

      @Christin …

      Agreed. And Erotica? I don’t know about that, but Fabio ‘has’ written an Historical Romance series. The man was a model, then became an iconic, international romance novel ‘cover model’ sensation. He has appeared in films (not just cameos as himself, either), and on TV. Whatever he has, he’s earned it and the Historical Romances–erotica or not–came after he’d already gained success from hard work. I say ‘Right on’ to Fabio for giving shade to Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan.

    • JenYfromTheBlok says:

      O come on Fabio. I am certain if social media was the Thing back in his day he would have been the top fame whore dog. Puhleeze. Romance novel covers were the instagrams of the 1980s.

      • perplexed says:

        But wasn’t he playing a part when doing the romance novel covers? It wasn’t like he was Fabio posing as Fabio; he was posing as the guy in the romance novel.

        On Instagram, you’re actually being yourself. When Kim posts a nude selfie, she’s giving an inside glimpse into her private life (as well as her bathroom), not playing a role like a model does. It’s the selling of her personal life that appears distasteful to people, not simply posting a photograph or being nude.

    • Carol says:

      I can’t believe I’m agreeing with anything Fabio has to say, but I do agree that Americans seem to idolize money too much. I’m just waiting to see a reality show on porn kings . I can see people tuning in to watch a porn king go to fancy dinners and clubs, drive fancy cars, get into a silly squabbles with his girlfriend on how much she is spending on clothing. And new celebrities will be born. It wouldn’t matter that they made their fortune by exploiting women. As long as they are rich and fancy……

    • Jellybean says:

      Absolutely! It isn’t the use of sex, it is the wholesale use of their private lives and those of their poor children that disgust me. The sex bit is only an issue for me because they used it despite always having been rich; pure attention seeking and avarice.

    • Tris says:

      He was always a little tongue in cheek, which is what made him funny and not-grotesque, as opposed to that nasty thing who is nothing but tongue in arse!

  2. littlemissnaughty says:

    Yeah, well, what he’s saying is not untrue but it is completely underminded by who’s saying it. What exactly are his accomplishments? I would argue that KK just took it further. Maybe he’s mad he didn’t have those opportunities back then.

    • Natalie says:

      He didn’t do a sex tape for fame. He has my respect unlike Kim and her entire family. He is more accomplished then that pig.

    • teehee says:

      Actually what he says is reinforced by who is saying it. Think of it: Fabio actually has the most credibility here…… when Fabio can serve the tea, think of how low that family is. Not that this is news…
      And no dis to Fabio, he was never taken seriously but obviously he has a brain.

    • teatimeiscoming says:

      He was a member of the Italian military for a while before he became famous, if i remember correctly.

    • Jane.fr says:

      can I ask what are the K. accomplishments?

      • Denise says:

        She would say she’s created a global brand from her image. She’s a BUSINESS WOMAN people!!! Apparently that means everything.

  3. Honeybee Blues says:

    Actually, saying there’s “nothing special about sex” is the opposite of puritanical. He’s not judging their sex lives, he’s judging their entire lives, and he’s spot on.

    • G says:

      Agreed. He’s speaking bluntly but he is speaking the truth.

      I also don’t think there’s anything the least bit hypocritical about him being the one to make these comments. He’s famous for being a model/’actor’ who also ‘co-wrote’ a series of historical romance novels; she’s famous for a (deliberately) leaked sex tape and selling every aspect of her life through the media, and last year released a book of her own selfies! Come on. Not the same thing at all.

      • Ange says:

        Actually he won his award for being an actor/model and that distinction is important when it comes to the slashies. 😉

  4. jeanpierre says:

    Well it sure isn’t going to end if random people keep on clinging to their name for relevancy. I don’t know this Fabio person but he comes across as a big hypocrite.

    • Natalie says:

      In what way is he a hypocrite? Does he have a sex tape or post naked selfies online for attention?

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        His career has been based on sexuality and profiting off of his body. Erotica is just porn in book format. And I really don’t see how a celebrity posing for a sexy photoshoot for a magazine or novel cover is any less attention-seeking or any less of an example of using one’s body to get ahead than taking sexy selfies. Heck, people don’t even get paid to take the selfies.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Just because you don’t know who they are does not make them irrelevant. It only means his popularity piqued before your time. He was never anything but classy, corny but classy. He sure didn’t strip down and post naked pics and even though we didn’t have social media back in the day, he could’ve have marketed himself that way if he’d wanted to. He didn’t feel the need or desire to promote himself nude or in any way seek attention. He was always quiet and non-threatening, kind, and professional.

      • Lisa says:

        Yes, ITA.

      • Christin says:

        Corny but classy is a good description. And I don’t think he could be described as a negative influence on young people. I personally don’t find Kim or her family members a good role model for young people. I think that is what he’s trying to point out.

      • Denise says:

        Yep. And no scandals. Not even any buzzing about him being creepy or a perv in all the decades since his rise despite his job of being a sex symbol for women.

      • Tris says:

        Yes! Agreed.

  5. Lizzie McGuire says:

    Fabio 2016!

    I mostly agree with everything he says, as for the funeral thing well they have gone to their dad’s tombstone with cameras.

    • Christin says:

      My interpretation of what he’s saying is when the main family members themselves pass away, not peripheral relatives (such as Scott’s parents). Where does it end?

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        I just immediately thought of Lamar & I’m scared for him, he has no other support group maybe except for his ex baby mama.

    • Nancy says:

      Lizzie M: I remember Kris going and talking to the grave of Robert Sr. with tears rolling down her cheeks. It was a storyline……once they yelled cut, she probably went home and drank a box of wine. Phony arse.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        Yeah that was horrible, didn’t she barely saw him after their divorce & second marriage(?). His ex wife said that he truly hated Kris once she said that the Kardashians wanted to sue her. The thing is I believe Robert Sr. did hated Kris, after all homegirl cheated on him with 3(?) other guys.

      • Nancy says:

        It wasn’t even original. She took that scene right out of Madonna’s Truth or Dare where she went to her mother’s grave. I don’t think Robert had much affection for her, he seemed like a very serious man. He didn’t even want to give her alimony, so Bruce paid him off. Kim is just like her, but not as smart. I hate calling her smart, but beotch knows how to make money.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        Same Nancy, I mean this woman just made an empire out of her kids. I hate her but even I have to acknowledge she’s very smart. Probably the only smart one in that family if it wasn’t for her the Kardashians would’ve banished years ago.

  6. Naya says:

    I read hundreds of cheap paperback historical romances in my youth and its only now occuring to me that the hardened warrior (who was also always nobility) pictured on the cover always resembled this guy.

    Also why is his chest so red, did he pop a viagra before this photoshoot or something?

  7. Nancy says:

    In their own word when one speaks the truth Fabio: Bible

  8. Tifygodess24 says:

    What he said might be mean, but he backed it up with truth and popular opinion. Hey, it is what it is.

    There is an important point to note here that he brings up to some degree. Anytime someone has wealth, regardless how they go it, they are automatically elevated to be seen as more important, a better person, and someone more worthy than others, in our society even if they are horrible human beings. This is a problem. This is the defense more often than not with the K’s especially when you look at the comments on their social media etc. Heck people have even used the money defense to defend Chris brown! I don’t like what we are teaching the younger generation or what we are adopting ourselves with this mentality.

  9. Colleen says:

    This is the most bizarre thing I’ve read in a while.

  10. Dhavynia says:

    Yeah he made his money in a cheesy way and by representing butter alternative but he’s right, I don’t think his comments have anything to do with him being a new US citizen

    • greenmonster says:

      I thought the same thing about the last part. What has his citizenship to do with anything? He probably lives in the US for decades and isn’t allowed to have an opinion (that has been stated several times on this site quite like this) because he became an American just two weeks ago?

      What he was selling and what the Kardashians are selling are two very different things! I would compare him to Pamela Anderson – they sold a fantasy (even though Pamela also profited from a sextape, but she owned her image and didn’t take herself to serious). The Kardashians are selling manufactured drama, they attack and bodyshame others. They live for attention and try to come across as better than other people. Khloe calling Amber Rose out on her stripper past, when her whole “career” is based on her sisters “leaked” sextape?

      • Z says:

        I agree and funny you brought up Pam Anderson because me and a friend was discussing the difference between her and Kim’s situation. I said the same thing as you regarding Pam. I have more respect for Pam because she does not try to be fake or front. Pam does not try to be more that what she is. She seem like a down to earth person who don’t have a hidden agenda. It’s something mean spirit about Kim.

      • greenmonster says:

        @Z: 🙂
        I always liked Pamela. I saw an interview with her, not long after the tape was leaked. Since English is not my first language, that was the first time I saw an interview with her and heard her voice for the first time. She just came across as so likable and nice.
        Pamela owns her image as the sex kitten. And she is using it for good causes – animal rights for example. I have the feeling she owns her past, her mistakes and everything else.
        Everything Kim does is for Kim. She thought she was bodyshamed, so she takes nude selfies and tags them with liberation and feminism. But it is all about her and nothing else.

      • Kitten says:

        I too have a soft spot for Pam.

  11. strah says:

    I think the big difference between Fabio using his body to get ahead and the K-Family is that Fabio was actually working. Fabio was a model, author, and spokesperson for products. All that the K-Family do is sell their appearance for the sake of existing. They have since generated products built on people caring that they exist, but at the heart of it is that the empire is built on that they “are” not what they “do.”

    • Josefina says:

      Yeah. Fabio’s schtick was cheesy as hell but he owned it, he had a sense of humor about himself and worked for it.

      Filming yourself shopping at Miami and taking selfies every 27 seconds aint a job, but they actually want to sell it as such.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      “I think the big difference between Fabio using his body to get ahead and the K-family is that Fabio was actually working. Fabio was a model, author, and spokesperson for products.”

      True. He was. But the problem is that this is an excuse that rarely ever gets made for famous women. Even women in the entertainment industry who do other things IN ADDITION TO (not instead of) using sex appeal or their bodies to get ahead or show that they’re talented and multi-dimensional as people get this same line of criticism that Fabio is dishing out. Male privilege protects guys like Fabio and other famous men who have used their bodies and sexuality to get ahead from that type of criticism- there is no ‘won’t somebody think of the children!’ or ‘what a trashy wh*re” for them.

      He chose a Kardashian as his target (smart move), so I think that point and the misogyny behind what he says will be lost on most people. But I don’t think a Kardashian is the only woman he’d say that about. I agree with the rest of his comment though- about the Kardashians exploiting other people’s problems for their own gain.

  12. Unmade_bed says:

    I’ve seen Fahhbio make fun of himself in several occasions, so maybe he was doing all of the cheesy romantic novel covers tongue-in-cheek.

  13. Jessie says:

    I dont know who this guy is but he’s not lying.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Fabio is awesome. The 80s were the heyday of paperback romances (which came I’m different genres even: romance-murder, romance-history, etc.) Fabio was often featured on the cover, and he was a running joke but he was in on it. He also did hilarious commercials featuring his own cheesey self. Just the other day I made a Fabio joke at work, and the Gen-Xers totally got it.

      In any case, he’s nothing like the Kardashians. He was just a model who stumbled into his own niche and completely ruled it for awhile.

  14. ell says:

    i’m only here for the pizza in the second pic.

    idk who this guy is, so i had to google him for context. tbf to him, i think it’s completely different to have a job like he did as a model, and being a kardashian, who are literally famous for being famous.

    • Nancy says:

      Back in the 80’s or 90’s, he was the hunk on the cover of romance novels. I’m surprised he hasn’t been on DWTS, maybe he has. The man does speak the truth and it seems a lot more people are speaking up these days. Kris’ head must be spinning like Linda Blairs in the Exorcist.

    • Christin says:

      Adding to what others have said, romance novels were huge in the 1980s. In high school, most girls read them. Paperback novels were sold at grocery stores, drug stores, etc.

      This guy was the model for many romance novel covers. He became a pop culture figure in the late 1980s-early 1990s. He wasn’t shilling his own drama or trying to say he invented long hair (alluding to how the K family acts as if they discovered outer lip lining, etc.).

      • ell says:

        yeah, exactly. my understanding is that it was a proper job, so completely different from what the kardashians do.

        ‘He wasn’t shilling his own drama or trying to say he invented long hair’

        lol +1

      • Christin says:

        Ell, you are completely right in your assessment. He did a job and owned it.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Nor did he have his peen out in his photos. He was supposed the be the sexy masculine hero not a porn star wannabe.

  15. Skins says:

    Tell it like it is Fabs!

  16. There’s a difference between a little fun titillation and being an all out, pissed upon, money grabbing fool. He said what should be said repeatedly until they all go away. The problem is with the P.C. culture that Kim delights in hiding behind. Liberated my arse. Manipulated into believing she’s liberated is more like it. Because, in the end, she’s naked again and too busy worrying about the way she looks to bother educating herself and becoming a person of substance and depth who could possibly make a difference in the world.

    • Natalie says:

      She is an immature idiot. Is she still bothered by what CGM said about her 3 weeks ago? Judging by her recent pornographic pic with that Blurred Lines chick, it seems she is.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Huh @ PC culture? Kim is a classic narcissist with an inflated sense of her own importance. She acts indignant when criticised. How the FK is that the fault of liberals?

      Besides, the body shaming was secondary to the idiot shaming. But it’s too complicated to combat the idiot label so she shows her boobs again and yells #feminism. Fox News might label that PC but no one else would.

      • Where the hell did Fox News come from? I spoke about P.C. behavior not liberals and Fox News. P.C. has permeated the entire country and everyone is effected by it.
        Kim hides behind the fact that she is “liberated” and if you call her out on it you’re just body shaming her or you’re a woman hater etc. There are plenty of people out there who would agree with her and who would happily go for your jugular if you dared argue. You and I agree about who and what Kim is, but I vehemently disagree that there aren’t plenty of fools who follow the Ks and agree with them.

      • Kitten says:

        Agreed, BettyRose.
        Also, we are SO overdo for a new phrase to substitute for “politically correct”, a pejorative term coined by the Right. None of us liberals should be using it.

  17. Murphy says:

    You have to really want to be heard to make a statement like that.

    (not saying he’s wrong, it’s just we all know that’s a good way to make headlines)

  18. Aimee says:

    I think he’s right. And the recent “headline” about Khloe never having seen a white penis proves it.

  19. Dees says:

    Fabio for President!

  20. Original Kay says:

    I’m not sure I see the correlation between becoming a U S citizen and his thoughts.

    And if we are going to discuss funerals, Celine Dion’s husband’s funeral was …. Disturbing. They even released the eulogy his son gave.


    • Natalie says:

      Umm Celine’s husband’s funeral was a State funeral by Quebec. He was important figure in the Canadian music industry and Celine honored his wishes by giving him the funeral he wanted.
      Her son’s eulogy was not creepy. He spoke very well I thought.
      Please do not try and compare her to the Kardashians. They already post naked pics online which are pornographic. It seems as if Kim is still upset by what Chloe Grace Mortez( an 18 year old) said about a has-been 36 year old and her desperation to stay famous.

      • Original Kay says:

        Yes, a highly publicized state funeral. The picture of her looking off into the sky was both staged and disturbing to me.
        Also, I didn’t watch his eulogy, the eulogy of a teenage boy about his father. Why? Because he’s a person who is grieving, a child. Publishing that video is disturbing to me, and an invasion of his privacy.

      • Natalie says:

        @Orgianl Kay
        Yeah you don’t understand the what a State Funeral is. Celine’s husband might not be famous in the USA but he was a pretty big deal in Canada, especially Quebec. It was not disturbing at all. Celine grief was not staged or fake looking.
        Showing her son giving an eulogy is not a invasion or privacy. What the K-trash did to Lamar while he was in a coma a few months ago is a invasion of privacy.

  21. Jen43 says:

    I don’t like people calling other people trash. People aren’t garbage. The KKlan includes children, and that word bothers me. I reserve the word trash for child pornagraphers, human traffickers, etc. The Kardashians have no class, but I think trash is too strong a word.

    • Natalie says:

      Well Kim is trash. There is nothing wrong with that.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think you missed her point. Kim is a human being. She’s shallow, narcissistic and has terrible values, but who is Fabio to call her a worthless human being, or garbage. You can criticize Kim all you want and you will usually be right, but a person who calls another person trash is no better than the person they are criticizing.

      • teacakes says:

        GNAT, there have to be exceptions to that rule! Or am I trash if I call the likes of Sarah Palin, Donald Trump or those anti-choice/anti-LGBT-voting politicians trash?

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @teacakes: Those are people actively working to take the rights of marginalized groups of people away, so I wouldn’t put Kim Kardashian in the same category as Donald Trump.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh, sorry, I said the same thing below. Didn’t see yours. I agree. People aren’t trash.

    • muffin says:

      +1 I think people are using the fact that Ks are disliked by many to say nasty ugly things that would be frowned upon if it was any other people just so they could say those things. Gets the blood pumping for some people.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        +1. People enjoy using an individual’s behavior as an excuse to spew sexisms (and other -isms’ or-phobias, depending on the crowd and the politics.) that don’t just effect the person they’re targeting.
        And I agree with you all about referring to other human beings as trash- it’s not hard to see why referring to other human beings as ‘garbage’ because of sex/modesty is problematic, especially if you look at history. Not approving of someone’s sexual decisions has always been used as an excuse to treat groups of people like garbage. Over in Russia recently there was a controversial sex ed video that compared women who had multiple sex partners to dumpsters being discussed on jezebel. I might post the link later.

    • AlmondJoy says:


      Glad someone else feels the same way I do

    • PrincessMe says:

      I agree. I couldn’t care less about the Kardashians, but I never understand why people get so rabid about them to the point of calling them “trash”. OK, so they’re “socialites” or whatever you call them and Kim made a sex tape. So? Is that the most awful thing that ever happened in the world?
      When they start breaking laws and hurting people (assault, rape, child porn, murder) then you call call them trash. Otherwise, if they’re not your thing, ignore them.

    • Jwoolman says:

      That was my reaction, too. Okay to say someone does trashy things, but not to call a person trash. But it sounds as though he was particularly disturbed by the way they zoomed in on Lamar to get their close-ups and the general attitude that money makes you special. That’s definitely trashy behavior.

    • kanyekardashian says:

      Jen, don’t put humans up on some pedestal. The world is in the condition it is today because of humans. So yes, people CAN be garbage. Just look at the way we treat animals and our own species for proof. Bravo for Fabio – he speaks the truth: they are TRASH.

  22. missmerry says:

    1. it doesn’t matter how long you’re american or if you’re american at all, you’re allowed to have an opinion of anybody, american or no.

    2. he never seemed to take himself as seriously, in terms of ‘selling his body to get ahead’, as this klan does. i think that makes a big difference. this klan worked their asses off to make their personal lives matter to the public…how sad is that? thats literally all they have to offer, being meat that will allow bad things to happen to them and then they share it with the world for a hefty fee (and we’re still buying into it…so we’re not all innocent here).

    3. he was famous for his work (commercials, his look, his books) and not his cluster-f*ck, phoney-ass, shallow excuse of a personal life and throwing it all out to the public for attention and money. I never remember hearing about his affairs, a sex tape, schilling things with his name plastered all over it. so thats another reason why ‘fabio can and cim cardashian can’t’ if you want to choose to put it that way.

  23. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I can’t stand the Ks, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to refer to people as trash. That has always bothered me.

  24. K says:

    And water is wet…

    I mean he isn’t wrong but I don’t really get the point of his comments. They are fame thirsty (trash is a strong word) and yeah what they’ve done to Lamar and others is horrible but there is a simple solve to make them go away stop watching.

    • Josefina says:

      Talking about the Kardashians only keeps them relevant. They dont care if people like them or not. If they didnt like having haters they wouldnt sell their stories to the tabloids so people can judge them.

      I like hating on the Kardashians. Thats why I keep commenting. If I really wanted them to fade away Id ignore them.

  25. Melody says:

    I think there’s a big difference between erotica, romance, and passion vs whatever it is the K-trash are selling.

  26. Hellohello says:

    YAAAAS FABIO! Sex is not the only way to make money, the Kardashians need this drilled into them (among other things)

  27. HK9 says:

    Well…he’s not wrong….

  28. lucy2 says:

    Words I didn’t expect to say this morning: Team Fabio.

    I shudder to think of the spectacle had Lamar not pulled through.

  29. lisa2 says:

    He right. Our culture is fame obsessed.. you even see it now with what we called Legit celebrities. They are taking this same route. Posting provocative pictures on instagram or twitter. And yes they act like they have all invented sex or sexiness. There is nothing unique about any of these women. Sad but we have so many young women and men following their example

    and the thing that is even more sad is that so many legit stars are trying to copy them too.

  30. CoKatie says:

    I’m with Fabs on this, and although the wrong family, wasn’t that awful Mom who is married to the really rich timeshare king (now broke) – the ones who were building their own version of Versailles – taking a picture of her daughter’s body being placed in the back of the hearse? Different family, same famewhore type. I get his drift …

  31. Jayna says:

    I agree with him. The film everything and leak out stories to gossip sites and Radar and Daily Fail print them daily like it’s news, when it’s just really promo for their fake series.

    I don’t get why they get so many hits on their stories. I try to stay away, and just don’t care about their stupid fake lives.

  32. GreenieWeenie says:

    You know, I do not care for Kardashians; we definitely don’t share similar values. But I think this reaction they get out of people–something about it feels a bit like self-hatred. I really think they are representative of American consumerism and popular culture. The reaction they get from the public seems to me like it’s very much a matter of love and self-loathing, like a love/hate relationship. They’re both immensely popular and apparently reviled.

    I dunno, I feel very much at a distance from it all and just do not care in the least about the fact that this family does not represent my personal values or offer some sort of model for the rest of society to emulate. I swear there’s some act of projection going on.

    • Josefina says:

      People like hating on them. Judging them. Simple as that.

      Why do you think tabloids buy their stories? Because they know people will read them and comment. Fans and haters alike are Kardashian Konsumers.

  33. kri says:

    never have i ever,,,thought i would find myself agreeing with Fabio. but i do. he’s right as rain. i’d honk for him but i won’t cause you know…geese.

  34. Magnoliarose says:

    Trash is harsh for sure but it seems as if he finds them as ubiquitous and grating as most of us do. It’s frustrating that they won’t just go away.

  35. The Original Mia says:

    What does his citizenship have to do with his opinion on the Kardashians? They are money whores. They do do everything in the big chase for money and fame. Where’s the lie? Fabio may have been a book cover model and spokesman, I couldn’t tell you one thing about the man other than he’s got fabulous hair.

  36. Goneblank says:

    I kind of agree with Fabio.

    I don’t dislike the kardashians because they get their kit off, what I dislike is that so much if their brand is about empty conspicuous consumption, the privileging of money and wealth above all, the cynical reduction of all of their human relationships and bodies to a monetary value. The idea that a successful life is measured solely by the building of wealth and its display. For me, their success is a symbol of aspects of the culture I find really depressing. They’re a joyless bummer.

    • Ennie says:

      Like when K West was trying to fight someone who called him out and he said something like: “but I am richer”. That right there tells me their mind set.
      To me, that whole family is trash. Cultural trash, a waste of money. It bothers me that they a re so prevalent because they really offer nothing. I wish people who are their fans were more selective, but what can one do?

      • Jwoolman says:

        Kim talks the same way in interviews, feeling her money in the bank makes her beyond reproach. But she can thank her mother for the money. Left on her own, Kim would still be organizing closets and stealing clients’ credit cards. She desperately wanted to be famous from an early age, but doesn’t have the smarts to make money the way Demon Mother can. Kim just follows instruction to be somewhere l

    • lesbastardsmiserables says:

      Ah you guys said it all much better than I could. 100%.

  37. Madpoe says:

    Speakin’ the gospel Fab!

  38. robynsing says:

    No worries Fabs…the world agrees. Hell, they even agree. They’re self-hatred is palpable. All they care about is how they look and they all can’t stop changing how they look. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and often others. The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder can be similar to the traits of individuals with strong self-esteem and confidence; differentiation occurs when the underlying psychological structures of these traits are considered pathological. Here are 3 causes for the personality disorder…
    -Unpredictable or unreliable caregiving from parents.
    -Learning manipulative behaviors from parents or peers.
    -Valued by parents as a means to regulate their own self-esteem.

  39. Hejhej says:

    I agree with him but I think it’s wrong to call them trash. Their behaviour is trashy though – and that says it all about them really.

  40. dawn says:

    Truth is truth. Now if only more people would close their wallets to this brand and save it for people who bring some sort of worth to this world it would be great. But loose or no morals seems to be all the rage these days and people really think reality television is truly reality refuse to stop their easy money worship so I won’t hold my breath.

  41. word says:

    Well cameras weren’t at Scott’s parents funerals because the Kardashians weren’t there ! Kourtney was the only one who attended. I do remember when MJ died, the Kardashians went on and on about it and made sure they were seen and pap’d at his public memorial. I do also remember the Kardashians saying they had never been to their father’s grave site. Kim took a long the cameras for her very first visit to her dad’s resting place and it aired on their show. I mean wow ! I do think Fabio is correct with what he is saying about the Kardashians, but he is also somewhat of a hypocrite as he too made his fame and fortune based off his “body”. It will be wayyyy too easy for Kim and her family to clap back at him. We need someone with a lot of dignity and class to speak up against this family. Someone who the Kardashians can’t clap back at.

  42. SJO says:

    Posing for Romance novel covers is hardly the same as shilling your sex tape or Instagramming your life for money. He was a model who found a niche. And I agree with him. As for the whole body shaming thing, I actually think people are just tired of that ridiculous woman vapidly photographing herself and getting paid for it. And your right she has the god given right to be a narcissistic useless a**hole and call it feminism if she wants.

  43. minx says:

    I always get a good yuk out of seeing KK’s hideous brown dress.

  44. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Damn, Fabio is 57! I started reading romance novels in my teens. I feel funny knowing I have a ridiculous butt load of books in my closet with his face on a couple of them. Lol. Now I feel old.

  45. Grant says:

    He still has a great head of hair!

  46. Jupiter says:

    I met Fabio in 2002 when I was out in LA for a function with a friend. We were hanging out at this place called Carney’s on the Sunset strip, which is an old joint that serves really cheap food. He came by, and there was a tour bus that would stop across the street from Carney’s in hopes of seeing him. Apparently, he would go there almost every day for lunch.

    Aside from that corny fact, he was a really nice guy and very intelligent. We discussed politics, but not in an opinionated way (this was before social media,) and he was not at all like his image. He knew which side his bread was buttered (could not resist), but he was clearly aware and interested in the world around him. On a side note, my friend gave him her card, and she was annoyed that he never called. haha.

  47. jferber says:

    As a person who recently saw Fabio at an event, the picture above grossly underestimates his good looks. He was a perfect gentleman and exuded class. Yes, he attracted crowds and when I screamed, “It’s Fabio! It’s Fabio! It’s Fabio and he’s still beautiful!” (yeah, I know), he didn’t even turn his head to look (and I was LOUD). Humility and years of dealing with insane women, I guess (and yes, I bought all his calendars back in the day–and still would if he made more). He always handled his hotness and his career in an almost self-deprecating way, like he was in on the joke and let’s all enjoy. He NEVER exploited his personal life, nor was he ever vulgar. And just because he’s been a U.S. citizen for only two seconds, he has EVERY right to excoriate the Kardashians as a WORLD citizen and as an honorary and most appreciated American for decades. I think I’ve made my support clear.

    • Kitten says:

      This was so funny-thanks for sharing.
      Really needed a laugh after the seriousness of most of the threads this morning.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yeah, one of the things I like about him is that he never took it all seriously.

  48. amilue says:

    Do you guys remember the time he got hit in the face by a bird while he was riding a roller coaster? That was horrible/hilarious.

    • Citresse says:

      Brings good luck?

      • amilue says:

        Haha. It just looked so painful! I just read that yesterday was the 17th anniversary of the…blessing.

    • Clairej says:

      I was just going to say no one had mentioned this. It was one of those terrible but oh so funny stories. Poor guy it must have been awful.

      • SamiHami says:

        As a fellow victim of a rogue bird in the face, I couldn’t feel anything but sympathy for him. But he people who saw it happen to me seemed pretty amused, so I guess it was funny.

  49. Lara says:


  50. Holly hobby says:

    Fabio you better watch your back. Kanye will,come after you in Twitter!

    But he spoke the truth.

  51. Ollie says:

    A man is calling women trash and whores..and gets applause
    That’s just sad

    • Ennie says:

      I would put Kanye in the mix, too, and even Kourtney’s husband, as he lived off them( as far as I know). They have happily milked Lamar’s issues. Them being women have nothing to do with the money/ fame whoring ways they display.
      They (like Kim lately) hide behind feminist labels, but are the first to throw stones to women, like Khloe did with Amber, and Kim strategically kept her mouth shut at the time, but she’s shown her true colors more than once. I think like Chloe Moretz.

  52. Donna says:

    Wow. Stay Klassy, Fabio. Gross comments.

  53. lesbastardsmiserables says:

    “I mean, he sold sex in his heyday too, right? He posed shirtless a lot, he “cowrote” romance novels and erotica, he used his body to get ahead. Why was it okay for him to do that and not Kim Kardashian?”

    Are you kidding? You don’t see a difference? Fabio was more or less a model who made his fame off of being a fantasy to middle aged women.

    We know what the Kardashians are – Gluttons for fame, attention, money, good or bad publicity, a family who chew up and spit out anyone to acquire more fame and money including their own family. No morals, liars, self obsessed, filthy rich who do nothing for anyone but themselves. An entire family whose entire existence is sitting around getting their hair and make up done, doing “photo shoots” of their plumped up donkeys arses. Kim literally seems to think of NOTHING but her thin days. Of being thin, of becoming thin, of when she used to be thin, of photoshop thin. All raised with these values by their awful mother.

    Fabio speaks the truth. Fabio never hurt anyone. Go Fabio.

  54. kanyekardashian says:

    A lot of the younger commenters are asking who Fabio is. Here’s a cool article about what he’s been up to lately: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/style/2015/12/23/fabio/

  55. Roslyn says:

    Totally agree with you, Fabio. Thanks for saying it.

  56. bermudashortz says:

    Team Fabio! If the whole Kartrashian Klan fell into a BIG A$$ CRACK in the earth never to be seen again it would not only be ironic, but a happy day.

  57. jc126 says:

    Yay Fabio!

  58. Goodnight says:

    It’s not even close to the same thing.

    Posing on novel covers and co-authoring romance novels is pretty damn tame compared to making a sex tape and then making a dynasty based on that sex tape.

    He doesn’t sell every aspect of his body and life, either. He doesn’t do morally-suspect shit or make his life about his money and fame. He isn’t a vapid shill. He was just a model who did cheesy stuff.

    I feel like there’s been a bit of a pro-Kim bent to some of the posts recently.

  59. Who knew. I love Fabio. I certainly don’t think Fabio posing for the covers of cheesy romance novels as anything close to a real sex tape. I also agree with him that if you’re trash with a billion dollars, you’re still trash.

  60. Summer says:

    I’m from Virginia. Williamsburg, specifically. And here… we remember Fabio for one thing and one thing only: the time he took a goose to the face on the inaugural ride of a Busch Gardens roller coaster.