Duchess Kate repeats a nautical McQueen, flirts with Sir Ben Ainslie


It’s time for a flurry of wiglet adjusting and crotch clutching! Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge did a solo event today in Portsmouth to visit one of her favorite patronages, the 1851 Trust. And that means she got to spend time with hottie Sir Ben Ainslie. Everyone thinks/jokes about Kate’s crush on Ainslie. I do think that she seems particularly girlish and smiley around him, so take that as you will.

For today’s event, Kate repeated a nautical-themed (she LOVES theme dressing!) Alexander McQueen look that we saw back in 2011, when she was newly married. The first time she wore this, she paired it with darkly lined eyes and big, bouncy curls. All to visit people who had been affected by the London riots. The nautical-themed ensemble seemed inappropriate then, but it’s very appropriate now. After all, the 1851 Trust is all about sailing and boats and such. So, big gold buttons and navy and cream.

Meanwhile, William did a solo event earlier this week and most people would have just ignored him except that he dropped a piece of news about his kids. He spoke to some people at the event and he said that he was spending his time looking for schools for George. This set off a flurry of speculation about which primary school George would be sent to and whether it would be public or private, or in London or Norfolk. No one knows anything, but the Daily Mail has a list of potential candidates. I’ll make a prediction right now: I believe Will and Kate will really try to send George to school in Norfolk, not London. We’ll see if they’re allowed to remain in Norfolk much longer though. William’s contract with the EAAA runs out next year, and after that, the expectation will be that the family should move back to London.




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  1. Megan says:

    My niece is really into theme dressing, too. Of course she is six years old, so she can pull it off.

    • Susan says:

      Yeah, I’m definitely not a HIGH FASHION or even particularly classy chick but is that really a thing for I don’t know, anyone not in grammar school? Like I think if I theme dressed in corporate America my colleagues would laugh at me and call me cheesy.

    • Green Is Good says:

      LOL Megan!

  2. Rhiley says:

    That man is really handsome but his trousers and braided belt are so 1990s and not in a very good way.

    • Livvers says:

      Standard yachtsman’s wear! Timeless! You never know when a shackle is going to let go and braided leather would be a stronger MacGyver option than a plain belt. ;)

    • Hazel says:

      I was thinking the same thing & shoving phones in his pockets wasn’t helping his look, either.
      As for Kate, it seems as though her skirt is tighter around the hips than before. And why wear the outfit it exactly the same way? Why not break up the pieces, wear different shoes, and so on.

    • mary s says:

      He looks a bit dweeb. The photo of his backside isn’t helping, either.

  3. Sixer says:

    Chutney just LOVES this charidee, doesn’t she? I hope she doesn’t get on Ben’s nerves, cos he goes full Hulk when angered. THIS, dear American friends, is a posh Brit going Hulk. You may (not) run for cover:


    Teehee. I would have him in the second row of my cohort of internet boyfriends, however.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Batton down the hatches! More nautical terms for run for your lives!

      I was laughing so hard I started to choke. I need some prosecco to revive myself now

      • Sixer says:

        He did win the gold afterwards so y’know. The naughty Finns had to walk the plank and think about giving him a wide berth in the future. He probably enjoyed some prosecco that night himself and got a bit three sheets to the wind. It’s been plain sailing for Ben ever since.

        Also, something about Chutney’s timbers shivering.

    • Jaded says:

      What is it about those sailor-boiz that makes them such divas? I dated one for a while back in the nineties and he would throw the worst, screaming wobblies at his team-mates when they had racing fails. Really childish stuff. So I dumped him.

      • Livvers says:

        It can be exhilarating in the moment, when you have a shit-show on your hands and the adrenaline just shoots sky-high, and everyone needs to do their job quickly and perfectly. There’s a cool little high after the crisis passes, and if the problem is equivalent to the pressure level, you don’t get resentful about having orders shouted at you. Some skippers seem to get addicted to that high, though, and just turn every little thing into a screaming crisis, and they are not fun to race with, and it’s hard to learn from them.

      • Jaded says:

        @Livvers – good explanation, the skipper I dated was of the addicted variety unfortunately.

      • Livvers says:

        @Jaded in my experience, the guys who throw tantrums for every little mistake are also the guys who have positions on their boat called “Backstay Barbie” and play obnoxiously loud bagpipe rock music before every start sequence. Or they are the ones who end up driving away all their crew, racing single-handed and drunk, running aground and screaming at the sky.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Ooooh. Very frightening indeed!

    • Bettyrose says:

      Ohhhhhhhmyyyyyyyygaaaaawd, clutches chest, he’s … he’s … angry… Everybody RUN!

      Seriously, I didn’t find him hot at all until that clip He’s so serious with a touch of “grrrrrr.”

      • Sixer says:

        I love Ben but y’know. Scary, he ain’t!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I honestly don’t get the appeal. He’s a moderately handsome guy with an attitude.

      • Tina says:

        @ArtHistorian, I’m with you. You don’t win the number of Olympics he has (in sailing, thus proving that we’re good at sport as long as it involves expensive equipment) without being a bit of a weirdo in some way. He’s just bolshie.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I didn’t know who he was until the London Olympics but my father likes sailing so we watched together. I just found his posturing to the media slightly ridiculous.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I didn’t know who he was until the London Olympics but my father likes sailing so we watched together. I just found his posturing to the media slightly ridiculous.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I didn’t know who he was until the London Olympics but my father likes sailing so we watched together. I just found his posturing to the media slightly ridiculous.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I didn’t know who he was until the London Olympics but my father likes sailing so we watched together. I just found his posturing to the media slightly ridiculous – a bit of anxious machismo? Anyway, I found him unintentionally entertaining.

    • bluhare says:

      Did I see the right video? He looked like he was going to cry.

      • Sixer says:

        HOW VERY DARE YOU! That is some Britisher masculinity on display right there.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m hanging my head in shame, Sixer. I should have known that the upper lip would be glued on tight!!

    • Jib says:

      She is a shameless flirt! Ben fixed her helmet – woo hee! She’s going to hear it from insecure Wills when she gets home!!!

  4. Bee says:

    Her hair looks nice IMO.

  5. Eleonor says:

    Did she tone down the eye make-up ?

  6. HollyG says:

    Wiglet flying, seabiscuit covered by a clutch, ring prominent, and….oh yes, a skirt slit to mid thigh.

    It is commonly observed that KM lights up when taking with with Harry or Ben Ainslie. Is there another young(ish) guy who she encounters regularly that doesn’t produce the same effect?

    • Lindsay says:

      All the boring, unimportant, regular people who actually volunteer for her charities. She can’t wait to get away from them. They just get a “keep it up!”

  7. cindyp says:

    Note to Kate; when you’re doing an outdoor event & it’s windy, wear your hair up & no slit. Got it??? This woman is just not smart

    • Janis says:

      It could have been worse. I thought for sure she would wears a flouncy dress and sausage curls because she was going to see Ben, dontcha know? I was expecting a flasher moment from Cannot so I’m actually surprised she’s dressed half-way appropriate here. The bar is set so low for her, isn’t it?

      • cindyp says:

        Agree, her hair does look better straight without the stupid sausage curls. Yup, the bar is so low, everyone praises her when she doesn’t have a fashion emergency!

      • my3cents says:

        Exactly. Can’t believe the bar is so low that no skirt flying and no heavy wiglets are considered a success.

  8. Krishan says:

    Wow. This outfit is from 2011. Before she had any kids. And now it looks even looser on her. She’s very, very thin it’s not a good look anymore. She’s a lollipop head now, especially in that very first pic.

    • Nic919 says:

      It is ironic that her keen issue of the week is mental health while claiming she has never experienced mental health issues. Because it is obvious that something is going on with her extreme thinness, and usually women who depart so far from their healthy weight do so because they are trying to control this aspect since they are unable to control the rest of their lives. And considering a camera adds ten pounds, she is even thinner in real life. Whatever is going on to cause this, be it Will being a jerk, or whatever, she needs help.

      It would actually be a legitimate excuse for her to take time off from the events she actually bothers doing to get serious help. Until she sorts herself out, or admits there is a problem, it is ridiculous to parade around on mental health issues when she clearly has no idea how to deal with her own. And the media pretending she is a fashion model while she is shrinking before our eyes, is not helping her, or the women and girls suffering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia, because they are pretending that she looks healthy and attractive and she does not.

      • Janis says:

        Well, said! With all her issues: arrested development and her obsession with being the thinnest, she’s the practically the poster-child of mental health issues.

      • Megan says:

        IDK, she seems to be following the same unfortunate trend as other young women. The longer they are in the spotlight, the thinner they get. Look at Kate Bosworth, Emma Stone, Elle Fanning, etc.

      • Cerys says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. She is seriously underweight and will end up hospitalised if she does not stop losing weight soon. If she were a member of my family I would be very concerned for her health.

      • Elyse says:

        Totally on board with this as well as the responses below- well said!! Her weight issues & related health concerns are a troubling matter and I’m amazed that no one in the royal family has intervened and got her help!! I hope the blind item someone alluded to below is true and she is getting treatment
        Kudos to those who commented on this and in a constructive way have addressed the elephant. In the room instead of pointing on her make up & clothes!!!

      • Betti says:

        Kate has always been obsessed with her weight and dieting, something that has predated her marriage by a long time. Carole is also obsessed with weight, they were often reported in the press to be on the latest fad diet – so please don’t blame the RF for this. Its an issue she gets from her mother. As for the RF getting her help – considering how William keeps his family away from them that would be difficult, plus he’s notorious for refusing their advice/help and has bragged about it publicly in the press many times. With a husband like that and an enabling mother she has no chance of getting help. William has always liked his women on the very thin side.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      There is a blind item circulating that she is being treated for an eating disorder. It may explain why she is so “keen” on mental health as an issue.

      • Nic919 says:

        But being on record that you don’t have any issues actually makes things worse. You can’t promote mental health and pretend that you are healthy when it is obvious to anyone with eyes that you are not. And not admitting you have a problem helps to add to the stigma on mental health that you are supposedly trying to overcome.

        Unless she is willing to go public, she should be staying as far away from mental health issues until she sorts herself out. It is not fair for the people she is supposedly trying to help. Will should stay away too. He isn’t well adjusted either and it’s become obvious in his case too.

      • Rapunzel says:

        I’m definitely of the mindset that Kate took on too much with her role as Duchess. I don’t exactly what has caused her to have such weight issues, but it’s obvious that it started when she got the ring. I don’t know if it’s body dysmorphia or fear of being called fat by the press. But it’s so recent for her it has to be tied to issues with her position/marriage.

        I suspect we haven’t seen her so thin in awhile because she needed extra weight to try to for babies. I think her getting so thin again is a sign they’re done for awhile.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        I agree that her denial is extremely disingenuous and problematic if she truly intends to campaign for mental health issues. But I do not think she has any intention of meaningfully supporting mental health charities or speaking out on the issues. She has proven time and time again to be work shy, and it is not due to any emotional problems. She has no trouble participating in fun events and being engaged in things that interest her. So if she wants to pretend she is totally sane (news flash: NO ONE is always 100% sane, Kate), she can. However, in that case I reserve the right to question her judgment.

      • DebbieB says:

        It’s interesting that the ‘mental health’ mantel has only been taken since she became stick thin. I thought her interest was due to whiny’s mental health issues. Now I’m not so sure.

      • Tourmaline says:

        It’s sort of chilling if this is afflicting her like it did Diana.

        I vividly remember during her engagement when she was photographed leaving a lunch with Camilla and wearing a camel colored jacket and black skirt, she suddenly looked truly emaciated and it was a drastic change from just weeks before at her engagement announcement. Also tending to look emaciated in those photos with Michelle Obama post honeymoon and on the Canada tour in the summer of 2011. It is rather surprising because unlike Diana she was a royal girlfriend in the public eye for years and was 29 years old and while she lost weight between her university days and the engagement she absolutely lost a ton in the 5 months between engagement and wedding.

        I wonder about the Carole factor– all that stuff during the engagement about Carole being obsessive on the Dukan diet when she was already slim and fit. Can totally see Carole panicking Kate over weight issues. Pippa seems mentally sturdier than her sister as well as more focused on physical strength and fitness instead of extreme thinness.

      • my3cents says:

        Imagine the positive impact she would make if she came out and admitted that she does have an eating disorder, it would do so much good and be more powerful than all of her half hour lifeless engagements put together!
        It would be a game changer.

    • Tina says:

      If she is suffering from an eating disorder, it would be good for it to come out in some way. Not an official announcement or anything, but a leak from a KP source to something like The Times. I honestly would stop criticising her immediately if that were really the case. I do not want a Princess Masako over here. (Not lazy William, though, he’ll be fair game forever).

  9. CidySmiley says:

    The last tI’m she wore that it looked better because she hadn’t lost that much weight so it was better fitted. Though I do think she finally toned down that racoon inspired eye makeup.

  10. Rapunzel says:

    Newbie here (longtime lurker):
    I still don’t get Kate’s shoe game. Those shoes are so the wrong shade. Would it kill her to wear white ones or something?

    • Bettyrose says:

      Scrolled back up to take a look, and you are so right. Those shoes are a completely different shades of blue and seem more suited to festive attire. I would have paired basic black pumps with the theme dress.

    • Yep. I would choose a burnished gold shoe or nude with this look. Although I have to admit, I kind of hate that dress. It looks like something someone’s mad auntie would wear on easter.

  11. ShazBot says:

    I find it offensive and pathetic that William throws out tidbits about how he spends his time (no doubt trying to win public favour on the justification of his laziness) by saying he’s looking at schools for George. As if millions of parents WITH JOBS don’t also look for schools for their kids, and shockingly, successfully manage both.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      And most parents don’t have options in looking for schools, either.

      Mostly, somewhere in here is a helicopter parent joke.

    • Janis says:

      Exactly. But Shazbot, Willnot can only do one thing at a time! He is incapable of actually working and parenting! Because, you know, he’s special. What happened to the blip in the DM a few months ago about them returning to London so George could attend Wetherby in 2017? Or was that just a lie because no one had seen them for ages and they were getting more bad attention?

      • pleaseicu says:

        I wonder if Wetherby was a QEII or PC or Grey men move to force Willy and Kate’s hand on moving back to London and picking up more duties? And Willy is rebelling by saying he is looking for schools for George. I suspect George will attend a school in Norfolk when it comes down to it.

        QEII and PC won’t ever force Willy’s hand on anything. When push comes to shove and he’s throwing a fit they throw another helicopter at him.

      • Megan says:

        William was working when asked about his kids. He replied they were looking at schools. I live in a city with school choice, so my friends often have the same response when I ask about their kids. I don’t think his remark was elitist or out of touch.

      • Aurelia says:

        Yeah, get george into a school in Norfolk so they can’t be expected to be out of norfolk much cause george is at school in norfolk ok guys. Get the picture. Nothing left to chance with these 2.

  12. kodakay says:

    I think it’s cute. While it would look silly on a much older woman; she’s still young enough to pull it off. Hell, Michael Jackson wore nautical clothes into his s and no one thought a thing about it.

    I actually love the outfit.

  13. Kate says:

    what’s going on with her hair? It’s the first thing I noticed. To me it looks much thinner and lacking body.

    • LAK says:

      No wiglets.

      This was her normal hair thickness before the engagement. She started wearing extensions/ wiglets at her engagements, and it’s taken better part of 5yrs to wean her off them.

      This isn’t just because of the pregnancies. This is how thick her hair was before the engagement.

    • burnsie says:

      I like how it’s styled. Sleek, modern, etc instead of the porcelain doll hair

    • Betti says:

      I like the hair look she was sporting today – made her look a bit younger. It was sleek and modern, she should wear it like this more.

  14. Embee says:

    Their body language reminds me of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at M/M Smith premier. Like, they may or may not be hitting it but they REALLY want to .

  15. The Original Mia says:

    I’d so hoped she had forgotten she owned that ugly blouse, but no. She saved it for another nautical engagement.

  16. Vava says:

    I’m going to give her a relatively favorable review for a change. This outfit is fine for the event (but it isn’t doing her bustline any favors). Also, she’s wearing the same exact shoes and clutch bag as last time. Obviously this is an “outfit” and she won’t change anything up. Not a big fan of that hairstyle, though.

  17. Lainey says:

    Apparently she was out on the water for about an hour. Amazing that she can find the strength to be away from her children for so long when it’ s something fun !

    • Feeshalori says:

      In that slitted skirt and those heels? I guess any excuse to clutch at Sir Ben if she got knocked off balance.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She changed into another outfit. Why didn’t she just wear a trouser suit and go out on the water in that? Because she had to wear the $4000 ugly non-McQueen with the high slits for windy weather.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Thanks, didn’t know that, NOTA. It would have made more sense to wear slacks at the outset, but when does common sense ever factor into her choices?

  18. Joannie says:

    I’d like to see her skirt a tad shorter as she has the most lovely legs!! I’m about her size and do not have an eating disorder. Not everyone has weight issues. Some of us are naturally thin.

    • Tough Cookie says:

      I think the skirt length is fine… I’ve seen enough of those skinny pins every time her skirt blows up around her waist. I’m amazed she didn’t wear something that would give her a Marilyn Moment next to Ben the Boat Guy.

      And I don’t think she is “naturally” thin. If she was she wouldn’t have that gaunt frail look.

      • Vava says:

        She is naturally thin, but not this thin. It all started with the engagement.

      • Joannie says:

        Lol you don’t have to look at the photos of her skirt blowing up. She doesn’t control the gusts of wind. It’s happened to me. I don’t consider myself to be gaunt or frail. I’m detecting a bit of jealousy.

      • Tough Cookie says:

        LOL, yes you caught me Carole, that’s it I’m jealous.

        “She doesn’t control the gusts of wind.” I love that. It’s happened to you, has it? Frequently as well? Not something I’d be boasting about.

        No one suggested you are gaunt or frail…I’m detecting a bit of defensiveness,,,,

      • Joannie says:

        I’m teasing you Tough Cookie. And yes my dress has blown up occasionally. It happens. Big deal! You’re exaggerating when you call her gaunt or frail. I think you are jealous. C’mon admit it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Difficult to avoid photos of her skirt blowing up when it happens in the middle of important events like setting a wreath at a memorial. Roughly two dozen times on duty in 5 years. She is the one who continues to allow this to happen, by selecting the wrong clothing and refusing to have it altered properly.

        It isn’t jealous to point out that she seems either unable or unwilling to dress properly. Or that through vanity (IMO) she has chosen to be two stone underweight. Although the jealousy argument is always the one the W&K fans trot out when logical people point out KM’s continual failures to either dress or act professionally…

      • hmmm says:

        Modesty and appropriateness seem to be lost virtues. Showing off your body bits are no big deal these days, I guess. And pointing it out makes one jealous. SMH. It’s better to feel something, even jealousy, than to be amoral.

    • PHAKSI says:

      Really? That old jealousy card? Celebitches arent jealous of your lazy daughter Carol

      • DebbieB says:

        Jealous? Seriously? Who would be jealous of that old bag of bones who is married to the least fanciable man in the UK? Sheesh

      • hmmm says:

        I’m glad you called her a ‘bag of bones’ DebbieB. Often I think of her that way. I don’t understand that appeal. Those bones can cut you.

      • Tough Cookie says:

        so this is how my tiny mind works:
        “Bag of Bones” is my favorite Stephen King novel…it includes a mention of an Irish wolfhound…just like the mascot of the Irish Guards snubbed by Waity a few months ago.

        That snub really does stick in my craw, can you tell?

    • Tough Cookie says:

      LOL Joannie make me some cheese toast and we’ll talk more ;)

  19. wolfpup says:

    She just won’t let the biscuit clutching go, will she? It’s so unnatural, I think it could make someone else worry about their own hands. Deportment lessons, perhaps? I’d personally love to see her tuck her clutch under her arm and have the additional freedom to be natural as she walks. There are so many different ways to hold a small clutch as an accessory. #Free the Duchess!

    • Feeshalori says:

      I like clutches and some of them come with little loops so you can dangle them from your wrist or leave inside as an option. I like to tuck them under my arm or just hold in one hand.

  20. dahlia1947 says:

    Well, he’s married and he seems happy, so I think saying there’s a flirtation here, is reaching.

    • Tough Cookie says:

      I’m happily married and I’d flirt with him. How is that reaching? I’m just happy she wore a longish skirt. I was expecting one of those short floaty things she likes to show off the royal biscuit.

    • Kate says:

      Also happily married but I’d flirt with him!

      • Feeshalori says:

        Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t look, flirt or daydream!

  21. Amelie says:

    I have never liked this outfit, way too many buttons, especially on the skirt. Never understood the button placement on it, it makes it look like some kind of weird pocket to open that leads to her underwear.

    As for the “biscuit clutching”– I hold my hands the same way when I stand in a neutral position. Lots of people do and this website makes it sound like some freakish unnatural pose. I’ve seen many people standing around holding their hands this way. So knock it off because it’s not weird. Chances are you most likely have held your hands at some point exactly the same way.

    As for the eating disorder speculation… It’s old. She lost a lot of weight before the wedding and has maintained it since then. If she had an ED, I think the doctor would have figured it out while she was pregnant. I used to be that skinny (still thin but have gained a few pounds along the way) and I did not have an ED thanks very much. Victoria Beckham is just as skinny (if not more so) and I don’t hear anyone suggesting she has an ED.

    • Starkiller says:

      Victors Beckham is pretty much constantly accused of having an eating disorder, maybe not here, but definitely elsewhere on the Internet. I agree with you though, I don’t think either of them have an ED. Kate honestly doesn’t even appear THAT thin to me–yes, she’s slender, and she used to weigh more, but I’ve known a lot of people who really lost their baby fat and thinned out in their early/mid 20s.

      • msthang says:

        Starkiller, but the camera always adds 10 lbs, so if she looks trim on camera, you would have to see her in real life to see she is way underfed !!!

    • Dingding says:

      Victoria Beckhams is neither an ideal for healthy eating nor for a healthy body image nor for body positivity. She starves herself (just look at her modeling pics: ribs above her boobs are showing) and she has had a generous amount of plastic surgery (nose, lips, face lift, boob-size changed several times) and earlier on she had extensions. Barbie was her ideal once.

      Teenagers are often slim because: they hit a growth spurt and the width just doesn’t keep up that quickly with the length. The usually do a lot more sports than many adult folks because they don’t work (two jobs) yet. The have a younger and more active metabolism.
      Adult cheeks are usually less cherubic than teenager’s cheeks. And that is why Madonna plumped up her cheeks: to look younger.
      But for all memebers of the species of mammals it is normal to gain weight in adulthood. The adults are usually a bit heavyer than the “teenage” mammals though the adults loose “baby fat” in the face.

      As for Kate Middleton: she lost the weight when she was 30. And she was hardly ever a skinny teenager. She was a slim teenager as they are when they hit a growth spurt but never bone-and-toothpick thin as she is now. I shudder to think what she does to her body in order to maintain that weight after having had a healthy-er weight for the fist 30 years of her life.

      All Middleton women are famous for their strict and reductive (and probably idiotic) diets. When William had split with Kate it was reported that Kate and Pippa engaged in competetive tennis, competetive tanning and competetive dieting. Carole did the Ducan diet before the wedding.

      When Charles and Diana were only married Diana apparently got some flack for her baby fat from her royal in-laws which she later proceeded to starve off. Though Diana was never fat. So I can understand Kate’s desire to avoid criticism from the in-laws. But at the same time I dislike her for not having the backbone to stand by her former healthy-er weight.

      • PHAKSI says:

        Ive heard that the massive weight loss is part of Kate singlevwhite femaling Jecca. Jecca is quite skinny, but it looks goid on her cos its her natural body shape. Kate looks ill and frail

      • Ravine says:

        To call Kate “bone and toothpick thin” is a total exaggeration. She looks perfectly fine and healthy, yet you’re projecting anorexic features onto her. It’s baffling.

    • Vava says:

      The outfit kind of reminds me of a marching band uniform.

      • Cricket says:

        Or like Hyacinth’s yachting outfit.

        Did anyone notice in the photos when she changes into her athletic sailing costume, no sign of big blue? Did she take it off to sail or maybe was turned in and not noticeable in the photos.

        I’m thinking her hair and makeup we modified today for her out at sea yachting activity.

    • Betti says:

      Re: Victoria Beckham, did she admit that at one point she did have an ED? I know Geri did.

      • Pepper says:

        No, she never admitted it. She clearly did though, there was a prolonged time in the early 00′s where she literally just looked like skin and bones. She still has issues. By her own admission she barely eats and what she does eat is extremely low calorie. She’s very underweight, she’s just learnt to hide it a bit better with clothing.

    • Hazel says:

      Simply FYI — the buttons on the skirt are based on the design of Navy trousers. That style was still in use in the 1950s, when my dad was in the service.

  22. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    My god, Sir Ben is gorgeous! Drooling…

  23. TeamAwesome says:

    The whole thing with her figure, though, is that she used to look so fit. Thin, but with muscle tone. Now she just looks painfully skinny. But sure, blah blah fatty jealous cakes.

    It was really interesting to compare the two looks from now and 2011. In the older pic all you can see is EYE. LINER. and giant hair. It’s quite toned down, so yea for progress.

    I hope King Ginger Snap is getting some much needed R&R. #honkforharry

  24. Dingding says:

    So George will attend a school not-in-London so that his parents can stay not-in-London?

  25. Fallon says:

    If George is in school in Norfolk, they’ll have an excuse not to move back to London.

  26. Starlight says:

    Will there be a photograph montage without her touching her hair probably not because Kate can’t resist drawing attention to her hair unfortunately faux pas wrong colour shoes makes the finished outfit look cheap. Sigh! I feel she is trying too hard, too skinny, and high shoes to keep tall.

  27. India says:

    The Duchess is staring at Sir Ben’s package.

  28. Basi says:

    Did anyone see the blind item about Kate meeting weekly for an eating disorder. If true, not surprising. Just sad that would get leaked.

    • Cricket says:

      That is terrible if it was true and got leaked. For that, I agree with Chopper they should have privacy.

      I’m reading the Game of Crowns book and it mentions in several places that Camilla has been known to leak gossip about Kate and the Middletons to the tabloids. If that book is to believed, she is very jealous of Kate.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I wouldn’t take that book as gospel, Cricket.

        Charles and Camilla need W&K to be popular, and I cannot see her being jealous of the idiot step-daughter-in-law who makes mistake after mistake. Her Majesty will never skip Charles for William. Only people who know nothing about monarchy would ever believe that.

        C&C need these two picking up the slack and appearing like a great future for the BRF. Otherwise C&C don’t make it to the throne and the whole show ends with Her Majesty.

      • bluhare says:

        I found that book to be very one dimensional about all of them. Camilla is the evil schemer, The Queen is the Queen, Charles is a fumbling doofus, and Kate’s the savior of the monarchy. I was quite disappointed in it, actually.

      • Cricket says:

        Yes I too found the book a bore and not gospel. but found the info about Camilla interesting, if true, because I never really paid much detail to her. It would not surprise me though that she called the tabloids – I think they actually confirmed it with one of her fav writers at The Sun. I have no doubt that C&C are next in line, I was just speculating on where some of the gossip about Kate may be coming from. And the jealousy angle – as mentioned in parts of the book – was prior to W&K marriage and Kate stealing attention from Cam’s ‘moment to shine’ .. Cam’s first Christmas, Cam’s daughter’s wedding.. to name a few that were mentioned.

    • Susan says:

      I did not. Where did you find this blind item?

  29. Citresse says:

    Ainslie and Middleton make a beautiful couple. If they were the Cambridges, the world would be their oyster.
    And if Ainslie is an engaged, respected, active, caring busy bee, (I don’t know much about him) he would’ve whipped Kate into shape (get her lazy butt into gear) PDQ.

  30. JRenee says:

    Are they actually doing more work events than usual? Seems like they may be working more lately. .

  31. Citresse says:

    I don’t like her (Kate’s) shoes either. She keeps messing up with warm tones v cool tones.
    Boob flaps, floaty skirts, wrong colours and bizarre and/or loud patterns etc…. the verdict is: her style sucks. She still needs a proper stylist instead of using an office assistant who looks like she’s cleaning her garage while on an Asian tour.

    • Tough Cookie says:

      But remember she is being so thrifty!!

      Those shoes are beyond hideous. Did all those millions of dollars in renovations not include proper lighting? Because I swear she always looks like she got dressed and applied makeup in a dark closet.