‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 6.2: At long last, we got some Hodor!


MAJOR SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Episode 6.2, “Home.”

Everyone had been saying that Game of Thrones Season 6 picked up the pace quickly, that the writers really felt the need to start moving around plotlines in a hurry, but I was not honestly thinking that so many major moments would go down in the second episode. I mean, just think about: we got some major foreshadowing about Bran seeing Ned Stark’s major moments, we got HODOR, we got the death of two major “bad guys,” we got a resurrection, we got the Wildlings coming to kick ass at Castle Black and we got Tyrion with the dragons. I mean… I would say that the writers are going a little bit heavy on the fan-service, but they’re hitting all of my sweet spots, so how can I complain? Here are some major moments:

Bran, Hodor & the Three-Eyed Raven. HODOR!!! HODORRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Our first Hodor sighting in so long! Never change, Hodor. And while Bran was all, “Hodor, when did you become Hodor?” I get the feeling that the story behind Hodor is going to be sad as hell. But I really enjoyed Bran going back and seeing his dad, his uncle Benjen Stark and his aunt Lyanna. Foreshadowing!! Because I think the Tower of Joy vision is coming, people!

Jamie, Cersei & the High Sparrow. Even though I’m totally over the King’s Landing part of the story, some interesting stuff is happening. I really did think for a moment that the Kingslayer was about to become the Sparrowslayer, and the High Sparrow sort of thought so too. Cersei is obviously terrible and now Ser Robert Strong/the reanimated corpse of Gregor Clegane has her back. I didn’t get Tommen’s reasoning for being such a p-ssy either. Boring.

Arya is still blind. I hoped her storyline wouldn’t just be static, living on the streets and getting her ass handed to her by The Waif. Thankfully, we got our first sighting of Jaqen H’ghar for this season and I guess he’s bringing The Girl back to the House of Black and White to continue her training. Right? Sure.

Ramsay Bolton is Forever Psycho. This was foreshadowed throughout Season 5, and as soon as Roose Bolton said in episode 6.1 that he hopes the maester is right and Lady Walda was carrying a boy, you knew that Ramsay was going to wipe out his father’s family. I had a moment – a genuine moment – where I thought Roose had knifed Ramsay. But of course it was the other way around. Ramsay committed patricide, then in one of the most awful scenes, he ordered his dogs to kill Walda and his newborn baby brother. Sick, twisted, psycho killer.

Sansa & Theon. Sansa and Brienne caught up about how Brienne saw Arya for a moment, and it was just a reiteration: Brienne will be taking Sansa to Castle Black to reunite her with Jon Snow. Foreshadowing! But then Theon and Sansa have a moment where he again reminded her of all of the sh-tty stuff he’s done to her family. He didn’t want to take her to Castle Black only to have Jon Snow cut off his head, deservedly so. So Theon is heading back to the Iron Islands.

Tyrion meets the Rhaegal & Viserion. After being witty and drunk, Tyrion and Varys pay a visit to Dany’s other dragons, Rhaegal and Viserion. Dany chained them up in the tomb after they started killing people and not just goats and animals. Apparently, dragons can sense when their mom is gone and they’ve been refusing to eat. So Tyrion came to visit them… and unchain them. I’ll admit it, I laughed when Tyrion told them he was a friend of their mom’s. I liked the way he talked to them and I liked that the CGI dragons seemed to be listening to what he said. Of course, all of this “Tyrion is good with dragons” thing has led to more speculation about Tyrion being a secret Targaryen. Especially given that Tywin’s last words were “You’re no son of mine.” And it would explain why the dragons were like, “He feels familiar!”

Terrible Greyjoys are terrible. It feels like it’s been years since we’ve seen terrible Balon Greyjoy, lord of the Iron Islands. He’s still terrible and he still has weird fantasies about ruling Westeros or something. I guess he just wanted to conquer more land. And Yara is all, “Dude, we’re breathing on fumes,” and he’s all, “Shut up, I’m going for a walk on a narrow bridge.” And that’s when we meet Euron Greyjoy, Balon’s younger brother. Euron flat-out kills his brother on the bridge. Not to alienate those of you who enjoy Greyjoy crap, but is that all there was? Do I have to care about a Greyjob power struggle between Euron and Yara?

All of the Castle Black awesomeness. All of the great stuff was happening at Castle Black, I’m sorry. I loved that the Wildlings came to rescue Davos and the pro-Jon faction of the Night’s Watch. I loved Wun Wun getting into the game. I loved everything with Tormund – especially since it seems like he’s going to have some kind of alliance with Davos!! I loved that the treasonous bastard Alliser Thorne was tossed into a jail cell. And Olly too, right? But most of all, I loved that Davos talked Melisandre into just trying to resurrect Jon Snow. And I love that Ghost was sleeping and then he wasn’t and JON SNOW IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Sadface Kit Harington has already issued a formal apology to the fans for all of his many lies over the past year. He told EW: “I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone. I’m glad that people were upset that he died. I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care. Or it would just be, ‘Fine, Jon Snow’s dead.’ But it seems like people had a, similar to the Red Wedding episode, kind of grief about it. Which means something I’m doing — or the show is doing — is right.” Whatever, Sadface. I’m just glad he’s back! Melisandre still has some juice, people!



Photos courtesy of HBO/Game of Thrones.

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  1. paolanqar says:

    Melisandre: *snip snip* *cut cut* *burn burn*
    ‘ajksfhkjef ajshnfdasho sjkdfhànm lesfo bladibladibla’
    *touches abs one more time. You know, just to be sure*

    Sir Davos: ‘come on bitch put some effort into this’

    Tormund: ‘I’m out of here you useless cow’

    Melisandre: ‘Shit. Well at least I have finally touched his abs. I was expecting at least a boner. I definitely
    have lost my touch’

    *everybody GTFO and door closes*
    Ghost: *Opens his eyes wide*

    ‘Da fuq?’
    *Looks at Jon’
    ‘You say whaaaaaaat???’

    Jon: *Breathes heavily while jerking his eyes open*

    • Diana B says:

      You useless cow! Oh God, I’m dying here. That was a perfect recolection.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Just a moment, I now must carefully wipe coffee from my screen 😂

    • Isabelle says:

      Tormund really was pis8sed. He really did like Jon. He also cracked me up when he was siding eyeing Davos gave the look of “Are you serious, she is a hack”.

    • bokchoi says:

      that’s it – you officially own the internet for today. at least, for me you do!

  2. Sixer says:

    Wait, wait! Which person does Ian SPOILER McShane bring back then? Did he tell me DASTARDLY LIES on BBC Breakfast?

    (Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. Sixlet Major knows and I have threatened him with a death worthy of Ramsay if he tells me).

    • lilacflowers says:

      Not Jon. A character who shall remain nameless who was last seen with Arya two seasons ago.

      • Sixer says:

        Lalalala! Can’t hear you.

        I think he should come and revive me, because I am officially dead from overwork.

      • M.A.F. says:

        No way. I thought they decided to get rid of that story line seeing how they are now way past it.

        Edit: wait, never-mind. Different story line. Is this one even in the books? I’m only a few pages into Dance with Dragons.

      • Amberica says:

        A lot of people believe the unnamed gravedigger is the revived Hound.

    • tegteg says:

      H’e s bringing back THE HOUND…. I think.

    • msd says:

      When McShane says “bring back” he doesn’t mean it the same way! X didn’t die, he means bring back to the show.

    • annaloo. says:

      Time to bust out the peaches! I’d forgotten about Ian McShane being in this season!!!

  3. paolanqar says:

    Oh my god I want to hug him and never let go.
    Hodor knows everything about Lyanna, Benjen and Ned. Bran will find out eventually and will tell Jon that she is his mother and he is indeed Jon Starkgaryen and maybe, somehow, Bran will be able to unlock Hodor’s brain.
    I think he is the key to something very important. Maybe HODOR is the secret word to control a dragon or the White Walkers.

    Damn you Jon, you sexy bastard, good to see you alive. I can’t wait for Jon to go Stark on Olly and Thorne’s Lord J-Anus. Also, he is no longer bound to the wall and he will head to Winterfell as Melisandre said and I can’t wait for Wun Wun to rape Ramsay. Repeatedly.
    I wonder if the House of Black and White will want to kill Jon Snow now that he’s cheated death and Arya will be sent to do it. *more shivers down my spine*
    But I hope she won’t do it, deep down Arya’s not really committed to the Faceless Men’s ideology and as long as Needle is hidden at the docks, a girl has a name and a past. Also, the Waif is Jaqen.

    I was sorry to see Lord Bolton go. I will miss him. He was evil but also intelligent and with a plan. But you know, karma.. he killed Robb the same way sooo… The Starks send their regards.
    Two bastards. One north. It is ON.

    Kudos to Tyrion’s balls. They are the true recipient of this episode. A small man, casting a very LARGE shadow.

    • Jen43 says:

      I love your Hodor theory, but I don’t think he will ever come out of it. That is too happy an ending for this series. And I really hope you are wrong about Arya being sent to kill Jon. I do agree that she is and always will be Arya Stark.

    • Pinky says:

      Jon came back just the way I thought he would–after all, Melisandre, had JUST arrived at the wall! But it was cool to get him back. This was a very exciting and interesting episode. Finally!


    • lilacflowers says:

      I’m hoping Nymeria (the real Nymeria, Arya’s direwolf, not Nymeria the spear-hurling moron from Dorne) resurfaces, dominates Ramsay’s dog pack and leads them in ripping out his throat.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes. Yes to everything. Jaqen is the Waif. The Waif is Jaqen. A man is no one. And everyone. That’s kind of the point.

      When Tormund sees Jon’s body for the first time… that really got me. I think Olly is safe. It will depend on whether resurrected Jon is still Jon or if he’s changed. I don’t think Jon Snow would execute Olly. Even though he knows he should.

      When Tyrion unchained the dragons all was right with my world.

      Siccing the dogs on Walda and her newborn… I have to wonder at the people who think up this sick, twisted sh*t. That’s a new low.

      • TG says:

        Lol pretty sure GRRM came up with that sick, twisted sh-t. Ramsay is known for releasing his dogs on people, that’s kind of his thing.

      • Rachel says:

        But the baby?? I haven’t gotten to that point in the books, so I don’t know if it was written that way.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        How would that work, because there was a scene or two last year with Jaqen and the Waif at the same time?

        There was one where the Waif was holding Arya from behind while Jaqen was lecturing her. And I swear there was one where the Waif and Jaqen were speaking to each other.

      • Rachel says:

        They’re different bodies, but none of them have a distinct identity. For example at the end of last season when Arya is returning the face she stole, and Jaqen drinks the poison, Arya thinks he’s dead, but then the Waif becomes Jaqen. He didn’t kill himself. Just the vessel. Like a collective consciousness. Just my take on it.

    • Dee Kay says:

      This was pure genius:
      “The Starks send their regards.”

      Also this:
      “Two bastards. One north. It is ON.”

  4. lilacflowers says:


  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    It. Was. SO. GOOD! The episode was a little ruined for me but I’m so happy Jon is alive again! Ramsey is the worst. Hodor! Bran! The dragon scene was pretty powerful. So much goodness this episode.

  6. Soprana says:

    I think Wylis went down with Brandon or Papa Stark to King’s Landing and witnessed their murders by Aerys. His resulting PTSD gave him Hodoritis

    • mom2two says:

      Ooh, that’s a really good point about Hodor. Much better episode than last week.

      Ramsey is the worst and I can’t wait for him to die. Didn’t miss Dany at all and I might be the only person who is like “shrug” Jon Snow is alive…
      Can’t say I am sad about Roose’s death, although I find it funny he’s worried about the Northern Houses turning against them if Ramsey killed Jon but seemed very unconcerned about that with Robb. Then again, the show is not doing the Northern Revenge story line GRRM is doing.
      Poor Walda and her child.

      • Giddy says:

        Ramsey has a dark and evil soul. We all knew that poor baby and awards were doomed, but Ramsey certainly delighted in the method.

      • Giddy says:

        Ramsey has a dark and evil soul. We all knew that poor baby and awards were doomed, but Ramsey certainly delighted in the method.

    • Whatwhatnot says:

      Ramsey just undid the Walder Frey alliance by killing Walda and their alliance baby. That may come back to haunt him.

      • Rachel says:

        I wondered about that. I don’t think Walder cares about Walda’s death, but he’ll be pissed about that baby. Magic 8 ball says Roose would’ve disavowed Ramsey and made his true born son his heir, so Walder’s grandson would have eventually become the Warden of the North. Ramsey has screwed that up for him, so now it’s on. And as we all know, you don’t f*** with Frey.

      • Amberica says:

        My husband said the same thing. I’m in awe of you guys who can keep it all straight. There are so many moving parts to this story, despite reading and watching multiple times, I still forget details all the time.

    • Becks says:

      Poor Hodor.
      Last night’s episode was freaking incredible!
      Wun Wun is back.
      The flashback scene was so good, I loved seeing the young Starks, especially Lyanna!
      Tyrion with the dragons was magic. “Don’t eat the help”. LOL.
      And, Jon!!! Of course we all knew, but I jumped off my couch when he opened his eyes. Ghost also knew 🐺

    • Susan says:

      In the show possibly but wasn’t he just kicked in the head by a horse in the books? Am I misremembering that?

      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        I was thinking the same thing Susan, I was pretty sure he got kicked in the head by a horse.

      • Soprana says:

        Oh yah in the books I think he’s always been slow-witted and Old Nan is WAAYY older. The show seemed to imply some big traumatic event happened though.

    • iheartgossip says:

      You made me laugh with the line: His resulting PTSD gave him Hodoritis.


  7. Jenns says:

    Am I the only one who couldn’t fall asleep after the episode last night?!?

    Like many people, I knew he was going to come back. But I almost crapped myself when his eyes flew open. And I was expecting a burning or something big. Not a Super Cuts resurrection. But whatever. Jon is back and I can’t wait to see Allister and Olly’s faces!

    • Soprana says:

      Welcome to Melisandre’s Resurrection Salon…a new style for your new life!

    • paolanqar says:

      I kept staring at Melisandre’s necklace as if it was supposed to glow or something. I was a bit disappointed, it didn’t seem like badass magic but as long as it worked it’s fine by me.

      • tegteg says:

        Haha I was also staring at her necklace thinking, “Any second now….” I agree, the magic ritual was underwhelming, but hey, it worked so yayyyy.

    • Jen43 says:

      Yeah. I thought the resurrection was a little lame. I expected her to climb on top of him, take off her necklace/choker, etc. Somthing other than a wash up and a haircut! But I will take it.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      The show aired 4 am in Finland, but thankfully managed to sleep a bit. I was spoiled by leaks so I knew this was happening today so I stayed up to watch live.

      • RJ says:

        haha-read your comment as “spoiled by leeks” and I thought oh no, not the onions again! Finland is on my bucket list to visit soon, I went to Iceland last November and loved it.

  8. Darkladi says:

    Jaqen H’gar- A woman wants to do dirty, dirty things to you.

  9. Soprana says:


    Jk I know the actor is only 15-16 IRL…did he get kind of hot too or is that just me? (I feel weird for saying that…)

    • lilacflowers says:

      Isaac is a good looking boy.

    • mayamae says:

      He always seemed too young for a potential Meera pairing, but now they look about the same age.

      • Soprana says:

        The actress still has a good 8-10 years on him and he’s underage, so they probably can’t make anything explicit

      • Sarah says:

        Tommen was underage too. They can work around it. But Bran is paralysed… soooo……

  10. Nancy says:

    Yeah we were all fooled that Jon was dead. A boy and his dog…

  11. Jenns says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m going to miss Roose Bolton’s voice.

    • Tash says:

      Yes!! His voice would send shivers down my spine.

    • Chaucer says:

      I think he’ll be back. It seems (to me) very telling that the Bolton’s crest/flag is different than the others. I think he’s got a little bit of magic going on somewhere there.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Oh, good god, like liquid gold… or melted chocolate… or silk… delicious.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      A girl would do dirty dirty things to hear Roose Bolton talk to her. A girl is just sayin’….

  12. Chinoiserie says:

    I love how some positive things happening in this show is called fanservice. So people were thinking that the show would become nihilistic after season 5 and are no relieved but I have already heard some say that now the show is predictable good guys always win tale.

  13. key says:

    I’m painfully delighted with this binge of events happening one after another, bombs the writers drop to entertain the audience but I’m not sure it will serve the show in the future: it all seems way too constructed to keep the fans happy, and that’s not a good sign of writing.

    PS: I was 100% convinced that the guy in the picture, who’s playing Edd, was Robin Wright’s toyboy, the guy she was dating last year, ben foster. My husband broke it for me that he’s a different actor. I’ve always mixed him with Aaron Paul and Scott Caan too. What a mess, they all look the same.

    • Chaucer says:

      I think the writing this season is terrible already. I like the subtle and dry humor we had in the previous seasons. But I am conflicted about the constant action. On one hand, we’ve had five seasons of slow build up to this epic sort of war we all think is coming, and if we’re only getting one more season (I’ve heard, but I think we might get two), things really need to start falling into place. It does seem sloppy as hell though.

  14. Sayrah says:

    With so many people with the absolute duty and desires to kill Ramsey, who will finally get the chance?

    • TG says:

      Did you watch the promo for next episode? Ramsay gets “a gift”. And Theon is headed “home”, so….

      • Soprana says:

        I REALLY hope that ‘gift’ isn’t Rickon (the littlest Stark)…

      • TG says:


        Theon is the gift. Theon doesn’t want redemption, he knows his actions are unforgivable. Theon is going home to Winterfell to die, and hopefully take Ramsay with him (the gift of death).

      • paolanqar says:

        Uhm. When Theon said ‘home’ I thought he was heading to the Iron Islands and to his sister who could easily take down Ramsay with her pinky finger. Maybe with a little help from Brienne.

      • TG says:

        Pfffft the Iron Islands isn’t his home, he already tried that and f-cked up that scenario too. Read between the lines. Winterfell is the only home (and the Starks his only family) he ever knew. Theon is screwed, there is no coming back for him. Why not kill two birds with one stone and take Ramsay with him too? I mean, it’s a little too happy ending for GOT but effectively ends both story lines and keeps with the pace the season is starting with.

        Three cheers to seeing that bitch Balon going OB!

      • Jenns says:

        Didn’t we see Theon with his sister in one of the trailers? I think he’s going back to the Iron Islands. If he goes back to Winterfell, his story line is over. But if he goes back to the Iron Islands, then he will be a challenge to Euron as Balon Greyjoy’s only son and heir.

        I really believe Rickon is the gift. Whoever has him is going to hand him over to Ramsay as we saw in the preview. Then Ramsay will write the Pink Letter to Jon, which will eventually set up the battle for Winterfell.

      • paolanqar says:

        I think it would make more sense if Theon goes back to the Iron Islands and claim his place as heir after Euron killed his father. Yara is ready to kick some ass. I hope it’ll be a woman to kill Ramsay off. Either Yara or Brienne.

      • TG says:

        Shit. You’re totally right and I am so wrong. SNOW BOWL IT IS!
        I’m so dumb, completely forgot about the battle scene promos. Sigh. Dumbs.

      • paolanqar says:

        you might be right too. I just hope Theon won’t go back to Winterfell after all he has done already.
        That would be pointless, he is in no way capable of taking down Ramsay on his own. Also, I believe Theon is much more intelligent than that. He doesn’t know that his father is dead but he knows that his sister will back him up. She went all the way down to Winterfell just to save him once and now that Yara knows that Theon is the last living heir apart from Euron she will be very happy to help.

        I dont think Rickon is the gift. Rickon is with Osha and no one knows who he is. They believe him dead. No one in their right mind would give Rickon to Ramsay.
        He must be somebody else.

      • Valois says:

        In a trailer, you can see the flag of House Umber next to Bolton. Last time we’ve seen Rickon and Osha, she was told to bring him
        to House Umber. Ergo: seems they’re going to break their oath and won’t protect Rickon anymore.

      • paolanqar says:


        So Rickon will obviously die. That’s always good news when you know someone innocent ends up in Ramsay’s grounds.

      • Rachel says:

        Valois beat me to it. As soon as Ramsey said they only needed the Carstarks, Umbers and one other family, I was all, NO RICKON! Because Osha was supposed to have taken Rickon to the Umbers. Then with the gift… poor Rickon. We don’t even know if they made it to the Umbers, but even if they didn’t, they were probably taken prisoner by someone and held as collateral.

      • mayamae says:

        @paolanqar, I don’t know the veracity, but I’ve read spoilers about Rickon that say


        That Ramsay makes a deal with Jon for Rickon. He sends Rickon running to Jon, but kills him with a bow and arrow as he reaches safety.

      • Susan says:

        It’s possible but unlikely since Alfie Allen filmed Iron Island scenes.

    • Jenns says:

      Either Jon will kill him at the battle of Winterfell or a white walker will take him down.

      I personally like the idea of The Night’s King killing him. Mostly because I think Ramsay needs to experience real terror and fear before he dies and TNK is the perfect person to do that.

      • TG says:

        Ramsay is so evil he’d prob see a White Walker and be like yo bruh, been a fan of yours forever! I think the only thing that would shock Ramsay is if a very weak and broken person had the balls to do him in.

      • Soprana says:

        I think Ramsay’s beloved dogs will eventually turn on him and eat him, a la Lion King

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        What about Sansa shanking him? That would be some tasty justice.

      • FingerBinger says:

        @Notsosocialbutterfly I’d buy Brienne killing Ramsay before Sansa.

      • mayamae says:

        I like the idea of women, dogs, and perhaps Ghost taking part in killing Ramsay – supervised by Theon. I’m not a fan of torture, but Ramsay needs a little taste of his own medicine. And if Theon survives, I think he will only be able to do it if Ramsay is gone.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        @FingerBinger, yes logistically that makes more sense, but I’d still like to see Sansa become cold and vicious, and take everything out on Ramsay. With a smile.

      • Rachel says:

        Mayamae, I like the idea of Ramsey getting a dose of his own medicine, but drawing things out only gives people a chance to escape. He needs to be ended quickly and definitively.

  15. Kimmy says:

    I was so paranoid that Mel was going to go for Ghost’s blood that entire last scene. Thank goodness he made it!!! Ok, no more Jon Snow pus$y-footing around. Time for some Jon Starkgaryen mother-fu##ing vengeance!!!! I think he and Sansa are going to ultimately reunite the North.

    you know, I hope Theon sticks around. I’d love to see him redeem himself to the Starks. I think he’s capable of it too. I hope the Greyjoybstuff is more interesting than in the books BC ehhhh.

    The Bran stuff is getting so interesting. I’m loving the flashbacks. And Hodor…..someone up above mentioned that he probably knows all the Stark secrets and I agree. I’m interested in seeing how Bran/Meera gets whatever that info is back to Westeros.

    Tyrion and the dragons…..yay!!!

    I really could care less about Arya or the Kingslanding stuff right now.

  16. Size Does Matter says:

    I had to make my husband mute it when poor Walda and the baby went with Ramsay to visit the dogs. I guess I’ve gone soft.

    • Carrie says:

      I know how you felt. I covered my eyes and hummed so that I couldn’t hear what was going on. It was sickening! I can’t wait until someone gets revenge on Ramsay!

    • Lady D says:

      I made my son mute it, and I left the room.
      I normally don’t read these threads as I don’t watch the show. Last night was the first GOT show I’ve seen. I’m about to bust open the books because they sound good. I can read about torture and it doesn’t really bother me, but cannot watch it happen. I don’t know who that bastard was, but he better die hard after what he did to that baby.

  17. Carrie says:

    At long last, I can read and take part in these GoT conversations! My husband and I finally subscribed to HBO Now and can watch the episodes the same time as everyone else (versus one year later on DVD).

    Question about Jon Snow. Do you think that his spirit was somehow in Ghost? In the scene when he comes back to life, Ghost was sleeping on the floor. The moment before Jon gasps with his first breaths in days, Ghost awakens. What do you think?

    • TG says:

      Yeah I’m not buying the Melisandre mumbo jumbo. Her necklace never glowed like it does when she’s performing magic and the whole thing was just half assed. There’s something about the blood. When Jon was first pulled from the snow, Davos stares oddly at the pile of “ashy” blood on the ground. And Tormund looking at his (still bloody, days later) body…I dunno. I mean he obviously looked like a corpse, but Ghost never left his side and I’m just thinking he was only half dead. Or something.

    • Olenna says:

      I don’t think Jon’s spirit was in Ghost because I don’t think he had time or the clarity of mind (if he even knew how) to warg into Ghost just before he died. There’s a minor character in the books who does that when the old woman’s body he occupies is about to die. The man wargs to a wolf and I think, for some reason, he believed he would never to be able warg to another human after that.

      • Olenna says:

        Just to clarify: Jon did know how to warg, but I don’t think he knew it was an option or last resort if his physical body was killed. BTW, can we all give Dolorous Edd a round of applause! Dude came through with the Wildlings and Wun Wun, saving Davos and crew’s azzes. If he hadn’t rallied the troops in time, Jon’s resurrection might never have happened.

      • mom2two says:

        In the books Jon is a warg…I think the show is leaving it to Bran to be the only Stark with that ability. I think it was Ghost sensing a change in Jon. Show wise, I don’t think Jon warged into Ghost.

        Book wise, I think he did. His last words were Ghost. Just like Robb’s was Grey Wind (and giving rise to the theory that Robb warged into Grey Wind only to be killed again…sigh..).

      • Rachel says:

        Yes! Three cheers for Dolorous Edd! Love the header pic. Huzzah!

      • kcarp says:

        I feel like I need to read the books or I am never going to be figure out what is really going on. So basically Ghost could be a horcrux?

      • mayamae says:

        @mom2two, I didn’t know that Robb’s last words were Grey Wind. That tears me up a little. I’ve only read the first chapters of the first book. I remember that when Cat told Ned about Summer’s reaction to Bran’s injury and how she saved him, he was suddenly struck with fear because he had killed Sansa’s Lady. I love the connection between the Starks and their dire wolves, and hope Nymeria meets up again with Arya. Knowing this show, they’ll reunite only to watch the other die a miserable death.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Book Arya wargs into Nymeria when she sleeps. She doesn’t do it consciously and she thinks she is having dreams but the dreams, like Catelyn’s body in the river, are what Nymeria sees. The dire wolves also sense their litter mates, even though they are far apart. Nymeria, Ghost, and Summer know Lady and Grey Wind are gone

    • ab says:

      I’m in the same boat, my husband and I just subscribed to HBO now for this season too. it’s nice to finally watch this show roll out unspoiled. my husband and I were sitting on the couch all excited like “OMG we’re watching at the SAME TIME as everyone else!” lol.

  18. Whatwhatnot says:

    Loved this episode. Although I must admit the resurrection was a little too easy and predictable to me. I wanted more drama for that scene. But whatever. Jon Starkgaren is re-born! Now we will have Snow Bowl (Jon vs Ramsey)

    We got WunWun intimidating the hell out of the Cowards Watch!
    We got Wyllis (HODOR!)
    We got little Ned, Benjen Lyanna and Brandon! (ToJ scene next week!)
    We got patricide with Roose! (what will happen to his Walder Frey alliance?)
    Sansa knows Aryah is alive!
    Tyrion is a Dragon Whisperer!
    Euron/Dragon horn!

    I stayed up to watch the replay and was online for a while because I was so excited. These are the Avengers I want to see unite!

    I’m hoping Clegane Bowl is next!

    • lilacflowers says:

      I think it is safe to say that the alliance with Walder Frey, which Roose so carefully cultivated, is dead and Ramsey was clueless not to consider the ramifications of that.

      • TG says:

        I’m surprised Roose tolerated his foolishness as long as he did, but I guess that’s a moot point now.

      • Whatwhatnot says:

        Roose should have seen that coming. SMH. But Karma is a bitch…

      • paolanqar says:

        Ramsay just acts out of craziness, he never ponders the consequences of his own actions. If i’m honest I am very surprised that Roose didn’t see this coming.I mean, he knew Ramsay is crazy and he told him about his wife being pregnant with a boy.. we all knew what was going to happen but Roose didn’t.
        It seems very weird to me.

      • TG says:

        Yeah I was getting frustrated with Roose too. He’s this absolutely brilliant warlord who keeps baiting his bastard son…seems off to me but whatever. The show must go on.

      • paolanqar says:

        It just seems a bit off. In no way Roose trusted Ramsay (or loved him whatsoever) but maybe he thought he still had a firm grip on Ramsay’s craziness.
        King’s Landing’s story seems like a waste of time to me, If i see Tommen whining one more time I will skip his parts completely.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Roose being dense about Ramsay is because the show is extremely plot-driven rather than character-driven – therefore we get some behaviour that is incongrous with who the characters are and where they are in their development. Roose is blind to the threat from Ramsay because the show’s plot requires him to be. That is always the danger with extremely plot-driven stories.

      • TG says:

        Unless Roose is a vampire and he faked his own death so he could steal Ramsay’s body. HAHA jk.

    • TG says:

      GET HYPE. Have you seen the CLEGANEBOWL vid? I’d post but nsfw.

      • Whatwhatnot says:

        I sure have! Those videos are hilarious. Can wait for those theories to come to fruition!

    • msd says:

      Tiny correction: that wasn’t young Brandon it was actually young Ser Rodrik. Same bushy sideburns!

    • Megan says:

      The whole Greyjoy confab gets so much ink in the last book I guess they are critical to the story arc, but I was really hoping we would not have to go there on the show. It’s pretty boring.

  19. Soprana says:

    Also we got mini Ser Rodrik! (Braid-Beard knight from seasons 1-2)

  20. Diana B says:

    Hodor AND WunWun, damn it!
    Oh poor Hodor must have been through something truly horrible for him to be left with
    nothing other to say than a word. Poor, poor Willis.
    It’s alive! It’s ALIVE! I thought it would never happen but he’s been brought back at last.
    This episode was so freaking awesome! Tyrion not getting burned alive was great, Davos
    kicking ass was perfect even though he didn’t fight anyone, and the wildings fighting those
    stupid crows were the bomb. No Olly getting killed but either way, this episode got an A+
    Also, Ramsey is a horrible @ssh*le, but we all knew that.

    • Soprana says:

      As I said in my earlier comment, I believe he went to kings landing and saw the murders of Ned’s dad and brother

      • Diana B says:

        I have no idea what it was but I’m sure it was horrible. You are not left with only one word to comunicate from a walk in the park.

  21. Soprana says:

    ALSO Ramsay is a kinslayer now. For book readers, that is a BIG no-no in Westerosi culture

  22. msd says:

    This was such a great episode. Last week was fine but it was typical premiere checking in on people for most of the time. Loved seeing all the little Starks in Winterfell; loved Tyrion and the dragons …. so good.

  23. paolanqar says:

    Next time I will need a job I will update my resume to this:
    I drink and I know things.

    • Nona says:

      And I do not eat the help.

    • mayamae says:

      Tyrion used to have a third thing he frequently did, but he’s married now. Is he still staying true to his marriage vows? That would be kind of sweet. And end game of Sansa/Tyrion appeals to me.

    • Isabelle says:

      “I’m friends with your mom” would make a great t-shirt.

    • Chloeee says:

      I love that line so much. ‘I drink and I know things’

  24. JohnnyT says:

    Not a book reader but why can’t they just teach Hodor to write?

    • mayamae says:

      Not a book reader either, but I get the impression that Hodor is extremely limited mentally. He couldn’t even point in the direction where Meera was when Bran questioned him. Hodor only follows simple commands.

      Flash back Hodor reminded me of Hot Pie.

      • Andrea says:

        But apparently he used to speak full sentences…I think he suffered a severe trauma at some point.

  25. amilu says:

    Aw, I’m so glad you used this header pic of Ben Crompton! My first encounter with him was in the hilarious British comedy series “Man Stroke Woman,” so it was so awesome to see him cast in GoT way back when!

  26. mayamae says:

    Has anyone caught Game of Thrones’ version of Talking Dead on Monday nights? It’s supposedly on HBO On Demand, but I haven’t found it.

    • Jenns says:

      I couldn’t find it either. I eventually found it by using the search option.

      Anyway, it wasn’t bad, but not great either. I enjoyed Andy Greenwald’s recaps and miss his writing. But the show is new, so it may take time to find it’s groove.

      My favorite recaps are “Emergency Awesome” and “Alt Shift X” on YouTube. Watchers on the Wall also has some great stuff.

      • msd says:

        I like how fast and deadpan the Alt Shift X guy is. And Watchers On The Wall is so much better than Winter Is Coming, which used to be the place to go when you wanted GoT news. I avoid Westeros – too much whining and nitpicking.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      It’s called “After the Thrones” and it’s lame. Two geeky guys who think they are not geeks talking about it.

    • Janetdr says:

      I love “game of owns” on itunes. I live for the discussion and they talk about the books in the off season

      • AnotherDirtyMartini says:

        @janetdr thanks! I just subscribed to game of owns. I’m trying to watch After the Thones, but I dislike all the guys so far.

  27. Magnoliarose says:

    Great episode. Now that it is ahead of the books who knows what will happen. I hope Ramsay gets it from a woman. Theon’s sister would be a good choice. I had to turn off my phone to avoid spoilers since I had to put the kids to sleep. Anxious for next week.

  28. Jenns says:

    I know most of the comments have been about Jon and Ramsay, but I’m going to give a shout-out to Euron’s introduction. The Greyjoy stuff is bland on the show, but I anticipate that his character will be a charismatic villain. And I think he will also play a major role in getting Dany to Westros.

  29. Soprana says:

    For those freaking out the child murders, check out I Claudius from the 1970s. GOT (and GRRM probs) borrowed a LOT from it…so it’s not as if anything that hasn’t been done on TV before is happening here.

  30. Carrie says:

    Sigh – I just can’t get enough of Tormund. He’s somehow able to make a ginger bouffant sexy… I want Jon Snow to leave the Nights Watch (he was with them til death, after all) and co-lead a Wilding army to Winterfell.

  31. Juluho says:

    I’m pretty sure the writers have given up on GRRM and just using fan theories as source material now.

  32. Goodnight says:

    Tyrion’s whole story is about how similar he is to Tywin. It would be shitty writing if Tyrion wasn’t his son. Besides, AWOIAF confirmed that his mother was at Casterly Rock with Tywin when he was conceived.

    Dragons don’t just take to you because you have some Targ blood. If that were the case, they’d be totally cool with Stannis and Renly and Robert because they have/had Targ blood. The Dance of the Dragons proved that dragons will take to who they will and it has nothing to do with Targ blood (no matter what Brown Ben Plumm thinks). The dragons can be okay with Tyrion without him being a secret Targ.

    • Valois says:

      Totally agree, just one minir correction: The year before Tyrion was born, Joanna was in King’d Landing.

  33. Andrea says:

    Where is Bronn? They could really use him in King’s Landing!

    And what about Baelish? He’s got to come around at some point!

  34. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Kaiser – I thought the same for a minute – that Roose had knifed Ramsay. Now THAT shocked me.

    So glad you cover GoT. I am obsessed.