Woody Allen on Dylan Farrow: ‘I have so moved on, I never think about it’


Well, Ronan Farrow got exactly what he wanted. He successfully shamed international entertainment reporters into asking the difficult and uncomfortable questions about and to Woody Allen. Consider this: in the lead up to Café Society’s Cannes premiere, Woody did some press and he was not even asked any questions adjacent to Dylan Farrow’s accusations, much less direct questions about what Dylan has said all along. But after Ronan’s op-ed was published in the Hollywood Reporter, every reporter now has an opening to ask all of the questions they want. The questions seem to be along the lines of “Have you read Ronan Farrow’s op-ed? What did you think of it?” Blake Lively seemed unprepared for that line of questioning. But Woody was prepared. They started by asking Woody about the “rape joke” at the opening ceremony, and then everything went sideways from there. Some assorted quotes from Woody:

The “rape joke” at the opening ceremony: “I am completely in favor of comedians making any jokes they want. I am a non-judgmental or [non]-censorship person on jokes. I’m a comic myself and I feel they should be free to make whatever jokes they want… It would take a lot to offend me. What bothered me most last night was the length of the show before the movie. I’m sitting there. I know I have a movie that’s an hour and a half, I would like the introduction ceremony to be 20 minutes, half hour at the most. I don’t want you to spend an hour on the show. By the time my movie comes around at the end, you’re antsy in your seat. To me, that is the mistake of the show. It goes on for too long. Cut that down.”

Woody says he hasn’t read Ronan’s op-ed: “I never read anything about me, these interviews I do, anything. I said everything I had to say about that whole issue in The New York Times. I have moved so far past it. I never think about it. I work. I said I was never going to comment on it again. I said everything I have to say about it.

Whether he’ll ever read Ronan’s op-ed: “I never read anything. I never read what you say about me or the reviews of my film. I made the decision I think five years ago never to read a review of my movie. Never read an interview. Never read anything, because you can easily become obsessed with yourself. [It’s] a bad idea to consume yourself with this stuff. You should do your work, not call up and find out how the grosses are, how is the film doing, how are the reviews. Forget about all that. Just work. It’s worked for me. I’ve been very productive over the years by not thinking about myself. I don’t like to hear that a critic thinks my film is a masterpiece and I don’t like to hear that a critic thinks my film misses….I’ve said all I have to say about it.”

On Dylan Farrow’s accusations: “I’ve said everything I have to say about the whole situation in The New York Times. I have so moved on. I never think about it. I work and do my movies.”

The complications of the modern family: “It’s just funny and the reality is that lots of families are complicated. If you think about it Mia would be my mother-in-law. But it’s not intentional that way.”

[From Variety & People]

Um, are we witnessing the last days of Woody Allen’s career? It feels that way, doesn’t it? It’s one thing to say clearly and simply, “I wrote about all of this in 2014, please feel free to revisit that piece.” Which is true, he did write about it in 2014 and he blamed everything on “crazy” Mia and seemed to dismiss Dylan out of hand. But Woody just kept on going at Cannes this week – everything from “Mia would be my mother-in-law” (barf) to “I have so moved on” (Valley Girl Woody) to comparing Ronan’s op-ed to a bad review of a film… just… NO. No no no no no.


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  1. drnotknowitall says:

    Wow, heartless… just heartless:(

    • Wilma says:

      Yes, F you Woody

      • Intuitive says:

        It is really poignant for me to read these comments about WA. I just assumed most people belived and backed him, given he is still feted and works in hollywood. And until I read gossip sites, there is so little mention of this story.

        I know Allen hasn’t been convicted of anything but I believe Dylan, having read the court reports etc about the case. Allen was already in therapy for acting ‘inappropriately’ with Dylan BEFORE the affair with his other adopted daughter came up. It seems to me this is just another example of a rich and powerful man getting away with a heinous crime. Truly sickening on one hand but also quite heart-warming that others do see Dylan’s point of view and support her.

      • Cindy Lou says:

        Please see comment #60 below for the highlights of Allen’s 60 year history of predatory sex with underage girls.

      • Tabby says:

        Yes. F you, Woody, you narcissistic pedophile.

        And @Intuitive,
        I agree with you 100%. It’s only the sycophants in the movie industry that pretend to believe his BS about not sexually molesting his bio daughter, Dylan. If anyone ever doubts you about it, they should read the Allen v Farrow custody ruling (https://www.scribd.com/doc/205403621/Allen-v-Farrow-Custody-Ruling-June-7-1993) because the judge found WA’s behavior toward Dylan “grossly inappropriate and that measures must be taken to protect her”. So many people focus on the fact that Soon-Yi “wasn’t his bio daughter” so it’s totally okay he had an affair (molested/raped a mentally deficient child) with her and she was 18 already (right). They ignore the fact he had been molesting his pre-pubescent bio daughter for years.

        Every time these truths make it into the headlines, I think this time he’ll go down but he never does. Maybe this time…..?

      • Liberty says:

        Just in case Woody reads comments, though he says he doesn’t, here’s a photo to help him think about who Dylan is.


    • Megan says:

      He doesn’t want to become obsessed with himself? How can he it avoid when the only person he thinks about is himself.

      • tiny martian says:

        Yeah, that was pretty ironic of him, considering that every single one of his movies is basically all about a fantasy version of himself. But nope! Not self-obsessed at all, rme!

      • nemesister says:

        This must be why he directed his PR agency (42 West) to ban The Hollywood Reporter from Cannes after it ran Farrow’s column. But I’m sure Woody really has moved on. Surrrrrre.

      • laura in LA says:

        nemesister, his PR firm is 42West?! Wow.

        Although this agency seems made up of many female reps, and they represent a lot of female talent, I shouldn’t be surprised…

        Because their PR strategies w/certain other clients are also sketchy as Hell to me.

    • Diana says:

      Woody Allen is a deplorable piece of human garbage.

      Boy, bye. Hope your career goes up in effing flames after this, you sick child rapist.

      • Naya says:

        I couldnt have put it better.

      • Anotherjen says:

        And yet proven rapist/abuser Bill Clinton is treated as some kind of hero while his enabler wife runs for president. We are living in strange times indeed. What is the difference between him and Woody? Can anyone explain??

    • Rachel says:

      It’s so easy for the abuser to move on. Move on the next victim. Never giving any consideration to the life they damaged.

    • Wendywoo says:

      I have so pity or respect for any actor who works with him. Besides the fact that he is a solipsistic artistic anachronism who hasn’t made a movie worth sitting through since the 90’s, how a performer could- in good conscience- attach themselves to something with his name on it after he MARRIES HIS DAUGHTER just bewilders me.

    • CTgirl says:

      Huh, he’s moved on and never thinks about it. Interesting. He doesn’t think about his daughter or her anguish. Yeah, that’s the guy to give your money to for a laugh and insight into the human condition.

    • HeyThere! says:


    • Snappyfish says:

      Vile man, simply vile & IMO exactly what a pedophile would say

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      His not caring really comes across here. It’s like he knows he’s a powerful, rich person who won’t probably ever be really punished for what he did, so the worst thing he’ll face is other people’s criticism for it, and all he has to do to avoid that is tune it out, pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • Annetommy says:

      If a child of mine accused me of molestation and I hadn’t done anything, I would be devastated, as apart from anything else it would show that they were in tremendous psychological pain. The fact that he never thinks of it speaks volumes about his character.

  2. littlemissnaughty says:

    Families are complicated, yes. Mine is. My friends’ families are. Nobody I’ve ever met or known married their child. He needs to keep talking, really.

    • Patsy says:

      He just makes me barf, selfish dangerous man

    • Snazzy says:

      right? RIGHT?

    • Wendywoo says:

      *slow clap for sanity*

    • cubfan34 says:

      Son-Yi is not his daughter. She is not his adopted daughter, foster daughter or step-daughter.

      • Cindy Lou says:

        Soon-Yi lived for most of her life with Allen as the partner of her mother. That is to say her childhood. He was the father figure. Allen IS the legal father of two of her siblings and the biological father of one sibling. Your comment is a whiny quibble.

      • cubfan34 says:

        Mia Farrow testified in court that Woody Allen was never a father figure to her children.

      • Ennie says:

        I despise Allen, but Soon Yi had a father, not just a legal one. Andre Previn was divorced from Mia but was still Soon Yi’s (and others’) father.
        Allen did keep living in different homes. It was messy but he was never the father figure. Maybe he was some sort of father figure, but I doubt he was very involved with the children.

      • Cindy Lou says:

        However, Soon-Yi did not. A vulnerable, damaged child looks for a father wherever she can find one. “Men” like Allen count on that.

      • Liberty says:

        Aw, let’s rethink that comment, shall we, “cubfan34”, after we gaze at this warm and charming vacation photo of the family?


      • Annetommy says:

        Other posters have different views, cubfan 34: and frankly whether he was a father figure or not, he was the long term boyfriend of her mother, the father of her half-siblings, and was much older than she was. That by itself is gross enough.

      • KT says:

        Abuse is about the exploitation of power in a relationship. You don’t need a title to manipulate a person who is more vulnerable than you. Abuse is abuse father, stepfather, boyfriend, or in this case the only title that did matter: ADULT.

      • Cindy Lou says:

        KT, this is a little late but I do hope you read this. Your post

        “Abuse is abuse father, stepfather, boyfriend, or in this case the only title that did matter: ADULT.”

        is powerful. It gave me a shiver down my spine.

  3. Talie says:

    How those actors didn’t know this would happen…I could see this coming from a mile away. Of course his kids were going to start this up right as Cannes was going to happen. They have no choice…the press ignores them unless a big event is happening. Kristen Stewart is probably relieved she has another movie coming to erase this one…even if she is getting the best reviews.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      They just kept hoping the general public would stay quiet a little longer. They assume we have the tolerance for mole stating children that they do. Gotta get that acting cred by any means right?!

    • Pinky says:

      The Hollywood Reporter was be bed from an Allen event after publishing Ronan’s op-Ed. Go to The Daily Beast to read about the irony.


    • holly hobby says:

      If this piece of garbage film gets nominated during awards season, then Mia’s kids can start up their onslaught again. It will be glorious.

      I want this waved in front of his face every time until the day he dies. When he dies, I hope the obit will say, Woody Allen – married one daughter and molested another.

      I haven’t moved on from this and I’m sure the survivors haven’t either.

      BTW, how are the two girls, you adopted with your daughter, doing?

  4. JustJen says:

    WHOOP WHOOP Ronan!!!

    His comments make perfect sense considering who he is. Of course he doesn’t believe in censoring comics (a comic himself, when has he ever been funny???). Kind of like how he doesn’t believe in “boundaries” for love, if he believes he loves someone, he should act on it, law be d*****. “I never read”. That speaks volumes, and I don’t believe it for a second. He may as well stamp his foot and say, “I don’t care what you say! Neener neener”. I silently judge anyone who works with him or wants to, and I think immediately less of them.

    • LAK says:

      Re: silently judging his co-workers: you might as well judge entire industry because there is scarsely anyone left who hasn’t worked with him post-scandal.

      • Samtha says:

        Personally, I lose respect for everyone who has chosen to work for him since Dylan’s essay was published. Before, I can kind of see how people could justify working with him. The thing with Soon-Yi is gross, but it could be rationalized a bit. And I don’t think a lot of people, particularly younger ones, really knew about what happened to Dylan.

        But after she wrote that essay…man, how could you justify it to yourself?

      • Starkiller says:

        Oh, so because everyone else has done it, why bother saying anything at all? Just fall in line!

        Never mind, I see you’ve commented further down thread that the situation is “murky”. Unreal.

    • Patsy says:

      Boom. totally agree

  5. LA says:

    When you marry your stepdaughter, that tells me all I need to know about you Woody. I hope we’re seeing his last days.

    • Santia says:

      And then digs the knife in a little more by saying that Mia, his wife’s mother, who was also his former partner, is technically his “mother-in-law.” Wow.

      • hmmm says:

        Good catch. He stuck it to Mia- that is some vicious shade- the delight of a psychopath.

      • tiny martian says:

        I think he pretty much dug that knife in as deep as it would go when he left the nude photos of Soon Yi out on the mantel at Mia’s house while she was trying to protect Dylan from him. And yes, those are exactly the actions of a psychopath. That, and his complete lack of understanding that he ever did anything wrong.

      • Ennie says:

        It was his house, not Mia’s. She went there and found the pics.

    • Carol says:

      Yep, that’s how I feel. Even, for the sake of argument, if he didn’t molest Dylan and it was an implanted memory created by Mia, he still shouldn’t say “I have so moved on.” Its not a simple accusation that can be dismissed. He should have said something like “Please refer to my NY Times article” and leave it that. He just comes off so heartless. And as long as his movies perform well or continue to receive critical accolades, he isn’t going to disappear.

  6. Pedro45 says:

    I am so relieved that Woody has moved on. I was really worried about him because choosing to molest your daughter can really weigh on a person’s mind.

  7. Spikey says:

    There’s only one thing to say to this idiot: boycott. And eventually he *will* take note.

    • jmacky says:


    • Naya says:

      Boycott AND bringing it up at every event he attends and every interview he does. A lot of people were saying that the opening gala wasnt the time to bring it up but think about it. This man doesnt read or watch any coverage about himself. The only way to get him is to plant him in a seat and force him to listen. I salute the french comedian, he better be the first of many.

      Also make it impossible for him to keep making prestige films by asking his cast these types of questions. In the end the shame of appearing in his film will override any career based ambitions.

    • BabyJane says:

      That will likely punish crew members, caterers, set decorators, and so on long before Mr. Allen feels the pinch in his pocket. Sometimes it’s wise to separate the art from the artist. Would you want a gallery closed for hanging Hitler’s paintings? Who would feel effects first? The custodian, the desk clerk, the contracted electrician.

      • Neverwintersand says:

        But the price to pay, if such individuals keep moving on, is much, much higher for our society, than a loss of dozens of workplaces, don’t you think?

      • Samtha says:

        How can you separate the art from the artist when it comes to Woody Allen? Almost every movie he makes is a thinly veiled form of wish fulfillment about himself.

        Oh, and I would absolutely boycott a gallery that featured Hitler’s paintings, so I’m not sure your comparison is as apt as you’d like it to be.

      • Msw says:

        There will be work for those people without Woody. He is replaceable in the Hollywood gristmill.

      • LadyJane says:

        I think somehow the film industry will manage survive without Woody “Pedofile” Allen.

      • BabyJane says:

        Agreed, the allegations against him are damning and people will survive, but not without consequence. Like it or not, there are ramifications that don’t smooth themselves out immediately, and they would impact innocents. (This is in no way comparing levels of innocence between film industry employees and Mr. Allen’s children. But the consequences are no less true and measurable.)

      • LooseSeal says:

        But if Woody Allen doesn’t get work that doesn’t mean that there will be some void where nobody makes films in his place. It means it will give opportunities to others in his place. All those set decorators and caterers can work with people who haven’t molested their own children.

      • hmmm says:

        That’s one heck of a way to justify not publicly pillorying him. There’s always an excuse isn’t there? Just like the mother who excuses her SO abusing their daughter/son because the abuser might lose his job and the child his support. When do the excuses stop? When is the right time, the optimal time. In a vacuum?

      • Liz says:

        None BabyJane, All of Hollywood is protected by unions so nope. A films crew gets paid BEFORE the project is released. The only people who will feel the pain of a boycott are the people who are depending on the profit of a film. So the producers, the studio and yes, that would put Woody out of business.
        No “little” people will suffer because one “big” persons career goes up in smoke in Hollywood. In fact, by the time the movie comes out, those little people have moved on to 5 other jobs.
        So boycott away!!!!
        And it is absolutely right to bring that up any chance they get! Film festivals are not some glorious holly ground. Basic Blake can shove off with that remark. They are a circle jerk of talent, media, money people and awards. Glamour and money are just a disguise for a lot of ass licking.

    • poppy says:

      yes boycott everything until he can’t get funding.
      send an email to AMAZON and complain. let them know you won’t be using ANY Amazon services and won’t give them one red cent until they end their relationship with him.
      i did.
      it isn’t going to have any impact but it felt FANFREAKINGTASTIC to hit send. if I had an amazon prime card i would cancel that as well.
      if you want to join me, please do.
      boycott that nasty POS on every level.

  8. Christine says:

    Clearly he cannot stop himself from taking the bait, which makes him look so so much worse, which is hard to do! He could have taken the high road, expressed concern for the children, politely declined to speak about it… But no, he made a gross comment about his partner being his mother in law because he married his daughter. That shows so much contempt and resentment to Mia and family that should not be there if he was innocent…..

  9. HK9 says:

    Yes Woody, we know you don’t think about it. SMH

  10. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    In order to abuse your child, or anyone’s child for that matter, you have to be expert at moving on and not caring. Compartmentalizing. Dehumanizing. By George, I think he’s got it.

    • Kitten says:

      Exactly. And I think all of the actors who work with him follow his lead. Easier to stick your head in the sand then to face the reality that you agreed to work with a molester.

      • Marty says:

        Exactly Kitten, which is why I totally hold these actors accountable for propping this disgusting man up and feeding into his clout. If Allen didn’t have so many actors and actresses chomping at the bit to work with him would the studios be so eager to give him money for his upcoming projects? Their disregard for the truth helps this predator thrive.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      That’s so true. By continuing to talk he’s only revealing his sickness more openly. Keep talking, Woody.

      Oh, and statute of limitation laws prevent Dylan from bringing him to court again now that she’s older. When you see challenges to statute of limitations in cases of child abuse (of any kind), please support them.

    • tracking says:

      Yes, this.

  11. Matt says:

    Dang, he’s really a heartless piece of trash.

  12. ds says:

    Disgusting. I used to love his films when I was a teen and new nothing about him (pre internet era, and not so much Hollywood gossip in my country) but now I can’t even look at his films without my stomach reacting.

    • Msw says:

      I love Annie Hall so much (Keaton was so endearing) and I just can’t watch it now.

    • holly hobby says:

      I never watched his films. My college boyfriend was into this pedo and I refused to watch his films because he just looks creepy and a whiner!

  13. sun says:

    i have to say, well played Ronan

  14. Josefina says:

    Oh guys but put yourselves in his position! How would you feel if you abused your daughter and got away with it for years while enjoying a succesful career, just for it to be brought up all of a sudden. And people ask you a few isolated questions and dare to joke about it. Stop thinking about the victim and think of Woody for a while – he’s been though so much.

  15. NUTBALLS says:

    Only the abuser could say such a selfish and heartless thing.

    His victim will never forget and live with the consequences every day of their lives.

    • Pip says:

      Sadly I know only too well that this is the absolute truth.

      There’s been an extraordinary story in the European press this week about a Dutch woman in her 20s who’s been allowed to choose euthanasia as apparently she could no longer cope with the consequences of having been abused as a child. This story makes me beyond angry – she’s KILLED herself because of some bastard.

  16. Patsy says:

    No I guess you don’t think too much about ripping the heart out of a family. All the children of this family have been affected by your lack of thought. Having a brother like Ronan, what a difference it must make, likewise all Dylan’s siblings especially the Previn’s who lost their sister. I believe Soon-Yi was very much a victim but what a f*cked up childhood she had before being adopted to have such a cold heart towards the family she left behind and to jump straight into the hands of this abuser. ‘I hardly think of it at all’ Why do I not believe this statement, I bet you replay it all the time in your mind, loving the hurt, pain and chaos you left in your wake. Making that comment about Mia being your mother-in-law. Sick Sick Sick.

    • OhDear says:

      Of course he’s not thinking about it when he’s not the one suffering consequences or repercussions from it.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      He has no sense of what normal family relationships are like. People are just objects to be used, and everything’s a joke.

      • siri says:

        This! He can’t have a relationship with people without objectifying them, because their emotional needs and turbulences scare him. It’s visible in his eyes, he’s a big, insecure pussy, unable to access or address his own emotional turmoils.

  17. original kay says:

    Good things come to those who wait.

    I hope Dylan can find some peace, now that her abuser is finally FINALLY revealing his true colours in a way that will/should be hard for anyone to ignore. How anyone could watch his movies, let alone star in them, before this latest interview, is beyond me, but to even consider him someone worthy of attention now is reprehensible.

  18. grace says:

    He’s gross and actors who work with him are the same

  19. Kate says:

    As I said yesterday, this is why reporters don’t bother asking. He doesn’t get flustered, doesn’t get angry, doesn’t get uncomfortable. He doesn’t care that it’s brought up, he doesn’t care what’s written and he gives them nothing to work with.

    For a journalist trying to write a story, it’s a pointless line of enquiry. They won’t get a story. If they just try to use the opportunity to make a point or bother him, they’re wasting their time because he does not care.

    • CL says:

      He doesn’t get flustered, true. But he also shows his complete lack of any human emotion (such as regret, shame, consideration of those who’s lives he turned inside out). I’d say that’s a huge story right there.

      • Josefina says:

        This. The fact he is completely indifferent is way more telling about his character.

      • Bettyrose says:

        It’s typical of narcissistic personality disorder to feel no responsibility for your own actions.

        As for his career dwindling, probably, but he’s 80 so that’s not hugely satisfying.

      • Naya says:

        I agree Bettyrose, this guy has a personality disorder. Remember how he “told” Mia he was leaving her for her daughter? He left porn pics of Soon Yi on the mantel piece above the fire place. He honestly couldnt understand why she couldnt just get over this. Does this sound like somebody capable of empathy?

        These types do experience humiliation though (which is why he went after Mia so hard when she wouldnt just “get over it”. That should be the goal; unending humiliation everytime he leaves his house.

      • tiny martian says:

        Yeah, I hear lots of people suggesting he’s a narcissist, but to me everything he has said and done suggests he’s a psychopath instead. Zero empathy.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Tiny Martian, Your post inspired me to Google the difference between psychopath & narcissist. It seems that both disorders are characterized by lack of empathy, but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be a strong scientific/ medical distinction. Does anyone here know if one or the other Is more prone to violent or predatory behavior?

      • mee says:

        yes it’s almost psychopathic.

      • Liberty says:

        Well said, CL.

        The continual steady display of his internal process at least something.

    • perplexed says:

      His quotes are weird though . You can see who he is that last quote.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Yes they will get a story. They don’t even have to spin his comments to make him look like a heartless a$$hole. They can do their job and do it proper if they have the balls to write the piece.

    • Santia says:

      Oh, but he does care. He’s a narcissist. It’s always all about him. The fact that it’s not is eating him alive.

    • Neverwintersand says:

      He shows a lot of signs of a true sociopath, or worse!

    • hmmm says:

      He’s revealing his true self. That is always a good thing.

  20. Amy says:

    The intersection of narcissism, emotional deafness and abuse of power is not pretty.

  21. LAK says:

    I find the Woody situation so murky and complicated that his Mia Joke doesn’t seem out of whack or unbalanced given Mia’s own murkiness in this situation.

    Now if only reporters or indeed the Hollywood Reporter would write/instigate a situation whereby Roman Polanski is put on the spot. They haven’t dared and they would never dare. Yet that case , crystal clear with no shades of grey whatsoever.

    • Naya says:

      Whats Mias “murkiness”?

      • maile says:

        I’ve spent some time reading two really good articles about Woody/Mia – one is in the NYT (1991?) when they were together, and the other is in Vanity Fair (1993) (after she found the pictures of Soon-Yi and Dylan told her about the abuse).

        I don’t know if LAK meant this, but for me Mia’s “murkiness” refers to how long it took for them to stop seeing each other and get him out of her children’s life. I think Mia was in love with Allen, and yet she was also in shock and denial and hurt by what he did with Soon-Yi and veritably unstable (God I can’t even imagine), which is how Woody was able to twist the narrative so much in his favor and make things seem ‘murky.’

        His camp is always like, “if you had Dylan’s accusations, why did you continue to let me see the children??” and crap like that. At one point Allen was proposing to Mia and begging her to move on from the nude photos and forgive him.

        Soon-Yi had serious learning disabilities and psychological issues, and Mia was facing the choice between her partner and her child and therein lies all the room for Allen to create Mia’s murkiness.

        It’s sad, but it’s how abusive and dysfunctional relationships work – by creating a Sophie’s Choice kind of situation.

    • hmmm says:


      What does this have to do with Mia? Dylan is his accuser.

  22. Brittney B. says:

    Hope it’s okay to post this link to the custody ruling… it’s insane that this man has young children in his home to this day.


  23. als says:

    I don’t think he speaks like a man whose career days are over, more like one who knows the ‘right’ people are on his side – the money people. That’s why he is in Cannes, isn’t it? Because people keep paying him to make movies. And he is very happy with his ‘work’. If someone took his work away, he would be asking the press to take his statements on this issue.

    • LAK says:

      Exactly. People, including this post, HOPE that his career is going away, but it is not. Woody Allen just keeps on working.

      He had a wobble during the years immediately after the scandal, but he found a new money pot and restored his career and now keeps making films.

      • roses says:

        Along with that Amazon deal. he’s about to start on a new film which is going to be set in Coney Island. So yeah its restored and he will continue to make movies.

  24. QQ says:

    What a Piece of actual Sh!t this guy… He is done so tah dah! Like f*ck destroying his own daugther little kid self , f*ck destroying the rest of his at that point family and this is a forever thing for them let alone whatever is this marriage situation, sure lets all move on so he can keep making his neurotic manchild running behind a nubile thing/neurotic dianne keaton movie twee sh!t

  25. minime says:

    Good that he finally is getting these questions…For all of those that were in doubt, well there is the proof of the disgusting human being he is. Of course he didn’t read what his son has to say about him. He doesn’t care…about any of his kids, about the mother of his children, about the child he adopted and made his wife. Even if he wouldn’t have molested Dylan, what kind of father would be OK, “moved on”, if their child believed and said that she was molested??! We live in a world without justice when people like Woody Allen can walk free and choose what they can answer to.

  26. Bluesky says:

    Considering he married his step daughter and carried on a relationship under Mia’s nose, I guess he thinks he can do and get away with anything.

  27. Moirrey says:

    So nice to know that he’s doing well. It would be a shame if the abuser had the same lifetime burden of pain and anguish as the person they hurt.

  28. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Oh Woody, abusers never do.

    I think what we’re seeing is what happens when legacy starts to fade. I’d heard it said that Hannibal Burress joke effected the world the way it did because it came at a time when the general public frankly didn’t feel any special affection or care for Bill Cosby. He had already damaged his relationship with blacks, didn’t have any bond with younger kids and was seen as a memento of the past so when his rapes were brought up it was no longer about Bill as an institution but Bill as a man.

    Similar with Woody. Hollywood is more obsessed with him than the general public. His movies tend to do average to poorly at the box office. What was forgiven in the past as the quirk of a poor genius artist is now judged more harshly. In spite of all the whining regarding it we’ve also become a more social justice oriented society and don’t look at anyone as too important to take down. I think Woody will recede more and Hollywood will still pretend he’s a legend while the public only grows more and more judgmental and vocal.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree. I think WA is of a different time, when horrible things could be swept under the rug and publicity teams could squash victim’s voices. He intentionally lives in a little bubble, but the world around him doesn’t anymore. He may choose to ignore what is said, but Ronan and Dylan are speaking up, and people like us are talking about it. We see what he is.

  29. perplexed says:

    That last quote…yikes.

  30. SloaneY says:

    Of course he doesn’t think about it. He’s a predatory, disgusting, narcissistic a-hole.

  31. Tallia says:

    I’m glad you have “moved on” now crawl back into the hole you crawled out of.

  32. M.A.F. says:

    ewww, he said in an interview this week that Mia would be his mother-in-law?! Clearly he hasn’t moved on nor stopped thinking about it if that came out of his mouth.

  33. Dana says:

    Why do people still go and see his movies knowing what he is and giving him validation. I cant even look at him without my skin crawling. He needs to go away he will never admit he has done wrong. I hope people will start saying no to roles in his movies. Blake and kristen arent exactly in the a league ate they?

    • Liberty says:

      I am hoping his future casting options are whittled down to the extended Palin family, and men kicked off crabbing boats, and Kris Jenner.

  34. SM says:

    Did he just compared the piece his son wrote to a bad review???!! That says a lot. A LOT. It’s impossible to see his art though all that grossness that is Woody Allen. And even if you could get past that, I just can’t understand why his movies are a thing. He keeps making the same movie over and over again. I have stoped tryong to his his neurotic art a chance after Vicky Cristina Barselona. He seems to just be replacing the actors in the same movor over and over again. And hence the problem IS all the people that still work with him otherwise no one would watch his films

  35. Miss Jupitero says:

    Hey Woody, and your SON is now your brother in law! Maybe you don’t have feelings about that, but have you EVER thought about how HE feels about it? You know, your SON?


    This man is a walking spirochete. I am really hoping that this is the beginning of his end.

    • wolfpup says:

      “Maybe you don’t have feelings about that, but have you EVER thought about how HE feels about it?” !!!

      He ripped out the insides of so many people and he still ignores all their feelings, which compounds the fractures as well as never addressing the bleeding. He caused them pain, then denied it, and made it their fault – Mia was to blame for something that didn’t happen?! (psychopathic word salad) Through it all, Mia’s family has stuck together, and I’m sure they feel safe and loved together. They will be alright because they have never given up on themselves and each other.

  36. Nancy says:

    S.O.C.I.O.P.A.T.H.S. r us

  37. kibbles says:

    I hope this is Woody Allen’s “Bill Cosby moment” in which the media, comedians, and other entertainers begin to turn on him.

    Unlike Blake Lively, Woody is smart and has evaded prosecution for his crimes by shutting up and pretending as if he doesn’t read what others write about him. This is his best strategy to avoid questions about his shady personal life that would expose himself as the predator and total creep we all know him to be.

    • Saks says:

      This. I also wish he and especially the actors who work with him get asked these questions each and every interview. I don’t want this allegations to get buried again, let the actors feel how they are a bunch of pedo supporters they are by working with him.

    • Cindy Lou says:

      He avoided prosecution by marrying his victim. Imagine the non-disclosure agreement and financial settlement put in place. Let alone the emotional grooming she has been subject too the last twenty years.

      • Liberty says:

        THIS. An entertainment attorney friend said this the moment the marriage news dropped.

  38. Gabrielle says:

    What’s sad is that this man is 80 something. He has already gotten away with this even if his career ends now. He’s been doing creepy awful things for decades while enjoying success. Same thing for Cosby.

  39. Margo S. says:

    He’s so nuts. Just going on and on about how he never reads anything about him. That’s clearly something his pr person told him to say but hes a sick pedo so he just answers around the question. Then he says Mia is my mother in law. You. Are. Messed. He should be in jail!

    • Jayna says:

      He should never give interviews about any of this because that’s when you realize how truly warped he is and beyond narcissistic. He should stick to talking about his movies and nothing else, because any interview I’ve read with him about his personal life and trying to deflect is mind-boggling.

  40. shewolf says:

    He doesnt even say “I dont think about the allegations” he just says “I dont think about it.”

    I find that pretty telling.

  41. ZombieRick says:

    Really great to see this backlash.

  42. jess1632 says:

    are we witnessing the last days of Woody Allen’s career? It feels that way, doesn’t it?

    no, regardless of all his drama he will always have a place in hollywood

    • Jayna says:

      True. He writes and directs a movie a year and will continue to do so until he dies or is in ill health. He has the funding for his small projects and actors willing to be paid little.

      I was friends with a guy, who was a theatre major and was in the business during his 20s, acting, improv, etc., and is still in the business in a peripheral way now. He grew up on Woody Allen movies and reveres those movies. He went to every single movie the weekend it opened. At this point, there is just no way he and fans like him of Woody’s movies will abandon him. Woody made his mark in the indie world of filmmaking in a way that few ever have, so will always have a small following. His movies don’t open big, save a few, and don’t make a lot of money, but just enough to where he can keep making movies in an independent way.

      If he was able to continue during the height of all this mess and scandal, nothing will be in his way at this late date, no matter pieces like Ronan’s op-ed.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Allen will be fine. Ironically his career is hotter than ever. The last 5 years have been the best of his career.

    • Josefina says:

      Woody’s films are pretty low-budget and he has a considerable following, so his movies always end up being commercial successes. What he is lacking recently is critical support. A lot of Allen supporters in the critics circle are starting to grow tired of him, and say his movies have gotten repetitive and dated. Blue Jasmine was his last big hit, and frankly the performances were getting more hype than him.

      But he’s 80. So yeah, his career probably won’t last much longer.

  43. Jessica says:

    Of course he never thinks about it. Dylan was an object for his temporary pleasure, to be discarded at will. He never had to answer for what he did in legal or career/social terms. He’s still strolling down red carpets with beautiful young actresses at his side so life is good. Not surprised. Disgusted, but not surprised. He continually exposes himself, and no one ever seems to care.

  44. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    Horrid, horrid man. I wish actors would stop working with him.

  45. Shelby says:

    Such a disgusting piece of S***

  46. Lucy says:

    I’m really proud of Ronan, and I’m so very glad that he has done what he did. Even if he calls out actors whom I love and admire, this was a much needed article.

  47. JRenee says:

    How does one read this and still revere him? He is truly an oblivious, ego centric old man with zero contrition.

  48. Dingding says:

    On Dylan Farrow’s accusations: “I’ve said everything I have to say about the whole situation in The New York Times. I have so moved on. I never think about it. I work and do my movies.”

    Yep, that is the problem with Allen. First molest the child. Then deny everything. Then smear the child and its mother. Then marry another child of the mother. Later deny you even think about it or bother about it in any way in order to show your utter contempt to the molested child. Keep up the later until the molested child is an adult.

    Allen is disgusting.

  49. Green Is Good says:

    Woodyee must have really despised Mia towards the end implosion of their relationship.

    He deliberately left nude photos out for Mia to discover. He could have picked any other 19 year old, but he went after Soonyi, thus devastating the family.

    And his “mother-in-law comment was just evil.

  50. Ginger says:

    What a liar. He HAS to think about it EVERY time he looks at his wife/daughter. And to say you never think of your own children? Really? What a scumbag.

  51. Anon says:

    A parent who is wrongfully accused of molesting their child would never move on. They would forever mourn the separation and loss of the relationship with that child. A person who did nothing wrong would sue Ronan Farrow for the accusations he has put in writing. How nice that you have been able to move on, Woody. You left a heartbroken family behind.

  52. K2 says:

    How anyone can listen to this man talk about it as he does and not think he’s guilty as Crosby, I do not know. It’s the ultimate case of someone telling you who they are, if you only listen.

    It’s terrifying that they allowed him to adopt two more baby girls.

    • Dingding says:

      Good comment.
      And I wonder what those two baby girls will say about Woody when they are grown-up and independent.

  53. PoliteTeaSipper says:

    I believe you, Dylan.

  54. Tara says:

    Even looking at his picture gives me the creeps. I’m glad the press isn’t letting him slide just because they like his movies. I will never pay to see a Woody Allen movie. I’ve seen his movies in the past and you can see it in his work his fixation on young females! I believe what Ronan wrote about him seeing a psychiatrist over it. Woody thinks he can get away with anything. The media should be confronting him over this because it sends a really bad message to victims if their abusers can be treated like royalty just because they are “artists” while the victims are ignored. That is why Dylan and Ronan are not going to stop bringing it up when Woody tries to pretend all is peachy and the red carpet is rolled out for him.

  55. what's inside says:

    His daughter, Dylan, is not over it. Mia and his family is not over it. Soon-Yi will never be over it. So in essence, it is only about you, Woody, right? And for that, I for one will never be over it, will never support anything that you do, and will remember all of those in Hollywood who turn a blind eye, who condone your actions, who make excuses for you, who compartmentalize so they can stand to work with you for “their careers.” Shame on you and everyone who supports you, you weasel.

  56. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I can’t believe he has enough pull to get a reporter from The Hollywood Reporter banned from all his pr at Cannes. Sure he never thinks about what he did, but he doesn’t want any remotely in depth questions either. Vile.

  57. Grant says:

    What an unimaginable piece of sh!t. I hope he gets asked about Dylan Farrow every day for the rest of his life.

  58. artpunk44 says:

    I’m SO GLAD he’s moved on. It is especially important for child molesters to put their memories behind them, lest they feel one IOTA of remorse or guilt, or experience any kind of discomfort for what THEY perpetrated. *dripping in sarcasm*

    He needs to be BLACKLISTED stat and outed to EVERYONE as the disgusting child predator he is. I cannot believe that people are able to rationalize working with this monster, because ART. It makes me rage-y. This should NOT be abided NOR accepted.

  59. TessD says:

    Can anyone tell me why Dylan won’t file a report and take him to court? I haven’t followed the whole story.

  60. Cindy Lou says:

    Want to repost this edited version of what I put on a thread yesterday because it clinches any doubt whatsoever that Allen is a predator and has been for decades. This man should have been ostracized long ago.

    First wife Harlene Risen was 16, he was 21. At that age, that is like someone just barely out of childhood and a real adult. Also please note she was exquisite and grew up to be a very smart and lovely woman. Also read what he said when she was later sexually assaulted.

    Second, Louise Lasser, age appropriate. At that time, fabulous good looks with long red hair and one of the smartest, most lively women around.

    Well known long term girlfriends – Stacey Nelkin, 24 year age difference she was beautiful and sparkling, and very smart. Here is the worst  – Stacey was SEVENTEEN and in HIGH SCHOOL.

    Diane Keaton, 12 year age difference, beautiful, famously outgoing and charming and as smart as they come. Also, Mariel Hemingway (whom he made say the line “you can fu… me in the ass”, while they lay naked in bed in that movie) has publicly and in great detail reported how he incessantly creeped on her including waking up to find him kneeling by her bed when he was visiting her parents house. She also was 17. Mariel was beautiful and deeply and thoughtfully intelligent.

    So now he is married to a very plain woman with low intelligence and no charm or wit. A woman with at least some and perhaps a lot of hard-wired by an abusive childhhod, emotional intelligence deficits. A girl who would accept attention and touching believing it was love at any age. He HAD to marry her. If she ever spoke out what would she say? How very young was she when he began using her?

    How can the media not know these things? Are they idiots or just scared?

    • Mac says:

      Lets look at he demeanor or the women he was with: Louise Lasser, aka mary hartman, child-woman. Diane Keaton, annie hall, dressed like a child in oversized clothes. Mia Farrow, looked like a 12 year old child most of her life. Honestly was anyone he’s been either not been a child or given the appearance of one?

      • Cindy Lou says:

        Insightful point Mac. He is into “childlike”.

        How come the press is not reporting his documented predatory relationships with under age girls well before Soon-Yi?

      • Mac says:

        Child looking women (I was one) need to look carefully at their perspective mates, to make sure said mate isnt attracted to, children. If there is a resemblance in choosing women based on looking young…look out. Danger sign.

      • Cindy Lou says:

        Really Mac? Did you ever get some bad vibes?

      • Liberty says:

        Combine Cindy Lou’s points and Mac’s, and I think the Celebitchy CSI Team has formed a clear, likely answer as to motivation.

    • Christin says:

      Long before the 1990s, I never could understand why Diane (or Mia) had anything to do with him. His personality is grating to me, and always has been.

      I had no idea he dated any other women, because I assumed he was lucky to have gotten those two.

  61. Cindy Lou says:

    Here is my new happy space: In an effort to prove they are actual journalists unlike the reporter whores in the past, each and every actor working with Allen will be explicitly questioned on how they can work with this man.

    Is it possible that Allen’s movie making could grind to a halt?

    • Mac says:

      I doubt it so. I’m impressed so many are speaking out now. Overall the media has handled woody with kid gloves. (Sorry for bad pun.)

  62. aurelia says:

    Yuck, just googled woody, one of his long time girlfriends Stacey Nelkin was underage when they started dating. Woody in his 30’s and she was just 17. Sure likes them young.

    • aurelia says:

      Stacey Nelkin was in high school for crying out loud.

      • Cindy Lou says:

        So was his first wife double crying out loud. She was 16 when they married. Wonder how old she was when he first approached her.

  63. Kyra says:

    You never “move on” from your children. This man is a sociopath.

  64. Anare says:

    Reporters should ask woody how this abuse has effected his daughter Dylan and others in his family. See if woody can articulate what it might be like to be a sexual abuse survivor or be a support person and see how those wounds spread from the victim to the family and beyond. Can he speak to that? Can he be empathetic and relate to the pain they have lived with? My guess we would get more of the glib and superficial remarks like “Mia is my mother in law” because psychopaths typically can’t empathize.

    I used to love his movies. Radio Days was a favorite. I haven’t supported him since the accusations regarding Dylan and the naked pics of Soon Yi. He’s not amusing now. He’s a sick f***. Every time he shows his face it should be met with deathly silence. The people who continue to assist him to make his movies need to get hit in the pocketbook before they will step away from him. That makes all of them just as nasty as he is. No integrity.

  65. Queen says:

    I still wonder how, after that highly publicized scandal, he could adopt 2 daughters while married to his daughter. I adopted a child and the background checks and home study were huge. Who would award him children, especially 2 girls? Possibly they were private adoptions and they didn’t need the approval of a social worker. But all the same what birth mom would hand over her baby to this guy?

    • Cindy Lou says:

      Of course these were private adoptions and of course both of them were girls.

  66. Miran says:

    Dylan, on the other hand, probably thinks about it every day. Eat shit, Woody.

  67. rudy says:

    One person rarely asked what she thinks is Soon-Yi.
    This must all be very hard on her.
    I dislike Woody Allen, but his wife seems happy. THat has got to be taken into account despite all of the awful abusive behaviors of her husband. Maybe he IS a good partner to Soon-Yi and a good dad to his new kids. I don’t know, but I owuld like to think so.

    • Cindy Lou says:

      A good partner? What else does Soon-Yi know? Maybe she does believe it. It seems he has been brainwashing her all her life.

      First he rescued her from that terrible woman Mia who actually made her do chores and babysit her little brothers and sisters. Who was crazy angry and struck her (or as Allen’s publicist spun it: beat her) when she found out her long term 50 year old boyfriend had groomed her teenage daughter for his own perverted sexual obsession with very young girls.

      Don’t you think that Soon-Yi (as any immature girl might) said “he loves me not you, he doesn’t want you anymore” and many more things along those lines? I also believe Mia more than likely said horrible, even unforgivable things herself. Allen set up this destruction of both their hearts and souls. He tore them apart and blamed Mia completely. As far as he is concerned, he is the good guy.

      Secondly, please read his own words of what he has given her all these years. He has groomed her, no sorry that is not what he said, trained her, oh sorry again not what he said, “educated” – there you go – with travel and books and museums. Lucky girl.

      Did it not strike you he did not say he had given her all his love, devotion, loyalty, adoration, respect, whatever might denote how glad he is he was trapped, no sorry wrong, legally maneuvered, damn wrong again, blackmailed, again wrong – I meant united with his soul mate forever? Every last minute, day and year for the rest of his life. Lucky, lucky man.

  68. AskMosesm says:

    Considering he refuses to have anything to do with either side – and has in fact called bullshit in both sides why does no one ask him? Or why Ronan nee Satchel changed his name?
    Must be nice to be Roman Polanski….

  69. pato says:

    Garbage like this still roaming the Earth and talented and kind men like Alan Rickman are dead, not fair. Maybe WA’s hell is living and remembering what he did (doesn´t matter that he says he´s moved on). I hope the ones he adopted (whoever aproved that should be investigated and charged) weren´t abused. And I hope he gets a very painful and slow death.