Sophie Turner in Stella McCartney at the ‘Thrones’ premiere: regal or matronly?


HBO did a big premiere/screening event for Game of Thrones last night in LA. Did everyone get to see the first few episodes? That’s what I want to know. Because I’ve heard that HBO is no longer sending out screeners for GoT, so even journalists and critics have to wait and watch GoT on the night it airs. But surely they screened the first episode last night, right? So many questions. Incidentally, Liam Cunningham was on Conan last week and he brought a crazy-great clip of what was happening at Castle Black immediately following Jon Snow’s “death.” It involved GHOST freaking out and growling like crazy – skip ahead to the 1:48 mark to see the clip (although the whole video is lovely, because Liam is adorable). And, as you can see, Liam Cunningham was at the premiere (above). I get the feeling that Davos has a big storyline this season. Also: Kit Harington and his LIES were not at the premiere.

YES. Anyway, fashion photos. Here’s Sophie Turner in Stella McCartney. She’s such a beautiful young woman, but I do feel like this hair is too much for her. It’s too regal/matronly, like it almost belongs on Lena Headey, only Lena’s hair in real life always looks adorable.



Emilia Clarke in Erdem. Emilia’s style is improving, right? I’m not just imagining that. I like this but… she could still do better. The fit is off on the top.


I really love Lena Headey’s Carolina Herrera gown, mostly because it’s a really simple look and I would love to own this dress.


The Dinklage. My God, I love him.


I love Maisie Williams and I think she’s adorable. I also think she shouldn’t have chosen this Emiliodela Morena bandeau-top ensemble for the premiere.


Michiel Huisman… would you hit it?


And finally, Jamie Lannister in a suit.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Teri says:

    Michiel Huisman–would I hit it? HELL YES!!!!

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I like the color of the gown with her red hair a lot.

    I would totally wear that Carolina Herrerra dress, if I had an extra $6000 or whatever it cost.

    • LadyMTL says:

      GNAT, you took the words right out of my mouth. Oh, to have the budget for that lovely Herrera dress!

      I really like Sophie Turner’s look, even with the braid crown (which I’m normally not a huge fan of.) It would have been better with a simpler hairdo, but it’s still quite nice.

    • tegteg says:

      I wouldn’t have expected that color to look good on a redhead, but she looks tremendous. She really is so stunning, it’s not fair. The only thing I would change is the choker, as I think it accentuates her short neck, but whatever. Her body is on point, sigh…. I really should go to the gym.

      I think all of the other women are wearing fashion fails, unfortunately. And yes, I would tap Daario, Jaime and Tyrion.

    • what's inside says:

      Me too. I think she looks fantastic with red hair.

  3. Lama Bean says:

    Michael and Jamie? Yes, I would.

    • GlimmerLinnie says:

      You can keep your Jon Snows and Daario Narharises, Jaime Lannister always has been and always will be the hottest man in the Game of Thrones universe!


      • Diana says:

        Ser Davos for me

      • mayamae says:

        The twincest is disturbing, but it’s his devotion to Cersei that’s endearing. She’s off sleeping with her cousin and anyone else she wants, yet I get the impression he’s never been with another woman. His hotness is helped by the fact I started watching mid-season three, so loved him before watching him shove Bran out of the tower. Brienne really made him likable.

  4. Jh says:

    Uhh, I’d hit all of them all day long. That is all.

  5. Betti says:

    The GoT women tend to have terrible red carpet fashion, except Lena (i love her style). This is one of Sophie’s better looks. Emilia really needs to get a new stylist, such a pretty girl but shame about the dresses. Maisie is young and just about gets away with that outfit, thou ITA the bandau was too much.

    Tyrion in a suit. HODOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Maum says:

    I never thought I’d see the day.

    I LOVE that MacCartney dress. From all angles the cut was flattering and that colour is perfect on her (or on anyone really).
    The hair is too much but I guess it is very Sansa.

    I don’t love what Maisie Williams is wearing but it looks adorable on her. She needed darker heels to go with the bustier though.

  7. Greenieweenie says:

    Braid crowns are trendy but not like that with her hair parted over her face….makes her look like she belongs in the 17th century or something

  8. Jenns says:

    Early, non-spoiler reviews say the premiere is great and that there are some big twists involving Melisandre that no one saw coming.

    I am so ready for the new season. Only 13 days!

  9. QQ says:


    i’m sorry, Im massively fangirling here

    Liam is walking charisma, that interview he is adorable, and let’s be frank elevates Davos’ role cause in the books davos made no impression more than longsuffering loyalty but on TV he is just everything!

    LOVE what all the ladies are wearing zero shade and full stop, love that color on Sophie, the combo of the print and lip on emilia, Lena’s dress, and adore the get up that Maisie has hed to toe

    Tyrion.. I just don’t have words, Least of all you guys!!!… Lemme share cause im going to a wedding 2 weeks from now and is formal and we are going all out, I’m renting a Badgley Mishka gold dress and so yesterday I somehow conned my boyfriend into buying a new Nina Ricci suit in Burlington ( SO CHEAP WHAT A COME UP!) and is that same exact shade of blue and LET ME TELL YOU HE.LOOKS.SO.FINE…. Whooo Lord Last night we went all*Redacted* ..the point is that he was feeling himself and so was I and all my gfs roundly approved of his come up, so this is to say: I FEEL A WAY ABOUT TYRION THE ABSOLUTE MOST TODAY

  10. ell says:

    everyone’s dressed badly, imo. i usually love erdem, but not that dress.

  11. Locke Lamora says:

    I like the dress, not the hair. I kinda don’t like Sophie because Sansa is one of my favourite characters, and her wooden actin ruins her.
    Lena looks okay, everyone else looks awful.

  12. missmerry says:

    I love turners dress and her hair, but not together…

  13. AJ says:

    Why does Emilia’s stylist hate her so much

  14. Jen43 says:

    I think they all look fantastic. Maybe I am blinded by love for them?

  15. Lauren says:

    I would not hit the new Daario. He is so bland with Daenary’s. I like her chemistry with the old Daario much better and wish the show would rehire him.

  16. Anon says:

    Isn’t that the same Stella McCartney that Olivia Munn wore in orange a few weeks back? I like it better in this color, and think it looks great on Sophie… but agree on the hair.

    Maisie’s skirt has threads coming out at the hem. If they nipped those, and she had a white top with no tummy baring I’d like this look. The shape of it on her is flattering and fun.

  17. David says:

    Dinklage= The coolest ever!

  18. I think Maisie looks adorable. It’s springy and not vulgar, plus she’s young. I don’t think classy/elegant is her look yet.

  19. mayamae says:

    I’m wondering why Davos is so determined to keep Jon’s killers from taking his body. Don’t they simply want to burn him so he doesn’t turn? I’m sure I’m wrong, but it’s as if Davos knows Jon can be resurrected. I’m also wondering if they need to avoid a situation in which he may start to burn, because they’re still being coy that Jon is probably a Targaryen who can’t burn.

    I never got the “Davos is so great” praise – until this scene. He’s very hot. And anyone who defends Jon while he’s incapable of doing it is great in my eyes. Also good news, in the trailer some worried that it was dead Ghost laying with Jon (perhaps as part of the resurrection process), but nope!! Hope Ghost gets the honor of killing Thorne. Nice and slow like they did with Jon. (There’s a spoiler involving Ghost killing a different big baddie that’s driving me crazy.)

    And as an aside, with few exceptions, this show casts such short men. Ned always seemed like a giant, but the actor is under six feet. It’s standing next to his puny sons that made him large. If Ned were still alive, Sansa would probably be towering over him.

  20. Susan says:

    I read on Watchers on the Wall that they screened episode 1 to cast and crew and a few lucky fans only. No press. Im sure the fans are under NDA.

  21. Lensblury says:

    Just a quick & honest question: (why) is the question, “Would you..?” only asked about men? If so, is it because women are already objectified so much more? I’m really just honestly wondering because there are lesbians in this forum who, as far as I know, are never asked if they “would”. Or do you ask that and I’ve just never read it? As I said – no bad intentions behind these questions. My mind just wandered off after reading the question about Michiel Huisman, and I thought, “handsome guy, but I’d rather not”.

  22. Mei says:

    I do believe that is the best Stella dress I’ve ever seen.. It looks like it’s actually designed and executed well. What is going on?

    P.s. yikes to the braids, very bad hairstyle on a beautiful girl.