Tori Spelling and Dean got matching tattoos in Paris: dumb or smart PR?

The last time we checked in Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean, he was re-proposing to her in Paris with their four kids ahead of their tenth anniversary. That was three weeks ago and, just like the well-photographed proposal by the Eiffel Tower, now there are new photos of Tori and Dean getting matching tattoos of a French saying. I really hope that one of our French readers can point out that it’s grammatically incorrect or that there’s a misspelling somewhere, but for now I’ll take it at face value that it’s accurate and says “My Whole Heart, My Whole Life” or “Tout mon coeur, Tout ma vie” as The Daily Mail reports. The two had the French saying tattooed on the inside of their arms. You can see the photos at The Daily Mail because they hired one photo agency to document it and didn’t put the pictures on Instagram. They have to protect their investment after all. Update: The tattoo actually says, “Tout mon coeur, Toute ma vie” which is correct in French. See Champollion-Morel’s comment for more.

Tori and Dean may have each other’s hearts and lives and along with that comes a mountain of debt. We’ve heard that they had to downsize and that, despite the fact that Tori’s mom Candy claims she’s paying all their bills, they owe money to American Express and multiple other creditors. If that’s the case how have they just spent three weeks in Europe? They’ve Instagrammmed photos from Copenhagen, Paris and of course shopping in exclusive boutiques. Tori did have a presenting gig in Denmark and she’s been shilling for Psychic Source on Instagram. I guess that means she can write this trip off her taxes. To be fair to Tori, she claims to have caught bronchial pneumonia a few days before Dean proposed, which left her stuck in Europe until she recovered. She looks fine in photographs taken around that time and it seems to have worked out ok for her. They used AirBNB to rent an apartment and may have saved some money that way.

What’s next, her third wedding to the same guy? Someone has to be paying for that, right? Us Magazine bought the photos and story of her commitment ceremony, in 2010. She may as well put this on Snapchat because I doubt any of the glossies are going to buy the photos this time.

Oh and in case you think that mutual tattoos means they’re doomed, Dean already has a bunch of tattoos for Tori including her face, Tori as an angel with her butt showing and the words “Truly Madly Tori,” and just the name “Tori” above his wang. That kind of makes his cheating scandal seem like a manufactured plot point for their now-canceled show.

Celebrating ten years, one decade, an era, and new beginnings with my #truelove @imdeanmcdermott #LoveWins

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photos credit: FameFlynet and Tori Spelling/Instagram

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  1. Honey says:

    That pose in the first picture, they look like two fifteen year olds!

  2. Nev says:

    The pic with her kids is quite cute.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:


  4. Mgsota says:

    It’s so interesting how being broke when you’re a “rich” person is different then us normal people being broke.

  5. Rhiley says:

    Their kids always look so sad and miserable in family photos. I come from a big family myself so I know pictures aren’t easy, and that you can always count on one to cry, one to move around and ask a million questions, one to stand there slack jawed, etc. But their poor kids absolutely hate the cameras. I bet Tori and Dean bribe them sugary snacks and the promise of new toys that are never purchased.

  6. Belle Epoch says:

    Wait – “love of her life”? What happened to all the cheating drama, weeping, and rending of garments? THAT WASN’T REAL? This woman (to quote Elf) sits on a throne of lies.

    • MeAnnWhines says:

      You could switch out Tori & Dean with Leann & Eddie, switch the 4 kids with bonus boys! Same greatest love of ALL TIME, rinse, repeat.

  7. Cat says:

    Ehm… shouldn’t it be “toute ma vie” since it is “la vie”?
    Aside from that, terrible idea, terrible people…

  8. EricaEastCoast says:

    “Just the name “Tori” above his wang”.

    Something about this sentence made me lol for real. I needed that comic relief this a.m.–thank you! :)

    I’m not a violent person, but whenever I see these two I feel like giving each of them a firm kick in the oblongs. They’re the worst.

  9. Champollion-Morel says:

    Ha ha! Well, as a French native speaker I can confirm that the tattoo is misspelled. It should be “toute ma vie”, not “tout ma vie” (“vie” is a feminine noun in French).

    • Celebitchy says:

      Yes! Ok I will compare their tattoos to make sure that the Daily Mail didn’t just put the wrong words in the article and then update. Thanks!

      *edit well the DM was wrong, not the tattoo. It does say Toute ma vie on the actual tattoos. I’ll update.

  10. Murphy says:

    It is PR but since no one gives a crap about them it’s not Smart PR, its Stupid PR.

  11. Lyssa says:

    I am pretty sure that the tattoo is grammatically incorrect. Vie is female, but the tout is in the masculine form. It should read “Toute ma vie.”

  12. Chelly says:

    Bronchial pneumonia , really? Um, she’s ALWAYS ‘claiming’ an illness….thats what hypochondriacs do. I can bet her debt she was up & shopping the next day. This is just another extended vacation they cant afford

    • Zuzus girl says:

      I’ve had pneumonia several times. No way she’d be out and about posing for photos. She’d be in bed passed out or thinking her lungs weighed 50 pounds.

    • CharlotteCharlotte says:

      I’ve also had pneumonia, both lungs, collapsed lungs, more than once. It is possible to be up and about it with it. With three young children and a partner who has to go to work each day, I didn’t have much choice. Also, before getting the diagnosis each time, I never felt I was *allowed* to do anything other than just carry on, up and about.
      Tori might have help, but she’s still a mum to four young children who would still want her constant attention.

  13. Zuzus girl says:

    Maybe these two could try loving employment for a change to teach those poor kids some responsibility. What dreadful humans they are.

  14. benchwarmer says:

    I love Tori I will always love Tori. I’m a Tori apologizer. That said…I don’t get the whole vow renewal thing. It’s like going into a store, buying something, leaving, taking that same thing back to the cash register and saying…I’d like to pay for this again.

    You did it. Once is all it takes. It’s like getting pregnant. Once there’s a baby inside, you’re good to go, you’re not going to keep getting pregnant during that pregnancy.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      I can almost get vow renewals for a much later milestone (like 50 years or something), but after 10 years or less just smacks of insecurity and attention grabbing. You’re still married, that’s the commitment.

  15. Ninks says:

    I am irrationally annoyed at her use of #Lovewins as a hashtag. Like, it’s a heterosexual marriage between a straight, white woman and a straight white man. That has never been forbidden, ever.

    Or does everybody just use that hashtag and I’m really out of the loop?

    • hogtowngooner says:

      It’s just something for them to hide behind when the inevitable accusations of famewhoring come up ;)

  16. JenniferJustice says:

    So, they’re broke but they can afford tattoos, at least five boquets of fresh flowers, and pastries or deli food/whatever that shop is. #sighs#

  17. bbb1975 says:

    Dumb dumb dumb