Megan Fox on Michael Bay: ‘He loves me so much. He. Loves. Me.’


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows comes out this week, and it will probably make hundreds of millions of dollars, even though the CGI turtles look like demonic turds come to life. So, Megan Fox will have another hit movie. Her “comeback” after her 2009-10 fall from grace/favor is officially happening. The first TNMT was a huge hit, Megan branched out to comedic roles and she’s always in-demand for commercial work and modeling. Megan’s also pregnant with her third child, a whoopsie baby fathered by her estranged husband Brian Austin Green. In a new interview, Megan doesn’t talk much about BAG, but she does sound pretty happy to be back on top. She even says words about how much her one-time nemesis Michael Bay loves her now. Some highlights:

On Michael Bay: “He loves me so much. He. Loves. Me. I am one of his favourite people. I was at his Christmas party, we were taking selfies. We like each other. I have a good relationship with Michael.”

But they had a falling out years ago: “Sure. People change. Things grow. The universe.”

Turning 30: “In terms of packing a lot into 30 years, I will soon have three kids, which is pretty crazy. Back to back to back. But my career trajectory? How do I feel about it, what do I think? I don’t know… I prefer making comedies or these action movies because I have a lot of fun… It’s not that I don’t enjoy acting or making movies. I have been really lucky in the movies I have made, but there are other things that I love and I am interested in that I want to explore. I guess 30 years old is a year of awakening for a lot of people so I am learning who I am and finding myself and starting to branch off in new and different directions.”

Her new directions: “I am actually a much more academic person than anyone would anticipate and I have a lot of interest in things like, aside from theology and philosophy, I am really interested in archaeology and things of that nature. I have put a lot of time into learning and studying about these things. I am trying to find ways to incorporate that into the platform I have been given as an actor. I think that is as specific as I can get right now.”

Her sense of self: “I think I was lucky to have a very strong sense of self (at 18)… I think you have to somehow develop the ability to not be in need of validation from other people’s opinions, because you will never get that. From anywhere, but especially not in this industry, because reviews and opinions are too mixed and you are too exposed. Everyone has a voice now because of the internet and social media. Even on CNN… random people’s tweets are part of the news stories. The way you are bombarded with random people’s opinions is very difficult. You have to be able to become unattached, not detached, but unattached to what that could possibly do to your sense of self. You have to just be centered and maintain a clear bird’s-eye-view of who you are and why you’re here.”

[From SMH]

The Michael Bay thing – they both said and did awful things to each other, but it always read to me like they had some weird sexual tension with each other. Bay produces the TNMT movies and it was said at the time (when Megan was cast in the first one) that she had to go to Bay and basically grovel for his forgiveness. But whatever, water under the bridge and now she wants you to believe that Bay loves her completely. As for the rest of it… I think what she says about being “unattached” to other people’s views is pretty smart, actually. I’ve never thought Megan was all that bright, but every now and then and I’m reminded that she actually has some depth, that she’s not just a vapid starlet.


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  1. Lolad says:

    Megan’s grown on me. She tried to hard to e Angelina originally but now she’s hit this stride where her hotness belies her snark.

    • mp says:

      She was great in that movie, this is 40? The one with leslie mann and paul rudd, she was really funny.
      Also, is it me or even pregnant, her body looks amazing???

    • meme says:

      I don’t think she’s hot. She’s had so much plastic surgery she doesn’t even look like her real self anymore and she looks like wax to me.

    • V4Real says:

      I’ve always liked her. She looks so freaking beautiful in that red dress. This must be before she heavily started messing with her face.

    • Ally8 says:

      @Lolad, agree, but the theology/archeology line suggests she’s working on developing an Indiana Jones / Lara Croft type character or project.

    • amilu says:

      Me, too. I thought she was really good and quite funny (and gorgeous despite the work she’s had done) on “New Girl.” I’d almost rather watch her on it than Zooey Deschanel!

      • Susan says:

        My husband and I totally agree! We prefer her to Zoey on New Girl 1000 times over!

  2. Tourmaline says:

    Ewww is all I’ve got to say.
    And, so glad the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming Out of the Shadows. Sounds great.

  3. Josefina says:

    Megan’s a terrible actress and she didn’t have much of a career beyond Michael Bay’s films. I’m pretty sure she still hates him, but she’s being nice now to keep the roles coming.

    I just don’t understand how this man can be so succesful. Even the fratty douchebros I know hate his movies.

    • Almond says:

      13 Hours was VERY good though as a pure action film and ignoring any politics or emotional depth whatever. I think he’s technically talented for pure action, but has the mentality and maturity of a 15-year-old boy when it comes to actual stories. That said, that’s probably exactly what’s made him $430 million over the course of his career! He’s a tall skinny nerdy guy who’s TERRIFIED of public speaking. Once his teleprompter malfunctioned and he did the funniest backing off the stage.

  4. Beckysuz says:

    Michael Bay remains the single rudest celebrity( or person in general) I’ve ever met. I would probably believe any unkind thing said about him. I work at a high end restaurant and have waited on lots of famous people who ran the gamut from simply polite to absolutely lovely(Stanley Tucci….delightful and so kind) . MB is a troll who treats people he considers “lesser” like garbage. I think you can tell who person is by the way they treat those in positions of service.
    As for Megan…she seems pretty harmless. Hopefully he’s more respectful of her than he used to be. IIRC she compared him to Hitler(?) at one point

  5. lucy says:

    What the what?

  6. Mei says:

    ‘I am really interested in archaeology and things of that nature. I have put a lot of time into learning and studying about these things. I am trying to find ways to incorporate that into the platform I have been given as an actor. I think that is as specific as I can get right now.’

    Hmm, sounds like even though she apparently turned down the new Lara Croft role (Alicia Vikander, really? Surely you need more personality for that role…) she’s looking for a supporting role maybe?

  7. Kri says:

    She is truly multifaced. She looks like Rose McGowan now

  8. Laura says:

    Who is she kidding? She’s literally kissing this man’s ass at this stage to keep her career going. We all know he’s a pig, if she had to be filmed washing his car to get herself cast in the first place, then god only knows what she had to do to get him to take back on again after the shit she said about him. That woman had to grovel in the worst way Imaginable and still does. I guess he views her as a ‘real beauty’ unlike ‘normal’ Kate Beckinsale. We’re weren’t born yesterday Michael!

  9. Almond says:

    I think Megan is funny, self-deprecating, and is at her funniest when she’s with Ellen and other people who love to talk publicly about ancient aliens (and Ancient Aliens, the show). I think Katy Perry is also a massive fan of AA.

  10. Dani says:

    She’s 30?! Either most of these actresses are fibbing a tiny bit, or they sure do live hard.

    PS – long time fan, and first post!

  11. yep says:

    Sounds alot like Jaden and Willow Smith. Delusional and over reaching in the intelligence department…” IM SPECIAL,AND YOU ARE NOT”