Bethenny Frankel does Botox, denies ‘invasive plastic surgery’: improvement?

Do you guys remember Bethenny Frankel ever looking like the before picture above? I do not. I remember her as “after” and not as Madame-esque as she was before. So this is an improvement and she definitely looks “better.” I would not use other, more flattering adjectives to describe Bethenny. If I didn’t know her, I might call her current look attractive, but I do know her, you know what I’m saying?

Apparently a lot of people have been accusing Bethenny of plastic surgery. She’s had a boob job, which she admits to, and she claims she hasn’t done “invasive plastic surgery” on her face. Instead, she gets Botox about once a year (uh huh) and has had Botox in her jaw to fill it out and to relax her muscles which were tense from clenching her teeth. Can this look be achieved with just Botox? I thought fillers were necessary to plump out cheeks like that. And did she have cheek implants before which she removed? I have so many questions.

[Bethenny Frankel] admits her appearance has changed dramatically in recent years, but says it’s a result of getting treatment for teeth grinding and clenching.

‘I do look different. I’ve had Botox in my jaw,’ she said at’s 2016 Newfront in New York. ‘You can see that my jaw has completely changed.’

‘About three years ago, my dermatologist said to me, why don’t we try injecting your jaw because it’s so tense,’ she explained…

It has soften her once strongly defined square jawline and altered the shape of her face.

‘My jaw from grinding for so many years was like this,’ she says, holding her fist tightly to illustrate. ‘It’s like a muscle, it’s like working out with weights.’

She’s pleased and ‘excited’ by her new look, noting: ‘I think it’s why I can take a shorter haircut.’

Bethenny said her dentist had been advising her to wear a night guard for more than 15 years. She finally started wearing one about eight years ago, and it helped ‘calm’ her clenching.

But it wasn’t until she had Botox that the overdeveloped muscles in her lower face started to change.

Bethenny, who has previously admitted to having a boob job, also said that she occasionally gets injections elsewhere on her face to address wrinkles.

‘I don’t do it religiously,’ she says. ‘Maybe once a year when I think of it, l’ll be like, oh I look like a Shar Pei, let me do that.’

‘I have not had invasive plastic surgery, I have not had a nose job,’ she said.

[From The Daily Mail via US Magazine]

I like it when celebrities admit to plastic surgery, but there’s a difference between admitting you got something done for cosmetic purposes and claiming that it was medically necessary. I mean maybe she did clench her jaw, she seems tightly wound like that, but it seems like a convenient reason for her entire face to have changed. Her eyes look different too. Also, there are other reasons why someone’s jaw can be so pronounced other than just gnashing their teeth.

Bethenny in 2012:
Bethenny Frankel "Skinnygirl Cocktails" Bottle Signing at The Philadelphia International Flower Show at The Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia - March 10, 2012

'Beauty & Essex' Grand Opening

Beauty & Essex Grand Opening In Las Vegas

photos credit: FameFlynet, WENN and PRPhotos

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She looks better. I don’t know enough about plastic surgery to tell if this change is possible with Botox alone. I’m very interested in what the more informed people on here have to say. Can’t stand her but it’s an improvement.

    • Blackcat says:

      I’ve clenched my teeth/jaws for years and I’ve worn a mouthguard at night for years. My jaws muscles are normal in size–not Skinny Girl jawbreaker stuffed looking like her before pictures.

      This is total fillers. I wish people would just own whatever work they have had done–invasive, non-invasive, evasive, whatever vasive, just OWN IT!!!

      • Psu Doh Nihm says:

        Unfortunately, I can agree with her on the over developed mandible muscles. I too have to get Botox injections every three months for not only migraines but also to relax my jaws. After years of clenching and grinding all day and night, my neurologist said “let’s try this” and guess what? It worked. It’s only been 6 months since I have started having it injected into my jaws but I can already feel and see a difference. So, it’s not entirely implausible that she has a legitimate reason.

      • tealily says:

        I’m so intrigued by this. I, too, have overdeveloped jaw muscles from clenching. Muscle relaxers worked briefly, and chiropractic work has helped a bit, but my mouth guard does nothing. I need to look into this…

        I do think this is probably plastic surgery, though.

  2. Erinn says:

    Boy, she must have been clenching her eyes and cheeks really hard too, because I mean, Bethenny totally only did the jaw change because she had a problem with her jaw, right?

    • almondmilk says:

      Riiiiight Bethenny.

      I guess ‘teeth grinding,’ is the new ‘deviated septum,’ when you want to completely obliterate a facial feature you don’t like. In this case a lantern jaw shaped like the box in hotline bling.

      No. Bone, in this case a super square jaw bone, does not magically change shape w/botox injections. That doesn’t even make sense. Lol

  3. QQ says:

    I have a Beautiful bridge to sell her if she thinks I think she hasn’t put all types of Fillers to soften up her bulimia Jaw situation, It’s a Very Nice bridge, in NY

    • Maggs says:

      yep, I’ve always thought she had bulimia jaw. Maybe she finally got her eating disorder under control??

    • maile says:

      LOL QQ brooklyn or manhattan bridge?

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      QQ- Exactly. She’s not kidding anyone.

    • almondmilk says:

      Her old jaw that she sawed and sanded down (botox my azz) is the bridge.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Thanks for saying what I was thinking. I Googled Bulimic jaw a while back and she popped up. Apparently she’s the bulimic jaw poster child.

      I have never watched whatever Real Housewives show she’s on, but not too long ago, she guest appeared on RH of Beverly Hills, so I got a good look at her and in motion. She is scary at Hell. She looks, literally, like a bunch of bones with skin stretched over them. Her hair is very thinned. Her face (at that time – a few months ago) looked like a skull with wads of gum in the cheeks – like the Saw vilain. And there she was all unhealthy, definitely under 100 lbs and fading, telling all the women what they should be doing, what they’re doing wrong, questioning their business decisions…..this little gaunt loud dominating wanna be alpha female. Gross! It was one of the few episodes w/out Lisa Vanderpump and I was wishing her there badly. I dare that scrawny wanna’ be tween to tell Lisa Vanderpump about business. Pfffftt…….

  4. Jen says:

    Her face does look like it’s settled a little bit-does anyone remember those pictures of her in the red wig that were posted here? I don’t get this-just don’t say anything! Why do celebrities think it sounds better to say “I do Botox once or twice a year, I tried fillers once but that’s it?” It’s pretty obvious when the entire face changes, come on.

    • almondmilk says:


      Yup. But with some celebs it’s forbidden to mention it.

      For example: Jennifer Aniston’s face has done a 180 since the end of Friends. She used to have this underbite, severe. It was so obvious that even Rachel Green impersonators did this thing with their jaw/chin when they were speaking as her. I think she had a jaw realignment at some point. Not to mention nose jobs multiple, fillers and juvaderm.

      But shhhh….it’s poor Jen. You can’t say anything ever. We have to pretend 1)She is not a butterface, but is a stunning classic ‘natural’ beauty, both before her tweaks and after. Right Aveeno and the ‘Mothers Day’ Most Beautiful People Rag edition? Bahaha

  5. Whirldly says:

    It’s still exhausting (not to mention jaw-clenching) just looking at her.
    I imagine spending five minutes in her company and suddenly erupting with an eye-popping, mouth-frothing, explosive shriek of: “Would. You. Please. Just. Freaking… RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  6. ReineDidon says:

    Last summer I have had a nose job and my esthetic surgeon tried to convince me to have fillers under my eyes (I am only 26 ! because they too try to sell more procedures as any salesperson! ).
    She explained that botox is for the upper half of the face only (eyes, eyebrows and forehead). Fillers are needed for the lower half.
    Also she tried to convince me to have botox, saying that you begin with 3 to 4 injections /year but slowly you can have 1 injection / year. So that’s the only part credible in Bethany’s story.

    • benchwarmer says:

      Girl, I want to say I’m proud of you for not starting botox at 26! I’m 42 and I’m never going to do it. I’m not sticking chemicals into my face near my brain. It’s crazy! I’d rather have a wrinkle.

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    She looks so much better. Plastic surgery does work for some people and not everyone ends up looking like a circus freak.

    • tealily says:

      She does look good, but I’d like to see her in motion. Sometimes that’s the tell!

  8. This is what a really well-executed facelift looks like. She looks much better. Everything is higher. Look at the eyes, the jawline. this looks like an SMAS facelift, although there are plenty of docs doing these procedures in a minimally invasive way these days, with “twilight” sedation (as opposed to general anaesthesia) and a series of small incisions. They also use fillers to sculpt, but filler cannot reverse the degree of droop and extra skin she has in the before pics. She looks like she’s also had her neck done. Facelifts, eye lifts, and neck lifts are often done together, so that the face can age at the same rate.

    Note her language. She didnt have any “invasive plastic surgery.” she didn’t say anything about short-incision procedures with twilight sedation.

    Total facelift. Looks great, but b**ch, please.

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      It’s always in the wording. That’s how all these celebrities lie without “lying”.

    • benchwarmer says:

      Holy cow! You know your stuff. It boggles my mind that she wouldn’t be forthright with what she does. She strikes me as someone who doesn’t bull$hit.

  9. Esmom says:

    She looks better and I think she looks dramatically different — much more dramatic than Renee Z’s “before” and “after,” for example. I can’t imagine that’s Botox alone. She reminds me of Kate Beckinsale now.

  10. benchwarmer says:

    I believe that she didn’t do anything to her face other than botox. When did she say she had a breast augmentation recently? I recall her saying on her talk show that she had implants in the past and had them removed and got a lift instead. Where does it say she had breast implants put in recently? Does anyone have a link to that?

  11. BlueSky says:

    Too bad she can’t get a personality transplant. Ugh, I can’t with her…. 🙄🙄

  12. benchwarmer says:

    I just looked at pictures to see what bulimia jaw is and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. I think some people just have that jaw line. Naomi Watts, Jennifer Anniston and Bethenny all have that similar more square jaw. I don’t think it has to do with bulimia necessarily.

    I am still curious to know where she admits to having breast augmentation recently so anyone with that info. I’d like to know. I wondered if she had them done. They look too good to be true considering how thin she is. In the most recent picture of her in a hotel in Las Vegas, peach bikini, snapped in the mirror.

    This is the picture from her IG I’m talking about…

  13. Pants says:

    I’m no Bethenny fangirl, but I will say she looks much nicer and softer in person than she does on TV or in photos. And whatever she’s done with her jaw, it’s an improvement.

  14. holly hobby says:

    Yes I remember her before face. This was how she looked like in Martha Stewart Apprentice. She was a horrible person on that show too. Only she was with that obnoxious Jim so they were both pretty hard to swallow.

  15. CoKatie says:

    I’m with Highland. This is definitely more than just botox. Hands up. I’ve tried both botox AND filler administered by an excellent Manhattan dermatologist. I did not have this kind of transformation. In saying that, I think she looks WONDERFUL in the after pictures. Her whole face has softened (meaning losing that sharp, hard edge). Her face looks fuller, and i know it’s not from gaining weight. Yeah, I wish she would ‘fess up on this since I would LOVE to discuss it with my doctor!

  16. Twinkle says:

    She looks the Joker either way!