Tom Hiddleston takes his bulge threat level to ‘Hammaconda’: yay or nay?


Here are some assorted photos of Tom Hiddleston in New York last night and this morning. Last night he attended the Tribeca premiere of High Rise with Luke Evans and Sienna Miller. Then this morning, he was out in NYC wearing a TIGHT blue suit. That blue suit is very… bulgy. I’m not trying to turn Hiddles into the next Jon Hamm, but I feel like Tom wants us to notice/discuss his bulge, thus the very tight trousers. This is some Threat Level: Hammaconda in this blue suit…


As for the photos from the premiere, I really like that Tom is such a clotheshorse and he hasn’t repeated any suits during his magical American promotional tour. The premiere suit – in a weird chocolate-burgundy – is something we haven’t seen before. What else? At the Tribeca premiere, Sienna Miller wore an ugly Christopher Kane dress, which brings up something that I’ve been feeling for a few years: Sienna has really lost her fashion-girl mojo. Maybe she stopped caring about being known for her fashion, but I don’t think that’s it. I think she does care and she’s just lost her mojo.

Tom appeared on both Good Morning America and Today this week. You can see the video for the Today interview (with Luke and Sienna too) here. Here’s his bit with Peter Travers – this is actually a lengthy piece!



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN.

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47 Responses to “Tom Hiddleston takes his bulge threat level to ‘Hammaconda’: yay or nay?”

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  1. InvaderTak says:

    Nothing will ever top the pants he wore to cumber batch’s wedding. And a maroon suit? Yes please.

    Also yay for Luke Evans!

    • pixie-stix says:

      Those were some splendid pants, I agree.

    • seesittellsit says:

      And the Vicar performing the service, if I recall, was a woman. I wonder if he went commando to the wedding for that very reason?

    • Rosemary says:

      So…does anyone know what the eff is living in there?
      It looks likes his packing the entire contents of Noah’s arc! There are things that you just can’t hide…but if this is real, he’s in the wrong type of movie industry.
      Pray tell…

  2. kri says:

    I don’t feel threatened. A real woman is never threatened by a large bulge-that’s what my grandma used to say.

  3. Sarah01 says:

    Woah is that for real???
    Luke is mesmerising, love watching him.

  4. OhDear says:

    He often wears pants that are a size or two too small, though. Also think that tight suit pants is currently a fashion thing for some reason.

  5. velourazure says:

    I’m threatened by that guy not wearing socks.

  6. Mr. Stinky-FishFace says:

    *sigh* he’s beautiful, but those tiny little chicken legs. I’m a little thing and I’m scared I’d break him.

    Granted my 6 year old daughter is in lust with him… her first crush.

    • jammypants says:

      His legs are pretty muscular. They look thinner from the front, but lusciously full and defined when you look sideways. I find his arms are like that too. Thin from the front, thicker from the side.

  7. Sixer says:

    Alert! Alert! LEGS bulge status has been lifted from SEVERE to CRITICAL. Stay home and stay safe, folks.

    We have reached PEAK BULGE. Can’t stop laughing! May the universe bless LEGS and his bulge. How many times can one say bulge in a row before laughing? Me? About three. I’m bad with bulges.

    • SMUTBALLS says:

      The BULGE is distracting from the LEGS.

      • Sixer says:

        You’ve changed your name just for the BULGE? That’s dedication. I’m still on the LEGS. Told you. I’m bad with bulges.

        *Sixer goes off checking how many times she can say Smutballs in a row without laughing*

      • Dara says:

        SMUTTY to her friends!! I approve of the change, is it permanent or will you change it back until another special occasion calls for its use?

      • SMUTBALLS says:

        So…. how many times, Sixer??

        *taps her foot impatiently*

        Dara, I wear many faces. Today, I’m feeling dirty. Looking it as well after running through mud coming off the mountain. STINKBALLS would also be an appropriate moniker for today. Be glad you talk to me through a screen and not in person.

      • Sixer says:

        Sorry, got some extra work done.

        11. Is that good or bad?

      • NUTBALLS says:

        I think you win. I can’t get that word out 5 times in a row without it morphing into “wet wall”.

  8. Jenna says:

    Pfft. That’s all balls, ladies.

    Call me when you can see girth, length and religion a la the Hammaconda. Those pictures are burned into my brain.

    • jammypants says:

      It’s all there to see in some slow gifs taken from the French High-Rise trailer 😱 I’d say, he’s got quite a nice one 😛

    • Becky says:

      Thats what a gay male friend of mine said “it’s his balls”, apparently that er, emphasises the rest.

      That said I’m sure he’s wearing support underwear here.

  9. Jenni says:

    Is he shower or grower?

  10. TOPgirl says:

    One can only dream of what that bulge means.

  11. SMUTBALLS says:

    Nothing that a bit of lube can’t fix.

    That brown suit is my favorite of this promo tour. Brown against blue is one of my favorite combos.

    And… Othello?? Perhaps there’s some stage work in the foreseeable future after all.

    • jammypants says:

      that color combo is doing thangs

    • Dara says:

      Was it brown or a deep shade of eggplant (aubergine for you European-types)? I could make a case for both depending on which photo I was looking at. I do like it, after a few tragic outings the stylist redeemed herself with this last suit. That is about as sartorially adventurous as the Tomster should go.

      p.s. I almost missed the bulge entirely as I was distracted by just how tragically short the trousers were on that blue suit. Any desire created by the first was ultimately negated by the second…just no.

      Should we give Tom bonus points for being both professional and personable to Peter Travers after the guy just tore ISTL to shreds in his Rolling Stone review? I didn’t think the film was a masterpiece by any stretch, but it also wasn’t a 1-star film.

      • spidey says:

        Dara, we European types know what eggplants are thank you! I thought it was more of a burgundy myself. Slurps from bottle.

        Is that the suite from Cannes, or an identical one – because it has the same “features”.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        That same guy ripped iSTL apart? Wow, he’s seemed like a gentle soul in the interview.

        Why is no one talking about Othello? Is there any other info on this? God, I hope it’s an NT Live production and not a film.

      • Leah C says:

        Along with many other critics, Peter Travers ripped the movie to shreds but had nothing but praise for Tom.

        “Hiddleston is a virtuoso and he gives the role his considerable all, including singing such Hank hits as “You’re Cheatin’ Heart,” “Lovesick Blues” and the title song in a voice that persuasively suggests the real thing. It helps that he’s singling live with a backup band. Hiddleston is not what’s wrong with this movie. But damn near everything else is.”

        Still I’m sure it stings for Tom because he really wanted people to like it, and he is a kind supportive soul of those around him especially towards Marc Abraham who put his heart into making that movie.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      He has been hinting quite a bit about returning to the stage

  12. Anon33 says:

    Yeah no. I’m sorry but that “bulge” is all balls. Not anywhere near Hammaconda level.

  13. Abbess Tansy says:

    Maybe the next Thor movie should be called, Thor 3: Return of Ragnac*ck.

    • antipodean says:

      Nice to see you Abbess, I always enjoy your comments, and I had to say I tittered loudly at your very vulgar, but apropos, pun.

      • Abbess Tansy says:

        Hi antipodean, it was a bit vulgar wasn’t it? But those pants are fitted to him a little tightly.

    • Rosemary says:

      That’s funny. My niece has a giant snake name “Ragnarök”. How fitting.

  14. Isabel says:

    OH my….I know him for The Night Manager and Loki….he is very handsome and tall…but his bulge is really big…I remember his pics from Benedict Cumberbatch weeding and that was something out of this world…he really must have a big one. LOL. No wonder Elizabeth Olsen had traveled far distances to be with him.

  15. Cranberry says:

    There’s something off with the cut of the bottom of his waist coat in the burgundy suit. It’s too short and straight across, but it’s not noticeable since everything is the same color. Also still don’t think this is his best color palette, but it’s at least in the neutrals – dark neutrals. The blue, brown and burgundy combo? Not the most complementary, but the suit does fit nicely. Over all it’s more Tom than the tight plaid pants with pj socks.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like he’s wearing a dance belt…

  17. Cranberry says:

    It’s a potato. 😀