People Mag: Chris Evans & Jenny Slate spent a lot of time together last fall


Last week, Us Weekly broke the story that Chris Evans is quietly dating comedienne-actress Jenny Slate. It surprised me because… well, the confirmation of this new couple came at an awkward time. Jenny Slate JUST announced her split from her husband of four years. That announcement came just a few weeks back. What’s interesting is that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans met last year! When her marriage was seemingly solid, right? They worked together on a film called Gifted. They filmed it in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’m including some photos from the set from October 2015. Away from LA and New York, alone in the dirty South, the warm, muggy air making their clothes sticky. Yeah… so, even People Magazine is coming close to saying outright that Chris Evans is a homewrecker.

When Chris Evans and Jenny Slate met on the set of their upcoming drama Gifted, their connection was undeniable. Last week, PEOPLE confirmed Evans and Slate were dating, and those around them say they it was difficult to ignore seeing the sparks between the two.

“It was obvious they had chemistry and were really into each other,” a source tells PEOPLE.

When they weren’t busy filming, Evans and Slate would spend much of their free time hanging out together.

“They were always talking and laughing on the set,” an insider tells PEOPLE. “You could tell they were great friends and just had a lot of fun together. They would hang out with the crew during takes and just be joking around.”

The new couple were also often spotted taking walks together in between takes, where they were seen laughing and even singing show tunes to one another.

“It was cute,” said the source. “When she was on set filming they were always together. They would go eat at craft services together, take walks together.”

And as if Slate needed a reminder of how hunky her new beau is, the actress couldn’t help but blush whenever Evans was spotted showing off his toned body.

“When Chris lifted up his shirt to wipe off the sweat, she tried really hard not to look at his abs,” added the insider. “We were all looking but you could tell she was trying really hard not to.”

News of their relationship comes just weeks after Slate split from her husband of nearly four years, Dean Fleischer-Camp.

[From People]

Well edited, People Magazine. Do a glowing, cutesy story about how adorable Chris and Jenny were last fall, how they were spending all of this time together and how they had palpable chemistry and then mention at the very end, “oh yeah, she was married to someone else the whole time.”

Chris and Jenny’s people have tried to do a small amount of damage control, although I don’t know why. It doesn’t even seem like true-blue Chris Evans fans are scandalized in the least, and while I see this as a juicy cheating/homewrecking scandal, most sites aren’t covering it that way. Anyway, E! News’ source made a point of saying last week that Chris and Jenny “are just in the stage of getting to know each other.” Rii-ight. I’m sure they were “getting to know each other” all night, every night in Georgia last fall. I bet he broke her headboard he was getting to know her so hard.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kitten says:

    LOL @ Kaiser.

    I’ve never felt much for him but lately he’s been looking really good to me. I think scruffy becomes him.
    That being said, I feel like all his romances are showmances.

  2. InvaderTak says:

    It might not be that juicy. Maybe he was the final straw in her marriage, but that doesn’t mean either did anything wrong. Relationships break up for a lot of reasons and the exit might not be that defined; but that doesn’t mean someone is definitely guilty of something. It also sounds like the writer is working on a script for a 1950’s BBC melodrama featuring a posh chick and a struggling actor. Walks and show tunes? lol

    Also: wasn’t he getting tacos with Minka Kelly in like September last year?

    • Algernon says:

      What I find strange is that when they were on Anna Faris’s podcast she talked about her husband like nothing was wrong there, and she even talked about trying to do sexy Skype with her husband, and the way it sounded to me was that she meant during the time she was away from home making this movie with Chris Evans. So I can’t figure out any timelines, unless they became friends and then had a sudden, blinding realization that they want to be together, like two weeks ago.

      • InvaderTak says:

        Yeah, it’s suspicious as heck, I’ll admit but it’s standard gossip to go scream ‘cheater’ and make it a ‘scandal’. There are people who do the right thing by their partners and there’s no way to prove anything either way is all I’m really saying. Not really trying to defend or condemn anyone either. It’s just gossip and making judgements based on it is silly IMO.

      • K.T says:

        Yes! I heard that Anna Faris podcast and thought there’s definitely a flirty/good pal tension between Slate and Chris Evans. But then he was incredibly adamant about not doing anything dishonorable to a caller’s problem…and she talked about her husband a lot too? I would have totally thought this is some PR rumour. Jeez, better actors then previously expected! Sidepoint: I loved loved Jenny Slate in Obvious Child, so still a fan of hers from that pile of awkwardly sweet cuteness.

      • Algernon says:

        A PR rumor would have been to lean into the Chris/Lizzie Olsen stuff because that would have fed the Marvel machine. Him and Jenny Slate is out-of-nowhere random, potentially bad for his public reputation (which has cleaned up a lot in the last few years), and they’re months away from promoting their film, so it’s not doing much for that, traction-wise. I believe this real, I’m just confused as to when it started happening, which is none of my business but this is so random I am boggled and can’t stop boggling about it.

      • Jellybean says:

        My sister split up with her long term boyfriend and was engaged to her best friend within two months. There was no overlap and they have now been married for over 25 years. I think it is very dangerous to make assumptions about other people’s relationships, a bit of gossip doesn’t hurt too much, but I am not going to start despising someone over something that might not have happened.

      • shananay says:

        We don’t know what was going on behind closed doors in her marriage. Her marriage could have been not working for awhile. It sounded like they were best friends, and they have the type of the relationship where they have a close bond and care about each other but it just wasn’t working. It might needed some time for it them to actually break up, seeing as how their relationship had/has more than one level. That does happen with some couples. And maybe along the way she met someone she felt a connection with and decided to pursue that. It’s pure speculation but that’s my feeling on this. Anyway, it’s not really our business. I just hate it when people jump to homewrecking rumors. Life is messy. Get over it.

      • K.T says:

        @Algernon, haha, I’m surprised too how invested I am about their friendship/breakup/hook-up timelines. We need more detectives, lol! But if it’s shady, I’m sure stuff will leak. On another gossip site these little net researchers seem to think an anon posted months ago that Slate was getting divorced. And other fans talked about her social media as she seemd to be alone on Valentines Day and then posting depressed (relatively) twts in March. Maybe, as Jellybean says, there was no crossover…. Still, easy to side-eye it all. Plus, is this sort of stuff good for her career, she’s the one needing to break through. Be smart Jenny!

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I think they did something wrong if she wasn’t completely separated from her husband. And because they anounced it just now, it seems like it wasn’t completely over last autumn. So they both did something really wrong.

      On a more superficial note, her hair looks amazing in these pictures.

      • Lena says:

        Eh, maybe she and her husband decided it wasn’t working so well and take a time out to see where they stand and decided that during that time they were allowed to date other people? And then after the time out was over they decided it had showed them that they were in fact better apart. And they waited till it was 100% sure that they were over to announce? If I broke up I would actually prefer to wait a few months to announce so that I could get over it in private and be in a better place emotionally.

      • Nala says:

        Jenny and her husband bought a new home in December, doesn’t sound like a time out to me.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        She and her husband just bought a house in December, and were still going to events in late February. Doesn’t sound like they were separated for very long.

      • Naya says:

        Attending events together means absolutely nothing. Lots of celebrities have admitted to attending events with an unannounced ex. Actual confessed ones include Jesse from Full House (cant be bothered to google) and his actress model wife at the time. But I could name you lists of couples that did this.

        Also, are we sure that they completed buying the house together? Because the Jenny Slate experts (aka stalkers lol) on Jezebel and Pajiba say that she stopped posting about her husband late last year and that her posts went kind of wistful. They also got the impression that she bought the house alone from her posts. Those fans (aka stalkers) agree that the change of tone on her social media happened last year and was blatant to those who follow her. Thats probably when the marriage was winding down.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @ Naya No, she and her husband still interacted on social media, too. And They are not that big that they need to keep up appearances for the public. Also, she mentioned them moving into the house together on her social media, and she was the one who ended up leaving, because around March she started staying at her friend Gabe’s house. according to her IG. Source: Me being a Jenny Expert AKA Stalker .

      • Sylvia says:

        @Naya I think the end of last year is when she started cheating, which is why it sounds like the marriage was winding down on HER social media. His social media sounded like everything was fine until mid-March. I think she moved out of their house then, March 18 to be exact, after taking a road trip with friends March 13.

        I know that sounds stalkery (lol), but reading a Twitter timeline is pretty easy and straightforward!

    • als says:

      This argument is used all the time: relationships break up, it’s no one’s fault.
      The issue here is not that people get out of relationships all the time, it is that some people screw their way out of the relationship.
      People should be respectful enough to leave when they are not happy, not wait until they find a new sex partner. Is that too much to ask?
      As for Chros Evans and people like him that get mixed on these sitiations, it was clear a long time ago how ago how anxious he really was. Now we know why.

    • M says:

      Chris and Minka started last year around June. She was supposed to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year in Boston with him. I don’t know what happened, but she came back to Los Angeles after Thanksgiving. I wonder if she found out about him and Jenny.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        Yeah, I thought that too after I read this article bc now it seems like a double-cheating situation. Mess.

      • InvaderTak says:

        Where did you get that information?

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @InvaderTak There was no confirmation, but it was what people gathered from her social media activity. They got papped together in Sept, and she and her friend were hanging at his house the same week. She was telling friends she would be in Boston over the holidays, a friend saying they missed her, and re-affirming that she was staying in Boston until the New Year. Then there were sightings of her in Boston around Thanksgiving, but she ended up back in LA before xmas, and her activity was weird on IG: saying she was sad, liking a bunch of emo posts, and by NYE, she got the boot from his brother on IG, and she also unfollowed. So while nothing was exactly confirmed, people think something happened with them during that time.

      • InvaderTak says:

        @khal: That’s interesting. Especially about his brother. This whole Slate/Evans thing is either going to go away really quickly or it’s going to blow up in some way.

      • M says:

        @KhalDraghoe I thought Minka did something wrong, but it was Chris. He said in an interview that sometimes he fucks with his relationships. I wonder how Jenny will deal with the use of drugs because I read in a forum two days ago he did a lot of coc during CW filming in Atlanta.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @ M I did not hear that about him doing a lot of coc during CW, but she’s a huge pothead, and he’s a big drinker on top of that, so I’m not sure they mind either. I suspected he used during AoU, because sometimes the BTS videos, and that nightclub pap shot where he was with Renner in LDN looked like he had coke bloat.

      • M says:

        The person said that Chris was going to clubs in Atlanta, did coc and hit anything that moved, yet he was not a douche.

      • Arielle says:

        What forum is this??

      • Wood Dragon says:

        Hmmm. Drugs and alcohol are sure fire ways to not only mess up one’s career, but also foul up one’s life. There were two deaths in my generation of the family that involved drugs.
        It would be terrible if that forum’s statements were true. Terrible for anyone.

      • Sylvia says:

        @M I think he and Jenny started in December. Which is super interesting if he ended things with Minka before hooking up with a married woman! Maybe he feels like as long as he didn’t make the vows? It’s ok if he’s respectful and honest to his partner, and he can’t control what another does? I guess I can see the logic in that if that’s the case.

  3. Leo says:

    Is it just me, or did they actually write an article basically describing photos that have been in the press since last fall? Doesn’t People usually have better sources then this?

  4. Miss M says:

    Well… When I called him a Beck last week … Some of his fans came right saying it was too early to call him a homewreck. OK… So, I felt bad “judging” and went to see the timeline of this “friendship”…
    So, I checked her instagram (you’re welcome) and she had a video shot by her then husband back in February, I think. She took the ring off (based on her photos) between Feb and March way before the podcast. That podcast is very telling. Anna Faris commenting she’s gone through a lot with Chris Pratt (divorce and all) and she said: Like you guys,r ight?! Few seconds of awkwardness and Cap da a$s gave an answer like they are friends who know each for a few months and compared their interaction to what he has with best friend Tara… There is also a photo floating around instagram dated 27 weeks ago that she is looking at him with heart eyes. Oh Becky Evans…

    • Algernon says:

      To be fair, the divorce comment was in reference to her bond with her best friend, Sim, who is also on the podcast with her. She was saying she and Sim have been through so much, “Divorce and all.” I think she meant Sim had been there for her through some tough stuff, and the emotional connection outweighed whatever sexual chemistry there may have ever been between them.

      What is so weird to me about that podcast is that she talked about her husband in the present tense. Yes, she and Chris were flirty, but nothing about it leapt out at me as a state of “We are boning right now.”

      ETA: I’m not defending him, I think they were, I’m just saying they did a really good job keeping it on the DL.

      • Miss M says:

        I missed that… I thought she was talking to Jenny and Chris… Thanks for the correction.
        People jump to defend Chris Evans and we see how other women (KStew) get crucified here…
        I do wonder if she is already pregnant for him to become official with her this quickly “after” her divorce

      • Sigh... says:

        I love how “The Podcast” is like the Zapruder Film at this point. Soooo many things about it seems…”off” in light of infidelity rumors.

        -Like someone said, she brought up her husband with loving, present tones a couple of times (incl that he doesn’t mind her male friendships!). Not to say she can’t have affection for someone she’s having a hard time with, but…
        -The movie they said they went to see, “Anomalisa,” is about a MAN WHO CHEATS ON HIS WIFE with a woman who is different from the rest, an “anomaly (it doesn’t have a happy ending BTW).” Wonder what was truly going thru their minds if they’re were cultivating, at the very least, an emotional affair. Hmmm…
        -Evans told some chick who was considering purposely breaking up an engagement to leave it alone, and yet…
        -And when was the podcast recorded in comparison to the February “Zootopia” premiere? Cuz Slate had her husband with her there…

        But most celebs are PR constructs/clean ups. And Evans is a Disney shill, so OF COURSE he’s gonna push past the douche-frat bro during promos/press junkets. As for her, IF true: funny, smart people can do seriously dumb things, too.

      • trilby227 says:

        I love the Zapruder film comparison.

      • Miss M says:

        @Sigh: I loved you brought up Anomalisa which was released in December 2015, ahem… It makes one think that 1- she is pregnant and/or 2- they got caught cheating and made the hush hush divorce followed by the dating announcement…
        She also had a photo of a wedding chapel in her social media and said marriage is work… She didn’t seem unhappy in her morning video brushing her teeth that was shot by her then husband. Becky Evans and his girlfriend are not fooling anyone. Yes, it’s not our business, but don’t try to spin it like a fairy tale. Why did she have to post a photo from/ about Sudbury around the time their fairy tale surfaced? So subtle…

    • M says:

      Evans is not a saint. There are many stories about him in Boston, there’s a guy who gets women to him there. Only Captain fans think he is Steve Rogers, but his true fans know that he is a w*ore.

      • Miss M says:

        I lived in Boston for 5 and a half years, saw him twice and never heard about this before. Please, do tell! 🙂

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        It’s on IG. A guy named Michael Winter (bostonviphost). Someone even posted the conversation between he and a girl about how to arrange a meeting with Chris on tumblr. He has a system. You want to meet him, he follows you IG to see if you’re cool/not fangirly/nuts and then he invites you to something he’s hosting, lets you meet Chris, and if Chris likes you, you can get the hook-up.

      • InvaderTak says:

        That’s simple enough that it sounds like it would work. Links by any chance?

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @InvaderTak I wish I had them, but they are buried deeeeep in the thempress blog on tumblr. She posted the screenshots of the conversation between a girl and Michael Winter, and the girl herself explained the process, which was funny, because it made it sound like you could order him up for the weekend. “One Chris Evans, please.”

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    I feel like this always happens and then it quickly fizzles out and then a text goes out to Minka Kelly, but who knows. I’m of the unpopular opinion that something is genuinely not right about him.

    • Algernon says:

      I think there’s a big gap between the public presentation of Chris Evans (especially over the last few years where he’s been in the Marvel machine) and the actual, behind closed doors Chris Evans. I pick up on some glitches in the Matrix, too.

      • trilby227 says:

        I think your on to something, Algernon, because I think that too. They are trying to make him seem more Steve Rogers-like, but I don’t think that is the reality. I think he’s a big mess IRL.

      • mandy says:

        I love that phrase- “glitches in the matrix” – I am so stealing that!!!!

      • Nicole says:

        He loves to party and pretend he’s an angel

      • Algernon says:

        @ trilby

        I think some of it is that he’s grown up some. He’s almost 35, he keeps talking about wanting to settle down. He seems to have just naturally matured some. But I know he’s keeping a lid on a lot of bad(ish) behavior, undoubtedly to support his image as Captain America. He’s gotten really circumspect about smoking, for instance: still does it, but is very careful to not be seen doing it. It’s not hard for me to believe he’d be keeping other questionable activies on the DL, too.

    • trilby227 says:


      All that talking about settling down might be at Marvel’s insistence, so he doesn’t look like a womanizer, which I believe he totally is.

      • Algernon says:

        I don’t think it’s Marvel (they don’t have nearly as much power over people’s personal life as people seem to think), so much as maybe a strategy between Chris and his management team. He changed management, got a new publicist right around the time the “I just want kids, blah blah” Chris Evans emerged.

        Just based on guys I’ve known, it’s totally possible for a guy to be a man-ho and still sincerely want a family. They’re not mutually exclusive drives.

  6. Astrid says:

    How come he’s labeled “the home wrecker”? doesn’t the married person have some responsibilities as well?

    • Merritt says:

      When the other person is a woman, she often gets called a homewrecker. it seems fair for Chris to be called one in a reverse situation, if Jenny wasn’t separated from her husband when she and Chris got together.

    • kkk says:

      It called being a cheater

  7. liz_bee says:

    They did Anna Faris’s podcast, and they had a lot of chemistry on it, but she did refer to her husband several times. Evans brought her husband up too I think. They both talked about how close their friendship was. They talked about movies they had seen together, text messages they had sent to each other. I’m guessing it was a case of emotional cheating, but who knows. I’ve also gotten out of a relationship, to have a flip switch immediately from platonic to romantic with a friend. It seems like Slate and Evans were already so close, once she became single they jumped easily to the next level. WHO KNOWS I’m just guessing. Listen to the podcast, it’s good!

    • bluerunning says:

      I kind of agree- it may not have been physical, yet, but the emotional foundation was there. Once she was single, easy to bump it to the next level- IF IF IF that’s what happened.

  8. me says:

    I just think this is the strangest coupling EVER……god, I loved her on Drunk History.

  9. bluerunning says:

    Hrm. The situation is kinda Ick, no doubt, but at the same time… I doubt that Evans “home wrecked” but he was probably another drop in the bucket of what was already a rocky relationship. Still… kinda shady and awkward all around, even if the marriage was ending already. And I feel like the “go to” for Evans and relationships is “they’re just in the getting to know each other phase.” Sure. Uh huh. Just to perfect strangers gettin’ to know each other. I suppose if you were gonna rebound, might as well do it with Cap Ass.

  10. ladyE says:

    Hmm. I think they make an interesting couple. He seems smart, but takes himself too seriously. Her humor might be good for him, and she seems pretty smart too. Idk, I think maybe it’s a good pair. As someone else said, who knows what state her marriage was in when they met. I tend to think “homewrecking” isn’t really a thing because if the marriage is strong and both partners are committed then an affair won’t happen. If anyone is going to be smeared for this it should be her for cheating on her husband, not him.

    • CornyBlue says:

      Chris Evans seems smart ?

      • Algernon says:

        Honestly, the fact that Jenny Slate is into him has made me reassess. I think she’s hilarious and interesting, and if she’s enthusiastic about him, then there must be more there. Also RDJ has said recently he’s a lot more shrewd than he lets on, and I sort of wonder if the fratboy dudebro persona is just a way he has of protecting himself in the limelight. I think he can be a bro for sure, but I no longer believe that’s the only thing going on with him.

      • Maria says:

        “I think she’s hilarious and interesting, and if she’s enthusiastic about him, then there must be more there.”
        because people like that have no kind of superficial attraction to someone. look at the header pic and tell me about their deep conversations.

      • Algernon says:

        I see your point, @ Maria, but it certainly looks like she threw away her marriage for him. Either his D is the Best D of all time, or there’s more to it than just physical attraction. It’s not like she didn’t have the option of boning him back in the fall (maybe she did, who knows) and keeping her marriage intact, if it was *just* about the physical stuff.

      • Maria says:

        we dont know, she probably boned Evans and wanted to keep it a secret but her husband found out, got all insecure (to be fair he is a weird looking nobody and Evans is a world wide sex symbol, of course he cant compete) and divorced her.

      • Miss M says:

        @Algernon: She may be intellectually smart. But … Is she really emotionally smart?! We don’t know… No I don’t perceive the Cap too be very bright…
        @Cornyblue: I am glad I was not drinking anything when I read your question. That’s exactly what I thought, lol

  11. mandy says:

    Oh No! she stole my boyfriend …sob!

  12. CornyBlue says:

    I do not believe Chris will end up married with anyone other than Minka Kelly. But what a fun hookup

    • Cure says:

      Ive always thought he’d end up with a regular woman like a teacher something. His and Minkas relationship seemed like it had a lot of problems.

  13. CidySmiley says:

    Can’t wreck a happy home.

    To be honest I’m indecisive about this, on one hand I fully believe they could have been messing around and maybe still are. Despite the apparent weirdness of the podcast (I never listened to it.) I think it they did do it this way, like there was cheating involved there’s no way they’d stay together. Once a cheater always a cheater. (How do you get trust from a relationship that was built on a big lie?) But on the other — I could see how they’re just friends. Evans is really close to his female friends. I don’t know man.

  14. DTX says:

    I expect to see some Captain America bashing around here, bc it would be ON, if they situation were reversed and he was the married one. Or at least some people ragging on her seeing as “she is the married one, not him.” Because IMO they both suck (if they were in fact flirting, hooking up while she was married). Imagine what her husband must feel reading articles like this about them taking walks, singing to each other and checking each other out, etc.

    I do understand working with the occasional hottie, but as a married person….I keep an arm’s length distance from any potential “trouble”. My marriage is worth a lot more to me than some muscles and a cute pair of dimples. I work with actors and models, too, BTW and spending long days on set with beautiful people can be kinda fun, but its not real life. My husband, our home and our bond is real-life. My marriage is a beautiful years-long investment that isn’t worth a fling with even Captain America. And let’s face it…the odds are high that they probably won’t make the distance or down the aisle, aside from being in Hollyweird, most flings don’t make it that far statistically.

    On side note…she is giving me some serious Mickey Dolenz vibes…I’m off to google if he has a daughter….

    • CidySmiley says:

      +1 Love this comment. My husband used to leave for weeks at a time to do photoshoots with these beautiful women and I worried endlessly – especially having kids I didn’t have the same body or whatever, but he was also so honest and just told me that our marriage was too important.

      You cannot wreck a happy home! And those who cheat and get in relationships don’t last, how do you build a relationship on a lie. You’ll forever be suspicious of each other!

    • Evie says:

      Micky Dolenz has four daughters, LOL! And one of them is a dead ringer for him…

  15. Nicole says:

    I saw them in Savannah every day and they were so close, I had no clue she was married. I thought his girlfriend was on set until I realized it was her.

    • Carol says:

      The thing with Chris is he’s very flirty with all of his female friends/co workers/people that work for him. So it’s easy to confuse the two.

      He was spotted this past weekend in Massachusetts at a soccer game with Jenny and out having dinner with her. No pictures just tweets by a couple of people. Tweets/postings can never be trusted though. People are always trolling and making things up. So unless there are pictures proving you’ve seen him out and about with his “girlfriend,” it’s just a rumor.

      • Lucy says:

        I think at this point it is safe to assume that there is something going on between them. If they were just friends, why not just squash this whole thing by releasing a quick statement, especially considering how bad this looks on both of them. They are testing the waters here with all these little stories, trying to get a sense of how people will take it when they go public with their relationship. They know the timeline is super shady, and people will assume they were cheating (which I happen to think they were… Just look at that header pic and tell me she wasn’t getting a taste of that, spending every single day on set together. Happens all the time in HW). This people article was trying to safe a little bit of face, and it’s not working. It makes them look worse, and pretty much confirms that she left her husband for Captain America. That is a horrible thing to do, and makes them both look like a POS. But hey, what a great foundation for a relationship they have now! Lying and cheating. That’s always a good way to start….

  16. Carol says:

    Finally an article pointing out the cheating/homewrecker. Still not that hard to figure out, guys. The people on Tumblr did all the work and pointed out many things. According to Jenny Slate’s SM activity (as well as her husbands), everything was good in their marriage up until March. They even bought a new house, he went to her premier not too long ago, and even mentioned how beautiful she looked and how much he missed her when she was on a talk show in mid/late February, if I remember correctly. Things went south not long after that. SHE was the one that moved out of their newly bought house. When cheating is involved, the one that cheated is usually the one that gets the boot. She f–ked up big time! It’s surprising that Chris set his eyes on a married woman. Considering what his own Mom and family went through, you’d think he wouldn’t make the same mistake his father made. Now, if they are in fact not dating (highly unlikely) and all of this was just to cause drama by a said “source” via the US Weekly, they own all of them an apology and the people who started this mess and started writing these “They are dating” articles should be fired.

    • InvaderTak says:

      ^^ Now that is juicy. Not co workers being friendly.

    • M says:

      I read a blind item that was her husband who released this story to the tabloids as revenge. If he did it, he wins points with me.

  17. Miss V says:

    For some reason, I think this article was put out as a feeler to see what the public reaction is to this relationship. They can’t hide out in Massachusetts forever…

    I think this whole thing screams all kinds of sketchy. The timeline is too weird. She was just moving into a new house with her husband this year! And now this? And why go public with this relationship so soon after the separation announcement? Chris Evans never goes public, so that leads me to believe there’s more to the story. No matter what it is, both look shady af.

    • Sigh... says:

      On the shady af aspect: Right?!?!

      There must be more to this, bcuz, while Slate is somewhat known, is she *that* known that her separation/divorce needed such a public announcement (Very few even covered it, incl here)? Plenty didn’t know her, let alone that she was even married (and I believe there was only a week btwn divorce and hookup announcements, not a few).

      A potentially hot story about a public “date” back in mid-March is somehow, some way conveniently held off for 2 months until mid-May, juuuuuuust as the press junket for CA:CW wraps, and he’s neatly tucked away in MA?

      Feels like there’s another shoe that’s dropping, like eventual, undisputable photographic evidence that opposes this timeline they keep fooling with (and IF IF IF she’s preggers, which I kinda doubt, let’s see if Capn Murika and she gets a good ol’ fashion draaaaaaaging like pregs Kim K got while still married to Chris H).

    • KhalDraghoe says:

      I think they were forced to announce this because someone else might have been threatening to drop the REAL story, so PR made Us hold off until after Civil War promo was over, and then they made this weird positive spin to it, when it looks shady af.

      • Sigh... says:

        So would the mags be “made” to hold off on the story w/o *something* in return, like an exclusive “Our side of the story/Greatest love story of our time” cover (complete w/ a sub-article on “Poor Dean moves on: I’m good, No really”)?

        And what about their other co-star, Octavia?
        Is she gonna get pulled into this?

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @ Sigh I don’t know. It’s just a guess. LMAO but the timing is so weird, and who knows what other bomb they could drop next. It’s messy af.

        For the record, I am #TeamOctavia in all of this.

      • Miss M says:

        @Sigh: there is a photo of Octavia on instagram with Jenny where they are laughing, Octavia is wearing a Captain America t-shirt and the caption goes like this (paraphrasing) the party was great last night.
        This photo is dated 27 weeks ago, which means around November…
        If you take just the photo it means nothing. But if you get the photo, combine with this story along with the fact that Minka left Boston after Thanksgiving…

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @ Miss M that was from Halloween party that Chris and director Marc Webb threw for the cast and crew. Octavia went as a Cap/Spider-Man fan in honor of the hosts, she said. I believe the movie actually wrapped right before Thanksgiving break, and people were seeing them out buying a Christmas tree and ornaments shortly after, and within a week or so her butt was back in LA. No Christmas fun for Minka, and she was liking posts on IG about people not changing, letting go of people, etc., and saying she was sad/having the holiday blues. So now this makes me wonder if he broke the news to her, but then she never unfollowed his this time like she did when he was rumored to be with Lucy Pinder.

      • Sylvia says:

        @Sigh… I’m reading this late and your comment about Octavia made me laugh because she did get pulled into it! Apparently she liked a tweet talking about them dating, so people are taking it as confirmation because she and Chris Evans are good friends, so she would know if they’re together or not.

  18. Sylvia says:

    Well, the divorce announcement came in US Weekly on May 4, and the dating announcement came in US Weekly exactly one week to the day later last week. Maybe US Weekly has one more announcement ready for tomorrow! Popcorn ready. Lol.

    Like others have said, cheating is gross, this situation is sketch and means they’re probably cheaters, so they too are gross. And selfish.

  19. Cure says:

    I agree that these stories are feelers to see how everyone is reacting. Im glad everyone is calling them out. If the cheating is true.

  20. Dani says:

    I don’t care who cheated with who or what, but what bugs me is Evans fake persona of being such a sweet, humbled, good hearted dude. You’re either a douche or you’re not, and pursuing a married girl…you’re a douche. Over him.

    • KhalDraghoe says:

      Yeah. I mean I always knew he was a manwh*re but I didn’t think he’d stoop to this level. He’s gross to me now, and it sucks, because I’m going to Philly Comic Con to meet him and I don’t even care anymore after this. Oop @ me for even paying to see this fool.

      • Miss M says:

        But Sebastian Stan, Thor and Loki will be there! Please, report back!!!!

      • Algernon says:

        @ Miss M

        Sebastian Stan, the true hero of Marvel press tours. Our unproblematic bae is keeping it non-controversial.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @Miss M Yes!! They are the saving graces for me, but Chris was my main bae. D: I wish he’d waited until after to do this mess so I could at least live in the delusion that I was spending all my money on a decent fellow just a little longer and enjoy meeting him. LMAO

      • Miss M says:

        @algernon: i loved the interview that he was all flirtatious with Sharon Stone and he blushed with her comment. Hahahaha
        @K.: sorry, but don’t sell yourself so short! Chris Evans should not be anybody’s main bae…

      • M says:

        @KhalDraghoe I’m sorry. He’s also my crush, but this story makes me off, I’m happy I’ve seen Civil War twice before him ruining Steve for me. I wanted to see again, but after that, no way. I was wondering if that’s why Marvel is pushing us Seb Stan? Kevin Feige said that no actor is bigger than the characters, he knows that any time Evans will be involved in a big scandal, unlike Seb who is always in healthy relationships.

      • Algernon says:

        @ Miss M He was really going for it with Sharon Stone, but in that moment, I felt he was all of us. I would have totally gone for it, too. She’s *hot*.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @Miss M I have learned my lesson, and it was a hard lesson to have learned. Looking for a new main bae. Suggestions?

        @M I’m put off by him. I like my Evans messy, but not *this* messy. And to think, I was so excited that he finally dated someone that wasn’t Minka Kelly. Yeah, an interesting point. I wonder how, if at all, this will affect him.

      • Dani says:

        Ugh I love Seb Stan! I don’t get why he doesn’t have more traction.

      • Miss M says:

        @KhalDraghoe: Well, I am not good at that… I keep a list of HW crushes. Then, a list of hypothetical shamf*cks (which has many of the guys from my HW favorite douches list)… Never a main bae since they are all hypothetical, so I have no need to choose one, lol. I can throw in some names… What about the hot guys from Shades of Blue (Warren Cole or Gino Pesi-super hot guy)?! Or the guy who plays Carter (Falk Hentschel) in Legends of tomorrow?
        If you are looking for a movie actor, I suggest Jack O’Connell or Joe Dempsie or Edgar Ramirez…

    • als says:

      Yeah, that’s his game, play it humble and too nice for today’s bad women. ScarJo said in an interview, jokingly, that he gets away with a lot. Let’s see how this rolls out.
      For the record, I think they both cheated, no matter how you spin it. Slate had a husband that trusted her and Evans had an entire movie production trusting him to not fuck up. The movie they did together will become a symbol of this story. I hate that Octavia Spencer will be a part of this shitty movie with these shitty people.
      @Miss M: I loved Sebastian with Sharon Stone. He was perfect. She is a goddess.

      • Wood Dragon says:

        That will likely have a negative impact on the promotional work they have to do when it comes out: can you saw awkward? It’s going to be all sorts of awkward.

  21. OriginallyBlue says:

    This whole thing sounds shady as hell. I wonder what else is going to come out. For now it sounds like they both suck and deserve each other.

  22. Milly says:

    I’ve listened to a lot of interview and podcasts with Jenny and her marriage seems to have been very open. I wouldn’t be surprised if her and her ex-husband had some type of polyamorous situation going on. I love Jenny Slate, she seems like such a free spirit. Crazy Chris Evans fans have been ripping her a new one on Instagram, constantly calling her “ugly.”

    • Miss M says:

      It’s very uncalled for from his fans to go to her instagram and disrespect her.

    • Sylvia says:

      @Milly You are the only one who thinks this (re: them having an open marriage. Nothing seems to indicate that was the case).

  23. Miss V says:

    Team #sebastianstanascap all day long!!!!

  24. Anne says:

    man, after everything his mom went trough w/ his father, he’s doing the same yay

    • Lyla says:

      Yeah, that’s what I don’t get either. He’s such a mama’s boy, you would think would think twice about getting involved with a married woman. I wonder what his mother thinks. This reminds me of my cousin. He’s a mama boy too. His dad cheated on his mom for years and years till they finally separated. My cousin, who hates what his dad did to his mom, cheats on every girlfriend he has ever had. I just don’t get it.

      Anyways, when this first came out, I had my doubts, but now that it’s in people, I’m not so sure. I knew he was kind of a manwhore, but didn’t think he would be this much of one. 😒

  25. Java says:

    This hook up is really disappointing. Don’t get me wrong , but if she was in a marriage and a complicated state in her relationship , how could her feelings be true for Evans, away from the physical attraction? Remember one of Scarlet’s first interview after her divorce from Ryan Reynolds: after you get pass how beautiful and handsome he was, there was nothing after that and it got to be an empty relationship. Anyhow what begins bad ends bad.

  26. Carol says:

    Thank you, Celebitchy, for calling them out on their BS. A lot of comments were deleted from the PEOPLE article that mentioned the cheating/homewrecker. Do they honestly think that his/her fans are that stupid and that we wouldn’t put two and two together and figure out that she cheated and he’s a homewrecker? *rolls eyes*

  27. lostinthought says:

    According to someone who worked in Hollywood, he’s a complete man whore. He sleeps with literally anyone that has a pulse, either it be a fan or stranger. There’s a reason why he keeps his shit on the down low and you don’t hear much from him because he wants to lay low.

  28. Carol says:

    I’d also like to add one more thing: they are NOT divorced…yet. It takes months for the paper work to finalize and if it gets nasty it will take even longer for the divorce to be final (sometimes over a year). So, technically they are still legally married and they’re just separated. Why US Weekly, PEOPLE magazine and the other fools reporting on this mess hasn’t pointed that out and made that clear is beyond me.

    • Sunshine Gold says:

      A divorce of a 4-year marriage without kids can’t get too nasty – the stakes just aren’t that high. She could give him a lump sum & that’ll be it.

      • Carol says:

        Maybe, but that is not always the case. I have a friend who divorced her husband because he cheated on her. It took almost a year to be finalized. They were married for more than 20 years, had no kids and didn’t own any property. He was just being a jerk and didn’t want to make it an easy process for whatever reason. Made no sense to us because he clearly moved on with someone else and yet here he was giving my friend a hard time. He wanted to marry the girl he cheated on her with so he finally signed the papers.

  29. Sigh... says:

    Welp, I asked if Octavia was gonna get dragged into this, but the Tumblr sleuths found that she has walked in happily: she “liked” another someone’s post abt Slate & Evans’ getting together giving other successful and attractive actors, comedians hope. Promo for this “little” film is gonna be wonderous.

  30. Karla says:

    If a man did what Jenny has done to her husba nd, he’d be dragged down to hell and back. Dean is a sweetheart and just a couple months ago was tweeting the most loving things about Jenny. They had bought a new house together, went on vacation… And Jenny was well aware of what she was doing. Can you imagine how it must feel for her husband (yes, husband, they are still married) to read all these tweets and comments on gossip sites saying she uprgaded? Why? Just because he’s Captain America? Get some perspective people and put yourseleves on Dean’s shoes. How would you feel if your spouse left you for someone else when you least expected it? This is bullshit and other media outlets need to stop spinning this into a quirky story about a geeky girl who gets the hunk. That’s not what happened. She cheated and Chris Evans is a homewrecker. There’s a real person hurting over this whole situation who also has to deal with the whole world telling him he’s “less than” his wife’s new guy.

  31. Guest says:

    Just a question: I watched the Marvel panel from 2010 and 2011. That was the panel in which Hiddleston sang the Gene Wilder Song and back then nothing about Evans seemed sleazy or bad or whatever. Am I right? He was talking barely, almost hiding. I wonder what happened to this guy because whenever I see him now he is acting very very strangely. Is this a Hollywood Problem?

  32. Penelope says:

    He looks so sexy in those pics. Wow.

    I admit that I’d never even heard of her before this news came to light.

  33. angelnot says:

    Thank you for this. Helps me get over my emotional attachment to his face. Someone should really call them out on it. The other news outlet make it seem like it’s something out of a fairy tale. I call BS. Uhmmm hello, she is not yet divorced from her husband. It’s just wrong to start a relationship so soon. Even BF/GF split have that three month rule and that’s after breaking up. Not in between when the relationship is getting cold.

    It’s just wrong…. ugh