Will Smith gives speech to Jada at event, references their kids’ conception

Will Smith was giving a sweet speech about his wife of over 18 years, Jada, in front of the audience at VH1′s Dear Mama event in Los Angeles this week. According to E! he honored Jada by referencing the fact that at least one of their kids was conceived while they were on a tequila-fueled trip together in Mexico. This is not new for the Smiths. They used to talk about their sex life a lot, but they seem to have toned it down lately. I guess not so much.

[Will Smith] took the stage at VH1′s Dear Mama event to reminisce about his earlier baby-making years with his leading lady.

“I’m not gonna be silly. I’m here to honor you,” he told the crowd. “Just watching the piece with the kids it just takes me back to when we made them. Can’t help but think about that. It’s just amazing. It’s like you take Jada Pinkett Smith and an obscure town in Mexico and some tequila and you end up with great kids!”

“Jada is magical,” he added. “Part of why I love her is things happen in a way they shouldn’t happen, they shouldn’t go that way. She has this magical power.”

Jada returned the sentiment during her later remarks, explaining why she never expected a home life like the one she has had for all these years.

“I never thought about being married or having a family. I didn’t know anything about that because I came from a single mom so I always though I’d be a single mom and have a career,” the Bad Moms actress admitted. “Then I found this beautiful man, Will. I got married to him and I got my bonus son Trey and then I got Jaden and I got Willow and I was able to create, for myself, something I never had—which means family.”

[From E! Online]

That’s rather cringe-worthy when you have teenagers in the audience, but this is Will and Jada, I’m sure their kids have heard worse. They were treating them like little adults for a while when they went through their open secret Scientology phase. Now it looks like they’ve pulled back on that a little and have distanced themselves from Scientology. It also looks like Willow and Jaden are turning out ok, all things considered.

It’s interesting that Jada always thought she would be a single mom. There were split rumors about these two for years and I’m sure they have their ups and downs and separations, but they’ve made it work. They’re rich enough that they don’t have to be together when they’re getting on each other’s nerves. I get the sense that they try to be there for each other when it matters, even if that can be embarrassing for their kids.

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Kind of silly, but kind of sweet. She looks beautiful in that blue or violet gown.

    • Mimz says:

      I also didn’t take offense, it’s silly, but sweet too.
      Such a beautiful couple. And a great example of a blended family with no drama with the ex and etc. It’s awesome.

  2. Darkladi says:

    Whatever happened to Big Willie Style?

  3. mme says:

    I love this couple. And Jada is #BodyGoals

    • jeanpierre says:


    • prettylights says:

      I met her once when she was touring with her metal band like 10 years ago, she’s so incredibly tiny in person and her body is definitely goals. I’m only 5″4″ but I was looking down at her. Very gorgeous, very sweet, signed autographs and met fans and seemed genuinely happy to be there.

  4. K says:

    Yeah I’m sure it might be embarrassing for the kids, no one wants to hear their parents talk about that stuff but the speech was sweet.

  5. Grant says:

    Although her face has, ahem, definitely changed, she’s still such a beautiful woman. I remember seeing her in Set It Off twenty years ago and thinking she was just gorgeous.

  6. Abby says:

    I’m glad they aren’t parenting the way they were a few years ago.

    I’ll be honest, I like jada. She was great in Magic Mike, and I enjoyed her in Gotham. Over the top in both of them, but she was fun to watch. Beautiful, strong woman.

  7. Elyna says:

    Not a Jada fan, or Smith family fan. Have to give Jada respect that she noted her step-son as a gift first, then her kids with Will. That’s the way to show love in a family.

  8. AnonypussRex says:

    It looks like Willow is either wearing a lot of wonderbra or bought herself some bewbs.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Or she’s just growing …. They do at that age. Sometimes seems like overnight.